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Dear Friends

   I stumbled onto your postings as I was surfing the net and thought 
that maybe I could add some of my experience to your collection. If you 
like them let me know!

   A little bit about myself, my name is Janet and I am a 25 year old 
housewife from Ohio. I have been happily married for six years.  I am 5 
foot even and weigh 108 pounds.  I have very short blonde hair and blue 
eyes.  My husband and I had often fantasized about me having sex with a 
number of men and it had really ignited our passion.  Then one evening, 
John (my husband) had some freinds over for a poker game and we had the 
opportunity to fulfill our fantasy.  This is the story of my second gang 
bang experience.  It was a little rougher than my first...but it was one 
of my favorites when it was over.  I hope you like it...

   After our first party at our house, both John and I were very really fueled our lovemaking for several weeks. When we 
talked about it John always said that he wished that he had videotaped we would begin to talk about a repeat performance where John 
would be able to tape it all. We also talked about maybe I would like to 
have a few more guys..and since the guys had been so gentle the first 
time, maybe it should be a real gang bang. Well the more we talked about 
it, the more excited we both got and finally John said that if I was 
willing he would make the arrangements with some of the guys at work.
  We set a date and John asked seven guys from work if they would like 
to attend a party at our house. Since two of the guys that he invited 
were at our original party the others soon had an idea what was planned. 
John told them he was going to rent some videos and that maybe later we 
would try to make our own.

  We had made plans for the party to be on a Saturday night. John rented 
two videos that featured gang bangs and he had bought several cases of 
beer. The guys arrived at our house around seven p.m. and our plan was 
for me to stay upstairs in our house until around 8:00 pm and then to 
come down as the "guest of honor". As I waited upstairs I could hear 
everyone downstairs as they were drinking and watching the videos. I 
could hear them making crude remarks and then laughingand I was getting 
nervous and a bit apprehensive. At about 8:15 pm, John came upstairs and 
brought me a beer. He told me the guys were really excited and asked me 
if I was ready. I told him I was a little nervous and he kissed me and 
said, "Don't worry everything will be all right!" I told him to go get 
ready and that I would be right down. I quickly finished the beer and 
touched up my makeup and shook my hair up (my hair is really short, so 
it didn't do much!) I was wearing a white pleated mini skirt and a 
cropped whit t-shirt. I had on white bobby sox and white tennis shoes 
(John thought I looked cute). As I came down the steps I could see all 
seven of our guest clustered around the televisionwhere the girl on the 
screen was very busy servicing five guys. John was standing next to the 
video camera and as I walked into the room I saw the little red light 
vome on to indicate that he had began to tape. I also noticed that John 
had placed a mattress on the floor in the middle of the room.

  As I walked into the room I said "Hi guys, John said you have been 
waiting for me!"

  They all turned at once and started moving toward me. I recognized 
five of the guys..I recognized Brian and Randy who had been at my first 
party. I also recognized Scott who I had gone to school with (that made 
me feel kinda funny!) and John's boss Dave.

  As they circled me I felt Randy come up behind me and reach up and cup 
my breasts as he pulled me back hard against him...."Hi Jan," he said, 
"are you ready to party?" I could feel his hard shaft pressing agianst 
me. I heard someone ask, "Hey John does she fuck as good as she looks?" 
Randy quickly replied, "I know after last time she can swallow a cock 
whole!" With that I could feel Randy now pinching my nipples (I hadn't 
worn a bra) I also felt hands lifting my skirt and pushing aside my 
bikini briefs as a finger slipped into my already wet pussy. Another 
finger was stroking my clit. I heard Randy whisper in my ear, "I am 
going to bury my cock deep inside your hot little cunt Jan!" When he did 
that I actually shuddered with my first orgasm.

  As I was cumming I leaned back against Randy for support and as I 
shook I heard someone say, "I can't believe it, the bitch is already 
cumming and we haven't even put a dick in her yet!" With that they 
practically drug me over to the mattress.

  As a couple of guys were undressing me, the other guys were getting 
undressed themselves. As they lay me down on the mattress I felt someone 
immediately nudge my cheek with his cock and I turned and looked up at 
Dave, John's boss as he reached down and tilted my head toward his hard 
cock. He said, "Open up Jan, I have dreamed of fucking that pretty face 
of yours since I met you and I am not going to pass up this chance." As 
I opened my mouth, I felt him push forward and I felt his cocm bump 
against the opening to my throat. I also felt someone sucking on my 
right nipple while someone else was pinching my left. I felt someone 
rubbing their cock along my pussy, I then felt himm press inside me in 
one quick plunge. I moaned loudly around Dave's cock and I heard someone 
say "Go for it Craig...I think she likes it!" I heard several of the 
guys giggle at the comment!

  I felt someone hooking their arms under my knees and pulling my legs 
apart as Craig began slamming into me hard. Dave had a grip on my hair 
with his right hand as he held my head in place and pumped his cock in 
and out of my mouth. I then heard my husband John say, "Hey Kyle why 
don't you jump up there and ride her tits Cowboy?" I heard this guy Kyle 
(I had not met Kyle before) laugh and say, "I don't think she has enough 
titties there to ride!" (I really am kind of small 34B) Everyone started 
to laugh at his remark, but I felt him straddle my chest and push my 
breasts together around his cock. As he pumped his cock between my 
breasts I felt his cock bumping my chin.

  Craig continued to pound me with fast hard strokes and as he did I 
felt someone reach down and begin to finger my clit. This quickly sent 
me over the edge and I had my second orgasm. As I began moaning and 
thrashing around I heard someone say "Shit, she is coumming again!" As I 
was still in the midst of my orgasm, I felt Dave's cock begin to twitch 
as he began to fill my mouth with his warm sperm. I tried to swallow, 
but he had erupted so quickly and with so much...and he kept trying to 
push his cock deep into my mouth that his cum began to squirt out of the 
corners of my mouth.

  I heard Kyle who was still thrusting his cock between my breasts say 
"Hey look, Dave is feeding the bitch!" As everyone was giggling at 
Kyle's remark, I heard Craig (who continued to slam into me) say he was 
about to blow his load. I heard several of the guys yell at him 
saying.."Hey come on Craig...don't cum in her cunt you will mess her up 
for everyone else!" "Yea Craig go beat off in the corner!" "Cum in her 
mouth least she can swallow it there!" They were all giggling 
at Craig's problem, but as I felt Dave withdraw his cock from my mouth I 
felt Craig quickly pull his cock from my pussy and race toward my mouth. 
As he tilted my head toward his cock he pushed forward trying to put it 
in my mouth but it began to erupt before he managed to get it in my 
mouth. I felt his sperm splash against my lipe and begin running down my 
cheeks. I opened my mouth and I felt him push his cock deep inside my 
mouth as he erupted again. I tasted his salty sperm mingled with my own 
juices on his cock. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth as he 
spurted again and as I tried to swallow I felt him push his cock against 
the opening to my throat. I gagged as I felt yet another burst of his 
cum being forced into my throat. As I coughed around his cock, his sperm 
was slipping out of my mouth and running down my cheeks. I heard someone 
say "Shit Craig, you are going to choke the poor girl, back off and let 
her catch her breath!" As Craig pulled his cock from my mouth I heard 
him say, "Damn, what a fuck!" Just then Kyle who had continued to slide 
between my breasts leaned forward and grabbed his cock and began 
stroking quickly as he shouted "Open up bitch, here I cum!" I quickly 
turned toward him and opened my mouth as his cock began to erupt. His 
first tracer of cum hit my upper lip and drenched my mouth. As I closed 
my mouth to swallow he erupted again hitting my nose and my eyes and 
covering my left cheek. I quickly reached up to try to scoop the cum 
from my eyes,(it really burns when you get it in your eyes) I felt him 
erupt once more over my lips, chin and neck. As his orgasm ended he used 
his cock to rub his cum around on my face. I heard someone say, "Look at 
that he fucking covered her face in jizz!" I could imagine what he was 
talking about I felt the sticky paste of cum dripping down my cheeks and 
I felt the cool clammy feel of cum all over my face.

  As Kyle dismounted from my chest I felt someone else slipping a cock 
into my pussy. I blinked my eyes trying to see through the stinging 
sensation left from Kyles cum. Scott, the guy that I went to school with 
had pushed his cock deep into my pussy and then he leaned down and 
whispered, "If I had known you were such a slut in high school, I would 
have been drilling you all the time." I think the sheer eroticism of 
knowing the guy that I was now fucking had been a high school classmate 
caused me to orgasm again. I groaned loudly as my pussy gripped his cock 
as he slid in and out of me. Now I was really horny and I knew that I 
looked nasty...I wanted to be fucked hard and treated like a slut.

  As Scott began slamming into me, I felt Brain and another guy, (I 
found out later his name was Matt) move up to my face and start to rub 
their cocks over my cheeks. I heard Randy say, "Hey Scott, why don't you 
roll her over and let me ream her ass?" I heard Brian say "Yea Scott, 
let's see how much dick this little cunt can really take!" As Scott 
started to roll me over while I was still impaled on his cock, I heard 
someone ask "Hey John is it OK if we fuck your wife's ass?" They all 
giggled at the comment as Scott rolled over with me still planted on his 

  I am not really into anal, but I was so hot from my three orgasms that 
I didn't resist. As I lay on top of Scott, I could feel someone smearing 
vaseline on my ass and could feel fingers slipping into my anus. As the 
fingers were withdrawn, I could feel Randy positioning himself behind me 
and I felt the head of his cock pressing into my ass. I felt Matt 
pressing my shoulders downso that I wouldn't rise up and disrupt the 
alignment. I felt the head of Randy's cock slip into me and I moaned 
loudly as my ass expanded to accomodate him. I heard Randy say, "Hey 
Brian, why don't you shove your dick in the bitche's mouth to keep her 
quiet!" I felt Brian move to my cum streaked face and grab my hair as he 
tilted my head up. He was holding his cock with his left hand and he 
pushed it into my open mouth as Randy pushed his cock deeper into my 
ass. As I struggled against their grip, Randy continued to push until 
his cock was completely inside me. I heard Scott ask, "Shit Randy, you 
got it all in her?" "I can feel your cock rubbing against mine!" Brian 
meanwhile also began pushing his cock in and out of my mouth..he plunged 
it deeper with each stroke and I could feel his cock pressing against 
the opening to my throat. He now gripped my head with both hands and 
began to pump his cock through my lips fast and hard. He would pull his 
cock back slightly and then plunge forward as he gripped my hair. As his 
cock pressed into my throat again I gagged, but he continued to plunge 
into me. I then felt Matt lifting my right hand and wrapping it around 
his cock. He closed his own hand over mine and began stroking his cock 
with my hand.

  I felt Randy begin to fuck my ass and as he did I could feel my pussy 
riding over Scott's cock. Brian began to pump in the same rythm as Randy 
so that they were poth pushing into me from different ends at the same 
time. By now he was managing to get most of his cock down my throat. I 
heard someone from across the room say "Un-fucking believable! That 
little slut is taking care of four cocks and she looks like she is 
enjoying every bit of it!" Someone else said "John that is one hot wife 
you have there!" 

  Suddenly I felt Randy push his cock deeep into my assand I felt his 
cock begin to twitch in my anus as he began shooting his hot cum inside 
me. As he began moaning he collapsed over me. I heard Matt say,"Shit 
Randy you weren't supposed to cum inside her yet!" As Randy slowly slid 
out of me, he giggled and said "I was just lubeing her up for you Matt!"

  Matt quickly dropped my hand and moved behind me. As he got in 
position I felt his cock slide easily into my ass. He began pumping fast 
slamming his cock deep inside me. I could feel Scott underneath me 
pushing up drining his cock into my pussy and Brian, who hadn't released 
his grip on my hir continued to fuck my mouth. I realized that all three 
of them were fast building to their orgasms.

  As the three of them continued to pound me, Scott said, "I can't 
believe you are such a fucking slut and I didn't get a piece of ass from 
you while we were in school!" I then heard Matt say, "I am about ready 
to pop here Scott, why don't you roll her over and we can all cum on her 
face?" "You would like that wouldn't you bitch?" Brian then pulled his 
cock from my mouth and Matt disengaged from my ass, Scott rolled me over 
and slowly pulled his dripping cock from my pussy. All of them clustered 
around my face and began to pull their own cocks. I watched as their 
cocks dripped their precum onto my face, and I instinctively reached 
down and started to play with my own clit ( I didn't even know that I 
did this until I watched the video). Scott said, "Come on Jan, open up, 
I want to fill your mouth with my cum!" Brian said "Yeah come on and 
open up that pretty mouth so that we can fill it for you!" "Do you want 
to drink our cum?" Matt who began to slap my cheek with his cock said 
"Sure she wants to swallow our cum, look at her fingering 
will be a good little slut and swallow won't you?" I felt so nasty, I 
nodded my head as I opened my mouth. With that Matt started to spurt his 
cum on my cheek, I turned quickly to his side and opened my mouthas he 
shot a large load on my lips and into my mouth. I then felt Brian 
kneeling at the top of my head begin to erupt. I tilted my head back as 
he pressed his exploding cock into my mouth. I quickly swallowed as he 
continued to cum. Scott who was watching this continued to pull his own 
cock suddenly groaned and shot a quick blast on my lips and onto Brians 
cock. I tried to push Brian back so that I could turn toward Scott's 
cock, but Brian held tight to my head as Scott fired again. This time he 
covered my eyes again causing me to clamp them shut. I kept swallowing 
as Brian's orgasm ended and he slipped from my lips, I opened my mouth 
again and turned blidly to Scott. He slipped his cock into my mouth, he 
was done erupting but he was still drooling cum and I could taste his 
sperm and my own juices still lingering on his cock. As he pulled from 
me and moved away I once again rubbed the cum from my eyes, and tried to 
scoop up some of the sperm that was still clinging to my chin. As John 
moved closer with the video camera, I insticntively began to lick my 
fingers. Someone said "Hey Jan smile for John so he can get your 
picture!" I also heard someone else say, "What a hot little cunt, look 
at the silly slut she is covered in cum!"

  Later when I watched the video, I could see why they all said that, my 
face is drenched in a thick white paste and I had cum dripping down my 
chin to my neck. My eyelashes were matted and my eyes glistened from the 
sting of the sperm. I had a big blotch of cum on my forehead right at my 
hairline and I had streaks of drying cum running from the corners of my 
mouth all the way down my cheek to my ears. As I looked at the camera, I 
began to rub the cum on my face and slowly lick it from my fingers.

  As I lay there on the mattress, performing for the camera, Craig 
walked over and said, "Watching you suck all those cocks has given me 
another hard on," and as he slowly nudged my cheek with his stiff cock 
he said "so how about sucking my cock?" I slowly turned to Craig and 
grasped his cock and began to stroke it as I opened my mouth. He pressed 
forward slipping the head of his cock past my lips. When I did this I 
heard someone say "Damn, I think she still wants more!"

  If you get this...let me know and you like it let me know and I will 
try to send the rest to you!

Love Jan

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