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Here's another magical Spells R Us story that caters to a wide variety
of readers....Personally, I think you'll enjoy it!

Disclaimer: This story is for adult entertainment!  So, ensure you are
18 years of age.  

Author's Note: Once again, I've delved into the Spells R Us is my third story with this setting.  (Lust
Potion '69' & Womanizer, and now Lover's Desire)  Anyway, this is a
fantasy, and contains a lot of female-female......Enjoy!   

Oh Yeah: My new e-mail address (lower case):

"Lover's Desire" by J.R. Parz


Jess Parker was browsing the mall.  He didn't like the malls, but with
Lisa's birthday coming up next week, he figured he'd get an early
start.  He had met (soon to be) twenty-one year old Lisa Thompson (now
Parker) at a party he threw over a month ago.  The party helped
celebrate the news of his inheritance.  Although Jess considered
himself decent looking, he knew that Lisa was more interested in his
sudden wealth, than him, but Lisa was an absolute 'knockout', and
given his own sexual attraction to her beauty, he didn't care.  Yes,
his millions worked like the ultimate aphrodisiac and Lisa responded

While Jess Parker strolled over to the food court to grab a soda, he
still found the whole experience amazing.  Everything happened so
fast!  One minute a struggling writer, and the next minute he inherits
a mansion, $50 million dollars, and then three weeks later gets
married to Lisa!   Stranger yet, he inherits everything from an uncle
he had never met before.  With his parents death two summers ago, he
didn't have anyone to ask the many questions he had about this man.   

As Jess drank his soda he reflected on his new wife.  Lisa was as foxy
as they come.  She would be receiving her bachelors degree in a month.
He remembered how intense their lovemaking was the night of the party.
They were inseparable for the next three weeks and then he proposed to
her.  He flew Lisa to Las Vegas for a quick wedding and promised her a
huge one in the summer.   Jess didn't have a lot of experience with
woman, and never ever had one as beautiful, and wondered from time to
time whether it was love he felt for her, or lust.  Lisa was great in
bed, and responded passionately and affectionately to him every time
they were together, but deep down he questioned her own motive.
Sometimes she would act strangely with him when he offered to go with
her to the library.  Lisa would say that she needed to be alone when
she studied otherwise she would be distracted due to the power he had
over her libido.  Of course he laughed and left it alone, but he
wondered.  He always would because as much as he wanted her, and
thanks his lucky stars that she was his wife, he felt deep down that
she wouldn't be with him if he weren't for his millions.  

Jess finished his drink and decided to call it quits for the night.
His half hearted attempt at shopping didn't give him a single idea.
As he headed out the mall the same way he entered, he suddenly stopped
and looked to his left.  "Huh?"  

'Spells R Us' read the sign.  The shop looked old.  Strangely out of
place in a modern mall.  He was also surprised he didn't notice this
store on his way in.  Jess thought, 'why not' and entered the store.

"Be with you in a second.....feel free to look around in the
meantime." called out a voice from the back room.

Jess yelled back; "Okay." and did just that.  

Jess was shocked at all the neat things.  He picked up a naked doll of
a young woman.  It looked so life like.  He put the doll down and
moved on to a pair of woman's shoes.  The card said that the person
who wears the shoes will become a ballerina.  He laughed.  He started
looking through all the costumes, hanging up along side the wall.
When he felt the material of a tiger costume, he thought that this
store would be great for Halloween or Masquerade parties.  Before he
turned from the costumes, he saw a whole slue of maid costumes.  They
looked real sexy and a sudden picture inside his mind of Lisa in one
of these, gave him an erection.  Maybe I should buy her one as a
practical joke.  As he looked one over, the voice from behind the
counter startled him; "Hi there Jess.......I see you found our
infamous maid costumes.  Actually, one of the most popular items in
the store.  That and the cheerleader costumes to the left there."

Jess glanced at the owner of the voice.  He was an older man....and
was that a bathrobe he was wearing?  He figured the old man must have
seen his picture in the paper, otherwise, how would he know his name.
The media was all over him when the inheritance was announced which
made him an instant celebrity in this small town.  He kept the maid
costume and went over to the cheerleader costumes.  He thought that
Lisa would look awesome in one of these, also.....maybe even play out
one of his high school fantasies.  As he inspected one, he looked it
over for the size; He then looked over the maid costume, and found the
tag missing on this costume, also.  "How do I know if the size is
right on these?"

"Oh....if you're wondering whether Lisa will fit into them, she will.
And I have no doubt she'll look quite sexy in that maid's outfit."  

Jess looked at the old man closer.  How come he knew his wife's name?
Then he remembered the paper followed up with the inheritance story
with the announcement that he was wedding a local beauty queen.  Jess
remembered the article sparked their first argument.  Jess didn't know
that Lisa was in a beauty contest and asked her if there were any
other secrets in her life.  He had made the statement as a joke, but
Lisa snapped back angrily.  He didn't know why and it took a mere
minute before she stormed off to her room.  Why was she so defensive?  

As Jess walked over to the counter with the costumes, a sparkle caught
his eye.  A small crystal bottle sat all alone on a strange looking
night stand.  He reached for it and picked it up.  The bottle had a
heart shaped emblem on it and on the back it read; 'Become your
lover's desire.' "What's this?" he asked while looking closely at the
clear liquid inside the bottle.  

"Ah yes.......that little gem almost guarantees you your lover's

Jess thought about it for a second.  If Lisa didn't love him, then
this would most assuredly make it so.  He loved Lisa and wanted her to
love him; "How does it work?"

"Drink the bottle's contents down while in Lisa's presence.  The
effects will take a few minutes and you may pass out from the ordeal,
but when you regain your senses, Lisa will be looking at you with an
uncontrollable passion.  You transform into her perfect version of a

"You mean that I actually change in appearance.....I mean,

"Well.....that depends, but chances are, given you're married and
already in love, it will probably just fine tune some of your
attributes.  I wouldn't worry too much because whatever minor
enhancements that take place will be for the benefit of
Lisa........that's what you want, right?"

"Yes.....I want to make sure she loves me as much as I love
her...........I'll take the costumes and the bottle.  How much?"

"Let's see. $100.00 each for the costumes and I'm going to have to ask
for $1,000.00 for the bottle.  That will be $1,200.00 dollars."

Jess thought that the price was ridiculous........but he pulled out
his master card.  As he was ready to leave, the man called out to him
to come back anytime.  Jess laughed and mumbled; "Yeah, sure I
will.....and be taken for a ride again."


The next morning, Jess got up late and found Lisa gone.  She left a
note for him on the kitchen table that said she had to go to the
library for a few hours.  The library again.  He couldn't help think
she was out there meeting a lover.  He went to the closet where he hid
the costumes and small bottle.  He picked up the bottle again.  It was
time.  He decided he would take it when she got back.    

Lisa Thompson still couldn't believe her unbelievable fortune.  Lisa
remembered what transpired the second she heard about Jess Parker's
inheritance.  She was the one who contacted one of his friends and
suggested the party.  She took hours getting ready and made it a point
to get introduced to him.  His appearance wasn't anything to write
home about, but the fact that this guy was worth millions made her wet
with anticipation. Lisa knew she was much more attracted to his money
than him, but she found she could be very convincing given her
enjoyment of sex.  She stuck to him like glue and made sure she hung
all over him anytime she had the opportunity.   When he proposed to
her she was floored.  She didn't expect this.  She thought that he'd
eventually invite her to move in with him, but marriage was something
she hadn't expected.   These events were simply working out greater
than she ever imagines.

As Lisa drove back home, she still felt the lingering effects of her
passion with her lover.  She knew that Jess was up and looking forward
to her return.  Lisa knew that Jess suspected her, but she was still
confident that she wouldn't bring it up.  She knew that her sex
enabled her to exert a certain degree of control over him.  Who was it
that said; 'Whomever controls a relationship, loves the least'?  Well,
whoever said it was a genius. 

When Lisa arrived back at the mansion, she put on a smile and decided
to give her new husband some sex.  Her pussy was already warm and
wanting thanks to her lover this morning.  Her lover was a twenty
eight year old model she met over a year ago, and it was lust at first
sight.  They both relished each other's company in bed, but went their
separate ways outside the bed.  Upon entering the mansion, Lisa called
out for Jess.  Nothing.  Lisa moved up stairs and called out his name
again.  This time she heard his voice come from the attic.  She headed
up the stairs.  She found Jess going through some boxes.  

"Hi" Lisa said with a smile, running over to him with a hug.  

" did your studying go?"

"Not too good......I kept on"

"Whatever do you mean?"

Lisa knew that Jess was playing the game.  "I am really really horny
this morning."  Lisa said with a grin, while reaching down to squeeze
his dick threw his sweats.  The mere contact of her hand sprung an
erection.  The sweat pants he wore did little to restrain it.  Lisa
smiled to herself.  She started to pull down his sweat pants when he
stopped her; "Wait.....I have something that I want to show you."
Jess straightened out his sweat pants as he walked over to a table.
Lisa saw what he was reaching for and wondered what this was all

Jess showed Lisa the crystal bottle and explained how he purchased it
inside this magic store.  He told her all about the effects and how
after drinking it, she would be truly in lover with him.    

"But....magic doesn't could you waste a $1,000.00
dollars on a bottle of water?"

"It isn't will turn me into your ideal lover.  Your
desire.  I'm doing this to make sure you love me." replied Jess.

"How can you be so stupid........You don't know what that stuff
is.....maybe it's a drug....maybe it's poison.  How can you take it
without knowing?"

"For you.......I'm taking it for you."

Lisa looked at him with alarm; "Are you saying that I don't love you?"

"I don't know what I'm saying.......I just know that everything will
be perfect after I've taken this."

Jess quickly downed the contents while Lisa looked on.  He stood
still, waiting for something to happen.  He walked back to the table
and placed the empty bottle down.  Then he felt something twist in his
mind.  He heard Lisa say, "See, it didn't do anything.......I can't
believe you fell for this......." but didn't hear anything after, as
he collapsed to the floor.  


Jess woke up slowly.  Something wasn't right.  As he brought his arms
up to stretch and caught a glimpse of blond hair cascading around his
shoulders.  What!  Quickly he bolted straight up.  The hair was his!
Long, beautiful, blond hair!  What!  The sweats he wore felt huge on
him except around his ass and chest area.  Jess reached up to cup the
things protruding from his chest.  Tits!   Jess quickly pulled his
sweatshirt over his head, momentarily getting it tangled up in his
long blond hair.  His eyes gazed in awe at a pair of the most gorgeous
and generous sized tits he'd ever seen!  And they were sticking out of
his chest!  Jess felt a sudden fear spreading throughout his entire
body.  He slipped a hand underneath his sweat pants, feeling around
his crotch area.  "What the hell!"  his voice broke the sound barrier
for the first time.  Jess's voice now sounded soft and very female.  

The reality of his condition was quickly rushing in on him.  Jess
stood up and noted immediately that everything looked bigger.  Then he
noticed Lisa laying on the floor.  He rushed over to her, almost
falling down in the process.  His breasts bounced with every step.  He
reached down and felt her pulse.  She was just sleeping.  She looked
so young and innocent laying there, he felt himself getting turned on.
She must have fainted he thought.  He stood back up and pulled down
his sweats and boxers.  His dick was gone.  He bent down and peered
between his legs.  "I have to be dreaming."  He inserted his female
finger past the blond bush in between his newly formed vagina lips and
gasped.  Fear flooded his system.  Fear and something else.  Although
the body handled it differently, he was well aware of the other
feeling.  He was one hundred percent female.  Knowing he was the only
one inside his mansion, he took off his sweat pants and ran naked
downstairs.  He had to hold his huge tits as they bounced up and down
the entire way.  The feeling was strange.  When he reached the mirror
inside his bathroom, he stood in shock.  Not only was he totally
female, he couldn't have been much older than eighteen years old.
Definitely, the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.  His once brown
eyes were now sparkling blue.  His once short brown hair was now long,
thick and blond.  He now possessed a perfect hour glass figure that
belonged in a playboy centerfold.  His tits were huge and very
shapely.  He would later find them a size 38DDs!  He cupped them,
squeezing the nipples and for the first time, he felt his female
arousal increase.  He continued manipulating his nipples, eliciting a
pleasurable warmth in his new female groin.  He gazed into the mirror
at this goddess of beauty, and everything was now centered in the
feeling between his legs.  It was different, wonderful, and incredibly
sexy!   The feeling spread throughout every pleasure center in his
female body.  The feeling was a lot different than his former male
body, where everything was centered around his dick.  He slid his
finger down to his slit, and this time when he touched himself, he was
wet!  Real wet!  He felt what he could only describe as an incredible
need for sex and continued to finger his clit.  Sparks of arousal
continued to flood his new sex.  His breathing was out of control
while he gazed at the mirror.  He could see his nipples pointing
straight out.  It was like watching a movie and he could only stare in
awe.  He watched this gorgeous sex creature masturbating and had the
benefit of feeling every sensation!  When he climaxed his first female
orgasm, his come flooded his entire hand.  He cried out with a scream.
A sexy scream at that.    

He left the bathroom holding his crotch area in order to drip.  His
new thighs were slick with his come and sweat.  He went over to sit on
his bed.  When he sat on the edge, he gently fingered and thumbed his
clit.  Again, her sexual desire heightened!  He used his free hand to
squeeze his right tit, basking in the sensations it caused to his
female pussy.

Why he wondered.  How?  He remembered the bottle's inscription,
'Become your lover's desire.' Then why was he a female?  This didn't
make sense.

As his mind moved in a million different directions, his female body
stayed in its highly erotic state.  Jess began moving a couple of
fingers in and out, making sure to rub his clit with his thumb.  God!
What he'd give to be able to fuck this new body of his!  Lisa was a
fox, but what he became was a work of erotic art!  He was becoming
hornier.  One hand quickly fucked his vagina while his free hand
alternated between each huge tit.  His nipples were sensitive.
Erotically so.   He screamed out another orgasm, coating his hand with
more of his come.  He giggled like a young sexy girl as he watched his
female come seep onto his sheets.  He looked down at his flushed
female body and could feel through a simple tweak of his clit, yet
more excitement.  This was incredible!  He moaned as the sensations
flooded his entire body.  Moments later, Jess climaxed for a fourth
time, leaving him totally spent.
  Jess couldn't get enough of this body!  As he slowly headed to the
bathroom, he couldn't help look down at his chest, watching his big
tits jiggle up and down with every step.  'Every guy that sees me will
be staring at these things!' he thought to himself.  He quickly hopped
in the shower and the first strange sensation he felt was the shower
spray bouncing off his tits!  His long blond hair also felt strange
and heavy hanging along his body, down to the tips of his ass.  He
couldn't help caressing his entire body while soaping himself.  His
gaze traveled down the length of his body, taking in the spread of his
female hips.  God he was gorgeous!  He forced himself not to
masturbate, and turned off the shower.  He toweled his long hair and
wondered how he would manage it.  He considered blow drying it, but
then opted to let it dry naturally, not knowing how to do anything
else with it.  'Maybe I should get it cut', he thought to himself.  

Lisa!  What was she going to think?  She must have seen his
transformation and then fainted in shock.  The reality of everything
was frightening him, and he began to cry.  He knew it was the
emotional feelings of a female that caused this, but he couldn't help
it.  He needed help.  Female help.  Lisa.  Jess retrieved one of
Lisa's teddy's out of her drawer.  As much as he loved looking at his
new body, he knew that he couldn't keep on walking around this place
stark naked.  He figured he now stood about five feet four inches.
Given he was almost six feet as a man, his clothes were all useless to
him.  He sat down again.  He had to think things through.  How could
this have happened?  He had to wake up Lisa.  If he was in his man's
body, he'd be able to carry her downstairs, but now that he was in
this girl's body, there was no way he could carry her.   What was he
going to do?  He glanced down at himself, noting how Lisa's teddy
sexily stuck out in the chest area.  Lisa wasn't nearly as big as he
was.  He was always into big breasts, and having them himself in this
new form was turning him on again.  He thought about how Lisa would
react to him now.  There was no way that Lisa would turn
lesbian.....or would she?  How could he get her to help him?  He
thought about sex with a guy and almost gagged.  The mere thought of
having someone's dick in his new snatch repulsed him.  He may be a
gorgeous blond female on the outside, but he was still all male in the
inside.  He still wanted to be with girls, and the more he thought
about making love to Lisa, the hornier he became.  Jess couldn't help
staring at himself, or should he say, herself.    


Lisa woke up with a headache.  She must have bumped her head.  The
last thing she remembered was watching Jess turn into the most
beautiful girl she'd ever seen.  Her beauty stunned her.  Her face
appeared angelic, sweet and innocent just laying there asleep.  Then
it dawned on her.  Jess had turned into a girl she knew in her
freshman year at college.  Tracy Seavers!  Jess had turned into her
fantasy lover!  Tracy was absolutely breath-taking, but unfortunately
straight.  Lisa tried to seduce the girl one evening, but failed.
Ever since that night, some of Lisa's most intense sex dreams starred
Tracy Seavers.  With the realization that Jess turned into her fantasy
lover, Lisa fainted.  The magic potion worked.

Jess heard Lisa call out to her.  She was coming down stairs.  "I'm in
here." replied the sexy soft female voice of his.  Seconds later, Lisa
entered the bedroom.  

"Yes Lisa......I'm really Jessie.....I don't know why, but it
happened, did this happen?" 
  A sudden undeniably feeling flushed Lisa's entire body.  Sexual
arousal in its most primal state.   The intensity elicit a gasp, while
her entire body pitched forward!  The girl's beauty.  Tracy or Jessie,
whomever she was, she was causing some of the most intense feelings
she ever felt.  Lisa couldn't believe how powerful her body was
responding to this girl.  The feelings so potent that Lisa couldn't
move.  Didn't want to move.  When Jessie slowly walked up to her, Lisa
mumbled; "Take me."  When Jessie's naked body moved up against her
naked body, it sent her to another plateau.  Lisa's breathing was out
of control.  Jessie moved her soft lips to her mouth and began kissing
her.  Lisa, feeling a need like never before, became hungry, darting
her tongue deep into the Jessie's mouth.  Both girls wrapped their
arms around one another in a passionate embrace.

Jessie's own passion for his wife continued to bombard his female
body, making her weak in the knees.  He wanted to ravish his her right
where she stood, but chose to break off the kiss.  "Come
sweetheart.....lets move onto our bed"  Jess said in a sweet sexy
voice.  Lisa's eyes looked glazed over with passion while she took
Lisa's hand and took the few steps it took to get there.  God, he
could never ever remember being this horny while he was a male, and he
didn't think Lisa had ever felt this horny, either.  Jess wondered why
Lisa was reacting this way with another girl.  Lisa was also acting
submissive?  Jess looked down at Lisa, who's legs were slightly
parted, portraying a work of erotica.  Jess's eyes moved down to her
breasts.  They weren't nearly as big as his, but with every breath she
took, her small and shapely tits moved up and down on her chest.  Lisa
was quietly moaning, and begging to be ravished.     

"'re very beautiful.....I want to make you come......Would
you like that?  Would you like me to make you come?"

Lisa's highly erotic state kept her very passive, and also, very
horny.  When Jessie laid her down on the bed, Lisa felt a sensual
dreaminess invade her entire being.  She could hear herself moan and
then reply to Lisa's question;  "Yes.....yes......please.....make me

Lisa felt as docile as a sleepy kitten.  When Jessica reached the palm
of her hand against her wet mound, Lisa moaned and stretched out on
the bed.  Lisa wanted to kiss every inch of this girl's lovely body,
and blushed when she thought how passive she become.  Her whole body
cried out for Jessie's touch and she felt her juice flow down the
insides of her thigh.  God, she was so wet!  Lisa continued to moan as
Jessica kissed her all over.  Jess then shifted around to position
herself between Lisa's legs, making sure Lisa would have access to her
wet sex.  Lisa was an expert in making her female lovers come, and
with every stab of her tongue, she could tell she was sending Jessie a
bolt of pleasure.  Both girls screamed out with passion, experiencing
a shattering orgasm.   Lisa passed out with a smile on her face.  


Jess looked down at his wife.  She was a stunning sight, both in the
throes of an orgasm and sleeping.  Lisa's body shifted around in her
sleep, appearing restless.  Her hand slipped down to her crotch,
brushing up against her lower lips.  Even sleeping, she was a sight of
pure sensuality.   Jess couldn't resist and moved his pretty little
head between Lisa's legs and began licking her pussy once again.  Jess
swallowed her lust juice while slipping his own pretty finger inside
his own female slit, masturbating.    
  Lisa woke feeling intense pleasure as another orgasm jolted her
body.  She could see where her legs were spread eagled and Jessie's
beautiful blond hair cascading around her thighs.  Lisa closed her
eyes and prayed that this wasn't one big dream.    

An hour later, after both girls regained their composure.  For the
first time since their encounter, Lisa began to rationalize.  With
rationalization came acute embarrassment.  She got up, sitting on the
edge of the bed, and looked at her husband turned fantasy lover.  

"I'm sorry Jess......I'm the one responsible for this."

Jess sat up confused;  "What do you mean?"

"I'm......I......well, I'm're wearing the body of my
fantasy lover.  I met her at college and always wanted her.....she was
straight, so it never happened.  I prefer woman over men, and the
blond eighteen year old beauty you've become was a freshman when I met
her.  I'm sorry I deceived you.......please......please forgive me."

Jess saw that his wife was sincere and his initial anger gave way to
something else, but he needed time to formulate a
plan............."Lets go take a shower."  

Lisa couldn't believe it!  He didn't appear to be angry.  When Jess
moved off the bed, Lisa found herself responding to her again.  The
focus of her arousal centered right on Jessie, and Lisa couldn't help
herself follow her new lover to the bathroom.  The second they were
inside the shower, Jessie started playing with her clit.  Water wasn't
the only thing making her pussy wet.   Lisa basked in the throes of an
orgasm three times before stepping out of the shower.  Jessie had to
help her to the bed, where Lisa plopped down on her stomach, crushing
her small little tits.   Her pretty ass stuck up slightly, giving
Jessie a grand view of her ass.  Jessie always considered this Lisa's
finest feature.  

Lisa and Jessie, naked, sat Indian style on the bed and discussed
everything.  Lisa wondered if she could ever tire of gazing at
Jessie's beauty.  Lisa couldn't believe the last five hours.  It was
as if her body was addicted to this beautiful blond girl.  Lisa
blushed while remembering what Jessie did when she was plopped down
exhausted on the bed.  Lisa found herself swallowed up in a whirlwind
of desire as Jessie kissed and caressed every inch of her, lingering
longer in each of her crevices.  It was as if her desire grew a degree
every time she licked.  Her searing need for Jessie burned deep
between her legs and every time she clinched her pussy muscles
together, she squeezed out another orgasm.  It would go on for another
hour as Jessie shoved her finger deep inside her pussy.  God!  She was
going to come again!  Then did, screaming out another orgasm!   Lisa
passed out with a goofy smile on her face.  

Jess waited for his wife to wake up.  When Lisa opened her eyes, he
smiled down at her and said;  " tell me about your library
visits."  Lisa was stunned.  Should she continue lying?   Lisa decided
against it; "Her name is Sheri Turbo.  She's a twenty-eight year old
model.  We've been lovers for nearly a year."

Jess smiled.  Lisa was confessing everything....and he had a feeling
he new why; "Tell me Lisa, did you love me when I was a man?"

"I think I would have started to....but not as a lover, but as a

"And now that I'm your fantasy lover in the flesh?"

Lisa turned red.  Looked down and then with tears in her eyes, she
softly replied; "yes."

Jess smiled again.  "Call Sheri and tell her you'll pick her up
tonight.  Bring her over here.  Tell her I'm not home but there's
someone you want her to meet."


On the drive over to Sheri's, Lisa was startled to find herself
constantly thinking about Jessie.   She missed her.  She missed
looking at her.  She wasn't gone for more than ten minutes and she
found herself wanting to be with her in the worst way.  Lisa was glad
Sheri was waiting for her outside the entrance to her apartment
complex, because it meant she could get back home to Jessie quicker.
They gave each other a kiss and Lisa headed back up to the mansion.    

Sheri Turbo was on the tall side, standing close to 5'9", with a very
sleek look which included a curvy behind and small pert breasts.  Her
thick auburn hair came down to her shoulders, and her emerald eyes
sparkled with life.  Sheri wasn't in the super model league, but her
modeling career did provide her with a luxurious life.  Sheri was
amazed when Lisa gave her a tour of the mansion, and was when she
enter the master bedroom when everything became strange.   

"Hi.  I'm Jessica."  Jess said with a smile while posing sexily naked
on the bed.    

Sheri was stunned.  Never had she seen someone more beautiful.  This
girl, who looked like she was in high school, elicit pure arousal.
Sheri turned to look at Lisa, and Lisa smiled back at her.

Minutes later, all three of them were naked on the bed.  Lisa's legs
were spread eagled and Sheri lapped her love slit.  While Sheri gave
Lisa a tongue bath.  Lisa buried her face between Jessie legs.  Jess
cupped her big tits, and caressed her female form while Lisa continued
to eat her.  She had to admit it, her memory and desire to be a man
was quickly fading.  She loved the look and feel of this female body,
especially being it was gorgeous.  As he spread his female legs apart,
Sheri moved from Lisa's sex to her sex, while Lisa moved up to zero in
on her huge tits.  Jess grinned while watching them squirm and moan.
Jess's own breathing became labored and her nipples and clit were both
painfully on fire.  The girls were doing a fine job as he neared the
greatest female climax of his life.  God, this body was so horny!
While Sheri lapped at her wet pussy, she came like never before!
Jessie had Lisa position her pussy right on top of Sheri's face while
Lisa's face dove straight into Sheri's pussy.  Both girls attacked
each other's clit, while Jessie watched on while fingering her own
clit.  All three girls came, came, and came.  The pleasure they felt
flooded every inch of their body.

		 When Lisa and Sheri woke up, naked and looking like
they just went through a tornado, they saw Jessie sitting naked on the
chair across from them.  Jessie held two presents, and before anyone
said a word, he handed the one marked 'Lisa' to Lisa and the one
marked 'Sheri' to Sheri.  

"Thank you."  Remarked Lisa, being under the enthrallment of the

Sheri, who loved every orgasm she experienced last night, had a shoot
later on and needed to get going.  She took the box and opened it.
She decided that she could afford another hour before she needed to
get going.  

Jessie smiled when Lisa lifted up her little maid's outfit.  Lisa
looked at it with a grin.  "How kinky.........You shouldn't have."

"Try it on Lisa....I bet you'd look hot in it." replied Jessie.

Sheri noted her costume appeared to be her old cheerleader's outfit.
She looked back at Jessie with confusion and murmured; "You want me to
where this?"

Lisa turned to Sheri and said; "Come on Sheri.......this sounds like

Sheri slowly started to put her outfit on when she looked at Jessie,
she asked; "Where's your outfit?"

Jessie smiled and stated; "This is my fantasy......wait until it's
your turn."

Sheri nodded okay and finished putting her outfit on.  

Jessie commented how lovely and sexy they looked as the two girls
stood up and modeled their new outfits.  Jessie wasn't sure anything
would happen, but the chances were, something would.   Just then both
girls stopped in mid motion as if paralyzed.  It was happening.

Lisa felt strange and tingly.  She looked at her chest area as she
felt a flash of pain.  Her breasts, they were expanding!  Her tits
grew larger, filling out the top portion of her costume.  She then
felt herself shrinking, and wouldn't know it until much later that she
now stood 5'.  Lisa walked over to the full length mirror and saw how
her hair appeared to have grown, but it was hard to tell given it was
now pinned up.  Her hips also looked wider and her ass even fuller.
Lisa tried speaking for the first time, and found her voice oozing
with sensuality; " may I serve you?"

Jessie looked in awe at Lisa's transformation.  Her maid's outfit
hugged her body quite saucily, and the strong subservient personality
was especially appealing.  "Go into the kitchen sweetie, and make
breakfast for'll be eating with us."  The maid squealed
in delight, moving quickly out of the bedroom.

Sheri was too stunned while watching Lisa's transformation to notice
her own.  She walked over to the mirror and gasped.  Sheri was also
reduced in height, maybe down to 5'2".  She now had long golden hair
and huge breasts that looked even bigger than Jessie's.  Her ass stuck
out sexily and she appeared to be no older than eighteen years old.
When she talked for the first time, she also noted the difference in
her voice; "I'm a cheerleader..........would you like me to cheer for
you?" then without waiting for an answering began bouncing up and
down, tits doing the same.

"Stop old are you?"


"Are you a model."

"No silly.....I'm a cheerleader."

"What else do you do?"

"Whatever you wish me to do.....I'm your cheerleader."

"Do you know how to cook?"

"Not really.......I guess I'm not to bright....but I know a lot of

"Okay honey.........go join Lisa in the kitchen.  Help her in any way
you can."

Jessie watched Sheri leave.....she certainly had a fine looking ass.


Jessica walked into the Spells R Us shop.  The old man stood behind
the counter.

"Hi are you adjusting?"

"I love's incredible."

"And your maid and cheerleader."

"Loyal servants and constantly horny."

"How can I help you then?"

"As much as I love the smell of them, it's been a whole day with them
in their outfits.....please tell me that they won't change back when
they take their costumes off."

The old man smiled; "No....they are your maid and cheerleader for the
rest of their lives.  Just like you are Jessica instead of Jess."

Jess smiled and responded; "How can I ever thank you?"

"Just spread the word.....the more that know I exist, the more stories
can be told."

The End. 

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