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Subject: In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. Part twenty nine
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            In The Bank Manager's Cupboard. 

                Part Twenty-nine
Copyright: 1986 thru 1997. Christine Stevenson.

David was puzzled. Karin had handcuffed his right hand,
and was now leading him toward the door to her flat. My
God, she surely can't be planning to take me out like
this, he hoped. David was intensely relieved when Karin
stopped at the door. But then all was explained. Karin
locked the other cuff to a loop handle on the main
door. She ordered, "Each time I buzz you, you will open
the door, I am expecting a number of guests tonight.
You will be my 'Door Opener'."

This was almost as bad, who are the guests? He thought.

Karin turned and left him fitted to the door, reduced
to no more than a simple function, 'Door Opener'. David
dreaded the first guests, would they know him? Until
now his position in Karin's household had been a secret
known only to the both of them, and perhaps Susan. He
still hoped that Susan had not been told any of the
sordid details, he couldn't imagine how sweet innocent
Susan would react.

All the while David's abasement was a secret he was
free to succumb to Karin's will, without as much shame
or embarrassment. Their secrecy had made it possible
for him to become a submissive, to accept albeit
unwillingly, her domination. Now she had put him at
risk of public exposure. Worse still, he was unable to
offer any resistance, for however the door was opened,
he would still be attached to it.

Karin was pleased with the arrangements for the
evening. She had arranged, with Christine's assistance,
to invite a number of Female Dominants and their slaves
for a rather special party. Sadine had phoned her
during the day to make a special arrangement for her
slave, she had been pleased when she discovered what
facilities Karin had available.

Karin's intercom would inform her who was calling, it
would be amusing to have David open the door, dressed
as he was in his revealing maid's outfit. He wouldn't
know who he was letting in next, and she had ensured
that he could offer little resistance to this new
public humiliation. Besides, she smiled, if he did
resist, the hallway was the perfect place to try out
her new bullwhip.

People who have attended such parties will know how
difficult it is to travel through the streets with a
slave on a lead, half naked, or chained hand and foot.
Most ladies generally employ long leather coats to
cover their own extreme garb, or in the majority of
instances, their slaves lack of clothing. Anyone who
has read 'The Secret of The Black Room', will know that
Ms. C. Strikland liked to arrive in style. She, unlike
most of Karin's guests, made her slave Brian brave
public attention to arrive that night.

Catrina Strikland liked to drive, scorning the use of
chauffeurs. Wherever she is going, she will always
carry a male in the boot of her car, so handy in case
of a breakdown! Invariably that male is Brian. Whether
he is suitably dressed for a public function, or stark
naked because Catrina has no intention of letting him
out before returning home, he is always made to travel
in the boot. If you are in London's fashionable
shopping districts and you see a lady pack her
shopping, with the man that was carrying it, into the
boot of her red Mercedes; then that lady will surely be
Catrina Strikland. She has of course had embarrassing
moments. On one occasion when stopped at a police
checkpoint she was asked if she had anything in the
boot. She replied, "Yes Officer, a man." The officer
smiled condescendingly, he nevertheless asked her to
open the boot. She did, and stood back to let the
police establish that Brian was there of his 'own free
will'. It is fortunate that the constable concerned did
not wish to push the point, for of course it is illegal
to carry passengers in the boot of one's car.
Christine & David Stevenson
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