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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter 3: Virgin Supermodel Diversion

I recently acquired the Bedford Towers condominium, known as the one of the
classiest and expensive apartment complexes in Manhattan. Whilst in New York
this is where I consider myself at home and it is with some degree of fatigue
that I arrive, my Emma in tow. She promised that she was an exceptional fuck
and I had little complaints about her performance during the tail-end of the
flight. I very much looked forwards to giving my memories of her debasement
to Stephanie, but first of all it was necessary to test the level of her
telepathic ability. But how?

Day passed into night and we both caught up with lost sleep. I gave Emma her
own quarters within the building before returning to my own private sanctum
to contemplate my plans.

My next target would be Phoenix, for sure, but I decided to err on the side of
caution when it came to dealing with the bitch. I had hired several
super-powered mercenary groups to keep her busy over the next few days,
including the redoubtable Silver Sable and her Wild Pack. I looked forward to
Friday when Silver would come to my office to pick up her payment...

I was happy about Stephanie's success with Cyclops. Without their leader, the
group would be easier to take down and Jean Grey in particular would suffer
badly. I smiled to myself as I envisaged the ways and means with which I
would rape the Phoenix, corrupting her immense power into my service, forcing
her into sexual perversions the like of which the conservative woman had
never even contemplated before.

Since the day I first took my sister I have enjoyed my liaisons with beautiful
redheads. Blonde fuckable women are two-a-penny, but stunning redheads are a
different proposition entirely, a rare thing to be properly savoured...
Pondering this I slowly drifted off into restful sleep, my dreams teasing me
with images of the Phoenix sucking me, fucking me, taking Stephanie and making
her cum again and again...

I wake up in the early morning to the incredible feeling of wet suction on my
dick and look down to see Stephanie expertly blowing me, cum dribbling out of
the corners of her mouth. "Mmmmm," she sighed, my duck dropping lifeless from
her mouth.

"You taste good this morning."

I lifted Stephanie to my level and frenched her deeply, initiating the closest
link of our rapport. She broke the kiss and jumped off the bed, obviously very

"I gotta surprise for you, lover," she began. "You wanted a test for the White
Queen, yeah? I thought maybe we could both fuck this model I picked up at a
party last night and see if Emma can repair her mind once we've blown it."

I reached into her mind to retrieve the image of her pick-up, but I was rudely
cut off from that part of her memory.

"It's a surprise!" she exclaimed. "She's downstairs and I can't believe it,
but I think she's virgin, getting married in a couple of weeks any way."

I considered her plan and found myself excited. Stephanie's lesbian tastes
are incredibly well-cultivated; it takes someone really special to put her
off men for even a moment. Usually I forced her to suck pussy just so I could
get my hands on some lesbian cunt myself. It often worried me that my powers
had no effect on dykes but with my sister around I always got what I wanted.
No matter how committed the lesbian, they'd do anything to get their hands on

Taking me by the hand, she led me downstairs into one of my many bedrooms,
where the most sexually arousing sight I'd ever witnessed was waiting for me.
I recognised her immediately - her name was Mary Jane Watson and she was the
one supermodel I'd lusted after for years but never fucked. This bitch had
curves so outrageous that they made Stephanie look almost ordinary, a perfect
face, stunning legs and jutting breasts that were even bigger and more
shapely than I'd imagined.

She was a fantasy for me, but more than that was her current appearance,
lying front-first on the bed in her designer white wedding gown. My cock
instantly sprung into life and Stephanie giggled as she helped me out of my
night clothes.

"We're gonna fuck her together, boyfriend, but with one rule. We can't use any
conscious part of our powers to do it."

I chuckled to myself. This kind of fuck was one of my favourites. The prey is
not willing mentally and always screams rape, but their own lusts soon shine
through as their bodies betray them. With both my sister and I dipping into
her, I wondered how long Mary Jane would last before the inevitable moment
when she gives herself to me.

I looked her over - despite Stephanie's efforts to make her look presentable,
I could tell she was crying, scared rigid about the ordeal that awaited her.
My cock pulsed at the sight of the wedding dress. I was going to fuck the
virgin supermodel in her bridal gown.

My sister tugged on my arm. "How about a good luck kiss for your sister?"

I frenched her lustfully, truly this was the most incredible present she had
ever given me.

"Sh... shit... you guys are brother and sister?"

I broke the kiss and laughed at Mary Jane.

"Uh-huh... Steph, honey, suck my cock."

Our prey's eyes bulged as my sister went down on me, returning my cock to her
mouth, bobbing gently.

"I raped her when she was fourteen and since then she's been my fuck slave,
just as you will be."

I drank in the fear in her eyes and watched as she clumsily tried to get up,
the big, billowing dress impeding her movements. Aware of the danger,
Stephanie stood up by my side and together we advanced on her as she backed
away until the headboard of the bed stopped her cold.

"No!" she screamed. "Please! Don't do it. My fiance'll kill you!"

Her fiance could've been Paste Pot Pete or the Hulk and it still wouldn't
have stopped me fucking her. My cock streamed cum.. already! I'd never
reached the limits of capacity this quickly before. My sister noticed and
smiled at me - Ms Watson was in danger of getting drowned when I eventually
climaxed. I got onto the bed and crawled towards  the virgin bride. I reached
her legs and sent a hand up her stockinged thigh, which shivered to my touch.
It felt warm, yielding and wonderful. I reached her tiny panties and
callously pulled them down, sinking a finger into her hot, surprisingly wet

"Please!" she whimpered. "I'm a virgin."

More cum dribbled from my cock as she admitted her inexperience. She was so
tight I had trouble getting the second finger in but eventually her yielding
labia allowed me better access. I began a sawing motion, finger-fucking this
walking wet dream, strumming my thumb on her clit. The flow of juices
increased on my hands and I head her gasp. Looking up, I was Stephanie
kneeling on the bed, feeding her vast tit into MJ's mouth. The supermodel
slurped on the milk that shot into her young sucking mouth and I heard my
sister moan with sexual contentment as MJ nursed on her. I pulled out my
fingers to a distressed sound from our prey and I tasted her cum. Delicious.
I burrowed my head between her thighs and sucked from the source. My tongue
swiftly explored her trimmed snatch, dipping deeply between the folds of her
lips as I continued constant stimulation of her clit with my fingers. It took
moments for her to orgasm, which triggered a vast jet of cum to shoot from my
cock. The power had sent spunk flying over her dress, but I still felt the
most intense lust ever - I'd yet to truly climax, my balls were just emptying
themselves just as they did in a wet dream.

Mary Jane was gasping now, moaning then taking in a sharp breath of air.
Looking up I could see why. Stephanie had ripped open the delicate bodice
that contained her glorious breasts and was now feasting on her right tit.
The size of MJ's tits excited me, but it was the shape that amazed me, so
very pert, topped with plump nipples that begged for me to suck them. I did
so and MJ screamed in climax again  as my sister and I gorged on her tit
flesh, exposed in her ripped wedding dress. Repositioning myself I realised
that I was now constantly dribbling white, thick cream. When either woman did
something to excite me, I pumped jism at near-climax levels and it travelled
further and further up Mary Jane's peachy thighs.

Stephanie and I disengaged from MJ's breasts simultaneously and examined our
work. Her tit flesh was covered in nips and bites, both her nipples red raw.
We looked at each other and nodded. Now was the time to complete the
corruption of this gorgeous bitch. Stephanie took my cock in hand and MJ
watched as she covered her fingers and palms with my thick, viscous cream.
Then she repositioned herself behind the model, resting MJ's head on her
stomach, beneath her weeping tits, her legs splayed to either side of our

"Time to get your first taste of man juice, lover," Stephanie murmured,
bringing her fingers to MJ's mouth, forcing her to eat my cream.

She tentatively tried one finger, then hungrily slurped on the others until
all were clean. I masturbated her as she did it, making sure that her fragile
mind forever associated pleasure with the tasting of my cum. I felt a
particularly strong jet of sperm ready itself  for imminent release from my
cock, so I sat up, took MJ's lace gloved hands and guided them to encircle my

"Make me cum, MJ" I demanded and instinctively she started pulling on my hard
cock, almost choking my shaft. I allowed myself to cum from her efforts,
sending powerful jets of sperm flying over her abused tits and beautiful,
supermodel features. Stephanie pulled off her wedding veil and I sprayed the
last few remnants into her hair. I swear that I have fucked countless women
and yet being masturbated to climax by this supermodel virgin was the
greatest experience of orgasm I'd felt.

As MJ tried to eat as much of my cum as possible, Stephanie worked on rubbing
it into her tits, sensitising them to incredible levels. I leaned into the
virgin and kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue and exploring her mouth.

I broke free and realised fast that my sperm levels were again out of
control, even though I'd just had the greatest climax of my life. Stephanie
stayed behind MJ, caressing her tits, kissing her head and holding her close.
She looked me in the eye with a look that said "fuck the living shit out of
this bitch". I lifted the skirting of MJ's dress, exposing her cum-covered
thighs and the bastion of her virginity, her  beautiful pussy. After what
we'd done to her, she was literally dripping. I moved my cock to within an
inch of MJ's slit.

I could hear her breathing heavily, waiting for it. "Go on Tiger," she
whispered. "Take my cherry."

I pushed my leaking cock into her labia and easily found her sopping channel.
I pushed into her incredible tightness slowly until I met her hymen. I nodded
to Stephanie who began kneading MJ's sensitised mammaries, bringing her to
climax with an all mighty pinch of both nipples. As MJ screamed in rapture, I
pushed through her virgin membrane and began the most frenzied, lustful
fuck-thrusting ever. Each intrusion into MJ was better than climax, my cock
spurting cum near constantly into my supermodel slave, super-sensitising her
entire vagina and then her anus as the puddle of my cream leaked out from her
cunt and dripped onto her ass pucker.

Mary Jane Watson was in constant climax as I fucked her deeply and eventually
I felt the true power of orgasm rip through me as I lost myself in MJ's
clenching pussy, my face locked onto her sensitive left nipple. I screamed
when I came, pulling off handfuls of her dress with my bare hands, biting and
sucking deeply on her each of her glorious tits.

I stayed inside of her for over an hour after that cum during which time
Stephanie brought us both to multiple mini-orgasms by exercising her
unparalleled oral talents on our enmeshed genitals, using every trick in the
book to coax me into shooting more cream into my supermodel lover.

MJ had long since passed out and as I left her, I looked her over one last
time to see how much the weeping virgin bride-to-be had changed in the last
few hours. Sleeping fitfully was perhaps the most sexually sated woman on
earth, the entire chest region of her wedding dress ripped away to expose
heavily abused breasts, her legs in a seemingly permanent Y position and cum
everywhere, huge puddles beneath her red raw snatch, which was still leaking
out more. Her garter was still attached, but her panties and veil were cast
aside, no longer needed. Her skin looked radiant, covered in a sheen of my
cum. I turned and walked out of the room, intent on never seeing the bitch

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