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Subject: Story:  The Detention Camp - Parts One & Two
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Story:  The Detention Camp - Parts One & Two

Authors comment:  I was overwhelmed at the amount of email encouraging me 
to continue on after posting Part One.  Rather than post Part Two 
separately, here are parts one and two.

The civil war in Central Europe was in its fourth year.  It was not a war
of high-tech jet fighters but one of guerrilla city street fighting, and suited
Major Teilchech's lustful appetite.

Teilchech's superior rebel forces had seized the city within hours and he
set up headquarters in the city's derelict airport - its fenced off perimeter
was a made=to=order detention camp.

His orders were simple.  Enslave the civilian populace to work in the many
factories for crucial war supplies.  On the first day of occupation,
forces rounded up over 100 civilians.  They were herded from 2-ton trucks
into one of the airplane hangers.

The people were fearful, as stories of torture and brutality by the rebels
were well known.  Teilchech supervised, ordering the women to one side
of the hanger, the men to the other.

"If you obey orders, you will not be harmed.  If you don't you will be 
punished," Teilchech stated.  There was a glee in his smirk as he walked
up and down the aisle separating the men and women.  "Examinations
as to your physical abilities will begin at once.  Get undressed."

Teilchech anticipated the reluctant horror from the gathered prisoners,
and before anyone could react, shot is pistol in the air, and screamed,
"NOW!"  The loud gun shot echoed in the cavernous hanger and 
caused panic.  "NOW!" and Major Teilchech again fired the gun into
the curved ceiling.

Teilcheck confidently walked up and down the aisle separating the men
and women, slapping his whip against the leather of his knee high polished
leather boots.  He watched them undress, amused at the terror in their
eyes.  Another thunderous gun shot in the air caused more cries of muffled
panic, but had the desired effect of making the prisoners undress faster.

Within a few minutes, all the prisoners were naked.  The modest men and
women used their hands and arms to cover their private parts.  Across
from each other each could see wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, sons,

This was Teilcheck's favorite part.  He continued to walk up and down
the aisle, glancing and allowing the nude men, women, boys, and girls
to try to cover themselves, for the moment.

"Place your hands behind your heads and lace your fingers." ... followed
by another gunshot into the air.

Teilcheck allowed several minutes to tick by while the people adjusted
to exposing themselves so completely.  He was pleased, as all complied.

Again he paced up and down the aisle, slowly.  He eyed the line of 50
or so embarrassed, sniffling women, and girls. Some fat, some slim. 
Some young, some old.

Across the aisle stood the men and boys, equally embarrassed.
Teilcheck snickered to himself as he noticed a few stiff cocks.

Teilcheck nodded to one of his guards who then sprayed a burst of
bullets from an automatic weapon into the ceiling.

"Jump up and down!" he ordered the women.  With their hands behind their
heads, the women began the humilating ordeal of jumping.  Fat tits and bellies
flopped and jiggled.  Flesh over skinny bones barely moved.
Teilcheck watched for several more minutes.  Again he shot his pistol
into the air.  "JUMP - HIGHER!"

He turned and looked towards the men.  More cocks were erect.

"STOP!"  Teilcheck watched the women closely.  Most were out of
breath and chests heaved with the delight of fresh air.  "Turn around."
With their fingers still laced behind their heads, the women turned,
exposing their bare hind quarters.  BANG! another pistol shot.  

Teilchech's cock grew much harder as he watched the smorgasbord of
bouncing female ass flesh.  He made them jump for five solid minutes.

"STOP!"  After that directive, Teilchech, once more, let the women compose 

"Bend over.  Spread your legs.  Use your own hands to pull open
your buttocks."  Another pistol shot, encouraged the women to
reach back and splay their bottoms.  Teilchech admired the exposed
assholes and hanging sex slits, and as he walked from one woman to
the next fondled and tickled each hole.

Teilchech made the women and girls stay bent over, holding their
buttocks' spread open,  and turned his attention to the men.

The men were still standing, with their hands behind their heads.
The second man in line had a raging erection.  The man shivered
with excitement, humiliation, and outrage, as Teilchech played with the man's
penis and scrotum.


MORE?   write me and/or comment.




Teilchech released the man's genitals and summoned Lt. Sylva Chokoff.
All of Teilchech's officers had been hand picked because of their
naturally sadistic nature.
The slim woman smiled, slung her rifle over her shoulder and joined Teilchech
in front of the terrified nude man.  Chokoff reached between
the man's legs and took a firm hold of his testicles.  From beneath the brim
of her black cap, her eyes looked into the man's face.  As she gripped
the hanging ball sack with more force, she enjoyed how the man winced.

"You have nice balls," she said, the held up her bayonet before the man's
eyes.  "Would you like to keep them?", she squeezed the stones harder.

"Take him and a few of these other cocks outside and teach them some manners,"
Teilchech ordered Lt. Chokoff.  Sylva Chokoff released the
man's balls, "Yes, Sir", and crisply saluted.  She and her guards, escorted
four male prisoners outside.

On the other side of the room, the woman groaning with cramps after being bent
over and holding their buttocks open for so long. were allowed to stand, once
more with their hands behind their heads.  Two male corporals, under the
command of a female sergeant, began writing down information on their
clipboards, as the sergeant ordered each woman to state her name and
address.  Then, to the shame of the women, the sergeant, using a black pen,
wrote the surname of each woman across the breastbone, just above the bare
tits.  This went on for some time.  The corporals chuckled.  Teilchech went to

Outside the hanger, Lt. Sylva Chokoff marched the four male prisoners
to the cement apron.  Despite the sun's bright shining rays, the cold
temperature fought back and would not allow the remaining piles of snow to
melt.  She ordered the guards to tie the first male prisoner over a sawhorse.

  Satisfied that his spread legs and arms were securely fastened, she bounced
the dangling ball sack on her palm.  The other three prisoners had their hands
and elbows tied behind their backs.  She selected the fairest skinned man,
actually more boy than man,  for her special treat.  With his legs spread wide
and standing on two wooden crates, she taped the man's dick to his belly and
fastened a nylon cord around his balls.

"This is parachute line," Lt. Sylva Chokoff stated, "it can hold up to 300
pounds."  Chokoff tightened the noose over the man's balls and drew
it taut from the overhead crossbar.  She watched the man's face as the horror
of his bondage became clear.  If his feet left the wooden crates, he would
either castrate himself or hang from his balls.  As a sign of things to come,
Chokoff used her wooden baton to strike the man's shins, just twice.

Chokoff then went over to the man tied over the sawhorse.  She squeezed
his balls so hard that the man was screaming.  In mid scream, she used her
baton to spank his balls.  She stopped and allowed the man to choke, vomit,and
compose himself.  "I can do that again, if you like, or you can give your
fellow prisoner a nice suck."  Her hand cradled the weeping man's stones quite
lovingly.  Still crying at the humiliation, the man nodded his head.

Immediately Chokoff had the guards take another bound male prisoner and stand
before the sawhorse man.  She smiled as she saw the bent over man take the limp
prick into his mouth and begin to suck.  She forced the third male prisoner to
lick between the ass cheeks of the bound sawhorse man.

All was going well.  Forced homosexuality was the most humiliating experience
of all.  Chokoff loved it.  But it was now time for torture.

She went back to where the man was tied with legs spread on the wooden crates
with his balls noosed with nylon line.  Taking a tooth pick from her kit, she
began to poke at the pee slit on the man's limp prick.  The compromising
situation was what Sylva liked best.  The man could, if he wanted to, lash out
and kick her in the face - the consequence being suspension by the nuts.  She
wanted to see that - ached to see that.

She forced the toothpick up the boy/man's prick, leaving about a half inch
sticking out.  He was screaming.  Using her cigarette lighter, she set the
toothpick on fire.  As the small flame licked up, she took her baton and
started beating the man on his calves, shins, ankles, and toes.

The man could take it no more.  His feet left the wooden crates and began to
thrash and kick wildly.  She watched with amusement as the man was now
suspended and dangling in the cold air = by his balls.  She left him there, and
returned with a boiling cup of coffee to the sawhorse man.

The sawhorse man was still sucking on the spent dick of the man supported by
holding guards.  Another guard used the tip of his bayonet to poke at the
asshole of the sawhorse man - for encouragement.

Chokoff gave an order for all torture to cease.  She approached the sawhorse
man with the boiling coffee cup.  "Coffee?" she asked, somewhat sinister.

The sawhorse man nodded "yes", relieved of the ache in his jaws after almost an
hour of constant cock sucking.  Chokoff snickered and went behind the sawhorse
man.  She fondled his scrotum, stretching the leather like pouch to its limits.
 When his balls hung sufficiently low, she raised the cup, immersing his balls
in the boiling liquid.  Hideous screams, more like growls, scratched the ears.

Chokoff allowed the balls to simmer in the boiling water as the tethered man
howled in pain.  "There, there now," she cooed, and lowering the cup, picked up
a handful of snow-ice and gently massaged the abused scrotum.  The
man whimpered with the relief of the cold, gentle massage to his privates.

The man's head snapped back in agony as not only his balls but his prick were
re-immersed in a cup of freshly boiling coffee - Maxwell House.
As the mans private parts boiled , Chokoff would stop,  peel away the 
the blistered scrotum skin, massage with cooling ice, and start all over again.

It would take hours before the man went insane.  During interim respites,
Chokoff forced the other male prisoners to fuck the man in the ass.

Meanwhile, back inside the hanger, Teilcheck arose from his nap 
after a full meal, inhaled deeply on the Cuban cigar,  
and was in the mood to "play" with some of the women prisoners.


More?  Part Three?


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