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The Rapist's Mind: Story 3

The following is a work of fiction. It is based on this woman's own
fantasies, nightmares, and some of my "fan e-mail". I do not advocate or
condone any actions in this story.

If you are offended by strong language, scenes of violence, depictions of
sex, depictions of rape, stop reading now.

Readers should be aware that rape is not only a crime, it is immoral and evil.

                         The Rapist's Mind: Story 3

                               By Imma Scared

The Rapistıs Mind: Story 3

Van Rape

On this occasion, it wasnıt me who was the instigator,  it was my buddy Taz.

Taz, unlike me, is the kind of guy a lot women go for. Heıs 6ı2, 220lbs of
pure hard muscle. He has brown hair, which he wars neat and short, and
those deceptively soft, dark brown eyes that seem to be a magnet for a
whole lot of women.

In fact, because the women did tend to swarm all over Taz, to the point
that he seemed to screw a different cunt every damn night, I was a bit
surprised when Taz says to me one day, ³What you say we get some fellas
together one night, and go cunt hunting?²

I was so surprised, I sorta asked a stupid question, ³What do you mean
cunt hunting?²

Taz looks at me like Iıve lost my mind and says, ³We find a cunt, we grab
her, we take her somewhere, and we fuck the bitch Œtill our dicks hurt,
what do you think I mean?²

Well it sounded great to me, and I told Taz to let me know the time and
place, and Iıd be more than happy to join in.

A few nights, later, I found myself traveling down the highway with Taz
and three of the baddest nastiest dudes I had come across in some time.
Before we set out, Taz had gotten us in the mood for the nightıs
activities, Taz has shown us some really hot rape videos, and so I had
gotten a good luck at my new ³friends².

All three of the guys were big and nasty, all of them were at least 6ı or
more with large than normal cocks. In fact one of them even dwarfed me. He
was at least 6ı10 and had to weigh at least 450 pounds. The biggest guy's
dick was not the biggest. tho  his was about 8 inches but VERY thick and
it's circumcised shaft slightly curled straight upward.  Taz introduced
him to me as Carl and said that he was his supplier for rape videos, which
supposedly Carl made himself..

The next guy was only slightly smaller than me, and like me he had a
shaved head, piercing and tattoos.  His  unerect cock  was a long full
hanging 12 inches and pierced thru the sides of his cock head was a large
prince Albert style silver ring with round studs on the tip. Maddog, was
an ex-cop AND an ex-con.

The third guy was just plain fat. His dick was a good 10 inches and seemed
to be a bit deformed that curved to the left slightly and was fatter at
the front half than at the lower part of the shaft, He seemed to be a bit
a bit retarded, and Taz didnıt even bother to introduce him.

Iım thinking, as we head down the highway, that I can almost feel sorry
for what ever cunt we got a hold of. By myself, I can cause a woman ³whole
lot of hurtin², and here I was with four other guys, just as crazy as

Tazıs van  had been ³outfitted² in appeared to be what ³hippies² and/or
high school punks might have called a ³love van². .  A thick layer of
dirt, mud and other road crud  coated the outside of the van, making the
color uncertain, as almost effectively hiding the numerous rust patches,
dents, dings, and years of abuse. It was a beat-up, quite worn-out old
machine, but it apparently served Tazıs  purpose, and that was all that
was important. 

Taz had removed the original  side windows, and put in their place solid
wood panels. The only view out was thu the two shaded vents on the back
doors and heavily tinted driver and passenger windows in the front.

Inside the van, had Taz  had the back seats removed in order to make room
for a worn-out old mattress that  that must have come from somebodyıs
garbage.  Laying about in the back were various lengths of rope,
hand-cuffs, ski masks, dildos, etc.....

Taz and I sat in the front seats, Carl, Maddog, and the Retard made do in
the back on the mattress.

Finally, Tax pulled into the dimly lit parking lot of a roadside diner.
Taz shifted the van into park and turned off the engine. Carl and Maddog
immediately stood up stretched their legs as much as they could in the
cramped interior.  It felt like we had been driving for hours, though when
I  glanced at my watch,I realized it had only been 45 minutes.  I guess I
was a bit nervous at having to trust three dudes I hardly knew.

Tazıs plan had been to look for a woman traveling alone, and force her
into the van, tie her up, drive into the woods and have ourselves a good
time. And Tazıs Plan worked like a charm!

In a very short time, we had a victim, a young woman around 25. She looked
like a teenager, she was so small, and had just itty-bitty tiities....
Pretty brown shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, caramel colored
skin.....must been part nigger or spic I imagine.

Anyway, we got her easy enough, and drove out into the woods.

Before startling in on her, Taz took us out for some final instructions.
Like me, Taz really donıt get a lot of pleasure in beating on women. And
he wanted to make sure we understood that he wanted the bitch to survive
the festivities, if at all possible. ³I ainıt no murderer², Maddog agreed.

We all  climbed  back into to the back of the van and knelt around  our
pretty little captive, who now lay limp before us , her hands bound firmly
behind her back and an elaborate gag tied tightly across her mouth. I
gently patted the girlıs face, bringing her back to fuzzy consciousness.  

She stared, disoriented, into the blackness for a few moments, until I
shone a big flashlight  into her eyes. She winced and squinted for a few
moments, waiting for her eyes to adjust.  She tried to move her arms,but
found it impossible. 

I removed the flashlight from the cuntıs face and set it on the floor, so
that cast a eerie yellow glow and harsh, brooding shadows on the walls of
the van.  She looked quickly from face to face, sheer terror shining from
her eyes as it began to Dawn on her that there was no pity or compassion
in any of us.  

Taz knelt next to her head.  He stared intently into her face as though
lost somewhere in deep thought. His face looked frightening, even to me!
He just kept staring into her eyes with his mean, scowling, burning eyes
as he gently massaged the bulging crotch of his tight blue jeans.

He licked his lips as he eyed the helpless girl up and down so intently
that she could almost feel his horny gaze slithering all over her body,
prying into every nook and private place she had.  She trembled,confused
and frightened, as he reached out and stoked her breast with his powerful,
sweaty hand.

The Retard, stretched his hand to grab her other tit, and   looked at Taz 
and said, "Can I?"

Taz laughed, "Sure, that what sheıs here for, my friend!² He guided
Retardıs hand to her other breast. Retard  squeezed and kneaded painfully,
as he moaned and immediately tugged at his crotch with his other hand.
Maddog did the same as he unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt,
airing his hairy chest.  His shirt had the sleeves torn off, obviously to
show off his large, rippling muscles and the serpent tattoo on his upper
left arm.

Now we were all talking around her, over her, about who would get to "go
first" and about whether or not they should untie her. My cock ached to be
let loose from its tight denim prison, but as Taz was the leader, I waited
to see what he would do.Taz would prolong this night as much as possible. 
He wanted to make this little prize remember us. 

He swung his leg over her head and straddled her face, to the cheers of
the men around him.  He leaned forward and thrust his hungry groin into
her face, then pulled back and cupped the bulge with both hands in front
of her wide, trembling eyes.

"You want this,bitch?!?" he asked her cruelly, touching the tight bulge to
her nose.  She made a pathetic moan through her gag and turned her head to
the side. He angrily grabbed her head in his powerful hands and pressed it
to his crotch.  

"I donıt give a fuck whether you want it or not!" he howled at her, "Yer
gonna get it anyway, slut, and itıs gonna hurt."

She closed her eyes tightly, trying to hold her breath as he held her head
firmly to his groin with both hands.  He pushed  her head into the floor
once, and then pressed it to his manhood again.

"Open you're fucking eyes, cunt!  Yer gonna look at this huge cock!"  

She opened her eyes and shook in pain and fear.  He then let go of her
head and violently undid her gag, tossing the saliva-soaked panties and
the handkerchief to the side. Retard picked them up and rubbed them
against the bulge in his jeans as she lay gasping for air, her mouth and
throat too dry to form sounds. Taz then reached into his pocket and pulled
out a small knife.  He flipped up the blade and held it to her throat. 
The fear in her eyes made my  cock jump.  

Suddenly, he flipped her over and cut the rope that bound her wrists.  Her
arms fell loosely to her sides as Taz turned her over again and pulled her
into a sitting  position in front of him, straddling her once more.

Though it hurt her a great deal, she managed to get a raspy "Why?" through
her dry mouth.

We all  cracked up!  "Because ye a cunt, and this is what cunts are
designed for--to be fucked at will by real men², I said

"Whatıs her name?" Retard  asked, still rubbing the soaked panties into
the crotch of his jeans.

"Tell him yer name!" Taz ordered.

"Dawn," came the dry, forced whisper.

Taz   smiled a cruel smile and pressed her face into his jeans again, so
hard this time that his belt buckle made an impression her forehead. 
Every part of her slim, naked, body shook.  She clearly wasnıt a virgin,
but she seemed to find the idea of a thick cock rammed down her throat
disgusting. Which was fine with me, at least.

"Take a deep breath,"Taz ordered. Dawn tried to obey but I could see it
was difficult to for her to do; she was almost being suffocated. But I
wasnıt too worried, Taz was obviously a master at this.

"Do you like it, little lady?" Taz asked, his fingers digging deep into
her scalp as he pressed her face to his groin even harder. Taz then
released her and she dropped back to the floor, gasping.

"See this belt?" Taz said, looming over her.

She stared at the thick, studded leather belt. When she saw that he was
waiting for an answer, she nodded hastily.

"Well, Iım gonna beat yer naked little body with it over and over and
over, until it hurts so bad youıll wish you were dead."

Her eyes widened as a wave of  fear shot through her.

"It'll leave huge, bloody welts all over ye skin that'll never heal. And
when I get tired of beating you, the other guys will take over.  Do you
want that?"

Dawn crawled  slowly away from him until she was firmly against the back
doors of the van.  Taz stayed where he was, watching her. My dick was
going crazy, watching this dominated, naked girl shiver at  Tazıs words.

"Do you want that!" he yelled at her, making her jump.

She shook her head no.

"Well guess what?" Taz said, a wide grin coming over his face, "Thatıs
just too fucking bad!"

"Now," he  said, "Undo my belt, take it off, and hand it to me."  

Dawn froze.  She couldnıt move even tho  she wanted to.  

"NOW!!" Taz shouted at her in such a frightening tone that she was more
afraid of what would happen to her if she didnıt do as she was told.  

She knelt in front of him and raised her hands slowly, each arm moving 
like it were weighted down by a thousand pounds of lead. Slowly she lifted
the buckle and unfastened the belt, careful to avoid touching or looking
at the pulsating bulge in his tight, faded jeans.  She looked up
pleadingly into Tazıs  face, but he just looked down at her with a huge
grin and a blank, empty stare.  

And then she knew that ³he² wasnıt there anymore; she was looking into the
eyes of a monster.  Everything that was remotely capable of feeling was
now down in his pants, pulsating, writhing, straining to get at her.  She
looked around at the four other men, and got the same frightening
impression from all of us.  

I knew this was true, because I had for all intents and purposes become
dick.....itıs satisfaction was all that mattered to me...

She slid the belt out of the loops in Taz's jeans, and held it in her hands.

"Fold it," Taz ordered.

She did so.

"Now hand it to me."

Dawn, hesitated for just a moment. I canıt say I blamed her too much, I
was a little afraid Taz really had meant the threat to beat her senseless,
and I wanted her to be aware of what my dick was going to do to her.

"Now, cunt!" he yelled, causing her to jump again.

She slowly handed him the ends of the belt. He grinned at her, ³Then again
cunt, all you have to is ask us nicely to be our fuck toy, and I wonıt
beat you.²

Dawn looked from him, to us.....

"Maddog, rustle this cunt something to drink," Taz said,  "I wanna make
sure her answer comes out clear and loud for the tape recording......"

Maddog took a brown glass bottle of beer from the six-pack beside him.  He
twisted off the cap and took a swig for himself first, then held it out
for Dawn. When Dawn didnıt respond, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled
her head up to him. He shoved the end of the bottle into mouth and
poured.  She drank eagerly.

"This is what you're gonna do to my cock later," he said to her.   Maddog 
yanked the bottle from her mouth and set it on the floor.

³Well?², Taz growled, ³Whatıs it gonna be? Do we beat you to death and
fuck you dead body? Or are you gonna ask us nicely to use as a fuck toy?²

Dawn gasped for air and sobbed aloud, and whimpered ³Please, Please use me
for your fuck toy²

Now, if it came down to it, in a court of law, she could deny she had
consented! Wouldnıt matter she had no idea just how we planned to use
her.....she had of her own free will put her body into out hands!

Taz motioned to Maddog , and he  positioned himself behind her so that his
hairy, exposed chest was pressed up against her naked back.Taz took one of
her hands and guided it to my crotch.  "Feel it!" he ordered as he rubbed
her hand all over the hard mass.  

She could feel the coldness of Maddogıs belt buckle in the small of her
back, his gritty chest hair against her skin, and his hot, horny breath on
her neck. Taz guided her hand up and down the pulsing fuck pole that
strained under Maddogıs  stretched jeans.  "Maddog just told you heıd
gonna let his cock tear up your throat.  Tell him thank you." 

Dawn didnıt say anything at first, but then trembled a defeated, "Thank
you," to Maddog.  He smirked.  "Better do yer talking now, bitch," he
said, "It's gonna be hard with a cock rammed  down yer throat."  I could
see the  surge of fear ripple through her body!

Maddog  then painfully clasped her pussy with his free hand and pressed
her back against him.  She could feel his rod running the entire length of
her crack.  "And yer gonna get this piece of meat up your ass," he said to
her,then threw her back to Taz. 

Taz grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to he knees so fast she didnıt
have time to finish her yell. Maddog and Retard sat back and relaxed
against the wall, stretching out their legs and resting them on the

Carl and I  crawled over to the other side of the van and sat against the
wall massaging our anxious cocks as we waited for the show to begin. 

Tears streamed down Dawnıs  face as Taz positioned her in front of his
hungry bulge once again.  

"Itıs awfully tight here in these pants, little girl,"Taz said in a
fatherly sort of tone,  ³Time to let little Taz out to play!² He
unbuttoned his jeans and guided her face to his crotch with one hand, as
he unzipped, and then freed his cock with the other. 

Dawn continued to cry, her tears making me, and apparently all they guys
even more determined to rape this bitch senseless.  

Hesitantly, she grasped Tazıs  cold zipper in her teeth and pulled it
downward.  Her nose brushed down the shaft of his cock as it strained
though his pre-cum and sweat-soaked briefs.  The smell was overwhelmingly
musky in the closed van , and she gagged.  

Taz then moved away from her unexpectedly and laid himself backward onto
the floor.  He stretched out languidly on his back, his jeans unzipped and
his cock now protruding obscenely from under his briefs. He kicked his
shoes off, and said, get over here ³Bitch!!²

"Open my shirt," he barked at her. 

She did so quickly, undoing the buttons methodically and pulling it out
from his pants.  His chest and stomach were now completely exposed in
front of her face.  His chest was muscular and broad, the sparse hair
glued down by sweat.

He gestured to his jeans.  "Slide Œem off."

Dawn rolled off him and looked at his open jeans.  She cautiously grabbed
the waist and pulled down.  He raised his hips to help her. As she slid
them down, past his thighs, past his knees, and finally off, his cock
jumped wildly, begging to get at her.

There he lay, his shirt wide open, the outline of his cock and balls
clearly visible through his soaked briefs, his sweaty chest heaving, and
an audience of horny, sweaty, dirty assholes just waiting for their turn
to pounce on her.  Taz pulled the frightened girl to him once again.

"Do you see my dick jumping at you like that?" he asked, grinning as her
lips and eyes trembled in fear.

She nodded yes.

"Lick it."

"Please let me go," she pleaded.

"Do you want beaten to death?"

"No," she sobbed.

"Then lick Œim."

Dawn lowered her head to his pungent groin and licked the huge fuck pole
once, holding her breath.

"More," Taz barked. Dawn began to lick vigorously, up and down the shaft,
the salty taste of pre-cum and sweat stinging her tongue.

Taz sat up suddenly, and Dawn backed away.  He finished taking his shirt
off and set it neatly next to his shoes.  Now clad only in his briefs, he
grabbed her by the shoulders and positioned her on the floor.  The men
folded their legs so that Taz could spread her out on the blanket before
them. He then straddled her torso and positioned his hot throbbing fuck
pole.  Her eyes  were wide with fear.  

"Get ready to see God, cunt!" Taz rasped  as he almost ripped briefs off ,
first exposing the huge plum-like head, then the rough shaft,and finally
the hairy, round balls.  He slid the briefs to his knees and then took
them off completely. He crawled so his cock was prodded at her lips. He
backed off just a bit so she could see the full of extent of what she
could look forward to. He brought his cock close to, but not quite
touching, the bridge of her nose and forehead. It struggled and jumped to
ram  into her mouth, but Taz wouldnıt let it. 

(Which was driving me nuts! I felt like my own fuck-pole was was a lethal
weapon, and I wanted  want to impale her on it. I wanted to rip her ass,
and her cunt wide open with it. I wanted to kill her with it.)

Dawn was now face-to-face with Tazıs face, which looked like he was in
sheer pain.  Tazıs cock jutted out proudly at her, like a soldier in a
purple army helmet.  The large, hairy balls that hung down by her chin
were terrifying and disgusting.  I doubt she had never seen something so
scary or so ugly in all her life.

"Open your mouth!" Taz barked.

Dawn did so almost involuntarily, too frightened not to.  As  Taz shoved 
his swollen, fuck-pole paste her lips and onto her tongue, she gagged

Her disgust didn't bother Taz, who continued to shove  his fuck pole
deeper and deeper her mouth. I  savored her misery as she fought to get it
away from the invading cock, seeking refuge but never finding it.  Her
struggles also seemed  drive Taz crazy. 

By now Taz had his cock all the way to the back of the girl's virgin
mouth, but he continued to drive in, slowly but surely, down her throat.
Her constant involuntary gagging only excited him further.  Finally he was
all the way in, the cuntıs  nose buried in his sweaty black pubic hair and
his huge hairy  balls rubbing against her chin.  He began pumping himself
in and out of her, the girl taking in as much air as she could on the out

Somewhat to my surprise, it seemed Taz couldnıt hold his load in any
longer, and with a moan  he shot spurt after spurt of cum into the girl's
throat.  Her mouth quickly filled with the brim with his cum.  She
swallowed as much as she could to keep from suffocating, but some dribbled
out anyway. This angered Taz, so he shoved his fuckpole as deep as he
could down her throat and held it there while he pumped the remaining
globs of his cum into her.

Taz finally moved off her, and indicated that he wanted me to be next

I moved down to her, positioning rock hard cock by her pussy.

"You know what I'm gonna do with this?" I  asked her, licking my  lips.

She didnıt respond.  She just lay perfectly still but for her trembling
and her occasional sobs.  She knew what I was going to do with it. The
only question for both of us would be, ³Pussy or ass?²
"Iım gonna ram my 12 inches up your cunt,and see if I can split you wide
open." I said, as the other guys laughed.

I placed my  hands on her knees and gently spread them apart so that her
pussy was wide open.  When I saw how small her opening was,I pushed her
legs apart even more.  She screamed in pain, but I that just added to my

I positioned my battering-ram at her opening and with all the strength I
could muster gave  one powerful, cruel thrustI rammed  into her so hard
that she slid backward and slammed her head against the metal door.

My cock brutally ripped through her and slammed into her cervix all in one
thrust. Dawn screamed in agony as I howled in pleasure and the other four
horny animals cheered.  We knew that she felt like she was being split in

I was in heaven.  Never in my entire life had I felt a cunt so hot and so
tight. As she lay there screaming, painfully impaled on my cock, tears
flowing freely from her eyes, 

I held himself firmly and comfortably inside her. I  felt like a
conqueror, and indeed I was. I had to admit that, all my other rapes had
been great, but this was definitely the best rape I had ever been involved
in.  Ever.  Her tortured screams only served to swell my  dick more.  Her
hole was so tight around me, it almost hurt.  

Oh man! How her cunt sucked and clenched at my cock, spasming and
massaging my thick shaft! I knew I had to shoot my load soon.

I collapsed my enormous body onto her sweet little body and pressed my
mouth to hers. I closed my  mouth over hers to stifle her screams, and
then gave her the wettest, most passionate kiss I had ever given.  I never
kissed anyone, like that before.

And then, amidst the eager shouts of the other guys, I began slamming in
and out of her with  quick, brutal thrusts, each one harder and longer
than the last. I raised myself almost upright as I  let my huge thick tool
rip open the tight little tunnel. Every scream out of her her drove me to
pound her cunt harder and harder. The van creaked as it rocked violently
back and forth with each forceful thrust.  

Finally, I couldnıt hold out any longer. I had to shoot my load into this
pretty little cunt. As I increased the speed of my thrusts a tingling
sensation of pleasure surged from my balls up through the  shaft and then
engorged my entire cock.  With every last bit of my  strength he shot load
after load of white hot cum inside the screaming bitch. I  thought it
would never stop. I yelled in pure exhilaration. There was so much cum
being pumped into the bitch that it spilled out onto the floor as I
continued to pump even more into her. 

Then  the pleasure of the conquest finally exploded to a peak of sensation
that rumbled through my dick for what seemed like torturous hours before
it eventually began to subside. I collapsed my whole weight onto the girl,
knocking the wind out of her and shutting her up.  She was unable to
breathe under my enormous mass and she frantically beat at me with her
arms and kicked her legs wildly in the air, but Taz didn't care about the
little cunt. I was too spent. I was simply going to rest and enjoy the
feeling of her hot cunt wrapped around my slowly softening cock..

Eventually  I pulled it out and rolled contentedly off her.  She gasped
for air, while Taz began instructing Maddog and Carl what to do next.....

Taz is still pissed that he came soon in the Bitchıs mouth, so heıs
determined to make sure she pays for it. He decides to let Carl, who has
the thicket dick I had ever seen then or since, bust her ass.

 "I wish I coulda busted your pussy, but bustin' you ass is gonna be
fun.", Carl says, as he strokes his thick cock.

" Make sure you hurt the bitch, I want to hear her scream Carl," the
Retard suddenly says.

I turn to look at the Retard. He may be slow, but he is definitely a man
after my own heart! I wanted to hear scream some more myself....

"The way I want to do this,"Carl says, "is to have a cock in her pussy,
while I'm bustin' her ass."

The men acted like a bunch of school boys volunteering to run an errand
for the teacher! "Let me!" "I'll do it" "Hey man, I'm nice an' hard!"

Taz waited a minute, and said "Maddog, you get on the bed there and lie on
your back." 

"Okay Dawn, you do exactly like I tell you, okay? I don't want have to
punch your lights out!" She nodded. Taz looked slightly disappointed that
Dawn agreed so quickly. Hell, he really was a sadist!!!

"Okay, now. Dawn, I want you to get on top of Maddog. Climb on your knees
and put the head of his cock in your pussy.."

Maddog undressed and had lain down , his huge cock sticking up from his
body and twitching. ..she did as she was told,with Maddog  helping to
guide the head of his fuck pole  between the obviously sore and tender 
pussy  lips and let her weight push his cock up into her.

We knelt, gathered around the bed, and Taz pushed her down until her chest
met Maddog's. I and I  held her there, putting pressure on her back and
holding her arms so that she couldn't move.

Carl took one of his huge sausage-like fingers and  began to probe her
small hole, completely exposed in that position, and with almost no delay,
it was thrust up intoner ass.She out a small cry pain. "That hurts...
Stop.. Please.."

"Shut up Bitch", Carl snarled. ³youse about to find out what pain really is!!²

"OOWWWW.. No.. Please No... Ow.. Stop.. Please..."  she was begging,
knowing that her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Boys, watch as I show you the proper way to bust a virgin ass!" Carl had
removed his finger from her ass. I  could feel his weight on the bed of
the van as he positioned himself behind her, aiming his cock at her virgin
rear entrance. The head of his cock touched her, and she tried, uselessly
to get away from it..

"Man, do you really think she can take that thing?", I heard myself asking.

"Sure, man.. .and if she can't, well too bad! Do it, man. Fuck that tight
virgin ass!" Taz laughed

"She'll take every one of my thick 8 inches I promise you", Carl laughed,
"And still be good for plenty of fuckin'!" And he began to press his penis
forward pushing in her asshole. Retard was "helping", her ass cheeks were
being held apart by his dirty hands, while Carl slowly impaled her ass.
With a sudden pop, the head of his cock broke through the resistance of
her tight sphincter! "Oh wow, you guys should feel how good this is."

DON'T..." she screamed, but Carl kept pressing forward!  

Slowly his cock sank between her spread ass cheeks. "The heat and
tightness of her ass is sooooooo sweeeeet." Her cries and sobs and
struggles, just added to the enjoyment of us as we masturbated and 
watched Carl rape her ass.

She couldn't move because she was held down and Retard was still holding
her  ass open to Carlıs  advancing cock. Slowly and painfully he pressed
on. Suddenly Carl paused and leant over her. He breathed in, and then he
gave one last hard thrust.

move, couldn't get away, could barely breathe because of the men holding
her down so hard, to allow Carl to thrust into her. With that kind of 
pain was she even aware of Maddog's huge thick fuck pole thrusting upward
in her sore pussy? Compared to the pain in her ass, her pussy was probably
just fine!

"SHIT!! FUCK!!! GOD DAMN. THIS GIRL IS TIGHT!!!" Carl had indeed managed
to fit his whole thick  erection in her. "OH MAN.. THIS WON'T TAKE
LONG!'", pulling cock slowly out and violently pushing his large cock back
into her again and again. It seemed like Carl's cock filled her entire
world with pain. Then he fell forward onto the me, resting his weight on
her  back and increased the speed of his punishing thrusts. 

I could see Maddog under her, making feeble attempts to thrust into her
pussy from below, because he was having to carry the weight of two people.

I was also aware that the other men had stood back, as no they longer
needed to hold her down , and watched as Carl raped her ass, and Maddog
tried to fuck her pussy.

"NOW! NOW! NOW!!.... YAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Carl suddenly shouted. then
blasted her with white hot wetness deep into her ass. With each blast he
slammed his hips forward, as if trying to impale himself as deeply as
possible into her ass! He thrust so hard that he rammed her body upward,
and Maddog's cock popped free of her pussy.

Finally Carl lifted his heavy body from her, and then Maddog pushed her off
his body. She laid face down on the bed and sobbed.

"I want a go at her cunt," Retard said, and getting a nod from Taz, he
straddled the girl and forced his way inside. His thrusts were long and
slow. Maddog, Taz, Carl, and I surrounded her and began jacking-off our
fuck-poles in her face.. Retard increased the speed of his thrusts, we
all  sped up our jerking.  All of us came at the same time, and then her
face, as well as her insides, were splattered with white cum.  It coated
her nose and ran down her cheeks and chin. 

For many more hours we five took turns raping her each and every way we 
wanted.  Retard got her in the ass while I  got her in the mouth and Taz
took his turn brutalizing her cunt. Maddog almost suffocated her by
shoving his huge cock with that damn studded ring down her throat.
We raped her again and again in every possible combination, and the more
we raped her, the hornier we seemed to get.

At last we had enough...Taz threw the bitch, still sobbing, out the back
of the van...and climbed into the driverıs seat.

As we drove off Carl said. ³Now that we know we work so well together,
next time, letıs film this!²

Next time? I could hardly wait....


Why shouldn't a woman like to read and write rape fantasies/stories? I
am a woman, but I'll admit that I love rape fantasies. I love to
imagine that I have been taken my force......Why should I be ashamed
of that? 

And I rather find myself turned by men who fantasize about rape.....

Fantasies harm no one.

"here I wonder, if my fantasy were to become a reality: If a Totally
bald man were  to take me against my will, to punish my poor pussy
with his powerful pistonlike prick, would I not find freedon and joy?" 

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