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Subject: "The Housesitter" by Steve - Part 3 (MF)
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The Housesitter 
by Steve

Part 3

	Brian awoke sometime around dinner. He was still in Reneeís bed, but she was
nowhere to be found. He groggily got to his feet and looked around the room,
letting the events of the past few hours sink in. He thought about the way
Reneeís skin felt clenched against him as they made love. He thought about that
beautiful look that appeared on her face when she climaxed. Then he thought it
was all one wonderfully descriptive dream. He just couldnít believe any of it
now. He walked out of Reneeís room and while on his way down the stairs, he
stopped believing that he had woken up in Reneeís bed. He hit the bottom of the
stairs and saw Renee on the couch, reading a book. This was about the time that
Brian realized he forgot to get dressed and was still completely naked. He
turned around and bolted up the stairs before Renee could see him.
Surprisingly, she didnít hear him charge up the stairs either.
	Brian appeared a few minutes later at the bottom of the stairs once again,
only this time with clothes on. He made his way over the couch where Renee was
sitting, staring at her beauty the whole time. He took a seat next to her and
she turned toward him with a smile shining brightly on her face.
	"Sleep well?" Renee asked.
	"Great," Brian said, still not sure of this was a dream or not.
	"You deserved it after what you did for me," Renee said naughtily, leaning
over and planting her lips on Brianís. No dream. 
	"This morning was the best one of my life," Brian said.
	"There is a lot more in the future," Renee said as the two kissed. They made
out on the couch for an hour or so before they both gave into their hunger and
went out to get something to eat.

	"Our waiter was such an asshole," Renee laughed as they entered their house. 
	"I know, but what do you expect from a Frenchman," Brian joked as he walked
into the kitchen and pressed the play button on the answering machine.
	"Hi Brian, this is Elizabeth. Give me a call when you get this. I was hoping
that we could get together tonight," the voice on the machine said.
	"Shit, Elizabeth. I got so caught up today that I forgot about her. How am I
gonna tell her this?" Brian worried.
	"I want to say that you donít have to tell her about it, but lying to her
would be a very bad thing too," Renee said.
	"Well, what are you going to tell Ron?" Brian asked.
	"Iím going to break up with him," Renee said firmly.
	"Just break up with him? Maybe it was just me, but you two seemed kind of
serious," Brian said.
	"Ron is nice, but it is obvious that you donít like him, and truthfully, he
sucks in bed. And besides, I donít love him, and it would be unfair to stay
with him when I love someone else," Renee said.
	"That seems simple, but I canít just do that to Elizabeth. Iím not an asshole,
I canít just dump her like that."
	"Are you saying that Iím an asshole for dumping Ron that way?"
	"No. Girls canít be assholes when they dump men. Because when it happens, men
just assume itís their fault and accept it. We hold no grudge. No matter how
much of an asshole you really are in the break up, we would come crawling back
at the smallest call from you women. Weíre pathetic like that," Brian said.
	"That is pathetic," Renee added. 
	Silence broke out in the room. Brian sat at the kitchen table, resting his
head upon his hand, in a state of thought. Renee sat down next to him hugged
him from behind, hoping to be of some sort of comfort to him.
	"You know, the other day you told me not to cheat on Elizabeth," Brian said.
	"Well, I hadnít fallen in love with you yet," Renee said.
	"That still doesnít not make you a hypocrite," said Brian.
	"I guess instead of telling you not to cheat on Elizabeth, I should have told
you to follow your heart," Renee said.
	"Well I did, and you didnít even have to tell me," Brian said, getting up from
the chair and walking over to the phone. He picked up the receiver and dialed
Elizabethís number.
	"Hi, is Elizabeth there?" he asked. 
	"Just one moment," the voice on the other end spoke.
	"Hello?" Elizabeth asked a short time later.
	"Hi, we need to talk," Brian said.
	"What is it?" she asked with concern.
	"Listen, I hate to do this on the phone, but I have to say this now before it
eats me up inside anymore," Brian said solemnly.
	"Oh god," Elizabeth said, predicting what Brian had to say.
	"I fell in love with someone else, and I canít live a lie by continuing to
date you. Iím sorry," said Brian.
	"I-I understand," Elizabeth said, beginning to cry, "Itís not like we dated
that long or anything."
	"It was nothing that you did. Donít be sad, youíll find someone else. Theyíll
be better for you than I am," Brian spoke, trying to calm her down.
	"Iíve gotta go," Elizabeth said, hanging up the phone quickly.
	Brian hung up the phone and turned around to look at Renee. She was sitting at
table still, her eyes looking right into his. Her smile made everything seem
OK, even though he knew he just hurt someone that he really cared about, and
there was no way to change that. But with Renee there, it just all seemed to be
	"Are you OK?" Renee asked, standing from her chair and walking toward him.
	"Iíll be OK. I just feel bad about doing that to her. But I had no choice," he
said, taking Renee in his arms and holding her close. He loved the feel of her
warm body against his. It made him feel like he had a real purpose on this
world. It made him feel whole. It made him forget all about Elizabeth and
realize just how much he wanted to be with Renee at that moment.

	Renee and Brian spent the next few hours on the couch, holding each other
close, but saying not a word. They both just sat there and thought about the
situation that they had put themselves into and as to how they could handle it.
They knew they had to keep it quiet from Brianís mother and from everyone else
in their town. They had that under control, but where was it all heading? If
they stayed together, what was it for? Even when Brian reached legal age, he
would never be able to bring himself to tell his mother that he had been having
a secret affair with his babysitter for the last year. It was just doomed to go
nowhere. The only thing good about the relationship was the short term
happiness that it brought both of them, and they needed that right now, so
neither said a word to the other, though they knew that this could never last.

	Brian walked down the stairs the next morning and into the kitchen. There,
Renee was standing at the stove, wearing only a t-shirt that barely covered her
shapely little ass. She was cooking what smelled like pancakes to Brian, but he
couldnít be sure. So he moved in closer for a better view.
	"What are you cooking?" Brian said, sneaking up behind Renee and startling
	"Pancakes," she smiled, wiggling her ass slowly over his crotch. 
	"How long until theyíre done?" Brian asked, cupping the globes of Reneeís bare
ass with his hands.
	"Theyíre done now," Renee said, flipping them out of the pan and onto a nearby
	"Good," Brian said, waiting until she had set down the pan before he grabbed
her by the waist and swung her around onto the table.
	"Oooh, I take it youíre not hungry just yet," Renee purred.
	"Oh, but I am," Brian said, kneeling down between Reneeís thighs, parting them
slightly. She lifted up her shirt to her stomach and scooted her hips forward
in anticipation. It had been so long since anyone had eaten her, and she really
missed it, and it showed. The tender lips of her pussy were glistening with
moisture. She moaned softly as Brianís tongue made its first contact with her
horny little cunt. Just as Renee inhaled, she moaned again as Brianís tongue
flicked around inside her pussy, eliciting feelings inside her she didnít know
she had. The incredible pleasure she was feeling was unlike anything she had
felt before. There was something about the way Brianís tongue was caressing her
insides, making her hornier by the second.
	"That feels so good!" Renee moaned, throwing her head back and using one of
her hands to push Brianís face harder between her legs. Even though this was
his first time doing this, Brian knew what he was doing, or at least it felt
like it to Renee. "Make love to me now. I need you so bad," Renee cooed,
stroking her loverís cheek. Brian reluctantly pulled his lips away from Reneeís
beautiful pussy and stripped out of his pants. He grabbed her by the waist and
lifted her up onto the kitchen table, his penis bobbing just inches from her
	There eyes met for a second in a look of passion before Brian pushed the head
of his member into Reneeís waiting pussy. She moaned and grabbed Brianís
shoulders, gripping them tightly as he filled her with his love. Brian went
slow, reveling in the soft feel of Reneeís sweet young body. 
	Renee ground her hips slowly against Brianís slow, long strokes. He was
getting her off so good, and he knew it. Brian could see the look of euphoria
in Reneeís glazed eyes. She was ready to cum, and so was he, but Brian wanted
to watch Renee go off before he did, so he held on with all his nerve.
	"Uhhh!!! Oh god!" Renee screamed as she felt herself slip away from any sort
of control she had. Her nails gripped tightly to Brian as she let go and
orgasmed so beautifully. In Brianís eyes, Renee had never looked so beautiful. 
Her face contorted in the most wonderful way, turning Brian on even more, which
ultimately caused him to shoot off inside of Renee. Brian rested for a second
or two then grabbed Renee by the hips and carried her into the living room and
set her on the couch. There, the two kissed and held each other for the rest of
the morning. 

	Then next few weeks passed quickly. Brian and Renee made love at least once a
day, if not a lot more. When Brianís mom was home for days at a time, they
would have to have sex quietly at night after she went to sleep, but they
always found the time.
	Brian and Renee decided that they would tell his mom about their relationship
once Brian turned eighteen. Then, hopefully, they could move out and get an
apartment together.

THE END (for now at least)

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