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Subject: Complete Story - The Company Trip - by Peggy and The Warthog
From: (The Warthog)
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 03:30:53 GMT

                              The Company Trip 

               by Peggy and The Warthog (


  Standard Disclaimer--These stories are intended for the entertainment of
                               adults only!


Part 1 - Rick's Story


Wendy and I were ready and set to go. It had been three years since our
last vacation. We had both been working long hours for the last several
months and really needed this vacation. Wendy paused to tell her mother one
last thing about the kids before we headed for the airport. We would be
gone a week and I could tell that Wendy was already missing our two young
girls. I felt the same way.

We were heading for Florida. My company had rewarded three of my coworkers
and myself with this trip after the successful completion of an important

Wendy was thrilled when I told her the news. I suggested that she go out
and buy a new wardrobe for the trip with some of the bonus money the
company had given me. My sensible wife insisted that the wardrobe in her
closet was adequate. I suggested that she forget about the conservative
attire that hung in her closet and splurge on some more exciting attire.

"What do you mean, exciting?" asked Wendy.

"You know, sexy, revealing, tight, sexy, short, tight..," I droned.

"I get the picture," interrupted Wendy with an annoyed look on her face.

After some heavy persuasion (begging) on my part, Wendy agreed to spice up
her wardrobe. Actually, I could see that the idea began to grow on her. I
knew she was tired of the business suits and even the sensible casual wear.
It was time to blow off a little steam. Over the three months leading up to
the trip, I did get a peak at a few of the items that Wendy bought. Much of
it was lingerie. Her modeling shows usually ended up in a round of great
sex. She would not let me see everything though. She wanted to keep it

As we drove to the airport I still did not know much about Wendy's new
clothes. She had packed when I was occupied and her suitcase was locked.
The outfit she was wearing for the plane trip was nothing new. I had seen
her in it many times before. It did nothing to show off her great figure.

At the airport we met Jim and Bill. Their wives would be joining them in
Florida in a couple of days. Evidently, they were tied up with work or with
family matters. Jim informed us that Greg and his wife would be taking a
different flight because of a last minute situation that had come up with
one of their kids. They were expected to meet us at the resort after lunch.
Our flight was a short one and we expected to arrive at the resort in time
for the lunch buffet.

As expected we arrived at the resort in time to freshen up before lunch.
Wendy told me that she wanted to change and suggested that I go on down and
meet Jim and Bill. I headed down and waited in the lobby adjacent to the
dining room. Five minutes later my coworkers joined me. They asked about
Wendy and I told them she would be right down. We passed the time
discussing the attractions at the resort.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a hot looking woman walking up to the
dining room hostess. It's funny how guys sense these things. If it was a
man or a child, then I wouldn't have given the person a notice. This
person, however, had on a short skirt and what appeared to be bikini top.
My radar signaled that it was a woman and an attractive one at that. Jim
and Bill had their radar operational as well. We all three craned our necks
to get a better look.

My jaw dropped when I recognized that the woman was my wife Wendy. And man
was she sexy looking. The outfit she was wearing was designed to attract
men. It was just what I had in mine when I suggested she buy a new
wardrobe. Wendy's pony tail was gone and her brown hair was fluffed up and
arranged across her shoulders like a fashion model.

The tight skirt Wendy wore was mid thigh length. It had wide black and
white stripes across the front and was solid black in the back. The
matching top looked like a simple bikini swim suit top. It did an admirable
job of keeping Wendy's 34C bust in place. Jim couldn't keep his eyes off
her substantial cleavage. Bill was checking out her fantastic legs.

"Wow!" I said as I approached Wendy. I looked at her five and a half foot
frame from head to toe and noticed that she sported a pair of shiny black
pumps with very high heels.

Wendy looked at me, smiled and said, "Do you like my outfit?" Before I
could answer, she pulled me close and whispered, "I guess the lump in your
shorts is my answer." She added, "Looks like I'm a hit judging by the
similar lumps your friends have."

I was a little surprised at my wife's words. She usually doesn't make
comments like that in public, even though they were whispered. Finally, I
found my voice and said, "Shall we eat lunch?"

Everyone headed for the dining room. I pulled up the rear and got a kick
out of Jim and Bill checking out my wife's ass. It did look great in that
skirt. Wendy's daily exercise routine kept her 34-22-33 figure in great

The serving line was the center of attention while Wendy was filling her
plate. I watched several men leave their tables and pretend to check out
the dessert while checking out my sexy wife. She seemed to be eating it up.
In the past Wendy was uncomfortable with male attention. That was obviously
not the case today.

We enjoyed our meal. I couldn't be sure if it was the food or the beautiful
lady having lunch with us. After lunch we walked outside to check out the

"I think I'll go swimming," said Wendy.

"Sounds great, lets go get our suits," I said. Wendy ignored my suggestion
and hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her skirt. She smiled at me and
my friends and slowly began to lower her skirt. My mouth fell open as my
shy wife slowly pulled off her skirt. Jim and Bill were equally shocked.

"Fooled you boys, didn't I?" was Wendy's taunt as it finally became clear
that she had her suit bottoms on underneath the skirt. Wendy popped off her
high heels and took off for the water. We watched her bounce all the way.
It's a wonder her breasts didn't fall out of her top. Suddenly, both Jim
and Bill were running out to join her. They had been equally prepared with
their speedos under their shorts. I looked down at a pile of clothes then
out to my sexy wife and coworkers. They were having a blast splashing each
other with water.

I cursed myself for not being prepared like my wife and friends. I
retreated to the room and pulled on my suit. As I headed back down, I ran
into Greg and Pam. I told them to meet us out on the beach after they
settled in.

As I walked outside onto the beach I noticed that Bill and my wife seemed
to be wrestling out in the water. I didn't think much of it until he
grabbed her by the waist from behind and pulled her against him. For a
moment she struggled then as he said something to her she stopped. I
entered the water to get a closer look and noticed that he had her ass
pulled against the large bulge in his suit. As Bill continued to talk
softly into my wife's ear I noticed that his hands had moved up her shapely
body and were about to cup her large breasts. Wendy caught his hands before
he reached his goal and held onto them. Clearly frustrated, Bill tried to
gain their release. He was about to succeed when he noticed my arrival.

"Hi Rick," said Bill as he quickly backed away from Wendy.

"I see that you two were getting a little better acquainted," I teased.

Wendy blushed and Bill smiled and said, "She's a beauty." Bill didn't hang
around for further conversation. He drove into the water and headed away
from the shore.

I turned to Wendy a said, "Getting a little frisky, wasn't he?"

Wendy smiled and softly said, "A little."

"You didn't seem to mind too much," I added. Wendy giggled and splashed
away. I gave chase. She stopped long enough to slap the water sending a big
splash right into my face. I was pissed now. No mercy for my little tramp
wife. My longer legs made short work of the distance between us and I soon
had my sexy beautiful wife in the same hold that Bill used. Wendy stopped
trying to get away when I pressed the front bulge of my suit into the crack
of her ass.

"So that's what it takes to get you to stop," I said.

"Unnmm," Wendy moaned. The suit bottom she wore had a thong back. The then
material of my suit was all that separated my cock from her soft ass

"You like to feel that big lump against your butt, don't you?" I teased.

"Lump maybe, but for big you better go get Bill," Wendy shot back.

"Oooh, so he showed you his stick did he?" I asked.

"Yessss, but it was more like a bat," she said softly.

"I see, so what did he say to you while he ground his bat against you?" I

Wendy moaned again as I rotated my hips against my hot wife. I was
delighted when she let me move my hands up her waist and cup her great
tits. At least she let me get this far with her. Wendy moaned again and
said, "He said some naughty things to me."

"What did he say?" I asked anxiously.

"I shouldn't say," she teased.

"Not even to your husband?" I returned.

"Well, there are some things a lady shouldn't talk about," Wendy said.

Before I could press my wife further, Greg and Pam joined us. My teasing
little tramp would get hers later. As I looked at Greg and Pam, I nearly
forgot my wife's teasing. Of course Pam was the one that got my attention.
She was wearing a bikini that rivaled Wendy's in what it covered. While
Wendy's suit was black and white, Pam's was bright red. It showed off her
figure nicely. Pam is about the same height as Wendy but not quite as
slender. That's not to say that she was fat. She definitely was not fat.
Relative to Wendy I would guess her measurements to be about 38D-25-37. She
looked hot.

We played around in the water for almost an hour. The highlight was a round
of wrestling where each wife would sit on the shoulders of her husband and
then try to push the other couple over. We had a blast. Jim and Bill
noticed our fun and decided to cut in. I wasn't surprised when Bill teamed
up with Wendy. Greg and I watched our wives perched on our coworkers'
shoulders try to wrestle each other down.

At one point Pam decided to play a little dirty. She managed to pop one of
Wendy's tits out of her top. Wendy was unable to do anything about it
without risking being pushed over. She didn't seem to mind, however. A few
minutes later Wendy popped one of Pam's tits out. She made the mistake of
trying to fix it and Wendy pushed her over with ease. Wendy raised her
hands in triumph and although she knew we could see her breast she left it

Ironically, Bill wasn't aware of Wendy's exposure until Pam commented on
her hard nipple. Bill craned his head to see but his view was blocked by
her suit top. Bill was not to be outdone. He quickly rotated Wendy so that
his face was now buried in her suit covered crotch. Wendy began to lightly
bang on his head in an attempt to get him to stop. When that didn't work,
she began to thrash around wildly. Finally she managed to make Bill lose
his balance and fall over.

We all laughed loudly at the display. Wendy finally secured her breast back
behind her suit top and pulled her suit bottom back into place. If Bill had
had more time he would have pulled Wendy's bottom out enough to gain access
to her pussy. We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the beach and
enhancing our tans. At about five we headed to the rooms to clean up and
catch a nap. We agreed to meet at eight for dinner.

Back in the room all I could do was just stare at Wendy with a smile.

She blushed and asked, "What are you gawking at?"

"My incredibly sexy wife," was my reply.

"So you like the new me, huh?" she asked.

"Terrific!" I said.

"Well, wait till you see what I wear tonight to dinner," Wendy said.

"I'm not sure I can wait for that," I said as I moved to caress her.

Wendy pushed me away gently and said, "Save it for later big boy, you'll
need your strength when you see my outfit."

I was suddenly reminded about Wendy's little rendezvous with Bill. I was
curious what Bill had said to her so I asked, "Now that I have you alone,
tell me what Bill said to you when he grabbed you from behind."

Wendy smiled and said, "A girl never kisses and tells."

Distracted, I asked, "I didn't see you two kissing." I was beginning to get
annoyed. I really didn't mind some harmless flirting. In fact, I found it a
turn on to see Bill holding Wendy's ass against his cock bulge. What
bothered me was that Wendy wouldn't tell me about it.

"We didn't, silly," said Wendy as she headed into the bathroom. She was
avoiding me and I didn't care much for it. As I thought about what Bill
might have said to Wendy I laid down on the bed and fell asleep. I awoke a
little over an hour later. Wendy was asleep next to me still in her skimpy
bikini. I took the opportunity to check out her great body. I was very
proud of my wife. She was beautiful and she treated me like a king. I am a
very lucky man.

I hit the shower, then shaved. While I was getting dressed, Wendy woke up.
"You've got less than an hour, babe," I reminded her. I sat and watched TV
while Wendy showered. She came out in her old robe with a towel on her head
and said, "Honey, why don't you go on down and let me surprise you with my
outfit." Reluctantly, I headed down.

Shortly after I seated myself in the lobby, Jim and Bill came down. Two
minutes later Greg and Pam made an entrance. All eyes were glued to Pam as
she swayed across the floor in a too tight spandex mini-dress. It was black
and contrasted nicely with her long blond hair. The dress was very short
and almost allowed the tops of her dark stockings to show. The neckline was
low cut displaying the large valley between her big tits to its fullest.
Her five inch black heels clicked as she walked across the floor. I had an
instant hard on. She was dressed to thrill. Wendy now had some competition.

We waited another five minutes for my wife and then she made her
appearance. I couldn't believe it. My shy demure wife walked into the lobby
dressed like a very expensive hooker. As hot as Pam looked, Wendy took
looking hot to a different level. She wore a black leather mini-skirt so
short that you could see the beginnings of her ass. For a moment I thought
she was wearing shorts but this was definitely a skirt. Wendy's legs were
covered with black fishnet stockings and she wore six inch platform heels.
Her breasts were covered by a black leather bustier with silver studs all
over the cups. Her breasts bulged out of the top and her pink areolas were
just barely covered. If Pam was dressed to thrill then Wendy was just plan
asking for sex.

I walked up to my wife and kissed her on the cheek. I know I was the envy
of every man within visual distance of Wendy. I admired the expert makeup
job that she had applied a little heavier than usual. Her brown eyes looked
very mysterious. Her beautiful brown hair was fluffed up big on top and it
flowed around her shoulders and across the swells of her breasts. "You're
sexy as hell, baby," I whispered to Wendy.

"Do I make you hard?" she whispered back.

"Most definitely," I replied.

"Good, I want that cock of yours buried in me at the earliest convenience,"
she demanded.

We joined the group and everyone complemented Wendy on her outfit. Even Pam
seemed genuinely impressed. She conceded the hottest outfit contest
gracefully. We all looked on with awe as we followed Wendy into the dining
room. She had developed the sexiest walk and her ass looked great wiggling
in that leather skirt.

We enjoyed dinner and then headed down the street to a dance club. Wendy
and Pam drew stares from every man we saw. Wendy seemed to enjoy the looks.
I noticed her smiling back at the men that looked although I don't think
they ever looked up to see it. We had a ball dancing. In fact, I was
tempted to take Wendy right on the dance floor when she pressed her
fantastic body against me. Bill and Jim seemed to like dancing with the
ladies as well. I even got to dance with Pam and I naturally had thoughts
of sliding my hard cock into her several times.

Bill continued to flirt with Wendy. I knew that if she let him he would
take whatever he could get from her. He did manage to get a few gropes of
Wendy's ass and I think he tried to sneak a feel of her tits once. Wendy
smiled all through it and fended him off as politely as she could. As the
night wore on, her resistance wore down and Bill was a little more
successful in learning the charms of her body. Every time I asked Wendy
about Bill she continued to tease me by not saying anything. I was going to
have to teach her a lesson for that.

After an hour had passed, Pam and Greg headed back to their room. I caught
Greg and asked if everything was OK and he said that Pam was feeling a
little ill. He figured it must have been some seafood that she ate. It was
nothing serious and Greg said that he might return if Pam seemed OK back at
the room.

Meanwhile, Wendy was still out on the dance floor. Now, she was dancing
with a man I had never seen before. She looked sexy as she swayed to the
upbeat tune. Wendy's lusty dance reminded me of the ones I'd seen at our
hometown strip club. I halfway expected her to start striping at any
minute. The evening went on and we all had a great time. The only problem
was the lack of women. Greg returned and said that Pam was fine and a good
night sleep would fix her up. Bill and Jim commented several times that
they wished their wives were with us. I agreed. I was getting tired of
sharing my wife. Wendy, however, was loving the attention of all the men.
Not only the four of us but two or three others that she had danced with.

At two in the morning the place shut down. Bill suggested we head back to
the hotel and have a nightcap in his room. Before I could say yea or nay,
Wendy said, "Great idea, Bill." She looked at me and winked. I wondered
what was on her mind.

We headed back to the hotel with somewhat unsteady steps. The booze had
taken its toll. Nobody was fall down drunk but we were all feeling no pain.
We all waited at Bill's door as he opened it. We watched with great
pleasure, as Wendy's sexy ass wiggled into the room. We followed and found
seats where we could. Bill raided the room's mini-bar and made the drinks.
Wendy found the radio and began to search for a decent station. When a slow
song with a hard driving beat boomed out, Wendy stepped away from the radio
and began to sway. I was reminded again of the strip club. So was Bill.

"Wendy, you do that better than most of the girls at the stripclub," said
Bill. Wendy smiled seductively and exaggerated her grind. "How about
showing us what is underneath that outfit?" he added. I realized that Bill
had just asked my wife to strip for him but it didn't seem to bother me.
For some reason that thought bothered me. Was I getting off on watching my
wife act slutty? I realized that that was exactly what was happening. I was
proud of my beautiful wife and it turned me on that my coworkers were hot
for her. Hell, I was hot for her. She did request that we have sex and that
was when she was cold sober. I became more excited than I already was at
the possibilities.


Part 2 - Wendy's Story


When Bill said, "How about showing us what's underneath that outfit?" I
realized how far this had gone. Where do I go next? The evening was ripe
for sex, and I had four wonderful men here that were more than willing to
fulfill my every fantasy. The problem was that one of them was my husband.
How would he feel? I know he had brought up me being with other guys while
he watched, but that was fantasy. This could be real and very quickly!

I put on what I hoped was my sexiest smile and did a slow dance in front of
each of the men, ending with Rick my husband. I slowly spread my legs
around his and sat down on his lap facing him, my lips finding his as my
crotch ground on the lump in his pants. I didn't care that the skirt had
surely raised up to my waist and all the other guys were getting a first
class view of my ass as I moved on Rick's shaft.

Rick's breath came in short gasps. "My God Wendy," he whispered, "What are
you doing?"

I looked into his eyes and then put my mouth to his ear and whispered,
"You're the one that wanted me sexy, and I'm enjoying it!" I took a second
to run my tongue lightly over his ear before continuing, "You've said you
want to see me with other guys, well here's your chance. You know they all
want to fuck me! Is that what you want? Do you want to see me fucking other
guys right here and now? It's your choice."

With that I raised myself off him, and with one final squeeze of my hand on
his shaft I resumed my dancing in the middle of the floor. My hands slowly
caressed up my legs and then over my sides. Never actually removing
anything but showing small peeks of what was concealed there.

When I first left Rick, his face mirrored many different emotions. I wasn't
sure which way he was going to go, but as I looked back at him I saw a
smile on his face and he nodded yes. I was stunned my bluff had been
called. I mouthed the words, "Are you sure?" He once again nodded yes.

I slowly resumed the dance, centering on Bill, he reached up and started to
remove the bustier. As my breasts bounced to freedom, I knew this was the
time yes or no. I looked at Rick and he again smiled and nodded. I resumed
my dance in front of the men. My hands lightly caressing my breasts and my
finger nails lightly pinching my nipples making them even harder than

My fingers unbuttoned the leather mini and slowly lowered it teasing gently
by moving it down only to the junction of my thighs then back up slowly.
Finally allowing it to drop. I stepped out of the skirt, and danced over to
Jim, licking my lips as I undulated in front of him. I took his hands and
put them on the top of the fishnet hose. Then I whispered to him, "I'd kind
of like to have these off Jim."

I didn't have to ask twice. Jim lowered the hose, and I stepped out of
them, left only with my silk bikini panties. I danced slowly to Greg and
smiled as I said, "Greg there is only one thing left to take off. Will you
do it for me?" He smiled and said, "Of course, but only if I can do it the
way I want."

What could I do? I had to agree. "Ok," I said, "what do you want?" He
motioned me close to him, and his head dipped to my belly as he took the
top of the panties in his teeth drawing them down ever so slowly. I
shuddered at the contact and my knees weakened. His breath was moving
across my slit as he past it drawing the panties lower. I wanted to spread
my legs, but I wanted the panties off also.

His tongue flicked out gently massaging my clit. I moaned and my back
arched. The other guys started yelling "Hey, No fair!!!" I really didn't
care this was the culmination of a day of sexual overload and I needed
release badly. Greg lifted my body, and gently placed me on my back on the

My panties were down around my knees, and he placed his head above them
causing my legs to spread wide around him as his tongue worked lightly on
my thighs and THEN.. His wonderful tongue flicked inside me and out over my
clit causing me to scream. "My panties," I gasped, "Take them off!"

Greg looked up at me and laughed saying, "You're mine until I take them
off!" I tried to kick my legs to free the panties, but I couldn't get them
down in the position I was in and his tongue was advancing along my slit

I was building rapidly. My head was rolling gently on the floor and I kept
repeating, "Oh My God," over and over again as his tongue drove me nearer
to my orgasm.

My body tightened and I thrashed under him as the orgasm roared through me.
I screamed one final time before he slowly removed his tongue and then
gently pulled down the panties the rest of the way leaving me a panting
heap on the floor.

As my senses slowly returned, I realized I was laying on my back spread
eagle on the floor with all of my parts exposed. Should I be embarrassed? I
think not! After all, the guys had just watched Greg lick me to a wonderful
orgasm. What more could they possibly see than that? I lifted up on my
elbows and as my eyes focused I realized that, not only was I naked, but so
were all four guys. I felt like a girl in candy store. My God look at this.
All just for me!!

There was my Rick with his shaft hard and pointing straight out. I knew
that body well, it had given me many hours of pleasure; from his lips and
tongue driving me to one orgasm after another, to his cock giving me such
wonderful pleasure as it entered slowly inside my body. Spreading me so
wonderfully as he went deep inside me.

Then there was Greg: very handsome and athletic. He was about 5'10 with
wonderfully shaped muscles, broad shoulders, a narrow waist, slender hips
and a wonderful shaft standing from a forest of black hair. That tongue, Oh
My God did I ever remember that tongue.. Ummmmm Yummmy!!!

Jim, the workaholic of the bunch, you could tell, from his rather pasty
complexion and slightly pudgy body that he didn't go in for outside
activities or working out much. However, he had a very respectable shaft
sticking out waiting to be used.

Then came the man of my fantasies. Bill! He stood 6'3 and weighed over 200
pounds. From his wavy black hair to his killer blue eyes. Strong muscular
shoulders and chest. Down to a slim waist and narrow hips. But MY GOD the
size of his shaft!! I had never seen its equal. My nipples began to harden
and I felt my slit begin to moisten as I watched that big cock pulsing with
his heart beat.

I slowly rolled to my stomach and got up on my hands and knees and made my
way slowly to Bill, allowing the others to get a great look at all I had to
offer and then some.

The closer I got the bigger it looked. The more I wanted it. The wetter I
got. I was near enough that my hand reached out, my nails lightly caressing
the length of him. My small hand tried to close around him but I couldn't
make my fingers touch, so I had to be content to rub him slowly and softly.
I looked up at him and said, "My God Bill you're huge! What would you like
to do with that? Do you want to put it inside me?"

With that I lowered my head, my tongue flicked out sliding along the slit
in that huge head. My mouth opened slowly and I took as much of him inside
as I could. My teeth closed on the spongy tip of his penis and I bit down
gently. My teeth scraping as I moved my head slowly up and down.

"Ohhhhh Fuckkkk," he groaned as he tried to push further into my mouth. My
fingers slid down caressing his sack gently. I watched in awe as his shaft
grew even bigger and his gorgeous body began to shift in the chair. I
slowly and reluctantly pushed him out of my mouth. My lips slid slowly and
gently over his head, my tongue giving one more slow lick.

Bill looked down and said "Jesus Wendy don't stop now. I'm so close to
cumming!" My fingers closed gently around him again as I said, "I've got a
better place to put this monster than in my mouth..!" I stood slowly in
front of him and stretched my 5'1 105 pound body.

I raised my hands above my head and did a slow turn for him.

I was proud of my body, I worked out a lot and my 34-22-33 frame showed it.
The skin was stretched tightly over my slender frame. My brown hair hung
loosely to my shoulders. Since I do a lot of swimming I had shaved my
pussy, and I caught Bill staring at it.

"What are you looking at Bill?" I teased. My hands slid down and I lightly
rubbed my clit before using my fingers to spread my lips as wide as I

"I get the feeling you want to fuck me Bill. Do You?" I asked with a grin.
His answer was a slow smile and his hand wrapped around his shaft slowly
stroking himself. He looked at me and said "Baby I want to fuck you until
you can't see straight." My nipples tingled and my pussy gushed at the mere

I approached Bill and slowly turned my back to him. I spread my legs and
sat down on his lap, trapping that wonderful cock between my legs. I could
feel his shaft rubbing on my clit as he moved his hips gently under me. My
hand reached down and I gripped his cock slowly moving from the base to the
tip. I looked down and the head of his shaft was nearly touching my belly

I looked over at Rick as my hand continued to rub Bill gently. "Is this
what you want baby? Do you want to see Bill fuck your little wife?" My hand
slowly pulled Bill's shaft out until it pointed at Rick, "Can I take it
all? You always say how tight I am. Can he bury this big cock in my little
hole? God, I hope so. I want you to see him fuck me silly." Bill groaned
under me as my hands continued to work on him.

Rick looked positively stunned. His hand was slowly stroking his own shaft
as I talked to him. I could see his attention was focused on Bill's cock
sticking up along my belly as I stroked it.

I looked down and noticed a bit of precum on the head of Bill's cock.
Taking my finger I slowly wiped it off, and holding my hand up for Rick to
see. I slid the finger into my mouth and licked it clean. Rick barely
managed a moan.

Bills right hand slid around me. His fingers touched my hard nipples
lightly, toying with them, pinching them, making them harder still. His
lips were on the back of my neck kissing me gently sucking on my skin. His
left hand then moved around me and slid slowly over my wet slit. I moaned
as he teased me with his large blunt fingers, first pushing one inside me
just a bit then removing it. Getting it wet with my juices. His right hand
continued to gently massage my breasts first one then the other, His
fingers pinching and tugging gently on my nipples.

My head leaned back against him and I moaned in total submission. His left
hand slowly moved. His wet finger found my clit. My body jerked in his
grasp. My hair whipped as my head rolled and I screamed from the force of
the orgasm that rolled through me. Slowly I slumped forward, but he
wouldn't allow it. His muscular arms held me in a tight embrace. His lips
touched my ear and he spoke. I had to strain to gather my wits to hear what
he said, but when I did it sent shivers through me.

His soft voice massaged my inner ear, his breath warm and exciting as he
whispered. "I've wanted you for a long time Wendy. Tonight you're mine! I'm
going to make love to you all night."

I groaned as he pulled me back against his body, his hands immediately
finding both my nipples and my clit again. The feelings exploded! My hips
writhed under his expert touches. Beyond caring anymore I screamed out,
"Ohhh Fuckkk! Bill please, you're going to make me cum again." Just before
the waves of my third orgasm of the night washed over me I heard a moan.

Straining my few alert facilities I realized it was Rick. I watched as his
hand massaged his cock and he came. His cock pulsed and the come flew up
into the air falling back on his thighs and hands. He was squirming in the
chair and watching Bill and I. Although I doubted he was really seeing us.

I squirmed on Bills lap, my fingers caressing his shaft as his wonderful
hands worked me to yet another orgasm.

My body was limp. I was moaning softly, as again I heard Bills voice, "That
was for you baby. This is for me!" I groaned as he picked me up and carried
me to the bed, laying me gently sideways on the bed with my legs hanging
over the side. I was on overload. My pussy was still pulsing gently from
the last time I came.

I opened my legs and drew them back. Looking down between them as Bill
slowly advanced holding his shaft with one hand and gently rubbing my clit
with the other. His head touched my outer lips, I moaned loudly. Bill
applied pressure and I felt his head slip all the way in. My eyes rolled
back and my body shook as I screamed at him to fuck me.

Bill paused for a moment, looking over at Rick he said; "What do you think
Rick. Do I fuck this pretty little wife of yours?" Rick looked at him and
said, "Give her what she wants! Give her that big cock! Make her Cum!"

With that Bill pushed harder and he slid slowly inside me. Then he pulled
back until just the tip was in. Then back inside. I was getting the feeling
of penetration on every slow teasing stroke. Deeper and deeper he went each
time. I was being stretched as never before. My body felt locked to him. I
tried to move but couldn't. The most I could manage was to cling to him and
pant as he drove in and out of me.

Then it started! OH God did it ever! I started to cum! My body was released
I screamed and thrashed under him. Trying to get away yet holding him to me
begging him. For what I had no idea. Saying his name over and over again.

Bill grunted and said, "Wendy I'm going to fill that little pussy with
cum." The last thing I remember was screaming, "Yes! Oh God Yes! Fuck me!"

Then my world went black.


Part 3 - Bill's Story


There I was with my cock thrusting into my coworker's wife as he watched.
Wendy was a very sexy woman and she knew how to work my cock. She was also
very vocal during sex and that was too much for me. I gave her one final
thrust and began to pump the biggest cum load of my life into her exquisite
body. My first blast triggered Wendy's orgasm and it was so intense that
she passed out. My pride swelled when I realized that I was responsible for
her intense pleasure.

I rolled off Wendy and watched her unconscious form breath raggedly. Her
pussy was blood red and her juice flowed steadily from her opening. I
watched with amazement as Wendy's pussy began to throb with her heartbeat.
Soon streams and clumps of my cum started pulsing out and flowing over her
pretty asshole. She came around gradually, moaning about how wonderful she
felt. I looked at her face and she returned my gaze with a look of
adoration. She said, "Thanks, baby for making me feel so wonderful."

"You're so welcome pretty lady," I said and added, "Remember, I intend to
continue making love to you all night long."

Wendy sat up and put her hands back for support. "I'm ready whenever you
are," she said. She looked around the room and asked, "How about the rest
of you. Do you think you can give Bill a hand here?"

"I was hoping you would ask that," said Jim.

"You didn't think we would let Bill have all the fun, did you?" added Greg.

"Don't forget me," said Rick who was busy wiping the load of cum from his
hands that he had blown while watching his wife fuck me.

Jim moved to the bed and sat down on the other side of Wendy. I got up as
she turned to him and began to stroke his hard cock. Even though he was
hard, she still stuffed the thing into her mouth and sucked. I watched as
she expertly licked the shaft with her flicking tongue. She inflamed him
with her words of encouragement, "I love your big cock, baby. Would you
like to put it inside my pussy or do you want me to just suck you until you
cum in my mouth. I would love it either way. I really want to taste your
sweet cum but I also want to feel your big cock deep in my womb."

"Oh Wendy you are the sexiest woman I have ever been with," said Jim. His
statement impressed me because Jim's wife was pretty hot. Jim pulled
Wendy's face off his cock and up to his own. They kissed as Wendy straddled
Jim. Her pussy was on the hunt and I watched with amusement as her
undulating hips squirmed around until her pussy had found the head of Jim's
cock. Once aligned she impaled herself. The whole process was done while
Wendy kissed Jim passionately. Her pussy seemed to be on auto pilot.

Wendy broke the kiss and rose up allowing all of her weight to push her
down over Jim's cock. With it now buried deep in her sloppy pussy she began
to whip her hips forward and then backward giving Jim's cock one hell of a
ride. I couldn't believe how talented Wendy was with her body. I was
reminded of a belly dancer. I looked over at Rick and he had a big smile on
his face. He knew what Jim was going through.

"Do you like that, baby?" asked Wendy.

"Oh shit, woman, what are you doing to me with your pussy?" asked Jim.

"I'll take that as a yes," said Wendy as she increased the pace of her
undulating pelvis. She moved so fast it was a blur.

moaned an overloaded Jim.

Wendy quickly popped off Jim and in one motion took his cock into her mouth
to the root and buried her nose into his pubic hair. Jim thrust his pelvis
against her face as he came. For about thirty seconds Jim held his ass
about six inches off the bed and not only supported his own weight but that
of Wendy's head and upper body as well. She held her head perfectly still
as Jim coated her throat with several jets of cum. Finally Jim relaxed onto
the bed and Wendy pulled her mouth off his cock. She smiled at Jim and
said, "Yummy, thanks for the lovely taste."

As Jim left Wendy on the bed, Rick and Greg both advanced to take his
place. They looked at each other as they reached the bed neither one
wanting to yield Wendy to the other. Wendy solved the problem by saying, "I
want both of you." She arranged Rick on his back then went to her purse and
retrieved some love oil. She rubbed liberal amounts onto Rick's cock then
greased up her cute backdoor. Wendy then laid on top of her husband with
her back against his body. She reached down and rubbed Rick's rock hard
cock against her rosebud. With a little effort and a few squeaks from Wendy
the tool was soon embedded in her bowels. She then placed her hands back on
either side of Rick to support her body as he pumped her ass.

Greg watched with fascination but with puzzlement. I assumed he wasn't sure
what to do. Wendy motioned for him to come to her. Greg crawled onto the
bed, straddled Rick's legs and knealt in front of Wendy's bouncing pussy.
She helped him guide his cock into her opening. Once he was in, Wendy lay
back on her husband and just let them take her. Rick and Greg set up a
rhythm and began a steady assault on Wendy's holes. After some time I got
up from my chair to get a better look. Wendy's pussy and asshole were beet
red and covered with a sloppy froth of her juices and Rick and Greg's
precum. Each successive thrust seemed to churn up the juices into a sexual
whipped cream.

Wendy hadn't said anything during the lengthy penetrations. She looked to
be having chain orgasms and her face was a mask of painful pleasure. The
boys had been quiet also save for a steady cadence of grunts as they
shafted the delicate creature between them. That changed when Greg began to
wail. Suddenly he pulled out of Wendy's pussy and began to hose her down
from head to belly button. It is a perfect description because it looked
like a fire hose dousing a burning building. I never saw a man cum so much.
In my sexually overwhelmed state I imagined that as each rope of cum hit
the hot Wendy it sizzled as the liquid tried to cool her skin.

Greg's release triggered Rick's build up. A moment later he pulled out and
arced his contribution onto Wendy's tits and belly. Once he was drained,
Rick slid out from under his cum covered wife and kissed her full lips.
Greg and Rick left her to recover from the continuous orgasms that
threatened to take her consciousness again. Once Wendy's breathing had
returned to normal, she began to clean herself up. She used her hands to
collect the sexual juices from her body and then feed them to her mouth.
All four of us watched the nasty sight as Wendy removed every clump and
string of cum from her beautiful sexy body.

If you thought that that was it, you forgot my promise. After a short rest
and a few drinks we started over again. Wendy was like a nymphomaniac. I
think Rick was having second thoughts about allowing his wife to have sex
with other men. She couldn't get enough of us. At one point we each had our
cocks buried in this sexy creature. I was in her ass, Jim was in her pussy
and she had both Rick and Greg in her mouth. We even nearly succeeded in
getting two cocks in her pussy while I fucked her ass. This proved to be
too difficult to sustain. If we weren't all doing Wendy at once then we did
her one or two at a time. When the sun finally began to peak through the
curtains the other three men were exhausted. Wendy and I were still going
strong. Rick was definitely one hell of a lucky dude to have an insatiable
wife like Wendy.

At about six Jim, Greg and Rick cleared out and left as Wendy gave me yet
another full throat blow job. Rick told Wendy that he was worn out and for
her to join him when she was ready. We were scheduled to play golf at two
that afternoon. We agreed to meet for lunch at twelve thirty and then head
for the golf course. After another half hour I told Wendy that I needed
some rest. I figured that she would leave but she asked if she could stay
in bed with me and I agreed. She was something to cuddle with, soft and

I manage to sleep for a few hours but it seemed like more. There is nothing
like a night of hard sex to make you sleep like a baby. When I awoke, Wendy
was gone. I showered and dressed and was the first one down to the lobby of
the hotel. Jim joined me after a few minutes followed by the two couples.
Both ladies looked terrific despite the separate ordeals each had faced the
night before. I couldn't help smiling at Wendy and she smiled back with a
lusty look that said last night was only the beginning. Rick noticed and
didn't seem to share his wife's enthusiasm. Pam looked chipper. I wondered
if she had found out about the goings on at my room.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at the country club and then left the girls for our
round of golf. I couldn't help watching the two ladies strutting away in
their short dresses, butts wiggling sexily. I turned to notice that my
three friends were watching the same thing.


Part 4 - Pam's Story


What a terrible way to start a vacation. After the night club I felt so ill
that Greg took me back to our room and helped me undress and put me to bed.
He offered to stay with me. "No! It's not fair that you be tied up like
that. You go back and enjoy yourself. I'll be fine." So he kissed me gently
then tucked me in and left. I was asleep in less time than it takes to tell

I awoke once about 2am and realized Greg wasn't back yet, but I was too
worn down to even think and very shortly I was back asleep. Sometime after
that I was disturbed by someone crawling into the bed and hugging me
gently. Greg was back. Apparently Greg had set our travel alarm, because
about 11:30 I was roused from sleep by an irritating buzzing. "I'm going to
kill that clock," I thought.

Rolling over I started to gently tickle Greg blowing in his ear and saying,
"Come on Greg, you're the one that set the alarm. What's going on?"

He slowly pulled himself over to me and as we cuddled said, "We're having
lunch with everyone at 12:30. Do you feel OK?" I giggled as my hand slid
down his belly and caressed his shaft and sack gently. "What do you think?"
I asked.

As my hand rubbed him I became aware that his hair was sticky and matted to
his lower belly. "What happened last night?" I wondered out loud.

Greg actually blushed. My Greg! Good lord. I stopped rubbing him and rolled
over on top of him. My nipples grazing his hard chest causing them to
harden instantly. I sat up straddling his waist and started to tease him.
"Tell me what happened," I repeated, my fingers slowly teasing his nipples.

He moaned softly and gave me a short view of the previous evening. Good
Lord I thought. Wendy!? The girl that always seemed so straight? Greg and I
had swapped on occasion and I know he had wanted to talk to Rick about it,
but they always seemed too, I don't know, "Uptight" I guess.

This could be an interesting vacation for sure. Realizing our time was
getting short, we went into the shower and soaped each other up and I used
the washcloth to gently clean away the caked on love juices from the night
before. Of course I did manage to tease him a bit as I was doing it. If
only we had time! But no it was late.

I asked Greg what he thought I should wear today and he said, "I don't know
what your feelings are about it, but it appears this could be a very sexy
vacation. Is that something you want?" I thought barely a moment and
replied: "Are you asking me if I want to swap with your friends? The answer
was "Yes!!" My answer was also a very quick "YES!!!" I was getting excited
just thinking about it and I pulled out a sexy short dress and garter belt
and hose.

On the way down we ran into Rick and Wendy. I had to look twice at her. God
she had changed. Her trim little body was dressed in a thigh length skirt
and the blouse she had on made it very obvious that she wore no bra. I was
actually a bit jealous, her smaller breasts were tight with no visible sag,
and the nipples were very erect against the nearly see through fabric of
the blouse. I had never seen her like that, and I estimated the size of her
breasts as B's possibly C's, but no bigger. My D cup would never stand up
like that.

We met Jim and Bill in the lobby and I couldn't help but notice the look
that passed between Bill and Wendy. I turned to Greg and said, "What was
that all about?" He smiled and said "You should have seen those two last
night! They put on quite a show."

After an initial round of pleasantries, we sat down to a perfectly lovely
lunch. The wine and the conversation flowing freely. Two things were fairly
obvious, first Rick appeared to be a bit sullen and second Wendy couldn't
keep her eyes off Bill.

I made myself a promise to find out what had happened last night. As the
guy's tee time approached. I leaned over to Wendy and said, "What are we
going to do while these guys play golf? Do you want to go do a bit of

Wendy said "I think I'd rather just go soak in the pool if that's OK with

I must admit that sounded great, just to relax in the warm water for the
afternoon. Of course it also made it easier for me to pry. My hand slid
slowly up Greg's leg and I cupped him under the table squeezing gently as
my lips sought out his ear. I whispered, "Now don't you get all tired out!
I've got to get some use out of this thing later!" I giggled as his body
sat upright and he struggled to stay still.

"Damn you Pam!" he whispered, "It's going to be hard to concentrate on golf
now." I just laughed as Wendy and I took our leave of the guys and headed
for our rooms. Each of us adding a bit more sway to our hips than usual.
Wendy and I parted in the lobby with a promise to meet in the pool as soon
as we changed.

I watched as Wendy walked down the corridor. "What has come over her?" I
wondered. Usually a conservative dresser with a reserved manner. Her dress
and carriage now made every guy she passed turn and admire her. What a

As I entered our room, my thoughts were full of what Greg had told me last
night. How Wendy had danced for the guys performing a very sexy strip tease
for them, before they all enjoyed her, many times if he wasn't
exaggerating. I stood in front of the mirror, and my blouse slid slowly
from my shoulders. Reaching back I unhooked my bra and slid it down my
arms. Ahhhhh the freedom felt wonderful. My hands slowly massaged my
breasts. My finger tips teasing the puffy nipples gently.

My hands lowered, sliding my skirt down and then my panties. I stood naked
in front of the mirror. My fingertips moved gently down my belly and along
my slit, tips just touching my clit massaging gently. I couldn't get the
thought of Wendy out of my mind. "God I wish Greg were here," I thought as
I shuddered through a small orgasm. "Lord look at the time," I thought as
my mind cleared. Reaching into the drawer I took out a light blue bikini
and slid it into place as I got ready to leave.

Looking in the mirror one last time I was pleased, and I wondered what the
vacation would bring. Grabbing a towel I locked the door behind me and
headed for the pool. Wendy was there ahead of me, and she looked absolutely
wonderful. She had a white, rather modest, two piece on. It highlighted her
slender little body, and the contrast of the white suit and her tanned skin
was wonderful.

I took the chaise beside her and sat down leaning back as I enjoyed the
warmth from the sun. Our conversation was limited for a brief period as we
settled down and relaxed, each with our own thoughts. The pool was
practically deserted and I noticed there was no one in the hot tub on the
pool apron. "Come on Wendy. Let's try the hot tub," I said as I stood up.

"Sure," she said and held out her hand for me to help her up. Our hands met
and a gentle tingle passed through me as I pulled her up. "AHHHHHHHHH," I
moaned as I settled into the warmth of the water. Wendy agreed. "God this
feels great!" she said as she slumped against the side of the tub. "My
whole body aches." This was my chance. "Why is that?" I asked.

I was aware of Wendy watching me under half closed eye lids, finally she
said: "It was a long night."

Now was the time..... "Yes I know," I said, "Greg told me." Her eyes popped
open and she blushed a bright red. "He told you about what?" she asked.

I laughed as I said, "I assume he told me about everything. It sounded like
quite an evening. I wish I had been there." Slowly I managed to draw her
out until she was telling me about the events of the previous night in
great detail.

"I didn't know I could cum so much!" she said. "I came on their tongues,
their fingers and their shafts. It was amazing!" She went on to explain
that her and Rick had talked about it a lot and finally it had happened. He
had watched her with other men. I, in turn, told her about me and Greg. She
shook her head in amazement, "I never would have guessed."

The afternoon was wearing on, and I suggested before the guys get back that
since we had the time, we go enjoy a sauna. She readily agreed.

We stood in the locker room and removed our suits. I couldn't resist a look
at her. Her small body was wonderfully proportioned. Slim but not by any
means skinny. We went to the gym nearly every day together and it seemed to
be paying off for both of us. I stood and stretched and noticed Wendy
looking at me. "What?" I asked.

She blushed and said, "I wish my breasts were bigger like yours."

It was my turn to blush and I said, "Don't be silly. You're gorgeous just
the way you are." Her head lowered and she said. "Thank you. So are you."

There was only one other woman in the sauna as we entered, and we exchanged
a few pleasantries and then settled back in the warmth. It wasn't but a few
minutes before we were alone. "Do you mind if I take the towel off?" I

"Of course not," came the reply.

I hung the towel on a hook and laid back on the bench with Wendy watching
every move I made. "Now it's your turn," I said. There was a heartbeat's
hesitation then her towel was also gone and we were both naked laying on
the benches.

As our eyes met, her smile was a bit shy and hesitant, but none the less I
noticed her eyes slide down my body much as mine were doing to her. I could
envision why Greg said he enjoyed her so much. I hadn't been with another
woman since my college days, and then only halfheartedly, but there was
something about the woman Wendy had become. Something at the same time
childlike yet mature, innocent yet sexy. I wondered....... "How would you
like a massage?" I asked.

"I'd love it" she said. She sat up on the bench, and I moved behind her
spreading my legs around her hips as I sat in back of her. My thighs were
touching her hips as my hands began to massage her shoulders. Gently
kneading the muscles, slowly moving her neck from side to side.
"Ummmmmmmmm," she moaned, "That's wonderful."

Wendy lay back against me, and I felt her warm skin caress my nipples
causing them to harden instantly. My hands moved slowly along her sides to
her belly my fingers massaging gently. Then higher. Touching her breasts,
my hands cupping them gently as my fingers massaged her nipples.

She tightened for just a moment and I thought, "Damn I've gone too far!"
But then she moaned and her body squirmed against me. Wendy's head was
tilted back, and I slowly lowered my lips to hers kissing her gently.

"I've n n n..never..." she stuttered. I put my finger over her lips and
said. "I know.. Shhhh let's go back to the room." We didn't even bother to
shower until we got back to the room.

When we reached Wendy's room, I slowly removed her suit then my own.
Leading her into the shower, I adjusted the water temperature and began to
wash her from head to foot. My soapy hands massaged first her breasts then
her buttocks. Avoiding her slit I soaped her thighs then down her legs. My
hands slowly moved back up, gently my soapy hands massaged her slit washing
her completely. Wendy moaned and slumped against me. Her hips moving gently
on my hand. We kissed gently, then she took the soap and washed me. My body
was shaking under her gentle touch and I nearly swooned when her hand
contacted my clit.

We hurriedly dried each other and went to the bed laying side by side as
our hands lightly caressed and explored each other's bodies. Our lips met
gently as I rolled over on top of Wendy. My hard nipples touching hers
rubbing softly along them. My tongue slid out lightly touching her ear then
down her throat licking gently.

Moving lower-- my hand gently lifted her breast as my lips kissed under it.
My tongue licked gently along the nipple teeth closing gently. Her skin
felt so warm and soft on mine. She was arching her back and moaning softly
as my lips wandered lower. My tongue darted inside her belly button and
then my lips lightly removed the moisture I had left.

Moving lower-- my tongue slid flatly along her slit just on the outer lips,
barely touching. Wendy spread her legs wide, and I kissed gently down her
right thigh then back up her left. My warm breath blew gently on her clit
and she shuddered. My tongue flicked out and she screamed as it touched her
clit, at first gently then more firmly. Turning it, pulling it with my
tongue and then biting gently with my teeth. Wendy came.

Her body lifted and hung suspended. A moan coming from deep inside her.
Then she dissolved. Twisting and heaving her body thrashing under my mouth.
"Oh Godddd," she kept repeating. My tongue continued to gently lick her as
she came down slowly. "I didn't know," she said, "Oh God I didn't know!"

I moved slowly up her body enjoying the feel of our smooth skin making
contact. Then Wendy rolled me over and straddled my head with her thighs
and began to kiss and lick me. My hands grasped her slim hips pulling her
down as my body throbbed under her ministrations. I moaned into her folds
as I came the first time. Then again and yet again..

Suddenly Wendy wasn't there anymore. "Whattttttt?" I thought. I became
aware of movement on the bed beside me as my eyes focused I saw Bill. His
big hands held Wendy's slim hips and he had them lifted so only her head
and shoulders were on the bed. Her legs were spread wide around him being
held up by his arms.

His cock. My god it was huge. The shaft stood straight from his muscular
body and it throbbed gently as he rubbed the head along Wendy's slit. I was
aware of hands grasping me also, then the wonderful feeling of being
penetrated. He slid deeper and deeper into me spreading me deliciously. I
looked up to see Rick smiling down at me. I turned my head and watched as
Bill drove that great cock into Wendy with one fast motion. She screamed as
his balls slapped on her upturned ass. He moved slowly out and then drove
deep again. "Don't hurt her Bill," Rick said. "No don't stop him!" Moaned
Wendy. Her body trying to match his movements.

I had never seen anyone being fucked before. Making love yes, but not this.
Wendy was being fucked. Hard and fast. Bill's long shaft drove into her
little body. Her thighs strained as she came. Her mouth was working but no
sounds were coming out.

My hand found hers as I shuddered through another orgasm myself. Rick's
respectable cock was deep inside me. Driving me through orgasm after

Wendy's eyes passed over me obviously not seeing as she screamed into a
final massive cum. Bill too groaned and ground even deeper into her
thrashing body obviously cumming deep inside her. To be followed shortly by
Rick inside me.


Part 5 - Jim's Story


What an incredible first day. It started the minute I met Rick's beautiful
wife Wendy. At that time, I never would have thought that hours later I
would find my cock buried in her perfect body. What a fantastic woman she
is. That first night of our trip was a dream come true. I must admit that I
felt guilty the next day. I thought of my wife Kim. I knew she would be
shocked to hear about what the five of us did. She would probably kill me
if she found out that I had been unfaithful. I just didn't know what I'd
say to her that night when she arrived.

The golf game that day was great fun but I didn't shoot very well. I guess
my mind was on my wife. I wished there was a way to get her involved in
these sexy encounters. After the game I spent a little time in my room
cleaning up. Just as I was getting dressed, the phone rang. It was Pam.

"Why don't you come over to my room Jim," she said in a sultry voice. All
thoughts of my wife faded as I thought of Greg's sexy wife.

"I'll be there in a minute," I said and was there in less than 30 seconds.
I knocked on the door and she answered wearing absolutely nothing. Before I
could get my mouth working, she pulled me into the room, pressed her
incredible body against me and welded her full lips against mine. Her
tongue pushed between my lips and began to explore my mouth. I was hard

As our tongues jousted together, I grabbed her tight ass and she reached
down and began to rub my cock. After a few minutes of the incredible kiss
Pam broke free and said, "Oh baby, I want your cock." Pam dropped to her
knees and quickly had me out of my shorts. Her warm mouth was soon around
my cock. She sucked me with more passion than I thought possible. Suddenly
she stood up and without saying a word led me to the bed. She resumed her
efforts on my cock taking the entire length into her throat. Pam alternated
this deep throating action with tongue baths on my balls and asshole. It
was incredible. As hot as Wendy had been the night before, Pam was on fire.

"Oh Jim, I've got to have you inside me," said Pam as she straddled my cock
and impaled herself on it. She shuddered as my length disappeared into her
womb. Pam began to ride my shaft with wild abandon. Her hard breathing was
punctuated by heavy intakes of air accompanied by high pitched sounds.
"Ohh, your cock feels so good stretching my pussy. I can feel you deep
inside, baby!" she said.

"Pam, I love these big tits," I said as I pulled on her hard nipples. She
squeaked with each pull and her pussy clamped down on my rock hard cock.

"Annh, Annh, Yeeaaa, pull on my big tits," Pam said as she began to
increase the pace of her thrusts onto my cock. At this rate I knew we were
both going to cum soon. Her moans became louder and I couldn't take any
more. I thrust my pelvis up against hers, burying my cock as deep as it
would go into her womb and began to pulse out my cum. This triggered Pam's
release and I felt her very competent pussy clamp down and milk my cock of
every last ounce of seed. Finally she collapsed against my chest and
rested. Her pussy continued to spasm around my rapidly shrinking cock. God,
it felt good.

Suddenly I noticed Bill and Greg in the room. They must have entered while
Pam and I had our sense numbing orgasms. Quickly they began to undress. I
said, "You boys gonna assist me in wearing out this beautiful creature?"

Pam looked up finally realizing that we were not alone, smiled and said,
"Allll riiiight! Now I'm going to get my fill of cock." She rolled off me
and went right to work on Bill's huge monster while stroking her hubby's
shaft with her hand. She switched back and forth sucking these two objects
of her lust for several minutes. Finally, she stopped and said, "Do you
boys think you could find a nice place inside me to put these beauties?"

With that request, Bill laid on the bed and pulled Pam on top of him. In
less time then it takes to tell it, she had his big monster buried in her
pussy. Greg grabbed a bottle of sex lube and rubbed down his cock and Pam's
backdoor and then eased his considerable shaft into her asshole. For a
moment both men paused with their cocks buried balls deep inside Pam. Greg
said, "How does it feel, hun, to be so filled up?"

Pam seemed to have difficulty speaking as she croaked, "Iiittts sssoooo
ggoooddd." Her impaled body began to squirm on the two rock hard shafts
giving Greg and Bill the go ahead to work her good. I watched the junction
between all three bodies as those big cocks slowly entered and withdrew.
Bill and Greg set up a rhythm. I watched with amazement as the two cocks
pressed into Pam taking the rim of her two holes inside with each plunge.
When they pulled out, the skin reappeared and was stretched thin around the
shafts. Pam moaned and moaned, "Give it to me. Fill me like the slut I am."
Her words caused my semi-hard cock to wake up. I walked around and knelt on
the bed, my cock just inches from Pam's mouth. She didn't hesitate to suck
it into her mouth. The feeling of her humming throat was tremendous. If I
hadn't just blown my load into Pam's pussy then I would have blown it
quickly now as she sucked me.

We worked Pam steady and hard for about fifteen minutes. Pam seemed to be
tireless but I could tell that Greg was getting tired and so was I. Bill
just took in the great feelings lying on his back. Greg began to pick up
the pace. I grabbed Pam's head and began to give her a real face fuck.
Inside of two minutes I could feel the beginnings of my second orgasm. I
pulled out of Pam's throat and began to furiously jack my cock. "Shoot it
all over my face," commanded Pam. Three more strokes and I plastered her
face with three good strings of my white goo. I rested my cock head on her
tongue and let the last dribbles flow into her mouth. She licked me clean
and swallowed down my sperm.

Greg was next. He gave Pam one last thrust deep in her ass and unloaded.
When he finally pulled free only a small clump of cum escaped her asshole.
The rest was deposited deep within her bowels. The same couldn't be said
for Bill's load. When he finally flooded Pam's womb to overflowing, much of
his load and some of my first load was forced back out over Bill's cock.
Pam, ever the tidy wife, pulled herself off Bill and used her mouth to
vacuum the spilled seed off Bill's cock, balls and asshole. When she was
through he was clean as a whistle. Pam smiled at Bill and I and expressed
her thanks.

Bill said, "Thank you sweet lady." He quickly added, "We've got to get a
move on, Jimmy boy. The wives are do at the airport in an hour."

I nodded and Pam suddenly looked very disappointed. "Please don't go so
soon," she whimpered.

"Sorry, baby," Bill said, "I'm sure Greg can keep that horny body of yours
occupied for a while. We've got a whole week ahead of us. I guarantee that
there will be another gang bang in your future."

Pam brightened and said, "I'll hold you boys to that. Greg, if you don't
see to it then I'll probably end up on the streets looking for strange

"Don't worry, hun, we'll give you all the cock you want," said Greg.

Bill and I dressed as Pam and Greg cuddled on the bed. I asked, "Pam,
what's planned for the evening?"

Pam responded, "Wendy and I were talking about seeing a play over at the
arts center. Rick is going and I hope Greg is." She looked at her husband
with one of those looks that said, "You're going or no more nooky." It
wasn't much of a threat from my perspective. I knew that Pam was one of
those women who craved sex whenever she could get it. Greg nodded at the
invitation and Pam hugged him, mashing her big tits into his chest.

I said, "Well, I guess we'll see you when we see you." They both waved
blindly at us as they embraced in a passionate kiss.

The last words Bill and I heard as the door closed behind us were, "Put it
in me, baby."

Bill told me that he would meet me in the lobby in ten minutes after he
changed clothes. I used the time to wash the remnants of Pam's juices off
my cock. I didn't want my wife to find the results of heavy fucking on my

I met Bill in the lobby and as we headed out the door to retrieve the
rental car he said, "I just got a message from my wife Samantha. It seems
that she missed her flight and now is stranded in Orlando for the night."

I said, "That's too bad. When will she arrive?"

"She'll arrive late tomorrow morning," Bill replied.

I said, "Listen, you don't have to come along if you don't want to."

Bill responded, "No, that's OK. I don't have anything else to do."

"That's great, because there is something that I wanted to talk to you
about," I said as we got into the car.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" he said as I started the car and headed for the

I told Bill about how bad I felt for being unfaithful to Kim and how I
wasn't sure what to say to her. I was aware that Bill and his wife Sam had
an open relationship. I had seen the open relationships that Pam and Greg
and Rick and Wendy had. I confessed that I was envious and wished that Kim
and I had the same relationship.

Bill asked if I thought Kim would be interested in an open relationship. I
figured that she would be against that sort of life style based on her
traditional upbringing. Bill said that a traditional upbringing meant very
little if Kim was a passionate woman. I confessed that although she acted
the very proper lady in public that she did let her hair down in private if
she was turned on. Bill said that all I needed to do was find another guy
to turn her on and take her to bed. After that, she might suggest the open

"Great idea," I said, "and I know just who the guy should be." I gestured
to Bill.

"Me?" he said with surprise.

"Yeah, you," I said. I went on to explain that I trusted Bill and that Kim
knew him and had said on occasions the she enjoyed his company. Who better
to introduce my shy traditional wife to the joys of extramarital sex?

Bill seemed very surprised but acknowledged that he would love to have sex
with Kim. He confessed to being very attracted to her fresh youthful looks
and attractive figure. He said it might be fun to seduce a reluctant woman
to bed.

As we parked the car at the airport and got out I asked that Bill take care
with Kim. I didn't want her hurt. He agreed to be very gentle. I suggested
that we have dinner on the way to the hotel and then after Kim was settled
in, we might spend some time at the pool. I said that I would excuse myself
to go do something and leave the two of them alone. Bill agreed to my
plans. I asked if he would mind if I watched the two of them have sex. He
said that would be fine and gave me a key to his room. He suggested that I
hide in the closet. My last request was that Bill wear a condom. I
explained that Kim was not on the pill and that was our typical means of
birth control. He agreed. I told him that I would leave a package of
condoms in his bathroom.

We waited for ten minutes at the gate before the flight arrived. I felt a
lot better now that Bill and I had made our plans. Now, I couldn't wait to
see my lovely wife and take her into my arms. Shortly, the wait was over. I
squeezed Kim harder than I could remember and gave her a passionate kiss.
When I finally let her go, she stepped back and said, "Wow, what a welcome.
Its only been two days Jim."

"I missed you, baby," I replied gesturing to Bill.

They embraced and Bill kissed Kim on the cheek and said, "You look
beautiful, Kim."

Kim blushed and said, "Thanks Bill, its good to see you again." She added,
"Bill, wasn't Sam supposed to be on the plane with me?"

Bill said, "That's right but something came up and she missed the plane.
She won't arrive now until tomorrow."

Kim frowned and said, "That's a shame." Bill nodded.

"How about something to eat?" I asked.

Kim brightened and said, "Great! I'm very hungry. First I would like to go
to the ladies."

"Sure," I said. Bill and I waited for Kim while she was in the lady's room.

"Wow, Kim is a very beautiful woman, Jim," said Bill. I nodded and Bill
continued, "I know she is in her mid twenties but she has the face of a
teenager. I love those cute freckles and those deep blue eyes. I bet you
could see those crystal blues from a block away."

Kim returned and we headed for the car. I caught Bill checking out Kim's
body as if for the first time. It was understandable. There was a good
chance that he would get to know that body a great deal more. We stopped at
a seafood restaurant on the way to the hotel and had a nice meal. Bill and
Kim chatted endlessly and I became aware of the fact that he was paving the
way for seduction. He was very smooth and I found myself envious of his
manner. Kim was talking to Bill like they were old friends. She blushed at
his complements obviously enjoying the attention.


Part 6 - Samantha's Story


"Finally!" I thought as the big plane's wheel touched the ground. This
vacation certainly started out badly. First, that awful meeting that made
me miss the flight I was suppose to take. Then the delay in Atlanta as the
plane was checked for some equipment failure.

The only bright note was my seat mate Kevin. He was a big guy, well over
six feet and very muscular. We had started chatting while waiting for take
off and had continued like old friends, learning more and more about each
other as the drinks flowed and the plane flew into deepening twilight.

We were both married, me to Bill and Kevin to a cute little brunette. He
had shown me her picture along with the baby they had had just a few weeks
before. He was obviously in love with them both.

I found myself stealing glances at his broad thick chest and slender hips.
Damn I was horny, it had been 3 days since Bill and I had been together.
Three long days of frustration.

As I listened to Kevin I found my mind wandering back to that time. Bill
had been his usual wonderful self. Driving me to many glorious orgasms. I
had returned the favor. I shuddered as I remembered the night. "Lord I'd
better get off this and right now!" I thought.

Just then the intercom bussed to life, "Ladies and Gentleman This is the
pilot speaking." Oh great, I thought. "I'm sorry to inform you that we have
to land in Orlando due to an equipment problem. There is no danger. However
there isn't another aircraft in place to take you the rest of the way. We
will of course put you up in a hotel for the night and have a new plane
here in the morning. We're sorry for any inconvenience."

Inconvenience! Another night away from Bill, or more specifically in my
frame of mind, another night away from Bill's body. Over the murmurs from
the passengers I became aware of Kevin's voice, "Samantha?"

"Oh I'm sorry Kevin. What was that?"

"I was just wondering if, since we're going to be stranded, if you'd have
dinner with me tonight?"

"I'd love to," I said.

There was a bus waiting to take us to a hotel a short way from the airport,
and Kevin and I sat side by side in silence through the short trip. I
wondered what was going through his mind. I had seen him looking at my legs
a number of times on the trip. Was he thinking about making a play for me?
About spending the evening in my bed? I felt my nipples grow hard and my
pussy got wet just thinking about it.

As the bus arrived at the hotel, we were given our rooms, and Kevin and I
agreed to meet in about an hour in the restaurant. He had wanted to go
directly in, but I had told him I needed to shower badly, so he agreed to

Entering the room, I started to remove my clothes. Blouse and then bra.
(Ahhh that felt good). Skirt and panty hose, panties. My hands massaged my
breasts feeling the nipples harden even further. I stretched slowly. As I
did I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My medium length blond hair was
mussed from the trip. I pulled my 23 inch belly in just a bit below my 37DD

"Would Kevin be interested?" I wondered. "Of course," my mind answered. I
had never met a guy that didn't want to use me. My hand wandered down to my
belly and then lower into the light blond hair between my legs. My 35 inch
hips began to move in gentle undulations as my finger touched my clit.

"Ohhhhhhh God, I need to cum!" I moaned.

Laying on the bed my legs opened. My fingers entered, driving me higher and
higher. My nails rubbed my clit gently and my hips arched as I came.
Groaning I thought of Bill, "God, I need his big cock." I came again and
yet again.

My next awareness was the phone ringing. I grabbed my watch and looked. My
God I must have dosed off it was more than an hour since I had entered the
room. "Hello," I said into the phone.

"Hi," Kevin said, "Been waiting for you. You almost ready?"

"I'm sorry," I said, "I dosed off. Why don't you give me ten minutes then
come up. I'll get my shower done and we'll be ready."

I hopped in and took a much too quick shower. The warm water felt so lovely
cascading down over my body, that I never wanted to leave. Added to that
the fact that as I soaped myself, I became aroused again. All I really
wanted to do at this time was stay right there, but Kevin was coming. I had
to get ready.

I pulled on black bikini panties, a garter belt, and black stockings. Then
my bra and a mid thigh length skirt. Finally, a white blouse. A knock.
Kevin was here. "Come on in," I said, "It's open." The door opened and
there he stood. God, he looked good. He was dressed in a sports jacket and
slacks, his shirt was stretched across his thick chest. I guess that was
when I decided. Tonight he was mine.

"You look fantastic," he said as he surveyed my body. I think I actually
blushed. "Thank you," I said, "So do you." I sat down and pulled on my high
heels, being sure that as I did he was able to look up under my skirt to my
thighs and possibly beyond.

The dinner was wonderful. The talk and the champagne flowed. I found myself
getting rather giddy, from a combination of sexual tension and the drinks.
It felt wonderful. After we finished, we went into the lounge and found a
table for two in the corner. We ordered drinks and sat listening to the
music the band was playing. My hand was on Kevin's arm, my nails lightly
caressing his flesh as we talked. I noticed him, on more than one occasion,
looking at my breasts. Fine with me, I thought as I smiled at him.

The band started to play one of my favorite songs, a slow Aaron Neville
number, and I asked if we could dance. "Of course," he said taking my arm
and leading me to the small dance floor. My hand disappeared in his as he
gently pulled me next to him. His other hand was on the small of my back as
we moved together in time with the music. God, I was feeling so sexy.

I moved closer to him, gently sliding into his arms. My breasts touching
his chest, our thighs touching gently as we moved. His hand released mine,
and both my arms lifted going around his neck. His hands closed on my back
and his fingers gently probed the top of my ass. Looking up I found myself
looking directly into his eyes, my head tilted back, his lowered, our lips

My whole body shuddered. I groaned into his mouth. My body moved even
closer to him, we had stopped dancing now. We just stood on the floor
feeling each other's bodies. My hand slid between us going down to his
crotch. My fingers closed on the lump I found there and massaged it slowly.

I broke the kiss and looked up into his eyes, with what I hoped was a
sultry sexy look and asked, "Your room or mine?"

Kevin looked down at me and smiled. "I think mine," he said.

We held hands like teenagers as we left the lounge. As we waited for the
elevator Kevin's hand managed to drop to my ass lightly massaging the
cheeks. It was all I could do to stand, it felt so wonderful. As the
elevator door closed, we were alone. I moved into his arms and lifted my
head licking his throat gently. Then standing on tip toes I kissed him
hard, as my hand slid to his crotch again grasping him, pulling gently. I
was rewarded with a moan.

I giggled as my lips went to his ear and my tongue came out and licked his
earlobe gently. I whispered, "Are you ready for me Kevin? Do you want to
put this big cock into my little pussy? Will you fuck me good?"

My answer was a growl from deep in his throat. He picked me up holding me
bodily against the back of the car as he kissed me so hard it hurt. My legs
automatically opened around his thighs, and I felt his bulge rub against my
panties. I moaned into his mouth.

The bell chimed signaling the arrival of the elevator on our floor. We
scrambled to look presentable in case anyone was there when the door
opened. Luckily, no one was.

Kevin fished out his keys and we went to the door of his room. As he put
the keys into the lock, I couldn't resist. I moved close behind him and my
hands went around in front. Both grabbed him lightly, massaging him. He
groaned and threw the door open. Turning, he grabbed me and lifted me into
his arms carrying me through the door and kicking it closed with his foot.

As he lowered me down. My hands gripped his coat pulling it off his
shoulders, then they moved to unbutton his shirt. My hands moved into his
shirt feeling the muscular, hairless, chest. I pushed his shirt off, my
nails gently scraping his flesh, then pinching his nipples lightly.

My hands wandered lower rubbing his tight stomach. My fingers moving under
the waist band of his slacks. Then, finding his belt pulling it then
unbuckling and opening it, allowing his slacks to fall around his feet. I
moved back a short way and looked at him. "Ummmm, Yummy," I thought.

He was big, no doubt about that. His chest was massive and hairless. His
body tapered to a narrow waist and hips, and there was a very respectable
bulge in his bikini underwear. I smiled as I said, "Well, are you going to
keep that big thing hidden?"

He grinned and pulled his underwear down. Oh Yes... very nice. His shaft
bounced as it was freed. Not as big as Bill, but very respectable. My hand
closed on it and I stroked it gently from base to tip. Feeling it pulse in
my hands. "Oh God," he moaned.

I pushed him back on the bed, and slowly backed away. It was my turn now.
My hands moved up my body caressing through my clothes. My fingers finding
the buttons of my blouse. First one then two. Another, allowing my blouse
to gape open. I moved back to Kevin lightly kissing him then moving away.
Another button, the blouse was open. I shrugged it off my shoulders and my
hands lifted my breasts.

"Do you like these?" I asked with a giggle. He nodded his head. My hands
reached around behind me and unhooked the bra letting it fall. My hands
went back to my breasts palms rubbing the already hard nipples. God I was
so hot.

My hands lowered unbuttoning the skirt allowing it to fall unnoticed to the
floor. I was down to my garter belt and panties and stockings. I looked
over at Kevin and I could see his shaft throbbing. Reaching down I unhooked
the garter belt preparing to roll the stockings down for his benefit.

"No please," He said, "Keep them on."

Smiling I pulled my panties down and reattached the garter belt. Lifting my
arms over my head I moved in a small circle. "Do you like it?" I asked.

"Oh God Yes!" was the strangled answer.

I smiled as I moved to him, my hand reaching out touching his shaft
massaging then moving lower taking his sack into my hand squeezing gently.

Crawling onto the bed with him, I pushed him back, my hands massaging his
chest as my mouth lowered. My tongue flicked out first touching then
teasing his belly. I could feel the muscles jump under me as I moved in
small circles to his belly button. My tongue slid into it teasing, licking.
Then out and lower........

I blew my breath over his shaft. My tongue moving out lightly touching the
tip, swirling around it. My lips closed on him moving gently up and down
just on the head. He moaned. Then, I went lower taking more of him into my
mouth moving gently up and down as my hand caressed his sack. Moving back I
used my teeth to gently bite down on the head scraping gently with them as
I moved along the ridge of his shaft.

"Ohhhh Fuck," he moaned, "I'm going to cum already." His hands closed on my
head, and he held me in place as my mouth went lower and he began to throb.
Shot after shot filled my mouth and went down my throat. I swallowed,
desperate to keep up with him as his body arched even further off the bed
pushing deeper into my mouth.

As he slowed, his hands lowered gripping my shoulders and lifting me.
Throwing me none to gently onto the bed on my back. His hands massaged my
breasts, the nipples hardening even further. His hand lightly caressed my

"You like to tease, don't you?" He asked.

My hand gripped his trying to push it lower. "No," I pleaded, "Please, I
need you!!!"

Kevin laughed as his fingers wandered to my thighs. My legs shot open even
further and I moaned for him. His fingers moved maddeningly close to my
pussy, then just touched the skin of my crotch, moving back to my thighs.

I was so horny as my own hands tried to lower. He blocked me. Kevin's head
lowered between my thighs. His tongue worked gently on my thighs. My body
lifted and my hands held his head. He moved....... His tongue touched my
lips. It ran flatly along their length. My hips lifted and I thrashed as I

His tongue moved gently inside, parting me, touching my clit. Rubbing it
gently. I came...... His teeth closed on my clit. Biting gently pulling it
softly as his fingers entered me. My hands wrapped in the bed spread. My
head rolled. I screamed as I came yet again..

I felt his mouth leave me and his weight shift. Looking down I saw his
gorgeous body poised between my wide spread thighs. His long shaft pointing
directly at my throbbing pussy. He lowered...

"Ahhhhh" we both moaned as he entered fully on the first thrust. My legs
lifted wrapping around his waist and my hips thrashed under him. Kevin
hammered down into me. My legs opened and lowered. His hands gripped my
ankles lifting my legs back up and spreading them wide as he continued his

"Oh God," I moaned, "So good!!"

He was out of me. Gone!! "No" I pleaded.

My body was lifted and I was placed on my hands and knees on the edge of
the bed. My arms wouldn't support me and I slumped down. I was aware of his
fingers entering me. Rubbing my clit. I was so near.

Not caring who heard I moaned, "Fuck me! Make me cum! Please!" His hard
shaft sliced into me making me groan. His hand reached under rubbing my
clit as he hammered deep and hard. My tight nipples rubbed along the
bedspread with each thrust causing an explosion of feelings. I was on fire.
My body tensed ready to explode. Kevin drove deep inside me and then out.
Deep again. I came. "Oh Fuck," I screamed as my body dissolved into a
writhing mass. He groaned and drove deep holding my hips as he emptied into

We were to make love, no that's not right, we were to have wonderful sex,
twice more that night and once more in the am before we had to get back to
the airport. While I was still looking forward to seeing Bill. For obvious
reasons the edge had been removed.


Part 7 - Jim Continues


Kim, Bill and I left the restaurant where we had enjoyed a meal after
picking her up from the airport. We arrived shortly at the hotel. I
suggested that we go for an evening swim and Kim loved the idea. I told
Bill we would meet him at the pool in fifteen minutes and we split up. I
could tell that Kim was already having a great time. She was in great
spirits. She didn't hesitate to tell me how much she liked Bill and was
really looking forward to spending more time with him.

The plan was working out great. Perhaps a little too great, I found myself
thinking. I thought back to Wendy and Rick. It was obvious that Rick was a
little unsettled about Wendy's attraction to Bill. I now was beginning to
understand why. I dismissed the thoughts as being childish. Kim and I loved
each other very much. Bill could never take that away from us.

I was first to get into my swim suit. Kim suggested that I go on down. She
said that she would be just a minute. I left and met Bill at the pool. Ten
minutes later Kim walked up. She had on a wrap around cover up but that
didn't stop Bill and I from checking out her long slender legs. Kim is a
tall girl but very slender. Her long slender legs are one of her better
features. She measures 33C-21-34 and stands 5'9. Her height was accentuated
by a pair of 4 inch pumps. I had never known her to wear high heels when
going swimming. It was very sexy.

That wasn't all. Kim strutted over to a chair and turned back to us. She
unwrapped the cover and laid it on the chair. She stood for a moment and
let us take a look. Wow! To my knowledge it was the first time I had ever
seen her in a two piece suit. It was white and very brief. The top was a
halter style. Two triangles held her breasts in place. A string tied in the
back and another around her neck. I was surprised by how big her breasts
looked in the tiny suit. The bottom was also very brief. Two strings flared
out and joined at her pussy forming a "V". When she turned all that was
visible was her long straight dark brown hair and just below it a string
around her waist and one down between the cheeks of her ass. This was not
something that Kim would usually wear, especially in public. But, here she
seemed to be showing off her fantastic body to all.

Kim removed her pumps. She walked over and sat down in front of us dangling
her smooth long legs over the side of the pool into the water. We talked
for a while and she explained that she didn't want to get in the water. She
was happy just to dip her feet in. After a while Bill and I got out of the
water. Kim joined us as we sat on the chaise lounges. It was difficult for
Bill and I to keep our eyes off Kim's delightful body. I think she was
aware of the attention but maintained her shy manner.

It was now time to put my plan into motion. I couldn't ask for a better
setup. I said, "Kim, I think I'll go up to the room and watch the ball
game. Feel free to stay a while if you like."

Kim seemed a little surprised as she said, "You're not going to stay here
with me?"

Bill piped in, "I'll sit with you for a while, Kim."

I gestured to Bill and said, "There you go babe, Bill will be here to sit
with you."

Kim looked at me then Bill and said, "Well OK, if you don't mind Bill."

"I would be delighted to keep such a lovely lady company," Bill said

Kim blushed then turned to me, "I'll just stay a little while, hun."

"OK babe," I said and then headed for the room. Earlier, I had checked out
the pool area and found a secluded spot where I could sit and eavesdrop on
Kim and Bill. I entered the hotel and then made my way around through
another door. I sat not more that fifteen feet from my wife and coworker.

"Isn't it a beautiful night," said Kim a little breathlessly.

"It is very peaceful," agreed Bill.

"I could use a little peace and quite after the last few days I've had,"
said Kim.

"Oh yeah, what's been the problem?" asked Bill.

"Oh you know, the tensions of the job. Our office entertained an important
client this last week and I was responsible for making things go smoothly.
That was the reason I was delayed," replied Kim.

"I hope everything went well," said Bill.

"Oh yes, everything went well, but I was on pins and needles all week. This
vacation is just what I needed to work out the tension," said Kim.

"How would you like a little shoulder massage for those tensions?" inquired

"Oh, that sounds wonderful but I wouldn't want to trouble you," said Kim.

"No trouble at all," said Bill as he sat up. Kim sat up as well and turned
her back to Bill. Slowly, he began to rub her neck with both hands.

"Oh, that feels wonderful Bill. Where did you learn to do that?" Kim said.

He replied, "I learned to do it for Sam. She has a tendency to tighten up
over the least thing. The only thing that worked for her was a good
massage. For a long time she had a masseuse come to the house, so to save a
little money I decided to learn how to give her a massage."

"Well, Sam is a lucky girl," said Kim.

Bill said, "Well, from what I've seen, Jim is the lucky one. You are truly
a gorgeous lady, Kim."

"Oh sure," said Kim with an embarrassed giggle.

"Seriously Kim, you are quite a beautiful site in that little bikini of
yours," said Bill.

"Thanks Bill. You are very kind and you give a great massage," moaned Kim.

"Glad to be of service fair lady, said Bill. He added, "Would you like for
me to do your back?"

"Oh would you?" returned Kim.

"Sure. Just lay down on the chaise on your stomach," suggested Bill.

Kim slowly moved to a prone position on her stomach. Bill got a good eye
full of her generous breasts as they wiggled sexily in her bikini top. I
was amused as he rolled his eyes indicating how hot she must look. Bill
began to knead Kim's back in an effort to loosen up her tight muscles.

"Too bad I don't have my oil with me," said Bill.

"Oh, it feels just fine the way it is," replied Kim.

"Its even better with a little hot oil," hinted Bill.

"Ooohh, I bet that does feel good," said Kim.

"Well, I've got some in the room. If you like we could go up to the room
and I could heat up the oil and give you a first rate massage," suggested

"That sounds great Bill, but I shouldn't put you out that way," said Kim.
It occurred to me that my wife was trying politely to turn down Bill's
offer. It wasn't like her to go to another man's room alone.

"Oh, its no trouble. I can rid you of your tensions and you can give me the
honor of your lovely company," said Bill smoothly.

"Weeellllll," hesitated Kim. I began to think that my plans were not
working out when Kim said, "OK, Bill, lets go." I was pleasantly surprised
and a little shocked. My wife was going to another man's room so that he
could give her a massage. Everything was working out great or was it?
Suddenly, I realized that I better get up to Bill's room or I would miss

I managed to get into place in Bill's closet only a few seconds before they
came through the door. I willed my heartbeat to calm down else it be heard.
Fortunately, the closet had those louvered slats that slanted downward. It
gave me a good view of the room without someone being able to see me.

Kim immediately walked to the window at the far end of the room and looked
at the excellent view of the beach and the lit up hotels. The view wasn't
as good in our room.

"I'll just put the oil under the hot water," said Bill. Moments later he
walked out and over to where Kim stood. "Another beautiful site, almost as
gorgeous as you, Kim," he said.

Kim turned and blushed, "You are so sweet Bill. I hope the rest of the
vacation is as much fun as this first evening has been."

"I can guarantee, Madam, that you will have the time of your life," said
Bill in his best English butler like accent. Kim giggled. Bill continued
the role, "Can I take your wrap, Madam?"

Kim shrugged the cover off her shoulders and Bill collected the garment and
put it on the chair. As Kim continued to gaze at the view, Bill went to the
bathroom to get the heated oil and some towels. He returned to the room and
now with a towel draped over his arm he poured a little oil into his hands
and began to rub his hands together vigorously.

Again, Bill slowly began to rub Kim's neck with his now well lubricated

"Oh, that hot oil feels terrific," said Kim. Bill didn't say a word as he
allowed his hands to do his talking. He continued with Kim's neck and
shoulders before gently leading Kim to the bed. Kim stretched her long
slender body on Bill's bed and rolled onto her stomach. Bill took the
bottle of hot oil and pour several puddles onto Kim's bare back. Kim moaned
as the hot oil splashed onto her smooth skin. Slowly and carefully Bill
rubbed the oil into Kim's skin and began to rub down her tired and tense

Lucky for me, Kim was facing toward the closet. I watched her face as Bill
worked over her tired but very attractive body. Her eyes were closed but
her mouth was open as if each sensation might produce a sound from her
throat. God, did she look beautiful. I began to wonder if I should let this
thing go any farther. It was my beautiful wife laying there and I wasn't
sure now that I was ready to share her. Then I thought back to my
infidelity and felt ashamed. In the end, I decided I couldn't just barge
out from my sneaky hiding place. I would never live that down.

Bill began to pour oil onto Kim's legs. He massaged the hot oil into her
thighs and then calves. Bill even massaged Kim's feet after removing her
pumps. Slowly, he worked his way back up her legs rubbing every inch of
skin. I was surprised when he continued his rubdown right up to her ass
cheeks. Kim didn't flinch a bit as he kneaded her tight little buns. Bill
moved on to work again on her glistening back, slowly moving up to where he
had begun. Once he had completed her back side he asked Kim to turn over.

Kim eagerly turned over and smiled at Bill. She said, "This is wonderful
Bill. I never knew how great a massage would feel."

This time there were obstacles in Bill's way. He asked, "Kim, would you
like a full body massage?"

Kim looked up at Bill a little puzzled and said, "Well, sure Bill, isn't
that why you turned me over?"

"That's right Kim but what I'm asking is would you please remove your
suit?" asked Bill. This was the moment of truth.

"Oh, well can't you just work around my suit?" asked Kim.

"Not and give you a full body massage," replied Bill.

Kim looked at Bill for a moment and then looked down as if trying to figure
out what to do. It must have been his professional attitude that helped her
decide. Kim said, "OK, I guess so but don't tell Jim about this." Bill
nodded and I rolled my eyes. I really didn't think that Kim realized what a
full body massage was.

Kim sat up and untied the string behind her back. She then pulled the
triangles off her breasts exposing them to only the second man ever. Her
doctor is a woman. Without hesitation she lifted her butt and pulled the
skimpy bottom off. I was surprised at how easy it was for Bill to get her
naked. Surely she wasn't naive enough to think that all Bill would want was
to give her a massage.

Bill went back to the oil and poured several puddles on Kim's stomach and
chest. This time she giggled nervously as the oil splashed onto her
nipples. It was my guess that she only then realized that Bill would be
touching her breasts. I wondered how she would handle it. We both knew how
sensitive her breasts were. I've brought her to many orgasms just by
rubbing and sucking her breasts.

Bill started rubbing her abdomen and sides. Kim giggled a little as she is
very ticklish. Soon Bill worked his way up to her chest. Kim gazed at
Bill's face as he began to work on her breasts with the oil. His attention
was to his hands and what they were caressing. Kim didn't flinch a bit as
Bill worked over her breasts and pulled at her nipples. Her lips parted as
little moans began to escape her throat. She never took her eyes off Bill's
eyes. His massage had evidently relaxed Kim a great deal. Her eyes began to
glaze over as he stimulated her breasts.

Soon Bill moved on to Kim's shoulders to her disappointment. She lay
perfectly still with not a stitch of clothing on. I couldn't ever remember
a time that Kim lie naked on the bed for any reason. Even when we made love
she wore a short see through nightgown. Bill poured more oil on Kim's legs
and began to rub the tops of her legs. Kim looked very sexy oiled down like
she was. I suddenly noticed the king size boner in my swim trunks. I
checked out Bill and saw a large bulge in his trunks as well.

Again, Bill started at Kim's feet and worked his way up. As he neared her
pussy I noticed for the first time that she had shaved all of her hair off
her pussy and had left just a small "V" above her clit. It was very sexy
and I found myself jealous that Bill would be enjoying that lovely nest
before I would. Bill was very patient. It was clear that he didn't want to
alarm Kim. Of course, after he touched her breasts she had to know that he
would get around to her pussy soon enough.

As Bill worked on Kim's thighs occasionally he would let a finger graze
across her pussy lips. Little moans would escape Kim's mouth when these
brief touches would occur. Soon the touches became more frequent until Bill
began to focus directly on Kim's pussy. His approach had been so gradual
that Kim never realized what was happening. Now she seemed to be in such a
state of lust that she didn't mind anything that he might do.

Bill worked on Kim's clit with one hand and massaged her opening with the
other. In no time he had two fingers working in and out of her hole.
Moments later an orgasm gripped Kim's body. The full body massage was over
and now the fucking would begin. I wasn't sure if Kim realized it but she
was about to be introduced to Bill's monster. I was sure that before Bill
was through, every hole in Kim's body would know that cock personally.

When Kim came down from her orgasm she found Bill's head between her legs
slurping away at her clit. Suddenly she jerked up and said, "No Bill, we
can't do this. I can't cheat on Jim."

Bill looked up at Kim and said, "Baby, all I'm doing is continuing the
massage. Why is it that you feel like you are cheating on Jim?"

Kim said, "Isn't having sex with someone other than your husband,

"Do you love me, Kim?" asked Bill.

"Well, no, of course not. I love Jim," she replied. I beamed with pride.

"Have I made you feel good tonight?" continued Bill.

"You've made me feel wonderful, Bill," said Kim.

"Well, there are many ways to massage a body and none of them necessarily
have anything to do with love," said Bill.

"But you are talking about mating," returned Kim. It's always amused me at
Kim's term for sex and fucking. She was raised on a farm and was probably
aware of sex at an earlier age than most of us.

"Well I was thinking of sex. Two people making each other feel wonderful.
Kinda sounds like mutual massage doesn't it?" said Bill.

"I guess that's true," agreed Kim.

"I guarantee you that Jim will not mind a bit. In fact, I'll bet that he
would love to share a massage with you and maybe even my wife Sam when she
arrives," suggested Bill.

"Really," prompted Kim.

"Really. We both share each other with many other partners. It's sex,
physical pleasure. It has nothing to do with our love for each other," said

Kim didn't say anything else. She grabbed Bill's head and shoved it between
her legs. Bill had done it. He had succeeded in convincing my wife to adopt
an open relationship. Now he was going to get his reward. Kim can be pretty
wild in bed. That innocent look she has in public turns to ravenous lust in
the bedroom.

Kim was already juicing well after Bill's massage. With his tongue buried
in her pussy the flow had surely increased. Bill did a wonderful job on her
pussy. In no more than two minutes she was crashing through another orgasm.

"Bill, I want to see your cock," commanded Kim after her breathing had
returned to a state of breathlessness. Bill got off the bed and jerked his
trunks down. Kim gasped at his length and girth. I was amused by his shiny
face. Kim had fed him one of her creamy loads. "Come closer," Kim demanded.

Bill walked to where Kim's head was on the bed and she took hold of his
rock hard cock. "I'm not sure that this will fit inside me but I'll give it
the old college try," said Kim. With that, she stuffed what she could in
her mouth and began to give Bill one of her tremendous blow jobs. She never
was able to get the thing down her throat but she did bring Bill to orgasm
in under five minutes. Just before he blew, Bill pulled out and let the
sperm fly all over Kim's face. She tried to collect what she could in her
mouth but most of it splashed on her cheeks. When Bill's flow subsided Kim
was able to chase down the clumps on her face and feed them into her mouth.
Once she had cleaned her face and Bill's cock, she said, "God, was that
exciting. Bill, I have got to try that cock in my pussy."

"You bet Kim, I'll just need a moment to recover," said Bill.

"Maybe I can help a little with that," said Kim. She got off the bed and
began to slowly sway her body back and forth. She was giving Bill a sexy
dance and I was jealous. She had never given me this treatment. After a
moment she moved up to where Bill sat on the edge of the bed and pushed her
tits into his face. He quickly began to lick and suck her nipples. Kim
threw her head back as Bill teased her nipples. She then pushed Bill down
on the bed and crawled onto him rubbing her tits all over his body from his
cock to his head. It was working. Soon Bill was hard as a rock again. Kim
kissed Bill's body all over. She again licked his shaft and balls and even
tongued his asshole. This was another first. She had never done this to me.

"I want you to mate with me like a dog, Bill," growled Kim. Man, she was in
rare form.

Bill got off the bed and said, "Get on your hands and knees and get ready
for me." As Kim positioned herself on the bed, Bill left for a moment and
returned with a condom. I was relieved that he had remembered. Getting Kim
to change her life style was one thing but getting her pregnant was

Bill eased on the bed and rubbed his sheathed cock over Kim's wet slit. He
teased her for several seconds. Her impatience was demonstrated by her
squirming butt. She said, "Put that thing in me, now!"

Bill moved the head of his cock to my wife's opening. Slowly he eased the
head inside. It was slow going while Kim accommodated his girth. Soon he
had his monster buried to the balls. Slowly he pulled out and then pushed
back in. His pace increased until Kim said, "Wait!"

"What's wrong, babe?" asked Bill, his cock poised for another thrust. Kim
turned slightly and reached a hand back to grasp Bill's cock. She ran her
long finger nails along the massive cock to the base and then carefully
slipped a nail under the end of the condom. Slowly she pulled the condom
down his cock until the head popped free and the condom fell to the bed.
She looked into Bill's eyes and said, "I don't think we will be needing

Bill looked back with surprise and said, "I just didn't want any mishaps."

Kim smiled as said, "Don't worry, hun. Now I will be able to feel ever inch
of that wonderful cock inside me and I can't wait to feel you flood me with
your cum." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was frozen in place as
Kim pulled Bill's naked cock back into her pussy. She shuddered as she felt
the bare flesh slide into her moist tunnel. The look on her face was bliss.
She was getting bare flesh for the first time in her life. I tried to
remember Kim's cycle. Was she ripe for pregnancy or had that time passed.
How could she risk getting pregnant? I was surprised at Bill for
continuing, knowing that she could get pregnant. She had told him it was
OK. I guess he trusted her more than I did. I didn't know what to think.

By now, Bill was giving it to my wife good and hard. Kim was moaning and
Bill was grunting. Kim had a major orgasm while Bill kept pounding her.
After a few minutes they switched positions.

"I want to be on top," suggested Kim. She maneuvered herself on top of Bill
facing him and sat down on his cock. She began pounding her ass down
against Bill's groin with great force. Each time Bill's cock pushed into
her it found places never touched by man before. Kim became amazed at the
bulge that formed in her tight tummy as Bill's cock entered her depths. She
placed her hand over her belly to feel the probe from the outside. Soon
Bill produced another orgasm for Kim.

They moved again into another position, this time with Bill on top. He
reentered Kim's pussy easily and began his final assault. Kim said, "Do me
hard, Bill. Give it to me as hard and deep as you can. I want to feel your
cum spray deep inside me."

Bill redoubled his pace. Kim was now feeling continuous orgasms. After
several minutes he began to buck into her wildly. With one final thrust he
shoved his cock up into my wife's pussy as far as it would go and delivered
his load of seed. I hoped that I was not seeing the conception of my wife's
first child.

As they calmed down, Kim said, "That was the best massage I've ever had. I
never thought that I would mate with another man." Bill smiled and rolled
off Kim. She sat up and said, "I know its too soon to ask but could we mate

Bill looked at Kim with an exasperated look and said, "Don't you think that
Jim will be wondering where you are, Kim."

"Oh, he's watching a ball game. That will keep him busy," replied Kim.

"If you walk in naked I'll bet he will shut the game off right away,"
suggested Bill.

"You know Bill, I believe that you are trying to get rid of me," accused

Bill responded, "No Baby. Its just that you've gotten me off twice and I'm
not as young as I used to be. I'd love to fuck you all night if that's what
you want but remember Jim is waiting for you." Bill was right. I was
waiting for her to leave so that I could fuck the shit out of her.

"I know, I just want to mate once more with you Bill," begged Kim. She
helped get Bill hard again buy sucking him hard. Soon he was pounding her
hard doggy style yet again.

"How would you like my cock buried in your pretty little butt, baby?" asked

Kim had just finished another orgasm and she grunted, "I'd love it but go
easy with that big cock."

Bill pulled out of Kim and retrieved the oil. Soon he had Kim lubed up and
his cock glistening. Slowly he penetrated Kim's cute butt and soon had
built up to a frenzied pace. Kim howled with a mixture of pain and
pleasure. Soon Bill had enough of her tight ass and dumped a third load in
her third hole. They collapsed onto the bed with Bill beside Kim. They
cuddled this way for a few moments while they caught their breath.

Kim got up and walked to the bathroom. I heard the shower start and that
was my queue to leave. Bill had fallen asleep as I slipped out of the
closet and then quietly out the door. A half hour later I was worried about
what had happened to Kim. I called Bill and he said that she had left
twenty minutes ago. I thanked him for his efforts and he thanked me.

Before I hung up, Bill said, "Kim loves you very much. When she left I
think she was feeling pretty guilty about what she did. You better put her
mind at ease soon."

"Thanks man, I will when I find her," I said. I wasn't sure where to find
her so I figured I start from the beginning. I headed for the pool. Sure
enough there she sat. I walked up to her and when she saw me she jumped
into my arms and began to sob.

"What's wrong, hun?" I asked.

"I've done something horrible, Jim," she cried. I felt sick at my part in
this whole thing.

I sat her down and said, "Its OK. Tell me what's bothering you."

Kim looked at me with red eyes and said, "Jim, I've just cheated on you.
Bill and I just mated."

I hugged her close and said that I had a confession of my own. I told her
of my times with Pam and Wendy. She had a look of shock on her face but
slowly the shock and tears made way for laughter and we were both hugging
each other and laughing. We agreed that a little "mating" on the side
wouldn't hurt us and that we loved each other dearly. We headed for the
room and mated like rabbits until the sun came up.

Oh, and we did it without a condom. It turns out that Kim had been fitted
with a diaphragm. Man, was that a relief.


Part 8 - Kim's Story


"God, what have I done?" I thought as I sat by the pool trying to collect
my thoughts. I hadn't slept with anyone but Jim since we were married. Now
I was an adulterer, me. The guilt was nearly overwhelming, How could I face
Jim? Would he know?

My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of someone approaching. Looking up,
I saw Jim standing there watching me, and I totally lost control. I jumped
up and ran into his arms as I started to cry. His arms closed around me as
he said, "What's the matter Kimmy?"

The whole story poured out of me, the massage, the trip to the room for the
hot oil, the mating -- everything. I felt absolutely terrible. Jim merely
stroked my back and held me close as the tears continued. Finally as I
calmed down a bit I heard his voice, "Kimmy, I have a confession to make
too." He then told me all about his night with Wendy and the day with Pam.

"Was this my Jim?" I wondered. I looked into his eyes and was amazed to
find a slight smile on his face.

"Kimmy," he said, "I felt bad for cheating on you too, and I wanted you to
have the same enjoyment that I did, so I'm afraid I have to tell you that I
was aware that you and Bill were going to mate. I helped set it up."

My God, I thought. Should I be mad? Should I be happy? I was a bit of both
right now.

Jim's lips lightly touched mine and he said, "Baby, I don't think there was
anything wrong with what either of us did, but I'll leave the rest up to
you. It can be the start of a new life for us, or we can try to forget it
ever happened and go back the way we were."

I had to admit my time with Bill was the most exciting I had had for a
while. I loved Jim with all my heart, but we were rather used to each other
and while sex with him was satisfying it hadn't been the earth shattering,
body numbing explosion I had just had with Bill for quite a while. That, I
guess, is what made up my mind.

"Do you mean you'd like to swap partners?" I asked with a slight grin. The
very thought made me tremble slightly, "Would you be able to handle the
thought of someone other than you mating with me?"

"I've already seen it. " He said.

"What?" I almost yelled, "You watched us?"

"Yes," he said as he grinned at me, "I watched my beautiful wife and one of
my friends enjoying each other. Is that wrong?"

My head was spinning. I wasn't sure how to feel, but yes I had enjoyed Bill
very much. I guess now was the time to be truthful and see where it leads.

I stepped back and looked into his eyes. "I'll say there is nothing wrong
with it on one condition," I said as I smiled at him.

"And what might that be?" He asked.

"I get to watch you next time!" I had to laugh as I saw the look on his
face, then we were both laughing, and our new life had begun.

We went back to the room and mated several times throughout the rest of the
night, and guess what...... The sex had returned to the earth shaking bone
numbing variety we used to have.

The first time Jim entered me without a condom was like the first time all
over again for both of us. He held me and our hips moved together. Slowly
at first and then faster as we both neared. It didn't take long that first
time. I hugged my love to me as he pushed deeply into me and I knew he was
shooting his seed into me for the first time. My legs wrapped gently around
him holding him as I whispered. "I love you Jim." He stayed inside me and
as we kissed gently his shaft grew back to its full glory and we continued
to mate until early morning.

I awoke slowly, unsure of my surroundings, then it all flooded back. Bill,
the times with Jim, our discussion of swapping. Was it all real? I rolled
slowly to my back and stretched. A smile crossed my face as I saw the
condition of the bed clothes. Yes I guess the part with Jim at least was
true. The door to the bathroom opened and Jim emerged, he smiled brightly
and said "Good morning sleepyhead." I had to laugh at that.

"Give me a break," I said, "It was a long day yesterday."

"I remember!" He laughed, "Oh by the way I'm off to a golf lesson today.
I'm sorry but I scheduled it yesterday morning, and there's no way of

"That's fine," I said, "I'll use the time to just relax a bit and take a
nice hot bath. It'll be a great way to start the vacation!"

"Oh no!" he said, "No staying inside. I called Wendy and she said that she
and Pam were going to be down at the pool, and they hoped you'd join them."

The thought of Wendy and Pam brought back our discussion of the previous
night. This could be a bit embarrassing. After all they had both slept with
my husband. Would they know that I knew? I guess the doubt must have shown
on my face. Jim said "Come on Kimmy, we covered this last night, we can't
go back on it now. Besides you three are friends. How much can your
relationship be changed?" A lot I thought!

Jim waited as I took a shower, and got dressed. A pair of shorts and a
blouse, with my suit underneath, just in case. He whistled as I came out.
"God you look good enough to eat!" he said.

"Promises, promises!" was my answer as we both laughed. I said goodbye to
Jim at the door as he headed for his lesson.

I went down to the pool, finding Pam and Wendy both there, along with Greg
who I hadn't expected. We said hello, and I pulled up a lounge and settled
back to relax and get some sun. Our conversation went from one subject to
another back and forth, until Greg asked if any of us would like a drink.

"Sure!" The three of us answered nearly as one. We all laughed as Greg took
the orders and headed into the bar.

Once Greg was gone I was aware of Pam watching me closely, "What's the

I asked, "Is something wrong?"

Pam just laughed and said, "No of course not, I just wondered how you
enjoyed last night?" I blushed furiously. I could feel the fire moving up
my throat into my cheeks.

Pam looked at Wendy and the two of them broke into gales of laughter. "I
told you!" said Pam talking to Wendy, "I knew I saw Bill taking her to his
room last night." I was embarrassed beyond belief. It wasn't enough that
these two had slept with my husband now they had guessed that I had been
unfaithful and were teasing me about it.

I couldn't take this and started to rise. "Hey, now wait!" said Pam, "We're
happy for you." We've both been with Bill already and he's marvelous.

Wendy had stopped laughing, and she spoke for the first time, "I was with
another man for the first time just two nights ago. It happened for me that
it was all the guys. Yes even Jim. I enjoyed myself very much, and now Rick
and I wonder why we waited as long as we did to share our lives with

I looked at the two of them and I had to grin. "He is good, Isn't he?" I

"Oh God Yes!!" Wendy moaned and all three of us broke up.

Greg came back to the sight of three women laughing and chatting, the ice
had been broken. As he put the drinks down I took the opportunity to
inspect his body. Lord he was great. I wondered.......

Glancing at Pam I saw her hold her hands apart. It took a minute before it
sunk in. She was telling me the size of his shaft! If she's telling the
truth, Ohhhhh. I glanced at Wendy and she nodded her head and licked her
lips with her little pink tongue.

"Hey let's go for a swim!" Greg yelled as he jumped up from his chair and
walked to the pools diving board. "Come on you cowards!" he laughed.

I watched as Greg stretched at the end of the board, took two steps and
launched himself into a perfect dive, seeming hardly to disturb the water
at all as he entered.

Pam looked over at Wendy and said, "Do you think we ought to teach him a

Wendy laughed and said "God yes!! After what he did to me the other night I
need to pay him back. You going to join us Kim?"

"Join in what?" I asked.

She said, "We're going to enjoy our new found freedom. You joining in?"

I thought for a few seconds, then said "Yes I am! My mind was whirling. I
finally understood what they meant, and I was definitely for it. I felt
like a new person, and the thought of being with Greg was turning me on
more than I would have thought possible.

The three of us got up and walked down the steps at the lower end of the
pool. Greg was waiting for us, and I couldn't help but notice that his eyes
were caressing each of our bodies in turn. My eyes returned the favor, I
loved what I saw.

Pam swam directly to Greg moving against him and I saw her hand slide below
the water and I heard him gasp. Wendy moved behind him and slid her little
body along his back her hands caressing his chest.

"What are you two up to?" Greg asked with a laugh.

"It's not us that are going to be up," Pam laughed.

I felt like a voyeur. Here I was watching as two women toyed with a man.
Would they both go with him? I was shaken from my trance, by Pam, "Come on
over Kim. There's room for another." Decision time was here. What do I do?

It took barely a heartbeat. I began to move toward them. As I reached them,
Pam moved aside, and Greg reached out gripping my arm as he pulled me to
him. His hands caressed my back lightly as he held me up in the water. "So
you're going to help these two attack me huh? He laughed.

"After what they said about you, definitely!" I laughed back.

I moved closer to him, and our lips met. A tingling started at my nipples
and ran down between my legs as I felt his bulge pressing against my thigh.
I groaned into his mouth and my body writhed against him. I didn't care any
longer where we were, who saw -- none of that. I was hotter than ever, I
needed him.

I was aware of Pam's voice near my ear. "Maybe we'd better continue this in
the room!" she said.

Reluctantly I moved away from Greg. I was aware of a blush starting deep
inside my skin. I couldn't imagine how I must look.

Greg answered for me, "God you're lovely Kim! I've often thought what a
lucky man Jim is."

I felt my blush deepen but I answered, "I've thought that Pam is lucky

He pulled me to him and said softly. "Today I'm going to find out!"

My knees felt weak, and I moaned one word, "YES!"

On the walk to the room, I looked at Pam. Would she mind if I mated with
Greg? Was she going to watch? My lord how my life had changed overnight.

Pam saw me looking at her, and she said, "It's fine with me Kim. Enjoy him,
we all will!"

As we walked back to the room, I looked at my friends with new eyes.
Instead of seeing just Greg, I saw a well tanned, smooth muscular body. A
body that fairly rippled as he walked. I shivered slightly as I wondered...

I never considered myself attracted to other women, but in the sexual haze
that I found myself in I looked at Pam and Wendy as we entered the room,
they were almost exact opposites. Pam was rather large compared to Wendy
and I. Her 38D breasts strained the top of her swimsuit and the rest of her
body was lovely. Wendy on the other hand was small but her body was
perfectly proportioned for her size. I considered myself attractive enough,
but in the presence of Pam and Wendy I found myself feeling a bit unsure.

Pam, being Greg's wife, was the first to move on him. She slid into his
arms and her lips kissed his throat causing him to moan slightly. Her hand
slid down grasping the bulge in his suit and massaging gently. "Are you
ready to use this baby?" she asked. "You've got three horny women here. Are
you man enough?" she asked as she pulled his suit down leaving him naked.

"Anytime Lover!" he replied as his hands released her top. The tables
turned as Greg's hands released Pam's top and I watched as his fingers
massaged her nipples causing them to grow. His hand moved lower pulling her
bottoms off and leaving them in a pile at her feet. His fingers touched and
then probed her slit. Pam moaned as she gripped his shaft and stroked
gently from the base to the tip.

I had totally forgotten about Wendy in the excitement of seeing Greg and
Pam. A voice at my side brought me back to the present. "God look at them!"
Wendy said, "He was so good the other night. I think I'm going to get even
with him." With that Wendy moved into the embrace shared by Pam and Greg.

I watched as Greg's hands slowly moved from Pam to Wendy. Gently taking her
top off and then her bottoms. Pam's fingers found Wendy's nipples and
gently massaged them bringing a moan from her. Pam and Wendy slowly moved
Greg to the king-sized bed, and pushed him down on it. His large shaft
stood proudly erect from his body.

Wendy moved to kneel between his legs. Her small hands massaged his sack
and then his shaft, milking it gently. She bent down and I heard her tell
him, "This is for the other night!" Her head lowered ... Greg moaned as
Wendy's tongue flicked out and massaged the tip of his cock. He arched his
back as she took him slowly into her mouth her head moving up and down
gently as her hands massaged his sack.

I was so enthralled watching Wendy, that I was startled to see movement
near Greg's head. Then I was aware that Pam had moved up, spreading her
legs on either side of his face and lowering her slit down. I heard her
moan as his tongue obviously made contact.

Slowly I became aware that my hand had gone inside my bottoms of its own
accord. My fingers lightly touching my clit and then entering into the
wetness that was my slit. God I was so hot..

Pam's hands were massaging her own breasts as she squirmed on her husband's
tongue. Her body arched as she said, "I'm going to cummmm!!! OH God!" She
moaned as her body thrashed over him.

As Pam slid to the bed, Wendy continued her work on Greg. Her mouth moved
up and down on his big shaft. Greg appeared helpless under her onslaught.
What a sight they made. Wendy appeared to be totally controlling Greg's
tanned muscular body. He was writhing under her touch.

I jumped as I felt hands touch my shoulders. Pam's fingers worked gently
into my skin, massaging me softly as she whispered. "Aren't they hot
together? God, I love to watch Greg with another woman."

Pam's fingers went lower down slowly removing the top of my suit, and her
fingers massaged my nipples gently. I was so lost in the scene in front of
me I could barely stand.

Greg's hands reached down, and he pulled Wendy's mouth off his shaft,
pulling her up his body until she was laying on top of him. What a
contrast! Wendy's little body was laying on Greg's, his shaft poking up
into the air between her legs. It looked positively huge next to her slim
thighs. Greg's mouth found hers, and as they kissed I was aware that Wendy
was beginning to grind gently on his stomach.

"Wendy should never had let him get away," Pam said into my ear, "He's got
control back now!"

My nipples hardened even more as Pam's fingers moved lower down, moving
gently into the bottom of my suit. I was aware of a moan and turned to look
as Greg moved Wendy gently over, laying her on her back in the middle of
the bed. His tongue moved lightly over her thighs and I watched as Wendy
squirmed under him. The tables were turned, it was now Wendy who was
helpless under Greg. Her small body writhing with each touch. I watched
with envy as his tongue flicked out caressing her slit. I wanted that to be
me in her place.

I was distantly aware of a groaning sound. I tried to concentrate, and I
realized it came from me. Pam had pushed my bottom off, and her fingers
were massaging me gently.

"Oh God!" I thought. "No other woman has ever touched me there", but it
felt so good.

I jumped as a scream intruded into my thoughts. Greg had lifted Wendy's
legs over his shoulders, and his hands held her hips as his mouth worked on
her pussy. She was moaning and her body was thrashing, her hands
alternately wrapping up in the sheets and then pounding the bed.

Greg and Wendy were totally oblivious to our presence as Pam led me to the
bed and had me lay down. Pam left me then and moved to Wendy, her lips
sucking gently on Wendy's nipples as Greg's lips and tongue worked between
Wendy's legs.

Wendy's body was twisting between them. "Oh God No!!" she screamed as she
came, "Please Oh Please.. Stop!!" But Wendy was trapped. It was hard to
tell who was giving her the most pleasure Greg or Pam. They both continued
working on the helpless body between them. Wendy came again and yet again.

Greg lowered her hips to the bed, and gently pulled her to the edge.
Wendy's legs were sprawled obscenely and her hips were gently undulating as
Pam continued to lick and suck on her breasts. Greg grasped his large shaft
in his hand and rubbed it over Wendy's slit and then the head entered.

Wendy arched and she moaned "No more! Please No More!!"

Greg's hips thrust forward and I watched as he disappeared entirely inside
her. Greg looked over at me and smiled as his hips began to move. "You're
next, Kim," he said. I shuddered at the thought but yet I wanted it so
badly I could hardly wait.

Greg's hand lifted and his finger touched Wendy's clit as his shaft came
out to the very tip and then disappeared fully inside her. She was merely
going along for the ride, she could only move when she was forced into
another orgasm, which was quite regularly.

Greg's hand knocked mine away from my clit, and his thick fingers massaged
me there. I came almost instantly. Wendy was obviously done, she was
moaning softly and begging them to stop.

Pam was the first to leave her. She came to my side and her tongue traced
circles around my nipple as Greg's finger kept teasing my clit. Wendy
arched once more as she came again. Greg massaged her clit as he buried
himself deeply inside her belly. Holding there allowing her to cum strongly
for the last time.

I watched as he gently and lovingly lowered Wendy's limp body to the bed
and pulled his still hard shaft from her body. He then moved over to where
I lay and gently pushed inside me. Pam's nails were teasing my nipples and
Greg was deep inside me as his finger rubbed my clit.

I was mating with two people. One of them was another woman. I knew now
what Wendy had been through. I arched as I came for the first of what would
be many times. I briefly wondered if Jim would be upset, but then as I gave
myself over to the purely physical sensations I knew this was to be part of
our new life.

And I came again and yet again................


Part 9 - Greg's Story


It had been a terrific vacation but unfortunately all things must come to
an end. In two days Pam and I would be headed back home. Until then, there
was still time to have some fun and we both planned to finish the trip with
a bang, several if we were lucky.

Today found us on the beach with Sam and Bill. I'll swear that when I'm
around Sam it's hard not to just stare at her terrific body. If I'm not
sneaking peaks at her huge tits then I'm checking out that tight little
fully tanned ass of hers. When I'm not ogling Sam I'm panting over my sexy
wife in her almost indecent string bikini. Both ladies are what you might
call stacked with Sam edging out Pam by a cup size with her 37DDs.

The four of us hit the beach after lunch. After playing in the water for a
while we relaxed in the sand and took in the sun. I got a kick out of all
the frustrated guys checking out Sam and Pam. I couldn't blame them. If not
for the fact that the ladies had promised to ravage our bodies after our
beach session I would be frustrated as well.

On the way out to the beach Pam said, "I can tell right now that I'll need
to get laid before too long."

Sam said, "You took the words right out of my mouth."

This kind of talk is typical for our wives. Two hotter women you'll never
find. After lying in the sun for a while, Bill and I decided to head down
the beach for a little hang-gliding.

"You better be back here soon or Pam and I will recruit some replacements
for you two," said Sam.

Pam added, "Yeah, and we'll insist on really big cocks. That will leave you
guys out."

"OK, we've been warned," replied Bill as we headed away. There was no doubt
in my mind that the ladies would do just what they said. Almost two hours
later when Bill and I returned we found Sam and Pam being courted by two
young beach hunks. Both of them were worthy of the lady's attention and I
couldn't help noticing the girls staring at the sizable bulges in their

"So there you two are," smirked Pam.

Sam looked up at us and said, "As you can see, your replacements have
arrived and Ben here assures me that he's packing 9.5 inches. Mike there
says he'll slide by with just over 8 inches."

Bill and I smiled at Sam's rundown while Ben and Mike blushed. I said, "You
don't suppose that we could designate your friends here as reinforcements
rather than replacements.. unless, of course, you ladies don't feel up to
entertaining all four of us."

Before anything else was said, Pam and Sam had collected their things and
called for us to follow them. I nudged Ben and whispered, "Have you ever
been fucked almost dead?"

Ben shot me an astonished look and Mike said, "What did you say?" I left it
to Ben to fill his friend in as I hung back to where Bill was.

"This is going to be fun," said Bill.

"You got that right," I said.

The minute we entered the room Sam had Ben in a double lip lock and Pam had
pinned Mike on one of the beds. I hadn't seen my wife this worked up in a
long time. Later, I found out that the two ladies had been auditioning
studs the entire time that Bill and I were gone. By the time we showed up
they were desperate to get laid.

I marveled at how Pam was rubbing her tits and pussy all over the helpless
stud beneath her as she pushed her tongue down his throat. Sam now had Ben
on the other bed. She had one hand in his trunks massaging his hard cock
and the other hand was griping a hand full of the hunk's hair as she kissed
his face. I don't think Ben knew what hit him.

Bill and I took a seat in the sitting area and watched. It was quite a
show. After about ten minutes of groping, Sam got off Ben and stood up in
front of the bed. Slowly she stripped off her string bikini baring her big
tits and hot pussy to all gathered. Pam and Mike were a little busy to
notice, however.

Sam began to slowly grind her hips as she rubbed her clit with her fingers.
"Do you like my body, baby?" Sam asked Ben. Ben swallowed and nodded,
unable to speak.

Sam continued, "Do you see how wet my pussy is, Ben?" Again he nodded.

"I really need to be fucked hard and long you know," she added.

Ben didn't say anything. Sam pouted while continuing to tease Ben. She
sensuously rubbed her body as she slowly moved. Ben's mouth was hanging
open in awe of Sam's voluptuous form. After a minute more of teasing she
walked over to the bed and laid down on top of Ben and began to kiss him

Pam got up and shed her bikini as had Sam. I could see the determination
forming on my wife's face. Pam began her own sexy dance in an attempt to
drive poor Mike crazy. She looked him straight in the eye and grabbed her
tits in each hand as if in offering. Pam pinched her nipples in an effort
to make them stand out. She put an index finger in her mouth and then on
each nipple making them wet. Pam wet her finger again and then spread a
trail of wetness down between her tits and over her flat stomach to her
pussy. She moved to the edge of the bed and rubbed her wet opening on
Mike's knee which was draped over the bed. Mike had had enough teasing. He
reached up and grabbed Pam around the waist and pulled her onto the bed.
Pam wasted no time in positioning herself on her back to take Mike's big
fat cock. Mike mounted Pam and began to push his thick tool into her pussy.
Initially, he had difficulty getting his eight plus inches into Pam's hole.
She thrashed around on the bed, arms flailing about as each inch was made.
I counted one orgasm just from the initial penetration.

If Pam was going wild then Sam was nearly out of her mind as she took it
doggy style. Ben's cock had only penetrated about eight inches before Sam
was shuddering through a massive orgasm. Her hair was flying about and her
large tits were wobbling this way and that. Soon enough Ben was balls deep
and had begun to withdraw his long tool. Mike had now established a slow
rhythm on Pam after loosening her up.

Bill and I looked at each other and began to get undressed. In moments I
added my modest shaft to Sam's body and Bill was feeding his monster into
my wife's mouth. Man, did Pam look sexy with a cock in her mouth and a cock
in her pussy. I turned my attention to the beautiful creature doing one
hell of a number on my cock with her mouth. Sam had worked up a lot of
saliva and had coated my cock completely. The excess drooled off my cock
and onto her chin. Long strands of saliva hung from her chin while she
worked my shaft into her throat.

As good as it felt, I wanted Sam's pussy. I asked Ben if we could switch
and he obliged. There was no doubt that Ben had been probing depths in
Sam's pussy that not many men had found but my cock was thicker and I
proceeded to widen Sam out a little bit. I could hardly believe how good
Sam's velvet pussy felt around my cock. She moaned as my cock eased in. I
paused for a moment balls deep in her and just focused on the sensations.
She was wet and very hot. Her vaginal muscles rippled along my length.
Fucking this woman was a terrific experience.

I began my onslaught of Sam's pussy. She grunted with each thrust. I could
tell from the look on his face that Ben liked the job Sam was doing on his
pole. I pounded her for a good ten minutes and watched her have two
shuddering orgasms. After that, I pulled Sam down on her side and kept my
position behind her. We then began a slow fuck in the spoon position. I
suggested that Ben go see about plugging Pam's third hole. He could see
that I wanted some time alone with Sam and reluctantly disengaged from her

Sam and I cuddled with my cock still easing in and out of her terrific
pussy. As we watched Pam and her three studs fuck, I got my chance to
fondle Sam's terrific tits. I was amazed at their weight. I wondered how
she managed to carry them so proudly on her chest. From time to time Sam
would look back at me and smile and we would kiss. Sam has wonderfully full
lips. I found myself lost in those lips. Unfortunately, I had to come up
for air sometime. I took those opportunities to check my wife's progress.
There was no doubt about it. She was being royally fucked.

Pam was on top of Bill taking his big cock in her pussy. I don't know how
but Ben had managed to feed his entire shaft into Pam's ass. Mike filled
Pam's throat with his whopper. All four of them had established a nice
rhythm and the slurping sounds of each of Pam's holes were making an
interesting musical sound punctuated by her muffled moans and grunts.

Sam and I watched the foursome as we slowly stimulated each other the way
heat stimulates a simmering pot. I think we both knew that our next orgasm
would be one for the record books. For now we steadily built the sensations
as we watched Pam seize up and shake with a massive orgasm of her own. I
couldn't remember when I had seen her go out of control like that. Of
course, she rarely was stuffed with three cocks of the size now filling her
body. In short order Mike filled her mouth to overflowing. I think Bill
would have been annoyed at Mike's goo dripping onto his chest if he hadn't
been busy filling Pam's womb with his own goo. A moment later Ben pulled
out of Pam's ass and hosed down her back, and I really mean hosed. I've
never seen a man cum as much as Ben did. Pam's back was completely covered
with cum and it was now dripping down her sides and onto Bill and the bed.

Sam said, "Ooh, Greg look at the size of that load." She added, "Bill,
watch out, you're about to get bathed by Ben's load."

I said, "Can you believe the size of that load Ben had?"

Sam moaned, "Oh, I've got to take a load like that all over my body."

I said, "You heard the lady. Do you fellows think you can get it up and
then spray this gorgeous creature attached to my cock."

Mike and Ben looked at Sam and immediately their cocks stopped their
retreat and began to expand again. "Youth is good for something," I
thought. I added out loud, "Look at that Sam, those boys took one look at
you and their cocks established boner status instantly." Sam just moaned
her approval. Soon we had Sam fully packed. Ben, Mike and I gave her the
same triple penetration action that Pam had just had. Bill and Pam were now
resting. I marveled at Pam who was rubbing her slime covered body, front
and back, all over Bill. They were one greasy mess.

For nearly fifteen minutes the three of us pounded Sam. For most of the
time she just moaned and thrust her body at our cocks. I counted at least
three orgasms while we fucked her. Occasionally she would remove Ben's cock
from her mouth and say something outrageous like, "Ruin my ass with that
baseball bat of yours, Mike." Another good one was, "Choke me with that
long pole, Ben." I was a little puzzled by her request, "Flood my eggs,
Greg." I later found out that Bill and Sam pretended sometimes in their
fantasies that she was being knocked up by a stranger.

Finally, it was time. We were all so worked up that we knew the explosion
was near. I counted down from ten to one. On one I thrust Sam off my cock
and onto her back. All three of us then knelt beside her and began to blow
our balls. I had one of the longest and wettest cums of my life. I peppered
Sam's face and tits with my load. Mike did the same. Ben had yet another
amazing flood. He covered her from head to pussy. The shock of all the cum
pushed Sam into a final orgasm. Her hands were wildly rubbing the stuff
into her skin. She managed to scrape what was on her face into her mouth.
We were all breathing very hard and quite exhausted.

After a rest, Ben and Mike thanked the ladies and left. I reminded everyone
that we had dinner reservations for seven. Pam and I headed for our room to
clean up as Sam and Bill did the same. Everyone met in the hotel dining
room at the appointed time. I always enjoyed these evening meetings because
of the fashion show the ladies gave us. In fact, as the week progressed, so
had the sexy outfits. Sam and Pam continued their efforts to out do each
other. Earlier in the week they had dressed sexy. Now they were borderline
slutty. Wendy and Kim were not far behind. I think that Sam and Pam were
corrupting the formerly demure wives.

For the second night in a row Sam and Pam had come to dinner wearing very
brief dresses without the aid or cover of undergarments. For these two
buxom women the message was clear, "We are on the prowl for men." The
subject of conversation at dinner was Sam's and Pam's attire. In true
fashion the two women did their best to persuade Wendy and Kim to join them
in their fashion. Their enthusiasm for the sexy look was infectious. They
ended up daring the two more reserved women to lose their underwear and
they were successful. After dinner Wendy and Kim excused themselves for a
moment and returned without their bras. The tight outfits they were wearing
made this apparent. The surprise was the quick beaver shot they gave us
proving that they were sans panties as well. I knew the night would be
quite a time after the start we had at dinner.

We returned to one of our favorite night spots for dancing and whatever
else might happen. The place happened to be adjacent to our hotel so there
were no worries about getting back to the room. Soon the drinks were
flowing and everyone was becoming well lubricated. The lounge quartet was
good and we soon took to the dance floor. Bill started out by whisking
Wendy right off Rick's arm. I really think that Bill has a special thing
for Wendy. I also think that Rick is still a little uncomfortable sharing
his wife with anyone especially Bill.

I must confess that I too had developed a special interest in one of the
other wives. My infatuation was with the very shy but sexy Kim. I wasted no
time in asking her to dance. As we were dancing, I noticed Jim talking to
Sam and Rick talking to Pam. I guess we all had our favorite other green

We swapped partners throughout the evening but it was always exciting to me
to find myself back with Kim. She was very different from my wife Pam and
maybe that was why she interested me. She represented something new and
different. Now, don't get me wrong. I love my wife Pam and would never
think of leaving her for another woman. I've known many women in my time
and Pam is definitely the woman for me. It is nice occasionally to try
something different. Pam and I agree on this and that is why we both spend
time with other people.

A little after midnight Jim approached Kim and me as we were sitting and
talking. Jim pulled his wife aside and after a short conversation Jim left
and Kim returned to me. I ask her if everything was all right. She smiled
at me and said everything was just fine. She filled me in on her
conversation with Jim. It seems that Jim was taking Sam back to their room
for a little "mating" time. She also said that Bill and Wendy had left a
half hour earlier to do the same.

I was just about to suggest to Kim that we go for a little "mating" time
ourselves when Pam whispered into my ear that Rick was taking her back to
his room. I smiled and wished her a good time. This was working out great.
I now realized that I would have the rest of the night and morning with the
lovely Kim, that is if she was willing. Before the thought was out of my
head Kim leaned forward, took my hand in hers and said, "I want you Greg."
Wow, you could have knock me over with a feather. Ten minutes later I was
unlocking the door to my room and on my arm was the beautiful and shy Kim.


Part 10 - Pam Continues


Rick had been flirting with me all night, and I must admit I enjoyed the
attention. We knew that our time was growing short, the vacation was nearly
over. I watched the others as I took note of the pairings.

Greg and Kim were obviously with each other as were Jim and Sam. That left
Bill and Wendy and Rick and I. Rick and I had shared some marvelous dances
throughout the evening, and as the early morning came and the lounge
emptied out, Rick grasped my hand and led me to the dance floor again.

The band was playing a slow song, and I snuggled into his arms, my nipples
hard with anticipation and drilling into his chest. Rick's hands slid down
my back lightly touching me, and I moaned my appreciation into his ear. I
felt his hand sliding slowly over my ass and gripping my cheeks holding
them as he moved gently against me and over the dance floor. Even after all
the sex we had had over these last few days I was wet with anticipation my
head was against his chest clinging weakly to him. I looked back toward the
table, and I was aware of Wendy and Bill watching us. I saw Bill smile at
her and offer his hand which she quickly accepted as he led her to the
dance floor.

I watched as Bill wrapped her into his big arms, her body seeming tiny
against his. My mind wandered a bit, I knew how big Bill was and I wondered
if Wendy was able to handle him totally. She certainly seemed to be fine
with him. He lifted her bodily into his arms and danced slowly holding her
feet just above the ground emphasizing even more the difference in their
sizes. There was very little pretense of dancing now. I moved slowly
against Rick as I watched Wendy snuggle against Bill, her head tilting back
as his lips found hers touching them in what appeared to be a gentle
promising kiss.

Rick kissed my throat and I melted. Slumping against him, the erotic
atmosphere and the drinks having taken their toll. I pulled him to me and
looked into his eyes saying, "God I want you.." His answer was a smile and
taking my hand he led me back to the table where we quickly finished our
drinks. I stole another glance at Wendy and Bill and they had completely
stopped dancing now. Bill held her like a child in his arms as they kissed.
Finally they broke the embrace and noticing us Wendy blushed as they neared
our table.

Bill looked at Rick and asked, "Would it be OK if Wendy and I stayed
together tonight?"

I could feel Rick tense at the question and I noticed the look that passed
between he and Wendy, but then he said, "Sure, its OK if she wants to.."

"Well we're going up then, are you guys coming? " he asked. Rick looked
over at me and asked if I was ready.

Not really sure what was going on I said, "Well, I need to tell Greg where
I'll be." I nodded to Bill and Wendy and added, "Maybe you two should go

Rick and I watched Bill take Wendy by the waist and lead her to the door.
Rick did not look happy. I finished my drink quickly feeling the tingling
as it ran into my belly and the warmth expanded over me. As Rick watched
his wife leave the club, I stood up and move behind his chair. I put my
arms around his neck and nuzzled his cheek, breathing softly into his ear.
My distraction worked as he turned and stood up taking me into his arms.

"How about one more dance for the road, handsome," I suggested.

"Sounds like a plan," said Rick with a smile.

We moved to the dance floor and picked up where we left off earlier. I was
relieved to see that Rick was smiling again. Rick took advantage of our
closeness by squeezing my ass and pulling me against him. His cock felt
wonderful against my body. I was looking forward to giving it a great deal
of attention very soon.

The dance ended and Rick suggested we head for the room. I spotted Greg
with Kim and we headed for their table. I told Greg that I was leaving with
Rick and he wished us a good time. Ten minutes later we were in the lobby
of the hotel. As we waited for the elevator Bill and Wendy joined us. It
seems they had taken a slow walk down the beach on their way back to the

All 4 of us got in the elevator. Wendy moved near Rick and standing on her
tiptoes whispered something that I couldn't catch. I certainly caught the
look on his face. Something was not right here. We all had rooms on the
10th floor, so we rode up the rest of the way pretty much in silence. As we
got to the rooms I remembered that they were adjoining. There was a large
outer double door that could be closed so you could leave the inner doors
open and the two rooms became as one.

We entered one door and Bill lifted Wendy and carried her across the
threshold of the door to his room. Rick was obviously furious.

"What's the matter Rick?" I asked after Bill and Wendy disappeared behind
the inner door to Bill's room.

"It's my own fault," he said. "I'm the one that wanted to swap, to see her
with another man. Now I'm afraid I might have lost her."

"What are you talking about?" I said. "What did she say on the elevator?"

Rick explained, "She thanked me for talking her into this, said she love
having Bill and was looking forward to spending the night with him." As
Rick told me this we could hear moans coming from Bill's room. We listened
for a while and soon the moans increased in volume and the words were
easily made out.

"God I love you," said Wendy. "Oh you're so nice and big. Oh yes!! So deep
inside me!" followed by a groan from Bill and then a scream from Wendy.

Rick was actually shivering. I could tell that he was about to explode with
anger. Before I could say anything, Rick grabbed the door knob to Bill's
room and turned. To his surprise and mine it opened. Bill and Wendy had
been so involved with each other that they had forgotten to lock the door.
Either that or they just didn't care.

Now that Rick was unrestrained he burst into the room and stopped abruptly
inside the door. He stared at the king size bed that supported his wife and
his coworker. I went to Rick's side with the notion that I could coax him
away from Bill and Wendy and into his own bed with me. When I saw the two
lovers I found that I too was spellbound.

Wendy was laying on her back with Bill between her wide spread legs. Her
back was arched as he held her hips off the bed. They seemed oblivious to
our presence. I watched as his big shaft entered and withdrew from the
squirming body he held captive. They were picture perfect. Both in
excellent shape with flawless bodies and they were using them well.

Bill lifted Wendy's hips nearly to his belly as he was driving directly
into her deep and fast. I watched as her body tightened and a scream came
from her lips as she exploded. Bill held her tight as she thrashed through
her orgasm. As she calmed he lowered her gently back onto the bed and
pulled his huge shaft from her body.

Wendy looked up at Bill and said, "God thank you! That was the best ever!
But you didn't cum.."

"I know," Bill said, "We have all night."

Finally Rick spoke, "Do you think that will be enough for you, Wendy?"

Both Wendy and Bill snapped there heads up and in Rick's direction.

"Rick! What are you doing here? How did you get in here?" said Wendy with
rising anger.

"You left the door open, my love," answered Rick.

To make matters worse Wendy grabbed the bed covers and pulled them over her
naked body. It was an odd thing to do considering Rick and Wendy were
married. This action was not lost on Rick, "I guess you've found your dream

Wendy got to her feet pulling the spread with her. She said, "What are you
talking about Rick?"

Rick said, "All week you and Bill have been looking at each other like love
sick teenagers, not to mention fucking each other's brains out every chance
you got."

Wendy fired back, "Rick, it was your idea for me to dress sexy and have sex
with your friends. I'm just doing what you wanted me to do." Wendy glanced
at Bill with a brief smile and continued, "Bill has been very sweet to me
this last week, something that I'm sorry to say you haven't been."

Rick looked at Bill with a smirk. Bill grinned and shrugged his shoulders.
Rick seemed to hold back his growing anger as he said, "Wendy, I'll admit
that I wanted to spice up our lives a bit. I didn't, however, expect you to
become secretive about what went on and I frankly didn't expect you to
enjoy things so much."

Wendy's anger seemed to build with Rick's as she returned, "Well Rick, I'm
sorry to be having such a good time. It is our vacation you know. As for
secrets, I haven't been keeping any secrets from you."

"What about the first day when you and Bill were fooling around on the
beach?" shot Rick.

Wendy rolled her eyes and flamed, "Boy Rick, whose acting like a teenager
now?" She added with fire, "I guess I should come clean now, especially
since Bill and I have had sex WITH your knowledge AND blessing. Bill told
me that he thought that I was sexy and would like to have sex with me. He
assured me that it would be the best that I would ever have. And you know
what, it has been. Now if you will excuse us, Bill and I are going to
continue having the best sex that I have ever had. Please leave!"

Rick, eyes blazing, looked at Wendy and then Bill. Wendy returned the angry
look but Bill just looked uncomfortable. Rick turned and stormed past me. I
followed quickly. The last place I wanted to be was in that room. Wendy was
right behind me. I made it through the doorway just before Wendy slammed
the door. Both Rick and I turned startled at the loud bang. As we looked at
the securely shut door we heard the dead bolt turn with a pronounced click
followed by the sound of a door chain. I looked at Rick and he just stared
at the door.

We remained silent for some time. Finally, I asked, "Are you OK, Rick?"

He replied, "No, not really."

I went to him and put leaned my head against his chest and hugged him. For
a moment he stood there but soon he put his arms around me. I said, "I'm
sorry, Rick."

Rick sighed and said, "We'll I guess I got what I deserved. Everyone else
seems to be able to handle this swinging lifestyle. I thought I could too.
I guess I was wrong."

I said, "Just give it some time, Rick. Wendy will be back in your arms

He said, "I'm not so sure after that last scene."

Rick seemed to be deeply hurt. It was not the best time to attempt seducing
him but I felt that he needed to get his mind off of Wendy for now. I let
my arms slip around his neck and I lifted my lips to his giving him a
gentle kiss.

"Let me make you feel better," I said.

Just then we heard the renewed sounds of love making coming from Bill's
room. Rick cocked his ear as if to verify what he was hearing. His
expression became determined and he broke our embrace long enough to
retrieve his room key. He opened the door and then turned to me and took me
up in his arms in the manner that Bill used with Wendy. I was literally and
figuratively swept off my feet. I smiled at Rick as a tingle shot through
my body.

Rick took me into the room and laid me on the bed. He devoured me with
kisses. The sounds we heard from Bill's room seemed to drive Rick to
fevered passions. I had soon forgotten the unpleasant scene next door and
was totally caught up in the hot feelings of the present. Rick was hitting
all of my buttons and I wanted him desperately.

After showering my face and neck with kisses, Rick broke away and began to
undress. I reached down and lifted by breasts out of my top and pulled my
skirt up to my waist. As Rick finished undressing I worked on my nipples
with one hand and my sopping slit with the other.

Once naked, Rick wasted no time with preliminaries and that was fine with
me. In one thrust his hard cock was buried to the balls deep inside my
drenched pussy. He fucked me hard and fast. God it was wonderful. I know
his passion was fueled by his problems with Wendy but it was infectious. He
had me worked up higher than I can remember. His stamina was surprising as

With no words at all we launched ourselves into each other for what seemed
like an eternity. We gazed into each other's eyes sharing a passionate
link. Our orgasms built slowly and perfectly in sync. The link we had kept
us that way until we crested the heights of the mind numbing pleasure
together. Rick gave one last thrust into my body and clenched me tight. His
sperm flooded into me as my pussy throbbed around his cock. Finally, Rick
collapsed next to me on the bed and we cuddled and fell asleep.


Part 11 - Rick Continues


What a vacation this has been. It hasn't been anything like what I thought
it would be. I'm filled with mixed feelings as I lie here in bed with my
good friend Greg's wife Pam. What a tremendous woman she is. Not only is
she gorgeous but sweet and kind. If it wasn't for her I'm certain I would
be completely consumed with depression. The events of last night still
caused pain in my heart.

"Good morning hot stuff," whispered Pam.

"Ah, so you're finally awake, beautiful," I returned.

"Its a wonder that I don't sleep all day after the hard workout you gave me
all night," groaned Pam.

"Sorry about that," I teased.

Pam snapped her head up and said, "Don't you be sorry, Rick. That was one
of the best fuckings I've ever had. You gave it to me non-stop for two
hours and then after resting a bit gave me another hour of your wonderful
cock. My pussy is still throbbing. I'm sure she won't be forgetting your
cock for a long time."

That's what I mean about being sweet. Hell, I know that I'm not the biggest
stud in the world but Pam tries to make me feel that way. I said, "I'm
thrilled that you had a good time with me and I appreciate the kind words

"No buts now. I'm serious. That was great sex," she insisted.

I frowned, looked at Pam and said, "Please don't take this the wrong way
but its hard for me to understand how a woman can be happily married for
many years and then have the best sex of her life with another man."

"You're thinking about what Wendy said last night, aren't you," asked Pam?

I nodded and she continued, "Rick, I can't speak for Wendy but I think you
can love your husband, have terrific sex with him and also have terrific
sex with another man. The sex is just different with different men. I think
Wendy was just angry when she said that sex with Bill was the best she had
ever had."

I said, "I'm not so sure about that. She seems to be quite taken with Bill.
I'm worried that its more than just great sex."

Pam thought for a moment and said, "I know that many women connect sex with
love. I'm not one of them. There are some of us that just like to have a
nice physical relationship with another man and then its back to our
husbands. I don't know if Wendy is this way. I hope she is because she'll
be making a big mistake if she doesn't come running back to you. Give her
some time. This lifestyle is still very new to her."

Pam's words made sense and made me feel better. I rolled over and gave her
a tender kiss the said, "Thank you, wonderful lady."

Pam smiled and said, "Its my pleasure, baby. Now, how about introducing
your fine specimen of a cock to my hungry pussy once again."

"My pleasure," I said as my hard cock found its way into her moist opening.
This time we fucked slow and easy with me on top. About a half hour later I
fill Pam with my sperm. It was still hard for me to accept this lifestyle.
Perhaps, unlike Pam, I connect sex with love. At that moment I had very
strong feelings for Pam. In a way she had saved me from a horrible night.

We showered and dressed and headed down stairs for brunch. We were joined
in the elevator by Kim who looked terrific in her tight little top and

Pam asked, "Where is my other half?"

Kim replied, "Oh, he's already downstairs. He went down a few minutes ago
to pick up a paper. I told him I'd meet him in the dining room."

Kim nudged Pam and continued, "That's quite a man you have there, Pam. Greg
did things to me last night that I would never have believed possible. My
body is still throbbing."

Pam glanced at me and smiled. I smirked and said, "Just different, eh?"

As the elevator opened and we exited, Kim said, "What's that?"

Pam whispered to Kim, "Oh, its nothing. Rick is just having trouble
understanding how we can have great sex with another man and still love our

Kim looked at me with a concerned look and said softly, "I know that you
and Wendy are not having the easiest time with this swapping thing. It's
new to me as well. I think it will work out."

Pam added with a smile, "That's what I've been telling him. I know that
Wendy will come back to Rick. He's too hot to let go of."

I blushed and Kim sized me up and down, "You know Rick, we haven't had a
chance to get together yet. Maybe after we eat we could go back to my room
and mate."

I was really blushing now. Kim moved to my side and mashed her nice breasts
into my side as her arm slipped around my waist. Who could pass up an
invitation like that? "That would be great," I said.

Greg was waiting at the entrance to the dining room. When Pam saw him she
hurried to greet him. They hugged and smiled at each other. I guess she was
right. It was clear that she loved this man very much despite the way she
acted with me the night before. Greg kissed Kim on the cheek and greeted me
with a smile and a handshake. He said, "Pam looks terrific! You must have
been very good to her last night."

Pam beamed and shook her head up and down in an exaggerated manner. It made
my bruised ego feel very good. On the one hand I had a very beautiful woman
showing her satisfaction with our night together and on the other hand,
literally, another beautiful woman was eager to get me into the sack. The
odd thing was that neither one was my wife. For all I knew my wife couldn't
care less about me. I shook the thought from my mind.

Greg took in his wife's reaction and said, "Uh Oh, looks like I might have
a little competition."

I shook my head and said, "No way, Greg. Its obvious that Pam is all yours.
You're a lucky fellow."

Greg looked at Pam with admiration and agreed, "That I am." Quickly he
added, "I'll tell you who is a lucky man. Its that Jim fellow."

Kim smiled and blushed at the indirect complement. Greg leaned in to me and
went on, "Kim is the hottest innocent women I've ever been with. She
surprised the hell out of me."

Kim buried her head in my chest with embarrassment. After a moment she
looked up at me and said, "I guess I'm not as innocent as I look."

"I can't wait to find out," I said. We headed into the dining room and as
we were seated Greg asked, "Has anybody seen the rest of our party this

Nobody had heard a thing from the others. I hadn't heard any noises from
Bill's room during the morning so I figured they were either asleep or
somewhere else. Jim and Sam were also unaccounted for. After our meal I
thanked Pam for the wonderful evening. Greg did the same with Kim and then
we split up.

Kim and I headed for her room. At that point I hoped that I was up for
another round of sex. It was clear by the cute little looks that Kim gave
me that she was definitely ready despite her night with Greg. As Kim opened
her door, I watched her tight little ass. I felt my cock stirring to life
once again as Kim wiggle into the room. The room was a mess. Evidently Jim
and Sam had had a wild night. The bed was completely uncovered except for
one sheet and there were several cum stains on that.

"Wow," was all Kim could say.

"It looks like they had a pretty wild time," I said.

Kim turned and looked at me with a devilish smile. She wasn't the least bit
concerned that her husband had had a wild time with another woman in that
bed. Kim moved over to me and reached for my cock as she said, "Why don't
we add a few stains of our own?"

In answer, I grabbed Kim tightly and pulled her against me. I kissed her
forcefully and she responded. To my surprise her tongue shot into my mouth
as her arms flew around my neck. Her hips began to thrust repeatedly
against my cock. Kim inhaled deep breaths through her nose as she made an
adventure out of our kiss. I would never have guessed that such a pretty
innocent looking woman could be so wanton.

Finally Kim broke the kiss, started wiggling out of her shorts and said,
"Baby, I want that hard cock of yours in my body now. I don't care where,
just fill me up."

I tried to get my shorts off but Kim was way ahead of me. She pushed me
onto the bed with my shorts still hung up around my sneakers. She roughly
pulled my briefs to my knees and then jumped on top of me. In seconds my
cock was deep inside her pussy, and Kim was bouncing wildly on top of me.

"Fuck me hard you bastard," Kim yelled as I struggled to comprehend what
she was doing to me. She added, "God, I love a good fucking."

Kim pounded me for several minutes on top before pulling off. She demanded,
"Come on Rick, mate me like a dog would."

I took a moment to untangle myself from my briefs and shorts as she took a
position on her stomach with that great ass up in the air and those
breathtaking legs stretched out behind. An impatient Kim said, "Hurry up
baby, I need your cock. My body needs to be filled so bad."

I crawled on top of this sexy beautiful female and wedged my slick cock
between her thighs and back into her sloppy but tight pussy. "Oh, baby,"
Kim moaned, "pump my body good."

I complied. With each thrust my body slammed into Kim's ass and mashed her
into the bed. The springs of the bed pushed her back onto my cock causing
even deeper penetration.

Kim moaned loudly as I grunted with each thrust. After a few minutes Kim
grabbed the pillow tightly and buried her head into its softness as she
screamed out a powerful orgasm. I felt her cream well up and surround my
cock as it forced its way out of her pussy and onto the bed. Kim was right.
She was adding her own stain to the bed. Now, where should I make my

Kim had now recovered from her orgasm. She answered my question by begging,
"Please Rick, let me taste your cum."

As she begged, my body responded. No man can resist a woman when she begs
like that. I quickly pulled my cock from her pussy and crawled forward. Kim
knew what was coming and she rolled over and scooted down the bed in time
to take my jerking cock into her mouth. She took the entire load and then
cleaned my cock of our juices. I collapsed next to her and we cuddled as we
caught our breath.

I don't think either of us were quite ready for another session of sex. We
were both pretty fucked out. We napped for a while together then decided to
hit the beach. We found ourselves alone for much of the afternoon until Sam
and Jim showed up. We had another session of "King of the Mountain," this
time with Sam on top of Jim and Kim on top of me. In no time both ladies
lost their tops. Neither woman seemed too anxious to cover up their tits. I
suppose the sexual spirit of the week made modesty seem rather silly. As it
was, no one was close by anyway.

I must admit that I enjoyed watching Sam's big tits bouncing around as she
struggled to knock Kim off. In the end Kim's and my conditioning won over
Jim's and Sam's weight advantage. Kim and I cheered and laughed as Jim and
Sam crashed into the water. Jim recovered nicely, however, by helping Sam
to her feet with his hands firmly cupping Sam's tits. Sam immediately got
into the spirit by reaching around and grabbing Jim's cock.

As they rubbed each other I got an idea. Remembering the move that Bill put
on my wife I lifted Kim up and rotated her around on my shoulders so that
her crotch was in my face. Fortunately for me, Kim didn't pound on my head
like Wendy had done to Bill. Kim did however moan and assisted me in
pulling her suit bottom aside so that my tongue could reach into her tasty
pussy. Kim croaked, "I'll give you a week to stop that."

It was hard to believe but I was getting hard again. I pulled my mouth off
Kim long enough to say, "Baby, you are making me hard."

Kim responded breathlessly, "Oh, Rick, put me down so that you can fuck me

"Right here," I said.

"Do it to me now," she demanded.

As I set Kim down I noticed that Jim was humping against Sam. The water was
high enough to hide the action but there was no mistaking that Sam was
getting it from Jim. Kim wasted no time in backing up against me as I
pulled my suit down. I drove my hard cock home as Kim squealed her delight.
As the four of us fucked, the girls reached for each other and joined

Kim asked, "Sam, how does my husband's cock feel inside your pussy?"

"Terrific," she said and added, "how does Rick's cock feel?"

"Just great," said Kim. After a pause she said, "Sam you have beautiful
breasts. Would it be OK if I touched them."

Sam replied, "Oh, I would love it if you touched them."

Tentatively, Kim reached out and stroked Sam's magnificent tits. As Kim did
this, Sam took Kim's face in her hand and slowly eased her closer so that
Kim was inches away from Sam's breasts. Kim looked up at Sam and Sam
nodded. Kim closed the distance and took one of Sam's nipples into her
mouth. As she sucked, Sam moaned. It was an incredibly hot scene. Sam was
getting stuffed full of Jim's cock as his wife sucked on her tits. The
double stimulation caused Sam to crashed through a jerky orgasm.

After Sam had come down from her climax, she again took Kim's face in her
hands. She guided Kim's face up until their lips were inches away. Sam let
Kim close the distance not wanting to force anything on the young woman.
She had no need for caution as Kim locked her lips around Sam's lips,
pushing her tongue into Sam's mouth as Sam reciprocated. They shared a
passionate kiss for nearly a minute. Finally Kim was overloaded by my cock
in her pussy and the hot kiss that she shared with Sam and climaxed with a

All that was left was for Jim and I to blow our respective loads. With the
ladies coaching us along and their very talented pussies massaging our
cocks we soon were pumping our cum into the depths of their wombs.

When we were all done, we headed back to shore and stretched out on the
sand and watched the sun go down together. It was an afternoon that I'll
never forget. But there were more memorable events to come.

By 8PM we were all hungry. Rather than getting cleaned up we opted to eat a
casual dinner at the hotel snack bar. After a quick meal we separated
again. This time Jim and Kim paired up saying that they were going to spend
the last evening together in their hotel room. Kim graciously thanked me
for a wonderful day. I kissed her and told her what a wonderful lady she
was. I told Jim that he was a lucky man. Jim thanked me and then thanked
Sam for their day. He gave her one last kiss telling her that he would
never forget their time together.

It occurred to me that I had spent the first half of the day with another
man's wife and most of the second half with a different man's wife. I
realized that I had told both husbands that they were lucky men to have
wives as wonderful as Pam and Kim. Unfortunately, I didn't feel so lucky

Sam suggested that we go to her room and wait for Bill and Wendy. I
couldn't think of anything better to do so I accepted. Besides, Sam was
quite a pleasant woman to look at and be with. As we entered Sam's room I
was surprised to see that the place was immaculate. I guess I expected to
see the bed all messed up like it had been in Kim's room. I figured that
Bill and Wendy hadn't been back since the cleaning staff had made up the

I took a seat in one of the chairs as Sam retreated to the bathroom. A
moment later she came out, walked over to me and sat in my lap facing me.
She said, "How would you like to fuck me, stud." To punctuate the question
she pushed her breasts into my face and then licked my lips with her
tongue. Despite my exhaustion, Sam coaxed life into my overworked cock with
her sexy charms.

I said, "Woman, you are going to kill me if you work my cock like you did

She smiled, stood up and cooed, "Did Sam's little pussy wear your big bad
cock out?"

I nodded as she slowly did a strip tease for me. WOW! She had the perfect
body for stripping. It was better than I'd ever seen at a strip club.
Voluptuous only started to describe this lady.

Without even thinking Sam lured me out of my clothes and onto the bed with
her. I was trying to figure out how I got there when she said, "I'll go
easy on you this time, baby."

I got on my back and Sam crawled on top. I couldn't believe that she had
seduced me into another hard on. She allowed me to smother in her breasts
for a few moments before sliding back onto my cock. Slowly she worked
herself back and forth kissing my lips tenderly as she fucked. Fortunately,
I didn't have to do any work. My cock was aching now and my prostate was
sore from all the action but I couldn't think of a better place to be at
that moment. She fucked me slowly for 45 minutes. Sam came twice before I
blew my load.

We snuggled for a while and talked about the fun we'd had. The conversation
worked its way around to Wendy and I expressed my concerns that she was
falling in love with her husband Bill.

Sam said, "I think she is just in love with his cock."

I added, "I'm not sure that Wendy can distinguish between love for his cock
and love for all of him."

Sam replied, "I hope that's not the case. She'll be disappointed if she
expects Bill to return her feelings."

I asked, "Are you that confident in Bill?"

Sam said, "I don't want you to take this the wrong way Rick but Bill's
interest in Wendy is limited only to the pleasure he has sticking his cock
into her body and dumping his cum into her."

I croaked, "Are you saying that she is just a piece of ass to Bill."

Sam, realizing that she had stuck a nerve, quickly added, "Please
understand that both Bill and I like you and Wendy very much. We are all
great friends. I've enjoyed our sex and I know that Bill has enjoyed Wendy
a great deal but it's just sex. Wendy is a piece of ass to Bill just as I'm
a piece of ass to you. Wendy has used Bill's cock to get her off and I've
used yours to get me off."

I shook my head and said, "Its hard for me to think of it that way. I mean,
I think I've learned that our time together has been very pleasurable but
that we are not in love with each other. I still think, however, that we
are a little more than just friends."

Sam pondered my words for a moment and said, "I think you are right.
Sharing our bodies does make us closer than just friends. Lets say that we
are very close friends."

I nodded with a smile, "I think I can agree with that."

Sam smiled and gave me a passionate kiss that made me rethink the whole
argument again. I guess it will just take time and maturity on my part. I
still wondered about Wendy, though.

Sam and I spent the next half hour cleaning each other in the shower. We
retired to bed and dosed off for a while. Near midnight I was awakened by
noises coming from the room next door, my room. I detected a woman's
laughter and voices. The laughter was that of my wife Wendy. I knew her
laugh well. I was pretty sure that the male voice was Bill. I guess it made
sense based on the way they had been carrying on all week. Somehow I
thought that she might switch to either Jim or Greg at least one night.
Then I remembered that I had left them both with their wives earlier today.
I concluded that Wendy and Bill had been together almost non-stop for the
last two days. The thought didn't help my spirits any.

Sam was now awake as well. She said groggily, "Sounds like somebody's home
next door."

"Yeah, I hear Wendy and I think Bill is with her," I said.

Sam cocked her head in an effort to hear better and said, "I can't tell but
I guess it makes sense."

Before too long we heard the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking. Wendy was
pretty vocal, commenting on how great it felt. Bill was silent except for
grunts and groans.

I felt my anger rising again. I found myself wishing that I could just let
it go and be happy that Wendy was having a good time. It was difficult for
me, though.

I think Sam sensed that I was having a hard time with the noises. She said,
"I think Wendy is putting that cock to good use." She rolled over on top of
me and said, "I think I'll put this one right here to good use." It
occurred to me that she was trying to illustrate her point that she, like
Wendy, was just using the available cock to make themselves feel good and
that was it. I hoped that Wendy saw it that way.

I hadn't realized, until Sam grabbed my cock that it was hard as a rock. I
knew it wasn't because of Sam because I hadn't been thinking about her. I
was thinking about Wendy and how she was getting fucked at that moment.

As Sam impaled herself on me, I wondered if Wendy getting fucked by another
man was again a turn on for me as it had been before our vacation. Perhaps
it had always been a turn on for me but my jealously obscured those
feelings. It was an unexpected revelation after my depression of the last
few days.

Soon, my thoughts turned to Sam and her soft rounded body as she mashed
herself into me with each lunge. Sam was moaning and I was now grunting
along with her. Our passions were mounting and I at least knew that this
fucking session was going to result in a monumental climax. I suspected
that Sam felt the same way judging from the animal look in her eyes.
It was now my turn to give it to Sam. I rolled her over onto her back as I
continued to thrust into her. For the next few minutes my hips pounded
Sam's hips hard as my cock penetrated her pussy the maximum allowable. It
didn't take long before Sam and I were both cresting the top. Our fucking
had been frantic and the climax intense. We both struggled for breath as we
regained our senses. Sam laughed through heavy breathing and said, "God
Rick, what got into you? Its been a long time since a man was that physical
with me."

I smiled and continued to pant. Sam continued, "I bet you were thinking of
the screwing that Wendy is getting next door."

I thought for a moment and said, "Sam, you may be right." I listened for
Wendy's moans but now all was quite. Sam and I cuddled as we rested and
finally fell asleep. Once during the night I awoke and heard the sounds of
lovemaking going on in the adjacent room. This time I just smiled and fell
back to sleep.


Part 12 - Wendy's Decision


On the last morning of our vacation I awakened slowly from a deep and 
refreshing sleep. Suddenly my mind snapped awake. "Where am I," I 
wondered silently?

Then a smile crossed my face as I remembered the night with Bill. What a 
lovely man he was, so considerate and such a wonderful sexy lover. I 
rolled gently to my side and propped up on one elbow as I watched him 
sleep. The even rising of his chest and the peaceful look on his face 
made me grin.

My hand reached over slowly and my fingernails gently traced his chest, 
first lightly circling his nipple and then pinching it softly. Although 
he remained asleep I was rewarded by a soft groan escaping from him.

I giggled softly and my nails moved gently down his belly pausing at his 
belly button and teasing around it gently. Again he groaned and I had to 
quickly cover my mouth to keep from laughing.

As though it had a mind of its own, my hand continued downward my nails 
lightly touching his soft shaft rubbing it teasingly. He started to move 
his hips slightly and I felt that wonderful shaft growing quickly in my 
hand. It rested softly in my palm, and as I closed my fingers and 
massaged him it grew larger and larger. Moans continued coming from 

Leaning back I admired him again, from his broad shoulders to his 
slender waist and powerful legs. His shaft stood proudly for my 
inspection, so big and thick that my fingers couldn't touch as I held 
him, and as my hand stopped at the bottom I would need at least two more 
hands to reach the head.

I smiled to myself, this wasn't a shaft anymore. It was a prick, a cock, 
something my pussy needed all the time now. It was foolish to try and 
fool myself anymore. Rick had wanted this to happen and at first I was 
against it, but now... Now I loved to feel a "cock" deep inside me, 
working me into a frenzy and making me have one orgasm after another.

I loved the sexy buildup, the dancing, the drinks, the teasing. Then, 
the sex. The no apology, give as good as you get, sex. My mind was 
snapped back to reality as I felt lips touch my ear, a tongue sliding 
gently inside it. I giggled as I shook my head causing him to lose 

"What are you doing you little sex pot," he laughed?

I tried in vain to look serious as I said, "I was just wondering what 
this little thing was for?" My hand rubbed up and down his big cock.

"I'll never tell," he said, "I guess you'll just have to find out for 

I laughed as I started to tickle him, and he reacted by grasping me in 
his arms and we rolled back and forth on the bed laughing like a couple 
of teenagers. Bill started to tickle me back and I bit his neck, gently 
of course. I was aware of our skin rubbing together, of feeling tiny in 
his arms, of the big shaft that kept driving into me as we rolled.

Eventually, I ended up sitting on his belly straddling him, my wet slit 
leaving moisture on him as I moved slowly and gently back and forth over 
him. His hands reached up and gently cupped my breasts softly stroking 
them causing the nipples to harden past the point I would have thought 

My hand reached under me gripping him, and my hips lifted lining him up 
with my clit. Slowly I moved his head back and forth along my wetness, 
rubbing his sensitive glands through my pubic hair before lowering 
myself gently and taking just the head into my body.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," we moaned as one.

Further down I went, feeling him spread me so deliciously. Further, 
taking him halfway in, my back arching, my hands on his chest. Further, 
feeling our pubic hair meld as my ass touched his thighs. I stopped, 
lost in the feeling. I bent down and my lips touched his softly, tongue 
touching his. A lover's kiss. Soft and gently, conveying more than words 
could possibly say.

I sat back up and my hands braced against his thighs as I leaned back, 
my hips lifting slowly and lowering. Swiveling gently from side to side 
so that he touched every part of me.

We moved together, our bodies as one. Pulling apart coming together. 
Moans escaping from one or the other of us, or more probably both. Bill 
reached up and grasping me gently, rolled slowly over ending up between 
my legs, never breaking the wonderful contact. My legs wrapped lightly 
over his, holding him to me as our hips moved together. There was no 
rush, there was no overriding passion. He bent forward and his lips 
touched mine, making me shudder. His chest hair was gently teasing my 
nipples and they hardened even further.

Time lost all meaning. It was Bill and Wendy. Wendy and Bill. His hips 
rose and fell and I kept time without thought. Finally my body began to 
tighten and my hips started to move a bit faster. I was aware that he 
was moving nearly completely out and then back slowly gently. My body 
began to twist under him, writhing at the treatment I was receiving.

Faster he moved and I groaned. His hips made small circles and I moaned. 
He pulled completely out and I begged. He reentered and I cried out. 
Faster he went, deeper he went. I was lost, my body rebelling as I tried 
to think of something, anything, except the feeling between my legs and 
in my belly.

Too late, I felt my body stiffened and I started to cum. My legs 
jerking, body throbbing. I begged him to stop. He moved faster. I 
screamed. He grinds his hips against mine and holds. I feel him 
throbbing as he shoots yet again inside me.

Bill leans forward and his lips touch my ear as he whispers, "I think I 
love you Wendy."

My arms close around him and I hold him close as I whisper in return, "I 
think I love you too."

As my senses returned my first thought was, "Oh God, what did I say? And 
better yet did I mean it? What about Rick, the man I love and am married 

The only crystal clear thought in my mind was that I couldn't stand the 
thought of not being with Bill. It seemed that he was a part of me. 
Without him I would be incomplete.

My life had changed this week. I had learned so many knew things about 
my body. Bill had been my teacher. Before spending time with Bill, sex 
had been enjoyable. For the last week, however, the sex was simply 
incredible. It was no wonder that I felt love for the man who had shown 
me these new things.

Bill asked, "What are you thinking?"

I looked him in the eye and said, "I was thinking about how I horrible 
it would be if I couldn't be with you."

"I feel the same about you Wendy," he said as he put his lips to mine.

As Bill kissed me I thought about spending the rest of my life with him. 
The joy overwhelmed me and my passion crested. "Make beautiful love to 
me Bill," I begged. Despite being recently satisfied, my hunger for 
Bill's cock had never seemed as ravenous as it was at that moment.

Bill put a finger to my lips and said, "There will be plenty of time for 
that, baby." He gave me a peck on the cheek and slipped from my grasped 
and out of bed.

I couldn't tell if Bill was trying to torture me or if my libido was out 
of control. We had spent most of the night having sex so it was likely 
that my libido was at a fevered pitch.

"Please come back," I begged as Bill headed for the bathroom.

"Nature calls, love," he said over his shoulder.

As Bill busied himself in the bathroom I remembered back to the first 
night of our vacation and how I had non-stop sex for several hours. It 
was one of the new revelations of the week that I had discovered this 
insatiable sex drive of mine. I also knew that Bill was the best man to 
tame that drive.

As horny as I was I took comfort in Bill's comment that we would have 
plenty of time for making love. I wasn't sure of how it would come about 
but I assumed that we would be moving in together. For a moment I 
considered how Sam and Rick would react to our love. The thought was 
painful but I realized that people get divorced and remarried all the 

Bill reappeared from the bathroom and began to dress. I beckoned to him 
with my arms. He smiled, moved to the bed and crawled on top of me 
kissing me deeply. Bill kissed a trail from my mouth down to my pussy 
before getting out of bed. He said, "I hope that will hold you for a 
while. We both have a lot to deal with in the next few days."

I decided he was torturing me. "Oh Bill, I need you again," I moaned.

As Bill got dressed he smiled and said, "Wendy, you are a most tempting 
sight right now but we're running short on time. We both need to shower 
and get packed to go home. Our plane leaves at noon. Don't worry, I'll 
call you tomorrow."

Bill left me a ball of passionate female flesh. I buried my head in the 
pillow trying to make the sensations go away. All I could think about 
was fucking that man. Unfortunately, he was right. We had to get ready 
to leave.

I hoped that a shower would cool me off. On the contrary, I found myself 
rubbing my starving pussy. I did manage a small orgasm but it was not 
the same. In my heated state I decided that I would do something to 
torture Bill. Rather than wear the casual clothes I had planned for the 
trip home I decided to wear something that would remind Bill just how 
hot I was. For the rest of the morning and during the flight home he 
would look at me and wish that he had made love to me when I asked him 

I chose a short mini and a halter top and nothing else except for my 
heels. The mini hugged my small ass and the top was the best I had at 
making my breasts stand out. I did my hair and makeup like I was going 
out on the town.

I packed our bags leaving out clean clothes for Rick. For a moment I 
found myself wondering where he spent the night. Just as I was about to 
head down for breakfast, the door opened and Rick walked in. I knew I 
would have to face him sooner or later but I was hoping for later.

"Wow, you look terrific," said Rick. 

"Thank you," I said as I headed for the door.

"Did you have a good time last night with Bill," he asked?

Angrily, I said, "Rick, let's not get started in on that again."

Rick raised his hands defensively and said, "No, no I don't want to 
fight. I just hope that you had a nice time. That's all."

I found that I was still angry with Rick for the ugly scene he caused in 
Bill's room two nights before. Rick's manner was a bit puzzling to me, 
however. At first I thought he was baiting me on spending time with 
Bill. I quickly realized that his manner was genuinely pleasant. I 
paused for a moment at the door. I thought about telling Rick that it 
was over between us and that I was in love with Bill. I guess I was 
simply afraid to confront him so without saying a word I opened the door 
and left.

Before taking a step the adjacent door opened and out walked Sam. I 
couldn't believe my bad luck. First Rick and now Sam. I knew that I 
would have to tell Rick that I was leaving him but I had hoped that Bill 
would break the news to Sam.

"Oh, Wendy, I'm glad I caught you," said Sam cheerfully. "Come in a 
moment, will you?"

"OK", I nodded. I reluctantly followed Sam into her room guessing that 
Bill hadn't said anything to her about the two of us. Surely she 
wouldn't be happy to see me if she had known.

Sam evidently had the same idea I had about teasing Bill on the last day 
of our vacation. She was dressed very similarly to me with a short mini 
and tight top. If not for the underlying circumstances I would have been 
curious about a sexual experience with the voluptuous blond.

Sam closed the door. I waited for her to start the conversation. I had 
the feeling that anything I said would come out wrong. Sam began, 
"Wendy, I'm glad we finally got some time alone. It seems that you have 
been a very busy lady the last few days, especially with Bill."

"Uh Oh," I said to myself. I braced for the attack.

Sam walked up and stood just inches away from me. She continued, "I 
don't blame Bill, you are very beautiful." Rather than the attack that I 
expected, Sam slowly raised a hand to my face and stroked my skin very 
softly. Sam's obvious play for sex caused a tingle to course through my 

Despite those underlying circumstances that I was fully aware of, Sam's 
touch caused my still simmering passions to come to the surface. If not 
for my feelings for Bill, I would have welcomed this advance as an 
opportunity to further experience sex with another woman. I wasn't sure 
that I could let that happen despite Sam's beauty and her stimulating 

I managed to say, "That's sweet of you Sam, but I'm not sure if now is a 
good time to play. We're leaving soon."

Sam smiled and moving forward said, "We have a few minutes, I think." 
Sam's lips moved towards mine. I wanted to kiss her and I didn't. Sam 
was so beautiful and sexy. Like me she was wearing a very bold shade of 
red lipstick. Her heavily coated lips were full and inviting. I closed 
my eyes and felt her warm wet lips meet mine. It was not my first kiss 
with a woman. That experience had occurred earlier in the week. What was 
different was the feeling of lipstick against lipstick. I don't know why 
but it made me hungry for this woman.

As our wet lips pressed together our passions caught on fire. My hands 
caressed Sam's wonderful large tits through her crop top. She slid her 
hands under my halter and began to squeeze my nipples. My pussy began to 
drip and all I could think about was whether Sam's was dripping and what 
it tasted like. My mind reeled thinking about what I was doing. I wanted 
Sam so badly but I was about to steal her husband from her. That was bad 
enough but what was I doing making love to her. I had to stop what we 
were doing.

"This is wrong," I said breaking away from Sam.

Sam gave me that wonderful smile and took me back into her arms. She 
said, "Wendy, I know you are in love with Bill. Its OK."

I looked at Sam with shock. "You know," I asked not comprehending Sam's 

"Bill told me that the two of your are in love," she said.

"Why aren't you angry with me," I asked.

"Why should I be? It won't be the first time Bill has brought another 
woman into our home," Sam said.

I didn't know what to say. I croaked, "I'm very confused."

"If I'm going to share my husband with another woman then the least he 
can do is share the woman with me," she explained.

"How do you know he won't leave you for me," I asked?

"He loves me," was Sam's simple reply.

As I tried to understand what all this meant, Sam's attention to my body 
caused more sensations. Again she kissed me. A short kiss followed by 
her tongue on my lips. It felt so good that I just had to devour her 
mouth. My juices flowed. In my mind I saw Bill, Sam and I together. I 
convinced myself that the sex between the three of us would be 

"I want to taste you," I moaned to Sam.

"Let's do each other," she suggested.

We moved to the bed. It was ironic that we were both dressed for easy 
access as though we knew that we would be having sex. I grabbed a pillow 
and laid across the bed on my back. Sam crawled on top of me and 
straddled my chest. Like me she wore no panties. I pushed her skirt out 
of the way and she lowered her pussy to my mouth. Her aroma was 
wonderful. I felt my blood coursing through my veins in anticipation of 
tasting her. Before Sam's pussy lips reached my mouth my tongue was 
working on her clit.

Sam tasted as good as her aroma. I lapped at her clit like a mad woman. 
She moaned as she lay on top of me. I felt Sam's soft breasts mash 
against my belly and then her tongue licking my pussy. That was all it 
took to push me into orgasm. Sam soon followed.

Sam moaned, "Oh Wendy, just think how wonderful it will be. We'll both 
have Bill to take care of us with his cock and when he isn't around 
we'll have each other."

The thought of the non-stop pleasure caused me to work harder on her 
pretty pussy. I was in heaven and Sam was too judging from her moans. 
"Please don't stop eating me baby," she said over and over. Her dripping 
pussy tasted wonderful. I couldn't get enough.

After we each had another orgasm we rested. Sam nibbled at my thighs and 
I wondered how life could be better. I thought about the future with 
Bill and Sam. I still wasn't completely sure about how a life with three 
would work. I knew I loved Bill but wasn't sure about Sam. I liked her a 
lot and she sure knew how to set me on fire. That was nice but I 
wondered if we'd end up competing with each other for Bill's attention. 
She was his wife. If Sam was correct and Bill intended to love both of 
us would he favor Sam over me?

These were disturbing thoughts but not nearly so disturbing as when I 
thought about my two little girls. An audible gasp escaped from my mouth 
as I considered my two precious daughters.

Sam emerged from her post orgasmic glow to ask if something was wrong.

I attempted to cover my real thoughts by saying, "It's getting late Sam. 
We'd better go grab breakfast while we have the chance."

We both crawled out of bed and straightened our clothes as best we 
could. Both of us had generous amounts of lipstick smeared on our faces 
and thighs. We'd have to repair the damage before we went down. Before I 
could ask Sam to use her bathroom she again embraced me and gave me a 
passionate kiss. I was amazed at how my passions nearly blocked my 
immediate concerns over my children. Finally, Sam broke the kiss and 
thanked me for the wonderful sex. I thanked her in return.

I headed for the bathroom thinking that all week had been a free-for-all 
sex orgy. I hadn't thought of my babies at all. I felt ashamed for not 
considering what I would do with them in a new relationship. How could I 
raise them in a household with Bill and Sam. Would they even welcome 
them. I felt tears come to my eyes. I quickly walked by Sam's bathroom 
and said over my shoulder, "I might as well use my bathroom so that you 
can get in yours. I'll see you down stairs, Sam."

Sam yelled, "OK, baby."

I hurried through her door and to my own. I fumbled with the key and 
awkwardly got the door open. I rushed into the room slamming the door 
and immediately burst into tears. I fell to the floor as a flood of 
suppressed emotions overwhelmed my body. Through my sobs I faintly heard 
Rick asking what was the matter. When he put his arms around me my 
thoughts shifted to Rick. I thought about the good times that we'd had 
together. I pictured him with our girls playing in our backyard and my 
sobs got heavier.

Rick helped me up and brought me to the bed. He kept saying, "It will be 
OK honey." As he cradled me in his arms I cried myself out. When I was 
finally able to talk the whole thing spilled out.

I half expected Rick to say I told you so and dump me after I told him 
how I fell in love with Bill. He didn't. He listened to every word I 
said. Finally, I asked him to say something and he simply said, "I love 
you, Wendy."

I looked into his loving eyes and started crying again. I blubbered, "I 
love you too." I realized I wasn't saying, "I love your cock, you big 
stud." The difference was now apparent. I loved Rick. All of him.

We spent the next half hour discussing the week and tried to make sense 
of my feelings. I knew it would take a while to get over the whole thing 
but Rick and I felt we'd learned a lot. We did agree to hold off on any 
further swinging until we felt secure enough.

The best indication that things would be all right was when I asked Rick 
to make love to me. He smiled and unzipped his pants. I fished out his 
cock and stroked him to hardness. I pulled my skirt to my waist and Rick 
crawled on top of me. His cock wormed its way into my pussy and it felt 
wonderful. Rick is not the biggest man but he is my man. I'd lost sight 
of that but never again. We made slow passionate love until it was time 
to leave. It was the best sex I'd had all week.

At the airport, I tried to explain everything to Bill and Sam. Bill 
seemed to be disappointed but I think Sam knew all along that my 
infatuation with her husband was mostly about sex. She's a smart lady in 
addition to being gorgeous. I think our little tryst was engineered by 
Sam to get me to thinking. It did that and I'll always be grateful to 
her as painful as it was.

On the flight home I sat with Kim for a time. She kept going on and on 
about what a wonderful trip it had been. For her and Jim the swing 
lifestyle was terrific. I found it amazing to think that each of the 
wives on the trip had very high sex drives. Of course, the men had 
equally high drives as well. I guess that would account for the non-stop 
sex enjoyed by all.

Rick spent some time talking to Greg. Greg also commented that it had 
been a great vacation. Although nothing happened that Greg and Pam 
weren't already used to, they enjoyed making close new relationships and 
hoped that they might continue. Rick told Greg that in time we might get 
back into the swing of things. For now we intended to wear each other 
out. After all, there was definitely no way that our sex drives would 
allow us to stay apart for very long. It had been a vacation that none 
of us would ever forget.
The End!


(C) 1996, 1997 Peggy and The Warthog


The account you have just read contains acts that may not be appropriate
for everyone. In fact, some may be dangerous. The author does not advocate
the practice of these acts and in our times recommends that care be taken
when any sex act is performed. Protect Yourself!


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