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In the course of my adult life, I have always had an affinity for having sex
out of doors. Something about the fresh air, smell of water nearby, possibility
of being seen by others, or better yet being caught by the authorities has
always made me extremely excited. 

One hot summer night, my live-in lover Mark and I decided to take a swim at our
apartment pool at two in the morning. It was mid June, and Dallas was in the
middle of a sweltering heat wave.  We were looking to cool off after having
been out dancing all evening at a local club.  Mark helped me strip the little
black silk dancing dress from my tall, voluptuous body, lowering the tiny
straps from my shoulders, then letting the dress drop in a heap on the floor. 
He rubbed my arms from behind, and I felt his tall, muscular body rub up
against my now near-naked one. The dress was not much coverage for me, it was
very low cut in front and back, showing off all my curves to their best
advantage.  "Mmm, Serena, I love that dress on you, but better yet I love
taking it off you," Mark whispered in my ear. I turned to him, knowing he was
quickly getting interested in something other than swimming. "Let's go see how
quiet the pool is, honey. I really need a good, um, swim," I told him.  He
smiled, knowing my taste for all forms of water. I grasped the back of his
shirt, pulling it over his head, throwing it on the bed.  My hands ran over his
chest, feeling his rippling muscles beneath them that I loved so well.  I bent
down to lightly kiss all my favorite places, teasing him with my lips,  before
reaching lower with my hands. I pulled Mark close to me with his belt, and we
were inches apart as i slid the belt from his pants. He quickly had his pants
off, and was now standing in front of me naked.  I could see we were not going
to be going anywhere if I didnt do something now, so ran to the closet before
Mark could stop me. I came out with both of our swim suits, and tossed his to
him. "Here, get that on before I change my mind," I teased him. My bikini was
blue and very revealing. I quickly had it on, and        grabbed a couple of
towels from the linen closet. "If you want me tonight, you have to follow me,
babe," I told him.  Mark was close on my heels as we almost ran to the pool. 
It was a quiet evening, and no lights were on around the pool area that we
could see. I watched as Mark's tall, tan, and fit body disappeared beneath the
cool water. He smiled at me as I quickly joined him. We splashed around a
little while, then he came over and splashed me hard in the face and started a
water fight.  I was winning (or so I felt) when all of a sudden he grabbed me
and kissed me passionately, deeply, quickly stopping one fight, and beginning
another.  Mark turned me so my back was up against the side of the pool in the
shallow end, and began kissing me so thoroughly I was about to melt back into
the pool, cool water or not.  His hands went into the top of my bikini, pulling
the tiny straps down my soft shoulders, leaving my large, full  breasts free
and floating on the top of the water just in front of his face. Mark leaned
down and took one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking hard on it as I moaned
aloud. I reached down, running my hands over his tight stomach, then into his
suit. I slid it down his legs, freeing his cock from its prison of cloth.
Mark's hands were all over my body now, touching me everywhere he could get to.
He reached into the bikini bottoms, sliding one of his fingers into me, as I
squirmed under his touch. I reached for his cock, and took it in my hands,
rubbing up and down the shaft. We were entwined on the pool edge, feeling,
licking, touching, sucking, holding each other.  I was about to scream with
desire for him to make love to me underwater when he pulled the rest of my suit
down and joined my body. It felt so good, the water moving between us, him
inside me, I was almost climaxing immediately from the heady combination of the
water and his rock hard cock, when out of the corner of my eye, I could see a
face in the window of the apartment clubhouse.  It was a man I knew, his name
was Rick, and he lived in our apartments. Rick had been after me for months to
sleep with him, but I was the faithful type and wouldn't cheat. That had never
seemed to slow Rick down, though.  His face was filled with lust, I could see
his eyes were very wide and totally engrossed in watching Mark and I in the
pool. Then they locked with mine, and I saw the look of surprise as it hit him
that I knew what he was doing, then the slow grin of satisfaction as he told me
silently, "I see you, and I WILL have you, you know I will".  Mark had no idea
we were being watched, and for a while, I didnt tell him.  In fact, I was so
close to orgasm that I wouldnt have stopped if it had been Jesus watching us. 
All I knew was I had to come....needed to come....would die if I didn't come. 
I looked in Rick's eyes as I fucked Mark, saying silently back, "See what you
are missing...and will never have".  Harder and faster, again and again, Mark
was fucking me in the pool as I watched Rick watch us, my lover in front,
voyeur in sight....making it with two men at once, so hot I was almost
screaming at both of them,"yes yes yes, dont stop baby, oh dont stop no matter
what!" I could see Rick in the window now, moving the curtain aside, not even
bothering to hide from me anymore.  He was holding the biggest cock I have ever
seen in my life, rock hard and almost long enough to reach me in the pool. He
was stroking it with both hands, and he nowhere near could get them around it.
I almost choked for a minute looking at that monster. Then I began to imagine
it WAS that monster cock instead of Mark's that was inside of me, and it pushed
me over the edge entirely..."Oh god, baby, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's it,
I'm cuuuummming" I shouted, knowing full well he could hear me in the
clubhouse. Rick had that look on his face again, like he could read my mind and
knew I had imagined it was him at the end.  Mark came almost at the same time
as I climaxed and I clamped down on him, milking him for every last drop he
had.  He held me for a minute as we caught our breath, and I saw the curtain
drawn back in place, the interloper gone. "Hey, there's someone in the
clubhouse...we better get dressed" I told him. Mark turned around to see, but
was too late to catch our silent partner.  We got out of the pool, without
dressing, grabbing the beach towels and wrapping them around us in our hurry to
leave.  We were almost home when we realized that we looked the same with the
towels around us as we did going to the pool with suits on, and Mark got a
strange gleam in his eye as he led me to his car, a big old buick lesabre, with
a  large backseat.  He unlocked the doors and we got into the back...but that
is another story for another day.....


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