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Don't read if underage or if this type of stuff is not to your taste.
Seurat's Twighlight Zone stories arebased around a fetish/lingerie/sex toy
store called The Twighlight Zone (explained in chapter 1).  Characters do
repeat from time to time; The characters form this story all show up again
in chapter 6 (currently being written, and getting away from the author
(quite easily) the way stories sometimes do.
I've gotten some great responses, and a few requests; please don't stop (I
love the flattery).  Ideas for future stories would also be welcome.

The Twighlight Zone, Chapter 2:  The Twighlight Cafe.

     "C'mon, Hank."  Joseph protested, "It's a once in a lifetime chance,
and as senior's we ain't gonna be around much longer.  We're talking the
Twighlight Cafe, where they give blowjobs with every drink.  Besides, this
party's a bust."
     Hank looked around, nodded agreement.  He hadn't been able to get any
of the girls loaded enough to go upstairs with him tonight.  "Who's getting
us in?  It's special invite only, or so I'm told."
     Joseph hesitated.  "Jerry.  Jerry O'Neill.  He has some connections."
     "What is it, fag night?"
     "You know he ain't queer.  Besides, he said tonight is models night. 
All them babes from The Twighlight Zone are going to be there.  It's the
only night that outsiders can get in."
     "Could have surprised me.  Get the guys, we all go."  They'd all seen
the dog-eared catalog from the 'Zone'.  It was like the one from
Frederick's, only a lot thicker and nastier.  More expensive, too.  They
carried everything for anybody; latex to lace to leather, jewelry to
bondage gear.  And every piece was modeled, with three or four shots,
viewed from different angles.  It was a fraternity treasure; they'd never
been able to get another one.  Hank started getting a hard-on just thinking
about it.
     "Nope.  Said he could sneak in only four.  I figured me, you, Fitz,
and maybe Larry."
     "Sounds good.  You drive.  Be good to get away from the fraternity
scene for a while, get me some fresh meat."
     "He said dress nice.  Suits if possible."
     "Suits?  I ain't changing to go to some fag bar."
     "At least sports jackets and ties, then.  Can't get in without them."

     Jerry was waiting in the parking lot when the boys pulled in.  BMWs,
Porches, Ferraris, and a multitude of other expensive cars filled the lot. 
Hank sneered, "the cover better not be too much.  I only got about fifty on
me."  The other boys laughed.
     Jerry looked at them, and turned to Joseph.  "I thought you were going
to get dressed, you know, suits?"  Joseph averted his eyes, knowing Hank
would be the one to reply.
     "What's the matter, pansy, should we have dressed all queer-like, like
you?  If jackets and ties ain't enough for these people, then screw 'em." 
Jerry was dressed all in black; black leather pants, black boots, black
denim shirt, and a black sports coat.  Around his right wrist was a thick
white bracelet.
     "Yeah, who died?  What's with the clothing?  What are you, some type
artsy-fartsy?"  Larry quipped.  "There better be some hot fuckin' babes in
here, or your ass is grass, man."
     Jerry stared at them a moment, as if contemplating a  comeback.  "If
you're coming, then lets go."  He led the way to a non-descript steel door
in the back of a large warehouse.  To the side was a buzzer, and after
Jerry pressed it, a window in the door slid open.  Jerry raised his right
arm, exposing the bracelet.  "And four guests." he said, though the boys
could see nobody behind the window.
     The door creaked open, revealing a long dark hallway lit only
intermitantly by overhead lights.  Jerry walked in, turned and waited. 
After a second, Hank led the others in.  "This better not be a scam,
O'Neill, or I'll bash your fucking head in."  Jerry started walking down
the hall.
     As they headed down the dim corridor, the entrance door slammed shut. 
"Just like in them movies, eh Hank?"  Larry chanted.  Jerry was really
getting tired of his fawning.  <fucking toadie>
     The faint sounds of music could be heard from down the hall, a heavy
bass vibrating the floor.  They turned a corner, and were almost deafened
by dance music.
     "Man, oh man.  Look at these fuckin' babes.  Looks like the little
Larry is gonna be makin' a lot of honeys happy tonight." Larry bragged.
     Fitz murmured, "I always wondered what heaven was like."
     Hank had to set the mood.  "Yeah, so what.  I betcha if O'Neill here
can get laid here half these bitches are either whores or guys in drag."
     No matter what they said, the four boys were impressed.  This was no
frat house, and this definitely was no frat party.  Before them was a
flight a stairs leading down to a huge round dance floor, complete with
lasers, strobes, and diamond balls.  The ceiling, 50 feet over the dance
floor, was made of huge plates of stainless steel that reflected the lights
back down.  To the left of the entrance was a long bar, and beyond that
were cocktail tables on a balcony so the floor could be watched.  To the
other side were booths for more private meetings.  Another bar connected
the cocktail area to the booths, completing the outer ring.
     It wasn't the Twighlight Cafe that overwhelmed them though, as
impressive as it was.  It was the people that filled it.  All told there
was probably a few hundred people in there, the likes of which they had
only dreamed about.
     The women seemed to all shop at the same store.  High heels and spike
heel boots adorned all their feet.  Tight dresses and pants suits were the
standard, no t-shirts or even sweaters.  And gloves were worn by at least
half of them.  Leather and latex were the preferred materials, and most of
the women were in red.  All of them looked like they worked out for hours a
day and had surgery done to enhance areas of their bodies.  None looked
over thirty-five.
     The guys, if they wore clothing, were dressed in all black, like
Jerry, or in white or blue.  The ones not wearing clothes wore g-strings or
leather and steel harnesses.  They appeared to be waiters.  Even so, their
was probably one server for every two women their.
     "Told you.  Look at them guys.  It's a fucking queer bar."  Hank
always had an opinion.
     "Well, you've seen it.  If you want to leave, go ahead."  Jerry seemed
a little pissed.
     A very attractive brunette in white with matching cowboy boots at the
bar spotted them standing in the doorway and came over. "Jerry, I'm so glad
you could make it.  Are these your friends?"
     "Yes, Ms. Worthington, these are the ones I was telling you about. 
Guys, this is Ms. Worthington.  She owns the Twighlight Cafe.  Ms.
Worthington, this is Joseph Seift, Larry Lade, Fitz Urban, and Hank Prah."
     She smiled,"Pleased to meet you all.  Any friend of Jerry's is a
friend of mine."
     Joseph and Fitz mumbled a "and very pleased to meet you" back.
     Hank spoke.  "Nice place you got here.  I don't suppose they serve
beer here, do they?"
     "Could you point me to the bathroom? I have to see a man about a
horse." Larry interjected.
     Ms. Worthington seemed a little taken aback.  She pointed, "Bathrooms
are over there.  I'm sure we can get you a beer, dear."
     "Gonna see what the action's like." Fitz said, as he headed towards
the dance floor.  "C'mon, Joe."
     The group dispersed, leaving Jerry and Ms. Worthington.
     "Nice friends you got there, Guest Jerry."
     "Yes, Mistress Worthington.  Very nice." 

     Hank sidled up to the bar.  <look at these fucking whores.  Betcha I
could show them a thing or two>  He ordered a beer.  A blonde woman next to
him turned and said,"Beer?  I would have thought a handsome guy like you
would have ordered something a little stronger."
     Hank looked at her.  She was something out of the movies. 
Zebra-striped elbow length gloves matched the striped knee high boots,
complete with four inch spike heels.  She was wearing a black leather dress
that didn't hide much of her ample cleavage.  Long blonde hair framed a
zebra skin mask through which green eyes and full pink lips were visible. 
Hank caught himself before he started to drool from his open mouth.
     "Excuse me?"  He couldn't remember what she had just said.
     "I just thought you were more of the whiskey or vodka type."
     "I sort of wanted to gauge the prices first.  Looks like they have to
pay the rent here somehow."
     "Then how about I buy.  Gary?"  
     The bartender appeared, "Yes, mistress?"
     "Give my friend here an 'On All Fours'.  You do like rum, don't you?" 
Hank nodded.
     "Very well, Mistress."
     "Mistress?  Isn't that like one of those bondage things?" said Hank.
     "Actually, it's a term of respect.  I have enough stature in this
place that that is what they call me.  Someday you may respect me enough to
call me 'Mistress', too"
     Hank felt a sort of erotic fear.  He knew she was hitting on him, but
that usually happened when a girl had been drinking.  Besides, she could
have had any guy in the joint.
     "I'm Hank.  Pleased to meet you."
     "Pleased to meet you, Hank.  I'm...not giving my name out to open
guests.  You came with Jerry, didn't you?"
     "Yeah.  Who would have believed the little fag could get us in a place
like this?"  Hank took a swig of the drink.  It was strong, but tasted
good.  A couple of these in a girl and she'd be flat on her back with legs
spread.  Or, as the name implied, on all fours.  "What's an 'open range
     "You are.  You don't dress in the clothing of a member.  And you're
showing the band of an invited guest.  Which means you're here unattached;
free to roam the open range.  Lucky for you that you're exactly what I'm in
the mood for.  Big, smart, and handsome.  To tell you the truth, Hank,
sitting here at this bar looking at all these perfect bodies has made me
really horny and, seeing as your here alone, I wondered if I could take you
upstairs and fuck you."
     Hank's mouth dropped again.  He'd used a line like that plenty of
times and had ended up in bed plenty of times.  He already had a hard-on,
and now this babe wanted to go fuck him. <slut>
     Doubts surfaced.  "I don't know.  I better not.  My friends."
     "Screw them.  Let them get their own excitement.  This is a one time
offer, buddy.  Take it or leave it."  She stood up, looked Hank in the eye,
then turned and walked away.
     "Wait!"  Hank gulped down the drink, put the glass on the bar and
trotted after the woman.  The stories he was gonna tell about this bitch
would be far beyond anything she was going to do to him. 

     Larry maneuvered his way through the crowd.  <Most of these babes
be porn stars! Look at them tits!  None of the super huge ones, either!  I
gotta get to the bathroom.>  It seemed to Larry that a fair share of the
women were dressed in clothes like they had in the Twighlight Zone catalog.
 His head snapped around, recognizing one women.  <Holy shit!>
     He was positive.  She was one of the models from the catalog.  He
looked around again, noticing that the women in red all looked like they
were models.  The other women were beautiful, too, but he hadn't
masturbated over their pictures.  Two very attractive brunettes in red
latex teddies and red latex boots stood
outside the doors to the bathrooms.  Larry looked close.  The Twins!  The
times he had fantasized about them were too numerous to remember.  He moved
in for the kill.  
     "Good evening, ladies.  I was wondering if you would like to come in
and give me a hand?"
     The girls smiled.  One looked down at Larry's right hand, then
whispered something to the other.  "We'd like to, but we can't fuck free
     It wasn't the reaction Larry expected.  Usually it got him a 'pig' or
'asshole' or, if he really leered, a 'why, can't find it by yourself?'.  He
entered the bathroom slightly dumbfounded.
     Inside was just like any other bathroom.  Larry found an empty stall,
dropped his pants, and began to jerk off.  This was too much.  What was
with the look they gave his hand?  <Jerry wore one of those bracelets. 
Must mean he's a member.  I bet they would've fucked me right there if I
had one of them things>  Larry started to scheme.  He listened carefully as
he heard another person come in, and by the sound of it he was drunk. 
Larry zipped up, and waited.
     Larry heard the person enter the stall to his right, close the door,
and after a few moments he heard vomiting.  <so even a ritzy place like
this has drunks>  The person got up and opened the door, and Larry did
also.  He turned and walked right into the guy.
     "Hey man, be careful!"  He grabbed the guy to keep him from falling
     "Sorry.  Must have had too much to drink."  The guy was dressed in an
Armani suit, they same medium blue as some of the other people.  He didn't
notice Larry open the bracelet and slide it off as Larry led him to the
     "Why don't you cool down a little.  The heat out there will do it to
you every time."  The man mumbled a response.  Larry turned, but before he
opened the door he went to put the red and gold bracelet on.  The catch was
a little mangled, and wouldn't close correctly.  "Shit."  Larry pulled out
his wallet, found a postage stamp he kept in there.  He licked it and
smoothed it over the catch, keeping it in place.  "Time to get some pussy."
     The door opened and Larry walked out, immediately looking for the
twins.  He saw them talking to a very attractive redhead dressed black
leather boots, pants, and shirt.  Now that he knew to look, he noticed that
none of the three wore bracelets.  He adjusted his and walked over.
     The three women looked up at him.  The one in black frowned at first,
then smiled when she  saw the red and gold bracelet around his wrist.  She
said something to the twins, and the giggled.  As Larry reached them, both
stood straighter, thrusting out their chests.  Larry realized the latex not
only was red and tight, but let some of what was underneath show through. 
His erection, the job in the bathroom left uncompleted, was twisted
painfully in his underwear.
     "Ladies, we meet again.  Are you sure you wouldn't like to change your
mind?  I might teach you something new."  Both giggled, and looked at the
other woman.
     She spoke.  "I am Agent Katherine, their trainer.  If you are
interested in buying their contracts, I'm sure we could work out some kind
of deal."  Her voice had a Gaelic lilt to it,  and her green eyes flashed
at him.  Larry found it hard to speak.
     <must be a modeling agent>  He'd heard a lot of 'mistress' comments,
along with a bunch of other titles, like 'guest' and 'agent'. <She thinks
I'm one of these big shots 'cause of this bracelet.  man -o-man, have I
stepped in it>
     "Pleased to meet you.  I'm Larry, um, guest Larry."
     "Well, Guest Larry, this is slut Mitzy and her partner slut Ditzy. 
I'm sure we could go to a private room  upstairs so you could check their
training.  That is, if you are so inclined."
     "You mean have sex?  Sure!"  <slut? Must be okay with them if she
them that.  Hank must've been right; they were whores>  "Um, How much is
this going to cost me?"
     "Your first experience at the club, eh?  They can only be bought or
sold, not rented.  Consider it a trial run.  I expect them to pass any of
your tests with flying colors."
     <wow>  "Then lets get them upstairs.  It's been a few hours since I
had sex, and little Larry is getting mighty anxious."  The Twins giggled. 

     Jerry and Joseph sat at one of the small tables with a view of the
dance floor, where Fitz danced with nobody in particular, enjoying the feel
of the crowd around him.  He usually had problems finding partners.
     "How the hell did you ever get into this place?"
     "My aunt is one of the owners.  In fact, she is probably going to be
here tonight.  It looks like most of the other owners are here already."
     Joseph looked out over the crowd.  "How can you tell?"
     "Simple.  Citizens are big shots who want a chunk of the action; they
and their guests are in white.  Agents and their guests are in black. 
Twighlight Zone  Models are in red;  Owners wear their own colors, and
their guests wear what  they want.  The ones without much on are their
personal servants."
     "Ms. Worthington's a citizen?  She was wearing white."
     "She's the owner.  She can wear whatever she wants."
     "So we're owners guests, and your an agent?"
     Jerry smiled.  "No.  That's what the bracelets are for.  All guests
wear them.  As guests of a guest, you guys don't get them.  Most of the
members won't have anything to do with you."  He took a drink. "But you
might get lucky with another guest.  Sex is pretty open at these events."
     Joseph mulled it over.  "You mean, those women in red out there, the
ones I would give my left nut for, are all models for the Twighlight Zone?"
     "Yeah, the guys too.  They can do stuff in bed you can't imagine."
     "So Fitz doesn't have a prayer out there, does he?"
     "Nope."  Jerry took another drink.  "Joe?  What happened to us?  I
mean, we were pretty good friends in grade school.  But you sort of dumped
me for that ass Hank."
     "I don't know.  He's very powerful; he's always doing something.  I
guess I'm sort of drawn to him.  I know it sounds weird, but he's very
     "Why does he hate me?  I get you guys in here, and he still just gives
me shit."
     "You don't fight back.  Give him shit back; show him your his equal. 
He doesn't pick on people he respects.  He just doesn't respect you."
     "So if I give him shit, he'll stop harassing me?"
     "I didn't say that.  He harasses everybody.  He just won't do it as
     At that point Tara Worthington showed up, seating herself between the
two.  "Are you boys talking about me?"
     "No, Ms. Worthington," Jerry replied.  "We were discussing some stuff
from school." 
     "Oh.  Jerry, would you mind getting us some drinks.  I'd like a little
time with Joseph, here."  Jerry nodded and left, dismissed.
     "So Joseph.  Have you made any plans for after graduation?"
     "No ma'am.  I've been on a lot of interviews, but nothing has panned
out.  I guess I'm not really sure what I want to do.  Four years of
college, and no ideas yet.  I was thinking of going into grad school." 
Joseph thought she couldn't be more than thirty, but she seemed wiser and
more confident than anybody he knew.  Her attitude demanded respect; Joseph
felt like a little kid talking to the principal.
     "Have you ever thought of modeling?  The Zone is always looking for
good looking guys like you.  A little more meat, a little training, and you
could be out there dancing with a six-figure contract in your back pocket."
     He looked at the men on the dance floor.  Most were wearing only tight

leather shorts."Dress like that?  I don't think so."
     "Independent models start at two thousand a day per shoot; those with
contracts earn more than twice that and enjoy special perks.  Two years out
of college you would have all your student loans paid off, a nice car, and
a place to call your own."
     "Are you kidding me?  You think I could do that?"
     "Sure.  Why don't you come to my office tomorrow and we'll work up
contracts.  I've an office over at the Baum Dietrich center."
     "Can't tomorrow.  I've a big test.  Could I do it the day after, Ms.
     "That would be fine.  Here comes Jerry with our drinks."

     Fitz moved his hips, swaying to the music.  Girls surrounded him.  He
was smart enough to know they weren't really dancing with him, but he'd had
a few drinks (they were free) and didn't really care.  One really caught
his eye.  She was in a black leotard, heels, and gloves, but unlike others
in black she also wore a white bow tie with a matching ribbon in her
tightly bunned brunette hair.  She spotted him staring at her and moved in.
 "HI!"  She shouted over the music.
     "HI!"  He shouted back.
     She moved in close, matching his movements flawlessly.  The went
through three songs, then the music paused.
     "Could we rest for a moment?"
     "Sure."  He motioned towards the back bar.  This woman was incredible
looking.  Big brown eyes, pouting lips.  He  couldn't take his eyes off her
     "I was wondering.  I noticed you're a free roaming guest.  I've got a
magic show to do in a little while, and I was wondering if you would help
me out."
     "Sure, I guess.  I just thought..."
     "That I wanted you for something else?  I guess I do, but we can
discuss that later.  Will you do the show?  It's only one trick; an
transformation illusion."
     "Okay.  What do I have to do?

     The room she led Hank into was dark and at first he couldn't see
anything.  She shut the door, hit a light switch that illuminated a number
of ceiling recessed lights, and walked across the room, turning to face
Hank.  The room itself was high-ceilinged, the walls were painted black,
and the floor was a gleaming silver.  <probably built right on the roof of
the dance floor downstairs> Hank thought.  In the dead center of the room
was a waterbed-like frame with futon mattresses on top, all covered in
black sheets.
     "Well, lover, is this a suitable place?" she asked, giving him that
smile again.
     "I think it will do quite fine."  Hank moved in to start a little
     "Hold on there, lover.  Before we do anything, I'd like to see what I
bargained for."
     Hank looked at her stupidly.
     "The clothes, the clothes.  Take them off, unless you'd like to do
this with your jeans on.  Personally, I like the touch of flesh over that
of denim."
     "Oh.  Sorry."  Hank knelt down and untied one sneaker, then pulled it
off.  He was mid way through the laces on the second sneaker when he
realized she was
standing there watching him.
     "Are you going to stay clothed?"
     "Just wanted to watch for a moment.  I like to see the effect of my
disrobing on the...shall we say 'more intimate' parts of the male body."
     Hank got up from the floor, wobbled a little, then pulled off his
shirt and unzipped his jeans.  "I sure hope so.  I think I may have had a
little more to drink then I should have."
     "That's okay, dear.  I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion."
     Hank pulled off his jeans, then his socks, and finally his boxers. 
Years of weight lifting and sports showed; he was in nearly prime physical
condition.  His prick wasn't in the least aroused.  He looked at her
sheepishly, not knowing what to do next or where to put his hands.
     "Looks like I have a little work to do before the fucking and sucking
begins."  She unzipped the black leather dress, letting it fall to the
ground.  Underneath she wore a matching zebra striped corset with full
black leather cups, which held her ample bosom.  A matching black leather
g-string covered her pussy, and a black leather garter belt held her
stockings up.  "What do you think?  Leave it on or take it off?"
     Hank had never seen somebody in real life dressed like this, except in
strip clubs.  And he for sure never had one standing in front of him that
wanted to fuck him.  His prick started to harden, and, embarrassed, he
tried covering it with his hands.
     "Looks like having it on is improving you status a little.  I have to
tell you, Hank, I'm sort of used to having my own way.  Would you mind
hoping up here," she patted the bed,"and giving me a birds-eye view?"
     Hank got onto the bed, and stood in the middle, his 6 inches of cock
was now stiff and pointing straight out.  His head was less than a foot
from the ceiling.  She began to walk around him, the only sounds in the
room were her heels on the metal floor and the small amount of music that
leaked up from below.  As if on cue the two lights over the bed went out,
leaving Hank in darkness.
     "Shit!  Something always goes wrong.  Hank, be a hon and jiggle them a
little.  Sometimes the bass shakes them loose.  And I do so want to see
everything that happens."
     Hank reached up his left hand into the recess and found the bulb,
which was already cooling.  He gave it a little wiggle, and the light came
back on.  He dropped his hand and reached over to the other one with his
right.  This one he also wiggled, and as it flickered to life, the first
one went out again.  Both Hank and the woman started laughing.
     "Can you reach both at once?  They must be on the same track, or
     "Sure 'nuff" replied Hank, his head starting to swim a little more. 
Concentrating on the lights was allowing his erection to droop.  He got his
left hand in the recess and on the bulb, but was just a little short on
reaching the other one.  He bounced a little, getting his hand into the
recess but not on the bulb.  He bounced again, this time grasping the bulb
in his hand.  Both lights began to flicker.
     "Bingo!" He said, immensely proud of his action.  Both recesses the
closed around his wrists, locking his arms above his head, and leaving him
on the balls of his feet.  "What the fuck?"
     She grabbed onto the topmost futon mattress and yanked it from under
his feet, leaving him suspended by his wrists.
     "HEY! What's going on?!  Put that back!"  She went over to her bag and
pulled something out, then climbed up behind him.
     "Look, bitch, I don't know what kind of shit your into, but I don't
like it and I want down, NOW!"
     "Oh. I'll be letting you down in just a minute.  I just figured this
way it would be easier to do this."  She began massaging his balls with one
hand, arousing his now flaccid penis.  With her other hand she locked the
cuff around the base of his genitals tightly.  A belt then went snugly
around his waist.
     "OW!.  What the fuck is that?"  Hank strained to look down at his
dick, but could only see a glint of metal.   
     "That's a chastity cuff.  You'll be wearing it until I get you fitted
for a proper chastity belt.  And this is the custom key for the cuff you
wear."  She held up a black and gold key.  "Magnetics, you know.  So much
better than the old style.  It would be easier for you to cut your dick off
then to get that cuff off.  Less painful, too."  She smacked him hard on
the ass, eliciting a yelp, only, just as his mouth opened, she stuck
something huge into it.  Hank found that he couldn't close his mouth at
all, that it seemed pried open.  She fastened something around the back of
his head, presumably to hold it in place.  "This key also works the lock on
your trainer gag."  She got off the bed.
     Hank tried to kick out at her as she did so, swinging wildly.  She
turned and smiled.
     "That's next."  She walked behind him and felt something clamp over is
right knee, keeping his leg straight, then another over his left.  She
pulled off another mattress, revealing the supporting frame.  The entire
thing was covered in pieced together leather, eye bolts fixed in each of
the four corners and another recessed in the middle.  Hanks arms were going
nub, and his neck began to hurt.
     She turned around and went back to her bag.  Hank felt his wrists
release and he dropped onto the frame, jolting the entire frame.  His arms,
numb from being held at the odd angle, did little to stop his falling face
first onto the soft leather.  There must be some cushioning underneath, but
it still hurt his balls and dick.  She turned around and quickly pulled his
right hand middle finger through an eyebolt, wrapped a leather cuff around
his wrist, and ran a short chain from the cuff under his middle finger and
back to the cuff, effectively locking his hand in place.  In the seconds it
took him in his drunken stupor to realize what happened, she had the other
hand done.  She locked to more tubes around his elbows, keeping his arms
straight.  He was locked in a stiff-armed push-up position.
     From there she moved behind him.  A hand reached under and grabbed his
steel encased member and, pulling up and back, forced him to raise his ass
in the air.  She locked another cuff around his ankle and tied linked it to
another eyehook behind his right heel, then completed his left leg.
     In moments the women had completely immobilized Hank, his arms and
straight out and supporting his body off the ground.  His exposed ass was
held high in the air by the steel encased limbs, and a steel encased penis
hung limply below.  His head hung low, a puddle of drool forming under his
mouth.  Hank began to cry.
     "There, there.  Only one more chain, and then you're all finished." 
She grabbed a hunk of his hair and pulled back his head.  Hank heard a
click, but before his head could drop, he heard another click and found
that his gag harness had been connected to the belt around his waist.  His
head now faced straight out, eyes level with the platform he was on.  

     Mistress Katherine led the way up the stairs to a long hallway.  The
women in red giggled as Larry, sandwiched between them in the passage,
groped and stroked their latex clad bodies.  He had seen them in the
catalog the Twighlight Zone put out, and had jerked off often over the
pictures therein.  Even in his fantasies he had only been able to handle
one girl at a time.
     As they walked down the hall the giggling twins began to return the
gropes, making his erection even harder.  Finally, they reached a door that
Mistress Katherine opened.  The twins scampered inside, and turned
expectantly to Larry. 
     Larry looked around the room the women had brought him to.  Satin
pillows covered the floor, and the smell of incense and perfume hung in the
air.  Oil lamps lit the room with a hazy light.  Slut Mitzy kissed Larry
again, and started to fumble with his belt.  Slut Ditzy was busy taking off
his jacket and shirt while exploring the depths of his ear with her tongue.
 Mistress Katherine stood a few feet away and watched, a satisfied smile on
her face. 
     They finally got Larry's clothes off.  Slut Mitzy pushed Larry back
onto the cushions, and pulled on his left leg, drawing it from the right. 
Slut Ditzy pulled on the right, and they began massaging his upper thighs. 
Slut Mitzy took the head of Larry's cock into her mouth and started
swirling her tongue around it, tasting and exploring.  Slut Ditzy meanwhile
was attempting to get both of Larry's balls in her mouth without the use of
her hands.
     "Hey babe," he said to Agent Katherine," there's plenty to go 'round. 
Want to join in?"
     "Excuse me?  I'm here to supervise only.  And I am Agent Katherine,
not a 'babe'.  You may refer to me as either Agent Katherine or Mistress
Katherine."  The Gaelic accent seemed to be getting stronger as she got
more irritated.
     "Okay, but it ain't every day you get to deflower somebody."  Larry
lay back and closed his eyes, enjoying the ministrations of the twins. 
Every time he even came close to cumming, they would slow their pace and
relax him.
     "Deflower?  Are you saying you are actually a virgin?"
     "At the moment...but your friends seem eager enough to fix my
problem."  He put his right hand on Slut Mitzy's head, and helped her bob
up and down.  The red and black band fell off his wrist.
     Both girls immediately froze.  Larry's eyes opened.  "What did you
stop for?"  Mistress Katherine picked up the band and noticed the broken
clasp and the stamp. 
     "Sluts, restrain him."  Teeth tightened on Larry's genitals, causing
him a little pain but a lot of discomfort.  "Make any move, and they will
remove your genitals.  The penalties for impersonating an owner's guest are
extreme.  The next time you refer to me as anything but Mistress Katherine,
you'll want to rip your own pathetic dick off because the pain will be so
great.  Now, state loud and clear where you got that bracelet."
     "I'm a customer here, um, Mistress Katherine."  Larry smiled weakly.
     "Sluts, make him tell the truth."  Mitzy resumed sucking his head, and
added her hand to stroke his shaft.  He felt himself building agin, and
just as he has about to explode both bit down, the pain killing the orgasm.
 She then started again, head bobbing up and down, tongue flicking and
swirling until he was about to release, then the teeth again.  Larry was
torn between the pleasure and the agony.
     "Slut Ditzy, put the rings on.  Larry, I read this in a story once.  I
think you'll appreciate this."  Slut Ditzy got up and left the room, but
was only gone for a minute.
     Slut Ditzy returned with a bag of crushed ice and a red suede pouch. 
She filled her mouth with ice as slut Mitzy took her mouth off Larry's
prick.  Slut Ditzy lowered her head to engulf his purpling cock, still held
in Slut Mitzy's tight grip.  The ice in slut Ditzy's mouth and the ice
water that dribbled down his shaft had the desired effect; Larry went
     Slut Ditzy removed her mouth and opened the pouch, taking out two
rings.  She slipped both over Larry's shaft, down to the base.  Slut Mitzy
shifted her hand to grip his balls, digging her nails into his flesh.
     "Wait!"  Larry protested.
     "Speak again and it will be as a soprano.  Lock them in place."
     Slut Mitzy engulfed his cock, taking the entire thing into his mouth. 
Larry felt himself grow hard again, and as he reached a full erection he
felt the bite of the rings, whose inner diameter was smaller than his dick
was round.  When he was fully erect, she sat back up.
     "Slut Ditzy, mount him."  The woman unsnapped her crotch and straddled
Larry.  She lowered her self down as slut Mitzy guide the prick into her
dripping pussy.  She slowly slid all the way down, teasing Larry with a
gyrating action until she was fully impaled.  She was warm and wet, loose
and at the same time tight inside.  Being inside her was better than Larry
had ever imagined sex could be.
     "Larry, those two rings will prevent your orgasm. At the same time you
will be unable to go limp.  The action of being fucked will pinch the skin
between rings, causing you great pain.  Pleasure, pain, and hopelessness,
all in one action.  You will soon answer my questions, and truthfully. 
     Slut Ditzy began fucking, first a series of short humps then drawing
herself almost all the way off.  The entire time slut Mitzy massaged his
balls.  Larry began groaning form the pleasure and the pain.  Larry felt
himself continually build up, but the rings prevented him from cumming. 
"What is it you want?!"
     Slut Mitzy corrected his question by driving her nails into his
     "Please, Mistress Katherine, tell me what you want!"
     "Larry, where did you get that bracelet?"
     "I got it from a drunk in the bathroom.  Please make them stop,
Mistress Katherine.  It hurts."
     Mistress Katherine smiled.  "Stop.  Slut Mitzy, wrap him up.  Slut
Ditzy, keep him restrained."  Slut Mitzy left the room.  Slut Ditzy, still
mounted on top, leaned over and whispered to Larry, "Too bad, Larry.  Slut
Mitzy and I are very good.  You wouldn't believe the power and intensity of
the orgasms we could draw from you.  The things we could teach you.  You
could have never matched the experience." 
      Slut Mitzy came back with two rolls of red plastic wrap.  Slut Ditzy
got off Larry, and grabbed his cock and balls in her hands, digging nails
into each slightly, and pulled him to his feet.  Slut Mitzy started the
first roll at Larry's neck and began wrapping his upper body, pinning his
arms to his body.  Larry didn't move, afraid that his genitals would be
     The first roll made it to his waist.  The second roll started at his
ankles, and when the wrap reached his knees, Slut Ditzy let go.  Slut Mitzy
continued to wrap, and soon had him wrapped completely, with a nice handle
jutting out front.
     "Please let me go, Mistress Katherine.  I won't take anything from
anybody, ever.  I won't say anything to anybody about any of this, either."
     "On the contrary, Larry, I intend to give you something to brag
     At a motion from Mistress Katherine, the twins picked up Larry  over
their heads and carried him out of the room.  Mistress Katherine picked up
Larry's clothes, rolled them into a ball, and left, shutting the door
behind her.  

     A grinding sound from under the floor alerted the dancers that the
stage was coming up, and they cleared the way.  Up came a stake, to which a
young man was tied, dressed only in his jeans, his hairless chest exposed. 
Fitz looked out at the crowd, and started to sweat.  From the back bar
strolled the magician, dressed in a black leotard, thigh high leather black
leather boots with spike heels, matching gloves, a white bow tie, and a top
hat.  The crowd clapped.
     "For your entertainment tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I present: the
Damsel in Distress!  Tonight's mystical transformation will turn this
strapping young man into what he most desires!  A change that is only
possible with your help!  First, what is it that men most desire?"
     A voice cried out, "SEX!"
     "Then lets give him a little sex!"  She turned around, and unzipped
and pulled down Fitz's jeans.  A panicked look washed across his face.  She
leaned in close and whispered, "don't worry, you're doing fine.  Don't
forget, I will repay you.  In full."  Fitz calmed down, started sweating
under the heat of the lights.
     "Looks like he already has a little sex.  Oops"  Fitz blushed, and the
crowd laughed.
     "What is it that every man wants?"
     Another voice, "a little pussy!"
     "Then lets give him a little pussy!".  She pulled out a little
drawstring bag and pulled it over Fitz's genitals, and drew the drawstring
tight.  Then tighter, and tighter, until finally the bag popped off,
leaving a little patch of hair surrounding swollen pussy lips.  Fitz looked
surprised beyond belief.
     "There's his pussy.  Something's missing.  Got a pussy, what we need
     "Yes, Breasts.  Mamaries.  And what are breasts filled with?"
     "That's right."  She reached behind the stake, and pulled out a hose
and a jug.  She fixed one end of the hose to the jug and put the other end
in Fitz's mouth, then lifted the jug.  His cheeks bulged at first, then
normalized as he made a swallowing motion.  The milk level in the jug went
down.  Buds appeared on his chest, swelling into small breasts, growing
through an A-cup then to a B-cup.  She removed the hose.
     Somebody screamed "Bigger!"
     She  smiled, pulled out another jug, lifted it to his mouth.  Again,
Fitz looked like he wasn't expecting it.  His breasts swelled, passing C-
and D-cup, stopping at DD.  The crowd applauded loudly.
     "Something's missing from our new woman.  I know!"  The magician
reached behind him and pulled out a long blonde wig and pulled it on his
head.  Fitz tried to shake it off, but it was stuck on.  Next she put some
lipstick on him, whispering, "five minutes, tops, lover."  He let her
finish the make-up.
     She turned to the crowd, "Ta-dah!"
     Everybody cheered, although most knew how she did it.
     "I think it's time for me to experience the little sex now."  People
laughed, and applauded again.
     The stage descended into the floor, and she untied him from the stake.
     "Would you mind getting me out of this thing?  Big tits are nice on
other people, but it's sort of uncomfortable."  He tugged at the prosthetic
chest which gave him breasts and covered his genitals; it had been stuck
fast with some glue, like the wig.
     She walked over to him and kissed him, invading his mouth with her
tongue, and pulled him to the ground.  She finally came up for air.  Her
hands moved down, split open the pussy and pulled out his erect cock.  She
placed the head against her leotard, which stretched around his cock like a
leather sheath as he entered her.  It seemed to make him more sensitive. 
"I don't know.  I always wanted a she-male slave. I think I'll make them

     People moved back out onto the dance floor, and the music picked up.
     "Well, Joseph, if you'd really like to pursue a career with us, then
you better get home and get some rest.  The Zone doesn't hire anybody who
isn't a college graduate."
     Joseph smiled warmly.  "Yes, Ms. Worthington, and I will graduate. 
Thank you very much.  I'll be in touch."  Joseph looked back to where the
stage had appeared.  "I can't believe Fitz did that."
     "Don't worry about him.  He's in good hands.  She's known for giving
special rewards to her volunteers.  By the way, Joseph, I have a house that
I would like you to move into tomorrow.  Nothing against fraternities, but
they tend to foster some unconventional ideas in their members.  It's at
104 Packard St.  Here are the keys." She handed him two keys.
     "This is a little sudden, Ms. Worthington.  Packard St.?  But that's
sorority row!"
     "I know, dear.  In fact, you'll be living with a few girls while we
start your modeling training.  In fact, they going to be models for the
Zone.  You don't mind, do you?"
     "No!  It's just that my brothers..." Images of being surrounded by
beautiful women flashed through his mind; fantasies seemed to be coming
     "The brothers in your house will be green with envy, and if your
worried about the brothers you came with tonight, I'm sure they will be
well taken care of.  Now, shoo."
     "Yes Ms. Worthington, and thanks again."  Joseph walked briskly out of
the Cafe and to his car, his head held high the entire way.  A moment of
doubt at leaving his brothers behind slipped into his head, but...<They've
left me in the lurch plenty of times.  Pay backs are a bitch.>  He started
his car and left.

     Jerry came down from the DJ's booth when he saw Joseph leaving.  He
stepped up to Mistress Worthington, "Is everything okay, Mistress?  I saw
Joseph leave; I was under the impression that things were arranged for
     "They are, Jerry.  It's just that Joseph has decided to join the ranks
voluntarily.  Keep up your friendship with him.  He could be quite a model
in a year or so.  If trained right, he could be worth even more as a
personal servant.  Your cut could be quite large."
     "Yes, Mistress Worthington."  Jerry doubted that his friend had been
told all of what was expected from a model.  He wouldn't realize until it
was too late.
     "Look, the auction is going to start.  Any of your work in this
     "None trained by me, Mistress Worthington, but rumor has it that Larry
was seen with Agent Katherine earlier."
     Personal servants began to escort guests to the exits; anybody with a
bracelet and no special invitation would have to call it a night.  In just
a few minutes, the room was predominantly red, black, white, and flesh. 
Here and there stood a woman in other colors.  As each servant returned
they removed their shorts, revealing harnesses which held their erect
genitals flat to their bodies.  Each then donned thick cuffs for each wrist
and ankle, and put on a heavy collar.  They moved towards their respective
     A voice boomed from overhead,"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  The
Twighlight Cafe regrets to announce that the regularly scheduled auction
has been postponed until next Wednesday.  Agents and trainers with models
for trade or sale as personal servants will be able to submit new listings
for next weeks auction.  Instead, tonight we have a special attraction."
     Grumbling by the Agents at having to wait another week disappeared at
the mention of a special attraction.  "First, Mistress Jennifer, of the
owner's circle, has put out a standing offer for a new personal servant to
replace her last one, who was killed in a plane crash last month.  Resumes
will be taken at the office."  People began discussing the fact; Mistress
Jennifer had sent her husband through training 'the long way', meaning she
was looking for a replacement lover, and would be paying well for a
suitable replacement.
     "Also, we have with us tonight, a genuine gate-crashing thief. 
Mistress Katherine?"
     From the stairs by the far bar walked Mistress Katherine, a look of
confidence and superiority on her face.  Behind Her came Slut Mitzy and
Slut Ditzy, carrying a body wrapped in red plastic over their head.  The
group reached the center of the dance floor, and put their package in a
standing position.  Jerry recognized Larry's face.
     "Meet Larry Lade, confessed impersonator of owner guest status,"
'uh-oh'ed and 'tsk'ed', "who, under the careful ministrations of Mistress
Katherine, has confessed to stealing a bracelet.  We all know the rules. 
Trainers only will be permitted to bid, as law dictates his sentence be as
a personal servant."
     Women in black separated from the crowd and started moving in around
Larry, who was really starting to sweat.  Each of the trainers either spoke
a bid to Mistress Katherine or returned to the crowd.  As the bids got
higher, more and more returned to the crowd.  Finally, only two remained.
     The first, dressed in an ankle length black leather dress and sporting
a blonde braid that reached her waist, spoke loud enough for the crowd to
hear.  "Twelve thousand."  The other, an Asian with long black hair,
dressed in stud-covered black leather corset and skirt all trimmed with
black fur, replied, "thirteen."  She emphasized the fact by slapping a
large cat'o'nine tails into her hand.
     "Fifteen."  Mistress Katherine smiled.
     The Asian woman reached over and grabbed Larry's plastic wrapped cock,
taking it from semi-limp to rock hard immediately.
     "Twenty."  The blonde stepped back into the crowd.  The Asian leaned
in and whispered something to Larry.
     Larry's panicked eyes searched around the room, looking for someone he
knew.  "JERRY!  For God's sake, Jerry, help me, please!  I don't...She told
me what she's going to do to me!  For the love of God, Jerry, Please!"  The
woman stuffed the handle of the cat'o'nine tails into Larry's mouth,
effectively gagging him.  Two muscular men, dressed in leather harnesses,
moved from the crowd and carried Larry away.  
The trainer bowed to Mistress Katherine, then gave her a small kiss on the
     The voice boomed out over the floor again.  "Before we resume the
party, we have one more surprise for tonight."  All lights went out except
for those spotlighting the middle of the dance floor.
     A female's voice boomed through loudspeakers across the place.
     "Congratulations to Mistress Megan on her fine purchase.  We hope to
see results, and soon.  But first.  A special attraction tonight, ladies
and gentlemen. The Cafe has a new acquisition who debuts in just a moment. 
I know it's been a while, but tonight we acquired a servitor!"
     A murmur went though the audience.
     "Yes, I know.  There hasn't been a servitor since the eighties; but
rest assured, we have one here tonight!"
     A humming noise started on the dance floor, and the crowd got quite
again. The two panels of the silver ceiling separated from the rest and
began lowering on huge chains to the floor.  As the entered the spotlight
what was on top was revealed.  A beautiful blonde woman, dressed in
zebra-striped gloves, corset, boots, and mask stood next to a wooden
platform.  On the platform was poised a figure balanced on the balls of his
feet and the palms oh his hands.  Chromed braces keeping his elbows and
knees straight and his genitals covered gleamed in the spotlight, shining
beams of light into the audience.  A zebra-striped bandana blindfolded the
man.  His ass, lifted high in the air, was exposed to all as the platform
lazily turned around.
     "May I present Mistress Gina, and the servitor Hank."  A cheer went up
from the crowd. "Now, I know all of you with personal servants are excited,
as we now have a trainee for them to take their aggressions out on. 
Tonight, servitor will be performing relief measures only; please check the
schedule to find out when he is available for flagellation sessions.  I'm
sure somebody as big and strong as him will be perfect for the old
cock-and-ball torture, considering how many times he's used those muscles
to get what he wanted from drunk coeds."
     Another murmur went through the audience.  Many women in the audience
had been raped or knew people that had been raped, and would want revenge
this one. 
     "But first we have a special announcement.  Guest Jerry is, this
night, being promoted to  full agent, with all duties, benefits, and
responsibilities that go with the position.  Master Jerry?"
     Jerry stepped into the spotlight, next to Mistress Gina.  She reached
over and removed the white band from around his wrist.  A cheer went
through the audience, to whom he bowed.
     "As Master Jerry was the one who located the servitor, it has been
decided he shall be allowed virgin rights."
     Another cheer.  Unintelligible noises emanated from Hank's mouth,
accompanied by weeping.
     Jerry walked around to Hanks rear, and got up on the platform.  He
smoothed his hand over Hank's ass.  The crown quieted.  Jerry unzipped the
sides of his leather pants and pulled them off, exposing muscular legs that
were both tanned and shaved.  A bald pubic area surrounded his eight inch
hard-on.  Mistress Gina handed him a tube of lubricant, which he smeared
all over his cock, then he placed the nozzle tip in Hank's ass and squeezed
until lubricant leaked from his anus.
     Master Jerry turned and looked at the quiet crowd, the only noise
coming from a weeping and now sober Hank.  Master Jerry turned back and,
placing the head of his cock to Hank's ass said, "Always claimed I was the
fag.  You ruined my life, Hank. People didn't want anyhting to do with me
because you scared them off.  Now is the time for my revenge.  Who's the
guy that will be taking it up the ass for the rest of his life, Hank?" 
Master Jerry pressed the head of his cock into Hank's anus, which Hank
clenched to keep out the intruder.  Master Jerry worked back and forth,
slowly driving more and more of his prick into Hank's ass until he was all
the way in.
     A yowl escaped from Hank's mouth, the harness destroying any words his
mouth might have been trying to shape.  Master Jerry thrust in and out,
pounding harder and harder.  The crowd began to grunt with each thrust in,
getting louder and faster to match Jerry's movements.  Just when it seemed
he was about to explode, Master Jerry stopped and withdrew.  The crowd
     Master Jerry walked around to Hank's head.  Another cheer.  Master
Jerry reached down and removed the tear soaked bandanna from Hank's eyes. 
Hank looked up at Jerry, then at Jerry's prick which looked him in the eye.
 He tried shaking his head NO!, but Master Jerry grabbed both sides of his
head and slid his cock through the ring holding his jaw open and into
Hank's mouth.  "Lick me clean."  Hank tried to dislodge the cock from his
mouth with his tongue and by shaking his head, but it did nothing but
excite Master Jerry more as he drove his engorged member down Hank's
throat.  Finally Master Jerry orgasmed, his body bucking as he shot cum
down Hank's throat, then filling his mouth.  When he finished, he pulled
his now clean but semi-limp prick from Hank's mouth.  
     Cum covered Hank's mouth.  He would have thrown up but something in
drink earlier had prevented him.  Master Jerry's orgasm had not only filled
his mouth but it had backed up and come out his nose.   The salty-sweet
taste and ammonia smell filled Hank's mouth, and he could feel his teeth
getting sticky.  He began to cry again.
     A cheer had gone up went Master Jerry orgasmed, and, as if on cue,
personal servants had looked to their owners with hopeful eyes.  The lucky
ones were forming lines at Hank's mouth and his ass.  One of the duties of
the servitor rank was to relieve lucky personal servants.  It was a
position held for life. 
     Master Jerry was escorted off the dance floor by Mistress Gina.
     "No regrets, Master Jerry.  He'll adjust, eventually.  They always do.
 It make take a while, though.  Mistress Worthington has declared he will
receive no adjustment drugs or prosthetic equipment.  They going to break
him the old fashioned way.  So feel good; we've got some great pictures for
you to take back to his fraternity."  
     "Are their rooms taken care of?  The explanations made?"
     "Yes.  Hank's paper trail will show that he couldn't deal with his
latent homosexuality and he ran away to Europe, never to be heard of again.
 Fitz was in a tragic car crash, and Larry will go to work in a company run
by Mistress Megan, where he will no doubt be very happy.  Whether or not he
wants to be.  She already has him in a chastity harness.  She can be
strict.  V-E-R-Y strict."
     "What about Joseph?"
     "Joseph will be entering the modeling program at the Zone.  The Agents
have already started an informal bid for his contract.  It won't go public,
though, unless you decline; Mistress Worthington has declared you have
first decision."
     "I'll have to think about it."  Jerry looked at the crowd, wondering.
     "What's on your mind?"
     "Well, I was just wondering if uncle knows about you being an owner
here, and what you do."
     "Not yet dear, but he has been a little inattentive lately.  I think a
little appreciation training session is due."
     They both started laughing, and the music started again.  There was
room enough for people to dance around the group in the center.

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