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  @(C) 1996 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
           Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL).

Disclaimer:  The following material is intended for adults only, for example, 
people over eighteen years old in the United States.  This material consists 
of the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual experiences that are 
obviously pure fantasy.  Any resemblance between the characters in these 
accounts and real people, either living or deceased, is purely coincidental.  
If you would be offended by the fictional sexual experiences and fantasies of 
fictional people then you should seek other entertainment.
                    A Visit to the Dentist and Prom Night

                          A Willy Tamarack Adventure

                               by Frederick T.

               With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S.

                               *** PROLOGUE ***

    This is the tenth in a series of Willy Tamarack adventures.  In this 
adventure Willy entertains his dental hygiene person, Terry and plays 
chauffeur for the high school prom.  I'm still stoked so I'm still writing.  
All the stories are written to stand alone but are so much more fun to read 
together.  As always e-mail your comments to the usual.

                             *** CHAPTER ONE ***

    Having my teeth cleaned is not my favorite thing to be doing but having 
Terry do it makes it a lot better.  Terry is the wife of a friend of mine.  
We've know each other for quite a long time.  Eons ago we used to exchange 
confidences about our spouses.  Oh !  Nothing risque, just the normal bitches 
and gripes that spouses usually have about each other.  Terry is always bright 
and cheery.  Today she has hardly said a word other than "Good morning."  I 
usually flirt with her outrageously because I know she is not going to take me 
seriously.  I leave her with the usual, "Jack out of town ?"  She nods as she   
cleans up after the teeth cleaning.  "What time do you want to come over ?"  
She smiled, no - laughed a little and said good-by.

    It was a little after four when the door bell rang.  It was Terry.  I was 
shocked.  "Well, do I stand out here or are you going to invite me in ?"  She 
asks.  I had just finished a joint and was miles away from here and just 
crawling back when the door bell rang - I still hadn't made it.  The next time 
I make an appearance is at the bar mixing her a margarita.  Terry hardly 
drinks at all, usually doesn't finish one.  Well, she's is working on her 
second one when she rolls the hand grenade across the bar.

    "Did Jack tell you ?"  Tell me what, I'm thinking when she continues with, 
"I caught him fucking some stew about a week ago.  No, not really fucking her; 
he had his head between her legs and she was sucking his dick."  No, Jack 
didn't tell me; but what was more surprising was the language Terry was using.  
She almost never swears and I have never heard her say "fuck."  She goes on 
with the story; surprises him on one of his trips, gets the room key and walks 
in on Jack and this bimbo doing 69 in the middle of the bed, clothes strewn 
all over the room.  Needless to say things have been a bit strained over at 
Jack and Terry's.  It's pretty much common knowledge that guys tend to fuck 
around when they're away from home, Jack's a pilot for one of those discount 
carriers.  God, some of the times we used to have on temporary duty in the 

    I'm still not all here but really start arriving when Terry is talking 
about how unfair it is.  "Women just can't go out and pick up a guy and ask 
him to service them."  I ask, "Why not ?"  She stops in mid-sentence and says 
"They just can't."  "Sure they can," I reply, "and I know a lot who do and 
have."  "Nobody I know," she retorts.  "Joyce."  That hangs in the air for a 
long time.  Joyce and Terry are bosom buddies.  They see each other all the 
time and talk almost daily on the phone.  "Have you, you know....."  She stops  
"Fucked her ?"  I add and continue with, "Is that what you mean ?  I'm 
surprised that Joyce didn't tell you.  I thought you guys were really close."

    "Well, she did tell me about a time you and Jeff and her got in the hot 
tub naked."  I go on to tell her that Debby and I have shared the hot tub with 
them and also shared partners.  She has got utter amazement written all over 
her face.  She is not quite sure whether to believe me or not.  I pour her 
another drink and light up a joint.  She is still muttering about it not being 
fair when I hand her the joint.  "What am I supposed to do with this ?"  
"Smoke it."  I said.  "I've never done this, Willy, show me how to do it."  
The next ten minutes are spent teaching her how to smoke a joint and at the 
end of that time she is stoned as hell, really trippin'.

    We're both up dancing to the Beach Boys in the front room - apart, not 
touching at all.  She is laughing and giggling.  I am laughing and giggling.  
The tempo changes and we are dancing close.  I allow my hand to wander down to 
her ass and begin to bring us closer together.  She is wearing the typical 
nurses uniform a white crinkly dress that zips up the front.  The zipper runs 
from her crotch to her neck.  I've started to breath on her neck and every 
once and a while allow my tongue to lick it a bit.  She is not wearing a 
girdle and feels like she has on just panty hose.  The song ends but I don't 
release her.  We are still swaying together when the next song starts, Surfing 
U.S.A.  I start to kiss and bite her neck and we are soon kissing, mouths 
open, tongues entwined.  My cock has started to harden and I begin to grind 
against her.  I run my hands up and down her sides as her arms are up around 
my neck, feeling her breasts on every trip.  I have seen Terry in a swimming 
suit plenty of times.  She has a little less than a hand full of breast, I was 
dying to see what her nipples looked like.  I have also seen the wispy hair 
from her bush slip out of the crotch of her bathing suit many times and had 
once even seen her entire bare twat, when she wore a robe after swimming one 
day.  I was harder than stone and really grinding it against her stomach.

    I reached between us and pulled the zipper down to her navel, then pulled 
the shoulders of her uniform halfway down her arms.  I was now licking along 
her shoulder and pulling one of her tits out of her bra.  The nipple was 
gigantic and very turgid.  I pinched it and she sucked in her breath.  "Do you 
want to go to the bedroom ?"  She looks up at me and shakes her head back and 
forth so I kiss her again and lead her over to the couch.  I have lowered my 
head to her exposed breast and sucking on the nipple which has got to be an 
inch long.  She doesn't have much of an areolae to go with it but her tit is 
the whitest white I've ever seen, with a lot of blue veins close to the 
surface of her skin.  I ran my hand up under her skirt and into her crotch.  
Her legs were rather close together so I pushed her knees apart and ran my 
hand back up into her crotch.  The crotch of her panty hose was damp and I 
could feel her matted pubic hair and cunt lips through the hose.

    I reach up and grab the waist band of her hose and start to yank it down.  
She raises her hips and the panty hose are down to her knees.  My hand is now 
buried in her wet bush, exploring her and finally filling her cunt with one 
and then two fingers.  Her hips are moving back against my hand, she has 
thrown her head back and is breathing rapidly.  Her moans fill the front room 
as does the sounds of her orgasm which surprises me - so soon.  I slip off the 
couch and am taking a hold of her hose when she stops me.

    "Willy, I can't....."  I know that if I get my mouth in between her legs, 
she can but don't push it and just rub her knees and thighs.  "Please, Willy, 
not now....I just can't...I'm sorry."  I get up, tell her to use the bathroom 
to freshen up and head back to the bar.  About ten minutes later she returns 
to the bar and apologizes again.  We share another drink, I offer to drive her 
home, she refuses but gives me a big "thank you" kiss, she calls it, before 
                             *** CHAPTER TWO ***

    Wow !  What a bummer.  I'm horny as hell, but it's too late to call Debby, 
my present squeeze plus tomorrow night I am chauffeuring three young ladies 
and their dates to the local high school prom.  Maybe one of the studs will 
pass out and I can ravish his lady, yea, right.  I smoke another joint and hit 
the rack.  The next day passes quite quickly.  I'm not sure I'm ready to 
chauffeur these kids around but it's too late to back out now.  Karen has been 
pretty generous to this old man and what the hell it's only one night.

    But what a long night it was; pre-parties, the prom itself (I was a little 
pissed that I wasn't the only chauffeur, but the others were professionals, so 
my ego was stroked) and the post parties seemed to go on forever.  We ended up 
in a suite of rooms in one of the Strip hotels and the partying never stopped.  
It was about three or so and I had snuck into the bathroom to smoke a joint.  
I wasn't too comfortable smoking a "J" in front of the dozens of kids who kept 
wandering in and out of the suite even though many of them were toking on 
bongs, drinking and in general, acting like drunken sailors.  I was surprised 
we got this far as the evening started in a rather bad way.  Karen had 
arranged the dates for her friends, Monica, who I'd met before a couple of 
times, and Cara, who is a good friend of Monica's.  Just two days before the 
prom Paul, Karen's date, said that he and his friends couldn't make it.  That 
evening when Karen arrived at my place she was really pissed, swearing like 
crazy and throwing a fit at every little thing I said.  She mentioned my 
ex-high school girl friend, Connie, several times and often said it was all my 
fault.  I calmed her down by sharing a joint with her but she was cold and 
unfriendly all evening.  Both Monica and Cara were in the same mood when we 
picked them up.  All evening I tried to figure out what Connie had to do with 
this but since she had only met Paul and Karen once, last Fall, I was stymied.

    I left the bathroom and sat in an overstuffed chair.  The crowd had broken 
up somewhat, thank God.  There was a couple necking on the couch across the 
room and a guy was passed out on the floor near the door.  I could still hear 
lots of laughing and noise coming from the bedroom part of the suite.  Karen 
walked out of the bedroom and came over and sat in my lap.  She was drunk, 
giggling like a little girl.  She whispers in my ear, "Willy, I need you in 
the other room."  I retort with, "Not until you tell me about what happened to 
your dates."

    She struggled to compose her thoughts and then it was a torrent of 
incomplete sentences and phrases.  What I could make of it: Connie had visited 
the week I was in Mexico; Karen, her, Paul and two of his friends had partied 
at an apartment near UNLV - a real orgy, Karen said.  Connie said that she was 
busy the next night but the following evening had met them all again at the 
apartment and the ensuing orgy lasted until the middle of the next day.  She 
told me that Connie made her promise not to tell but when Connie called Paul 
last week and invited him and his friends up to her cabin for this weekend, 
she said fuck it.  She was sorry for being such a bitch all night but it's 
impossible getting dates for the prom with two days notice and she had 
promised her friends that they would be going with college guys and that 
didn't work out and she was pissed and hurt.

    "Now, come on, I need you in the other room."  I follow her and find that 
other than Monica and Cara, we are the only ones in the room.  Karen leads me 
right between the beds and throws her arms around my neck.  Monica and Cara 
are lounging on the bed behind me, giggling.  Karen whispers in my ear, 
"Remember how I told you that you always make me do crazy shit when we make
it ?"  I nod my head vaguely remembering something being said about that a 
couple of weeks ago when Karen and I put on a show for my nosy neighbor.  
"Well, Connie left a video camera when she was here and I want Monica to take 
some video of me seducing our chauffeur."  This was becoming interesting, I 
had already forgotten about Connie and Paul and his friends.  Karen had 
started to grind her hips against my groin as I slid my hands around her waist 
and grabbed her ass.  She backed away a bit and said, "Not so fast, Willy.  I 
want some prom pictures first.  Go get your chauffeur's hat."  I wandered out 
to the front room and found my hat, noticing that the couple had left and the 
only person in the room other than me was the passed out guy by the door.  I 
rolled him into the hall and locked the door to the suite.

    When I returned the girls were all sitting on one of the beds smoking a 
joint.  Karen gets up, grabs me by the hand and we end up standing against the 
wall.  Karen puts her hand on my shoulder and says, "Roll'em."  I start 
laughing and say, "I think I've rolled enough for a year of prom nights."  All 
three of the girls are laughing uncontrollably, the video camera that Monica 
is using is getting a lot of great footage of the ceiling or floor; we'll have 
to review it later for confirmation.  Karen wants to wear my chauffeur's 
jacket and tells me to unzip her.  She is naked under her dress except for a 
garter belt and stockings.  Her cunt is shaved cleaner than a baby's butt, 
Monica and Cara are just staring at her with their mouths hanging open.  I 
start to laugh as I put the coat over Karen's shoulders.  Karen tells me to 
get out of my pants, it doesn't take me long.  Karen pulls my drawers to the 
floor and I step out of them.  Here I am bare ass below the waist with knee 
length black socks and shoes on, a dress shirt with this stupid chauffeur's 
hat on my head standing next to an almost naked teenager - this is hilarious - 
everyone is laughing uncontrollably.  My cock is at half staff, pointing at 
the girls sitting on the edge of the bed - the camera trained right at it.  
Monica says, "Oh !  This is gona be good.  He's getting hard already."  Cara 
has got her hands over her mouth; to still laughing or giggling, I'm not sure.

    Karen pulls me in front of her and with her arms again around my neck 
whispers, "I want you to eat Monica, she's never been eaten.  And then I want 
you to fuck her, Willy - ok ?"  I whisper back, "You just want me to go over 
and pull her clothes off and start eating her, then fuck her ?"  "No, you 
stoner, we're going to have to sweet talk her out of her clothes."  My cock is 
now fully erect and we're grinding together.  The two behind us are egging us 
on, "Let's see a little action."  One of them said, "Let's see something," and 
starts laughing.  "You want to eat her too, Karen ?"  I ask.  "Like I said, 
Willy, sometimes you make me do the craziest things."  I laugh and turn toward 
the video camera.  Cara bursts out with, "Shit, look at his dick."  Monica is 
busy recording this for posterity.

    I tell Karen to get on her knees and as soon as she does, my cock is in 
her mouth.  I lean back against the wall and motion Monica over towards us.  
She is still running the video and doesn't see my motioning as the camera is 
zooming in on Karen's mouth sliding up and down my cock.  "Cara, take the 
camera from Monica and tell her that we need her over here."  Cara almost rips 
the camera out of Monica's hands and points her toward where Karen and I are 
standing.  Monica has this "Who me ?" look on her face.  I keep motioning for 
her to come to this side of the room.  She gets off the bed very hesitantly 
and comes around to where we are standing against the wall.  I slip my arm 
around her shoulder and point toward the camera, "Wave for the folks back 
home, Monica."  Karen spits my dick out and starts laughing, Cara rolls back 
on the bed filming more of the ceiling.  Monica, I notice, is staring at my 
cock, which is soon back in Karen's mouth.

    "What's wrong with this picture, Cara ?"  I ask.  Cara answers without 
letting the camera waiver a bit, it's still focused on Karen's head bobbing on 
my dick.  "Monica has too many clothes on."  My exact thought also.  I turn 
her around, pull the zipper of her dress to her waist and push the top off of 
her arms.  I undo the clasp of her bra and turn her toward the camera.  
"Better ?"  I ask.  Monica has her hands holding up her dress and bra in front 
of her nice big tits.  She is a tall, hefty girl about five seven or eight 
with long, dark hair - probably about 120 - 130.  "Still too much," comes 
Cara's answer.  Monica is now leaning back against the wall still staring at 
Karen's mouth and lips teasing my dick.  I slowly pull the top of her dress 
and bra to her waist, she thinks of covering her tits with her hands but then 
drops them to her side.  And nice tits they are, well over a hand full with 
large, dark tan areolae and good size berries for nipples.  I lift one and 
suck the nipple into my mouth, it's nice and turgid, almost rock hard.  A moan 
escapes Monica's throat.  While alternating my mouth from nipple to nipple, I 
drag her dress to the floor.  She is wearing only panties and soon they are on 
the floor also.  Her bush is full and thick, dark curly pubic hair all over 
her lower stomach.  My fingers are sliding through her pubic hair searching 
for her cunt.  She has real fat, puffy lips and my middle finger wastes no 
time sliding up and down her slit.  "Spread your legs, Monica."  I whisper, 
still sucking on her great big tits.  Her legs come apart and I start banging 
my finger in and out of her cunt.  Her moaning is louder and Karen has 
increased the tempo of her cocksucking, no longer teasing me but trying to get 
me off.

    I push Karen away from my dick and guide Monica to the bed, sitting her on 
the end.  I sit next to her and motion Cara over to a chair off the end of the 
bed so that she can get some real good shots.  Karen is crawling over to where 
Monica and I are sitting on the end of the bed.  I push Monica to her back and 
start feasting on her tits and nipples again.  I run my hand into her bush and 
then pull her thigh over me so that she is somewhat spread on the bed.  "Eat 
her, Karen," I rasp between bites of her tits.  I feel Karen's body come up 
between Monica's legs and glance down to see her face bury itself in Monica's 
twat.  "Oh ! Shit ! I don't believe this," Cara squeaks.  Karen is licking up 
and down her cunt, she has spread her lips with her fingers and is teasing her 
clit with her tongue.  Monica is a bundle of hot flesh, thrashing around on 
the bed, her hips uncontrollable.  I move my body up towards the head of the 
bed and guide Monica's mouth to my cock.  Her eyes are wide and she has that 
"I've never done this look," on her face.  She opens her lips when I run my 
dick over them and I soon have her head bobbing on my cock.  Karen is eating 
her relentlessly, chewing and nibbling between long licks from cunt to clit.  
I look to Cara and find that she is filming with one hand, the other hidden 
under her skirt.  I wonder if she is a natural redhead ?  I can hardly wait to 
find out.

    I think Monica is ready for some cock so I disengage from her mouth and 
pull Karen out of her crotch by the hair.  I climb between her legs and feel 
Karen's hand slide between us, grasping my dick.  I pull one of Monica's legs 
up and Karen is rubbing my cock in her slit, pulling it toward her cunt.  I 
push.  I'm in.  I start fucking right away, Monica's legs are up around my 
waist and I'm really fucking the shit our of her.  I look back over my 
shoulder at Cara and ask her, "You getting this ?"  Karen is teasing my balls 
and starting to move her head between my legs, licking my thighs.  If she gets 
to my ass, I'll blow my load.  Monica is wild, her arms and legs wrapped 
around me, humping me like crazy.  I pull out and tell Monica to get on her 
knees.  She is disoriented and slowly rolls to her side.  I finish rolling her 
over and pull her to her knees, while motioning Karen to her head.  Karen has 
a shit eatin' grin on her face as she scrambles to the head of the bed.  I 
motion Cara over to the other bed.  Monica's got a great ass, very prominent 
cheeks and I peel them open and am in her in one thrust.  I look to see if 
Cara has moved and find her very close to me filming my cock as it slides in 
and out of Monica's up-raised rump.  I reach forward and grab Monica by the 
hair and pull her face off of the mattress.  Karen slides her cunt right under 
Monica's face and I lower her head.  Karen quickly wraps her hands in Monica's 
hair and starts grinding her crotch against her face.  I start fucking her 
like crazy.  Cara is on the bed across from us, once again filming with one 
hand and fingering herself with the other.

    I'm about ready to cum and ask Karen where she wants it.  Karen is no 
longer guiding Monica's head but back on her elbows just grinding her cunt 
into Monica's face with that look of Nirvana on her face.  Karen rasps out, 
"On her tits...cum on her tits."  I pull out and give Cara a great soaking wet 
cock shot as I roll Monica out of Karen's crotch.  Karen scampers up and 
pushes Monica's tits together and I start pumping my cock on them finally 
burying my cock in her cleavage.  It's not long before I pump four or five 
spurts of hot seamen all over Monica's heaving tit's and chest.  Karen wastes 
no time and starts licking the cum off of her friends tits.  I roll away from 
the girls, somewhat spent but curious as to what our friend, Cara is doing.

    Cara is still filming with one hand and diddling herself with the other.  
I walk around the bed and pull her hand out of her crotch.  Cara is startled 
and drops the camera on the bed.  I put it on the floor and start licking on 
Cara's fingers.  I drop to my knees and tell her to stand.  She slowly gets to 
her feet.  I tell her to take off her blouse as I pull her skirt to the floor.  
Her panties are pulled to one side and a tuft of flaming red pubic hair is 
sticking out along with one of her cunt lips.  I glance up at her and find her 
bra is still on, "Take the bra off, Cara."  It drops to the bed as her panties 
slide down her legs.  Her tits are like small peaches, real firm, not quite a 
handful with very light tan areolae and tiny nipples.  Her upper chest is 
covered with thousands of freckles.  I bury my tongue in her navel and grab 
her ass cheeks in my hands driving her back onto the bed.  I trace my way to 
her bush and start getting hard again as I run my tongue through the tangles 
of red pubic hair that cover her mons and lips.  I spread her lips as my 
tongue searches for and finds her cunt.  God, is she tight.  I can hardly bury 
my tongue in her.  Her pubic hair is damp and she smells very excited when I 
stick a finger in her and begin to tease her clitoris with my tongue.

    I glance over at Karen and Monica and find them locked in 69.  I now have 
two fingers in Cara but let me tell you it's a tight fit.  I don't think I'll 
be able to get my cock in her.  I slide my thumb into her and ease my palm 
between the cheeks of her ass, shit, she's sopping wet all over.  I'm back 
teasing her clit when she cums, bouncing her tight little ass up and down like 
crazy and yelling out her orgasm.  I hear Karen say, "Oh !  Look Monica, 
Willy's eating Cara."  I turn around and see them both disengaging so that 
they can get a better look-see.  Monica is up first and grabs the camera.  
We're filming again.  Monica says, "Be careful, Willy, she's still a virgin."

    Great !!  Hey, I'm into tight pussy just like any other guy who has a dick 
my size but teenage virgins are better left to teenage studs to deflower.  My 
cock, though, is still throbbing so I stand between Cara's legs and pull her 
to a sitting position.  She, like Monica, has that wide eyed look of "I've 
never done this before," on her face.  "Suck it, Cara," comes from behind me.  
I'm not sure if it was Karen or Monica but quickly Monica is on the bed next 
to us with the lens trained on Cara's mouth as it opens and accepts my cock.  
I wrap my hands in her red hair and begin to rock back and forth, fucking her 
mouth.  Karen is soon on the other side of us wanting some cock too.  I 
straddle their inside legs and soon have both of them licking, sucking and 
nibbling me to Nirvana.  I can't hold up much longer under this torture, yea, 
right.  Cara has been a good student mimicking everything that Karen does to 
my cock.  "Where do you want it girls ?"  Karen comes off of my cock and says, 
"In her mouth, stoner," and pushes Cara's face to my crotch.  I take her head 
in both hands and watch my dick slide in and out of her mouth.  Shit, here it 
comes, maybe two or three good squirts of gisim and I start deflating.  She 
spits my dick out of her mouth and there is cum dribbling off of her chin to 
her chest.  Karen pushes her back on the bed and is kissing her and licking 
her chest and tits.  Monica drops the camera and buries her face in Cara's 
cunt.  I pick up the camera and start filming.  Would I like to show this at 
their twenty year reunion !!

                            *** CHAPTER THREE ***

    It's Wednesday and prom weekend is just a blur to me.  All three of the 
young ladies came over to my place on Monday after school and thanked me for 
being "their chauffeur."  We sat around smoking some weed, laughing and 
giggling about what we could and couldn't remember.  I vaguely remember the 
four of us in a daisy chain when someone knocked at the door.  My watch said 
it was 12:30 p.m. but that couldn't be right, could it ?  We quickly dressed 
and let the maid in.  She had a weird look on her face like, "What's this old 
man doing with these young girls ?"  If only she knew.

    After the girls left I got a phone call about 2030 hours, 08:30 p.m. for 
you civilian pukes.  It was Joyce, Jeff's wife, she wanted to know if I'd be 
interested in joining them and the rest of the cronies for a get together this 
weekend.  I asked her if she wanted me to call Debby and tell her.  Joyce said 
no that she had already called her and that they were inviting her ex also.  
She hoped that wouldn't cause any problems with me.  Well, I wasn't too hot on 
the idea but wasn't going to bitch to Joyce about it.  Joyce suggested that I 
call Terry and see if she needed a ride as Jack would be out of town on 
another trip.  I mumbled something and rang off.  I didn't think that going 
with Terry was such a good idea either.

    The next morning Jack calls and after the usual opening b.s., starts 
telling me essentially the same story I heard from Terry the weekend before.  
He's bitching and complaining about it not being fair, generally just whining 
about getting caught.  He says that he wishes Terry would chill out and maybe 
get a little looser like the rest of the ladies we hang around with.  I ask 
him who is he specifically talking about.  He comes back with Joyce's name and 
Debby's, saying that it is common knowledge that all of us fuck around a 
little.  He mentions that Joyce tells a story of catching me and Connie in her 
bathroom last Fall.  "And what were we doing ?"  I ask.  The way I heard it 
she was blowing you.  "Well ?"  He asks.  I mumble something stupid and he 
goes on with, "Debby says that some of your workouts end up rather 
spectacularly, like foursomes in Jeff's hot tub.  I'd do just about anything 
to get in on that shit but Terry is dead set against it."  I ask if he has 
ever talked to Terry about it and he mumbles some bullshit about not being 
able to talk to her any more.  I mention that it might be a good idea if he 
did, after all didn't Debby's ex dump her because she was not exactly 
enthusiastic about sex.  He changed the subject kind of and said he had heard 
that Gill, Debby's ex, was seeing her again and that maybe I might want to 
cool it a bit.  I told him that I had heard that rumor also.

    After we ring off I get to thinking that the world is beginning to pass me 
by.  But I quickly forget that idea, remembering that just last weekend I 
fucked and sucked all night with three high school girls - life can't be 
moving all that fast !!  Just after six that evening, Terry calls.  I'm 
initially a bit hesitant about talking to her after what happened last weekend 
and after my conversation with her husband.  She senses this and is rather 
hesitant to bring up any sensitive subjects, like how close I came to fucking 
her.  She finally blurts out that she would like a ride to the get together 
this weekend.  "You think that's a good idea ?"  I ask.  She didn't see 
anything wrong with it.  I asked if Jack knew she was going to ask me for a 
ride.  "No, what does he need to know for ?"  She asks.  "Ok !"  I said and 
went on to tell her what time I would pick her up.

                             *** CHAPTER FOUR ***

    We are half way to Joyce and Jeff's when Terry says she heard that this 
was going to be a wild get together.  "And just what does that mean ?"  I ask.  
She continues, "Well, I heard that Jeff and Joyce are going to try to get 
everyone in the hot tub."

    "I'm assuming that we'll all be nude."  She nods her head and I continued.  
"Is that why you dressed in that sexy outfit ?"  She was wearing a very large 
"T" shirt that fell all the way to mid thigh, if it were Joyce instead of 
Terry you might think she was nude underneath or maybe just wearing panties.  
She laughed and said that what she was wearing was not sexy and I said that I 
found it very sexy trying to decide if she was wearing anything underneath.  
She blushed and pulled the "T" shirt to her waist to show me her shorts.  I 
was positive though that she wasn't wearing a bra as her tits were moving all 
over the inside of her "T" shirt as she walked from the car to Jeff and 
Joyce's front door.

    I always arrive at these things late and this was no exception.  Everyone 
is well into the booze when I drop off a bottle of wine in the kitchen and 
join them all on the patio.  I have never met Debby's ex, Gill, but do now.  
He's got that look on his face that says, "I know you're fucking my wife but 
don't flaunt it, asshole."  I had no intention of doing so.  Debby comes up to 
us as we're talking about new construction on the strip, my favorite subject, 
and asks if we have met.  There is a strained silence until he leaves to get 
another beer or whatever.  Debby tells me that they might try to get back 
together and that maybe we shouldn't see each other for a while.  I say 
something inane like, "Well, it was fun while it lasted."  She giggles and 
tells me it sure was.

    Joyce runs out from the kitchen, yelling something back through the door 
and asks me if I brought any of that dynamite weed that I always seem to have.  
I give her a couple of joints and wander out onto the lawn.  She follows me 
and asks me if I'll take care of Terry if everything gets a little wild.  I 
ask her if I'm invited back and she says she doesn't think that would be a 
good idea.  I tell her that's cool and she turns and enters the house.  To my 
knowledge the group has never done any dope at these get togethers; I'm pretty 
sure that Joyce is just trying to lower everyone's inhibitions.  Well, it 
usually works for me !  After finishing a smoke I move back into the house and 
find everyone in the kitchen passing around one of my joints.  Terry is the 
only one not partaking.  I tap her on the shoulder and tell her that she will 
soon have a very difficult time being part of the group if she's not stoned.  
She laughs and says, "I think this is pretty advanced for me."  I couldn't 
agree more.  I take a couple of hits of the passing joints and just listen to 
the varied, stoned conversations going on.  I try to imagine the parings after 
Terry and I leave;  Joyce is hanging all over Gill, so that leaves Tom with 
Debby and Jeff doing Jenny.  I know Jeff is hot for Debby at least he always 
seems to be when I bring her over here.  I wonder if he has fucked Jenny 
before, probably.  Jeff is one of those ass bandits that you would never 

    Terry taps me on the shoulder and asks if we can go outside.  Sure, why 
not.  Once on the lawn she sits down and asks if I have another joint.  Once 
again I answer in the affirmative and soon we are passing one between us.  
It's awfully quiet inside; I figure that maybe they are pairing off in the 
bedrooms or maybe having a blow job contest.  I start laughing insanely.  
Terry joins me although I'm sure she has no idea what I'm laughing about.  
Terry asks if it's ok if we leave.  I get up off the grass and help her to her 
feet.  As we are walking back to the house, Joyce backs out the sliding glass 
doors without a stitch on.  Following her is Gill, equally naked.  He is not a 
big man but carries a big stick.  From where I was standing I figured about 
eight or nine inches, sticking straight out from his groin, right towards 
Joyce's dark haired twat.  He notices us; Terry is staring at his cock.  He 
flexes it for her or Joyce, what difference does it make.  Joyce turns and, 
embarrassed, tries to cover herself.  I don't know what for; I have fucked her 
as many times as I have fucked anyone.  "Oh !  Shit, we thought you left."  I 
tell her that we were just heading that way and say we'll use the back gate.

                             *** CHAPTER FIVE ***

    It's very quiet on the way to Terry's.  I'm pretty baked and fantasizing 
about watching Gill fuck the shit out of Joyce.  I can almost see him pounding 
that monster in and out of her doggie style - God !  Does she love it doggie 
style.  Terry brings me out of my fantasy with, "What's this for ?"  She is 
holding up a bottle of love oil or whatever it's called.  I come back to the 
present, remembering that Joyce asked me to bring some along with the dope.  
So that's what I tell Terry.  I pull into her driveway.

    "You want to come in for a while ?"  I just stare at her.  Right now all I 
want to do is head back to Joyce's and get my share of the fucking that is 
bound to be happening by now.  "We could sit in the hot tub and have our own 
party.  Do you have any more dope ?"  I'm about to say something profound, I'm 
sure, when she finishes with, "I promise that it won't end like the last 

    "You sure ?"  Not really sure myself what I am asking.

    "I'm positive on both counts; I want you to come in for a while and I 
promise it won't end like the last time."  With that she gets out of the car 
and heads for the front door.  I follow.  She turns as we enter and asks if I 
brought the oil as that might be fun.  I allow that I haven't and head back to 
the car.  When I get back she is nowhere to be seen.  I call her name.  She 
yells that she is changing and tells me to turn on the hot tub.  I wander out 
and get things started.  I'm sitting on the edge of the hot tub when she makes 
her entrance.  She's wearing a short white terry cloth bath robe, carrying a 
bottle of wine and two glasses and while passing a pool chair grabs the 
mattress padding and drags it toward the hot tub.  "Sitting on the pool deck 
always makes my ass itch."  She laughs and continues with, "Well, are you 
going in dressed or what ?"  

    I stand and pull my shirt off over my head and ask her if she's going to 
wear her robe in the hot tub.  She stands and drops the robe.  She is wearing 
the tiniest, white string bikini.  The top, barely covering her breasts; one 
of her nipples sticking out the side of one of the cups.  The bottom is 
equally small allowing her dark pubic hair to escape from all sides of the 
triangle supposedly covering her twat.  I can see the string from the bottom 
of the triangle disappear between her cunt lips.  She turns and asks, "Is this 
good enough to start with ?"  Her ass is totally bare; I can see the string 
reappear from between the cheeks of her ass and attach to the waist string.  
She turns and watches me pull my shorts and underwear off.  I'm sporting a 
pretty good semi and flex it a bit - it bobs up and down.  "You look 
relieved."  She laughs, "After seeing Gil, I wasn't so sure I could go through 
with this."

    I move toward her and she turns to face me, putting her hands on my 
shoulders.  I reach out and pinch the nipple that has escaped from her top, 
rolling it between my fingers.  With my other hand, I reach behind her and 
untie the top, throwing it on the pool deck.  I lean forward and suck one 
nipple, then the other into my mouth.  Her breathing is coming in quick 
bursts.  I drop my hands to her ass cheeks, to squeeze and knead them, slowly 
licking toward her navel.  I'm half squatting before her with my tongue buried 
in her belly button when she squeaks out, "I have to sit down."  Her legs are 
visibly shaking as she sits on the mattress at the edge of the hot tub.  I go 
to my knees and start to lick the top of her thighs which are almost hairless.  
She squeaks again, "Take them off."  I shake my head no and push her back on 
her elbows.  I slowly put her feet one at a time on the edge of the tile and 
pull her knees apart.  The string leading to the back of her bottoms is really 
buried deep in between her cunt lips, totally invisible in all the dark pubic 
hair that is growing between her legs.  I take a hold of the bottom of the 
triangle covering her mons, right where the string disappears between her lips 
and wiggle it back and forth.  Her head snaps back and she lets out a very 
loud moan.  I wiggle it some more with the same result.  I lean down and chew 
on the bottom of the triangle while wiggling the string a bit and she cums - 
loud and long.  "Aaaah, Gooooooood !"  I couldn't tell if it was God or good.

    I pull the string to one side, making sure I pull one of her cunt lips 
with it and bury my face in her crotch.  She is slippery wet and in less than 
a minute cums again.  Her hands are in my hair, her hips grinding her crotch 
against my face.  "Ooooooh !  God, don't stoooop. Aaaaaah.....Ooooh !  I lift 
her legs to my shoulders and fold her over as I lay above her, "Put it in, 
Terry."  Both of her hands reach between us and guide my cock into her cunt.  
I start pumping before she lets go of my cock capturing her hands between us.  
She finally gets her arms around me and at this point I'm not sure who is 
fucking who as she meets every one of my thrusts.  Every time I fill her she 
lets out a great breath and then sucks in the next one.  I can hear our bodies 
slapping together above her breathing.  Her nails are digging into the flesh 
of my back and then she is screaming, "God, I'm cuming again ! More ! More ! 
Aaaah...Aaah...Aaaahh !  She slowly stops her bucking.  I still haven't cum 
but am real close.  "Wana go for four, Terry ?"  She starts bucking again and 
I take that for a yes and start pounding my cock in and out of her like a jack 
hammer.  She didn't make it but I did, pumping a huge load of seamen into her 
cunt.  I could feel it leaking out of her around my cock as I slowed down and 
got off of her.  Her cunt was spread wide open, the string and part of the 
triangle soaked in seamen.  I could see cum dribbling down between the crack 
of her ass and onto the mattress.  This type of fuck only comes along every 
once and a while.  I felt guilty that Jack missed it.

    I pushed off to the other side of the hot tub.  She slowly raised herself 
to a sitting position.  "Jesus, do you do that every time ?"  "What ?  I 
answered.  I found a joint in my pocket and lit it.  "You know what."  She was 
insisting.  I passed her the joint, she took a big drag and held it out to me.
I started laughing, she still had her bottoms on.  "What are you laughing
at ?"  I told her that she still had her bottoms on and she quickly stripped 
them off and threw them at me.  I threw them back, tossed the joint on the 
tile and was on top of her again.  I kissed her and said, "I didn't even kiss 
you."  "Who needs kisses," she returned.  We kissed for a few minutes and then 
she rolled me onto my back, slowly moving her tongue toward my crotch.  My 
cock started to get hard.  Her hand reached it first, her fingers running 
through my pubic hair and finally circling my hardon.  She pumped it slowly at 
first, her tongue still near my navel.  I put one hand on her head and pushed 
it toward my cock.  She slips into the water and kneels between my legs, 
looking up at me.  "Don't say anything, Terry, just suck it."  She licked her 
lips, placed them over the head of my dick and sucked.  God, I thought she was 
going to suck the head of my cock off.  I grabbed her by the hair and pulled 
her off of my dick.  "Just open you mouth, lover."  I pushed her head back to 
my cock.  "A little wider....that's good, now all lips and tongue."  I started 
to pump my cock in and out of her mouth.  Soon she picks up her own rhythm and 
has her head bobbing in my lap - at this rate I won't last long.  "Look at me, 
Terry."  She cocked her head so that she could stare into my face, her eyes 
wide.  "I love watching my cock sliding in and out of your mouth.  Faster, 
honey."  She increases the speed of her head and I get ready to blow a load in 
her mouth.  Here it comes.  One, two, three spurts of cum.  Her head snaps up 
from my crotch and as cum dribbles out of her mouth, she asks me, "What do I 
do now ?"  I pull her to me and kiss her; whispering, "Swallow it or spit it 

    We take a cat nap for who knows how long.  I don't bother looking for my 
watch.  I'm sitting on the side of the hot tub when I feel a hand on my back.  
"Can we do it again ?"  I'm not sure I can but figure it's worth the try.  I 
grab the bottle of oil and squirt some on her tits and stomach.  She takes the 
bottle from me and squirts a lot into my crotch.  "Looks like he's going to 
need a lot of work."  She laughs.  We are getting carried away with the oil 
it's all over us and the mattress.  Terry is pumping my cock like a mad woman, 
egging me on with, "Come on, honey, I need to get fucked again."  Hearing her 
begging to get fucked does the trick - she knows it and I know it.  She keeps 
saying it, "Come on, lover, I need some hard cock.  Come on, baby, I gotta get 
fucked again.  Come on, stud, fuck me.  Fuck me, lover.  Fuck me, lover."  I'm 
there, at least hard enough to get into her.  I stand and pull her up with me, 
turn her around and tell her to bend over.  I squirt lots of oil on her ass 
and rub it into her cunt, place my dick against her lips and push.  I slide up 
the crack of her ass.  She laughs.  I replace my cock and miss again.  She 
turns around, sits on the tile and sucks me into her mouth.  Every few strokes 
she comes off of me and says something like, "I want to get fucked." or "Fuck 
me."  Her eyes remain open staring into my face.  I'm much harder now and 
again pull her to her feet.  She turns on her own and bends over.  I'm in her, 
fucking her like crazy; really pounding her.  She's making little whimpering 
sounds and really slapping her ass back to meet my thrusts.  I spread the 
cheeks of her ass and watch her asshole pucker as I pound my cock in and out 
of her.  I can't resist it and slide a finger into her anus.  The passage is 
slippery and now I'm fucking her cunt with my cock and her asshole with my 
finger.  Terry is much louder now; moans and groans coming between, "Yea !  
that's it fuck me....harder....fuck me harder."  I'm going crazy with lust, 
pull out of her cunt and put the head on her anus.  One push and I'm half way 
in.  Her head comes up and she yells, "God, you're in my ass."  I bury it 
further and rasp out, "Yea, I'm going to fuck your ass, Terry, you'll love 
it."  I'm really pounding now.  She's still yelling "Fuck me," and such but 
mostly moaning and groaning.  I'm real close and then it's upon me.  I don't 
think I pumped much into her but my orgasm seemed to last forever.  She 
finally screamed out her orgasm as I was grinding my shrinking dick in her 
clenching anus.

    I pull her back into my lap and we remain silent, floating in the hot tub.  
The sky is starting to get light.  She breaks the silence with, "I'm going to 
ask you once more, do you do that every time ?"  "Every time I get the 
chance," is the only answer I can think of.  God, I hope Jack isn't horny when 
he gets home.

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