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Beth woke up and went to her kitchen and made coffee.  She ate her  usual bowl
of cereal, and read the 
newspaper drinking her coffee.  She read her book review and was pleased with
the job she had done.  She 
showered and gave no thought to her 2:00 date until she was washing her hair
and felt the necklace.  Her 
spirits immediately sank to a new low.  She remembered how her body had
betrayed her last night and 
redoubled her determination to never let that happen again.

She spent all morning reading a new book and working on her next column for
her newspaper.  It was just 
after noon before she realized that she was expected to be at Dr. Benson`s
house at 2:00.  It had been in 
the back of her mind, but her work had kept it hidden from her thoughts.  Now
as the time approached, 
she could no longer suppress the thoughts of having to be with him.

She sat down and put her makeup on, and she put her hair in a ponytail.  She
hated looking in the mirror 
for it seemed like the word “slut” on her necklace was all she could see in
her reflection.

She went to her closet to pick out the clothes she would wear to Dr. Benson`s.
She chose a pair of loose 
fitting tan walking shorts, a sleeveless turtle neck knit blouse that would
hide the horrid necklace, and a 
pair of white sandals.  She wore her usual cotton panties and a comfortable

It was 1:45 when she was fully dressed.  She started to pour herself a glass
of wine, but did not.  She 
wanted to be fully in control of herself and her body this afternoon.  Beth
figured that she would be at his 
house for just an hour or so, and she was ready.

She drove to his house, parked in the driveway, and rang his door bell at

Frank opened the door, and said “Enter slut.” 

He shut and locked his door as she walked inside.  He turned to her and said,

Frank smiled inwardly as he watched her immediately start removing her
clothing without protest or even 
a moments hesitation.  She folded her things and placed them on the back of
the chair near her aware that 
he was watching her, but there was nothing she could do or say about it.  Soon
she was standing across the 
room from him totally nude.

“Is your cunt clean?” he asked.

“Yes,” was her answer as she shuddered slightly.  She hated that question
because it was as if he thought 
she was dirty some how.

Pointing to a place between his spread knees, he said, “stand here and let me
check to be sure.”

Beth walked across the room and stood in front of him with her legs spread.

Frank laughed out loud when she spread her legs without having to be told to
do it, and said, “for a slut, 
you are a fast learner.  But, turn around, then bend over and touch your toes
and stay like that until I tell 
you to straighten back up.  Keep your legs spread nice and wide while you do

Beth paused for a moment wanting to protest, but turned, spread her legs and
bent over touching her toes.  
She felt his hands on her buttocks, spreading them apart.  She instinctively
clenched her buttocks closed.  
She felt a sharp pain as he slapped her on her rear as hard as he could from
his seated position.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed as she stood upright and turned around.

“Did I tell you to stand up slut?” he snapped.

“No, but that hurt, you hit me!” she replied.

“Yes, I did because you tried to close your butt and hide your ass hole, slut.
It belongs to me, and you 
have no right to try to hide it.  Now get back in the position I told you to
be in or get the fuck out of here 
and accept the consequences slut.”

Beth glared a him for a full minute, then she turned back around, bent over
and touched her spread toes.  
Again she felt his hands separating her buttocks, but she did not resist this
time.  Then she felt his finger 
violating her vagina.

“Slut, you are dry.  A slut, my slut, should never be dry when I want a fuck,”
he said in a very stern voice.

She just kept in her humiliating position, saying nothing.

“Go lay back on my bed, you already know the position I want you in.  Slut, I
will be in there in 15 
minutes and if your cunt is not sloppy wet when I get there, I am going to
butt fuck your ass hole.  Do you 
understand me, slut?”  Without waiting for an answer, he added, “do it now!”

Beth almost ran to his bed room.  She was crushed at the prospect of having
anal intercourse with any 
man much less this one.  Years ago, she had tried it a few times and found it
to be both degrading and 
painful.  She laid on her back on his bed, she realized that she now was
having to do the one thing she 
had resolved last night to not ever do.  She was having to get herself
aroused, but it was to save her the 
pain of anal intercourse.  She worked furiously with her hands on vaginal
area, on her clitoris, and into 
the entrance opening.  She worked until the juices flowed liberally and she
was not only wet but aroused.

She was still working on herself when Frank walked into the bedroom.  He was
nude except for his socks.  
She stopped as soon as she realized he was watching her.

“Spread your cunt lips open so I can see if it is wet,”  he told her as he got
between her spread legs.

Beth did not hear or at least did not understand what Frank had said, either
because of her embarrassment 
of having him see her masturbating or the fact that she was concentrating so
hard on what she was doing 
to herself.  She responded with, “huh?”

“Slut,” he said in an angry tone of voice, “I have warned you about making me
repeat myself.  Roll over 
on to your stomach, you are going to get a good butt fucking now.”

“No, please,” Beth pleaded, “please, I just did not hear you.”

“Slut are going to make me repeat myself still again?  Or do you want to get
up, go home, and read about 
your escapades in the newspaper?”

Beth slowly rolled over on to her stomach crying so hard that she was shaking.
She felt him separate her 
legs and get on the bed.  She buried her head in the pillow and continued to
sob silently in to it.

Frank looked at her body shaking with her sobbing and almost changed his mind,
yet he knew this was 
something he liked and that she needed to accept it.  He covered her anus with
KY jelly and very gently 
started inserting his finger.  He spent a long time with just one finger
stretching her anal muscles and 
telling her to try to relax.  Then he used two fingers, then three as gently
as he could, but all the time 
stretching and preparing her for his penis.

He coated his penis with the KY jelly and pushed the head of it against her
anus.  “It will hurt a little at 
first, just relax, relax,” he told her over and over.  He pushed harder, then
felt the head enter and heard a 
loud gasp muffled in the pillow.  He pushed slowly until the full length was
in to her bowels.  He just held 
it there to allow the initial pain to subside.  Then he slowly fucked her for
nearly 30 minutes until he felt 
his cum shooting deep inside her.  The crying from the pillow had stopped, but
he knew she was not 
enjoying this.  “She will learn,” he thought, as he pumped the last of his cum
into her.

Frank pulled his spent penis from Beth rectum and smiled at the stretched,
gaping hole that was her tight 
rear just a little while ago.  He said, “slut, my cum is in your ass hole, you
are mine now.”

She did not move and kept her face buried in the pillow.  She still felt the
pain from the torn muscles in 
her rear and her stretched rectum.  But most of all she felt the humiliation
from having had her rear used 
by him and having been unable to prevent it.

“Get yourself out of the bed and clean you butt hole.  Get dressed,  you will
wear what I have laid out for 
you on the vanity in the guest bathroom.”  He slapped her hard on her buttocks
and added, “be quick 
about it slut before I decide to fuck your ass hole again.”

Beth jumped out of bed after hearing his threat to do even more damage to her
rear.  She went into the 
bathroom and used tissue to clean her sore rear.  She saw a trace of blood on
the tissues from the tearing 
she had felt.  Her anus was indeed sore as she gingerly cleaned herself.

 She looked around for the clothing that Frank said was laid out for her to
put on.  The only thing she saw 
was a box sitting on the vanity.  She opened to box to see four padded white
leather cuffs.  Each cuff had 
four rings equally spaced around it.  As she placed a cuff on each ankle and
each wrist, a shudder of fear 
ran through her entire body.

Frank had dressed in a pair of jogging shorts.  He sat in the den wondering if
Beth would return from the 
bathroom wearing the cuffs, or if she would first put up a protest.  He waited
for her return in a state of 
high anticipation.

When he saw Beth walk into the den, he was unable to hide his delight at her
having put the cuffs on with 
out protesting.  “You have pleased me slut,” he told her.  “I found your ass
hole to be also pleasing for 

Beth said nothing but just stood in front of him trying to keep from

“Are you wet?” he asked.

“You mean my vagina,” she questioned.

“Sluts don’t have vaginas, only nice girls do.  Sluts have cunts that are to
be used.  I want to know if your 
cunt is wet.”

She looked down at the floor and answered, “yes.”

“Good, be sure it stays wet for me.”

Frank got up and walked over to her.  He reached into the pocket of his shorts
and pulled out a 
photograph.  He handed it to her and said, “see how your makeup looks in this

Beth looked at it.  It was one from a magazine layout she had done about 10
years ago.  She was totally 
nude and posed in as obscene a position as the editors thought they could get
away with.  She was 
embarrassed to just even look at it, and said nothing in response to his
question.  Her make up was so 
exaggerated that she barely recognized her own face.  It was a part of her
life she thought she had put 
behind her, one that she hated.

“Do you see your makeup slut?” he asked interrupting her thoughts.

“Yes,” she answered so meekly it was almost a whisper.

“I am going to let you go home in a few minutes, and when you come back that
is how I want you to look.  
However,” he added, “I want much darker eye make up, more of it so you look
more like the slut you are.  
Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” Beth answered.

“Why don’t you park your car in you garage slut?” he asked.  “don’t you have a
garage door opener?”

“Yes, I have a garage door opener, I just don’t park in there,”  was her

“Well, from now on, you will unless you want your neighbor’s to suspect
something.  Also, I want you to 
return with a spare key to your house to give me.”

“A key to my house?  You have gone to far, I will not do that.  It is my
house, you can not have a key to 
it,” she said.

“Oh?  Have I?  Then you may leave now.  I have no use for you, and you full
well know what I am going 
to do with all the information I have, don’t you?”

“Wait, okay, but why do you want a key to my house?  There is nothing of much
value there you would 

“I want a key to your house because as my slut, you are entitled to no
privacy, not even in your own home.  
I may feel the need to use you at times that are convenient to me and not want
to wait for you to come 
here.  I may just drop in unannounced for a quick fuck, and I want that option
whenever the mood strikes 
me.,”  he told her.  “Are you going to bring me the key as I asked, or do I go
to the mail box with my 

She said nothing, but nodded her head in a sign of acquiescence.

“Take off the cuffs, and put your shorts and blouse back on, but not your bra
and panties,” he said as he 
got up and went into his kitchen.

When he returned with a glass of scotch and water, she was dressed.  He said,
”lift your skirt.”

“That is good slut, no panties, just like the slut you really are.  Now take
off your shoes, I did not tell you 
to put them on.  You will go barefooted.  You had better use your garage, and
when you return, you will 
pull into mine,”  he said as he handed her his spare garage door opener.

He motioned to the couch, “sit down.”

Frank sat next to her and said,  “give me your left hand.”  He took her
extended hand and laid it on his 
knee.  He held up a small tube, and asked, “do you know what this is?”

Beth looked at the tube he was holding and replied, “yes it is a tube of Super

She watched as he placed a tiny drop on the inside of her little finger on her
left hand.  “close your fingers 
together,” he instructed.

She did and felt a light tingle between her little finger and the adjoining

“Super Glue does very nicely on skin.  It is a good tight bond.  If you can
get your fingers apart by the 
time you return without tearing the skin, I will fuck your cunt.  If they are
still glued together or if you 
have torn your skin getting them apart, I am going to fuck your sore ass hole.
Is that clear?”

Beth nodded that it was as she tried unsuccessfully to separate her two

Frank looked at his watch, and said,  “be back here in one and a half  hours
with your face painted up like 
the slut you are.  Now go before I decide to fuck you in the ass right now.”

Without saying a word, Beth walked barefooted to her car and drove the block
to her house.  She parked 
in her driveway as usual and went inside.  She did not stop until she had
poured herself a large glass of 
wine.  She glanced at her watch and noted she had an hour and 15 minutes
before she had to return to Dr. 
Benson’s house.  

She tried to separate her fingers, but even the tiny spot of glue he had
placed there was enough to keep 
them solidly stuck to each other.  She took a bowl of warm water and her
second glass of wine to her 
dressing table and started applying her makeup as he had told her to do.  She
worked with one hand, 
keeping her left hand in the warm water as she worked.  She occasionally tried
to separate her fingers,  
returning to the job of applying her exaggerated makeup after each
unsuccessful try.  

At last her makeup was complete.  She felt more like a clown than a librarian,
but her fingers were still 
glued as tight as ever.  She tried alcohol, fingernail polish remover, and
anything else she could find.  
Nothing seemed to be able to dissolve the Super Glue.  She even tried using a
knife to cut the glue.  As 
last she got her fingers apart, but felt a sharp pain as they came apart.  The
small spot where the skin had 
actually been torn from her finger filled as blood oozed into the tiny wound.
She held a cloth over the 
place until the blood stopped, then carefully covered it with makeup to hide

Beth poured herself another large glass of wine and sat down on her couch.  In
one hand she held the 
glass of wine, the other held her spare house key.  She sat, drank and cried
over the happenings that had 
turned her entire life into such a complete nightmare.  Tears streamed down
her cheeks as she sipped her 
glass of wine.  She looked at her watch, it was nearly 4:30, the time she had
to return to Dr. Benson’s 
house for more torment.  She looked in the mirror and was glad she had used
water proof makeup.  

Barefooted and with no underwear, she drove back to Frank’s house.   Beth
operated the remote control 
and pulled into Frank’s garage.  She noticed that it was partitioned and that
he had apparently made a 
room of some kind out of the other half of it.  She checked her little finger
and hoped he would not notice 
the tiny red spot of blood stained makeup where the Super Glue had torn her
skin slightly.  She rang the 
door bell.

“Come in slut,” he said as he opened the door.  “Your makeup looks good and
slutty, strip.”

She undressed and laid her clothes on the back of the chair.  Things had gone
too far for her to protest this 
humiliation any more.

“Hand me the key to you house, so I can use my slut whenever I wish to.  Hand
it to me with your left 

As she held her hand out, he grabbed her wrist, and examined her little
finger.  He said, “so, you got your 
fingers unglued, but tore the skin didn’t you slut?”  He took the key from her
hand and laid it down on his 
coffee table.  “Go get on my bed, face down, I am going to butt fuck you

“Please don’t, I am too sore.  I will do anything you want if you will not do
that to me,”  Beth pleaded as 
tears welled up in her eyes.

“Anything?” he asked.

“Yes, anything you want,”  she pleaded.

Laughing he said, “slut, you will do anything I want anyway because you need
to protect you job, your 
reputation, and your social standing.  That is not an offer I am interested
in.  Go lay down, I am going to 
fuck your sore ass hole.  Now go before I get mad.”

Beth went to his bedroom, she knew that she simply had no other alternative
than to obey him.  She laid 
down and buried her face in the pillow.  Her tears wetted the pillow as she
waited.  She stiffened as she 
felt him sit on the bed.  She felt his hands spreading her buttocks as he move
into position between her 

Frank looked at her swollen and red rectum, and felt some pity for her, but he
knew this was a necessary 
part of his overall plan.  “If you concentrate on relaxing your slutty ass
hole, it will not hurt as much,” he 
said as he started applying KY jelly to her rear.  He saw her jump and heard a
low moan when he touched 
her, but continued to slowly penetrate and stretch the muscles in her anus for
his penis.  

Then he positioned the head of he penis on the center of her anus, and in one
hard push, drove it all the 
way in to her bowels.  He felt her rectum stiffen, then relax as he drove into
her.  He fucked her hard and 
fast, until he had shot his load into her deepest recesses.  Then he pulled
out and told her not to move 
until he returned.

Beth was still crying with her head buried in the pillow when he came back a
few minutes later.  The 
throbbing in her rear was lessening, but her spirits were lower than ever.
Being used like this without 
mercy or feeling made her feel terrible.

When Frank returned he was wearing a pair of jogging shorts and nothing else.
He started at her lovely 
body and was surprised that he felt a twitch of life in he penis so soon after
having shot his load in her 
rear.  He got on the bed and sat on top of her upturned buttocks.  “let me see
your left hand again,” he told 

Beth moved her left hand behind her for him to examine.  She felt him
separating her fingers, then when 
he said he wanted to see her right hand for comparison, she moved her other
hand to behind her back.  
She felt him examining that hand also.  Then she felt him holding both hands,
then something cold, then 
a click and a tightening of something around her wrists.

“Those are police quality handcuffs slut, they will not give.  You can
struggle if you wish, but it will do no 
good.” he said.

She pulled against them for only a few moments, before she realized that he
was right.  Struggle would be 
futile.  She relaxed with her face still buried in the tear stained pillow.
She could not help but wonder 
what she would have to endure next at the hands of this man that she hated so

“Roll over on you back,” he told her.

It was difficult to do with her hands cuffed behind her, but she managed to do
it.  She shifted until her 
hands were as comfortable as possible in the small of her back, and watched as
he sat to top of her hips.

“I am sure you will agree that the Super Glue glues skin very tightly.  I am
also sure that it hurt when you 
finally managed to pull your fingers apart.”  He paused a moment, then
continued “fingers tend to be less 
sensitive than other parts of the body, and yours had natural body oils on

She watched as he took a bottle of alcohol and dampened a large cotton ball.

“Just think how much better the glue would stick if I had cleaned your fingers
with this first, and just 
think if they had not been smooth, and had been much more sensitive,” he told
her as he smiled a wicked 
little grin.  He leaned over her body as if he was going to kiss her, but
instead pulled the ends of a wide 
leather strap from under the mattress.

Beth had thought he wanted to kiss and had instinctively closed her eyes.  She
felt the leather strap across 
her neck, then felt it tighten.  It happened so fast that she did not have
time to react.  She could barely 
swallow, and could not lift her head even a fraction of an inch.

“What? she exclaimed.

“Now, just you relax.  I am not going to hurt you.  I just did not want you
trying to avoid the inevitable my 
dear slut.”  He took the alcohol and put more on the cotton ball.  He started
wiping down her right nipple 
rubbing very hard.

Beth tried to move, but was held in place with the strap across her heck and
his weight as he sat on top of 
her hips.  She said nothing partly because she knew it would do no good and
partly out of fear.

He worked on her right nipple until it was raw form the scrubbing, then did
the same thing to her left 
nipple.  He held for her to see two small pieces of shiny metal, each about
1/2 inch long and cone shaped.  
They were open at the wide end and had a bright shiny ring attached to the
pointed end. He put more 
alcohol in these cones and cleaned them as thoroughly as he had her nipples.
He laid them on her 

“Remember this?” he asked as he held up the tube of Super Glue.  She watched
in fear as he placed a 
large drop right on the tip of each of her nipples saying, “this will sting a

Beth tried to move, to resist as she felt the glue stinging her raw nipples,
but she could not get away.  Her 
eyes were wide in fear as she saw him place one of the tiny cones over each
nipple.  “There, we will just 
give it a few minutes for the glue to harden, then I will let you get up and
go clean your ass hole,” he said.

The stinging went away about the time Frank got up and released the Velcro
across Beth’s neck.  He told 
her to stand up, and when she did, he removed the hand cuffs.  “Go clean your
ass slut, then come to the 
den.  Be quick, I will be waiting on you,” he said as he walked out of the bed

As soon as Beth walked in the bathroom she went up to the mirror.  She
examined the things that he had 
attached to her nipples with the Super Glue.  She tugged on each one only to
find they were very securely 
and firmly glued to her nipples.  She cleaned her bottom and went into the

“Why did you glue those things on me?” she asked as soon as she got to the

“Because I wanted to slut, and do you have any objections?”

She started to say something, but instead just shook her head “no.”

“I can assure you that the rings are well secure to your soft nubby nipple
flesh.  If you pull them off you 
will cause yourself more pain than you could ever possibly imagine.  You will
actually pull part of you 
nipples off and they might never grow back to look normal.  You would not want
that would you?”

She again shook her head “no,” but said nothing.

“In a few days, the skin of your nipples will grow and the glue will loosen
its hold.  I would guess that
 you should be able to get the them off your nipples in four or five days.  If
you are careful and gentle, 
there will be no damage at all.  Come over here and let me see how well they
are attached.”

She walked to where he was seated.  He reached up and examined each one
pulling her breast out from 
her body as he did.  “They are really well attached slut, they would pull your
whole fucking nipple out by 
its roots if you are not careful.  It would mutilate what otherwise are nice
tits, do you understand that?”

“Yes,” was her only reply.

She watched as he took a small chain from his pocket.  It was about 24” long
and had a ring at each end.  
She stood motionless as he used tiny locks to attach each end of the chain to
one of the rings on her 
nipples.  “Follow me,” he told her.  She followed her into his guest bathroom.

There he took a chain that was looped around a faucet and locked in place, he
locked the other end to the 
short chain running between her nipples.  “If you are not here when I return,
you are free, truly free from 
me.  I will destroy the material I have collected on you and never bother you
again.  This I promise”

He walked to the bathroom door, and said, “I have to run some errands, I will
be back in an hour or so.  
Here is your chance to be free of me forever, all you have to do is get
loose.”  With that he closed the door.

Beth waited until she heard him drive off, the she examined the chains and
locks.  While they were small, 
she could tell they were very strong and would not break.  She pulled at first
one nipple then the other, but 
there was no sign they would come off.  She tried over and over until her
nipples were sore and she could 
try no longer.  Then she sat on the closed toilet, helpless and totally
hopeless.  She cried as she waited for 
his return.

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