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Slave Sister
Part Six
"The Prize"
Norm DePloom

Fran paced back and forth across her room waiting for the Saturday afternoon
'weekly Fran Fuck' to get started.  The 'clit and tit' bells her brother had
recovered from Carla ding-a-linged with each step.  She stopped in front of
her full-length mirror and looked at her naked body.  Cupping her breasts
Fran jiggled them making the bells attached to her nipples dance and ring.
She ran her hands down over her firm stomach and gently pulled at tufts of
her pubic hair.  The crowd of boys outside, waiting for the drawing to see
who would get to shave her, grew noisier.  As she watched her self in the
mirror Fran slipped her hand lower and flicked her fingertip back and fourth
over her large clitoris making her 'clit' bell dance and ring.

Fran continued stroking herself as she walked across the room and looked out
the window.  The back yard was full of boys from school.  Vickie was on her
knees, naked, holding a large bowl from which David was drawing raffle
tickets.  Vickie glanced up at the window and grinned at Fran.  Her face and
chest were flushed with excitement and her nipples, despite the previous
day's torture, stood up hard and crinkled.

Fran dropped the curtain and reluctantly pulled her hand away from her
clitoris.  Her brother's orders had been for her to keep herself excited,
but he had specifically forbid her having an orgasm.  Fran laid on her bed
and gently stroked her glistening cunt lips while she waited.

Dave had brought Fran and Vickie home Friday after Vickie's naked ride
around the student parking lot and fucked each of them twice before their
mother came home from her swing shift job.   Having gotten permission for
Vickie to spend the night the two girls were sent to bed early, their cunts
still dripping sperm.  Dave told them they could 'cuddle' but under no
circumstance were they to fuck each other or have orgasms during the night.
Fran and Vickie stretched the definition of 'cuddle' just as far as they
dared, but still spent a sexually frustrating night in each other's arms.

Fran was disappointed when she was not summoned to Dave's room early
Saturday morning for what had become their customary early morning fuck and
cuddle session.   This was the first morning since her brother had taken her
as his slave that he had not fucked her.  Fran had paced around the house
like a cat in heat waiting for her mother to leave for work.

As soon as their mother's car had disappeared around the corner Dave and
Vickie went to work like a well oiled machine setting everything up for the
drawing.  Fran was stripped, her 'clit and tit' bells were attached and,
after she was fitted with a collar and leash, she was left in her room to
wait until she was summoned.  She had watched out the window as Dave and
Vickie pulled the picnic table into the middle of the yard and set up Dave's
video camera to capture 'The sacrifice of Fran's Pubic Bush to the God of
Teenage Lust' as he was titling today's activities.

After the table and camera were set up Dave supervised Fran and Vickie
fingering each stopping them just short of orgasm.  When Dave was satisfied
with his slave's state of sexual frustration he made a call on the phone
saying only 'It's time' to the person before hanging up.  The back yard
seemed to instantly fill with horny, noisy boys waiting for their chance to

Fran stood up when she heard Vickie coming up the stairs.  Vickie rushed
into the bedroom and threw her arms around her friend.  They kissed then
Vickie picked up the robe Dave had chosen for his sister to wear for her

"We are gong to get fucked silly out their." Vickie said with excitement as
she draped the robe over Fran's shoulders.  "Dave wants you to hold it shut
at the neck from the inside."  Vickie stepped back and checked the drape of
the robe, which covered Fran from neck to ankle.  "When you get out to the
end of the table Dave wants you to stand with the robe closed until he
signals you.  Then you are to throw the robe off and hold the pose with your
hands up over your head while he pans over your body with the camera.  When
he gives you're the second signal, sit on the table then lay back and spread
your legs."  Vickie was almost bouncing around her friend as she gave her
the last minute instructions.

Vickie picked up the leash and led her best friend out to the waiting boys.
Fran could feel her vaginal lubrication seeping from her hot cunt and oozing
down her thighs.  Last week she had thought she was going to die from
humiliation being chained to the oak tree and fucked by her brother's
friends.  Now, one week later, she felt like her body was vibrating with
excitement, her cunt was aching for a cock.

Fran walked with head held high trying her best to look like a queen going
to her coronation.  She saw Dave put on a CD and 'Pomp and Circumstance'
filled the back yard.  How absolutely appropriate Fran thought as she pause
stepped her way from the back door to the redwood picnic table 'altar' where
her pubic hair was to be removed.  The scarlet colored velvet robe swayed
with each step, opening up just enough to give a lucky few glimpses of her
soon to be shaved crotch.

Fran felt a power she had never felt before, she realized that in her
submission she had the power to make every one of these boys cum.  She would
make them cum over and over again.  Fran reached the end of the table and
stood waiting, with her head held high, for Dave's signal.  At his signal
Fran raised her arms and let the robe drop to her feet.  As she held that
pose Fran licked her lips and stared directly into the lens of her brothers
video camera.  Dave slowly panned his camera down his sister's naked body,
pausing on her heaving breasts with their hard crinkled nipples from which
bounced her two tiny brass 'tit' bells.

Fran noticed her brothers left hand slipping down to his own crotch as his
right hand panned the camera down to her crotch.  Fran's face and chest were
flushed, not with embarrassment or humiliation, but with excitement.  She
looked around and noticed that many of the boys already had their cocks out
of their pants and were gently stroking them as they watched.

"OK, now sit on the edge of the table and lay back, spreading your legs for
the camera." Dave instructed his sister as he held the camera focused on her
crotch.  Fran followed her brother's instructions with dramatic slowness.
The boys selected to hold her arms and legs stepped forward to claim their
prizes.  The ones assigned to her legs pulling them up and apart opening her
cunt to the close view of her brother's camera.  Dave zoomed in for a super
close up of her cunt, open and oozing lubricant the lips puffy and
glistening in the afternoon sun.  The boy who won the honors of shaving Fran
stepped forward and, without getting in front of the camera gently pulled
her cunt lips apart allowing the camera to pear directly into her dark wet

Dave widened his shot bringing Vickie, kneeling and holding a bowl below
Fran's crotch, into the frame.  One of the boys handed the second prize
winner a Wahl battery operated beard trimmer.  Switching on the trimmer the
boy held the back part of it against Fran's large swollen clitoris, moving
it in small circles, until deep moans were heard from their victim.
Receiving nods of approval from the crowed he turned the trimmer over and
slowly cut the first swath through Fran's abundant pubic growth, making sure
the clipped hair fell into the waiting bowl.

Fran's moans turned into screams of delight as the vibrations from the
clipper and the boys probing fingers brought on her first orgasm of the day.
Kneeling, and holding the bowl, Vickie looked around at all of the hard
cocks sticking out of flies right at her eye level, then licked her lips in
anticipation.  The clipping done, Vickie ceremoniously covered the bowl
containing Fran's pubic hair and retrieved a shaving mug, a safety razor, a
bowl of warm water and a damp towel.

Recovering from her orgasm Fran was startled when she thought she saw her
mother watching from one of the upstairs bedroom windows, but when she
looked back she only saw a curtain that might have been swaying just a bit.

Wanting to extend his time in the spot light, and his proximity to the most
desired pussy in school, the second place winner made an elaborate
production of whipping the shaving soap into a lather, and several times
tested its consistency, before brushing it over the stubble left on Fran's
just clipped crotch.  Then, picking up the razor and leaning so close he was
almost fucking her with his nose the boy began shaving Fran's crotch in
short gentle strokes.

Fran was startled and suppressed jumping only because of the closeness of
the razor to her clitoris when she thought she saw not her mother but the
football coach watching from the upstairs window.  But, again, the figure
disappeared before she could be sure that she had really seen anything at

The shaving over and her, now smooth, crotch dried and powdered Fran sat on
the edge of the table.  Leaning back on her elbows, with her legs held up
and apart Fran displayed her self and allowed every boy present to come by
and test the smoothness of the shave by running their hands over her thighs
and crotch.  Fran leaned her head back and enjoyed the warm sun on her body
and the gentle touch and admiring statements of the boys parading by.

When it was time for her first 'post shave' fuck Fran was hot wet and ready.
Fran was immensely turned on by a streak of exhibitionism that she had never
before admitted existed.  She had to admit to herself that she loved being
the center of attention with all these hard cocks just for her.  She was a
bit put out knowing she had to share them with Vickie.  She was supposed to
be the star.  This was, after all, supposed to be the 'Second Weekly Fran
Fuck', not the 'First Weekly Fran and Vickie Fuck'.

Fran laid back on the table and again positioned her cunt so it hung
slightly over the edge, Vickie removed her 'clit bell' and stepped aside.
Until this very moment Fran did not know who was going to be the first one
to fuck her after the shave.  To her disappointment a blindfold was placed
over Fran's eyes.  The crowd grew silent with anticipation.  Fran jumped
slightly when strong confident hands stroked her thighs.  She felt a
cockhead at the entrance to her cunt and pushed her self towards it eager
for her first fuck of the day.  As the hard cock began to push into her wet
cunt Fran realized that she was being fucked by a cock that was bigger
around and longer than any she had ever felt before.

The crowd watched in awed silence and listened to Fran's moans as the huge
hard cock slowly sank into her freshly shaved pussy.  A moment of fear,
almost panic, spread through Fran.  She suppressed the urge to beg her
brother to stop this monster from fucking her.  Her brother, who had quickly
moved the camera, was busy keeping his close up shot of the cock slipping
into her in focus.  Fran's panic subsided and she relaxed as best she could,
listening to soft almost reverent choruses of 'Look at that monster slip
into her'. 'Look at her cunt stretch' and 'it really is going to be sloppy
seconds for the rest of us'.

Fran felt the first tickling of the man's pubic hair against her freshly
shaved cunt and realized that she had done it, she had taken the monster
cock without disappointing her brother or embarrassing him in front of his
friends.  She only hoped that the blindfold would be removed and she would
be allowed to meet the 'man with the monster dick' as she was already
thinking of him.  As the huge cock reached its maximum penetration and
reversed course Fran felt like her insides were going to be sucked out with

"God what a dick." Fran shouted as it thrust back into her bringing a cheer
from the audience.  Holding onto both edges of the table to keep from being
pushed across it's rough surface by the force of the thrusts Fran lifted her
legs and spread them even wider greedy for every fraction of an inch she
could get in penetration.

"Oh God yes fuck me." Fran yelled as each slamming penetration of her
freshly shaved cunt bounced her breasts and made her 'tit bells' ring.  As
the monster cock continued fucking in and out of her wet cunt Fran's shouted
'fuck me's' turned into her 'trademark' orgasmic screams.  Her entire body
jerked and spasmed in time with the cock fucking her.  Fran felt hot liquid
raining down on her breasts and knew without looking that she was being
showered with cum from dozens of hard cocks.

Just as the 'man with the monster dick' pulled his cock from Fran's
stretched cunt and added his own contribution to the shower of cum
spattering on her breasts the blindfold was pulled from Fran's eyes.  There,
still wearing his backward collar was the kind, gentle, meek Father Michael
from St. Andrews.

"Just call me 'big daddy'." He suggested, with a licentious grin, as the
last of his cum dripped onto Fran's stomach.

"Doesn't this break your vow of celibacy?" Fran asked without taking her
eyes from his huge still hard cock.

"You're thinking of Catholics my dear," Father Michael said as he reached
down and began to rub the cum pooled on her stomach down over her just
fucked cunt, "we're Episcopalians."

"OK everybody," Dave shouted over the noise of the crowd, "we have one more
piece of business to take care of before we can move on to our fuck fest."
His announcement was met with moans of disappointment from the crowd of boys
all sporting cocks that were still hard despite the cum shower they had just
given Fran.

At Dave's signal four of the boys helped Fran from the table, and four
others grabbed Vickie by the arms and legs and placed her on the table.
Vickie squealed in delight thinking 'they don't have to hold me down to
shave me, or to fuck me'.  Working quickly before Vickie had any idea what
was happening Dave produced a leather punch and pierced each of her cunt
lips.  Dave then pushed the shank of a small padlock through the holes and
snapped it closed.  It was all over before Vickie's mind had time to
register the pain.

"This," Dave said holding up a key, "may not be the key to Vickie's heart,
but it is the key to her cunt." Dave turned and addressed Vickie "Any body
who has a key to this lock has the right to fuck you."  Dave turned back to
the gathered crowd. "For today it will be blowjobs and anal sex only for
Vickie, we have to give her knew adornment a chance to heal."

"I'm first" 'Big Daddy' said as he pushed Vickie to her knees and pressed
his still dripping cock to her lips.  Fran was picked up and her now
hairless cunt was quickly lowered onto the waiting cock of a boy laying on
the grass.  Another hard cock was immediately presented for her to suck.
For the next several hours Fran and Vickie lost contact with each other.
When they did catch glimpses of the other one, they were always servicing at
least two hard cocks at a time.  From time to time, when Fran's mouth wasn't
occupied sucking the life out of some perpetually horny teenage boy's cock,
she would glimpse up at the second story windows.  Several times she was
sure she had seen her mother, the football coach, or booth of them standing
in the window watching the backyard orgy.  But is seemed that another cock
was always being shoved into her mouth so Fran could never be really sure of
what she saw.

As the party died down Fran was dispatched to the upstairs bathroom to
bathe, and Vickie was sent along to help her.  Fran quickly checked all of
the upstairs rooms but could find no evidence of her mother or the football
coach.  Vickie ran a tub of hot water, then kneeling on the floor washed the
accumulated cum from Fran's body, and bodily orifices.  Vickie washed Fran's
hairless cunt for twenty minutes before she was satisfied with its
cleanliness.  Fran stepped out of the bath and, after Vickie dried her, sat
on the closed toilet seat and examined the small padlock now holding her
best friends cunt closed.

"Your know," Fran said finally, "this is really kind of sexy looking."

"Do you really think so?" Vickie asked, her desperate need for Fran's
approval heartbreakingly apparent.  Then Vickie grinned "I wonder who is
going to show up with the key first." She mused more like her old self
again.  She leaned forward and spoke to Fran in a lower voice. "God who ever
would have guessed Father Michael was hiding such a monster under his
robes."  The door opened and Dave entered carrying the scarlet colored
velvet robe Fran had worn for her slow march to the 'altar' that afternoon.

"Vickie, I spoke to your mom and got permission for you to spend another
night with us." Dave spoke as he draped the robe over his sister's
shoulders.  "I want you to go to Fran's room and wait there."  As Vickie
left the room Dave stepped to the door and spoke to her down the hall. "And
no playing with yourself in any way.  No fingers, no vibrators, no hair
brushes, no coke bottles, nothing."  Dave stared after Vickie for a moment,
enjoying the view of her ass walking away from him down the hall then turned
back to his sister. "I don't want her to ware her self out before we get
back to her this evening." He grinned and winked at Fran.  "Come on," he
said walking toward the stairs, "we still have a busy night ahead."

Dave led his scarlet robed, but other wise naked sister out the back door
and to his car.  Once they were away from the house Dave pulled a small
padlock key hanging from a red silk ribbon from his pocked and after draping
it over Fran's neck slipped his hand inside her robe to explore her smooth
shaven pussy.  As Fran spread her legs to make her brother's exploration
easier she picked up the key hanging around her neck and took a closer look
at it.

"Is this.." she started to ask.

"Yes, the key to Vickie's cunt."  Dave answered Fran's unfinished question.
"Consider her an early birthday gift." Dave gave his sister a quick grin as
his finger slipped into her wet hairless cunt. "To do with as you please."
After driving three blocks Dave pulled the car over to the side of the
street and turned to Fran. "I'm going to have to blindfold you now."  Dave
slipped the blindfold over Fran's eyes, his finger back into her pussy and
the car back into traffic.

Fran quickly lost track of right and left turns and had no idea where they
were when Dave finally parked the car and, helping her out of the passenger
side door walked her up to the front porch of a house in the middle of the
block.    Dave positioned Fran in front of the door, then took her robe and
walked back to his car leaving Fran standing in the failing twilight in
plain view of anyone who might drive by wearing nothing but a blindfold and
the key to Vickie's cunt on a red silk ribbon around her neck.

Fran's nipples hardened in the cool night air.  She heard the door open and
felt hands touching her arms encouraging her to step into the house.
Trusting in her confidence that her brother would not put her in a position
to get harmed Fran stepped into the welcoming arms of Ms. Marshall, her
lover and their two best friends.

Fran's senses were overwhelmed by the deep piled carpet under her bare feet,
the smell of incense and perfume, and the warm hands gently stroking over
every part of her body.  Soft music played in the background.  Fran felt
earplugs being pushed into her ears then taped in place.  Ms Marshall
plugged the long wire from the earplugs into the stereo, the music safely
covering their voices the four women began to talk.

"I told you she was a beautiful creature."  Ms Marshall said to her lover
and the other woman.  Ms Marshall took Fran in her arms bringing her naked
body in contact with Fran's.  With one hand holding the back of Fran's head
and the other holding her butt Ms Marshall extended her knee between Fran's
spread legs and gently moved Fran's cunt up and down her thigh while she
probed Fran's mouth with her tongue.  Fran wrapped her arms around the woman
kissing her and kissed back excited by the feel of warm hard nipples
pressing into her own. Fran moved her hips in time with the woman's hand on
her butt.

"Hey, don't 'Boggart' that girl, Helen."  Ms Marshall's lover joked after
the kiss had gone on for several minutes without any sign of breaking before
both women collapsed in mutual orgasm.  Ms. Marshall reluctantly broke off
her kiss and, after tenderly pinching Fran's left nipple, passed Fran to her

"Don't worry Wilma, there's plenty of Fran to go around." Ms Marshall said
to her lover with a wink.  Fran felt herself being turned slightly and
leaned back.  Another tongue forced its way between her lips, while her
shoulders were cradled my one strong arm.  Another hand roamed over her
breasts then down across her tight stomach to her hairless crotch where the
forefinger circled then flicked back and forth over Fran's one half-inch
long clitoris.    The tongue abandoned Fran's mouth and licked down her neck
circling her left breast then spiraling up to the already hard nipple.
Fran's loud moan caused smiles of approval to appear on the lips of the
women who were watching.

"Mind if I cut in?" asked the woman on the other side of Wilma, tapping her
on the shoulder.  Fran felt herself being passed to another woman.  This
time Fran was pulled into a powerful hug.  Fran's head was tilted back and
she was kissed by a woman considerably taller that her self.  Fran felt like
she was being engulfed by a giantess with large pillow like breasts.  The
woman moved her entire body up and down Fran as she kissed her.

"Hey, its my turn." The fourth woman said playfully punching the taller
woman who was still probing Fran's throat with her tongue and Fran's cunt
with her finger on the shoulder.  As Fran was passed to the last woman she
was turned around so the woman could press herself against Fran's back while
she reached around and pinched both of Fran's nipples and sucked on Fran's

"Debbie's the queen of hickies." The taller woman said speaking of the woman
now pinching Fran's nipples.

"Quit teasing her, Betty." Ms Marshall said to the tall woman as she dropped
to her knees in front of Fran and, putting Fran's legs over her shoulders,
supported Fran's butt with both hands while she leaned forward and ran her
tongue over the glistening folds of Fran's smooth cunt.  Ms. Marshall's
lover silenced Fran's moans with a deep kiss while Betty knelt behind Ms
Marshall and began to lick Fran's feet, sucking Fran's toes slowly in and
out of her mouth.

Having never seen Fran cum the four women were surprised by the force with
which her body jerked and almost dropped her before they managed to lower
Fran's spasming body to the carpeted floor.  Betty rudely pushed the others
aside and, straddling Fran's head slowly lowered her wet cunt onto Fran's
open waiting mouth.  Fran stretched her tongue eager for her first taste of
pussy.  As Betty's cunt sank over Fran's face Fran worked her tongue through
the woman's folds of pussy flesh until she found her clitoris which Fran
sucked into her mouth and flicked with her tongue, just as she liked having
done to her own clitoris.

The woman riding Fran's mouth reached down and pinched Fran's nipples as she
rocked her cunt up and down on Fran's head.  After Betty came, clutching
Fran's breasts in her hands and grinding her cunt on Fran's face until Fran
thought she would suffocate, she climbed off and Ms Marshall abandoned
Fran's smooth pussy to mount Fran's now available mouth.  Ms Marshall' lover
took over the position between Fran's legs. The four women continued licking
Fran's cunt and pushing their own pussies in her face until Fran thought her
tongue would cramp from all the licking she was being forced to do.

"Doesn't it just send chills down your spine when she cums and screams while
she's licking your cunt?" Ms Marshall asked the other three while she was
taking her fourth turn on Fran's mouth.  Ms Marshall leaned her head back
and moaned loudly while her cunt jerked back and forth across Fran's puffy
sore lips.

"God that was good." Ms Marshall said as she climbed of the prostrated young
girls face. "But unfortunately it's time to give her back to her brother."
All four women helped Fran to her feet and supported her as they removed the
earplugs.  Fran appreciated the strong hands holding her up while she walked
with shaky legs through the house and out onto the front porch.

The cold air goose-pimpled Fran's skin as she waited naked and blindfolded
for her brother to make his presence known.  Fran had no idea what time it
was or how long she had been licking the cunts of these women.

"Did you enjoy all of those cunts?" Fran jumped only slightly at the sound
of her brother's voice coming from so close to her.  Dave took Fran's arm
and led her out to the street.  Fran felt the damp grass on her bare feet,
as well as the cool breeze on her naked body.  Dave opened the door for Fran
and helped her sit in the passenger side seat.  Fran realized that her
brother had managed to get a convertible for their drive home.  The only
person Fran knew with a convertible was the Football Coach.  As the car
accelerated Fran could feel her hair being whipped by the wind.

Dave drove down quite streets at first, but then they turned onto a noisy
boulevard and Fran could only guess that she was being taken down the 'main
drag' naked at the height of the cruising hour.  Fran surprised herself by
sitting up proud and tall instead of trying to hide.  She smiled, and her
nipples got harder and her already dripping pussy got wetter every time she
heard a boy making a comment about her.  Especially when they called her a
slut, to her own amazement she was going crazy with lust every time she
heard that word.   Fran felt the distinctive bounce of the car being pulled
into a parking lot and felt rising panic as voices gathered around the car.
Dave got out of the car and slammed his door.

"OK boys," Dave yelled as he walked around the car, "one more late night
fuck before I take the slut home and put her to bed."  Fran heard the door
on her side open and felt Dave's strong hands pulling her from the car.
"Once more into the breach..." he whispered in Fran's ear as he bent her
over the car door and spread her legs.  Fran felt a warm body behind her and
just vaguely made out the sound of a zipper before she felt the head of a
large cock move twice up and down the folds of her cunt.  The boy behind
Fran held his cock at the base and pushed it into her wet opening.  Fran's
moan was drowned out by the noise of the watching crowd.

Fran felt the car move as someone climbed into the front seat beside her
head.  Seconds after hearing the second zipper Fran felt the head of a
second cock being pushed against her lips, accompanied by a rough 'take it
all slut.'  Fran opened her mouth and welcomed the hard invader with her
tongue.  'God' Fran thought 'is Dave trying to set a new twenty four hour
fuck record, using my body'.  Fran sucked the cock into her mouth until her
nose nestled in the boy's pubic hair.

'I jut hope they spell my name right in the record book.' she thought, the
smile unnoticed on her cock stretched lips.

End part Six

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