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  Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed part one of my experience....I know 
some of you did!
  I thought I would tell you some more of my story...

  If you remember...I had just started to suck Craig...when I did this 
everyone started to move closer...I heard Kyle say, "Well damn if she 
still wants more, I am going to get me some of that pussy!" Dave who was 
already moving toward me said, "You will have to wait in line, because I 
am going to fuck her first!" Kyle replied, "Shit Dave, there is no need 
to argue, we can share!"
  I felt Kyle lay down on the mattress next to me and he said, "Come on 
baby, hop up here and ride my cock!" I slowly released Craig's cock from 
my mouth and straddled Kyle and lowered myself onto his hard cock. As I 
slid down on him I felt him fill me completely with his cock. Kyle then 
pulled me down on top of him and he said, "There! Come on Dave climb in, 
I am sure that she has lots of room left for you too!" I suddenly 
realized that the both intended to fuck me at the same time. 
  I felt Dave positioning himself behind me and he began to press his 
cock into my already stuffed pussy. I squirmmed and told Dave that it 
was to much...but I felt Kyle holding me tightly against him and he kept 
whispering in my ear,"It's OK baby, you can do will feel good!" 
Craig had moved down to get a better view of Dave as he tried to slide 
his cock in alongside of Kyle's. I heard him say, "Hey John bring your 
camera over here, you need to get a close up of this!" I suddenly felt 
the head of Dave's cock slip into my pussy alongside Kyle's and I moaned 
loudly as I tried to press myself upward..."Noooo!" I said, "I can't do 
it is tooo much!"
  Craig said, "Sure you can do it baby, he is already in!" I felt Kyle 
grab my shoulders and hold me tightly as he tried to pull me back down 
on top of him. I felt Dave push a little more and I groaned loudly again 
as I felt more of his cock sliding inside me. Kyle pulled me down and 
whispered, "Relax baby, he is almost there!" I also heard Dave say, 
"Damn, she is so fucking tight!" I heard someone from across the room 
say, "She is not going to be tight when you two get done with her!" 
Everyone laughed... I felt Dave begin to rock back and forth as he 
pressed moore of his cock inside me. Then I felt Kyle arch his back and 
press up inside me...I moaned loudly and lay down on top of Kyle as I 
felt my pussy streching to accomodate the two cocks now sliding side by 
side inside me! Dave gave one final lunge and I felt his cock go all the 
way indide me alongside of Kyle's cock. I shuddered as I had an orgasm! 
As I lay on top of Kyle with both cocks still deep inside me twitching 
with my orgasm, I heard someone say, "Goddamn, the little bitch did it! 
She got both of them!" Someone else said, "...and look at that, I think 
she is cumming again!" 
  After my orgasm I just lay limply on top of Kyle as Dave grasped my 
hips and began to rock back and forth. I could also feel Kyle as he 
pressed up inside me. I heard the other guys around the room begin to 
encourage them..."Come on Cowboy, Fuck her!" "Ram it into her Dave, she 
likes it!"
  As the two guys continued to pound into me I felt Craig scramble back 
up toward my head and grab my hair. As he pulled my head up with his 
left hand he gripped his own cock with his right. He tilted my head up 
and pressed his cock to my lips as he said, "Come on baby open up...I 
want to fuck your mouth!" As I opened my mouth I felt him push his cock 
into my mouth and begin to rock back and forth with a sense of urgency! 
He gripped my hair and pistoned his cock in and out of my mouth quickly. 
I could also feel Kyle and Dave moving faster and faster inside me and I 
knew that they would both be soon cumming!
  Craig was now holding onto my head with both hands as he began to fuck 
my mouth hard. I felt his cock bumping against the opening of my throat 
as he continued to plunge in and out of my mouth. My body felt 
completely relaxed and limp as the three of them continued to pound 
their cocks into me. I was just kind of drifting...I was aware of 
several of the other guys moving over close to the mattress to watch and 
I could hear them talking to John.."Your wife is on hot fuck, John!" 
"How much cock do you think she has inside her?" "Is she going to deep 
throat Craig?" "She is amazing John, I have never seen someone take so 
much cock at one time!"
  Suddenly I felt Dave slam deep inside me and begin to orgasm. I heard 
Kyle say, "Oh shit Dave, I feel you squirting and he arched his hips up 
and began to explode also. I could feel both of them erupting inside 
me...I could feel their cocks throbbing inside my pussy as they filled 
me with their warm sperm. I heard someone say, "Come on guys fill her 
up!" As Dave's orgasm ended I felt him collapse backward and as his cock 
slipped from me I felt a torrent of cum rush from my pussy. I heard Kyle 
yell,"Shit the bitch is leaking all over me!" With that comment everyone 
was giggling as Kyle squirmmed under me. Suddenly Craig grabbed his cock 
and started to pumpit as he said, "Shit I am going to cum too!" I heard 
Kyle say, "Damn it Craig, you better hope that she swallows all of that, 
because if any of your shit drips on me I am going to kick your ass!" 
Everyone was laughing as Craig stiffened and started to explode in my 
mouth! As his cock fired his first load, I swallowed quickly. Craig held 
onto my hair tightly with his left hand and I kept my lips sealed around 
his cock as he spurted again. The guys stand around me watched as my 
throat moved as I swallowed Craigs's load. He kept pumping his cock and 
pushing it into my mouth and as his orgasm slowed I held his cock 
tightly between my lips. I heard someone say, "Fucking-A she is going to 
swallow it all!" Craig's orgasm ended and I swallowed the last of his 
sperm as he released the grip on my hair. He slouched back pulling his 
cock from my mouth and I collapsed down on top of Kyle. Kyle rolled me 
over and withdrew his limp cock from meas he said, "There you go 
guys...who is next?"
  As I lay limply on the mattress, I could feel Dave and Kyle's sperm 
still leaking from my streched pussy. I also still had the taste of 
Craig's sperm in my mouth and I could feel the crusty paste of cum 
drying on my face. I heard someone say, "I think we are finally wearing 
the poor bitch out!" Then I heard Scott say as he moved toward me, "I 
don't care if she is worn out, I have a hard-on and I ain't leaving 
until I fuck her mouth!" 
  With that he grabbed my arms and pulled me to the edge of the 
mattress. He had me laying on my back with my head hanging over the 
edge. As he knelt down on the floorat my face he pointed his cock at my 
mouth and said, "Come on Jan, open up!" I slowly opened my mouth and he 
began to slide his cock in as he said, "You are unbelievable....and tto 
think when we were in school I just thought you were another one of 
those tight cheerleaders who just teased and never put out!" "I didn't 
know that you were such a hot little slut!" With that he gripped my face 
and began to plunge his cock in and out of my mouth. With my head hung 
over the edge of the mattress, Scott began to thrust deep into my mouth. 
I felt his cock push into my throat and I gaged and retched around his 
cock. As he pulled back slightly he said, "Come on Jan you can take 
it..." and with that he thrust back into my mouth hard sending his cock 
even deeper into my throat. I squirmmed as he held his cock there 
briefly before drawing back and then I coughed and gagged some more. He 
once again slammed his cock forward sending the entire length down my 
throat this time and as I felt his balls bounce again my nose and I felt 
his pubic hair as it pressed tightly against my streched lips. I had 
Scott's cock completely imbedded in my throat and as I lay there trying 
desperately to breathe, I felt another cock rubbing against my pussy. 
Scott pulled back and prepared to plunge into me again as I heard Brian 
say, "You guys sure left a fucking mess down here!" Kyle laughed as he 
said "We were just lubing her up for you Brian!" I felt Brian plunge his 
cock into me in one quick thrust, as Scott thrust forward into my 
throat. I moaned loudly at the quickness of Brian's penetration, and I 
heard Scott say, "Hey I think she likes that Brian!" 
  Brian began to piston his cock in and out of me and I could feel him 
slamming deep inside my pussy. As he fucked me I had grown accustomoed 
to Scott's cock as he continued to plunge it deep in my throat. Suddenly 
I heard Scott groan as he jabbed his cock deep into my throat and began 
to cum. With Scott's cock lodged in my throat, I was unable to swallow 
and I began to choke. I felt Scott's thick cum clogging my throatand as 
I began to squirm to try to free my throat of his cock, I could feel 
Brian continuing to plow into me. I tried desperately to breathe and as 
I retched I felt some of Scott's cum burst through my nose. I could feel 
Scott's cock continue to twitch as he emptied his sperm into my throat 
and as I reached up and pushed against his thighs he finally fell back 
away from me. As I gasped for air, great gobs of sperm poured down my 
face from my open mouth. As I coughed my entire mouth and throat felt 
like they were clogged with white paste from Scott's orgasm. As I lay 
limply on the mattress trying to swallow and clear my throat as I tried 
to regain my breath, Matt knelt down on the floor nest to my head. He 
positioned his cock next to my lips and pressed forward. "Come on too!" As I parted my lips, Brian slammed into my pussy forcing 
Matt's cock into my mouth. I heard Brian say as he continued to pound 
me, "Come on Matt, slam it down her throat!"
  I felt Matt begin to rock back and forth in my mouth when Brian said 
"Come on Matt...lets slam into her together!" With that I felt them 
slowly draw back and then both of them slammed into me simultaneously. I 
felt Matt's cock push deep into my throat as Brian buried himself in my 
pussy. This time as Matt's cock pressed into my throat, I didn't even 
gag. I lay there limply as I felt them draw back and slam into me again. 
I felt Matt's balls slap agianst my nose and I heard someone from across 
the room say, "She is a fucking bottomless pit!" As Brian rocked back 
and slammed into me once again, I felt his cock begin to twitch as he 
held it deep inside my pussy. I heard him say "Ahhh fuck, I am cumming!" 
He continued to jab deep into my pussy as he began to fil me with his 
sperm. Matt meanwhile continued to slam deep into my throat as je began 
fucking me faster as he neared his orgasm. I felt Brian slowly withdraw 
his cock from my pussy just as Matt began to orgasm. Matt pumped his 
cock deep into my throat as he exploded. I once again convulsed as I 
tried to swallow with Matt's cock still blocking my throat. He rocked 
back pulling his still spurting cock from my mouth and as he quickly 
grasped it with his right hand and began stroking. I held my mouth open 
as Matt erupted in my mouth and over my lips. I closed my mouth to 
swallow and he eupted again, covering the right side of my face and 
sealing my right eye shut. I quickly opened my mouth again and I felt 
Matt push his cock in. His orgasm had ended but he rubbed his still hard 
cock over my tongue then took it out and jabbed it at my cumcovered 
cheek. I heard someone say, "That's it Matt, paint the slut's face!" 
  I had both my eyes clenched shut from the sting of the cum in my right 
eye, but I felt someone jostling MAtt aside and poking at my now puffy 
lips with a fresh cock. I heard Randy say, "Open up bitch, I want to 
pump a lodad down your throat too!" As I obediently opened my mouth, I 
felt Randy push the head of his cock into my mouth as he knelt down over 
top of me. He gave one quick lunge and pushed his cock deep into my 
throat. I arched my back as I felt his cock bottom out in my throat 
trying to align my throat with his cock. I felt him pull back and slam 
in againas he was pushing his entire length down my throat with quick 
hard lunges. As I weakly squirmmed beneath him IU felt someone else move 
between my legs. I relt hands rubbing over my swollen pussy and I 
recognized Dave's voice as he said to John, "You need to come get a 
picture of this her cunt is still oozing cum!" I felt John moving onto 
the mattress between my legs with the video camera. (Dave was right, in 
the video my pussy was all swollen and there was a constant flow of cum 
dripping out and onto the mattress.) Randy continued to piston his cico 
in and out of my throat. I lay there with my head still hung over the 
edge of the mattress. I was too weak to even wipe the cum from my eyes, 
I felt like I was just floating and my arms and legs were sooooo weak! I 
could sense from the urgency of his strokes that Randy was nearing his 
orgasm. He rocked deep into my throat and began to erupt. I coughed 
around his cock at the suddeness of his orgasm. I felt my mouth fill 
with cum, and as he quickly pulled his cock from my mouth I swallowed 
the load that he had left in my mouth. He continued to shoot his cum 
onto my face. I felt his warm sperm wash over my nose and lips. I heard 
him moan "Ohhh shit!" as he fired another tracer of sperm over my eyes 
and forehead. I then felt him collapse back down on top of me as his 
still stiff cock rubbed over my face. I felt John moving with the camera 
around to my face and he said, "Look this way Jan!" (In the video, I 
rolled my head toward John, I had both of my eyes sealed shut with cum. 
My entire right cheek was covered with what lookedlike thick white 
paste. I had a large gob of perm on my forehead and it was slowly 
sliding down my forehead paralell to my eyes. I had a sheen of cum over 
my neckand chin. My hair was all matted down and there were blobs of 
white cum clinging to my hair. My lips were all puffy, and I had a small 
trickle of cum dripping from the corner of my mouth.)

  Watch for part 3....

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