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Content Warning: This work of fiction contains mature subject matter
and graphic sexual language including descriptions of consensual sex
between a man and a woman.  If you think you can't deal with this
story, or if it's illegal to possess such material in your locality,
please hit the delete button now. If you're a minor as defined by the
laws in your locality then you MUST stop now and go no further. As a
work of fiction, any similarities to any person(s) dead, alive, or
fictional is merely a really weird coincidence.

Summary: Mad, passionate affairs definitely have their appeal.  A one
day layover turns into a one day whirlwind romance.  

Subject Matter: (M/F, cheat, hot stroke)
Rating: (X) Not suitable for minors.  May be illegal in some areas.

Copyright (c) 1998 by 

Distribution Rights: May be distributed freely WITHOUT MODIFICATION on
USENET, USENET II, not-for-profit web sites, not-for-profit ftp sites,
and news archival services which offer free public access to >>ALL<<
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defined as any change which breaks the digital PGP signature of this
document.  Janey can do anything she wants with this story.  All other
rights are specifically reserved by the author. All distribution
rights to this story, save those granted to Janey, expire at midnight
December 31, 1999.

Creation Date: 4/28/98
Distribution Date: 07/03/98

Credits: "I touch myself" lyrics are copyrighted by the Divinyls. 
"What a wonderful world" lyrics are copyrighted by Louis Armstrong. 
The lyrics are used without permission but are used within the "fair
use" guidelines of the U.S. copyright laws.

Author's Note: Regarding Miles Naismith's "Janey's Bet."  Aside from
the fact that Miles has a very fertile imagination and excellent taste
in women, it's slander I say!  Slander!  Janey never did it and I can
prove it!  You see she was in Dallas at the time…

Credits: Miles certainly helped when he created his fiction about
Janey.  Janey *ALWAYS* helps.  And of course Mike Ink made it all
readable.  :-)

Signature Note: Since this story was written I've changed my handle to
BitBard.  I think it's appropriate to publish this story with my old

Dedication: Why to Janey, who will always be the bluebonnet of my

"Janey in Bloom"
   -- By Sandman

A. Introduction (No sex at all!)
1. The Conference (Fast, furious, hot sex.)
2. Smokey and the bandits (Even faster sex.)
3. Bluebonnet fields forever. (Very slow, romantic sex.)
4. Janey and breakfast in bed. (Everyone should wake up so well.
Dreamy sex.)
5. All good things.  (No sex.)
B.  Afterward.  (Nope, no sex here, must be the end.)


Janey has a loving husband and a wonderful family.  I'm engaged and am
very much in love with my future wife.  But life can be funny
sometimes.  A heart is a very big place, and sometimes, much to
everyone's surprise there's room for another. 

And so, one afternoon on a tropical island, Janey and I became lovers,
and then one night in Boston we discovered love all over again.  Every
now and then, when the planets are aligned and the moon is full, we
find time to be together.  The moments are always brief, but legends
are made from the passion we find together.

Now it came to pass one day, that while exchanging letters I
discovered Janey would be in Dallas for a week with her Husband, but
they had trouble getting a flight, and they would not be travelling
together.  In fact, Janey would be in Dallas for a whole day before
her husband arrived.  Janey all alone.  Janey in Dallas.  Janey in
April with the bluebonnets in full bloom.  How could I resist?  How
could she?

Chapter 1:  The Conference

When Janey stepped off the plane, she was every bit as pretty as I
remembered her.  She was taller than most women, a bit taller than
most guys, but she was the perfect height for me.  Her eyes scanned
the crowded terminal until she found me, and then they began to
sparkle as a warm, welcoming smile slowly appeared on her lovely face.
 Unable to contain myself, I hopped over the rail and ran over to meet

Janey dropped her bags and fell into my embrace, her lips, like the
sweetest, softest silk, pressed hotly against mine.  Our hands dug
into each other's flesh, trying beyond reason to get closer than we
already were.

"Look mommy!  They're all mushy!" a nearby kid commented.  

I opened my eye a crack, in time to spy a harried looking woman follow
her child's pointing finger to where Janey and I embraced.  A slow red
blush crept across her cheeks as she stared at us a moment, then with
an indignant huff she turned her child away from us.  Her wounded
sense of propriety probably stemming from the way I had my hands
wrapped around Janey's most wonderful fleshy bottom, and the way
Janey's upraised leg was slowly stroking up and down mine.

I pulled back with a gasp, and stared down with an admiring smile into
Janey's lovely face.  "I love you.  I missed you."  I said between

"Shut up and kiss me again." Janey answered, pulling my tie to get me
close enough for another sweet kiss.  

Her hips pressed solidly against mine, rubbing my extended cock, which
had been raised in full salute since I saw her.  It was a Pavlovian
reaction.  My mind knew Janey as well as I had ever known any woman,
from our e-mail and her stories.  My body knew only that every time we
met like this, we ended up between the sheets while the earth rocked
and the heavens rolled.

Slowly Janey shifted her weight, allowing my hands to support her more
and more, until she finally lifted both legs and wrapped herself
around me, her hips moving in incredibly exciting circles around my
cock.  With her hands pressing into my back and her tongue dancing
around mine, I was in extreme danger of having an accident right here
on the terminal floor.  

Thought was not a large part of my world right then, but I had just
enough composure to remember the conference booth about twenty feet
away.  Janey and I definitely needed to have a conference.  Straining
against the barrier of our clothing, I carried Janey the short
distance to the conference booth, as unknown numbers of envious,
indignant, and aroused stares followed us.

"What's this?"  Janey asked as I set her down and began fumbling for
my wallet.

"The executive version of the hourly rate hotel."  I quipped just as
my credit cards exploded from the wallet and onto the ground.  

Janey smiled and said, "I'll get them."

She got them all right.  I was already worked up by the passionate
kiss and the feel of Janey pressed against me, needing me as much as I
needed her.  The sight of her bending over as she picked up the cards,
the sight of her long creamy legs, among other interesting features,
coming into view as her short skirt rose higher and higher…

"Here you go." she said, handing the cards back to me.

Blindly, I slid a card through the reader, unable to take my eyes off
this unbelievable goddess standing before me.  

The machine beeped angrily at me, and Janey giggled.  "Fill me up and
give me a lube job."

I laughed as I realized I had swiped the gas card through the machine.
 I took a second and picked the right card this time.  The machine
chimed happily as the door popped open.  My patience exhausted, I
pulled Janey inside, slamming the door closed with my foot.

The booth was small and cramped, with a table and chair taking up much
of the valuable space.  The air-conditioner clicked on, sending a
stream of cool air into the booth, giving it the scent of an old hotel
room - humid, stale, smoke.  It was the most unromantic place I had
ever been in but I didn't care.  Janey didn't seem to care either, as
we embraced again.

This time, when she wrapped her legs around me, I moved her over to
the desk and sat her down.  She smiled and began unbuttoning my shirt,
all the while keeping her hips grinding against my erection.  If I
didn't know her better, as a loving wife and mother, I'd swear she was
enjoying the feel of my erection pressed against her.  

Slowly my hand crept up under her shirt, then pushed away the
wonderbra as her wondertits fell into my appreciative palm.  

"Hmmm."  Janey hummed as she finally undid the last button and ran her
hands across my broad chest.  Then she ran her palms, fingers down,
across my abs until they reached my pants.  With all the tact and
decorum that I had used with her bra, she unbuckled my belt and pants,
and with a light push let them fall down around my ankles.  

Her hand cupped my erection and balls through my boxers, and she
smiled mischievously.  "I'm glad to know you're happy to see me

"I'm glad you're glad." I panted softly in her ear as I hooked my
fingers into her panties and pushed them down.

"I'm glad you're glad I'm glad."  Janey mumbled as she pushed down my
boxers and gazed up into my eyes.

I inched forward.  She wrapped her hot palms around my cock, sending
an electric thrill through me that caused me to inhale sharply; stale,
humid smoke mixed with the flowery sent of Janey.  She angled me down,
the tip of my glans rushing across her silky skin, until soft fleshy
skin, slick with her desire, began pressing against me on either side.
 Lower still she moved me and then waited.

Here.  Now.  Please?  Her eyes commanded me.  My lust drove me.  One
step forward.  Forward, as she guided me deeper inside her.  Her hands
squeezing my cock; her vagina pulsing against my glans.  Forward
again, deeper into this engulfing sensation.  Janey raised her hands
and wrapped them around my back, arching her head and back, inhaling
deeply as she accepted me, felt me, devoured me.  

Forward again and our waists touched; there is no deeper, there didn't
need to be.  Janey raised her head and gazed at me, her eyes flashing
with anticipation, a smile of utter satisfaction on her face. 
Together, we began to move.

Janey's legs wrapped around me as her hands ran under my shirt to
caress my back.  The desk was the perfect height, and though I didn't
have to sustain her weight, it felt as if we made love as I held her
in my arms.  Even without the desk, my passion would have easily
sustained her.  Janey's pants and soft whimpers mingled with my gasps
as her chin dug into my shoulder, her soft hair caressing my cheeks,
her scent overpowering even the musty booth.

 "Oh Yes!"  Janey cried as she tensed against me, pushing her head
forward, pushing hard into my shoulder as her hands tightened on my
back, her legs tightening around my waist.  I was not so far behind;
the rapture of Janey's orgasm carried me with her.

My hands pressed into her bottom, lifting her slightly, letting her
down as I thrust harder, faster, deeper.  Her soft, whimpering
convulsions an added thrill to the blinding moment of pleasure I

Then, it was over.  But not over, as we held each other after the
moment, rejoicing in being with one another.  For a brief second, she
hugged me harder, and I returned the thanks before we reluctantly

"Hi." Janey said with a well-satisfied grin on her face.

Chapter 2:  Smokey and the bandits

"I've never heard this song before."  Janey said as she turned up the
volume on the car radio.

"It's the Divinyls, an eighties band," I replied with a smile.

"It's really sexy."  

"I always thought so.  I liked it enough to put it on the CD anyway."

Janey listened carefully to the song until it ended, then turned to me
and said mischievously, "Play it again."

"Your wish is my command," I said gallantly, and pushed the
appropriate buttons.

"I love myself
And I want you to love me
When I feel down
I want you above me
I search myself 
I want you to find me
I forget myself
I want you to remind me

I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ahhh I don't want anybody else
Oh-no, Oh-no, Oh-no

I want you, 
I don't want anybody else
I want to think about you
I touch myself

Ahhhhhhhhhh!  I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself…"

Janey giggled as she turned to face me.  She folded her left leg to
rest it on the chair and raised her right, letting it fall lightly
across mine.  Then she began swaying very erotically to the sultry
music, and I found it harder and harder to keep my eyes on the road. 
The job only got harder when she began running her palms across her

Christina Amphlett wasn't the only one Ohhing as Janey let a hand
slowly slip down under her panties.  She kicked off her shoe and let
her arch rub up and down along the bulge under my jeans.  I took a
defensive driving class once that had a few choice words about what
was happening here, but for some reason I wasn't exactly thinking of
that at the moment.

"Am I being naughty?"  Janey asked evilly, in her "little girl" voice.

"Yes," I gasped, "but don't let that stop you."

The car swerved a little as she smiled broadly, and pushed down her

"I don't want annnybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
I honestly do!"

Janey's hands were a blur as her exposed womanhood was parted
invitingly.  Janey's foot ground against my crotch as her fingers
dipped insider herself teasingly.  


Ahhhhhhhhhh!  I don't want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself…"

Janey's Oh's had suddenly become a lot more passionate than what the
censors had let Christina get away with in her song.  And, as Janey's
foot ran up and down my bulge, a third "Oh" filled the car.  When
Janey came, her cries overwhelmed even the pulse pounding music.

Janey looked up and smiled at me wickedly - "wickedly wickedly" as
they would say in Boston, so I'm told.  Then crawled over to me.  

"I'll bet you didn't have as much fun as I did," she said coyly.

"I came darn close," I admitted.

"I get down on my knees; I'll do anything for you!"  Janey sang
light-heartedly to the music.  Then her head lowered, and lowered some
more, until she was just inches away from my rock-hard cock.  In
seconds she had my cock free, and ran her hot, moist lips up and down
my pulsating shaft.  The car swerved as I barely managed to avoid
going off the road.  With exquisite care, she slowly lowered her mouth
around my cock, as if it were a rare delicacy to be savored.  I bit my
lower lip and closed my eyes, as the overwhelming sensations coursed
through me.

When I opened my eyes again, I found that I was still on the road,
Janey's incredible mouth was still lifting me to new heights of
pleasure, and a pair of flashing lights had appeared behind me.  I
glanced at the speedometer and found I was below the speed limit, but
it didn't take much thought to figure the cop had a problem with my
ability to remain in the same lane.

The cop obviously wanted me to pull over.  I, however, didn't want
anything to interfere with the best blow job I had ever received in my
life.  I reached over to the CD player and pushed a button.  The sixth
repetition of "I touch myself" faded away as Rush's "Red Barchetta"
began to thunder around us.  This wasn't exactly a Red Barchetta, but
it was a Porsche, and as Janey's tongue played havoc with my senses,
the accelerator slammed to the floor.

My defensive driving instructor would have had a heart attack.  Sex
while driving was a big no-no.  Doing a hundred and fifty, even on the
long, straight, lightly populated highway was even worse.  Doing both
at the same time?  Well, I doubt my instructor would have done
anything different in my shoes.  Janey could definitely have that
effect on guys.

The other cars on the road might as well have been parked as I weaved
between them, the car as responsive and uncomplaining as the girl
wrapped around my straining cock.  

There was something inherently terrifying about both events consuming
my attention at that particular moment.  I'd never experienced
dangerous sex before, and as the odometer crept nearer to 160, with
adrenaline coursing through my veins at the unceasing demand of my
pounding heart, I had never in my life felt so alive, so aware, so

The excruciatingly erotic sensations Janey was evoking turned
familiar, and I lightly rested one hand on the base of her neck as I
turned the wheel just in time to avoid rear-ending an
eighteen-wheeler.  My warning went unheeded as Janey continued to suck
and caress my throbbing cock.  At one-hundred-sixty-five miles per
hour, the cop miles behind us and losing ground fast, the world went
white in rapture as the Louis Armstrong began to croon "What a
wonderful world."

Chapter 3: Bluebonnet Fields Forever

Janey gasped as she stepped out of the car.  Before us, stretching for
miles in either direction, was a field of bluebonnets in full bloom. 
A light, cool breeze slipped lightly past us, lazily pushing the giant
cotton candy clouds above us. 

"Is this what you wanted to show me?" she asked with a laugh as she
stepped out into the field.

"It is," I answered, admiringly.  "This spot in April is the most
perfect place in all the world.  I never thought it could get any more
perfect until just now."

Janey blushed as she smiled at me, her scarlet cheeks standing in
stark contrast to the deep rich blue of the sky above and the flowers
below.  Smiling and biting her lower lip she knelt down and let her
hands play over the tops of the flowers.  She closed her eyes and
inhaled deeply.  The powerful floral scent was ever present here, but
from Janey's position, it would be intoxicating.  She looked back up
at me and smiled as she raised a flower to her lips.  Her eyes danced
with excitement.

"It's lovely.  I don't know what to say!" 

I laughed as I stepped into the field with her.  "Don't say anything
at all!  I learned long ago that there simply aren't words that can
describe this."

For a moment, the brief, distant sounds of police sirens swelled and
faded in the distance, intruding on the serenity of this place.  

"I could stay here all day!"  Janey cooed, as she admired the perfect
bluebonnet she had picked.

"Great!  Because I have a nice picnic lunch packed for us!"

Janey looked up, and in an exasperated voice that wasn't at all
exasperated, said, "Why am I not at all surprised?  It's just like you
to plan a romantic picnic in probably the most romantic place I've
ever seen."

I grinned bashfully.  "It is kinda sappy isn't it?"

"I like sappy."  Janey said quickly.  

"How fortunate for us both then."  I said before I pulled out a
backpack and a picnic basket.

"We're not going to…  I mean not here."  Janey said.  "I feel bad
enough just moving my feet!"

"No," I laughed, "See that big ol' tree out there?  Well I have it on
the best authority that there's a nice bare spot under its branches
and it's got a magnificent view of a babbling brook."

"Oh that's nice.  You'll have a babbling brook to go along with your
babbling Janey."

"Uh Huh," I said, unconvinced.  Janey's babbling tended to produce
award-winning stories.  

The tree was a large stately oak tree whose shade had provided a nice
clearing in the otherwise unblemished field of flowers in full bloom. 
The tree stood atop a small broad hill, and overlooked a small
babbling brook that was hidden from the small country road where we
had parked.  The short walk to our destination was completed in awed
silence, as just being with one another in the full glory of nature's
beauty overwhelmed us.

When we reached the clearing, I removed my backpack and rooted around
until I found the large checkerboard blanket.  With more than a hint
of bravado, I dramatically unrolled it.  Janey smiled politely at my
theatrics, and the amused smile followed me as I set out the picnic
lunch I had packed.  

"Very nice!"  Janey said appreciatively as she surveyed the fried
chicken, various salads, breads, and cheeses I had laid out.  

I poured us some tea, and we began lunch.  

"Beth was absolutely livid," Janey commented, as she spread a generous
portion of sweet butter over the bread.  "And I didn't even tell her
the half of what really happened in Boston.  Just the public Internet

"You mean the G-rated version?"  I asked with a quirky smile.

"That's the one.  The one where you leave everybody hanging waiting
for the omelets to arrive."

"You didn't tell her about the whipped cream, cherries, and ferns?"  

"Are you kidding?  I'm lucky she's still speaking to me after the
G-rated version.  She's probably still up in Boston, scheming on how
to get you within her clutches."

I laughed, and passed the macaroni salad.  "She can scheme all she
wants; my heart, body, and soul belong always and forever to you."

Janey looked up and smiled at me warmly.  "That's nice," she said in a
tone that reminded me we both belonged to others and she didn't buy a
word of it.  It was still true; even if my heart, body, and soul
belonged to another as well.  I was always big on sharing.  

"But never underestimate Beth," Janey warned.  "She can be pretty
single-minded once she's set her mind on something."

"Are you going to tell her about Dallas?"  I asked, between bites.

"If she gets annoying."  Janey giggled.  "She'll never believe me, of
course.  She barely believed Boston until I dragged her to the
terminal and showed her your story.  Then she wouldn't talk to me for
a week."  The self-satisfied smile that graced Janey's face at that
last remark was a true pleasure to behold.

"It's nice to be envied, isn't it?"  I asked light-heartedly.

Janey cocked her head and I could see her tasting the thought.  "You
know, it is?  I never really thought about it before.  I guess I spent
so much of my life being envious, that I never really noticed moving
to being envied.  I like it a lot!"

I stretched out on the ground, propping my head up on my elbow as I
gazed up into Janey's endlessly fascinating face.  "No one really
envied me either, until they found out I was with you.  I got the
impression that more than a few of them had similar designs on your

"Oh, really?"  Janey asked, as her eyebrow arched in surprise. 
Following my lead, Janey laid out as well, propping up her head so
that we were but inches apart.  "Like who?"

I plucked a grape and offered it to her.  She smiled, and sucked it
into her mouth, recalling for one crystal-clear moment what she had
done back in the car.  "Well, Sven for one, but that's hardly
surprising.  He's even more unfaithful than you."

Janey huffed indignantly.  "I'm NOT unfaithful!  I always return to
Bob," she protested.

"Well, there aren't many other words for it!  Adulterous sounds so
cheap, and you're hardly cheap."  

Janey frowned as she thought.  "Then forget words, let's try phrases. 
I like 'sampling everything life has to offer' myself."

"Much better."  I smiled as I offered her another grape.

"Any other names to drop?"  

"Well, Poison Ivan wrote a very nice note."  

"I thought he had the hots for Daphne Xu."

"Maybe he has the hots for both of you."  I laughed.  "And then Kim
wrote a rather scary letter, telling me that I didn't leave you at
least a little time for her to sample a little Janey, she was gonna do
things to me that would make 'Doubts and Uncertainties' look like a
Disney flick."

"She DIDN'T!!!" 

I laughed deeply.  "No, she didn't.  Actually she didn't write at all,
but if she did, I think that's exactly what she'd say."

Janey laughed with me, as the soft breezes pushed a big puffy cloud in
front of the sun.

"Well, I guess I'd better get this stuff picked up before the ants
find it," I said.  "These Texas ants have an attitude as bad as their

Janey leaned forward and kissed me lightly.  "It was a wonderful
lunch.  Thank you."

"You're so very welcome," I replied gallantly, before turning my
attention to the mundane task of repackaging the remains of our lunch.

It didn't take much time at all.  When I was done, I sat down with my
back to the tree, and admired Janey as she walked among the flowers. 
It was easy to see how legends could arise from such moments.  Walking
among the flowers, Janey recalled legends of nymphs and fairies; of
times when the goddesses still walked the earth in mortal form.  She
was Cleopatra, Venus, and Arthur's Lady of the Lake, and for the
moment, she was mine.

"Do you have to plan these perfect encounters, or do they just happen
naturally?"  Janey laughed as she returned to the tree.

"I planned the meeting at the airport; the conference booth was an
improvisation.  I had planned to drive you out here, and you decided
to act out a song.  So, I guess some of it's planned; all the really
good stuff just happens."  

My eyes sparkled as she snuggled next to me and rested her head
against my chest.  I put an arm around her and pulled her close.  

In any relationship, there is a test of silence.  That is, when words
fail and you are both silent for a time, it can be an uncomfortable
silence or a comfortable silence between two people who know each
other well enough just to be happy in each other's company.  The
silence that followed was comfortable.  

The moment was so fulfilling that I began to hum Louis Armstrong's
"What a wonderful world."

"Are you going to serenade me?"  Janey asked.

"What a wonderful idea!"  I beamed.  "Can you bear to be alone for a
second while I run back to the car?"

"I don't know how I'll survive.  Run like the wind!"

"Like a hurricane."  I promised.  

I fetched my guitar from the trunk of the car and tuned it as I walked
back to Janey, who watched me with keen anticipation.  

I sat down next to her and began to strum.  I'm no John Denver or
Louis Armstrong, but I can strum, and I can hold a tune.  And from
Janey's reaction I can certainly command Janey's attentions.

"I see trees of green
Red roses too
I see them bloom
For me and you

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue
And clouds of white
The bright blessed day
The Dark sacred night

And I think to myself 
What a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow 
So pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of
People going by

I see friends shaking hands
Saying how do you do
They're really saying
I love you.

I hear babies cry
I watch them grow
They'll learn much more
Than I'll ever know

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world.

Yes I think to myself
What a wonderful world."

It was a perfect song, for a perfect moment, in a perfect setting,
with the perfect girl.  Janey's smile was radiant as I finished, as
radiant as the sun, as full of promise as a rainbow.  

"What a wonderful world."  Janey sighed as I took her hand in mine. 
"Are you seducing me?"  Her eyes twinkled like a thousand radiant
stars.  "I give up--I'm yours."

The guitar was cast off as easily as our clothing.  

Janey is terribly self-conscious about her body, even more so than the
average American woman.  For some reason, every woman I've ever known
has felt she has to live up to the latest supermodel flavor of the
month.  But there aren't any supermodels who'd give me the time of
day, let alone a world class blow job at a hundred and sixty miles an
hour.  So in my book, Janey was the last word in beauty, all the more
so because Janey was real.

Janey was self-conscious about her body but she also knew how much
pleasure I got from watching her.  For my benefit, under that warm
Texas sun and the refreshing April breezes, Janey stood and slowly
disrobed, as I idly removed my own clothing.  

Here is how Janey described herself to me once:  "I'm just a five-foot
ten-inch, slightly overweight, suburban matron with messy hair and no

And as the last of her clothing was cast aside, she raised both hands
and stretched luxuriously under the warm rays of the afternoon sun. 
Allow me to describe the Goddess I beheld.  Janey was five-foot
ten-inches, almost all shapely and perfectly curved leg.  The soft
April breezes played through her wild untamed hair.  Her petite,
perfectly shaped breasts gave way to a slender abdomen, with the most
fascinating curves.  Oh to be sure, this wasn't the hard, flat abdomen
of the latest fashion model.  No, this was the abdomen of a woman who
had inspired the old masters to carve statues from stone, and to paint
masterpieces that sell for millions upon millions of dollars.  

With a flourish, I shook out the blanket and turned it over.  Janey
smiled and lay down, her outstretched hands inviting me to join her. 
It was an invitation I couldn't refuse.  I lay down beside her, and
kissed her leisurely as my hand ran across her stomach.  Janey's
stomach is a delight for the senses.  There, one will find soft, fine,
downy hairs - I call them her tummy fur; and I find it sexy beyond all
reason or words.

 Janey arched her head as I kissed her neck.  She arched her back as I
sucked an erect teat between my lips, a soft moan escaping her lips. 
- From this particular vantage point, Janey's breasts did not seem
petite at all.  As my tongue traced playful circles around Janey's
areola, I faced a difficult decision of continuing to rub her tummy
fur, or to take her other breast in hand.  

Janey's hands caressed my back and ran through my hair lovingly as I
partook of her body.  Her deep, regular breathing and ever so slight
flush were all the signs I needed to know that Janey was enjoying this
every bit as much as I.

I kissed her stomach as I headed south.  Then her waist.  Janey
definitely anticipated where all this was heading, and she parted her
legs for me as I maneuvered between them.  Such a beautiful sight to
behold.  Janey's scent was intoxicating.  I briefly kissed her outer
lips to complete the pattern, then gently parted them.  

The world exploded in brilliant scarlet pink.  Janey ohhed with
anticipation as her hands rubbed my shoulders and back.  I let my
tongue partake of her as I ran it teasingly inside her outer lips. 
The taste of her anticipatory wetness was the sweetest nectar. 
Playfully, I lightly sucked her soft fleshly inner lips, then let my
tongue roam freely around them, making a slow spiraling circle to her

When Janey's hips began to rise to my gentle tongue fucking, I let my
attentions wander upward.  Janey's clitoris, by now, was fully
extended to greet me.  I let my tongue play around it, just briefly,
but Janey had long since passed the point of appreciating
anticipation, and with unrestrained eagerness I sucked the beautiful
bud between my lips.

Janey moaned.

Her fingers stiffened and dug into my back.

Her hips rose and fell with increasing fervor as I ground my lips
against her.

She moved, I followed, never once loosing my grip. 

"Don't stop!"  Janey cried.  Like the thought would ever enter my

"Don't ever stop!" Janey cried again, as her hands pulled my head into
her, her orgasm shaking her like a leaf in a hard gale.

One definite orgasm, either that, or she was a better faker than Meg
Ryan.  The show and blow job in the car merited at least two, maybe
three.  I didn't stop.  I didn't want to stop, any more than Janey.

"I love the way you taste." I said softly as I slid up next to her.

"Hmmm.  I love the way you taste me."  Janey cooed as she ran a finger
along my arms.

"But what about my poor Sandman?"  Janey pouted as she wrapped her
hand around my penis.

"Your poor sandman has had more than his fair share of fun twice
today," I teased.

Janey squeezed lightly, "and all ready for a third, I feel."

"It's your call."

"Tails."  Janey grinned.  "We both win."

Under the warm Texas sun, Janey and I made love.

Chapter 4: Janey and breakfast in bed.

There is nothing quite so satisfying in this life as sleeping next to
a soft, naked woman.  Nor, for that matter, anything quite as
wonderful as waking up to find your morning hardon buried in the soft,
moist pussy of the woman you are sleeping with.  

"You're awake."  Janey grinned at me.

"Am I?"  I asked playfully.

"A certain part of you has been awake for quite some time," Janey
said, pointedly.

"How wonderful for you."

"Truer than you know, lover," Janey said with a wickedly wicked smile.
 She shifted her weight and rolled me onto my back, rolling with me so
that I remained inside her.  

"It's nice and all, but a girl likes a little action too," she said as
she began to move.

Janey's orgasm was almost immediate.  Mine took a bit longer, as I
made the transition from dream sex to real sex.  

I'm sure Janey would be characteristically depreciatingly demure about
her appearance that particular morning.  But no sane man, waking to
find a woman bobbing up and down on his morning woody, would dare find
that woman anything other than the most attractive girl who ever
walked the face of the earth.  Beauty is waking up to find a warm girl
wrapped around your cock.  

And Janey continued to do all the hard stuff, raising and lowering
herself while her petite tits bounced in front of me, her gorgeous
eyes staring off in the distance with intense concentration as she
followed the feelings our union was evoking within her.  

What a wonderful world.

What a wonderful girl.

The climax didn't move the earth, but it did move me.  

A few minutes later, room service arrived with our breakfast --
Omelets, of course.  

Chapter 5: All good things…

Janey and I kissed one final time at the airport terminal.  A sad
kiss, full of regrets and necessities.  I studied her face keenly,
trying to memorize every facet, to hold in my heart until we could
meet again.  As I walked away slowly, Janey began composing herself,
ready to greet her husband as he stepped off the plane.  I sat down a
discreet distance away.  It would be better if I left -- make a clean
break.  But I couldn't.  Parting with Janey was never sweet sorrow,
just sorrow.

Bob stepped off the plane.  He looked every bit the suburban history
professor.  They kissed briefly and then laughed at some unheard
remark.  Damn him anyway, I'll just bet he doesn't realize how lucky
he really is.  But as he put his arm around her as they walked down
the concourse, and pulled her close, I thought maybe, just maybe I'd
lose that bet.


So there you have it.  The true story of Dallas.  Now Miles Naismith,
in his work of FICTION entitled "Janey's Bet", claimed that he did
horrible and exciting things to Janey who normally doesn't go in for
horrible stuff.  But aside from having a vivid imagination and most
excellent taste in women, "Janey's Bet" was a story of pure fantasy.  

You see Janey was in Dallas during the time in question.  With me,
then with her husband.   Bob and Janey did the town big time from all
accounts.   No razor ever threatened her fur.  Miles obviously got
snookered by a Janey impersonator.   But there's only one Janey and
she only has eyes for me, and Bob and Steve and John and…  :-)

- -- Sandman 

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