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Well . . . it seems that whoever was cancelling my stories, stopped during
this spell when everybody stopped.
So, could you post this one?
Maybe people on a.s.s.m would like to see it too.


                    My Pedophile Father
                         An Erotic Story

     The latest thing in my life started about two days ago, when 
I got home from school.  At first, nobody seemed to be home, 
which was strange.  Mom doesn't usually get home until later, but 
Dad (working the early shift that week) was usually home by then, 
and Chrissy could usually be found knocking around the 
house . . . Usually with Jenny from next door . . . at this time 
of day.  Of course, with all the young kids in the neighborhood 
(my parents selected this neighborhood just for the fact that 
almost every home within two blocks of our house has children at 
or near me and my little sister's age.  Whether Dad knew 
beforehand that the local girls seem to outnumber the boys by 
about three to one, and even single (divorced or never married) 
women are almost as common around here as the married ones, I'm 
not sure . . . but I don't put it past him.  Dad is a computer 
nut (Mom calls herself a "computer widow" sometimes) as well as a 
pedophile and all-around sex-maniac.  He used to be what the call 
a "hacker", until he found he could get paid for doing similar 
work to what he used to do, "for free."  Then after a few job 
changes, he now works for a software-house that produces all 
sorts of stuff from security programs, to baby-announcement 
software for hospitals.  It wouldn't surprise me at all to find 
out Dad had picked this area just for the above characteristics.  
I once asked him (kind of joking-like) and Dad just grinned and 
told me I was thinking too small . . . whatever that means.
     Anyway, it wasn't too surprising not to see Chrissy, as she 
could have been playing with Jenny, or any of several kids around 
the neighborhood.  Only Dad should have been around . . . his car 
was there, and Mom didn't like leaving us kids completely 
unsupervised . . . so I went looking; half expecting to find my 
father boffing the 8-year-old in her bedroom (I TOLD you Dad was 
a pedophile).  Usually Dad prefers to molest me first, and then 
fuck Chrissy at bedtime; sometimes screwing one of Chrissy's 
friends, or even some of mine, for that matter, if the 
opportunity presented itself.  For some reason, even being a 
pedophile (that's "lover of little girls" to you ignorant people) 
Dad usually prefers to fuck girls my age, or even slightly 
older . . . all the way up to 15 or even 16 years old, instead of 
little girls like Chrissy.  Oh, not that Dad would turn down a 
chance to slip his meat in real young-stuff either.  Several 
times I've seen him fucking girls as young as 6, and once Dad 
spent almost the entire evening with his prick buried in a little 
5-year-old's tight little cunny, with her sitting on his lap 
watching TV, while the child's mother and Mom played cards and 
discussed "woman talk" in the kitchen; letting Dad "take care of" 
the little girl while they chatted.  Dad must have filled the 
child's womb with seed about three times while he sat there, as 
rivulets of sperm ran down her legs, and were soaking into the 
child's socks, by the time her mother made her get off, and they 
reached the door.


     The reason I even knew about that day, was the fact that I 
was off from school, and was sucking on Dad's cock when they came 
in.  I had just started doing this, after watching Kerry (an 
older girl who lived a few houses down the block from us back 
then) sucking Dad, during the time it wasn't "safe" for her to 
take his prick in her cunny, like she usually did.  While up to 
that time I hadn't even been tempted to take Dad's prick in my 
cunny, like the older girls did; after watching Kerry suck him 
off like that, I had volunteered to try . . . since they both 
seemed to enjoy it almost as much as fucking.
     I understand I was pretty horrible as a cocksucker those 
first few times, and a couple of times Kerry or one of the other 
girls Dad was fucking back then had to take over and either suck 
or fuck my father so he could get off properly.  But that had 
been several weeks earlier, and I was getting pretty good by the 
time I got that day off from school.
     At first, I was a little embarrassed at getting caught with 
my own father's prick in my mouth; when Mom, this little kid, and 
her mother came in the kitchen through the patio-door.  Only at 
first I don't even think she knew I was there.  Stripping her 
little girl's panties off, the woman told the child, "Now you go 
on into the living-room, and Mr. Jones will take care of you, 
while Carol and I talk."
     "Yes Momma," replied the obedient child; trotting into the 
room where I had Dad's prick halfway down my throat.  (I had just 
learned how to do this the day before; and once Dad indicated I 
should ignore the people in the other room and keep on sucking, I 
started trying to show-off a little to the little girl when she 
came pattering into the room.)
     Some showoff THAT was . . . I was just recovering from 
gagging, after taking Dad's prick WAY too deep, when I heard the 
child start to object, "But Momma . . . he's got . . . . his 
thing is . . ."  I guess the kid had never seen a man with his 
prick in a girl's mouth before.
     "I know," interrupted her mother.  "Mr. Jones has a hard-on.  
Now you just go and sit on his lap like I showed you before, and 
watch TV until we're ready to go."
     "Yes, Momma."
     By this time, I had removed my mouth from Dad's prick, and 
motioned to the little girl to, "take over."  I didn't really 
believe a child that small could take Dad's thick prick up inside 
her (Heck, I was scared to!) but I wanted to see what she WOULD 
do . . . even if it was only sit on my father's lap with his 
prick between her legs.  Heck, in that case, maybe I could even 
continue sucking Dad off, while she sat there . . . if she didn't 
mind, that is.
     Only there's NO WAY I could suck Dad's cock, when it was 
buried to the hilt in the belly of a horny little 5-year-old!  To 
my amazement, the kid climbed on Dad's lap, turned around with 
her back to him, spread her legs straddling him, and fit the 
swollen head of my father's penis up against her tiny little 
cunny that looked half the size of mine!  Then, with squirms and 
squeals from her, and grunts, groans, and shoves from Dad, the 
little kid slowly sank down on my father's lap; as his prick 
vanished into her belly.


     The little girl squirmed, and made involuntary hip-bump 
copulating motions, until every inch of my father's prick was 
inside her, and the child's obscenely stretched bare little 
cunny-lips were touching the heavy fur at the base of my father's 
prick.  Then, amazingly, she just sat there watching TV for the 
next 20 minutes or so; not moving more than occasionally, and 
certainly not fucking Dad, like the older girls I'd seen take 
Dad's prick inside them.  Eventually I got bored watching the two 
of them doing what seemed like nothing except watch TV with his 
prick buried inside her, so I turned my head and watched 
television for a while myself.
     About 10 or 15 minutes later, I heard a squeak from the 
little girl, and a groan from Dad.  By the time I got my 
attention off television, and back to my father, it was obviously 
all over; as a gray smear at the bottom of his prick showed that 
Dad had just ejaculated his seed in the little 5-year-old.
     Only instead of pulling out when he finished, like you might 
expect, Dad just sat there, and so did she.  Neither one even 
seemed to notice that she had several teaspoons of my father's 
sperm in her vagina.
     About an hour later, this was repeated . . . only this time 
I actually saw Dad jam his prick into the little girl, while 
ripples ran through the base of his prick, and she whimpered a 
little when he jammed up inside her a little too hard.  Still, 
she didn't even try to get off him.
     The third time was different; as Dad seemed to have a harder 
time both getting hard inside her, and getting off too.  So when 
I heard repeated squeaks, I turned around to see Dad with his 
hands around the little girl's waist, lifting and lowering the 
child on his prick, like some kind of doll.  The kid didn't 
object, but she didn't help either; just letting Dad use her like 
some kind of large sex-toy to jack-off into.
     About 10 minutes after Dad came in her that third time, the 
little girl's mother came into the room, picked up the child by 
her armpits, and pulled her off my father's prick.  There was a 
sucking "schlup" sound, and a gooey mess dripped out of the 
child's slowly-closing hole, and into my father's lap (but nobody 
seemed to even notice).  As she slipped the little girl's panties 
back on, over the child's dripping little hole, the woman seemed 
to notice ME, for the first time; saying, "Hi," and not much 
     The little girl smiled at me, now that she had her mother's 
example, said, "Hi, I'm five," proudly holding up one hand with 
five pudgy little finger spread, before blushing and ducking her 
head in embarrassment.  During the whole two hours, those were 
the only words she said to either me or Dad.
     By the time I had said, "Hi," myself, the woman had replaced 
the child's shoes, and had gathered the little girl up in one 
arm, (soaked panties and all) her bag in the other arm, and was 
heading out the door . . . waving good-bye to my mother as she 
went.  Not one word was ever said about her daughter having sex 
with my father, or the copious quantities of sperm Dad had left 
in the little girl's tight little hole.


     I didn't see the girl again until over three years later 
when she was 8, and her mother left the little girl off for Dad 
to baby-sit, while she and Mom went shopping for an hour or two.  
So I saw Dad "sitting" a baby in the child's womb, when I walked 
by that day (I was only 10 at the time myself).  At least THAT 
time, the girl was a more normal age to find Dad fucking, so it 
wasn't so surprising as it had the first time.  From the way they 
were going at it, it was obvious that Dad and Sandy (I finally 
learned her name) had been doing this quite a few times 
before . . . I just hadn't seen them, as Dad usually did his 
"baby-sitting" during the day when I was at school.
     At the time, it annoyed me to see Dad's bare prick sliding 
in and out of the child, almost as if he was TRYING to get the 
little girl pregnant, by not using a condom like he had 
instructed Me and Chrissy to use.  Only I realized that Sandy 
must have been too young to worry about such things (why ELSE 
would the child's mother let Dad have full unprotected vaginal 
intercourse with her daughter, unless it was safe?
     After that, I never saw the little girl again, though I 
understand she had her first kid when she was 9 years old.  I 
suppose it could have been Dad's, but I'll never know, as I'm not 
sure of the dates when she had the kid, or when was the last time 
her mother left her with Dad.  Since then, whenever I saw Dad 
fucking girls her age or older, (except sometimes me) he always 
had a condom covering his prick, so he didn't knock up the kid by 
accident.  Sometimes I wonder if Sandy's mother hadn't INTENDED 
the little girl to have Dad's baby in her cute little tummy . . . 
I jacked off to that fantasy quite a few times.  Once I thought 
about it while fucking Dad, and my orgasm was so strong I almost 
ripped Dad's prick off . . . milking my father's thick white 
sperm into my needing little tummy before Dad even realized he 
was cumming in me, and could pull out.  Knowing the care Dad 
USUALLY took to keep the older girls he was fucking from 
accidentally getting pregnant, was what made that afternoon's 
occurrence so much more surprising.
     Actually, I don't really know if that little girl was the 
youngest girl Dad ever fucked right up in the cunny, or not . . . 
probably not.  Who knows, Dad COULD have been sticking his prick 
in kids as young as three even.  As I said, I really don't know 
much about what Dad does when he babysits . . . except for a few 
times when I was over visiting when Dad came over.  Usually Dad 
does his babysitting during the day, though not always, so I 
don't generally even know whose kids he's taking care of . . . 
except the older ones, of course.
     I DO know that Dad has been babysitting the Dobson twins 
from the time they were four years old, until he got both of them 
pregnant for the third time about six months ago, when they 
turned 16.  Exactly when he started, or how long he's been 
getting in their panties, I don't know . . . though Dad never HAS 
come home sexually unsatisfied from babysitting.  Of course, it 
could have been the twins' mother that took care of him back 
then, as she was only 18 herself, and was divorced about two 
years at that time.  Since she's had three more kids since then, 
and never remarried or even had a steady boyfriend, it's fairly 
easy for me to believe.


     Dad just started babysitting her little boy and his two 
little sisters about a year ago . . . just before the twins got 
old enough to not need a babysitter any more.  Or perhaps it's 
just that they both have boyfriends now, and don't need Dad's 
part-time services any more, since they both now have someone to 
fuck whenever they need it.
     Well, Dad has plenty of other women and even some girls who 
want him to take care of their kids.  And as I said before, Dad 
NEVER comes home horny after babysitting.  Three to five times a 
week, Dad takes care of kids during the day, and usually once or 
twice a week in the evenings, as well.  On THOSE nights, Dad 
almost never visits either Carrie or me afterwards.  I'm not sure 
if Dad ever uses birth-control when he goes out to babysit the 
older girls, like he does with me (and just started doing with 
Carrie) or not, but I figure he probably does, as otherwise there 
would be an incredible population explosion in the neighborhood.  
Or perhaps, like Demi and Cari, the Dobson twins, Dad only uses 
condoms on those girls who really mind if he gets them pregnant.
     From what I know about Demi and Cari, neither one has EVER 
felt a condom-covered prick entering her body . . . whether Dad 
started fucking them at four years old, or waited until they 
started having periods at nine, like me.
     Even when they stayed at our house for two weeks, one time 
about three years ago, they both slept in Dad's bed with Mom, 
instead of with Carrie or me, like you might expect.  And I KNOW 
that Mom doesn't have any condoms in there, like Carrie and I 
have in our rooms.  Nobody ever "borrowed" any out of the box 
beside my bed, either.  So it's almost certain that's when Dad 
knocked them both up for the second time . . . the first time 
being when they were nine, and before I even knew what fucking 
was . . . even though I'd seen it several times by then.
     I wonder if Dad ever DID slip his big prick in those little 
girls' tight little slits at only four . . . and if he DID, why 
he never slipped it in me or Carrie when we were the same age?  
For sure, neither of us would have objected if he had tried!  
Even as it is, I still envy my little sister for getting to feel 
Dad's prick in her tummy when she was three whole years younger 
than I was when I first did.
     Even then though, I think Dad only fucked my little sister 
because it just didn't seem fair to make her watch both me AND 
neighbor girls even younger than her get fucked, while she got 
left out.
     Now Dad tries to be fair and fuck each of us at least once a 
day, though he doesn't always succeed.  Sometimes after 
babysitting, Dad is just too drained.  Other times though, he 
more than makes up for it.  I remember one time when we were on 
vacation, when in one incredible day, Dad fucked both me and 
Carrie five times, and Mom twice!  As I said, Dad is quite a 
stud.  The next day though, Dad was barely able to fuck each of 
us (including Mom) once.  I understand SOME men would be hard-put 
to fuck three girls in a week.  I guess that's probably why Dad 
is ins such demand as a babysitter.  I mean, how many pedophiles 
do YOU know, who can fuck 10 little girls in one day, and still 
have time to fuck their mother twice?


     During that two-week vacation, I must have had at least a 
gallon of Dad's thick white cum squirted up my snatch, and 
soaking into my womb, just like my little sister did; as Mom 
timed our vacation to match my period, so we didn't have to bring 
along any prophylactics, or worry about birth-control until we 
got back.  Carrie hadn't started yet, so nobody worried about 
     For two glorious weeks we had Dad's prick all to ourselves; 
with dad fucking each of us two or three times a day; squirting 
thick white baby-juice in our tummies, while non of us worried 
about him getting any of us pregnant.
     Mom only brought along two big sleeping bags on that trip, 
and every night Dad would sleep with one of us, while the other 
two shared the other bag.  We managed five rotations of me, 
Carrie, and Mom sleeping with Dad, before we got back.  Four 
times we stayed at a motel with two beds, but then we just shared 
a bed instead of a sleeping-bag (I'm the lucky girl who got to 
share a BED with Dad twice, instead of just a sleeping bag).  
It's hard to fuck properly without a mattress.  I had to let Dad 
do most of the work; pushing into me until he managed to get 
excited enough to cum.  Feeling Dad squirt thick white baby-juice 
in my tummy wasn't always enough to get me off, but by the second 
or third time Dad came in my cunny, I was usually having almost 
continuous orgasms; milking squirt after thick white squirt of my 
father's sperm into my horny slit where it belonged.  Carrie back 
then didn't cum yet, but seemed to enjoy feeling Dad's prick 
sliding in and out of her tight little cunny almost as much as if 
she had.  I think the little girl managed to milk almost as much 
of Dad's sperm into her cute little tummy during those two weeks, 
as I did into mine.  God, was that fun!
     When we got home though, things went back to normal, with 
Dad only fucking us once or at most two or three times a day.  
Still, we enjoyed that too.  There's something about knowing that 
Dad loves US enough to fuck us almost every day, while the girls 
he babysits are lucky to feel his prick pulsing their tummies 
full of sperm twice a week, if that.  Dad rarely babysat for one 
family more than once a week, except in emergencies.  Dad after 
all, is only one man, and the only pedophile in blocks; so he 
tries to be fair to ALL the families who want his services.  And 
while I understand there ARE other pedophiles around, some are 
lazy, some are abusive (I understand that SOME families actually 
PREFER an abusive pedophile; if you can believe that!) and some 
are of the wrong sex, or have other faults.  Besides, not many 
pedophiles can service more than two or three families a week, 
while others are almost exclusively occupied with their own 
families.  All of which I guess explains at least part of Dad's 
popularity with the women of the neighborhood.  Of course, I 
think there's a little more to it than that though; as SOME of 
the kids Dad babysits are WAY too young to even THINK of 
sex . . . while (as I've said before) Dad NEVER comes home 
sexually unsatisfied after babysitting (believe me, if anybody 
should know, then it's me).  Also, (as I've also mentioned 
before) more than half of THOSE women are divorced, with no 
current boyfriends, yet several of them keep right on having kids 
anyway.  Does make you stop and think, doesn't it?


     As I said, Dad usually fucks both me and Chrissy at least 
once a night; using condoms on me whenever I'm between 
periods . . . usually for about two weeks, from a little over a 
week after my period, to about a week before.  The rest of the 
time with me (and always with Chrissy . . . up to about a month 
ago anyway) Dad would fuck us "bareback" with his thick prick 
belching great gobs of incestuous sperm right up inside our 
tummies, as if he was just TRYING to get us pregnant with our own 
father's babies (and in a way, I guess you could say he was).
     Whenever one of my girlfriends (or Chrissy's, for that 
matter) stayed over for the night, Dad would just climb in bed 
and fuck her too; using a condom on her (or not) the same way he 
was using one on me (unless she ASKED Dad to use one of course, 
which a surprising number of them did).  After a while I got to 
know almost as well as my father did, which of my girlfriends 
were "on the pill", and which ones it was dangerous for Dad to 
squirt inside.
     Which makes what happened with Jenny (my best friend, next-
door, remember?) so amazing.  Jenny's about a year and a half 
older than me, and about eight months ago was the first time she 
slept over with me, since my father and I started having real 
cock-in-cunt sex (I don't count fingering, and oral sex as the 
same thing).  Unlike some of the girls, Jenny didn't seem to be 
the least bit surprised when Dad came in the room naked and 
climbed into bed with us.  (Not that ANY of my friends ever 
objected to Dad climbing into bed with us, or even fucking both 
of us . . . just surprised, and in one case a little shocked, is 
all.)  Only Jenny wasn't surprised at all . . . as if it was 
normal to have your own father climb in bed with you and fuck you 
every night, even if your father isn't a pedophile like mine is.  
Well, I guess for her, it was (normal, that is).  While Jenny's 
father didn't fuck LITTLE girls like mine does, once they reached 
puberty it was OK.
     So Jenny watched Dad slip a condom over his swollen prick, 
and fuck me until he filled the rubber bag with thick white cum.
     After about 20 minutes or so, when Dad started to get hard 
again, Jenny objected to him using the same rubber on her, that 
he had used on me (or at least that's what I THOUGHT she was 
objecting to, when she stopped Dad from putting his condom-
covered prick inside her).  The cum Dad had previously ejaculated 
inside it mad a smeary mess, so I could see her objection.
     Only once Dad had removed the condom, instead of letting me 
clean off his penis, and having Dad put on a fresh one, Jenny put 
Dad's cum-streaked and smeary penis up against her crack, and 
told him to push.
     Dad did just that; sliding his cum-smeared penis inside her 
to the hilt, before he even finished warning her, "Are you sure 
about this?"
     "Uhuh," she replied.  "Mom says it's OK, if I want to . . . 
and I do.  Mom always makes Daddy use those things; and for once 
I want to know what the REAL thing feels like.  Besides, it's 
pretty safe if we only do it one time.  Most girls don't get 
pregnant if they only do it once."


     Well, I don't know about THAT, but Jenny never did have dad 
use a rubber on her . . . whether he was using one on me, or not.  
For the next three nights, while she was staying over that time, 
and almost once a week, when she stayed over each weekend for the 
next two months, Jenny fucked my father bareback, in my bed, with 
me watching her do it, with his thick prick squirting thick white 
gobs of potent sperm at her fertile young womb.  From then on, 
Dad never even offered to put on a condom when fucking her, and 
she never asked; seeming to ignore the times Dad pulled out of me 
and removed the condom, before slipping his swollen prick inside 
her, so he could fill her vagina with thick white baby-making 
cum, like a man is supposed to do in a woman.
     (About here, I'd better explain that while I've mentioned my 
father's prick several times, and some of you are wondering why 
there's no mention of Dad's 12" prick splitting little girls wide 
open.  Well, Dad just doesn't HAVE a 12" prick . . . or even a 
10" or even 8" one.  No, Dad has a perfectly normal 5 to 6 inch 
dong, that's just a little over an inch wide.  Just a nice little 
pussy-pleaser to most women, and not something to scare little 
girls to death with.  I'm giving approximate sizes, because I've 
never measured it, as Dad says comparing penis-sizes is something 
immature little boys do.  He has no trouble satisfying his sexual 
partners, be they little girls like my sister, or full grown 
women like Mom and HER girlfriends he sometimes sleeps with when 
they come over to visit Mom.)
     During the time I mentioned, twice I slept over at Jenny's 
house, and while Jenny's father George DID climb into bed with 
both of us like I expected, he also used a rubber on both of 
us . . . even though I assured him that he didn't need to on me, 
since my period was getting close.  It seems his wife didn't want 
him taking even the SLIGHT chance of knocking-up either his 
daughter, or one of the neighbor kids either, by cumming inside 
her . . . even when it was supposedly "safe".  She knew as well 
as Dad and I do, that the medical name for girls who rely on 
"rhythm" for birth-control, is "mothers".  What Jenny and I did 
at my house with my father, was our business; as long as we both 
liked it, anyway.  Letting her husband knock-up a little girl in 
HER house, she figured was her business, and she wouldn't allow 
it.  Condoms breaking or leaking was about as much risk as she 
was willing to take; figuring that her daughter WOULD be getting 
sex from somewhere, if her father didn't supply it.  Letting him 
fuck me too, was just being fair, in her view.
     Well, about six months later Jenny was over at our place, 
for the first time since those days during vacation; and Dad had 
just slid inside her after cumming bareback inside me for the 
first time in almost two weeks.  Once she had Dad's prick 
comfortably inside her, Jenny took both my hand, and one of my 
father's, and placed both of them on her tummy.  "Feel," she 
     The lump, once she pointed it out, was obvious.  Jenny is 
pregnant by my father.  Dad must have squirted a gallon of cum 
inside her at the very thought; as when he pulled out about 10 
seconds later, Jenny's crotch was a horrible mess.  But quite a 
sexy mess, when you think about it.


     By now, Jenny's tummy is so big you wouldn't believe it.  
She hasn't stayed over here too much lately, as her parents seem 
to be worried about her being seen with the local pedophile too 
much, for some reason.  I guess it's more acceptable for a girl 
to get pregnant by her own father, instead of having to get a 
stranger to do it . . . not that Dad is a stranger in their 
house, to either of their daughters, for that matter.
     Yes, Dad fucks Cindy when she's over to visit Chrissy, just 
like he does MY girlfriends when they come to visit me.  Only 
when Dad joins my little sister and HER friends in bed, he never 
wears a condom; squirting thick white seed into their unprotected 
bellies each time . . . which to my mind is still a little risky, 
as some of Chrissy's friends are older than she is . . . with 
Cindy almost 10 years old now, and Marie almost nine and a half, 
with both of the older girls have been having periods for several 
months now.  Still, nobody has gotten pregnant . . . yet.  Maybe 
I worry too much.  With all of this running through my mind, I 
headed down to Chrissy's room, expecting to find Dad "laying the 
pipe" in my little sister, since she gets home from school 
earlier than I do.  Well, I found Dad in Chrissy's room all 
right . . . and he was fucking too . . . .
     Only instead of fucking my little sister like I expected, or 
even one of her younger girlfriends, like he quite often did 
lately, Dad was fucking MY friend Carrie (Yeah, I know . . . 
Jenny, Carrie, Sandy, Sherry, Chrissy . . . My name is Susan 
[Suzy] there's a pattern here, that I just haven't figured out 
yet).  Carrie has just reached puberty about two or three months 
ago, which made it all that much more shocking to find my father 
stroking his bare condomless prick in and out of the 10-year-
old's tight little slit, as if he didn't have a care in the world 
about getting the little girl pregnant.  And after all his 
warnings to me too!  That Chrissy was lying on the bed next to my 
best friend, naked as she was, was no surprise though.  My little 
sister always did like to get into the act . . . Getting her 
cherry popped by Dad, not even a year after I did.  Dad waited 
until I had my first period at nine to fuck me; unlike so many 
other kids since.  I guess at first, Dad had believed in the old 
saw, "Old enough to bleed, is old enough to breed."  He certainly 
had with Mom and his little sister . . . getting both girls 
pregnant with his kids not three months after he first slipped 
into bed with Aunt June, when she started menstruating.  It seems 
my horny father just climbed into bed with his sister like he 
usually did, when her friend was sleeping over, and proceeded to 
knock-up both girls that same night.  It was four years after 
that, before Mom was old enough for Dad to marry, and they could 
have Chrissy, but they both swear he managed to fuck both of them 
every night until the wedding, and then after the honeymoon, for 
three years afterwards, until Aunt June found a boyfriend of her 
own, who could keep her as sexually satisfied as her big brother 
had.  Aunt June is still happily married I understand, with five 
kids (two by Dad), and not one hint of incest there.


     (I shocked my "twin" brother by taking his virginity on his 
12th birthday; fucking him bareback in his own room, with thick 
white squirts of brotherly sperm jetting wildly into my tummy 
where it belonged.  No, I was careful and knew my period well 
enough for it to be relatively safe.  After that, I understand 
Johnny cut quite a swath among the girls of the neighborhood 
where he lived . . . but he'll always remember ME as his first.  
I never did find out if he ever got in either of his two little 
sister's panties though <sigh>.)
     So, with all that, to see my own father sliding his 
condomless prick in and out of the tight little slit of my 10-
year-old girlfriend, as if Dad was TRYING to father a child on 
the little girl . . . I hate to admit it, but I was almost 
tempted to pull Dad off the little girl, and make him squirt his 
sperm in ME, even if it WAS the "right time of month" for me to 
catch.  Yes, I'll admit it . . . I felt jealous.  I mean, if Dad 
was going to get careless, or even TRY to impregnate one of the 
neighbor kids, then why not do it to ME, first.  All the 
scariness of the concept of getting pregnant was washed away in 
the envy I felt at seeing my girlfriend get what I thought should 
be MINE, if anyone got it.  I was ABOUT to say something like, 
"My God Dad, what are you DOING?  Mrs. Sanders will have a FIT if 
you get her little girl pregnant like that," when my 
preconceptions were dealt yet another rude blow, by what happened 
     "Oh God, I'm gonna . . ."  My father's warning barely beat 
his prick to the punch, as from my viewpoint I saw one, two, and 
then three bulges ripple through the tube on the bottom of his 
prick, while Dad involuntarily hunched forward to jam his 
erupting prick in the girl as far as he could.
     "Oh God!  Don't cum in me, I could get pregnant!" squealed 
Carrie; her legs still pulling my father into her body, while the 
first and second squirts were probably filling her womb with my 
father's potent seed.
     Well, at THIS point, I would have expected Dad to just "let 
it flow" into the little girl, as once he started it was too 
late . . . even if Carrie didn't know that yet.  Only Marcia 
Sanders spoke up, almost as loudly as her daughter, and said, 
"Quick!  Get it in Chrissy, like you said!  We don't want Carrie 
getting pregnant by accident!"
     If I had been sitting on a chair, I would probably have 
fallen off in surprise.  I hadn't even noticed Carrie's mother 
watching her little girl get royally screwed, from a chair beside 
the bed . . . not that she was hidden or anything . . . it's just 
that the action on the bed had been so interesting I just hadn't 
NOTICED.  So call me unobservant.
     All this took just about the same time to happen, as those 
three squirts of cum rippling through my father's swollen penis, 
before he yanked the wildly spurting organ out of my friend's 
tight little hole, and sheathed it in my little sister before 
either girl could react.  One thick white jet still licked up 
Carrie's belly in an obscene-yet-sexy splatter; reaching from the 
bottom of her left titty, to a streak joining the slight white 
ooze starting to well out of her well-used little hole.


     Dad always did have more cum to squirt than any other man I 
know; usually managing to squirt five to ten healthy jets of 
thick white cum each time.  No, not quite as much as Peter North, 
the guy they call the "sperm fountain" in one of the porno-films 
Dad let me see once, but almost as much.  Dad is quite a stud.
     From the jerking and thrusting, as Chrissy wrapped her legs 
around Dad, our father was squirting almost as much sperm in my 
little sister's sucking young womb, as he had just left in the 
older child's fertile young belly.
     Obviously Marcia wanted her daughter to think my little 
sister was getting it all.  "See," she said, "Mr. Jones is 
squirting his sperm in his daughter where it's safe, since she's 
too young to get pregnant yet, so you don't have to worry; OK?"
     Safe?  Once again I was tempted to speak up, and tell them 
that it was far from safe for Chrissy, as she was due to have her 
third period any day now . . . .
     Only that thought stopped me.  With her period so close, it 
WAS pretty safe for Chrissy to take Dad's squirts inside 
her . . . as Dad and I occasionally made use of that fact so that 
WE could enjoy feeling his prick squirting wildly into MY horny 
body, just like my little sister was.  Thank God Chrissy had been 
so excited from watching Dad fuck Carrie, so the little girl was 
cumming almost from the moment Dad first slid his wildly spurting 
prick inside her, until he finally slowed, with his half-hard 
prick still leaking an occasional drop of thick white cum in my 
little sister's tummy.
     "OK, Mom," groaned Carrie; starting to roll over, so she 
could get a better look at my father breeding my little sister.  
"God, I guess it's a good thing he didn't get any of that stuff 
in me, or who knows what might have happened."
     I had to stifle a giggle . . . Carrie didn't KNOW what had 
happened?  I guess not, as her mother's next actions seemed to 
     "No, don't turn over," exclaimed Marcia; stopping her 
daughter's motion with a gesture.  "Just lie there, with your 
legs spread.  Mr. Jones is going to slide back in you, once he 
finishes leaving his sperm inside his daughter."
     I watched in absolute amazement, as the older woman spread 
the 10-year-old's legs so far she was almost doing the splits; 
and the child's cunny was gaping wide.  Then she took her finger 
and wiped up the white streak running up her daughter's tummy; 
pushing it down and INTO the hole between her little girl's legs!
     "I'm going to put this pre-cum in your vagina," she said, 
"so you'll still be slippery for when Mr. Jones slides out of 
     "Pre-cum?!?!"  It was all I could do to keep from howling 
with a combination of outrage and laughter.  As it was, a short 
snort managed to escape my lips, even though I tried not to.  
Marcia gave me a VERY pointed glare; showing she WAS aware of my 
presence, and had been for some time.  "Now, I think," she said 
to my father.


     Dad's prick emerged from my little sister, white-streaked, 
and a big blob of white dangling precariously from the end.  With 
as much grace and ease as he had used earlier to switch from 
fucking Carrie to my little sister, Dad swung back until his 
half-hard prick was poking into the slightly down-haired slit of 
the 10-year-old.
     "But Mom!" objected Carrie, not pulling away, but looking 
with some fright at where my father's penis was once more 
vanishing into her body, "He got some . . . I mean his 
prick . . . Mom!"
     "Shhhh . . . it's OK," soothed her mother.  "Mr. Jones left 
most of his sperm in his daughter; so he can fuck you now, and 
cum in you, without you having to worry.  OK?"
     Once again, I almost couldn't stifle a snort.  Still, I 
managed; as I knew Marcia would never forgive me if I spoiled 
this fantasy she was working on with her daughter.  I guess if 
Marcia Sanders wanted to get her daughter pregnant by my father, 
and he was willing, it wasn't MY business to try and stop 
them . . . even if I WAS wishing it was my tummy Dad was planting 
his child in, instead of my friend's.
     I guess the erotic message this sent to Dad was as 
stimulating as she expected . . . or maybe Dad was just in one of 
his horny moods (I HAVE had Dad fuck me two and sometimes even 
THREE times, without pulling out, on occasion.  Not very often, 
but once in a while Dad managed to do it.  This seemed to be one 
of those occasions.  I watched my father's prick go from half-
hard to full erection, sliding in and out of the little girl.
     Carrie humped back at my father; wrapping her legs around 
his, as she worked with him to get another climax . . . both for 
herself and Dad.
     "But Mom," she still whimpered, while her own orgasm grew 
closer and closer, "What if he cums in me this time?  I mean, you 
said . . ."  With a grunt, Carries suddenly stopped speaking, as 
her orgasm grew, and what her mother had previously said or 
warned her about grew unimportant.  "Ugh, Unnghh!" she groaned, 
"Oh God, I'm . . ."
     Once again Marcia soothed her daughter.  "It's OK," she 
said.  "Mr. Jones has already left most of his sperm in Chrissy, 
so It's OK if he cums in you.  So squeeze his prick like that, so 
you can feel it when he cums."
     Carrie's mind took one last try at sanity.  "But Mom," she 
groaned; fighting her rising orgasm, "what if I get pregnant?"
     "Well, that's just a chance you're going to have to take, on 
occasion," responded Marcia; looking with interest where Dad's 
prick had vanished into her daughter's tightly stretched cunny.  
"Remember, Chrissy's not going to be here to take her father's 
sperm, every time Mr. Jones gives you a lesson.  Sometimes you're 
just going to have to take it inside you, and take your chances.  
At least THIS time Chrissy got most of his sperm, so it's pretty 
safe for him to ejaculate inside you right now.  So I want you to 
enjoy it while you can.  Tomorrow, when Mr. Jones comes over to 
our house to babysit you and Penny, I want you to show your 
little sister what you've learned, so both you and your little 
sister will just have to take your chances."


     "Oh, oh, ohh!" groaned Carrie; seeming to be lost now in the 
sensation of Dad's prick jamming up inside her.  "Oh . . . but 
Mom!" she tried weakly, before her orgasm overtook her; jerking 
and thrashing on the bed, while Dad grunted himself, and jammed 
his prick to the root in her belly.  This time I couldn't see the 
tube on the bottom of Dad's prick like last time.  I didn't need 
to though, and neither did any of the other occupants of the 
room.  We all knew, from my father and little sister, to Carrie, 
her mother, and me, that Dad was filling Carrie's vagina with jet 
after thick viscous jet of the white goo that makes babies in 
girls who have unprotected sex with men.  "Oh God, he's cumming 
in me," groaned Carrie; working with her arms and legs to try and 
draw my father even closer, while her tight little cunny milked 
each precious drop of my father's potent seed into her fertile 
young belly where it belonged.  I just knew my father was 
planting his child in my friend's womb, and ached with envy and 
even a little jealousy that it wasn't MY tummy that would be 
swelling with my father's child.  It just wasn't fair!  I mean, 
I'm Dad's daughter.  If ANY girl around here (other than Mom, of 
course) gets to have Dad's baby inside her, why shouldn't it be 
me?  Always before, when Dad accidentally got one of the neighbor 
kids pregnant or something, the girl had been older than me, and 
so I could understand it . . . somewhat.  Only Carrie was almost 
two years younger than I was, and I had been having periods for 
over three years longer than she had.  Why does SHE get to be so 
lucky?  Shit . . . previous to this, the last thing I ever 
expected to want was my own father's baby kicking and squirming 
inside me.  I mean, babies are a pain!  Only after watching my 
best friend get knocked-up by Dad, there's not a way in the world 
I couldn't feel jealous . . . even if I didn't want Dad to get me 
pregnant.  Shit.
     Marcia watched carefully, until Dad finished ejaculating 
every drop of potent seed into her daughter, then told Carrie to, 
"Lie back and let it soak in.  Tomorrow you won't have Chrissy 
here to take most of Mr. Jones' sperm inside her, so you might as 
well enjoy feeling his cum inside you, while you can.  OK?"
     Once again I almost sniggered, but a hard glance from my 
friend's mother stifled it quickly.  As if Chrissy taking Dad's 
sperm inside her lessened the chance Carrie would be knocked-up 
in the slightest.  In fact, from what Mom had told me, a man's 
SECOND squirt in a girl was more likely to get her pregnant with 
his baby than the first one.  By tomorrow it probably wouldn't 
matter if Carrie fucked Dad bareback or not; as she would 
probably be carrying his child in her womb before she walked out 
the door.  Still, it's hard to be jealous of one of your best 
friends, just because she loves your father in the way you never 
dared to yourself.
     After Dad pulled out of her, Carrie lay on the bed and we 
all talked (me, Chrissy, and Carrie) for about an hour, while Dad 
and her mother had coffee in the kitchen until Mom got home.  
Marcia refuses a dinner invitation; coming in to get Carrie and 
clean her up a little before they left.
     After Carrie emerged from the bathroom, Marcia told her to 
"Go thank Mr. Jones for his lesson."


     "Lesson?" I wondered.  I had heard the reference before, but 
until now it hadn't sunk into my head.  "Lessons in sex?"  
Naw . . . it couldn't be.  Nobody . . . not even our next door 
neighbor Carrie . . . was THAT naive.  Only Carrie was.
     "Thanks, Mr. Jones," she said; kissing my father full on the 
lips, just like she was family (which in a sense, I guess she 
was, if she was carrying Dad's kid in her belly).
     "Properly!" scolded Marcia.  "Do it the way Mr. Jones taught 
you earlier."
     "Yes Mom."  Lifting her short little dress to show no 
panties underneath, the 10-year-old climbed on my father's lap, 
straddled him, and fit his newly swollen prick into her cunny.  
There was a slight catch from lack of lubrication, as she had 
washed her cunny in the bathroom, then suddenly my father's prick 
had vanished into the little girl, while she kissed Dad in a 
manner that had to be seen to be believed.  It had taken me two 
years to learn how to kiss Dad that good.  In the meantime, she 
just sat on Dad, not sliding up or down or anything, while she 
swapped tongues with my father.
     It was only when her hips started making involuntary 
copulating motions that Marcia stopped them.  "That's enough 
Carrie," she said.  "I couldn't afford more than twice per 
lesson, so you'll just have to wait until tomorrow for your next 
     Regretfully, the two people on the chair pulled apart; 
Carrie's cunny clinging to Dad's prick, as if it was being turned 
inside out, before she finally stood up and pulled the short 
little skirt down; before following her mother reluctantly out 
the door.  "Thanks Mr. Jones," she called back sweetly.
     "You're welcome, Carrie," responded Dad, keeping up his end.  
"We'll continue this lesson tomorrow with you and your little 
sister, OK?"
     Carrie's reply was shut off by the <slam!> of the door; but 
it sounded affirmative.
     "Bye Carrie," I said; while lifting MY skirt, and climbing 
on Dad's lap.  My father's penis was about as big and hard as I 
ever remember seeing it, after being massaged by the 4th-grader's 
tight little hole.
     "Uh . . . hadn't you better get a condom first?" asked Dad, 
as he watched me fit his cum-dribbling prick up against the tight 
little hole that had been drooling rivers of arousal, ever since 
I first saw him "putting the meat to" my best friend from next 
     "Uhuh," I responded with an involuntary squeal of delight, 
as my father's prick slid into me without any stupid latex 
barriers in the way.
     "Dangerous, Honey," he warned; as his prick throbbed inside 
me.  "I might get you pregnant."
     "I know," I murmured happily in his ear.  "That's the whole 
     Well, to a pedophile like my father, a comment like that 
from his own sexy little daughter was too much to resist.  (I 
know I'm sexy . . . both Dad and Mom tell me often enough; and 
besides, I have a mirror in my room.)


     It was my squeals of delight, and Dad's groans of 
approaching orgasm, that attracted Mom's attention from the 
kitchen where she was preparing supper.  Mom DOES like to see Dad 
fuck us girls when she can.  "Dan!" she exclaimed, when she 
looked at where I was riding up and down on my father's penis, 
like a horse on a merry-go-round goes up and down on its pole, 
"you're going to get that little girl pregnant, if you're not 
     "I know," said Dad; shoving his prick to the root in my 
belly, and holding it there.
     "I know," I replied too, while I felt the first twitch of my 
father's prick in my cunny, then a sudden flooding wetness 
between my thighs.  "Isn't it wonderful?" I burbled happily, as 
Dad jammed himself repeatedly into my sloppy wet hole, and 
emptied his prostate into my welcoming body.  "I'm going to have 
Dad's baby, just like Carrie is."
     "Oh," said Mom; taking one last look at where her husband's 
prick had vanished into her pubescent daughter's body, and a 
thick smear of goo was starting to ooze out.  Mom went back to 
fixing dinner, while I went back to enjoying the pleasure of 
being mated to my own father.
     That night, when Dad slipped into my room and fucked me, 
there was no mention by either of us about the box of condoms 
setting on the bedstand; only the glorious pleasure of feeling 
Dad's bare prick sliding into my needing body, followed shortly 
by the indescribable pleasure of feeling my own father's potent 
seed being pumped in thick white jets of incestuous cum into my 
waiting womb.  Carrie and even her little sister Jenny might 
carry Dad's babies too, but I no longer felt jealous.  To THEM, 
he was just the pedophile next door . . . to ME, the man knocking 
me (and I presume eventually my little sister) up was my own 
father.  I knew somehow that from now on, no matter HOW many 
little girls my father got pregnant, nothing would be sweeter for 
either of us, than the night he first knocked-up his own 
daughter.  No, neither Carrie, her little sister, nor even 
Chrissy could steal that from me.  I love my father.  I pity 
those poor girls who don't have fathers like mine, and have to 
rely on neighbor pedophiles like my father to have sex with.
     It's too bad I'm not a man, so I could be a pedophile, just 
like my father is.  On the other hand, if I WAS a man, I couldn't 
have my own father's babies, now could I?  For all the pleasure 
Dad feels at getting his own little girls pregnant with his 
babies, he'll never be able to feel his own father's baby 
squirming inside his tummy, as their child grows inside his own 
body, like I will feel our child kicking, squirming, and growing 
inside me.  Maybe I AM better off just being a girl with a 
pedophile for a father.

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