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Subject: Video Bang-part 3
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  Hi eveyone, I thought I would post the end of my second gang bang 
experience...if you liked it let me know and I will send you some of my 
other experiences....

  In the video I was laying limply on the mattress and Dave continued to 
stroke my clit and rub his fingers through the sticky cum that was 
coating my pussy. In the video he was also slowly stroking his own cock 
and it was regaining its hardness. I suddenly heard him say, "Hey John, 
lets roll her over, I want to do her in the ass!" 

  With that I felt Dave rolling me over on my stomach. I felt him raise 
my hips up and slip a pillow under my hips. I then felt his hands as he 
pried my ass cheeks apart and positioned his once again hard cock at my 
anus. I felt him slowly pushing forward as he pressed deep inside me. I 
groaned loudly and squirmed as I felt him slide full into my ass. Dave 
gripped my hips and started to rock back and forth as he fucked me. I 
then felt another semi-hard cock rubbing against my right cheek as I 
heard Scott say, "I am not sure if I can cum again, but I sure would 
like to fuck her some more!"

  I heard someone from across the room say, "Hey John, aren't you going 
to fuck your wife?" and then someone else shouted "We all did!" Then 
everyone laughed. I heard Matt say, "Give me the camera John, I will 
film while you see if you can get rid of that hard on!" A moment later I 
felt John's hard cock rubbing against my left cheek. I instinctively 
turned toward John and opened my mouth. As he slid his cock into my 
mouth I tasted his precum as it mixed with the still lingering taste of 
the other guys sperm still coating my mouth. I felt John begin to rock 
back and forth as Dave continued to plunge deep into my ass. I felt 
Scott grasp my head and push it farther onto John's cock several times 
before he pulled it off and turned my mouth toward his cock. As my mouth 
released John's cock, it was quickly replaced with Scott's. I tasted the 
salty tang of the drying sperm on the tip of Scott's cock where he had 
been rubbing it against the drying gobs of cum still coating my face. As 
Scott began pushing his cock to the back of my mouth, I felt Dave slam 
into me one last time and began to erupt. I heard him grunt and groan as 
he pulled my hips tightly to him. as he emptied his sperm into my 
bowels. I heard Kyle shout from across the room, "Hey Dave just pulled 
the hat trick, he's popped in every one of her holes!" 

  AS Dave slouched back and withdrew his cock from my ass, I heard Craig 
say to Matt, who was now operating the videocamera, "Come get a shot of 
this!" (On the video, Matt showed my ass propped up in the air by the 
pillow, my anus was still partly open and there was a steady stream of 
white cum pouring from my ass.)

  Scott who had been holding my hair as he pistoned his cock in and out 
of my mouth suddenly released his grip and withdrew his cock from my 
mouth. I was so limp my head just dropped to the mattress. I felt Scott 
moving on the mattress as he said, "I want to fuck her ass too John!" I 
felt John lifting my face and turning my mouth back to his cock. I heard 
Scott continue as he positioned his cock at my still gapping ass, "You 
know in high school she was always such a cock-tease, I can't wait to 
drill her ass!" He lunged forward, pressing his cock all the way in with 
the first lunge. As he began pistoning in and out of my ass he said, 
"Hey John, how about at our next class reunion, the guys have a little 
private party with Jan...especially all of us on the football team that 
she teased so much! I know in high school there were a lot of guys who 
jerked their own meat while thinking about getting a fuck from her!" As 
Scott gripped my hips and continued to slam into me I let my mouth drop 
away from John's cock and just lay my head back down on the mattress as 
Scott began to quickly pound his cock in and out of my ass. I heard Matt 
say as he continued to film, "Well if they thought she was a cock 
teaser...they ought to see her now as a cock pleaser!"

  Scott continued to pound deep into my ass as I lay limply on the 
mattress I gripped the edges of the mattress with both hands. With each 
deep lunge, I groaned. John was gripping his own cock and slowly rubbing 
it across my face as he stroked it. Scott kept talking while he was 
fucking me, "How about it Jan, would you like to fuck all the guys from 
the football team? Shit, you probably would like to suck all their 
dicks! You are such a fucking slut!" With that Scott drove his cock deep 
into my ass and collapsed over me as he started to cum. I felt his cock 
twitching in my ass as he pumped his sperm into me. As he rolled off of 
me, I heard him say, "Damn she is a hot fuck!" 

  John who had been slowly pumping his own cock and rubbing it against 
my cheek now moved onto the mattress and gently rolled me over. He 
mounted me and slid his cock into my very tender pussy. As he slid 
completely inside me he whispered, "You are great Jan!"  John began to 
explode almost immediately. As I felt him filling my pussy, I smiled at 
him and said, "I am done hon, I can't do any more!"

  John collapsed down on top of me with his cock still exploding deep 
inside me. I could feel him continue to twitch as he poured a massive 
load of sperm into my pussy. Craig who had been stroking his own cock as 
he watched Scott and John fuck me moved up toward my face. He began 
pulling his own cock quickly as he said, "Open up baby, I am going to 
cum!" I heard John say, "That is all Craig...she said no more!" Craig 
was already exploding however and his cock shot two weak tracers of cum 
onto my lips and chin, then he collapsed back.

  As I lay on the mattress totally exhausted, I slowly licked my lips. 
They were all swollen and puffy from all the cock that had bumped 
against them. Randy brought me a wet towel and I wiped the cum from my 
stinging eyes. John then helped me to the bathroom so that I could take 
a hot bath. As I was getting into the tub, I checked the time, it was 
2:45 am. My second gang bang had lasted just a little over 6 hours. I 
was totally exhausted and very sore. In addition to the obvious 
tenderness in my pussy and ass, the muscles in my arms, legs and stomach 
ached. My lips were swollen and my eyes were red and bloodshot. I slept 
all day Sunday and I felt like I had been beat up until about Wednesday.

  Now that it is all over, and I watch the video though it was very 
exciting! I hope you enjoyed me telling you about it! If you want to 
hear about my other experiences let me know!

Love Jan

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