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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Four: Nightmares of Psylocke

I sat contemplating the plan in the monitor room of my complex, in front of
me a six-by-six row of huge projection screens. Things were going better than
I could possibly have imagined. The White Queen had given me access to the
Hellfire Club taps on the X-Men's Cerebro system and this in turn allowed
into the security system. I now had 24 hour X-TV, allowing me constant feeds
of each room in their mansion.

Additionally, the White Queen's telepathic skills proved to be better than
we'd ever imagined. Her reconstruction of Mary Jane's ravaged psyche had been
near total and she had been packed on her way, despite a curious feeling of
unease I felt at her departure. I decided that I would exorcise the feeling
on Emma later.

Now it was time to return to business, specifically the pursuit of the
Phoenix. I plumbed a monitor into the Wild Pack comms system and assimilated
the data. There had three pitched battles between Sable's men and Phoenix
herself but she'd managed to elude capture each time. A resourceful woman. I
admired  her courage in the face of certain defeat, especially since her
psionic powers had been lessened thanks to a  specifically designed mutagenic
dart they'd shot her with. It would soon be time to instigate the end-game,
but for now I desired some fun.

I directed the X-feed to Psylocke's room, just in time to see her return,
disrobe and climb into bed. The security logs mentioned that occasionally she
slept during the day and I noticed that she seemed to instantly fall into
deep slumber. Psylocke's far east beauty was not lost on me. She was a great
prize indeed, a one-of-a-kind woman, the type that I love to dominate. The
Cerebro computer files had told me everything I needed to know about her
psyche and how I should go about taming her. I felt the familiar blood pulse
through my cock.

Use a telepath to catch a telepath.

I mentally summoned Emma, and was gratified that she had spent considerable
time grooming herself for our next encounter. Her clothing said it all. White
lingerie, lacy bra, panties and stockings. I walked up to her and placed
Cerebro sensor dots on her temples. Now she had full access to the X-Men
super-computer. I saw the buzz of power spring into her mind but Emma's
resolute gaze softened as I looked deep into her eyes.

I pointed at the Psylocke screen, where Betsy Braddock turned in her deep
sleep, clutching at a pillow. "Your reality is her dream... understand? I
want you to merge with her, Emma. Become her."

Emma nodded slowly and I saw the horror cross her face as she got an inkling
of what I was about to do. Nevertheless, she momentarily closed her eyes and
made contact, her superior skills backed by Cerebro allowing her to enter
Psylocke's mind unnoticed. I witnessed both women smile as they became one.

I felt the reassuring throb of my erection as I turned to face my White
Queen... then I let the madness take over. I sprang into movement, grabbing
hold of Emma and pushing her violently against the wall, clawing at her

She resisted of course, but Psylocke's ninja training was useless in Emma's
pampered body and I easily pinned her against the wall, hands above her head,
my free hand yanking down her bra, then ripping off the dainty panties. My
cock's lust for cunt was unquenchable and I nudged it into her dry slit,
before I swiping my gooey mess over her labia. I rammed into her hard and she
screamed in pain at the horrendous intrusion. I pumped into her like a maniac
possessed, burying my face in her tits, biting and pulling on her nipples,
making her cry like a child. I knew that she came when I came, the jets of
warm spunk are genetically engineered to do just that and whilst Emma would
know why, I knew that the effect would be devastating on Psylocke.

I pushed her face down on the floor and then parted her ass cheeks. Emma's
rectum was still virgin territory for me and I thrilled at the sensation as I
forced my still-hard cock into her rear. I wasted no time burying my cock in
the tight, dry channel.

As I fucked her I whispered in her ear, "How did it feel to come for your
rapist, Betsy?"

She screamed lust-inducing obscenities back at me as I reamed her anus and
strummed her cum-covered sensitive clitoris with my finger. I was making sure
that Psylocke would enjoy this particular rape of her most private orifice.

I climaxed deep into her bowels and pulled out, taking my victim by the hair
and pushing her mouth towards my dirty cock. "Take it in your mouth,

She shook her head and tried to get away from my filthy pole, cum still
dribbling from the slit on top.

"No.. you fucking bastard... I won't be your slave..." They were brave words
but I knew they were in vain. She was a slut in need of cock and after wiping
my cum on her cheeks, she eagerly slurped on the glans for before jacking me
off steadily with both hands.

"Every time you sleep I shall come to you, Betsy, and each time I will take
you by force until you beg me to be your master."

Psylocke's first dreamscape rape ended her with being hosed in the face and
tits by a torrent of sweet-tasting cum. Her sexually contented smiles when
she awoke where almost instant replaced by sorrowful sobs as she questioned
the stability of her own mind. I looked at her and almost felt pity for
her... a feeling that soon evaporated as I felt Emma's animated tongue dance
delicately around my anus before its sweet intrusion into my rectum.

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