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This is Submission Agenda, featuring the characters of Marvel Comics,
non-consential and consential sex, oral, anal, mind control, some bondage,
elements of transformation and an amount of incest too. The story is an
ongoing one, so feel free to send any comments and suggestions to

Chapter Two: The Elimination of Cyclops

My sister was born ten minutes after me. Genetically we are near identical,
being twins. Perhaps it was our upbringing, but despite our closeness there
has always been a difference over and above our gender. In theory we should
have discovered our mutant powers together near-simultaneously, but this did
not occur. Stephanie was my first victim - the recipient of my first
excursion into the exercise of my mutant powers. It was a clumsy fuck fuelled
by what must have been a year's near-constant teasing. I watched Stephanie
develop into the one of the most stunning redheads I've ever seen, with the
most perfect body I have fucked. She is tall, around five foot ten, and has
incredibly sculpted legs, a fine flat stomach and very large breasts - scoops
of flesh which together are wider than her back. I only realised my power
after raping her when she begged me for more later.

Genetically speaking, she should have been immune to my power, but it was not
the case - maybe just because her powers hadn't manifested themselves yet.
When they did, they were shaped around her transformed psyche, almost
becoming a female extension of my own abilities. I allowed her to exercise
her powers, to give her that superiority over normal men, but made sure that
she only found true sexual fulfilment in my arms.

In theory she is more powerful than me - her mutant capabilities can render
any man her slave, and even any woman. Maybe I could do the same to men but
obviously I am not interested. Perhaps the impression of my own fuck-lusts on
her mind has removed this limitation.

Regardless, she is instrumental to the success of my plan.

Through our psychic rapport I can see that so far, my scheme is working out
just as I intended. I bury myself in her memories as I recline on the bed in
the plane, experiencing hours of Stephanie's life in minutes as our contact

Scott Summers is waiting in a high class New York eatery for his wife, Jean
Grey. He is strumming his fingers on the table, toying impatiently with a
glass of water. Clearly he has been waiting a long time. It's 45 minutes
specifically. We have arranged for Jean to be... otherwise occupied... at
this time, pitting her wits against a cadre of super villains we have
arranged to free during transit to The Vault. As Phoenix, Jean Grey is very
dangerous. Not only will this exercise enable us to eliminate Cyclops, it
will also wear down his wife's resistance to my power later on.

Stephanie has dressed to kill. Her hair is perfectly arranged, her perfume is
vivacious and arousing... and her clothes near obscene. She wears a very
tight, cleavage revealing peach blouse, black mini-skirt, slutty high heels
and matching stockings. She has no bra on and it is very obvious to all who
give her more than a cursory glance as her nipples are blatantly displayed,
pressed against the thin material of the blouse. She looks like a whore, a
redhead who wants it badly.

The introduction is obvious, perhaps even to the X-Man. Apparently caught up
in her thoughts, she walks along until she hits the edge of Summers' table,
voicing her pain and dropping her handbag. Summers looks up into sexual
heaven as he sees my sister bend over to retrieve her bag.  Her spectacular
breasts greet him head on, accompanied by her scent and her pheromones.
Another reason my sister is more powerful than I concerns the male sexual
imperative. Despite his love for Jean, Cyclops has the same innate need as
any man to impregnate any suitable and available women. Up against Stephanie
he stands little chance.

In the wake of Stephanie's charm and mutant powers, Cyclops' devotion to Jean
disintegrates quickly. She is perhaps the physical match of Jean in terms of
beauty, but she's a slut, a whore, easily taken. She's also a good decade
younger - a minor - making it even more of a must to fuck her.
When their eyes meet, Stephanie lets him know her availability with one look
alone. My sister can feel his sexual frustrations, Jean's cautious love-making
technique, his male need to sexually dominate cruelly curtailed because of his
love and respect for his wife.  Inwardly she laughs at the powerful X-Men
leader, knowing full well the fate that awaits him and his beautiful, reserved

Stephanie knows that physical contact seals the promise of sex. As they part
ways, her handshake is almost a caress, her eyes heavily lidded. She leaves
the restaurant confident that Scott will follow. She has imprinted herself on
him, his need for her will increase exponentially until he is either driven
mad or in her cunt, spewing his seed into her.

It's a five minute walk to the Ritz-Carlton hotel, a further two minutes
until she's in her room and another four before the inevitable knock on her
door. She congratulates Cyclops on his restraint - she half-expected him to
rush after her and rape her in the lift moments earlier, but knows that the
wait has only made him even more horny. She opens the door, after unbuttoning
the top of her blouse and removing her panties. I can feel her heart speeding
up, pumping out the same levels of lust-inducing pheromones that I used to
tame the White Queen. At the same time, she uses her powers to slip into
Cyclops' mind, removing the threat of his optic blasts in the same way that I
disarmed my Emma.

I count five seconds before Stephanie is on the bed and Scott is unzipping his

He only manages to say "Stephanie... I" before he plunges his lust-engorged
cock into her pussy. As he fucks her, he rips open Stephanie's blouse and
buries his face in her bosom, sucking on her nipples and  prematurely
reaching orgasm when he feels a jet of warm milk shoot into his mouth. She is
the ultimate sexual creature, the lactation every man's fantasy. It pushes
him over the edge and is the last chemical piece in his enslavement.

Stephanie allows the ravishment to take place and appreciates Scott's
subsequent efforts to give her release as his head snakes down to the junction
between her thighs. His tongue is skilled, quickly seeking out her erect
clitoris and teasing it, before dipping deeply into her snatch, regardless of
the presence of his cream inside her.

She moans at his ministrations, giving herself to the feelings emanating from
her vagina, letting her juices flow across his tongue, using them to rebuild
his lust to new levels. Stephanie has a level of vaginal control I have never
witnessed in any woman before, and when she desires it, her orgasms can be
very wet indeed. She screams as she reaches climax and almost floods Scott
with her cum. I almost envy Summers when she reaches down to return the

Stephanie is at one with her prey. She is exciting Scott in ways his wife
cannot possibly conceive as she buries his erect cock in her mouth. She
immerses herself in his desire, being everywhere he wants her to be, but at
the same time teasing him, keeping him well away from orgasm until she is
ready - her punishment for the premature release of their first - and last -

She looks Scott in the eye as she blows him, moving up to trap his cock in her
mammoth cleavage. Her hands encircle his penis, trapping specific nerves,
containing his thrusts as he urges his cum to shoot over her face and tits.

Stephanie smiles up at her prey as his ineffectual attempts to climax
continue. "What's the matter, lover? Can't cum?" Cyclops only answers with
moans and grunts. "You can do better than that. Tell me you want me. Tell me
you want me to fuck your wife."

"Yesss...." Cyclops shouts. "I need  you... fuck me... let me cum... please!"

Stephanie heightens the friction between her breasts and Cyclops' rock hard
cock, but tightens her fingers on the nerve centres. The pre-climax ecstasy
becomes painful for Scott.

"Let me fuck your wife, Scott."

"She... wouldn't..."

Scott's further words were cut off by a pain-pleasure feeling he'd never
experienced before. Stephanie knew that the pressure on his blood vessels was
now way in the danger zone. His body needed to cum, but couldn't. She sighed,
"Wrong answer, lover?" and lent over to flick her tongue over the beet-root
coloured tip of Cyclops' dick, still trapped between her gorgeous mammaries.

Cyclops' moans gave way to consistent screams as the pressure became too much
and Stephanie snakes her free hand to his scrotum, squeezing another nerve
group behind his testes which produces an inhuman roar from the X-Men leader
before causing him to collapse on the ground, drool escaping his mouth.
Cyclops' broken mind withdraws into coma, as cum impotently dribbles from his
still-hard penis.

She looked down at her victim. "I'm gonna fuck Jean with or without your help,

Shaking her head and sighing, she dresses and left the hotel room, smiling as
she places the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door handle.

I withdraw from Stephanie's memory and after we agree on our plan to add the
mighty Phoenix to our ranks, I return to the reality on-board my jet, just as
my Emma emerges from the bathroom, her body groomed and ready to satisfy my
most perverse sexual needs. I am fired up after experiencing my sister's
fuck-lust and glancing at the clock I surmise that I have a couple of hours
to take it all out on my new toy.

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