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Subject: You Said You'd Be Mine - Part 1 of 6

You Said You'd Be Mine

This story contains Feminine Domination, mild B&D, sex and lots of fun!. 
If you are offended by such stories please don't read it. Also, you MUST be
18 years old or over to read on.  If you like what you have read send me
some of the same or amateur pictures (non Web stuff). Thanks ….

Part 1 of  6:

His Side:   "Well, the agreement was that you would be mine and that
anything goes – right?" Melissa was lecturing me.  Too be honest I wasn't
in a position to argue anyway, with my cock and balls all encased in tight
leather, my legs spread eagled and tied to the bed and my arms tied at the
wrists and the bedposts.  I just wasn't sure I could do what she wanted me
to do.  Not that I had much of a choice.  I am getting ahead of myself so
let me explain I how I ended up here…as her slave.

I always had fantasies of dominating Melissa.  She really liked it when I
told her what to do, what she could wear, etc.  In bed she really seemed to
get wet when I took charge and made her do things.  Especially when I
turned her over (actually flipped her over with one arm) and then fucked
her hard from behind.  I thought dominating her would be easy.  Finally, I
got up the nerve to discuss the subject.  It was after a marathon sex
session and she had really cum her brains out.  We were lying in bed
talking in the afterglow of great sex when I asked her how she would feel
about being my sex slave.  "Hmmm," she murmured, " you'd like that wouldn't
"Yes, I would but I think you'd enjoy it too!"
"Think so, huh?  Well, if it is such a big fantasy of yours I guess we
could try it.  But there's a catch!"
There was always a catch with Melissa. She had her own set of values and
was just one of those people that made sure everything was in balance.  I
was SO psyched that she was willing to be my slave that I would have agreed
to anything, in fact I practically did!
"I'll be your slave, for one weekend" Melissa purred. (Those words were so
nice to hear, the rest just went over my head.)
"But first you must be totally mine for a whole month!"
Well that caught me by surprise.  What the heck, a month wouldn't be that
long to wait and the thought of Melissa dominating me just didn't seem that
intimidating.  I figured it couldn't mean that much since she never seemed
to show much kink.  Anyway, I was thinking with my balls and not my mind
and I agreed whole heartily.  "Great," Melissa smiled,  as she ran her hand
through her long strawberry blonde hair. "No time like the present to
start!"  Melissa jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom.  She came
out with a razor and shaving cream. "I'll do this the first time but for
the next month you are to stay totally shaved." All I could think of was
the looks I was going to get from the guys on my softball team when we hit
the locker room,  oh well!   She was serious about shaving me.  She took
off all my hair right to my navel, across my thighs, she even made me turn
over and took all the hair off my ass.  "I guess I got carried away,"
Melissa understated, "oh well, I am going to have a ton of fun with you
this month."  She had an evil smirk on her face and that should have given
me a clue that I had agreed to more than I was really prepared for.
"Be back in a sec," and with that Melissa popped out of bed and I saw her
sexy ass as she left the room.  I heard her rummaging in the kitchen and
she came back with her hands behind her back. 
"Close your eyes!"
I did, reacting instantly to her commanding voice.
"Kneel on the bed.  Hands behind your back!"
I jumped to a kneeling position, hands behind my back.
"Good boy" she proceeded to tie my hands behind my back with rope she had
found downstairs in the kitchen drawer.
A sleeping mask went over my eyes next.
"I am sitting in front of you right now masturbating my soaking wet pussy."
"It's full of our cum from that great marathon session you just gave me, 
bet you were thinking about me being your slave, right honey!  Well, you
look pretty helpless right now to me." Melissa chuckled.

" I want your mouth on me right now!" she commanded.

Well let me tell you, I am no slouch on eating pussy, but one of my turn
offs is to eat her after I have cum.  I mean get me with a raging hard on
and I'd eat anything but afterwards it is the furthest thing from my mind. 
Melissa had requested this before but I would usually say no, or maybe give
a quick kiss and be back up changing the subject.  Uh-uh.  Not this time
she was serious.

I started to protest.  Melissa grabbed my balls and gave them a squeeze. 
Wow, at that moment I realized the situation I was in.  I was on my knees
and powerless.  I gulped real hard and leaned my head forward.  Melissa
grabbed my head on both sides with her hands and guided me to her crotch. 
As I got to her stomach the pungent smell of overheated pussy reached me. 
As she pushed me closer it became the strong scent of after sex.  

"Stick out your tongue"
I made a haft hearted effort to do so and was rewarded with an even
stronger squeeze of my balls.
"Ouch, that hurts"
"Damn, right it does" Melissa replied. "I'm not fooling around, I'll crush
your fucking balls if you don't do a better job! Now stick your tongue ALL
the way out."
Jesus, my pulse was pounding. I was breathing hard and starting to sweat.
My tongue went out as far as it could go. I was reaching all the way out
with it."
"Good boy" Melissa grabbed my ears. "Now keep in that way"
She guided me to her sloppy pussy and pulled my tongue into her.
"Hmm, very nice," she purred. "Keep that tongue moving"
I lapped all I could, tasting our strong flavor but dreading the moment
when my tongue would return to my mouth with the full load of our cum
building on it.
That's it, she encouraged as she started using my ears to steer my head
back and forth. My face and tongue becoming a sex toy for her as she used
it to masturbate.
She moved up and down as she fucked my tongue.  I felt her tense and then
she was cumming.  Purposely she pushed her cum out on to my face and
tongue.  "Nice, very nice, okay I am done you can put your tongue back in
your mouth now." "Oh and swallow please."  
I felt a little queasy but did as I was told as I felt her grip my balls.
My mouth was flooded with our taste and it was all I could smell and feel. 
I had to admit it was turning me on being forced to service her and my cock
started to stir.  
"Oh my little slave liked that huh?"
It was embarrassing to admit it but being hers was starting to really turn
me on. 

"Good, but don't get too turned on.  I have you for a whole month remember!
 I might just use your mouth and other parts of you and leave that dick of
your alone!" Melissa laughed.

All I could do was groan.  
"Poor baby…hey you agreed" "Stay on your knees, I want you to continue
growing that hard on of yours, but DONT touch yourself.  I want you to get
hard just thinking about the sexual things I might do to you. I am going to
take a shower then I am going to get some more toys out to play with you. 
Just because the water is running does not mean that I am in the shower.  I
will be checking on you.  You MUST remain hard and I repeat NO touching
yourself.  If you go soft I will be whipping your butt until you can't sit
down.  DO you understand?"
"Yes, Melissa." I replied.
She squeezed my balls even harder.
"That's yes mistress," she corrected.
"Yes, mistress, yes mistress, yes mistress."  The pressure on my balls was
too much and I was afraid it would lose my hard on. I took her threat
seriously and was hoping I could stay hard the whole time she was showering
and with out touching myself!   She let up off my balls and I felt her get
up off the bed. She moved quietly and I wasn't sure if she was still in the
room.  I kept concentrating on staying hard.

The water in the bathroom turned on and I heard the shower door open and
close. My dick was still hard but was starting to droop a bit…..

end part 1 of 6  

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