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At 930, everyone met down in the den, where Marty and Deutsch had kept 
the 3 male guests perfectly cuffed and gagged, propped up sitting on the 
floor. First came Mrs. Glenn, still “dressed” in the slit crotch body 
suit, though her tits now popped through two holes that Bark had torn, 
and he was leading her by what looked like a pearl leash that he had 
probably fashioned from her jewelry box. Bark liked Mrs. Glenn a great 
deal, and he kissed her often, feeling up her tits, grabbing her ass and 
rubbing her bare slit, still wet. She knew she had to enthusiastically 
respond .. she had learned the hard way ... despite the fact that her 
husband and the other male guests were just 4 feet away, in clear view. 

“What you crazy kids been up to?”, asked Deutsch.

“Tell, him baby”, said Bark. Did you model your lingerie for me?

“Uh huh”

“And what was my favorite outfit?”

“This one”.


“Because, I think, it makes it easier to play with my pussy”

“Show me how you play with it, baby.”

She did. Bark turned her so all eyes could see. Sliding her legs apart, 
she began to play with herself, always paying lots of attention to her 
clit as she knew Bark wanted. She glistened, and it was obvious to all. 
He made her continue to jerk herself off while she answered more 

“That’s right, that’s a good girl. Now what other things have you been 
up to?”

“I ... I ... sucked your cock.”

“Mmmmm, you sure did. How many times”.


“And did you fuck me?”


“How many times?”


“Tell everyone how you fucked me”

“You ... you had me get on top of you and .... wiggle my pussy.”


“I ... you ... you like me to go slow, and wiggle it all around. You 
made me masturbate while I fucked you. You made me talk dirty”.

“And then what happened? Let me see that big smile.”

She forced a smile through what everyone could see were puddling eyes. 

“I came. Just once.” She was now crimson. She was confused by the 
eroticism of her embarrassment, the surge that was building as the room 
watched her diddle herself, laughing and cheering her on.

“Ok come over here and give me a big kiss”, said Bark, rubbing her slit 
as their tongues wound.

Just then, Druze and Horn bounded down the stairs with the two nude 
women on their arms. They had the girls did a little of their dance 
routines, but this time, together, with a little “lezzie show” thrown in 
at Marty’s request. Basically, all that happened is Mrs. Steele-Burton 
licked Mrs. Redjuk’s pussy when she did the splits, with some titty 
licking and kissing thrown in.

Marty, Deutsch, and Turk had been out of the action standing guard. They 
had seen and heard enough. They were ready.

It always seems to be Druze that comes up with the crazy ideas. This one 
was beautiful. He had the three horny men strip and lie on their backs 
on the floor, in clear view of the hubbys. Then he put the bitches in 
“ready position” ... sliding  down onto the waiting cocks, then 
remaining completely still, just like Druze told them.

Then Druze explained the rules. 100 fuck strokes on each man. Then 
switch to the next man. Then the next. Then the first, and so on until 
each man came. Maximum obscene language. Maximum moaning. Anyone who got 
two or three men off got no shock. One, and only a little punishment. 
None, and 20 full seconds of zap. Sass or low energy, 20 seconds of zap.

It was truly amazing. What a spectacle.

The most fun was watching the switches, as the bitches pulled off one 
guy and sank down onto another, all panicked. Druze put on the funk 
station on the radio and told the girls to fuck to the beat, so they 
would all switch at the same time. Hilarious. What a racket! All that 
moaning and “fuck me!” noise, plus the boys all moaning and the music 
blasting. Druze would yell “switch”, and pandemonium would break out.

In the end, it was sassy Mrs. Redjuk that got all three off. I think it 
was the visuals. She intentionally swung her big titties as she rocked 
back and forth, dangling them in the boys’ faces. It was also great the 
way she groaned and faked smiles and shit while she cried. What was it 
she kept saying? Something like ”I’ll fuck you .... sniff ... feel my 
slippery cunt ... sniff” Like that, over and over again. Not very 
original, but hey, she was under stress.

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