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The Housesitter
by Steve

Part 1

It had been just three short weeks since Brianís parents had divorced, and his
mom had already decided that she wasnít going to be able to handle him all by
herself. Brianís mother had gained custody of him, because thatís the way he
wanted it. He was 17 and by law, he had the right to decide for himself which
parent he wanted to live with. He liked his dad well enough, but he knew that
his dad hated where they lived, and wanted to move to California. Brian was
already depressed about his parents divorce, the last thing he needed was to
have to go to a new place and make new friends. So the decision went to his
mother. This came as a surprise to everyone, because everyone knew that Brian
was closer to his father, and that his mother was about two steps away from
being a completely unfit parent. She had a full time job as an executive for a
very prestigious world-wide clothing company. She spent most of her time at any
one of the many branches of the company around the world. So pretty much,
Brianís father raised him.
	When Brianís mom said that she couldnít keep spending this much time at home
with and that she was going to have to do something, he started to worry. Did
she expect him to go live with his dad? That was out of the question, but if
she refused custody of him, that is what would happen. The only other
alternative that seemed to exist was her quitting her job, but she would never
do that. She had fifteen years at the company, and was the third highest paid
person on their payroll. She wouldnít give all that up, or would she. Brian
hoped their was another way around it, because he didnít want to be the reason
that his mom didnít have her fabulous job anymore, and besides, he loved being
	"Brian, we need to talk," his mother said as Brian walked in the door after
school. Conversations that started like that are never good.
	"Yeah, what is it mom," he said, trying to sound like he didnít know what the
talk would be about. This where he found out he was moving to California with
his dad and his new girlfriend.
	"As you know, there is no way I can keep an eye on you and do my job. These
last three weeks Iíve used up almost all of my vacation time, and when I go
back, theyíre not gonna let me stay home with you. My job description says that
I am to oversee the functions of all of our world branches, and I canít do that
from home. Iíve thought about this for a few days and I think Iíve found the
solution," she said. She had that look in her eye like he wasnít going to enjoy
what she about to say. Brian assumed the words dad and California where about
to pop up. "Iíve decided to hire a live-in care giver."
	His ears were stunned. No California, but could this be worse? Brian
immediately thought of a 90 year old woman living with them, hovering over
every thing he did, telling him what he could and couldnít do. Oh yes, this was
	"You mean like a babysitter?" Brian asked, dumbfounded.
	"No, not like a babysitter. She would be here just to watch after you, to make
sure you donít get into any trouble, and someone to keep you company while Iím
gone," she smiled. Like a 90 year old woman is any kind of company.
	"She? You sound like youíve already got her picked out," Brian said, raising
his voice in anger. 
	"Actually I have. When I got the idea, I started calling the people from work,
asking if they knew of anyone that would do it, and it just so happened that
one of the women said that she had a friend that was looking for a place to
stay and that she would be perfect," she said.
	"Well, isnít that just great," Brian said sarcastically. All of the women his
mom worked with her old hags. Their friends couldnít be much better.
	"So, how does that sound? She is ready to move in whenever you give me the
green light honey," she said, smiling and placing her hand on top of Brianís.
Brian began to weigh the pros and cons of this deal. If he didnít accept, he
would have to move to California with his dad, and that was out of the
question. But if he agreed to this, then he would have a 24 hour a day
babysitter. He decided heíd just have to start doing a lot more dating and
socializing to keep him out of the house.
	"OK," Brian said half-heartedly. 
	"Great!" his mom said, "Iíll call her and tell her."

	It was Friday night. Brian was lying awake in bed. He couldnít sleep. His
"babysitter" moved in tomorrow and he was nervous. He couldnít really explain
why he was nervous, but he was. At first he just thought it was anticipation,
but he quickly ruled that out because he knew that he wasnít looking forward to
any senior citizens moving in. He eventually fell asleep though, his exhaustion
defeating his worries. That night he had several odd dreams of the forthcoming
day. All of them involved a scary old woman pissing him off, and in a few
scenarios, killing him. He woke up early that morning, hoping that his dreams
werenít in any way a reflection of reality. 
	Brian watched TV all morning, but he didnít actually see anything. His mind
was focused on one thing: the woman who was soon to walk through that front
door and forever change his teenage years. 
	It was about noon when Brian heard a car pull in the driveway, soon followed
by a knocking at the door. he nearly jumped out of seat and ran for the door.
Brian was extremely anxious to see the face of the woman who would ruin his
teenage years. He got to the door in a hurry, but opened the door slowly and
politely. He figured the nicer he was the nicer sheíd be. As the door swung out
of the way, his eyes focused on a short white haired old woman. His suspicions
were correct.
	"You must be Renee," Brian said, barely recalling the name his mother had
given him.
	"Oh sweety, Iím Reneeís grandmother, Iím just here to help her move in," the
old woman stated. Brianís heart nearly stopped. Grandmother? Then Renee, should
be just aboutÖ
	That instant Brian saw a tall blonde haired girl walk around the corner from
the driveway and step up next to the old woman. Yep Brian was right. She was
about twenty, twenty-five at the oldest. Suddenly, things were looking up. 
	"Hi, Iím Renee, you must be Brian," she said, extending her hand. Brian
shakily raised his hand towards her. Brian felt her soft skin envelop his and
give it a soft, feminine hand shake. His moment was ruined when his mom burst
by him, breaking his contact with Renee. 
	"Hi, you must be Renee. Iím Mary. I see youíve met Brian," she said. Brian sat
and stared as Renee and his mom spoke for a few minutes. Then his mom told him
to go help Renee get her things inside. 
	It only took the four them maybe fifteen minutes to get all of Reneeís stuff
up to her room. She didnít have that much stuff, so the room looked very empty.
That would change with time though.

	Brianís mom went back to work that following Monday, and that was the moment
of truth. Brian spent the whole car ride home from school wondering how things
would transpire. Would Renee turn out to be a bitch, or was she gonna be the
same as she had been the past few days while Brianís mom was still home? It
wasnít long before he found out.
	"Renee?" Brian called as he walked through the door and tossed his book bag on
the couch.
	"In here," Renee called from the kitchen. Brian made his way to the kitchen,
smelling something wonderful in the air.
	"What are you cooking?" Brian asked as he peeked his head into the kitchen.
	"Lasagna. I hope you like it," she said, leafing through a magazine at the
kitchen table.
	"I love lasagna," Brian said, sitting down next to Renee at the table.
	"Good. I figured Iíd make it for you before I left," she said.
	"Where are you going?" Brian asked.
	"Iím going out with a few of my friends. I shouldnít be real late," she
smiled, "Why donít you have some friends over?"
	"Uh, OK. What if I wanted to have my girlfriend over?" Brian asked, testing
	"You have a girlfriend? Whatís her name?" Renee asked, oddly curious.
	"No, actually I donít have a girlfriend. That was a test. I was just going to
use that for future reference," Brian said honestly.
	"Oh, I donít care if you have a girl over," she said.
	"Really? Kick ass. You know, youíre best damn authority figure that I have
ever been blessed with," Brian said.
	"Well, thanks. I know what itís like to be a teenager with strict parents.
Itís only been two years since I was in your position," Renee smiled.
	"Two years?" Brian said," You mean youíre only 19?"
	"Yeah, did you think I was thirty five?" Renee joked.
	"No, but I didnít think you were only two years older than me. Damn, thatís
weird," Brian said, letting the information sink in. "Do you have any friends
that are interested in younger guys do you?"
	"Sorry," Renee said, standing from the table, "Iím going to get ready."
	Brian was speechless, to say the least. Two years. Thatís all. Just two tiny
years that stood between them. Oh he would like this babysitter thing, a lot.
	The next few weeks seemed to fly by. Brianís mom came for a day here and
there, but he never really noticed. She would get home late at night, after
Brian was asleep, and then leave the next day within hours after he got home
from school. He didnít mind though. In his mind, Renee was his mom. She did all
of the things for him that he would expect from a mom, but she just wasnít a
mom. She let him do whatever he pleased, to a certain limit. But of course that
limit laid far away from Brian ever went, so he was happy. Pretty much Renee
said no drinking and drug use and be home before she went to bed, and she
usually was up until about one in the morning. Things were good. And best of
all, Renee was no strain on Brianís eyes. In fact, she was gorgeous. She had
long, curly blond hair that ended just below her shoulder blades. She had a
great figure, topped off with a tight little ass and a pair of little breasts
that seemed to be perfect for Brian. He never like women with such big breasts
that it looked unnatural. As matter of fact, Brian knew that she was a 34B. (He
did the laundry sometimes.) 
	Spring came and went and soon summer was upon Brian. School had ended that
week and Brian was happy. He had a steady girlfriend of two weeks named
Elizabeth, Renee was letting him have a party to kick off summer, and best of
all, he had just put in a phone call to the pool cleaning service. They would
be out the following day to clean out the pool and fill it for the summer. Oh
yes, things were looking up.
	"Did you call the pool cleaners?" Renee asked, walking into the kitchen, where
Brian was sitting, reading a magazine.
	"Just hung up with em. Theyíll be here tomorrow around noon," Brian said.
	"Good, now get out of here. Itís summer, you should be out having fun with
your friends," Renee said.
	"Well, I really felt like just lying around the house today," Brian confessed.
	"Too damn bad. This is your last summer before you hit the real world. Go out,
party, have lots of sex, just use a condom," Renee said, nudging Brian, trying
to coax him up.
	"Youíre encouraging me to have sex?" Brian asked, kind of blushing. He found
it hard to talk about sex with a woman he had fantasized having sex with.
	"Yes, as long as it is safe, consensual sexÖwith Elizabeth. Donít cheat on
her, I like her," Renee smiled.
	"Why do you want me out of the house so bad?" Brian asked as Renee pushed at
him harder to get him out of the chair.
	"Truthfully?" Renee asked.
	"Truthfully," Brian said.
	"Ron is coming over," she said. Ron was her boyfriend.
	"Then Iím leaving," Brian said, standing just as Renee went to go nudge him
again. She didnít realize that he was getting up and she rammed her hip right
into his chest as he went to go stand. Looking for something to grab to get his
balance, Brian grabbed Reneeís hand. She wasnít ready to hold him up, and they
both fell to the floor, Renee landing on top of Brian, their faces just inches
from one another.
	"Iím so sorry," Renee said, laughing hysterically. 
	"Itís OK," Brian said, laughing as well. They looked into each otherís eyes
for a second and then the moment struck them both. It was the sudden
realization one gets when something has happened too fast for them to keep
track of everything. At that same second, both Renee and Brian realized how
they were lying on the ground, arms clutched around one another. Instinct told
both of them to reach their lips out and kiss the other, but something held
both back. 
	"Uh, Iíve got to go get dressed," Renee said, standing, "Ron should be here
	"Yeah, me too. Iíll let you guys have the house to yourselves," Brian said
awkwardly. They both parted to their rooms, Brian taking the back staircase,
and Renee going up the main one. They met again at the top, as their rooms were
right across the hall from one another. They both just smiled at each other and
entered their respective rooms. Both felt the guilt weighing heavily in their
stomachs, but both still couldnít help how exited they were.

	"When did you say your parents would be home?" Brian asked as he and Elizabeth
slowly groped each other on her bed.
	"Ten thirty," she said, returning her lips to Brianís.
	"Good," Brian said, lifting his hand under her breast, cupping and squeezing
it gently.
	"Maybe youíll like this a little better," Elizabeth said, pulling back a
little from Brian and lifting her shirt over her head. Brian stared in
amazement at her beautiful breasts. They werenít large, but still amazing to
Brian, as they were the first live pair of breasts he had to ever laid eyes on.
Brianís pants instantly rose, and Elizabeth noticed, as she felt it press
against her leg.
	"Whatís this?" she asked, pretending like she didnít know. Brian couldnít
speak. He was feeling much too elated. 
	With the apprehension of an amateur, but also the eagerness of a pro,
Elizabeth kneeled down between Brianís legs and placed her hand on the bulge
tenting from his pants. Brian nearly jumped through the roof. As much as he had
dreamed about this moment, or at least something similar, he was no prepared
for he would react when it finally happened. Elizabeth saw the anticipation in
his eyes, and didnít want to let him hang for any longer than he had to, so she
reached up and unzipped his pants. 
	This wasnít easy for Elizabeth. She had contemplated this action for several
days before deciding to through with it. When she started dating Brian, she had
no idea she would be sleeping with him this soon. This was to be her first
time, and she was still a little unsure, but a lot more sure than she had been
just days before. Elizabeth grew up thinking that she would wait until she was
married to have sex, but as she hit her later teenage years, she started to
realize that that would be hard in this day and age, especially with the
feeling she had been having for Brian. In a matter of three days, Elizabeth
decided to give herself to Brian. Of course he didnít know until it took place.
	"That feels great," Brian said, as Elizabethís hand flowed gently up and down
his cock, jerking him closer and closer to his climax. 
	"Iím glad youíre enjoying this. Youíll just love what Iíve got for you next,"
Elizabeth mouthed sexily. Once again, Brian was speechless, so he just sat back
and enjoyed the attention. 
	"Honey, weíre home!" a voice called from downstairs.
	"Oh shit," Elizabeth said, "my parents are home!"
	"Fuck!" Brian said, jumping to his feet and pulling his pants up quickly.
	"Elizabeth? Whoís car is that in the driveway?" the voice called again.
	"Itís Brianís," Elizabeth called back.
	"Isnít it a little late to have boys over?" the voice called back.
	"He was just leaving," Elizabeth responded. 
	"I guess thatís that then," Brian said.
	"Iím sorry," Elizabeth said, stroking Brianís face.
	"Iíll see you tomorrow," Brian said, giving her a lingering kiss on the lips
then heading for his car. Elizabethís parents gave Brian one of those parental
looks as he walked out the door. That was something he hadnít seen in awhile,
and he didnít miss it.
	Renee sat in the living room, reading a book. One of those trashy romance
novels. She loved them. She was just a sucker for men who would do anything for
the woman they loved. She wished some guy would come and sweep her off her
feet, literally. No guy had ever swept her off her feet. She often dreamed
about a guy coming along and kissing her, then grabbing her up in his arms and
carrying her off to the bedroom where he made love to her. Of course they were
only dreams. The only men she ever got, no matter how handsome, turned out to
be losers. Five minutes of unpleasurable sex and then to bed. How romantic. 
	Renee heard the car door slam, and the sound of feet across the porch. Brian
walked quickly in the door and almost immediately headed for the stairs. He had
to get to his room and jerk off before he exploded. Elizabeth had just kind of
left him hanging. It wasnít really her fault, but she could have thought a
little more and started something so close to a time when she knew her parents
would be home. Damn her.
	"Hi Brian," Renee said as she saw Brian nearly fly by her.
	"Hello," Brian said in a short, frustrated tone.
	"How was your date?" Renee asked. She saw that something was bothering and she
wanted to keep him downstairs so she could try to talk to him.
	"Fine," he said, flatly again.
	"If were fine, you wouldnít be almost running up the stairs. Now get over here
and tell me whatís bothering you," Renee said in a calm and soothing voice.
Brian just couldnít resist. He walked over and sat next to Renee on the couch.
	"OK, here I am," Brian said.
	"What happened tonight. Did you and Elizabeth break up?" Renee speculated.
	"No, itís not that," Brian said, squirming in his seat. He really needed to
get away from Renee and jerk off soon.
	"Then what?"
	"Do you want the truth? I mean the dirty truth, even though you probably donít
want to hear it?" 
	"Yes, I want the truth," Renee confirmed, turning to face Brian on the couch
and setting her book down.
	"Well, after the movie, me and Elizabeth went back to her house, where we
started kissing and groping, you know, the normal teenage date. Then she takes
off her shirt and unzips my pants. Next thing I know, her handís on my crotch,
jerking me off. Then her parents came home," Brian said, blushing a little.
	"Ouch. That isnít good," Renee said, her voice laden with experience.
	"And it had such potential to be the best night of my teenage years," Brian
said, slumping back in his seat.
	"So you were probably running upstairs to go, you know, Ďfinish the jobí"
Renee smiled.
	"Sadly enough, that is what I have to resort to," Brian frowned.
	"No you donít," Renee said, acting on her words. Her hands were on Brianís
crotch before he knew what was going on. He felt his eyes were deceiving him.
Was this Renee fondling him?
	"What are you doing?" Brian asked out of shock, not opposition.
	"Iím finishing up where Elizabeth left off," she said, sliding the zipper down
on Brianís jeans. She slipped off the couch and onto the floor, where she
snuggled herself in between Brianís legs. She skillfully removed Brianís penis
from inside his boxers, sliding both them and his jeans off of him and throwing
them on the floor next to her. Brian was speechless once again that night. 
	"Does that feel good?" Renee asked as she pumped her hand up and down Brianís
swollen cock.
	"Oh no, not at all," Brian sighed sarcastically.
	"Then maybe this will," Renee said, fitting her tight little lips down around
the head of his cock. Her tongue flicked the underside of the head and Brian
nearly came right there.
	"Holy shit!" moaned Brian. Once again, after all of the thoughts he had had of
how this would be, it was just so much better. And now Renee was bobbing her
head up and down his shaft slowly, which added to his arousal so much more than
Brian could have ever contemplated. Then his thoughts got clouded by something
a little more powerful.
	"Oh god, Renee. Iím gonna cum," he said, short of breath. He was kind of
embarrassed at his lack of stamina in the event, but it still felt great.
	Much to Brianís surprise, Reneeís mouth stayed firmly attached to his dick as
he began to pump squirt after squirt of his semen into her mouth. He didnít
expect her to do that. Renee didnít look like the type of woman who would
swallow. But she did.
	"Holy shit," Brian sighed as his orgasm subsided and his body returned to its
normal breathing. Renee cleaned off his cock and slid it out of her mouth, her
smile lighting the room.
	"So howíd you like that?" she asked sexily, running her hand up and down his
	"That was utterly wonderful. Words canít describe how great that felt," Brian
	"Iím glad you enjoyed it," Renee said. Just then the phone rang. Renee stood
up and picked up the phone that sat next to the couch. "Hello?Ö Oh hi Sally!"
Renee cooed. Sally was her best friend. They hadnít talked in a few days. This
would be a long phone call. Brian tossed aside his feelings and thoughts and
grabbed his clothes and headed for his room. He was tired. He needed to get to
sleep. What had just happened seemed a blur in his mind. Did it really happen?
Or did he just dream it? His mind was toying with him. He was way too tired to
think anymore, so he stripped off the remainder of his clothes and slid into
bed. He was asleep almost instantly. 

To be continued... 

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