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DINNER PARTY by Drew Close

First in a series called The Druze Gang

It was about a half an hour after the six gunmen had first burst into
the dinner party. The male guests were bound and guarded in the
windowless den. And the female guests ... let’s just say they were about
to get busy.

The cattleprods were actually more convincing then the hand guns. After
a couple of zaps, the bitches seemed to understand the rules better.
That's not to say, of course, the pistols pointed at their husbands'
heads didn't help a ton too. 

Bark escorted Mrs. Glenn, the lawyer’s wife and the hostess, upstairs to
her bedroom. She was a cute and curvy 35 year old, with an aristocratic
nose and a superior attitude. Bark loved good theater. So as they walked
away from the group, Bark had her wave bye-bye to everyone and smile.
Then they french kissed ... passionately for all to see. It was funny to
see that stuck up bitch licking his lips and snacking on his tongue. Her
husband yelled into his gag. Upstairs they went, Bark’s arm around her
waist, slipping down to grab her ass through her auburn knit dress. 

Up in her bedroom, Bark wanted a show. He’d been saying it all night. So
that’s what the lawyer’s wife had to give him. He had her root through
her drawers to find the sexiest underwear she had. Then he made her
model. He made her walk sexy and smile pretty, preserving the moments
with Polaroids. He gave her her “privacy: she got to change in the
walk-in closet. That was Bark’s way of extending the humiliation as long
as humanly possible.  She wished for the first time she hadn’t bought
such sexy lingerie, especially the black body suit with the slit front
that Bark liked best. Her thatch and pussy lips poked out obscenely,
causing Bark to tease her, calling her Linda the Lip. 

“Lemme see them lips, sweetie, bring em on over here.” Mrs. Glenn stood
before him as he sat on the bed. “Let’s give em a little petting ....
look at em, all red and puffy. awwwww”. As he said this, he ran his
forefinger gently up and down the outer layers of her pussy. Teasing,
with a special swirl on every trip for her clit, he played with her,
listening to her breathing increase. He kept checking the well of her
pussy for wetness, and eventually, it came. He smeared the juice
immediately on her swelling clit, making it harder. Bark laughed at her.
He made her stand with her legs further apart. Her face was now beet
red. She had tried her best to keep her composure, to resist at least in
some small way. But the wetness flowed. “Look at the little tomato,
getting all red ain’t ya bitch? You feel your clitty, kitty? Let me hear
you purr, bitch.” 

She made little throaty “purring” noises, as Bark strummed away. He was
determined to make Mrs. Glenn truly hot. It was something he prided
himself on. 

“Turk! Come in here. Check it out... we have ignition.” Turk came in
from the hall where he had been standing guard and beheld Mrs. Glenn
standing with her legs spread, her clit being mercilessly swirled and
tugged as the juice practically dripped down her leg.. “Check it out,
dude, my little pussy’s pussy is getting all soppy!”. Mrs. Glenn kept

“Aren’t you dressed up all pretty now? Come on over here sweetie and let
me see for myself”, said Turk, cattle prod in hand. She straightened and
stood before him. He pushed his finger squarely on her sex. “Now wriggle
your pussy around a little, bitch, rub yourself on my finger. That’s a
good little pussy”. As she ground her cunt , humping against his hand,
he made her look in his eyes and french him. Her movements got jerkier.
“That’s a bitch. Now give me a BIG wet kiss, lotsa tongue.” Turk made
the kiss a noisy one, deliberately slurping her tongue and sucking
loudly on her full lips. Turk played with her like that for a good ten
minutes, and made her tell stories, between kisses, about her first sex
experiences. He made sure her nipples stayed hard, tweaking them stiff
through the sheer silk bodysuit. 

Bark sent Turk back into the hall. “Later for that kids, there’s plenty
of bitch to go around tonight. But me and Linda the Lip are gonna get to
know each other a lot better, in private. Now ain’t we, Mrs. Glenn?” She
nodded and smiled that plastic smile that Bark and a stun gun taught
her. And she joined him on the bed, right where he patted it, as Turk
shut the door behind him.

There was a different kind of show next door in the guest room.  It was
what Druze and Horn liked to call, “The Summer Games”. The winner
avoided 20 seconds of cattle prod. They were the MC’s and only audience
for this particular edition of The Games which had begun 45 minutes ago
with a song and dance contest between Mrs. Steele-Burton, the surgeon’s
hot but prissy 34 year old blonde trophy wife, and Mrs. Thomas Redjuk,
the tall bigtitted former loudmouth (the 4th cattle prodding cured that)
with the doll face and the real red hair. Mrs. Steele-Burton won with a
great rendition of “I Am Woman” that broke everyone up, especially since
she was wearing only her glasses, some of Mrs. Glenn's too-big high
heels,  and a pair of thong panties that were so far wedged up her slit
and ass that all you could see was the waistband. Mrs. Redjuk gave it
her all, getting downright gymnastic with big spread eagle splits and
wild thrusting, but in the end, wasn’t nearly as rhythmic as Mrs.
Steele-Burton. Mrs. Redjuk’s last foray into back-sass and the resultant
cattle prodding put a hilarious passion into the dance performance,
though, and made for some great home video.

Next  game was what Druze calls “Are We Wet Yet?” The bitches were
stretched out nude on the bed and told to jack off “so we can see
everything”. The rules were easy. As soon as the bitch got wet, she had
to holler to the judges. The penalty for “unreported wetness” was a
nasty electric shock, which kept the girls honest and motivated. They
were strumming away furiously, wide open with knees in the air (Horn’s
idea), while the boys walked around, stroking their hair, giving them
deep kisses and playing with their tits. 

Then came Druze’s favorite part. He had them open their eyes. And he
took off his pants.

 “Ok girls. Who wants to play with this? How bout you, sassy? Here now,
take a good look at that. Don’t take your eyes off it. ” 

He had walked over to Mrs. Redjuk and waved his diamond hard prick in
her face. 

“Now use your other hand and grab it bitch. Play with the head a little.
That’s it. Run your fingers all around the head. Rake your fingernails
gently on my balls. Oooh I love that.. Now give my cock a few strokes.
Nice and easy. Keep your eyes on it bitch”.

“W..wwwet”, said Mrs. Redjuk. They checked, and sure enough, she was

“Well, we have a winner! Works every time”, Druze laughed. “My cock gets
you hot, sassy? You like to play with my dick? Well that’s good, baby
because you’re going to be playing with it all night”.  He had Mrs.
Redjuk play with him until he almost came, giving her step-by-step
instructions on exactly how he liked to be jacked off.

Kissing Horn’s balls had a similar affect on Mrs. Steele-Burton. She
squeaked out a “wet” almost as soon as Horn told her to lick them. He
had her lick him and strum herself for another few minutes, just for

Then came the “Taste Test”. Basically, that’s just Horn’s fancy title
for a BJ contest. There were some nice twists. First, points were
awarded for “slurpiness”, or as Druze put it, “I like to hear lots of
sucking”. Creativity was also graded, as was overall mouth feel, energy,
and “ball handling”.

They called in Turk for an assist. He stood guard while Druze and Horn
got comfortable in a couple arm chairs. The women were put “in a ready
position” on the bed, and on Turk’s signal, had to spring from the bed
like unfed animals  and furiously suck the boys’ cocks. 10 minutes in
each, then a switch.

Mrs. Redjuk liked to go deep, and made some great gurgling noises. She
sucked a little too hard, a little too fast, poor little desperate
thing. She picked up points for frenching their balls, and had tons of

But it was the initial teasing with her tongue and her overall mouth
feel that made Mrs. Steele-Burton the winner. Her tongue was always in
motion, licking a shaft on all sides, flicking a cock head, or swirling
like a maniac in her mouth. She made great noises, too, and even hummed
a little when she did Druze, which was a nice touch. She was smart. She
never closed her eyes, always looking up at the boys as they smiled at
her and laughed at her noises, cheering her on.

Druze tormented Mrs. Redjuk in the final 5 minutes, telling her how far
behind she was and how she better get busy. This made her cry a little,
but had the desired affect, as she really pulled out the stops, slurping
like a cow.

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