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Subject: NEW STORY!!  Supergirl and X - by MD James  (Part 7 of 7)

Part 7.

Time had no meaning for Supergirl anymore.  What little she knew since
she awoke after the Batman hoax was that she was shackled to the
four-poster bed.  She no longer had any kind of clothes on at all.  She
was also vaguely aware that she got fucked often.  Her pussy and her ass
were sore.  She had a taste of cum in her mouth that she couldn’t get
rid of.  Her tits were wet and sticky with cum.

Everything else was a blur to her.  She was vaguely aware of faces..
different faces, but all still the same man..  X Luthor, using his own
shape-shifting powers, made himself into different people, then
repeatedly fucked her.  He made himself into so many people from her
life that she couldn’t keep track of what was real and what was a
shape-shifter’s illusion.

There was another sensation she was vaguely aware of.. the Orgasmatron. 
The memorable hum and the blue glow that followed it.  When she wasn’t
getting fucked by X, he had that device on her.  It drove her to near
insanity by forcing her to cum so many times.  There was a numbing
sensation to her body now, almost like she wasn’t really there.  She
was, however, aware of the sore muscles and the tenderness of her wrists
and ankles after straining against the restraints.  

She was tired, hungry, sticky, sore, thirsty, slightly numb, and
extremely humiliated.  She vaguely wondered if X was going to shortly
end it all for her.  It would be a godsend in her mind.  X has not only
turned her into a slut, but she had RAPED Batman when he tried to rescue
her.  How will she explain that to Clark?  To the other heroes?  There
would be no explanation that would satisfy them!

Just then X walked into the room.  He no longer dispensed with clothes
or disguises.  He was simply naked, with his big 14-inch cock half-erect
sticking out like a divining rod.  He had a cocky smile on his face -
the kind he always had just before he fucked her.

"Good morning my dear!" he said cheerfully.  "I have a treat for you
today.. if you’re behaving.  You ARE behaving, aren’t you?"

She nodded.  She knew better than to reject him now.  

"Who are you?" he asked her as he put his hand into her stringy hair.

".. super.. slut.." she replied in a hoarse voice.

He stroked her hair like one would a pet.  "Very good, my super-slut. 
Now, I have a gorgeous dinner for you if you’re willing to do what’s

She knew what he wanted, and at that point nothing else mattered to
her.  Nothing.  She nodded her head in compliance.

X reached over and freed her from her wrist restraints.  Then he did the
same with the restraints at her feet.  All the while he was careful to
keep his left wrist away from her.. the wrist with the security bracelet
that keeps her in check.

With the restraints off, Supergirl let her limbs fall as she felt the
circulation return to them.  They were numb, and she had little or no
strength left to move them.

X straddled over her, then dropped to his knees on top of her massive
tits.  His huge cock was right in front of her face.  "Make it hard," he
said with a sneer.

She reached up and with a shakily hand took the half-limp phallus into
her mouth.  It got hard as she started sucking on it.  She could feel it
get engorged with blood to it’s maximum thickness.  Then X pulled it out
of her mouth and placed it between her massive melons.

"Hold your tits tight," he said.  "Push them together."

Her fingers were still tingling as she complied, pushing her tits
together as he began to pump his massive cock between them.  The
sensation was unnerving for her - his cock between her super-sensitive
tits.  She could feel the erotic sensations build within her again.


Superman returned to Metropolis in a huff.  It has been a grueling few
days for him - helping out Japan from an earthquake, then a hurricane in
Bangladesh, and then a tsunami in Hawaii, then an invasion attempt by a
rogue Khund warlord.  

Running into Maxima didn’t make it any easier.  The red-haired princess
was still lusting for him in the worst way, and she still refused to
take "no" for an answer.  At one point she filled his mind with her
erotic fantasies - fantasies that involved the two of them bare naked,
their genetically-flawless bodies grinding together in heated passion. 
To see Maxima’s perfect breasts and red-hot pussy - even as a mental
illusion - got him a raging hard-on.  He was tempted like no other time
before and he was that close to actually ravaging her… But then he
remembered he still had Lois, and she has always been more than enough
of a woman to satisfy his all too human desires.

The Man of Steel made a beeline to Lois’ apartment, using his X-ray
vision to make sure she wasn’t with somebody.  Then he opened the window
and let himself in.

Lois was in the kitchen when he entered.  "Clark?" she called out.

"Yes Lois," he said as he tugged off the cape and almost flew over to
her.  The smell of her body, the warmth of it, got him hard again. 
"MMMMM… I don’t know what’s better, the smell of your cooking or the
smell of your body."

He nibbled on her neck, his hands roaming down to her tight ass
underneath the black sweats.

"HMMM.." she said as she felt the bulge pressing into her lower
abdomen.  "Oh, baby, something got your attention.  I know you don’t
normally do this when you come in.."  

Then she suddenly backed away, bumping into the cabinet behind her. 
"OHMIGOSH!  I almost forgot!  Your parents!"

Suddenly that snapped him into attention.  So close after Conduit.. to
hear anything about the Kents was hard for him.  "What?  What happened
to them?"

"Nothing.. I think.. anyways they were in this small town with
Supergirl, and Martha called me saying they thought they saw Lex Luthor
in the area.  Jonathan and Martha headed out of the area and Supergirl
went to check on things.  I couldn’t call you.. so I pulled out the
number you asked me to use in case of emergencies.."

"Batman’s number," Superman said.  "Did you hear anything else from Ma
and Pa?"

"Only that they were staying just on the outskirts of Sugar Creek.."

In a flash Superman had grabbed the cordless phone and dialed the number
to his adopted parents’ cellphone.  "Ma?  Yes, it’s Clark.  Listen, I
just got back from space.  Lois told me a little about what’s happened,
and I’ll be on my way there shortly.  You two go on to your next spot. 
I’ll get Mae and…  Yes Ma, I have.. a friend who should be there
already.. so you two get going and Mae and I will meet you there.  I’ll
feel safer when the two of you are away from the area.  Yes Ma.. I love
you too.  Bye."

"I’m sorry Clark," she said as he returned the phone to the charger.  "I
should have said something the minute you came in, but you came in so

"Don’t worry about it Lois," he said as he gave her a quick peck on the
cheek, then retrieved his cape.  "I’ll be there in a few minutes, and if
Luthor is still there I’ll make sure he pays dearly for this!"


Batman walked stealthily into the hallway located at the end of the
mining shaft.  He found Luthor’s limousine parked with the engine cold. 
It hadn’t been used in days.

The hallway was dimly lit, leading straight to the room at the end. 
Once inside the room at the end of the hallway he found it to be empty,
but indications of a trap were there.  His night lenses picked up the
reflections of small mirrors in one half of the room, and the telltale
indentions of a recessed barrier.  On the other half of the room, he
noticed the fine carpeting and the indentions in the shag that proved
something heavy once rested there.  Perhaps a desk and a chair.  

On the other side of the room was another passageway.  That led to
another hallway, this one brightly lit.  The hallway had a steep incline
to it - the first door on the left had some sort of medical examination
room in it.  Heading upstairs he found a second room - this one
resembling a surgical observation room.  But unlike other observation
rooms, this one had computer terminals and other devices inside it.  He
quickly checked the monitor displays.  Each of them displayed different
biological functions of someone referred to as "SUBJECT SS."  He wanted
to look further at them, but decided first to do a quick check of the
other rooms.  It would do him no good to check monitor readings if
someone as devious as Lex Luthor was around.

There were a few other rooms down the hall.  One was for a costume room
with various outfits - including a close imitation to his own.  Each
costume had a photograph or picture on the hangers.  He checked out the
one with the imitation of his outfit - the picture appeared to be from a
computer printout.  The notations on the bottom read "Lexcorp Security -
Intelligence Division.  Subject:  Batman"

He was about to put the costume back on the hook when he noticed the
tear along the waistband of the pants.  They were torn by somebody of
great strength - the material used to make the outfit was of thick
Latex, designed to stretch but not tear.  The kind of strength Supergirl
would have.

There were other outfits as well, but one caught his eye - the extremely
accurate Supergirl outfits seen at the end of the room.  Of all the
costumes, these didn’t have any accompanying pictures with them.  But
they didn’t have to if it was Lex Luthor.  He knew Supergirl, was
intimate with her.  No doubt Luthor has whole mainframes dedicated to
her physical structure right down to the DNA.

Leaving the costume room, he checked out two of the other three rooms. 
One was an ornate dining room with a fully stocked kitchen.  The other
was what appeared to be an ornate suite complete with living room and
bedroom.  The very last room was sealed with a metal door.  He didn’t
know what was going on there, but from the faint sounds he picked up he
knew somebody was in the throws of sex.

He placed a warning device on the adjoining wall of that sealed door
that would alert him to movement, then returned to the observation
room.  One display caught his attention - the one marked "SS - Matrix
Configuration."  He knew that meant Supergirl, since she was the only
person created from a protomatter matrix.  The computer was Windows95
based - so he pulled up the adjoining files about subject "SS."

The configuration files had numerous settings displayed.  The one
currently displayed was for "Super-Slut" and had features that would put
Wonder Woman to shame.  There were other settings as well, including one
that would enlarge Supergirl’s features to an obscene extreme.  It was
marked "Emergency."

Another terminal monitored Supergirl’s mental output.  There were images
and messages being flashed on the screen.  No doubt being transmitted
straight to her brain.  The level of mental conditioning was to an
extent he’d only seen once by the Mad Hatter.  These messages were
erotic in nature, with detailed stories, sound clips, and scenes from
porno movies added in for enhancement.

Then there was the third monitor.  One that had a closed-camera image of
some guy fucking a nude blond woman the bore a striking resemblance to
the "SS" configuration file.  There was a notation underneath the image
- "ORGASMATRON STATUS:  STANDBY."  He knew about the Orgasmatron from
Batgirl, and how Lord Easystreet almost put her and Wonder Woman into
retirement through their humiliation.  

He went back to the first monitor.  If it WAS Supergirl being fucked by
that guy in the third monitor, then it probably wasn’t willing.  If
there was some way to give her an edge..



Supergirl and X fell off the bed, rolling on the floor while he
continued to pump his hard cock into her.  Over and over again he fucked
her, bringing her from one climax to the next.  Her heavy breasts
slapped her chin as he continued to fuck her.

"UUNNNGGHHHH…  OH GOD…. UUNNGHHH!!!!!!"  Supergirl writhed underneath

"Yeah.." X said under his breath, "cum…. Cum again…. my… super-slut…."

X closed his eyes, oblivious to what would happen next.

"What…" Supergirl said, "what… is.. happening….

X didn’t know anything happened.. except that all of a sudden her pussy
wasn’t as tight as it was before.  He opened his eyes, only to discover
the woman she was fucking wasn’t her.  

It wasn’t Super-slut.

It was Supergirl!

And Supergirl was aware of her transformation.  How could she not be
aware?  Her tits shrunk back to normal size, she shrunk a few inches to
normal, and even her voice went back down an octave to normal.  But the
one thing that was still the same was that X was still fucking her.

"What.." X said.  "NO!  THIS CAN’T BE!"

He tried to pull away, but Supergirl locked her legs behind him, keeping
him pinned down.  Then she grabbed hold of his left wrist.. and the

X realized what she was trying to do.  "NO!  NO!  NOT NOW!!"

But it was too late.  She pressed hold of the blue button on the
bracelet and pressed hard, using all her strength to lock it in.

The Orgasmatron was targeted for Supergirl, but because X was on top of
her when the button was pressed, the beam hit X square in the back.  X’s
eyes went wide with pleasure as he let loose a bloodcurdling yell.  Then
proceeded to pump his cock in and out of Supergirl at breakneck speed.

"UUNNNGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" cried the Maid of Might.  She was not
only being fucked by X again, but she was also getting the residual
effects from the Orgasmatron as it coursed through X.

"AAHHHHH" screamed X as he spasmed.  "T-T-THE PL-PLEASURE!!!!!! 

Over and over again X fucked Supergirl.  Supergirl could feel X’s sperm
pour out almost continuously into her vagina.  He was cumming almost
continuously now.. which for a woman would be blissful, but for a man -
even a shape-shifter - would be certainly lethal.  She wanted to relax
her hand.. to stop the process, but in the throws of multiple orgasms
every muscle was locked down hard.

"C-CAN’T S-S-STOP… UUNNGGHHHHHHHH!!" she screamed as yet another wave of
pleasure hit her.

She could feel the torrents of sperm filling up her vagina, making it
bulge out.  Jets of it started to spray out from her pussy lips as she
felt him spasm over and over again.  She knew the sensations all too
well, but she never had it hit her while being fucked.  It was like she
was being fucked inside and out.

X meanwhile was in agony.  He had never been hit with the Orgasmatron
before, but he knew what the effect would be if he was.  At first he was
enraptured by the pleasure, but the pleasure quickly turned to pain as
he realized that he was being forced to climax even faster than the last
time.  And no matter how many times he shot his load, he was still rock
hard!  He could feel his muscles tense up with every climax.. his heart
beating faster and faster..



Superman was over Sugar Creek when his JLA communicator sounded.  Only a
handful of people knew he still carried one - and one of them was
Batman.  He dove straight for the signal to the mine on the outskirts of
the town.  

"Batman?" he said down the hallway.

Batman met him halfway in the second hallway leading into the
examination room.  "Over here," he said grimly.

Superman raced ahead of him into the observation room.  Supergirl lay
there on the medical table, quite unconscious.  She was once again
dressed in her blue and red outfit.

"What.." Superman started to say.

"She’s fine," the Dark Knight reassured him.  "Now anyways."

"Where’s Luthor!" he demanded.

"He was never here.  Seems it was one of those Lexcorp copies of
Supergirl disguised at Luthor.  That’s who Supergirl found."  Batman
pointed at Supergirl’s temple.  "It had implanted some sort of device in
her head.  My guess is it wanted Supergirl to give any information she
knew about you.  But I removed it a minute ago.  She should be fine

Superman looked up in disgust.  "Where is… it?"

Batman barely got the word "upstairs" out of his mouth before Superman
bolted back up the hallway and into the last room that was open.

Aside from the bare bed with restraints, the only thing in the room was
a puddle of gray mass that vaguely resembled a humanoid statue.  It was
slowly melting itself into the carpet.

"Whatever it was," Superman said, "can’t hurt her anymore…"

He rejoined Batman and an awakening Supergirl in the examination room.

"C-Clark?" Supergirl asked as her eyes fluttered open.

"I’m here Mae," Superman said as he took her hand.  "Are you OK?"

She blinked for a minute.  "Yeah.. I guess I am.."

She turned and saw Batman on the other side.  For a minute she had a
feeling of absolute horror and guilt.  Her eyes went wide and her mouth
gaped open.

The Dark Knight recognized her horror.  "What is it?" he asked.

Supergirl wanted to say something, but then the feeling passed.  "I
don’t know," she said.  "It was the weirdest feeling… like I did
something really wrong.. but I don’t know what…"

"It’s probably nothing," Batman said.  "I’ve seen it before with some
heroes who have been captured like you were."

"What do you remember?" Superman asked.

Supergirl thought about that for a minute.  "It’s the damnedest thing.. 
I don’t remember anything except going after someone that looked like
Lex Luthor.  He trapped me in some sort of room… then… I’m sorry.. I
can’t remember anything after that."

"That’s OK," Superman said.  "Let’s get you out of here."

He helped Supergirl off the examination table.  She flinched slightly
when she saw the table, but again she didn’t know why.  Then she noticed
that she had CLOTHES on, that the outfit wasn’t an extension of her
protomatter body.  But for some reason she felt comfortable with that.

Superman looked back at Batman who was still standing in the room. 

"I want to comb the area for clues," he said, "see if there’s anything
that might help us find Luthor.  Go ahead and get her out."

"OK," the Man of Steel said.  "And thanks for helping out…"

Batman watched them as the left the room.  He didn’t want them to know
the real truth:  that Supergirl’s memory lapse wasn’t just convenience,
but something he deliberately did once he realized what Supergirl had
done while being captured.

The observation room had recorded everything going on in the exam room
and her cell.  They were on videotapes for X’s personal amusement.  It
recorded everything from her capture to her repeated rapes to raping
someone who wore the fake Batman costume, then finally her act of
vengeance against X.  

He returned to the observation room and pulled out the last tape in the
recorder.  It was the tape where Supergirl killed X.  He knew she did
because he was the one that triggered the computer to restore her
appearance and her powers.  She could have forced herself off him at any
time.  That was why he removed those memories from her mind before
removing the implant and why he kept that knowledge away from Superman. 
Clark was the closest thing to a friend besides Alfred, Jim Gordon, and
Nightwing, and he knew that telling him the full extent of what X Luthor
did would have driven the Kansas-raised kryptonian out of his mind.

He entered the living quarters which was ornately decorated with all of
Lex Luthor’s tastes, right down to the nude painting of Supergirl, done
back when she was infatuated with him.  No doubt it was this picture
that got X thinking about this whole sordid affair.  Behind the painting
was a hidden control panel with three buttons and a lever.  He depressed
the three buttons then put his hands on the lever.

"God forgive me," he mumbled before pulling the lever.

Five minutes later the mine, and everything inside it, exploded.


Onboard the luxury yacht "Regal" Lex Luthor relaxed on the observation
deck facing the pool.  A beautiful blond girl dove into the water with
grace and ease.  He watched as she pulled herself out of the pool, how
the water clung to her short blond hair, how it dripped off the points
of her bikini-clad body and down her bare skin.

Just then the ship’s purser interrupted.  "Excuse me sir, but this fax
just came in for you."

Luthor snatched the fax from the young man then sneered at him until he
skulked away in fear.  Then he read the fax.

"Mister L. - Lexcorp facility #2345-654 at Sugar Creek exploded. Cause
unknown, but Superman and Supergirl were seen in the area.  Fiscal leak
in that area has also been stopped."

He didn’t know why Superman and Supergirl were there, but for whatever
reason it was for the best.  They were nowhere close to finding him, and
he should be in Monte Carlo in another month.  Still.. Supergirl was
someone whom he couldn’t get out of his mind.  

Then he noticed the blond girl in the blue bikini.  Aside from the short
hair, she could pass herself off as Supergirl.  She walked up to him.

"Excuse me," she said, "but I couldn’t help but notice that you were
looking at me."

"Really?" Luthor said.  "Well I must admit that I was.  You see, you
sort of remind me of a former girlfriend."

"Oh!  How much like her?"

"Why don’t you have dinner with me and I’ll tell you all about her.  I
have the executive suite."

Her eyes widened.  "Sure.. mister..?"

"Call me Lex," he said as he extended his hand.  "And you are?"

She took his hand.  "Aurora."

"An interesting name," he said with a grin.  "You can tell me all about
it tonight.  Say around seven?"

"Seven it is."

He watched as she walked away.  Even her ass reminded him of Supergirl.

"Oh yes, I will have you," Lex said.  "My little super-slut."


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