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Next  game was what Druze calls “Are We Wet Yet?” The bitches were 
stretched out nude on the bed and told to jack off “so we can see 
everything”. The rules were easy. As soon as the bitch got wet, she had 
to holler to the judges. The penalty for “unreported wetness” was a 
nasty electric shock, which kept the girls honest and motivated. They 
were strumming away furiously, wide open with knees in the air (Horn’s 
idea), while the boys walked around, stroking their hair, giving 
themdeep kisses and playing with their tits. 

Then came Druze’s favorite part. He had them open their eyes. And he 
took off his pants.

 “Ok girls. Who wants to play with this? How bout you, sassy? Here 
now,take a good look at that. Don’t take your eyes off it. ” 

He had walked over to Mrs. Redjuk and waved his diamond hard prick in 
her face. 

“Now use your other hand and grab it bitch. Play with the head a little.  
That’s it. Run your fingers all around the head. Rake your fingernails 
gently on my balls. Oooh I love that.. Now give my cock a few strokes. 
Nice and easy. Keep your eyes on it bitch”.

“W..wwwet”, said Mrs. Redjuk. They checked, and sure enough, she was 

“Well, we have a winner! Works every time”, Druze laughed. “My cock gets 
you hot, sassy? You like to play with my dick? Well that’s good, baby 
because you’re going to be playing with it all night”.  He had Mrs. 
Redjuk play with him until he almost came, giving her step-by-step 
instructions on exactly how he liked to be jacked off.

Kissing Horn’s balls had a similar affect on Mrs. Steele-Burton. She 
squeaked out a “wet” almost as soon as Horn told her to lick them. He 
had her lick him and strum herself for another few minutes, just for 

Then came the “Taste Test”. Basically, that’s just Horn’s fancy title 
for a BJ contest. There were some nice twists. First, points were 
awarded for “slurpiness”, or as Druze put it, “I like to hear lots of 
sucking”. Creativity was also graded, as was overall mouth feel, energy, 
and “ball handling”.

They called in Turk for an assist. He stood guard while Druze and Horn 
got comfortable in a couple arm chairs. The women were put “in a ready 
position” on the bed, and on Turk’s signal, had to spring from the bed 
like unfed animals  and furiously suck the boys’ cocks. 10 minutes in 
each, then a switch.

Mrs. Redjuk liked to go deep, and made some great gurgling noises. She 
sucked a little too hard, a little too fast, poor little desperate 
thing. She picked up points for frenching their balls, and had tons of 

But it was the initial teasing with her tongue and her overall mouth 
feel that made Mrs. Steele-Burton the winner. Her tongue was always in 
motion, licking a shaft on all sides, flicking a cock head, or swirling 
like a maniac in her mouth. She made great noises, too, and even hummed 
a little when she did Druze, which was a nice touch. She was smart. She 
never closed her eyes, always looking up at the boys as they smiled at 
her and laughed at her noises, cheering her on.

Druze tormented Mrs. Redjuk in the final 5 minutes, telling her how far 
behind she was and how she better get busy. This made her cry a little, 
but had the desired affect, as she really pulled out the stops, slurping 
like a cow.

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