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This story is the tenth in the "Suzi" series.  Please read
the prior nine "Suzi" stories before reading this one :-

 "Suzi Does Seattle"          (SUZI-1.ZIP)
 "Suzi's Erotic Odyssey"      (SUZI-2.ZIP)
 "Suzi's Insatiable Desire"   (SUZI-3.ZIP)
 "Suzi's Birthday Bash"       (SUZI-4.ZIP)
 "Suzi... Every Man's Dream"  (SUZI-5.ZIP)
 "Suzi's Fulfillment"         (SUZI-6.ZIP)
 "Suzi's Weekend"             (SUZI-7.ZIP)
 "Suzi and Brett"             (SUZI-8.ZIP)
 "Suddenly Suzi"              (SUZI-9.ZIP)

This story is a continuation of the previous nine.  This
story can stand by its own, but it would be a lot better
if you read the prior nine in the series first.

 NOTE: I may change my mind in the future..... but as of
 ~~~~  now, this is the LAST story in the "Suzi" series.

WARNING : The following story contains graphic descriptions
of sexual acts performed between consenting adults.  If you
are not at least 18 years of age, or you find this brand of
literature offensive, then exit this file/message now.  (!)

"SuziFest '98"

        (SUZI-F98.TXT * M+/F, gang-bang, slut)

                Please archive as SUZI-10.ZIP

   Written by: The Midnight Lurker


1.  Biography - {Partial re-print from "Suddenly Suzi"}

   To the vast majority of her boyfriends throughout Seattle,
Suzi was the essence of sex.  The 24-year-old woman would
swallow sperm as if it were last meal and fuck her men like
no other.  She was a walking "T & A Show" whose name and
face should be associated with the term 'slut'.
   Nothing was taboo to Suzi; she enjoyed ALL types of sex.
Whether it was a one-on-one encounter or a group gang-bang;
soft kisses or a furious ass-fucking, Suzi was more than
interested.  She could even be called obsessed.
   But the one thing Suzi enjoyed the most was sucking cock.
The bimbo could give continuous blowjobs to men from now
until eternity, and never become bored or tired of it.  In
Suzi's mind, there was NOTHING better than wrapping her lips
around a big cock, and giving it a long and thorough blowjob.

   Soft brown eyes and a sweet, covergirl face gave Suzi an
innocent edge to her otherwise sex machine of a body.  At
5-foot-5 and 101 pounds, she was petite, yet voluptuous at
the same time.  Suzi's proportions reminded one of a busty
centerfold; her actions that of an insatiable porn star.
   Not only was the blonde a sex machine, but Suzi was also
a naughty little tease.  STRIPTEASE! - that is.  The young
woman worked as an exotic dancer at one of Seattle's best
adult clubs.  She simply LOVED to show off her body.

   In 1992 at the age of 18, Suzi's sexual life exploded like
a supernova.  One evening, two of her boyfriends were arguing
over who exactly had a date with her that night.  They almost
got into a fist-fight.  Not wanting her boyfriends to brawl
over her, Suzi came up with a simple solution to the problem.
"Don't worry, I'll fuck both of you," she told them.
   On that evening, Suzi changed from a sexually-curious high
schooler to a bonafide super-slut.  Both of the guys eagerly
pounded and fucked Suzi from every angle and position; they
left NO hole unfulfilled.
   Now aware that having sex with two guys at the same time
was much better than one, Suzi eventually tried three men.
Then four.  And five...

   She once was involved in an eight-on-one encounter - eight
studs (the men) and one bimbo (Suzi).

   Throughout her college years, Suzi was known to many as
"The Campus Slut".  As captain of the cheerleading squad,
the insatiable bimbo fucked professors and fellow students
alike.  She once let the offensive line of the school's
football team gang-bang her in the men's locker room, after
a big win.  The slut even fucked her professors in exchange
for better grades.  "How else was I gonna graduate?" was her
reasoning.  She rather have sex than study.
   It was quite easy for Suzi to seduce her share of students
and professors.  She was widely regarded as the "hottest" girl
on campus; and that wasn't solely because of her sexual
exploits.  Suzi was beautiful - and she knew it.  How about
the Homecoming Queen for high school AND college?  With the
help of mini-dresses and other suggestive outfits, the young
woman was more than willing to show off her charms.
   If Suzi needed better grades in college, she would first
torture and tease the professor by flirting, then go the
distance after softening him up.  The end result?  Not only
a hot fuck for Suzi, but also a passing grade.

   Very simply - this slut got what she wanted.

   During this time period, the blonde never really considered
one boyfriend more important than another - until Michael came
along.  At age 25, Michael was the perfect match for Suzi and
her tastes.  Not only was he excellant in bed, but Michael
also enjoyed sharing his girlfriend with other men.  As a
result, he originated several gang-bangs with Suzi as the
featured attraction.  Michael would invite some of his close
friends over, then they would all take part in a "Suzi-bang".
   Although Michael was her "main" boyfriend, Suzi was as
sexually active as ever before.  The nympho simply LOVED to
fuck.  She CRAVED the feel of a big cock in either her pussy
or her ass (or both, at the same time).  Sexually speaking,
there was really no limit as to how far she would go.

   Suzi actually prefers to think of herself as a slut.
To prove this point, her proper name is Susan.  But she
prefers `Suzi', because it sounds "really cheap, and
whorish."  Those are her actual words.

2.  SuziFest '98 - Fucking The Day Away!

   After a torrid round of sex in the early morning hours,
Michael knew exactly what was on Suzi's mind when she told
him to call the guys and invite them over.  The young man
knew that his girlfriend did not want them over for a day
of television or normal recreation activities.  Rather, Suzi
was feeling especially horny today... and Michael was aware
that she wanted to get fucked.  And fucked HARD.  Michael
knew that he had to round up as many guys as possible.
   Including himself (of course), Michael got a total of
four men for his nympho-girlfriend.  All three of them his
close and trustworthy friends, they were James, Brett and
Todd.  Along with Michael himself, Suzi would soon have a
grand total of FOUR cocks at her disposal.  The only thing
which seemed better on this day would be five.  Or six...

   Of course, the other three guys had sampled Suzi quite a
few times in the past.  All of them had thoroughly pounded
and fucked her; usually, in a gang-bang setting.  Basically,
they would all get together and "gang-up" on her.
   Though none of the men had any interest in each other,
they did not have a problem being completely nude together -
as long as Suzi was in the room with them.  They all knew
that Suzi really `got off' on being gang-banged, and this
was the best way for them to pleasure her.  Likewise, Suzi
seemed to dish-out a lot more satisfaction for her manly
studs when she was the centerpiece of a gang-bang.  Or more
appropriately, a Suzi-bang.

                           * * *

   It should come as no great surprise that the guys started
showing up at Suzi's apartment in a real hurry.  With the
chance of fucking a hot blonde, could you really blame them?

   Todd was the first to arrive.  Suzi immediately pulled
him into the living room and wrapped her arms around him for
a warm embrace.  An instant later, she smashed her mouth
against his, offering him a lustful, fervid kiss.
   Responding in kind, Todd cupped Suzi's cute ass with both
hands and offered a tight squeeze.  The young woman sighed
against him, then pressed her pelvis harder upon his crotch.
Todd returned the favor by massaging and pinching her sweet
ass even harder than before.

   When a knock came to the front door, Suzi broke the kiss
with Todd and looked over at Michael.  "You get the door,"
she said to him.  "Meanwhile, Todd and I will go to the
bedroom."  Todd grinned with lust once Suzi grabbed his hand
and began leading him toward the bedroom.
   Standing on the opposite side of the living room, Michael
watched the pair of lust-lovers until they made their way
into the bedroom.  He heard a couple of giggles and yelps,
then the familiar sound of two people falling onto the bed.
   Before heading over to the front door, Michael grinned
and shook his head.  He was well aware that in just a few
minutes, Todd would be feeling the type of unparralled
ecstasy which only Suzi could provide.  Even better yet,
Michael would soon get to experience that ecstasy HIMSELF!

   After opening the front door, Michael grinned again, then
knocked fists with both Brett and James.  With their usual
friendly introduction out of the way, both guys looked
around but did not see a slut in sight.
   "Where's Suzi?" James asked, echoing Brett's thoughts.
   Just then, a loud growl of lust was heard from the nearby
bedroom.  Michael smiled as he tilted his head in that
direction.  "She's with Todd now," was his quiet response.
"They just went into the bedroom about 30 seconds ago."
   Brett shook his head and said, "Then let's go see 'em!"

   Already hungry for a helping of `Slut a la Carte', James
unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the floor as he
followed Michael and Brett toward the bedroom.  James then
got rid of his boxer shorts and quickly proceeded to grip
his quickly-expanding cock.
   Once all three guys made their way into the bedroom,
their eyes immediately focused upon the bed before them.
Suzi was already stripped down to just a see-through black
bra and matching G-string, both of which were made of lace.
She was laying flat on her back, with her knees high in the
air and feet on the mattress.  Todd was leaning over her,
running his lips along her midriff and flat stomach.
   Always looking to tease and excite, Suzi immediately
flashed each guy a lusty smile when they made eye contact
with her.  She then slipped her right hand between her
spread thighs, and proceeded to rub her pussy while staring
at each man.  The insatiable slut knew that would get the
guys going, IN A HURRY.

   Sure enough, it did.

   With that sexy smile and little masturbation act, Suzi
quickly caused James' cock to reach its full length and
girth.  Visibly excited at the sight before him, James'
eyes never left Suzi's hot body as he continued to stroke
and frig his bulging shaft.
   Having similar feelings, both Brett and Michael quickly
got rid of their trousers, too.  Within just a couple of
seconds, they had stripped themseleves completely nude.
Brett then started to stroke his cock.  Meanwhile, Michael
walked to the opposite side of the room and blatantly
palmed and rubbed his own testicles.
   Suzi smiled with lust as she watched the three guys in
various forms of masturbation, their eyes locked solely upon
her.  It made her feel really good inside to know that men
whacked themseleves off at the mere sight of her.  But then
again, she was used to that.  This wasn't the first time...
and it CERTAINLY would not be the last time.

   The goddess eventually turned her attention back toward
Todd, who was busy tonguing her navel and its surronding
area.  She placed both hands on top of his head and sighed
in a content way.  Cradling his head, she then ran her long,
sleek fingertips through his dark hair.
   With the tip of his tongue in her navel, Todd raised his
head slightly and gazed up at Suzi's face.  Tongue still
extended, he offered her a quick smile before applying a
series of gentle kisses upon her lower abdomen and waist.
   "Hmmmm!" Suzi squealed.  "Todd, you never told me you
liked kissing my belly like that!"
   "I could kiss you all over, baby," Todd moaned at her,
his eyes now focused on her bra-clad breasts as they heaved
up-and-down with each and every breath.  "I could kiss you
all over, and still want more."
   "Hmmmm..." the blonde purred, already knowing what Todd
was staring at.  "If you could kiss me all over... how about
giving my breasts a little attention?"  She giggled and
coyly added, "They like being kissed."
   "With pleasure, baby," Todd groaned as he slid upward.
He quickly slid the straps of her bra from her shoulders,
then unclasped it in back and tossed it elsewhere.  Suzi
giggled like a schoolgirl as she palmed the outer side of
each breast with her hands, before smushing them together.
   Todd immediately went for one of her plump, juicy
nipples.  His lips and tongue attacked it with a ferver and
yearning which could not be described by mere words.  He
licked and sucked away upon the puffy tip, causing it to
become more erect; thus making it stand out at attention
even more.  Suzi arched her neck and moaned in rapture as
Todd continued giving her firm, 36d-sized breasts the royal
treatment with his lips and tongue.

   Meanwhile, off to the side, Brett was getting some ideas
for what he could do to Suzi, as he continued to stroke his
cock.  He imagined the blonde bimbo completely nude on her
hands and knees... on the bed, like a bitch in heat.
   Brett then wondered what it would be like to get on his
knees directly behind her, and give her sweet ass a hard and
forceful spanking!  In the middle of the spanking, Brett
told himself, he could suddenly stuff his cock into her ass.
Not only would Suzi's bottom receive a (much-deserved)
spanking, but it would also be given a hard fucking!
   Deciding that he would do that to Suzi before the day was
through, Brett grinned to himself as he continued to watch
the heated action unfold before him.

   Todd had moved his hungry mouth from Suzi's right nipple,
into her ample cleavage.  In fact, he had tried to bury his
face in the heavenly, sloping valley between her breasts.
Once again cradling his head with both hands, Suzi purred
with sensations as Todd's tongue eagerly slurped away at her
baby-soft, delicate skin.

   James finally decided that he could no longer take part
in just watching Suzi.  He needed to get in on the action,
somehow, and he needed to do it NOW!

   So as Todd continued to pay homage to Suzi's cleavage,
James crawled onto the bed and positioned himself just
before the slut's widespread thighs.  Suzi giggled when she
felt a fingertip first trace her left kneecap, then her
inner thigh.  Soon, she spread her legs further apart...
giving James an invitation to do WHATEVER he wanted.
   Of course, the 30-year-old man took advantage of that
offer.  He reached downward and quickly dispensed of Suzi's
lacey G-string, pulling it up and then all the way off.
Next, James rolled onto his stomach as his lips and tongue
dove right for the moist, damp folds of Suzi's pussy.
   The blonde let out a sharp squeal of pleasure when she
felt James' tongue make the initial contact with her slit.
He proceeded to grab and forcefully squeeze her hips with
both hands, which only sent a shockwave of passion through
the young woman.  She responded by arching her neck upon the
mattress and moaning - not only was James giving her pussy
pleasure, but Todd was still busy devouring her breasts!
   "Oh fuck..." Suzi moaned seconds later, as her hips began
to squirm and buck underneath James' insistant tongue.  In
her mind, NO ONE could provide a woman the amount of oral
pleasure with her their tongue and mouth, quite like James.
To her, he was the ABSOLUTE BEST in this particular category.

   It also didn't hurt matters that James knew exactly what
to do in terms of eating pussy, to get Suzi the most hot.

   The blonde continued to squirm and buck underneath James'
probing.  His tongue slurped and swiped away at her wetness,
occasionally burrowing inward and sampling its moist depth.
Suzi's reactions to the assault on her pussy became more and
more animated... until she suddenly froze and spoke out in
her lustiest tone (so far) of the afternoon:
   Such words only provoked James to increase the speed and
tempo of his inquisitive tongue even more.  Suzi was once
again squirming, but now also flailing and swinging her arms
in wild pleasure.  When she offered a vice-tight grip with
her inner thighs to James' head, he knew what was next.
   The blonde roared with lust as her first orgasm of the
evening took place.  Arching both her neck and back, every
muscle in her lean body tensed as she reached down and dug
her fingers into James' head and hair.  She could still feel
his tongue lapping away at her pussy, wanting to swipe up
every bit of orgasmic-moisture which seaped out from it.
   "Hmmmm..." the slut moaned seconds later, when the spasms
finally subsided.  She watched James' face slowly rise from
between her quivering thighs - and a smile came to her lips.
James' face was completely caked with her cum.

   Todd, who had still been devouring Suzi's breasts that
entire time, slid his mouth upward and kissed her neck.
"Hey baby," he mumbled upon her skin, "you haven't forgotten
about me... have you?"
   "Of course not!" Suzi giggled, shifting her attention
from James back to Todd.  She cradled his head with both
hands, then kissed his hand as it moved up for her face.
At the same time, James slid off the bed and decided to
take a short breather in a nearby chair.
   "What do you want me to do?" Todd asked, as his mouth
slid upward and attached itself to Suzi's.  He offered her a
deep kiss and added, "Anything you want, baby..."
   "I want you to fuck me," she told him in a strong tone.
"I want you to fuck me in my pussy."
   "With pleasure," Todd grinned, as he rose to his knees
and immediately began undoing his jeans.  Within a matter
of seconds, he was completely nude.  A wide smile of lust
came to Suzi's face once she saw his full erection.
   Todd positioned himself between the blonde's spread
thighs, then pulled them upward until both her feet were
draped over his shoulders.  Now in a position to mount the
slut, Todd reached down and grasped her hip with one hand,
while fisting his cock with the other.  His next move was
to pop his erection into her tiny, soaked pussy.

   Both individuals moaned with pure lust as Todd forged his
throbbing cock into Suzi's inner depths.  The blonde then
let out a whine of hot pleasure as she wrapped her arms
around Todd's back, hugging him tightly to her.  It only
took a few seconds longer before Todd started slamming
himself away at her.
   "FUCK YES!" Suzi screamed as she continued to hold Todd
close to her body.  "YEEEESSSSSS!" she soon added.  "FUCK

   Of course, Todd obliged her.

   Not wanting to be soft or gentle about things, Todd began
the fuck-session by pounding himself in-and-out of the slut
at full speed.  He continued the frantic pace, still in the
missionary position, with all of his strength and energy.
   The other guys in the room watched the intense coupling
from behind, with lust in their eyes.  With Suzi in the
missionary position, her legs high and spread wide in the
air, the guys could easily see Todd's thick cock plunging
in-and-out of her pussy.  The sight reminded the other guys
of an oil machine going up-and-down.  At the same time,
Todd's balls slapped hard against Suzi's upturned ass with
each downward fuck-stroke.  The hot, erotic sound of bodies
SLAPPING together echoed throughout the entire bedroom.
   Suzi and Todd continued to rock together, their bodies
pounding each other with a furious, maddening intensity.  By
now, both of them were screaming in wild lust.  Todd was
thrusting away at the blonde with all the strength and speed
his body could possibly muster.  Such great effort, however,
quickly sapped him of his endurance.
   Suddenly, Todd buried his cock as far as it would go in
Suzi, then growled and hugged her fiercely to him.  Both let
out simultaneous screams of passion and lust as Todd's cock
exploded within Suzi, filling and flooding her pussy with a
helping of hot sperm.
   Electric shockwaves of sexual ardor ripped throughout
Suzi's body as she shuddered beneath Todd's strong embrace.
She could feel Todd's discharge in her pussy, and absolutely
loved the knowledge that he had flooded her with his seed.

   Two men taken care of thus far, by Suzi.  Two more to go.

   When Todd rolled off of Suzi and limped off to the side
for some rest, Brett quickly replaced him on the bed.  He
curled up next to the slut and placed his lips upon her ear.
"Can you do me a favor, sweetheart?" he whispered.
   Knowing it was some type of sexual position, Suzi looked
over at him and offered a gracious smile.  "Sure."
   Brett grinned and replied, "Get on your hands and knees."
   Giggling, Suzi rolled onto her stomach and then rose up
to the requested position.  "Wolf wolf," she snickered,
jokingly.  "Doggie-style!"  The blonde perched her shapely
ass high in the air, then rotated it in slow, hot circles.
   Brett positioned himself on his knees directly behind
her, then clenched her sweet ass with both hands.  "I'm not
thinking of a doggie-style fuck right now, Suzi."
   "Oh?" she said, looking back at him.  "What do you have
in mind for me?"
   Brett caressed her bottom with his hands for several
seconds before replying, "First, I want to give you a nice
spanking."  Suzi squealed in pure excitement at those words.
"Then, I want to fuck you in your ass."
   "Hmmmm..." the slut groaned, with great anticipation.
She twitched her hips seductively at him and added, "Well...
what's stopping you?  Let's get it goin'!"

   "OH, FUCK!" Suzi screamed seconds later, after Brett's
right hand came crashing down onto her ass for a hard slap.
He had struck her with such force, that her right asscheek
was already a bright shade of red.
   Pressing his full erection against her puckered anus,
Brett groaned with lust as he slapped Suzi's ass with his
left hand.  The blonde vibrated for an instant beneath him,
then growled in utter pleasure.  She wiggled her ass at him
once again - which only encouraged him even more.
   "Naughty little tease..." Brett howled as his right hand
smacked one side of her ass with great force.  He then
pounded her other asscheek with his left hand, while saying,
"Little sluts like you need to be taught some manners!"
   "FUCK!" Suzi screamed, enjoying this game.  She really
liked it when her men would verbally degrade her.
   Brett proceeded to give the right side of her ass three
whacks - all in quick, sudden succession.  Beneath him, the
bimbo squirmed about in arousal... Suzi LOVED being spanked.
She sometimes wished that her boyfriends would "hand-out"
this sort of discipline to her more often.
   "Naughty little whores like you deserve to be spanked!"
Brett added, as he slapped various areas of her ass with
both hands.  By now, Suzi had her face buried in the soft
mattress, and was squealing and whining at full tilt.  Being
spanked gave her sort of a primitive, animalistic pleasure
which words could not accurately describe.
   "ASS!" she screamed seconds later, as Brett continued to
thump away on her bottom.  "MY ASS!  AAAAAASS!  Oh, fuck!
Fire!  Fire!  My ass is on FIRE!"

   Since he really 'got off' on spanking women, Brett felt
that his cock was about set to burst any second now.  Rather
than have it explode in the open air, he quickly decided
that it would best be done inside Suzi's cute, little ass.
   Thus, Brett grabbed a nearby tube of anal lubricant and
greased the slut's bunghole up pretty good.  Then he grasped
her hips in a strong manner, and plunged his rock-solid cock
into the vice-tight confines of her anus.
   "ASS FUCK!" Suzi soon screamed, enjoying the sensations
which swirled through her as a result.  "FUCK!  MY ASS!
   Brett adhered to her wishes.  He gripped her bottom with
both hands, while forcefully thrusting himself in-and-out of
her puckered anus at warp speed.  He soon caught a rythym,
and then REALLY started to pound away at her.

   "FUCK!"  The obscenities continued to pour out from Suzi
as Brett continued violating her from behind.  It really did
not matter to this slut where she got fucked.  She could
take a cock in either her mouth, pussy (and/) or ass... and
forever be happy.  She loved ALL types of sex.

   Since his cock was about to explode even before he first
plunged himself into Suzi's anus, Brett did not have a lot
of staying power within him.  He did, however, fuck her ass
for all he was worth... and that was quite a lot.  Brett
gave her the type of hard, physical ass fucking which she
would most definitely remember the next morning.
   After burying himself to the hilt in her anus, Brett let
out a wild grunt just before he lost control of himself.
Like a volcano erupting, Brett's cock shot out gush after
gush of hot, thick sperm.  The pair of lust-lovers shivered
and shook together, in unison, as Brett MORE than filled
Suzi's inner bowels with his gooey fuck-cream.

   Before he finally pulled himself out of her anus, Brett
gave Suzi's ass one final slap with his left hand.
   In response, the blonde yelped, then giggled as she
reached back and rubbed her aching bottom with her right
hand.  Next, Suzi surveyed the group of nude men in the room
with her... and remembered she hadn't taken care of one of
them yet (at least, since everyone got here).
   "Get over here, Michael," Suzi said to her boyfriend,
crooking a slender finger at him.  "It's about time that I
give you a nice little blowjob."

   Moments later, Michael sat on the bed with his legs out
and extended, while Suzi was on her elbows and knees,
hunched-over his throbbing erection.  The blonde's lips were
sealed tightly around Michael's cock as she gripped it with
her right hand.  In response, the young man could do little
but moan and sigh, due to the incredible sensations which
he was experiencing.

   Not only was this her favorite sexual act, but Suzi also
took great pride in her cocksucking skills.  She wanted ALL
of her men to remember her as the greatest fellatio artist
they had ever met.  So, Suzi always took her sweet time when
giving head to men.  The longer and more thorough a blowjob,
she figured, the more pleasurable it was.

   All of the guys in the room watched in pure rapture as
Suzi brushed a long mane of blonde hair away from her face,
before taking even more of Michael's shaft into her mouth.
Grasping its base with her right hand, she gave it gentle
pumps while teasing his testicles with two fingers from her
opposite hand.
   Up-and-down... up-and-down... up-and-down...  The sight
was very familiar to all the guys in the room, but not one
bit boring.  They watched in fascination as Suzi's blonde
head continued to bob up-and-down over Michael's prick.
   With her lips sealed tightly, Suzi's tongue was swirling
like a buzz-saw on Michael's cockhead in her mouth.  At the
same time, the lucky guy could do nothing but lean back and
continue to moan in turbulant lust.

   With her entire universe confined to Michael's cock and
the inside of her mouth, Suzi let out a growl as her head
started bouncing up-and-down at a faster rate of speed.  The
blonde loved giving head so much; Suzi wished that a thick,
burly cock could be lodged in her mouth and throat FOREVER.

   But at the same time, Suzi enjoyed a gooey cum-shot in her
mouth just as much.  And that was exactly what she received.

   Sensing her boyfriend's cock was about to erupt, Suzi
kept her lips sealed tight around its thick diameter.  Then,
she steadied herself and was greeted with Michael's initial
spurt of cum.  It hit the roof of her mouth before she
quickly guzzled it down.  After that, a tidal wave of sperm
suddenly blasted out from within Michael's bulging shaft.
   Suzi choked for a minute, but re-composed herself and
then started swallowing the tasty cum down her throat in
thick, heavy gushes.  The other guys in the room watched
with pure lust; they could see Suzi's throat rippling as she
eagerly guzzled Michael's load down.  They knew that this
slut really 'GOT OFF' on swallowing cum down her throat.

   After milking every last drop of delicious sperm from
Michael's cock, Suzi took it out of her mouth and offered
it a loving swipe with her tongue.  She soon giggled, then
playfully kissed its bulbous head.  "Cock..." she whispered,
her tongue now softly gliding over its thick base.

                           * * *

   Todd and James made their mind up on what to do next,
when Suzi was sucking Michael off to eternal lust.  Once
Michael got off the bed, Todd and James were going to give
Suzi an old fashioned double-fuck.  James would lay on the
bed and have Suzi sit upon his cock, with it lodged up in
her pussy.  At the same time, with Suzi leaning over until
her breasts were touching James' chest, Todd would ram his
cock into her puckered anus from behind.  Then, they would
`double-fuck' her from behind... a cock in her pussy, with
another stuffed up her ass... both of them simultaneously.
   They got to try their plan out, and it worked to lustful
perfection.  The only difference, however, was that Brett
joined in on the fun, too - he forged his cock into Suzi's
mouth and made her suck him off.

   Now, it was a triple-fuck.

   And Suzi, as usual, satisfied them ALL.

3.  SuziFest '98 - UpTown Primadonna Pussy

   The young woman let her four studs spend the rest of the
afternoon and evening at her apartment.  Of course, all the
guys could think of was fucking Suzi.  And, all Suzi could
do was think of fucking the guys.  So it should be pretty
obvious how they spent their time together on this hot day.

   Suzi was determined to live the rest of her life as a
slut.  She simply LOVED sex, and everything which was even
remotely associated with it.  She had already taken care of
most of Seattle... and had plans of branching out elsewhere.

   Who knows, guys?

   Suzi may show up in YOUR hometown one day!  ;)

                       "SuziFest '98"
                         [THE END]

 NOTE: I may change my mind in the future..... but as of
 ~~~~  now, this is the LAST story in the "Suzi" series.


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