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The Housesitter
by Steve

Part 2

The next morning was a little awkward. Brian woke early, but was kind f afraid
to go downstairs. He was eager to see Renee, because after the previous night,
he felt they had a bond between them. They had shared something together that
was so special. At least it was in Brianís mind. That was his fear about the
whole thing, that Renee would think the previous nightís actions were just
something that happened and nothing to really dwell on. Brian wanted that to be
special. He wanted them to dwell on it. He wanted to be close to Renee again,
feel her touch, feel her breath on his skin. He wanted her.

	Renee laid on her bed. She looked over at her clock. 9:30 am. She had been up
for almost two hours, but she couldnít bring herself to leave her room. She
couldnít face Brian. Not after the night before. What was she thinking? Was she
insane? Giving head to a minor wasnít exactly what she was planning on doing
that night. She wasnít really looking for a jail term. But their was nothing
she could really do. Her emotions took over. She didnít even realize how she
felt about Brian until earlier the day before when her and Brian fell to the
floor together. In that moment, she realized that she wanted him. The thought
had never really crossed her mind until that moment. It felt odd to her, but
yet, so right.

	In the oddest twist of fates, simultaneously, Renee and Brian got up the
courage to leave their bedrooms. The doors cracked open at the same time, and
their eyes met. The dear in headlights stare glazed over both of their faces.
Neither could speak, just stare. 
	"Listen, about last night," Renee stuttered. 
	"I understand if that was a one time thing. I wouldnít expect you toÖ" Brian
broke in.
	"I loved it," Renee interrupted, catching even herself off guard.
	"What?" Brian questioned.
	"I was going to say that I loved last night and Iím sorry it got interrupted.
We never got to finish," Renee said, her lust and emotions in full control.
	"So then, youíre OK with this?" Brian asked.
	"Definitely," Renee said triumphantly. She felt a knot in her stomach release
as her true feelings were reflected. 
	Brian walked across the distance that separated him from Renee, and grabbed
her in his arms. Their lips met in mutual lust, and kissed urgently. Their was
so much pent up lust between the two of them, and it all released at once. Fire
surged through Brianís veins as he held this beautiful in his arms. He dreamt
so heavily about this moment, and now it was his to cherish forever. 
	As the lust left Renee, the guilt entered. What was she doing? She had just
thrown herself at the boy she was paid to keep out of trouble. And here she
was, throwing him into trouble. But at the same time, it felt so good. She
hadnít kissed anyone this passionately in a long time. She hadnít felt this
good about anyone ever. Here she was, ready to sleep with a guy, and she
already knew everything about him. She didnít have to worry about disease, rape
or any sort of violence. She knew what she was getting herself into, and that
felt good. As she came to this realization, she found her lust once more.
	"Make love to me Brian," Renee said without any thought. It just kind of flew
from her mouth, but it wasnít like she didnít want it anyway.
	Brian couldnít think of anything to say in reply to Renee that didnít sound
corny, so he just didnít speak. Instead, he reached down grabbed Renee in his
arms and carried over the bed. Renee started crying instantly. She had waited
so long for someone to do that to her, and the last person she expected to do
it was Brian.
	Brian laid Renee down on the bed and went in to kiss her, but he saw the tears
streaming down her reddened cheeks.
	"Whatís wrong? Did I do something wrong?" Brian asked.
	"No, it was what you did wrong, it was what you did," Renee said.
	"What did I do?" Brian asked, gently stroking Reneeís cheek and wiping away
her tears.
	"The way you picked me up and carried me over here. Iíve waited my whole life
for someone to do that to me," Renee said.
	"I love you Renee," Brian said.
	"I love you too," Renee replied, grabbing Brianís face and pulling him closer
for a kiss.
	With guilt and worry aside, Renee leaned back on the bed and let everything
take its course. She wasnít going to rush anything, she would just let it
happen. She wanted this to be perfect for Brianís first time.
	Brianís hands slipped Reneeís shirt up over her head and off of her sexy
little body. She wore no bra, so Brian got his first glimpse of Reneeís pert
little breasts. He quickly put his hand on one and rubbed it gently with his
hand. Renee let out a little squeal of pleasure, which encouraged Brian to be a
little more firm. He gripped her breasts in his hands and kneaded them softly
against her chest, grazing her nipples lightly with his thumbs, just the way he
had seen so many porno actors do in his adolescence. Renee didnít seem to mind
either, moaning softly each time Brian caught one of her nipples with his
	"Oh honey, that feels so nice," Renee moaned, "You can suck them if you want."
	Brian immediately lowered his mouth to Reneeís puffy nipple, flicking it
gently with his tongue before pushing the tiny bud between his lips. He sucked
lovingly on Reneeís nipple, feeling it grow slightly between his lips. He gave
a few last licks to the nipple before switching over to he other, applying the
same stimulus, and receiving the same reaction from Renee, moaning and heavy
	For Brian, all this was great so far, but what he really wanted was to be
inside of Renee, and make love to her, so he released her nipple from his grip
and started working to get her sweat pants off. With her being under him, this
wasnít easy. Brian finally rolled off of her and slid them down her legs with
ease, admiring her silky smooth skin as it was exposed to his virgin eyes. All
that stood between Brian and sex now was a small piece of white cotton, which
had become damp with Reneeís wetness.
	Brian carefully slid Reneeís panties from her body, examining  the newly
uncovered territory closely as it came into his view. A light patch of blonde
pubic resided above her delicate, puffy pussy lips, which were dripping wet.
Renee looked at his eyes, so full of wonder and lust. It made her so horny to
think that she was having this kind of effect on Brian.
	"Sweety, I want you inside of me," Renee moaned bluntly, lifting her hips up
towards Brian. He extended his hand and lightly touched Reneeís sweet sex for
the first time. He let his fingers drag slowly across the pink flesh of Reneeís
labia before pulling his hand away and getting to the task of undressing
himself. As much as Brian wanted to touch and play with Reneeís lovely pussy,
he wanted his dick inside of it so much more. 
	Brian quickly had his clothes off, leaving him naked with Renee. He carefully
laid down on top of her and met her in a warm embrace, their lips meeting in a
soft wet kiss. Brianís cock slid up and down across Reneeís cunt lips, teasing
her as they kissed. She could feel the warm pre-cum seeping from the end being
smeared across her puffy cunt lips, making her all the more horny. Brian wasnít
oblivious to this fact either, as the action of his cock bobbing up and down
across this sexy womanís vagina was making him horny as well, and soon it was
all to much to bear.
 	Brian reached down between their entwined bodies and grabbed a hold of his
erect cock and aimed towards the opening of Reneeís womanhood. With a loving
carefulness that made Renee feel truly special, Brian slipped his cock slowly
into her. She watched the expressions on Brianís face as he experienced sex for
the first time. His face contorted with delight as he slipped inch by inch
inside of Renee. For Brian, this was complete ecstasy. He now knew why he was
on earth. To have sex. The way Reneeís cunt gripped down on his inexperienced
cock as slowly slipped into her made Brianís head spin, as the feeling he was
getting from it all was unbelievably overwhelming. 
	Brian finally made it all the way inside of Renee, at which point he came to a
sudden stop. Renee looked him in the eye and saw his lust, but he did nothing.
She started to slowly roll her hips against his throbbing groin, hoping to coax
him into doing the same. As Brian felt Reneeís pelvis grind into him, he began
to do the same, letting his urges take over his actions. He moved his cock
through Reneeís cunt slowly, absorbing every ounce of pleasure from it, and
letting Renee do the same. This was the way she liked it, slow and gentle. For
Renee, it was the loving gentleness that made her cum, not the raw power behind
each thrust. Most guys didnít understand this, and just pounded away on her
until they got their rocks off, then rolled off of her like everything was
finished. Not Brian though, so far at least.
	"Oh god Brian, youíre making me cum!!!" Renee panted, dragging her nails
powerfully down his back. She started bucking as hard as she could against
Brian, but still keeping the pace slow. She could feel her orgasm just seconds
away and it was driving her mad. She needed the release so badly. She hadnít
cum from just normal missionary style sex in so long.
	"Oh shit! Oh yeah! God!!!" Renee yelled uncontrollably. Her pussy was gripping
tight against Brianís cock as her whole body tensed and a wave pleasure ran
through her, send her head reeling back against the pillow.
	"Oh god Renee," was all Brian said as he unloaded his semen into Reneeís
contracting cunt. Renee pulled herself tighter against her lover, almost
cutting off the flow of air to his lungs. Together, they rode out their
orgasms, writhing and convulsing with each other. When it was all over, Brian
rolled off of Renee and laid on his back next to her. She scooted over close to
him and snuggled up against his chest, her hand gently caressing him.
	"We didnít use any protection," Brian said, sitting up in a panic.
	"Donít worry, Iím on birth control," Renee said, "And did you really think I
would have let it get that far with taking some kind of precaution?"
	"Well, you never know. In the heat of the moment, when your passion is burning
out of control, you tend to forget tiny details such as that," Brian said,
lying back down with a sigh of relief. 
	"Passion burning out of control? I wasnít that wrapped up in the moment."
	"Yeah you were. All you could think about was how badly you wanted me. And
thereís nothing wrong with that. Many women have had the same feeling when
theyíre around me," Brian joked.
	"Youíre ego is beginning to out-weigh your libido," Renee said, hitting Brian
in the face with a pillow.
	"Oh yeah?" Brian taunted, rolling Renee on top of him and kissing her
urgently. Renee giggled and embraced her lover once again.

To be continued...

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