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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Five:  The Hunger of Phoenix

Stephanie had really wanted to be the one who first took Jean Grey and all
reasonable logic backed up this decision. Considering her feelings of
vulnerability, the sudden break-off of her psychic rapport with Cyclops, and
the fact that men had stalked her for the last 36 hours, I deduced that she
would best respond to another woman. And besides, the thought of the
strait-laced Phoenix, getting fucked by my sister no less, aroused me a great

I had reviewed Jean's psi-profile in the Cerebro files, absorbing as much
information about my prey as possible. The data confirmed my earlier
hypothesis that Phoenix and Cyclops were the linchpins of the X-Men
operation. My taking them out had destabilised the team, meaning that the
remaining members would be a lot easier to pick off.

However, Jean was more important to me, or more specifically my plans. I
would need a deeply conditioned telepath of enormous stature to help me carry
out the rest of my design and whilst the Phoenix was the only candidate for
the job, a simple sexual addiction along the lines of Emma's would not be
sufficient. The White Queen was already corrupt, but Jean Grey was the very
paragon of virtue. Sure, I would have... some fun... with her, but her
long-term subjugation would require some investigation. I read with much
interest the files on the Dark Phoenix episode. Jean no longer (and never
really had) access to those kinds of power levels, but I was sure I could use
this information in the coming days. I was particularly intrigued at how
Mastermind had moulded the Phoenix to his will by appealing to her basest
desires, then breaking down her principals. I was sure a similar approach
would pay off here.

I finished my contemplation and cleared my mind of all activity, summoning
forth my sister in my mind's eye. My Cerebro link and captive White Queen had
quickly established Jean's position and Stephanie was now en route to
'rescue' the X-Man from a carefully staged Wild Pack strike.

I saw the scene with Stephanie's eyes; the uniformed mercenaries chasing a
limping, haggard-looking Phoenix through a scummy alley in Hell's Kitchen,
her green-gold suit ripped to shreds in places, her glorious mane of red hair
matted and dirty, her eyes hollow and fearful.

My sister dropped her Ferrari into gear, hit the gas and sped down the alley
from the opposite direction, urging Jean to get in, before flooring it and
driving straight into the Wild Pack pursuers. The escape looked convincing to
me, but as Stephanie turned to face Jean it was clear that any ruse would have
worked on the X-Man. She was utterly exhausted, on the edge of collapse.
Stephanie smiled to herself, knowing that Phoenix stood no chance of resisting

Jean Grey was in the building within the hour, in a specially prepared
apartment downstairs. The mutagenic dart was beginning to wear off, but it
was child's play for Stephanie to power down our latest captive. I gave her
20 minutes before my sister finally seduced her.

I distanced myself temporarily from Stephanie and summoned my White Queen. I
had to unearth Jean's darkest lusts and Emma had already insinuated herself
into our guest's unwary  mutant mind. She sat on my lap and I caressed her
hair as she became one with our captive. She would act as interpreter while I
linked with Stephanie and began the sexual experimentation.

"Wow... this is some place you've got here Stephanie," Jean marvelled, gazing
upwards at the high ceilings and fine furnishings of her apartment.

Stephanie smiled. "Everything here belongs to my brother. I'd love for you to
meet him later..." she eyed Phoenix's torn costume. "I'll go run you a bath
and find you some clothes - you look about the same size as me."

"What's the matter?" Jean asked - she had noticed that Stephanie was staring
at her, but without her mental powers she did not realise that my sister was
just struck by her incredible beauty, despite her dirty appearance.

"I... I'm sorry, Jean," Stephanie stuttered. "I've just never seen a super
heroine before."

Phoenix smiled at the apparently innocent girl's naiveté, and as Stephanie
turned to walk away, she appreciated my sister's body.

*Oooh* Emma's thoughts lanced into my mind *The mistress's pheromones are
starting to kick in... I can feel Jean's attraction... Yessss... I bet she's
going to go for it*

Already? I realised that my sister's power would be more potent on Phoenix in
her vulnerable state, but this quickly? I speculated that Jean's fiery side
was not so heavily reigned in after the ordeal of the last few days. Indeed,
it had been that part of her personality that had kept her one step ahead of
my bounty hunters.

The bath had been run - a nice hot, foam bath - and Stephanie had left her to
jump in whilst she dug out a couple of dresses for our guest to try on.
Retrieving the clothes she started purposefully for the bathroom.

*Yessss... Jean's feeling really horny... she doesn't understand why... she's
touching her breasts now... her cunt is beginning to itch*

I smiled to myself. Stephanie had jacked me off into the foam bath bottle
this morning and the sensitising effect of my sperm was already going to work
on our lovely guest.

My sister walked into the bathroom and held both dresses up: "Smart?" she
indicated, holding up one of her power suits, "or sexy?" she smiled, hoisting
up a black, low cut number. Looking at Jean she noticed  the hands kneading
on her breasts... a look of lust in her eyes that only deepened as the
pheromones of my sister deadened her inhibitions still further.

Stephanie smiled and dropped both dresses, kneeling down beside the bath,
looking Phoenix straight in the eyes. "Sexy then I take it."

*Her cunt's burning now... she needs it so bad...*

Stephanie dipped her hand into the water and ran her fingers tantalisingly up
Jean's inner thighs until she reached the sweet junction of her legs, her hips
bucking in need.

Jean moaned softly. "You've done this haven't you? You've made me feel this

Stephanie chuckled quietly to herself and murmured "I'm just giving you what
you really want..." as she slid two fingers, then a third into Jean's
yielding snatch.

I felt Emma arch on my lap as she telepathically enjoyed Jean's climax. My
cock's rigidity sent it burrowing into the small of her back. I pulled her
closer and lifted her mini-skirt, then began strumming on her clit
rhythmically as I pushed my cock into the cleavage of her buttocks, my
remaining hand snaking up to molest her breasts through her bra.

As Jean came down from her climax, she rose slightly from the bath, leaning
forward to engage my sister in a deep, searching kiss, her soaking hands
seeking out Stephanie's E-cup breasts.

*Jean's surrendered to her lust... she seeks to dominate... she wants to

I started thrusting into Emma's ass cleavage. "More! Go deeper. What does she
want... what is she afraid of giving into? Tell me!"

Jean broke the kiss and stared deeply into my sister's eyes. "I... I... I want
to see you naked, Stephanie."

*Uncertainty... her principals are coming back... she's thinking about
Scott... her marriage vows...*

Stephanie revealed a tantalising amount of cleavage to her new lover, then
pulled her blouse off completely, exposing her perfect breasts to the Phoenix.

*Oh fuck she's so beautiful!*

Jean hesitantly moved forward, licking her new lover's breasts before
lavishing attention on her nipples, worrying and sucking them... sucking them
hard. Stephanie moaned as she felt her breasts dribble milk into Jean's mouth
and pulled her head closer.

*Oh god... she's lactacting... her milk...*

My sister's milk would drive her crazy... it was supplemented by a
concentration of lust-inducing chemicals that would help us to break her will
for good. She couldn't get enough of it.

*I... I can feel the darkness... the evil inside... no... no... NO!*

In a surprising display of strength, Jean pulled the object of her lust into
the water with her. I could sense an element of fear in Stephanie as she was
pushed violently to the edge of the bath. Through my sister's eyes I could
see a new, vindictive look in the Phoenix's eyes. I'd never seen such a
response from any prey before. It aroused me deeply and I subconsciously
sought out the ring of Emma's sphincter, now moistened with my cum. My White
Queen sensed my desire and quickly engulfed my hard pole in her tight rectum.
Simultaneously, I pushed her down and thrust hard. She hissed in pain.

"What's the matter, lover?" Jean purred as she closed in, rubbing her breasts
against  Stephanie's, a new element of menace in her voice. "Afraid of the

She felt Jean splice her legs with her own, rubbing her pussy with her thigh
as Phoenix ground her own on Stephanie's trapped leg. My cock grew impossibly
hard as through Stephanie I sensed Jean's new found malevolence.

"Come on Jean... fuck me. Make me cum."

Jean upped the leg rubbing, making Stephanie groan as she did. I could sense
the nearness of her orgasm and so could Phoenix... but how?

"Brave words sweetheart... but I can sense what you are and what you can
do..." Jean's fingers slipped down to Stephanie's cunt and massaged her clit
as her thigh continued its silky smooth caress over the open petals of her

*Her powers are somehow returning... but only on a base, instinctual level...*

I sensed Stephanie's powerlessness as Jean took over, bringing her ever
closer to orgasm. Phoenix lifted my sister's hands and hotly tongued each
armpit. "Your musk makes me so much stronger, lover."

*Yes... stronger... much stronger... in control... fuck her!*

Jean surprised my sister quickly by lifting her out of the bath and perching
her on the ledge, opening her thighs and delicately licking up towards
Stephanie's sopping cunt. With each touch, Stephanie shivered, a new feeling
of sexual impotence scaring her. As Jean's dominance increased, my arousal
heightened. I continued a frenzied pumping into my cum slave, aware that I
was dribbling my own juices profusely. The sensitising effect would be
driving Emma mad.

My sister screamed when Jean finally reached her clit, sucking and biting
down on it hard. She should have come then and there, but curiously didn't.
Jean busied herself on digging deep into Stephanie's pussy with her tongue,
using her fingers to hold the labia apart as she sucked on my sister's cunt
and pushed her tongue deeply inside, ladling out the flowing juices.

"Need... must... gotta cum!" Stephanie whimpered, but Jean only continued the
relentless plundering of her womanhood. My sister was begging for orgasm like
all the whores I'd fucked in the past. Somehow Jean was feeding on her. Her
lust was growing exponentially.

"Can't... arghh!" Emma broke off our telepathic link and grunted loudly as
she came, drenching me in her female ejaculate, the first time she'd ever cum
that hard. She passed out with my cock still in her ass, the power of Jean's
mind too much for her. I held her in place and continued fucking her.

Finally Jean disengaged, looking almost with amusement at my sister, who
could sense the tangible sexual power of Phoenix fresh from her feast. She
swam back to the other end of the large bath on her back, always maintaining
eye contact. "Come here."

I felt the power of Jean's summons, the submission of my powerful sister to
her superior as she instantly complied. "You've made me do things I've been
scared to do all my life... you've forced my powers and my sex to become one,
sweetie... I've been terrified of this for so long... but now, don't you see?
It makes me the most powerful woman on earth. Here... let me show you."

Jean pulled my sister close and spread her legs. She moved closer, tit to
tit, pussy to pussy. She hungrily devoured my sister's lips and thrust her
hips against her lover's. Locked into Jean's kiss, Stephanie struggled as she
felt... penetration. In her ass and pussy she felt the same deep questing
tongue as in her mouth and simultaneously the feeling was beyond description.
An unearthly glow surrounded Jean and slowly the Phoenix firebird construct
gathered around her. The penetration continued and Jean moved into
Stephanie's mind, touching it with an ecstasy that my sister had never felt
before, not even from my own abuse of her body.

Emma tumbled to the floor as I lost grip of her, but she was no longer
required any way. Despite only feeling a fraction of what Stephanie did, I
fountained into the air with the most piercing climax I could muster.
Stephanie and I screamed as one as the climax hit us and I felt the deepest,
basest lusts coursing through my mind. Through the haze I could see Jean's
glowing crotch thrust deep into my sister and she was cumming too, the fiery
bird around her subsiding as her orgasm lessened into nothing.

I pulled out of Stephanie's mind as she passed out and quickly looked up at
the monitor which showed the post-orgasmic tableau. What started as a grin on
Phoenix's face turned to sudden sadness and she started to cry as the sanity
returned to her mind. Despite the climax I yearned to cover her in cum,
tit-fuck her and rape her every orifice as she begged for it.

Needing an immediate sexual release again, I ripped off Emma's bra and buried
my weeping cock in her cleavage. As she started to moan and come to, I
drenched her tits and face. I could feel Jean's malevolence somehow
transferred into me and I pinned her down as she struggled to get free. I
roughly squeezed her tits and rubbed in the cum, knowing the effect it would
have. Within minutes I was smiling with glee as the White Queen screamed in
pain at the white hot feelings that speared through her breasts as my
super-sensitising jism ripped her nerves apart.

Then suddenly from the doorway I heard sobs.

"You! What have you done to me?"

Jean Grey collapsed onto the floor, shaking with tears and remorse. After the
exquisite torture of the White Queen, I was on the point of release for the
third time in half an hour. I walked over to Phoenix, lifting her head level
to my erect, cum-coated cock.

I saw the sadness in her eyes replaced with a glint of power lust as she
sucked my cum-spewing prick into her mouth. I'd started to orgasm even before
those gorgeous, pouting lips enveloped my dick and I thrust savagely into her
clenching, teasing orifice, exposing her to my cream.

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