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Subject: Love Lessons (Chap 1)
From: el mano <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 15:30:04 -0500

WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual 
encounters of an adult nature between a young man and his sister.  If 
you are under 18, or descriptions of acts of incest offend you, then 
READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of fiction.  Any relation to real or 
imagined incidents or to people still alive or now dead is purely 

Love Lessons

Chapter One

I think I have always been in love with women.  Young girls in 
particular.  I don't know, maybe I am one of those over sexed 
individuals you hear about.  I understand that there is a treatment for 
this now, but not when my sisters and I were growing up.  My father died 
when I was very young and my mother was forced to raise my two sisters 
Fran and Jenny and I by herself.  She never did remarry and worked long 
hours all her life.  She was a good mom.

I think I first started thinking about sex when I was about 5 or 6.  
Fran was 2 years older than me and Jenny didn't come along until I was 
7.  I tried to mess around with Fran when the urge would hit but she was 
always reluctant.  I would have to spend hours pleading just to get a 
"peek."  I did finally talk her into letting me finger her pussy from 
time to time and she eventually would fondle my already large dick, but 
it was always a struggle.

When Jenny was born, I remember wondering what she would be like.  When 
she turned 5, I found out!  I was 12 by that time and quite well 
endowed.  Not bragging mind you, but I already had six inches dangling 
down there.  I used to notice my friends sneaking a peek in the showers 
after gym class.  I was getting regular erections when I could get Fran 
to play with it but really knew nothing about sex or masturbation or 
cumming yet.  Enough about me...  Jenny was a beautiful little girl from 
the word go.  At age 5 she had blue eyes, thick blond hair which she 
wore in a typical bobbed with bangs little girl fashion, and a slim 
little body with the usual baby fat in places.

I had to work up the courage to ask her the first time since I had so 
much trouble in the past getting Fran to cooperate.  Finally one day I 
asked her how she would feel about taking her pants down for me.  To my 
great surprise she smiled, pulled up her sun dress and pulled down her 
little Mickey Mouse cotton panties right then and there.  I was stunned! 
 She was nothing like Fran.  There she was standing in front of me 
showing me her pretty pussy without a bit of coaxing.  I knelt down for 
a better look and she giggled.  I reached out to touch her, but she 
pulled down her dress, pinched her knees together and backed up a step 
smiling and giggling all the time.  She already knew how to tease.  I 
told her that if she would let me touch her little pussy, that I would 
give her a big surprise.  Slowly she nodded her pretty head and raised 
up her dress again.  Her little panties were still at her knees.  She 
moved closer.  Gently I touched her little mound using the backs of my 
first three fingers.  At first she pulled away but then allowed me to 
press a little harder against her.  I then rolled my hand over and 
cupped her tiny puss with my three fingers since that is all the wider 
she was down there.  I began to rub her gently and I swear I think I 
felt her lean into my hand a little bit.  I place my other hand up 
behind her firm little butt to steady her.  She just stood there looking 
down at my hand with a little look of wonder on her pretty face.  I 
think she really liked it.  Later she would tell me she did.  Her knees 
were still together so I pulled my hand away for a second and licked my 
fingers.  When I went back to rubbing her she gave a quick inhale of 
breath when she felt my cool wet touch.  Finally it was time for the big 
test.  Slowly I extended my middle finger as I continued to massage her 
cunty.  Gradually I slipped it in between her firm little girl pussy 
lips until I could feel her soft inner lips.  Again she hissed in a 
breath as I made contact with her undeveloped clit.  Ever so slowly she 
began to spread her thighs just a tiny bit and this time I know she 
pressed harder against my hand.  She moaned softly and placed her hand 
on my shoulder.  I asked her how this felt.  She looked me straight in 
the face with her shining blue eyes and said please keep rubbing, it 
feels wonderful.  I was in heaven!!!

I also by this time had a raging hardon.  I took my hand away from 
Jenny's warm little mound and stood up.  She whimpered, "Why are you 
stopping?"  I said, "Because I said I would give you a surprise, 
remember?"  "Yes", she said.  "Can I have it now?"  "Sure", I said, 
"since you are such a good little girl and I love you."  "Where is my 
surprise?", she said.  "Right here", I said as I began to unzip my 
jeans.  Out popped my pecker and almost bopped her on the forehead.  "Oh 
Wow!" Jenny squealed at the sight of her surprise.  "It's so BIG!", she 
said and to my great joy, she reached right out and took it in her warm 
little hand.  That was sure a surprise to me.  I groaned and beamed down 
at my beautiful little sister.  "This is my dick", I told her, "and you 
may play with it whenever you want." "All you have to do is ask, OK", I 
asked her?  "Sure", she said, "this is neat!"  "How do I play with it?", 
she asked.  "I'll show you", I told her.  I showed her how to move her 
hand up and down the shaft and how to squeeze gently now and then.  As I 
said earlier, I knew nothing at the time about jerking off, this just 
kinda felt natural.  I told her that if she reached further into my 
pants she could feel my balls, but to be careful and not to squeeze them 
too tightly.  In went her curious little hand and gently she caressed by 
throbbing balls.

Over the next few months, Jenny became more and more used to being 
touched by me and touching me in return.  My inventive sex raging mind 
began to dream up games we could play together.  Do you suppose all kids 
think of playing doctor?  I sure did, and Jenny was a most willing 

In the afternoons after school, Jenny, now 7 years old, and I would go 
outside to "play".  Usually into my "examination room", the garage.  I 
had set up a small table that Jenny could lie down on.  My examinations 
brought both of us great pleasure as we explored our young bodies.  
Another thing that entered my mind early on was how neat it would be to 
place something up inside my sister.  When I was little, Mom would take 
my temperature rectally so I thought a thermometer would be fun.  While 
exploring each other, Jenny and I quickly discovered that she had two 
holes where I had just one.  We both wondered what her second hole was 
for since we both knew what our ass holes did.  I managed to find Mom's 
thermometer and so besides our regular touching and rubbing I now began 
to insert "tools" into Jenny's pussy.  The first time it was the trusty 
thermometer which I had been pushing all the way up her ass for awhile 
now.  Jenny was lying on my table completely naked.   I raised her knees 
up and spread her little legs wide apart.  I was looking straight into 
her little cunny and it was "winking" at me .  I asked her if she could 
make it wink and she tried.  It worked, when she would push down, her 
little hole would close up tight, then when she relaxed it would open up 
about the diameter of a pencil.  I told her to relax her muscles and as 
her little vagina opened, I very carefully slid the rectal thermometer 
about one inch into her.  I asked her what it felt like and she said it 
kinda tickled a little and felt cool inside her.  Gently I pressed 
another inch of the glass rod into my sister.  She began to squirm a 
little and tried to bring her knees together.  I asked if I was hurting 
her and she said no but that if felt strange.  "Does it feel good?", I 
asked.  She said it felt pretty good particularly when I moved it 
around.  I slowly withdrew the thermometer about an inch and then pushed 
it back into her, this time a little farther.  Jenny sighed.  I 
continued to fuck her with the glass rod, slowly in and out, in and out, 
a little deeper with each stroke until I had the whole thing inside her. 
 I noticed that as I did this Jenny's little hips began to move in time 
with my probing.  Her breathing also began to keep time to my "fucking". 
 I was really getting off on this so I stopped for a moment to pull out 
my dick.  "Stroke me" I told her, which she did as I resumed with the 
thermometer now and again rotating it in small circles.  I got an 
immediate reaction out of my little sister.  As I swirled the 
thermometer in her pussy, she began to press against my hand.  At the 
same time I could feel her hot little hand rubbing my swollen prick.  
She was unconsciously yielding to her natural instincts, undeveloped as 
they were at 7.  Finally we decided to stop and I removed the glass rod 
from here pussy.  In the following weeks I would go on to insert other 
small objects into my sister.  With some allowance money I bought a 
second rectal thermometer which she seemed to like best.  Next afternoon 
I had Jenny on her hands and knees on the table.  It was a beautiful 
sight; her young back arched and her little ass up in the air with her 
legs slightly spread.  She looked back at me over her shoulder as I 
pushed the first thermometer into her relaxed pussy hole.  Then I took 
the second glass rod and pressed it against her rubbery little ass.  She 
giggled and sighed as I eased it all the way into her.  I asked her if 
she was ready and she smiled over her shoulder at me and said she was.  
Slowly I began to withdraw the rod in her pussy while pushing in further 
with the one in her ass.  Then I would pull the ass rod out while 
pushing the first thermometer deep into her young cunt.  In and out went 
the two rods as jenny dropped down onto her elbows with a deep moan of 
pleasure.  Her little hips began to rock from side to side on the 
plunging rods.  I stepped to the side of the table so I could see her 
face as I began to wiggle the rods quickly from side to side as well as 
in and out.  Jenny had what appeared to be a look of pain on her 
beautiful face.  I asked her if she wanted me to stop.  "No, don't 
stop", she panted.  "Can I play with your dick?" she asked, She unzipped 
my pants and pulled out my cock while I continued to fuck her with the 
thermometers.  Her ass was really moving around now and she was making 
little grunts and sighs in time to my fucking.  She began to pump hard 
on my cock with her hand.  I suggested she spit on her hand to lube it 
up some.  She did this and soon I was getting a funny tingly feeling in 
my gut and balls.  I felt kind of like I really had to pee only much 
better.  It scared me though since I didn't want to pee right there on 
the garage floor.  I asked her to stop rubbing me and withdrew the small 
fuck rods from her holes.  I asked her if she liked having instruments 
in her holes and she told me that it was great and lets do it again.  I 
needed to give my throbbing cock a break so we quite for the afternoon. 
 That night in bed I thought for a long time about that strange new 
feeling I had felt.  I decided that I had probably just had to pee real 
bad and didn't know it before we started playing.  I thought no more 
about it.

My mother taught English at the local community college during the day 
and some nights to support us so I, being the oldest (now 14 going on 
20) had to babysit Jenny.  Fran, by the way, had gone off to boarding 
school.  Jenny and I would therefore come home to an empty house after 
school.  We would strip down as soon as we got home and spend the 
afternoons naked around the house.  We would take baths together 
regularly so we got completely relaxed about our sex games.  We would 
rub each other and I had begun to use one finger to fuck Jenny's sweet 
little ass.  I tried once to push my finger into her other hole but it 
hurt her too much so I stopped.  I would finger fuck her ass with my 
middle finger and rub her little slit with my thumb.  This sent her 
wild.  I had discovered that Vaseline was wonderful stuff and began to 
coat my finger with it for deeper penetration into her tight bung hole. 
 She would cover my cock with the stuff to make her stroking easier.  We 
both loved it.  One afternoon the thought came through my head, "I 
wonder what it would feel like to rub my dick against her little pussy 
lips?"  I shared this thought with Jenny and she said she thought it 
might be OK.  We went to my bedroom and she hopped up on my bed and lay 
back; her now longer blond hair spread out on the pillow.  What a sight! 
 I spread her legs slightly and began to rub her pussy, already slick 
with Vaseline.  She sighed and pressed herself against my hand like she 
always did.  She really liked my touch.  I slid a finger in between her 
outer pussy lips and rubbed her young clitty.  She moaned with pleasure 
and began to hump my exploring finger.  When I took my hand away she 
continued to move her hips up and down for a minute.  Finally she 
dropped her butt to the mattress with a sigh.  I crawled up onto the bed 
and straddled her hips kneeling above her.  "Ready?", I asked.  "Yes", 
she said smiling.  Slowly I lowered my now aching dick toward her young 
hairless mound.  As the head of my cock made contact with her pussy 
flesh, we both let out a gasp.  I lowered my cock further between her 
legs.  She was so warm down there.  I had never felt anything so great. 
 Jenny moaned with pleasure her eyes were shining as she looked up at 
her big brother.  Immediately she locked her legs closed squeezing my 
cock against her pussy lips and began to move her pussy up and down 
along my shaft.  "God, this feels good!", I said.  Jenny panted, "If it 
feels good to you, just think how good it feels to me!"  That's all I 
needed to hear.  I started to move my cock up and down between her young 
thighs, fucking her pussy with out penetrating her.  Her little ass 
began to move faster as she fucked me back.  I looked down and marveled 
at the sight of my hard cock moving over Jenny's hairless pussy so 
smooth and hot and in and out between her legs.  This was the best thing 
I had ever done I thought at the time.  I could feel my cock head 
touching her pussy lips and following the contours between her legs.  
All of a sudden I felt that feeling return.  I was scared because I 
might pee on my sister but I couldn't stop my "little girl fuckin".  It 
just felt too good.  Also Jenny was fucking me back as fast as I was 
fucking her.  The feeling got stronger and I felt my young balls begin 
to swell with pressure.  I started to shake all over as the feeling 
started to feel like a giant "sneeze" in my loins.  Jenny saw the 
slightly distressed look on my face and asked if I was OK.  Yes I 
grunted as I closed my eyes.  I stopped my humping abruptly as my ass 
cheeks tightened and my cock head swelled.  Jenny continued to hump up 
and down on my dick and was still moving when with a cry my hot cum 
discharged in between her legs.  My butt jerked in time with the shots 
of cum.   "What was that?", she said as she felt my hot load spray 
between her legs.  "I don't know", I gasped!  I pulled my dick up from 
between her legs and my last spurt of cum landed on her young belly.  
"Wow" she said as she reached down to her tummy and then slid her hand 
between her thighs.  "It's so hot and sticky."  "Yeah", I said.  "Stroke 
my cock for a minute", I told her.  She pulled her cum covered little 
hand from between her legs and began to expertly milk the last drops 
from my throbbing erection.  I groaned with extreme pleasure after my 
first orgasm.  My hand went back down between her legs and I began to 
rub her cum soaked little pussy. I ran one sticky finger in and out of 
her tight ass for a minute and then stopped as  Jenny smiled and 
stretched her young body.  She said I could do that again anytime.  She 
said she really loved the feel of my hot dick rubbing her down there.  
It was much better than fingers and that hot sticky stuff was really 

Although we had no real idea what we were doing we both knew we would do 
it again.  Soon we were fucking almost every day after school and I 
started visiting Jenny's room at night after my mother was in bed.  
Mom's room was upstairs and we were downstairs.  We had to be kinda 
quiet in our play but we managed to pleasure ourselves anyway.  We tried 
different positions.  Jenny would get on top sometimes.  We would lie 
side by side.  I would press my cock between her legs from behind as we 
lay like "spoons".  One night we both fell asleep after fucking.  Next 
thing I knew the sun was up and Jenny was lying there curled up asleep 
in front of me, my dick still between her legs.  I can't remember 
feeling happier, but we did have to get up fast before Mom caught us.  
Once or twice the angle of our humping would cause the head of my cock 
to press against Jenn'y vaginal opening.  When this happened she would 
gasp a little then shift her ass so as to ease the pressure.  She told 
me it hurt a little when that happened but it was exciting somehow.  We 
spent many a wonderful hour with each other.

This is the end of chapter one.  Chapter two is in my head and partially 
"on paper".  Stay tuned...

Love Lessons

Chapter 2 - Part 1

Jenny turned 10 that fall and it was now my turn to be shipped off to 
school.  Mom wanted all of us to have a good education.  The first few 
weeks in the all boys school were hard for me.  I missed Jenny a lot and 
turned to masturbation to quell the raging urges in my guts.  Jenny 
wrote to me every week for awhile and would casually mention what fun we 
had had last summer and how much she missed it.  Then without warning, 
her letters stopped.  Being an all boys school, sex was discussed 
between us students quite a bit as we were all pretty horny.  It was 
early on that year that I learned that what Jenny and I had been doing 
for years was called incest.  The practice is heavily frowned upon by 
most people, I learned, and it is also illegal.  I was shocked!  All of 
the great stuff Jenny and I had been doing to each other was against the 
law.  How could this be?  The more I learned about incest, the more I 
started to feel guilty.  Then one day fear hit my heart as I guessed 
that the reason Jenny's letters had stopped was because either she had 
discovered that what we were doing was considered wrong, or worse still 
that she had told someone about it.  When I went home for summer 
vacation that year, I found that Jenny was acting very withdrawn and 
distant.  I was confused and scared and did not want to approach her 
either.  Also being summer now, our Mom was off for vacation as well.  
We did family stuff for the summer and I returned to school without so 
much as talking to Jenny about our lost love.  The next year at school 
was a little easier and I began to hear about a few things that boys and 
girls could do with each other.  I continued to masturbate a lot and 
while I handled myself I always returned to thoughts of Jenny's lovely 
little body.  By the time the next summer vacation rolled around, I was 
determined to at least talk to my sister about what the problem was.

Upon my arrival home for the summer,  I discovered that my mother had 
taken a summer school teaching position and would not be home during 
week days.  Fran, who had been home the summer before, had gone off to 
Outward Bound for a month.  It was now or never.  Jenny in the last two 
years had grown into a lovely nubile young 12 year old.  Her legs had 
gotten long as had her golden blond hair which she now wore most of the 
time in a pony tail which hung to her waist.  Her pretty face had lost 
some of the "little girl" look as well.  She had developed a cute little 
ridge of freckles across her nose which tended to accent her still 
sparkling sky blue eyes.  She had a nice trim little figure with a proud 
little ass.  Her breasts had yet to ripen though one could just make out 
two slight bumps when she wore a tight tank top.  Finally I was able to 
work up the nerve to approach her one morning after mom had gone to 
work.  "Can I talk to you for a minute, Jen?", I asked her.  "OK", she 
answered shyly.  I came right out and asked her if she had been upset 
with me for some reason and why she had stopped writing me so long ago. 
 Had I hurt her somehow?  To my surprise she burst into tears, ran to me 
and hugged me hard around the waist.  "Oh no!", she sobbed.  "I thought 
that you were mad or displeased with me.", she said.  She went on to 
tell me that at the time, she had just joined her school cheer leading 
team and had been so busy with practice and homework that she had simply 
forgotten to write.  Then when she didn't hear from me, she thought that 
maybe I had gotten another girl friend or something.  I was so relieved, 
I could have kissed her right then and there, but I didn't.  Not yet!

I placed my hands on either side of her pretty face and told her that  
"No, I did not have a girl friend and that I still loved her very much." 
 Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked up at her older brother.  "Can we 
play doctor again then?", she asked, smiling shyly.  I told her that I 
had learned some new stuff from my friends at school that I am sure she 
would like.  She then told me that a lot of her older girl friends 
talked about sex and screwing and sucking and would I explain what these 
things were.  I rubbed my hand behind here pretty head and said I would 
be happy to.  I said, "I will give you love lessons."  "Can we start 
now?" she asked...

"Let's go to my room", I said.  I took her by the hand and led her into 
my bedroom.  Without my asking she began to unbutton the light cotton 
shirt she was wearing.  "Wait!", I said.  "What's wrong?", she asked.  I 
explained that nothing was wrong, but that if I was going to be her 
teacher, then she would have to wait and do as I say.  "Alright", she 
said pouting a little.  "Have you been kissed by a boy yet?", I asked.  
She said she had not.  I sat on the edge of my bed and had her step in 
between my knees.  Her sweet face was at just the right height.  I 
explained that there was kissing and then there was french kissing and 
that we would do both.  "When I say, I want you to tip your head 
slightly to the right and kiss me on the lips, OK?"  "OK", she said.  
"Go ahead", I told her.  Slowly she moved her lips to mine.  As she got 
closer, I could just make out the smell of bubble gum on her sweet 
breath.  Her soft pink lips touched mine and instantly sent and electric 
shock from my mouth to my balls.  She had closed her eyes when she 
kissed me.  As she pulled back she opened them and smiled.  "Was that 
OK?", she asked.  "That was just fine", I said, slightly breathless.  
Next I told her that I wanted her to do the same thing again but this 
time, when our lips touched I wanted her to open her mouth and suck on 
my mouth lightly.  "Is this a french kiss?" she asked.  "Yes", I 
explained, "and there is more but that part will come naturally."   
"Just put your mouth on mine and think wonderful thoughts."  "Go ahead", 
I told her.  Hesitantly she leaned forward again.  This time I placed my 
hand behind her head and gently guided her to me.  As she was told to do 
when our mouths met she parted her young lips.  Again I got the most 
incredible sensation running through me.  As we began to gently suck 
each others mouths, I could taste her sweetness.  I applied a bit more 
pressure behind her head and then pressed my tongue between her lips and 
teeth and into her young mouth.  Surprised, her eyes shot open as she 
pulled back against my restraining hand.  I held her mouth against mine 
and began to gently explore the inside of her teeth with my tongue 
sucking her mouth a little harder.
Slowly her eyes closed again and I felt her relax and lean against me on 
the bed.  Her hands which had been at her side came up around my neck as 
she gently hugged me to her.  I could hear her breathing get faster and 
could feel her young tongue begin to toy with mine in her mouth.  Her 
young body was responding to built in but not yet realized instincts as 
she started to return my kissing, hungerally sucking on my mouth.  I 
darted my tongue in and out of her mouth and as far down her throat as 
it would reach.  She began to suck my tongue each time it went deep into 
her little mouth.  I almost came on the spot.  Just the thought of 
tonguing my 12 year old sisters young mouth sent my mind reeling with 
pleasure.  We continued to kiss for several minutes, our hungry mouths 
locked together.  When I pulled back from her she was panting lightly.  
Her eyes flickered, then opened.  "Whew!", she said fanning her flushed 
face.  "I never thought kissing could be like that."  It excited me to 
no end to see that she had been turned on as much as I had.  "I think 
further "studies' are in order."

For the next lesson I told her we needed to get cleaned up and I told 
her that I wanted to see her undress for me once more.  I said that we 
would then take a shower together.  She giggled with excitement.  "OK" 
she said.  I turned on the bed and had her move into the center of the 
room.  "I want you to slowly undress for me." , I said.  "Start with 
your pretty blouse; unbutton it slowly, please."  She crossed her legs 
shyly and began to unbutton her shirt as I had told her.  I could feel 
my already hot cock begin to swell as I watched her undress sexily for 
me.  As she opened her shirt to reveal her little training bra, she 
beamed with pride.  "That's a very pretty sight", I told her.  She 
blushed a bit.  She removed her shirt and dropped it to the floor at her 
feet.  "Now your jeans", I said.  She unzipped her pants and began to 
wriggle out of their tight hold on her slender frame.  Down they came.  
She stepped out of them and kicked them away from her.  Her young body 
was even more splendid than I had imagined.  She had lost most but not 
all of her baby fat. She was wearing a pair of stripped cotton bikini 
panties which showed off her tight little butt and also gave me a 
preview of her puffy little pubic mound.  I wondered what I would see 
there.  In the mean time,  I had removed my shirt.  I was really getting 
hot watching my young sister strip for me.  I began to play with myself 
through my pants.  She saw me doing this and smiled brightly.  I asked 
her to take of her bra next.  As she reached behind her to undo the 
clasp she arched her back and pushed her chest and tummy toward me.  I 
rubbed myself all the harder.  As the training bra fell free, I was 
delighted to see just the beginnings of two tiny pink cones rising from 
her chest.  God, they looked tasty.  I imagined how it would feel to 
flick my tongue over their tiny nipples and in an effort to make them 
harder.  "Come over here now Jen", I said.  She walked over to me on the 
bed.  I want you to turn around so I can see your little ass.  She 
stepped closer and then turned, her hands at her side.  I placed my 
hands on her legs just below her panties and slid them up her warm hips 
marveling at the firm but soft flesh beneath my touch.  When I reached 
the waist of her panties, I hooked them with my thumbs and drew them in 
one move down to her ankles.  She smiled as she looked around and down 
at me.  I sat back up and quickly placed my hand sideways on her thigh 
between her little ass cheeks.  I pushed between her legs and in so 
doing felt her hot little girl cunt against the back of my thumb.  I 
rubbed her lightly for a minute as I told her how pretty I though she 
had become.  I peeked around her waist to see her little pussy.  I 
thrilled to see that she still had no pubic hair at all.  Just nice 
puffy pussy lips with no sign of her inner lips showing between her 
legs.  She moved to my touch and squeezed my hand with her firm young 
thighs.  "You feel so good", she said in a soft voice.  "I have missed 
your touch."  I withdrew my hand, turned her around, pulled her naked 
little body to me and once again kissed her full on the mouth.  She need 
no coaching this time and right away began to kiss back, her tongue 
finding it's way into my mouth and flicking against my tongue and teeth. 
I could feel her young cones against my bare chest.  I ran my hands over 
her little ass and gently squeezed her tight buns.  At this she squealed 
with delight.    She tasted and smelled so great.  I pulled her back and 
said, "let's take that shower together."  "I can't wait", she said.


Love Lessons

Chapter 2 - Part 2

I told Jenny to go ahead and start her shower and that I would join her 
shortly.  I watched with pleasure as she walked toward the door, her 
young naked body so perfect and small.  My mind was racing with thoughts 
of what I was going to teach her today.  There were so many things I 
wanted to do with my young sister.  I had to remind myself that I should 
proceed slowly so as not to hurt or frighten Jenny.  She was trying to 
act "grown up" but she was still a 12 year old girl.  A beautiful, 
willing 12 year old girl.

I heard the shower door open, the water come on and the door close.  I 
got up from the bed and pulled off my jeans and jockey shorts.  As I 
walked toward the sounds of splashing water coming from my bathroom my 
now 9 inch cock was pointing the way.  I could see Jenny's little body 
through the steamed up shower door as I entered the bathroom.  She was 
waiting for me I knew so I opened the door and stepped into the steamy 
little room.  Jenny stepped close to me and put her arms around my waist 
pushing herself against me.  My now fully erect dick was pressed against 
her lower chest,  the head just between her little nubile titties.  
Jenny had grown taller in the past two years and the top of her blond 
head came to within six inches of my shoulders.  At first she smiled up 
at me but then with a curious little look she backed away just a bit and 
looked down at my erect cock at her chest.  She glanced back at me and 
said, "It's gotten bigger, hasn't it?"  "Yes", I said and you've grown 
too into a beautiful girl.  She beamed her brightest smile at me, her 
long wet blond hair hanging down her back.  "I'm going to bathe you now 
like I used to when you were little.", I told her.  I got the bar of 
soap and soaped my hands well.  With Jen still facing me I started from 
her shoulders and ran my soapy hands down her small back to her lovely 
tight little ass.  When I got there I pulled her close and began to 
kneed her butt cheeks slowly and rhythmically.  I would spread her wide 
and then press her cheeks back together.  Occasionally I would allow my 
soapy fingers to stray into her crack to dance over her rubbery little 
ass hole.  Jenny wrapped her little arms around my waist pressing me to 
her and mashing my hard cock against her chest.  The warm water played 
of both of us as I continued to massage my sister's firm butt.  She just 
stood still against me sighing softly and letting me do what I wanted 
with her.  I soaped my hands again, brought them to her shoulders and 
turned her around.  I pulled her back against my hard dick as I gently 
ran my hands down to her little breast cones.  Although they were not 
yet ripe, they sent shivers through Jenny as my fingers played over 
them, flicking and lightly pinching.  I could feel her titties getting 
firmer with my touch.  Jenny began to breathe harder now and I could 
tell she was getting into this.  My hands continued there trip "south" 
over her soft firm tummy until I felt the bulge of her hairless pubic 
mound.  I had to bend my knees slightly to reach her young pussy better. 
 This brought my stiff prick between the crack of her ass.  Jenny 
immediately pressed herself against my cock, moving her narrow hips from 
side to side enjoying the feel of my hardness against her young ass.  I 
told her to stop moving and let me do the work for now.  Softly I rubbed 
my middle finger up and down her pussy slit taking care not to enter.  
This brought moans of pleasure from my sister.  I continued my rubbing, 
up and down, up and down.  As Jenny began unconsciously to move her 
little hips again I knelt down, turned her sideways to me and moved my 
left hand behind her young ass.  I kept rubbing her puffy pussy  and 
fingering her slit with my right hand while with my left I began doing 
the same to her butt.  Up and down, up and down.  Slowly I began to move 
both hands between her legs.  Jenny cooperated by spreading her legs 
slightly.  As my hands met between her thighs, I stiffened my two middle 
fingers and as I drew them outward, I pressed them into both her cracks. 
 My right finger pressed gently against her vaginal opening while my 
left pushed ever so slightly into her tight little butt hole.  Jenny 
squealed and had to grab my shoulders to steady herself.  I asked if I 
was hurting her.  "No, not at all", she breathed.  "Don't stop", she 
insisted.  Gently I began to rotated my fingers around both her openings 
occasionally withdrawing my fingers to run out to the ends of both her 
cracks and then back in to meet and fondle.  I suspected Jenny was still 
a virgin so I was very careful not to enter her at this time.  I wanted 
her to be sure she noticed my slight pressure against her pussy hole so 
as I pressed against her I asked how she felt.  Jenny responded shyly 
that she remembered that years ago, when I tried to put my fingers in 
that hole, it had hurt.  I told her that later I was going to slide my 
finger up there when she was ready.  "It might hurt a little but I will 
go slowly and gently", I told her.  "You will like it", I said, "you 
will like it!"  "We'll wait "til after our shower, OK?", I asked.  "OK", 
she said pensively.  "Don't worry", I said and went back to my work on 
her ass and pussy. Soon she relaxed and got back into the flow of things 
moving her little hips in response to my fondling.  I moved my right 
hand out from between her legs and cupped her firm little cunt mound 
with three fingers.  Even though she had grown, her pussy was still 
small and sweet.  I pushed my center finger between her tight outer 
pussy lips and probed around in the area of her little love button.  I 
guess I found it because all of a sudden a shiver went through Jenny.  
She sucked in a breath and pushed herself hard against my probing 
finger.  I told her to spread her legs a little and brought a second 
finger into play.  With two fingers I started working her little clit in 
gentle a gentle circular motion.  Jenny's little ass really started to 
move now.  I delighted at her faster breathing and small whimpers.  
Occasionally I would run one finger back to her vagina and gently push. 
 Jen gave a short gasp each time and I would quickly return to her 
little clit.  All the while with my left hand I kept one finger buried 
just to the first knuckle in her tight little anus.  I would wiggle this 
finger in time with my work on her clit.  I had a feeling I would have 
no trouble getting her off later.  After a few more minutes I stopped 
and stood up.  Jenny took a deep breath and then gave a long sigh of 
pleasure.  "More for you later", I said, "It's my turn now."  "I want 
you to wash my cock", I said.  I watched as she stood naked before me in 
the shower soaping her hands.  Smiling up at me she gently took my 
throbbing member in both her little hands.  Her fingers would not quite 
reach all the way around my shaft.  She began to slowly pump me as I had 
taught her to do years ago.  "Be sure to get my balls", I told her as my 
ass cheeks flexed in ecstasy.  She continued her stroking with her left 
hand and with her right she cupped my hairy scrotum.  She raised my cock 
shaft up and pumped as she began to gently kneed my balls.  From time to 
time she would slip her hand back between my legs and I would spread a 
little for her.  "It's OK if you want to play with my ass hole", I told 
her.  "Neat", she said smiling up at me.  She knelt on the shower floor 
in front of me.  Still pumping my cock slowly I could feel her 
inquisitive little fingers begin to explore my anal opening as her hand 
made its way between my thighs.  "Move your hand around behind", I said, 
"like I did for you".  She obeyed, never once letting up on her hand 
pumping my swollen dick.  I could feel myself beginning to get close as 
I gazed down at my sweet wet little sister stroking my cock.  "That 
feels so nice" I told her.  "Now Jen, I want you to stick a finger up my 
ass."  "Won't that hurt?" she asked.  "No" I grunted, trying to control 
my rising orgasm, "go ahead, it will be OK."  I felt her little hand go 
to my opening and then slowly she wiggled one finger up my ass hole.  
God, I thought I would cum on the spot, but somehow I managed to 
maintain control.  "Move it around some" , I said as my knees began to 
shake.  I have to grab the towel bar to support myself.  Now my hips 
started to move to my little sisters rhythm.  I didn't want to let her 
get control just yet so after a minute of her fingering me I said, "I 
think you better stop."  "Why?" she asked, "am I doing something wrong?" 
 "No", you're doing just fine, I just don't want the white sticky stuff 
to come out yet.  Remember that?", I asked.  "Oh yes", she said, "I like 
the sticky stuff squirting on me, can't we make it come out now, 
Please?"  "No", I said, "Some things are worth waiting for and I have a 
lot more to teach you."  "Oh, OK", she pouted playfully.  "Let's get out 
now and dry off", I said.  I bent down and kissed her once lightly, then 
we turned off the water and got out of the shower.  We toweled each 
other dry, and while Jenny used a blow dryer on her long blond hair, I 
went into the bedroom to prepare.


Love Lessons

Chapter 2 - Part 3

Jenny had finished in the shower and now walked naked toward me on the 
bed.  What a sight she was; long combed golden hair and shining blue 
eyes.  My gaze wandered from my sister's lovely face to her trim little 
body.  She had not yet filled out but had lost most of her baby fat.  
She had pink little breast cones just barely showing but which had 
proven to be tender and sensitive when I had fondled them in the shower. 
 I could not help but lock my eyes on her small but puffy hairless 
pussy.  It was so small and perfect.  I thrilled to the thoughts of what 
I had planned to teach my 12 year old sister.  After our experiences in 
the shower earlier, I knew she was both willing and ready.

I sat on the edge of the bed in front of the open closet door.  There 
was a full length mirror on the back of the door which was open at such 
an angle that I could watch as my sister learned.  "Come stand in front 
of me, Jenn", I said.  She moved in front of me.  I could see a perfect 
profile of her in the mirror, flat tummy, pert little ass sticking out, 
and long blond hair down her back.  "You told me earlier that some of 
your older girl friends had talked about blow jobs and eating pussy.  
Would you like to learn about that now?"  "Well", she said kinda 
sheepishly, "from what they were saying, it sounded sort of gross!"  "Oh 
no", I said, "it's not gross at all.  In fact I think it's one of the 
best parts.  Would you try it if I showed you how, I haven't steered you 
wrong yet have I?"  "No", she said somewhat hesitantly, "I guess not.  
What do I have to do?", she asked.  "First I want you to kneel down in 
front of me."  She did this and then placed her hands on my knees.  
"That's just fine", I said as I slowly stood before her.  She moved her 
hands around behind my knees.  Her little mouth looked so inviting and 
was just at the right height.  She still had a curious little look on 
her face.  My cock, although not fully erect was beginning to rise as I 
thought of plunging it into my sisters virgin mouth.  I had to remind 
myself to go slowly and not frighten her.  "OK, Jenn, I want you to put 
my dick in your mouth."  "I dunno", she said frowning a little.  "Go 
ahead, it'll be alright", I assured her.  "I promise you that you will 
like the taste.  Would your big brother lie to you?"  "No", she said, 
"but..."  "Put it in your mouth, Jenn.", I said a little sterner this 
time.  She reached up with a hand to hold me and then gave the head of 
my cock two quick licks.  "Like that?", she said drawing away slightly. 
 "Here", I said, "take your hands away and open your mouth wide.  I 
promise not to hurt you."  Reluctantly she did as she was told, dropped 
her hands to her sides and opened her mouth just a little.  I grasped my 
cock with one hand and the other I used behind her head to gently guide 
her mouth to my waiting organ.  As the head of my dick made contact with 
her partially opened lips, she tried to turn her head to the side.  
"Hold still!", I said,  "and open your mouth wider!"  She got a slightly 
frightened look on her face but I was determined to proceed.  Eventually 
I knew my little girl would be loving this.  As her mouth opened wider I 
quickly pushed just the head of my cock between her lips and part way 
into her virgin little mouth.  She gave a muffled moan through her nose 
and tried to speak around my cock but it was filling her too much.  
"Shhhhhhhh", I said softly as I removed my hand from my cock shaft and 
smoothed her blond hair back off her forehead.  "You see, that's not so 
bad is it?"  "Umm, Umm", she said shaking her pretty head side to side. 
 "OK, now open up just a little bit more, I want to put more of my dick 
in your mouth.  You want me to feel good too don't you?"  "Umm, Umm", 
she said this time moving her head up and down.  As she opened wider I 
brought her head forward pressing her young mouth down over the swollen 
head of my cock.  Her blue eyes scrunched shut as I felt her little 
teeth pass over my cock head and then down the shaft.  God, how hot and 
tight her mouth was!  I could feel her little tongue on the bottom of my 
shaft soft and warm.  As I felt my dick head hit the back of her mouth 
her eyes popped open and she began to gag.  I pulled back a bit.  "You 
OK?", I asked her.  She blinked her eyes a couple of times and gave a 
tentative little nod of her head.  "OK, here's the program.  As I pull 
my cock out of your mouth, I want you to suck on it like you are trying 
to suck it back in.  When I start back into your mouth, I want you to 
open real wide like you just did." "Understand?"  You might gag a little 
at first but if you practice relaxing your throat as my dick hits the 
back of your mouth, soon the gagging will stop.  OK?"  Again she nodded. 
 "I promise you Jenn, you are going to like this, it just takes 
practice."  "Here we go", I told her.   She closed her eyes as I slid my 
cock the rest of the way out of her mouth.  "Don't forget to suck", I 
said.  I could hear little sucking noises as air escaped between my cock 
meat and her lips.  Holy shit, what a mouth!  I pulled almost all the 
way out of her mouth and as I began to push her little blond head back 
onto me she opened nice and wide.  I placed my hands on either side of 
her lovely face and gently pulled her forward onto me again.  I stroked 
gently in and out, fucking her young mouth, watching in the mirror.  
What a sight, watching my swollen cock go in and out of my little 
sister's mouth.  "I'm going to let you take over now Jenn", I told her. 
 "I'm going to take my hands away and sit back on the edge of the bed 
and I want you to keep sucking on me just like you're doing, OK?"  I sat 
back and she leaned forward, took my cock in one little hand and kept 
right on with her work.  Up and down her little blond head bobbed 
between my legs.  Her mouth was incredible!  "OK, I said, "Now I want 
you to lick the shaft of my cock just like a big popsicle."  She pulled 
her head back and out of her mouth came my dick with a little popping 
sound.  Right away she began to lick the length of my shaft.  If I 
hadn't known better, I would have sworn she had done this many times 
before.  "Now lick the head", I said "use your tongue to go round and 
round the head."  When she did this I almost died.  God, she was great 
at this.  Without prompting she sucked her mouth back down on me.  My 
head went back with a groan.  I had completely forgotten about the 
mirror.  I lay back on the bed, my 12 year old sister in control.  She 
pulled my dick out of her mouth and looked at me across my stomach.  
"How am I doing?" she smiled.  "Wonderful!" was all I could say.  She 
kept sucking and licking.  Up and down went her head between my legs.  
Now and then she would look me in the eyes as she licked the length of 
my 9 inch cock.  "Now I want you to lick my balls", I said rather 
breathlessly.  "Like this?" she said as she raised my cock shaft and her 
little pink tongue darted over my balls.  "Oh God!", I panted slamming 
my head back on the bed.  She giggled as she licked.  Then without 
warning she sucked one of my swollen balls into her mouth.  She sucked 
it for awhile then did the same to my other gonad.  Her hand went up my 
ass crack like I had taught her in the shower and I could feel her 
trying to push a finger up my ass.  I could feel the cum start to rise 
in my belly.  "Wait!", I said a little too loudly.  "What?", she said 
startled. "Take your hands away for a minute and listen", I said.  "I 
have another lesson to teach you."  She sat back on her haunches on the 
floor and I sat up on the edge of the bed again, a little dizzy.  
"Remember the sticky white stuff?" I asked her.  "Yeah", she said 
smiling.  "Well, it's called cum", I said.  "When it comes out it's 
called "cumming'."  "Neat!" she said.  "Because of all of the wonderful 
things you have been doing with your mouth and tongue, I am almost ready 
to cum."  "Cool" she said.  "This time, instead of cumming on your pussy 
and belly like we used to do, I want to cum in your mouth."  That same 
look was back on her face.  "Did you enjoy the feel of my cock in your 
mouth like I said you would?", I asked.  "Yeah" she said, "It felt 
pretty good after awhile."  "OK, then will you believe me when I say 
you'll like the taste of cum in your mouth?"  She thought for a minute. 
 "I guess so", she said.  "OK then", I said.  "I want you to begin 
sucking me like before.  You can lick and stroke my cock shaft if you 
want to but when I say "NOW', I want you to suck my cock as far back 
into your throat as you can.  It will start to swell a little just 
before I cum.  When you feel me swelling in your mouth, start sucking 
harder and be ready to swallow the cum when it shoots into your throat. 
 Understand?"  "I guess so she said.  What's it gonna taste like?" she 
asked.  "I've never tasted it but I hear it is a little salty but 
tangy." "Ready?", I asked.  "OK, I guess", she said.  Hesitantly she 
began to suck me.  It was as if she had never stopped as her hot wet 
mouth worked up and down on my shaft.  I tried to watch in the mirror 
but my eyes kept closing.  She moved a little slower this time, I think 
she was a little scared of what was to come.  "Go a little faster", I 
said.  She picked up speed a bit and sucked on me harder.  Again I heard 
the sucking noises as my dick passed in and out of my little sisters 
warm mouth.  I put one hand behind her head and guided my cock in and 
out of her.  Steering her head from side to side at times.  I felt my 
balls start to swell and that feeling like a big sneeze in my gut began 
to grow.  "I'm getting close, Jenn", I gasped.  As she looked up at me, 
she kept moving her head up and down on me.  All of a sudden I could 
feel my balls tighten and my cock head swell to bursting.  "NOW!!!" I 
shouted as I grabbed her head and pushed her further onto my cock.  She 
made some gagging noises and dug her fingers into my thighs.  "Gmmm, 
Gmmm, Gmmm" she croaked through her nose as my hot load began to fire 
down her young throat.  Again and again I launched into her waves of hot 
burning cum juice.  She began to struggle a bit because she couldn't 
breathe around my cock with all the cum going down her throat.  So hard 
did I put it to her that she could not swallow it all.  Cum began to 
squirt from around her young lips and some even came out of one nostril. 
 Her eyes looked at me in mild panic as the storm in my loins began to 
subside.  As I released her head, she backed away gasping and coughing. 
 "Why did you hold me?" she said angrily.  "I couldn't breathe" she 
said.  "I couldn't help myself" , I tried to explain.  Still she looked 
mad.  "Don't be angry Jenn", I pleaded.  "That was my first time too."  
"It was?" she said a slight smile returning to her lips.  "Yeah", I 
said.  "I guess we both need practice", I said with a grin.  "Yeah, I 
guess so" she admitted.  "Anyway, It is your turn next.  You're really 
going to like what I am going to show you now.  "As long as you don't 
try to ram your dick down my throat again!" she said with a little anger 
back in her voice.  "As a special treat this afternoon, I have a movie 
called "Deep throat' that I want you to see parts of.  It will show you 
how to better handle a cock in your throat.  Then maybe some time we can 
practice again."  "I dunno"....  Maybe", she said with just the hint of 
a smile.  "OK, well, we'll do that later.  


Love Lessons

Chapter 2 - Part 4

I patted the bed beside me and said, "Come sit on the bed with me, 
Jenn."  She crawled up beside me.  I hugged her to me and kissed her 
gently.  "I am sorry if I scared you earlier", I said.  "That's OK", she 
said.  "I really like your showing me all this neat stuff", she said.  I 
told her that I was having a lot of fun too.  She leaned over and gave 
me a peck on the lips.  "Now I want to teach you about eating pussy", I 
said.  "What?" she said.  "I want to lick your sweet little pussy.  I 
want to taste you like you tasted me."  "Will this hurt?" she asked 
pensively.  "Nope", I said.  "You are really going to like this."  "Will 
you put your dick between my legs like you used to?" she asked.  "No, 
not yet.  I think maybe we will wait until tomorrow for that.  I have a 
very special day planned for us tomorrow up at the scout cabin."  "Oh 
goody!" she said, "I can't wait.  I like the cabin in the mountains."  
"Well, we'll worry about that in the morning, right now we have work to 
do."  "When you were sucking me, did you feel your pussy getting warmer? 
 Did it feel like it was getting wet at all?"  "Maybe a little", she 
said.  "I did put my hand down there just before all the cum came out 
into my mouth and it was kinda gooey."  "That means that you were 
beginning to get hot.", I told her.  "Oh", she said somewhat perplexed. 
 "I am going to try to make you really hot." I said.  "While we're 
sitting here start rubbing my cock."  She grasped me with a little hand 
and began to slowly kneed my member.  At once I began to get hard.  I 
put my hand on her leg beside me and ran it up until I was touching her 
pussy lips.  She smiled up at me and said she liked this part.  I told 
her to swing her legs up on the bed as I stood beside her.  She let go 
of my  cock and ooched her little butt up into the middle of the bed.  
"You look beautiful", I told her and was rewarded with a sweet warm 
smile.  Her perfect little body was laid out before me; thick blond hair 
spread out on the dark blue bed spread beneath her head.  I leaned over 
to pull a pillow out and as I did I kissed her.  Her sweet young lips 
opened for me and I slip my tongue into her mouth.  She began to kiss me 
back right away; her little tongue dueling with mine.  Between kisses, I 
asked her to begin stroking me again and to continue to do that whenever 
she could reach my cock and not to stop until she was told.  I went back 
to her young mouth, darting my tongue in and out of her, dancing the tip 
over her teeth and flicking her tongue when I could catch it.  She 
tasted so sweet and smelled so fresh and clean after her shower.  Her 
little mouth was alive against mine.  She kissed me with a passion that 
was surprising for a 12 year old.  I think she was still warm from her 
cock sucking.  She would squeeze my cock like I had instructed her to do 
when she wasn't distracted by our continued kissing.  I reached down 
with one hand and rubbed it across her tender little breasts.  Gently I 
pinched one and then the other causing her to groan with pleasure.  As I 
pinched and fondled her little cones, she responded by sucking my mouth 
and tongue with increased fervor.  Her hot little mouth danced over my 
mouth and face.  Her tongue flicked in and out of my mouth as she 
pressed her sweet young lips to mine.  Reluctantly I pulled my lips from 
hers.  She whimpered a little at this so I touched a finger to her lips 
and said, "Shhhhh, here comes the good part."  She sucked on the tip of 
my finger and beamed her sweetest smile at me.  My heart melted and my 
cock throbbed.  Slowly I began to kiss her young tender body.  Starting 
with her face, I kissed her eyelids, cheeks and chin, working my way 
down to her neck.  I nuzzled behind her ear as she turned her head to 
one side.  I could smell the sweet scent of her thick blond hair.  Next 
I kissed her throat all the time I continued to fondle her young tits.  
First one, then the other, pinching and rubbing.  Finally my mouth 
arrived at her little cones.  So tiny and pink they were.  I licked one 
and kissed the very tip.  I tried to suck it into my mouth.  Then I 
moved to the other.  Licking and sucking.  Jenn began to squirm under my 
probing sucking mouth.  Her hand pressure on my cock increased as she 
began to breathe deeper.  I could tell she was really into this.  I 
licked my way down her firm tummy.  As I reached her little pubic mound, 
Jenny giggled and letting go of my cock, clamped her hands between her 
thighs covering her pussy.  "What's wrong?", I asked her.  "It tickles", 
she said still giggling.  "Just lay back and think good thoughts" , I 
said.  "In a minute you won't notice any tickling or if you do, you 
won't want it to stop."  I gently took her wrists and moved her hands 
away so I could get to her pussy.  Still standing beside the bed I 
leaned down and flicked my tongue up and down her little pussy slit.  
This drove her nuts.  Laughing out loud she wiggled her ass and tried to 
get her hands away from me.  I took her two wrists in my right hand and 
gently pressed my left arm across her thighs just above the knee.  I 
released her hands as I lightly laid across her tummy "pinning" her like 
a wrestler.  I now had full access to her tightly closed pussy and she 
could not reach over my back to cover herself.  She was still giggling 
as I leaned down and pressed my extended tongue between her little pussy 
lips.  She squeaked and bucked her hips and tried to reach over me.  I 
began to probe my tongue in and out of her tight pussy lips.  I could 
finally taste her slightly salty taste and smelled her little girl scent 
as my tongue came out of her.  In and out and up and down her little 
slit went my tongue.  Jenny moaned and squirmed and kept her legs 
pressed tightly together.  As I continued my licking her struggling 
began to grow less agressive and her hips started to move more 
rhymically.  Her breathing became calmer and I swear I could hear her 
purr.  After a minute more of tonguing her I rolled off and stood beside 
the bed looking down at her.  "How you doing?", I asked.  "You taste 
really good", I said.  She stretched and smiled and reached her hand 
down to feel her little cunt now wet with my saliva.  "That felt real 
good she said.  "Is that all?" she asked.  "Oh no little sister", I said 
as I climbed onto the foot of the bed.  "That's not all!"   I 
immediately went back to work on her before she cooled.  I began at one 
foot and kissed and licked my way up her right leg.  I could feel her 
muscles tense and quiver beneath her smooth warm skin.  When I got to 
her little slit, I gave her one firm lick that pushed my tongue into her 
enough that I could feel her inner labia with the tip.  She again 
squeaked and bucked.  I started down the other leg working my way to her 
ankle and then started back up.  This time I concentrated my kisses more 
to the inside of her legs switching from one leg to the other as I 
worked my way to that sweet little cunt.  As I kissed up her thighs, she 
began to moan and wiggle.  Ever so slowly her legs began to spread.  I 
stopped my progress upward and licked and sucked on her inner thighs as 
they parted.  Now her breathing was really becoming heavy.  She moved 
her hands down to her lower belly and started rubbing her tummy.  Her 
little hips began to move in a natural humping motion.  I moved up again 
slowly.  As my face approached her little pussy, she spread her legs 
open for me.  She groaned with pleasure as she felt my hot breath on her 
juvenile hairless pussy.  I could feel her warm female moisture on my 
face and I breathed in a deep breath of her cunt scent.  I laid down on 
the bed between her open legs and gently spread them enough so I could 
get my mouth fully on her.  Gently I kissed her there and began to suck 
on her pussy lips.  She groaned and cooed and moved her hips in time to 
my sucking.  My head was filled with her pussy smells and the taste of 
her was amazing.  As I gazed upward over her pubic mound I could see my 
sweet little sister writhing with pleasure, Soon I began to lick her 
inner pussy lips and suck gently on the entrance to her vagina.  I 
lapped at her like a dog from time to time which sent  waves of shivers 
up and down her young body.  Her ass was really moving around now and 
she began to fuck my face.  I concentrated my sucking on her little 
nubile clitoris and was rewarded by her placing her hands on the back of 
my head and pressing my face harder against her pussy, her hips 
writhing, chasing my leaping tongue.  I dog lapped her a couple of times 
and then pulled back.  "OHHHHHH....." she moaned.  "Why are you 
stopping?"  "Be still", I said as I raised her little ass off the 
mattress and placed the pillow beneath it.  I laid back down between her 
legs.  I kissed her pussy and then after licking and sucking some more I 
began to work a finger around and around her clit.  Jenny's head lay 
back and she began to moan again softly.  She wasn't very wet, but then 
again she was only twelve.  My mind raced ahead to tomorrow and thoughts 
of some of the "oily" fun I had planned for us.  I continued to lick my 
finger but now I moved down and played around at her front door.  At the 
same time I went back to sucking on her clit and licking her pussy all 
over.  Jenny was humping and wiggling and didn't notice at first that I 
was slowly pushing one finger into her tight little cunt entrance and 
then back out to keep swirling around her inner lips.  Each time I went 
in a little bit deeper.  Finally I stopped licking  but continued to 
move my finger gently in and out of her.  Jenney finally noticed my 
finger fucking when I had gotten to the second knuckle.  "Is that your 
finger in me?" she asked startled.  "Yes I said.  I am inside you.  Does 
it hurt at all?"  She said it didn't and reached a hand down to feel the 
part of my finger still outside of her.  "Wow" she said, "this is neat." 
 "Take your hand away and enjoy it", I said. "There's more!"  I resumed 
my finger fucking inching in a little more each time.  As I licked her 
pussy crack, I marveled at what I was doing.  I was actuall finger 
fucking my 12 year old sister and she was loving it.  I moved my finger 
in tight little circles now as I pressed on.  Jenny began to hump my 
hand and grunt.  I think she was starting to get off.  I now had my 
finger almost all the way into her tight pussy.  Her cunt would "suck" 
on my finger as I withrew it and I could feel her tight little cunt 
muscles contract and hug my finger as I went into her.  Finally I felt 
the resistance that I knew to be her hymen.  I didn't want to take her 
with my finger so I pushed no further.  At one point I pulled my finger 
out of her and proping myself up on an elbow so I could see Jenny's 
pretty face I spit on both my thumb and middle finger.  I reached back 
down and at first I just cupped her pussy mound squeezing her puffy 
pussy lips.  Then at the same time I pushed my thumb up into her pussy 
as far as it would reach and wiggled my finger into her rubbery little 
asshole.  The expression on her face was worth the price of gold.  Her 
eyes flew wide open and as she stared at me she gave a low grunt.  "Does 
it hurt?" I asked.  "A little she said in a gasp."  "Lie still" I told 
her.  "Your little ass hole will get used to my finger being inside.  
"OK" she gasped again.  I held my hand still for a minute and I could 
feel her cunt and ass muscles spasming around the intrusions of my thumb 
and finger.  I leaned down and licked her some more to take her mind off 
my hand in her.  Her hip and leg muscles began to relax a bit.  I looked 
up from my licking and said to Jenny, "Did you know I have my thumb all 
the way inside your pussy now."  "I feel kinda full down there" she said 
 "But it feels really good."  She then said, "earlier when you were 
moving your finger in and out, I got a kind of scarry feeling in my 
belly and I felt hot and tingly all over.  What was that", she asked?  I 
gave her another lick and said, "you were starting to cum my sweet 
little sister."  "Let's see if we can get you back there and beyond.  
When you feel that feeling again, think sexy thoughts like when my cock 
was in your mouth.  Remember how warm and hard it was against your 
tongue.  Don't be affraid.  Just relax and let your body contol your 
actions.  I'll be here to help. OK?"  "Uh huh", she said.  "I think I 
understand."  "You'll be fine, you'll see."  Right away I started moving 
my thumb out of her pussy and then back in.  I pressed the finger in her 
ass up toward her womb so I cold feel my thumb moving inside her through 
the thin dividing tissues.  Jenny at once began to shiver all over and 
she again started humping against my hand.  I pulled my finger out of 
her ass hole and ran it back in to the hilt.  She grunted and groaned 
with pleasure.  With both thumb and finger I fucked and fucked on my 
little sister as she writhed and squirmed.  I rubbed the heal of my hand 
down against her love button area and "bolling ball" fucked her.. In and 
out.. In and out.. In and out.  She began to pant and said breathlessly, 
"Oh..Oh No... I feel it.  I feel it again.  I'm scared.  Ohhhh Gnnnnn 
Ohhhhh Hmmmm!!!!"  "Think of my hard cock in your mouth, I said.  "Don't 
be scared, you're cumming.  It feels great to cum."  I increased the 
speed of my hand job, alternating between finger and thumb.  One in one 
out...One in one out.  All of a sudden Jenny began to gasp for air like 
a drowning woman.  Her hips bucked against my hand so hard I could 
barely stay in her.  I felt her begin to shake all over and her little 
pussy got so tight it practically cut the circulation off in my thumb.  
Her little ass muscles at the same time contracted and actually "shit" 
my finger right out of her.  Jenny screamed out loud as her ass went 
wild.  I kept thumbing her tight pussy as best I could but I could 
barely move it in there.  With a final cry and a heave of her hips she 
came.  Now I could feel just a little hot young girl pussy juice run out 
of her onto my hand.  A little urine leaked out too with the force of 
her first orgasm.  I continued to fuck her pussy slowly with my thumb.  
I now heard little squishy sounds coming from down there and I smiled.  
I had given my little sister her very first major orgasm.  She would 
only have one better and I planned to give that to her tomorrow.  Jenny 
now slumped on the bed, curled up into a little ball on her side and 
purred like a kitten.  I bent forward and kissed her hip and the leaned 
down and gave her a warm kiss on the mouth.  Neither of us said anything 
just then.  Jenny smiled at me and fell into a gentle sleep, her 
breathing relaxed and slow.  I lay down and curled up behind her young 
body for a short nap and fell asleep with her sweet scent filling my 

It was just after noon when I awoke to find my Jenny still sleeping 
softly on her back next to me.  I reached over and placed my hand 
lightly on her pussy.  I began to gently rub her down there letting a 
finger stray into her still moist slit.  I rubbed her for a few minutes 
until she began to stir.  As her eyes flickered open I pushed my finger 
up into her.  She smiled her sweet little smile and rolled toward me.  
We kissed for a minute, my finger still inside her moist little cunt.  
As I pulled out of her she asked with a sly little smile, "When is my 
next lesson, teacher?" "I want you to watch parts of that movie I told 
you about", I said.  "Oh.. OK" she said reluctantly.   "Just a few short 
sections and then I will let you practice a little.  We don't want Mom 
to come home and catch us and we will need to rest up for tomorrow at 
the scout cabin."  "Oh yeah", she said, remembering my earlier promise. 
 "The cabin sounds like an adventure" she said.  "For you it will be" , 
I promised.  I popped the tape into the VCR and we settled back on the 
bed propped up on pillows beside each other.  I fast forwarded to some 
of the pertinent parts.  As we watched the heroine being instructed how 
to "relax her muscles" and swallow a cock deep into her throat, Jenny 
said "Wow, how can she do that?  Do you think I can learn to do that?  
Wouldn't you like me to do that to you?" she asked me.  "Yes" , I told 
her, "but you might just not be big enough in a few places to do that.  
We'll just have to see.  I wouldn't want to hurt you, Jenny."  She said 
that after what I did for her with my tongue and fingers that she wanted 
very much to please me too.  As we watched the tape further Jenny took 
hold of my flaccid member and began to rhythmically squeeze and stroke 
me.  Then she turned around on the bed and took my swelling cock in her 
warm little mouth.  Slowly at first she sucked me in and out of her hot 
mouth.  Then she began to lick my shaft like I had taught her.  Soon all 
nine inches were standing proud.  Jenn got up on her hands and knees 
between my spread legs and tried to work my cock back into her little 
throat.  I tried to keep from jamming my hips up to meet her as she 
opened her mouth as wide as she could.  She pressed her open little 
mouth down using her head and shoulders for leverage.  I felt my cock 
head slide between her teeth and over her tongue until I hit the back of 
her throat.  Jenny gagged a little and pulled back off my cock.  She 
smiled and shrugged her pretty little shoulders but before I could tell 
her that it was alright and not to worry about it she was on me again.  
 This time she pushed harder and I felt my cock head enter her tight 
little throat.  She had about one third of me in her mouth now and I 
could feel her gag reflex begin again.  "Don't pull all the way back", I 
instructed.  "Pull off a little and then go back down.  Your throat 
should expand to take more of me in."  She obeyed as her little blond 
head came up and then went back down again harder still.  I groaned as 
she took more than half of my nine inches into her young mouth and 
throat.  She did not gag this time.  Up came her head sucking as she 
went right out so just the head of my cock was between her lips.  She 
looked me in the eye this time as her head went back down.  She had put 
her hands under my butt and I could feel her pulling up on me for 
leverage.  She continued to look at me until only about two inches of 
cock shaft remained between her lips and my pubic hair, then she 
scrunched her eyes closed and pushed down hard.  Never had I felt 
anything so tight.  I grunted repeatedly as I thought my cock shaft 
would bend in the middle.  To my wonder I watched as the last of my 
thick shaft disappeared into my 12 year old sisters open mouth and I 
felt her chin hit my balls.  When she came back up for air the next 
time, we were both smiling.  "That was wonderful!" I beamed.  Come up 
here my little love."  Giggling she crawled and slid her supple body up 
mine and lay full on top of me with my pleasured member pressed hard 
against her soft tummy.  "When will you put your "you know' against my 
puss puss?" she asked in her best little girl voice.  "Tomorrow", I 
said.  "Tomorrow at the scout cabin on the mountain just like I 


Subject: Love Lessons (Chap 3-1)
From: el mano <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 19:30:06 -0500

WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual 
encounters of an adult nature between a young man and his sister.  If 
you are under 18, or if descriptions of acts of incest offend you, then 
READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of fiction.  Any relation to real or 
imagined incidents or to people still alive or now dead is purely 

Love Lessons

Chapter 3 - Part 1

I got up early the next morning, head reeling with thoughts of what my 
sweet 12 year old sister, Jenny, and I had done yesterday afternoon.  I 
also was having heavily erotic thoughts of the day I had planned for us 
in the cabin.  I was in the kitchen when Jenny came down.  She looked so 
sweet and fresh in her bathrobe.  She smiled as she approached me and 
then glanced back through the kitchen door.  "Is Mom up yet?" she asked. 
 "I don't think so", I said.  "Good", she said as she came to me and 
wrapped her arms around my waist looking up at me with the prettiest 
blue eyes you ever saw.  She had her thick long blond hair done up in a 
ponytail today which thrilled me to no end.  God! she was beautiful and 
I knew she would do anything to please me.  "Kiss me", she said melting 
my heart and stiffening my prick.  I had to bend down just a bit since 
the top of her head came to just below my shoulders.  As I leaned down 
she brought her partially opened pink young lips up to meet mine.  We 
kissed and held each other passionately for a long time.  Finally she 
pulled away and said that she really loved our day together yesterday.  
"I want to learn everything you can teach me today", she said.  She 
hugged my waist and cooed, "when can we leave for the cabin?  I wanna go 
right now."  All of a sudden we heard our mother coming down the back 
hall.  Quickly we separated and sat at the kitchen table as she walked 
in.  "Good morning you two", she said.  She glanced quizzically at Jenn 
and said, "my you look happy today young lady."  Jenny blushed and I 
knew what she was thinking.  To myself I muttered, "must be that 
"freshly fucked' look."  "What?", Mom asked.  "Oh nothing", I said, 
"just thinking out loud."   Our Mom told us that she was sorry but that 
she had a late class this evening and we would therefore be on our own 
for dinner.  She expected to be home by around 10 PM.  Jenny and I 
glanced at each other, both smiled and said, "No problem."  "OK", she 
said, "Well, I'm off then.  You two be good and have a fun day.  I looks 
like it's going to be pretty out."  "Bye, Mom" we shouted as she was 
walking out of the back door.  As soon as she heard Mom's car pull out 
of the drive, Jenny jumped up and came around the table.  She reached 
between my legs and began to rub me through my jeans feeling my cock 
swell beneath her touch.  "Let's Goooooooo...", she said impatiently.  
"OK..OK", I laughed, "the stuff is already in the Jeep.  You go change 
into a nice summer dress and we'll head for the scout cabin on the 
mountain.  She ran out of the kitchen."

When Jenn was ready, we went out to my Jeep, hopped in and drove off 
into the warm June morning.  As we headed north toward the mountain road 
Jenny reached over and began to rub me through my pants.  "What are you 
gong to teach me today?", she asked innocently.  I told her that first 
we needed to review some of the things we had gone over yesterday and 
then we would get into some new stuff.  "Oh goodie!", she replied 
happily, still rubbing my prick bulge.  "Do you remember when you were 
little how you used to like it when I put things into your pussy?" I 
asked.  "What kinda things?" she asked.  "You remember the thermometers 
and playing doctor don't you?"  "Oh yeah", she said, "that was fun."  
"Well I have some new things we can try in that area", I told her, "and 
I'd like to try something I heard my friends call a "Mazola Party'."  
"What's a "Mazola Party'?", she asked.  "It's kind of like what we used 
to do with the Vaseline only all over.  I think you'll like it."  "Neat" 
she said, "does that mean you are going to touch my puss puss with your 
dick?"  "OH yeah!", I said, "I will definitely be doing that and then 
some." I said smiling at her.  At that she tipped her head to the side 
and gave my a curious little look.  "Don't worry", I said and patted her 
thigh.  While I had my hand there I began to rub her inner thigh and 
slowly moved my hand up toward her tender young pussy.  Jenny had done 
as I had asked earlier  and put on the prettiest little blue and white 
checked sun dress you ever saw.  I moved my hand up under the hem of her 
dress and began to slowly massage her puffy pussy mound through her 
little white cotton panties.  She smiled and sighed and sat back in the 
seat and let me fondle to my heart's content.  Needless to say the miles 
passed by quickly and soon I pulled into the entrance of a rutted 
mountain road closed to traffic by a sturdy gate with a big combination 
lock and chain.  I shut off the Jeep, got out and was happy to find that 
the combo was still the same.  The lock popped open first try.  I moved 
the Jeep through the gate then got back out and locked it tight.  Up the 
mountain we went.  The old road got worse as we progressed and soon I 
had to put the Jeep in four wheel drive to get through the worst muddy 
spots.  I smiled to myself as I thought that no one would be able to 
find us up here.  It was still only 9:30 AM.  I had practically 12 hours 
to spend teaching Jenny.  After about a half hour of steady climbing we 
began to reach the top.  The trees overhanging the road thinned and all 
of a sudden we emerged into a sunny clearing right on top of the 
mountain.  The old house was still there looking much like it had when 
it was built by my Boy Scout troop 8 years ago.  It was an old two story 
house with a big common room downstairs and a bunkroom above.  It was a 
perfect "class room", completely isolated and private.  No one up there 
except Jenny and me and the birds.  The birds were about to get an eye 
full!  "Here we are", I said as I brought the Jeep to a halt.  "I have 
to go to the bathroom", Jenny said.  "Just a minute", I said, "I have to 
get the kit out of the back and then I'll walk you down to the out 
house."  Jenny and I both climbed out and I went around to the back of 
the Jeep.  Jenny gave me a puzzled look as she saw me remove the large 
brown Sampsonite suitcase from the Jeep.  "What's in there?" she asked. 
 "You'll find out", I said, "just be patient."  I set the case next to 
the door of the cabin and taking my beautiful young sister by the hand 
we walked down the green grass slope toward the tree line some 20 yards 
distant.  As we walked in the sun I stretched my arm out and held Jenny 
away so I could feast my eyes on her loveliness.   The sun shone in her 
golden blond waist length pony tail and her blue eyes sparkled at me as 
she smiled.  "I'm going to make you a very happy little girl today", I 
told her.  "I know you will" she said and rolled into me to kiss me full 
on the mouth.  We almost fell to the ground but instead just stood there 
kissing for a couple of minutes.  Jenny pulled back, put her hand 
between her legs and hopped up and down like the little girl she was.  
"I gotta peeeeee...", she moaned.  "OK, there's the out house."  I 
pointed.  "Yuck!!" Jenny said as we approached the shabby shed.  We 
peeked into the door to see one old wooden toilet seat perched over a 
yawning black hole in a board shelf at the back of the small cubicle.  
Fortunately the odor had long since dissipated.  "I don't want to sit on 
that!" she said.  I had a thought.  "OK", I said, "I'll sit on the seat 
and you sit on me."  "and pee.." she asked?  "I think it might feel 
kinda neat, want to try it?" I asked her grinning.  "Well OK, if you 
want to."  I carefully checked around and under the old seat to be sure 
there wasn't a black widow spider going to crawl out and bite me on the 
balls.  Not seeing anything, I unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my 
jockies down to my ankles.  My cock sprang out in anticipation of where 
it was headed.  Jenny stepped up onto the threshold.  I took her by the 
waist and turned her around facing away from me.  I then pulled up her 
little sun dress and hooking her panties drew them smoothly down around 
her knees.  There again was that beautiful firm young ass in front of my 
face.  I gently kissed her on the butt.  This made her giggle.  She 
looked back at me and asked, "you sure you wanna do this?"  "Yes", I 
said, "now do what your teacher tells you.  Hoist up your dress and back 
toward me.  When I pick you up just spread your legs a little and I will 
set you down on top of me."  "OK", she peeped.  I took her by her slim 
waist and easily lifted her off her feet.  As I did I saw her spread her 
young legs.  I passed her pert little butt over my erect tool and gently 
lowered her down into my lap, my cock sticking up between her thighs.  I 
reached around in front of her and with my fingers I spread her outer 
pussy lips just enough so I could feel her warm moisture against the 
back of my cock shaft.  She squealed and wiggled her butt down into my 
lap.  "MMMM that feels good", I told her.  OK, now all you have to do is 
pee."  She turned to look back at me and said, "I don't know if I can 
like this."  "Give it a try", I prompted.  She turned away and I could 
tell she was trying to bear down.  I though I could feel something move 
down between her legs then all of a sudden a hot stream of urine came 
out of her.  It flowed over my swollen cock, and ran down my balls on 
either side of my sack to fall away into the outhouse hole.  "I guess I 
can", she giggled looking back at me again as more hot piss continued to 
flow over me.  I couldn't speak.  Having my 12 year old virgin sister 
pee with my hard cock pressed between her legs was one of the most 
erotic things that has ever happened to me.  It was a spur of the moment 
idea of mine and I still dream of it today.  I could feel her little 
pussy muscles milking out the last drops when she again turned and said 
she was done.  "I just hugged her to me and told her I loved her."  I 
reluctantly hoisted her hot little box off me and she stood outside the 
old outhouse waiting.  I decided that since I was covered with my 
sister's urine that I would just go ahead and remove my pants and 
shorts.  I then turned to Jenny and helped her to step out of her cotton 
undies.  She kept her pretty sun dress on as we walked together back up 
the hill.  As suddenly as the last idea came to me I had another.  I 
stopped and spun Jenny around by the hand.  She gave me a startled look 
as I knelt on the grass before her in the warm sunshine.  Without a word 
I lifted her sun dress and put my head up under it.  There I was in a 
little blue and white checked world face to face with the prettiest 
little hairless pussy I have ever seen.  I put my hands behind her ass 
and leaned forward to press my stiff  tongue between her puffy little 
pussy lips.  Jenny drew in a deep breath and placed her little hands on 
my shoulders.  She parted her legs slightly as my tongue again and again 
leapt into her warm little slit.  I licked and sucked that puffy 
hairless mound for what seemed like hours.  I could smell her scent and 
taste her little girl taste mixed with the salty tang of her urine.  
Jenny's hips began to move in time with my tonguing as she cooed softly 
in the sun.  I felt like pulling her down to the ground right then and 
there but resisted the first of many urges.  We had all day.


Subject: Love Lessons (Chap 3/2)
From: el mano <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 00:00:51 -0500

WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual 
encounters of an adult nature between a young man and his sister.  If 
you are under 18, or if descriptions of acts of incest offend you, then 
READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of fiction.  Any relation to real or 
imagined incidents or to people still alive or now dead is purely 

Love Lessons

Chapter 3 - Part 2

I brought my head from under Jenny's sun dress and stood before her.  
Reaching down I took the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her 
head.  My sister obliged by raising her hands.  There she was before me, 
my beautiful 12 year old sister, flawless white skin, golden hair tied 
in a pony tail and lovely blue eyes looking lustily at me.  We both 
stood naked in the sun there on the grass on top of the mountain.  I 
dropped her dress and pulled her to me.  We hugged for a minute, rubbing 
our naked bodies together.  Then taking her by the hand I turned and led 
my willing little sister up the hill toward the cabin.  We stopped at a 
picnic table sitting in a sunny spot just outside the front door.  "Sit 
up on the table, Jenn and lean back.  I want to clean you up a bit."  
She did as I asked.  Climbing onto the table she leaned back on her 
elbows and spread her long young legs for me.  Her pussy was small and 
exquisite.  Smooth puffy outer labia with tiny untouched pink inner lips 
surrounding her virgin vaginal opening.  She was absolutely hairless 
down there which made her feel so good when I licked her.  Jenny was 
smiling shyly at me from between her spread legs.  I said, "I'll be 
right back."  I walked to the Jeep and got the roll of toilet paper I 
kept for emergencies.  As I returned she smiled.  There were still  
traces of her urine on her pussy lips and inner thighs since there was 
no paper in the outhouse.  I sat on the bench in front of her, between 
her legs.  I unrolled a few pieces of paper but before applying it to 
her tender cunt, I leaned forward and placing my mouth fully over her 
small spread pussy, I started sucking her, licking my tongue over her 
inner lips and vagina.  I think I startled her as she was expecting me 
to either hand her the toilet paper or dry her myself.  In any case she 
let out a squeal as my tongue contacted her young flesh.  I began to lap 
her like a dog which I know she loved.  Her little blond head rocked 
back and she gave a low moan of pleasure.  She tasted so sweet and 
smelled just like a little girl should.  I moved my licking tongue to 
her inner thighs trying to lick away all traces of the urine left on 
her.  Her thighs were smooth and salty tasting as I continued to clean 
her with my tongue licking down over her little ass cheeks.  When I was 
finished I looked up at her from between her young legs.  "I guess we 
won't need that "TP' after all, "I said grinning.  "I guess not," she 
breathed heavily.   I then told her to lie back and placing my hand 
beneath her firm little ass I lifted her spread pussy to my hungry mouth 
again.  "Mmmmm..Uhh..," went my little sister as my tongue passed over 
her vagina flicking into her just a tiny bit.  Then down to her rubbery 
little anus I went, licking and cleaning.  Her hips were pumping in my 
hands as she began to get into my tonguing.  I didn't want her cumming 
yet so I stopped abruptly.  "Doooooonnnn't," she whined.  "I was getting 
that feeling again," she whimpered.  "Don't worry," I told her.  "We 
will make you cum a lot.  We have all day."  "Right now I want you to 
stand up and suck my cock for me, OK?"

She liked that idea.  "OK," she beamed and crawled off the picnic table. 
 I stood up as she knelt in the warm green grass before me, her juvenile 
little mouth just at the right height.  "Put my cock in your mouth and 
suck me like I taught you yesterday," I told her.  She took my swollen 
nine inch member in her little hand and placed her young mouth onto me. 
 I felt the warmth of her sweet tongue against the bottom of my cock.  
She expertly licked around and around my cock head kissing and nibbling 
from time to time.  God!, I couldn't believe I had just taught her how 
to do this yesterday.  Slowly she pressed her mouth further onto my cock 
sucking me into her sweet hot mouth.  She looked up at me with her 
sparkling blue eyes and tried to smile around my dick.  I stroked her 
head and hair with one hand and slipped it behind her pretty little 
head.  I grabbed her thick blond pony tail right at her hair tie and 
used it like a handle, gently guiding her on and off of me.  I loved the 
sight of my stiff prick sliding in and out in and out of my younger 
sisters mouth.  As I pulled my prick back she would try to suck against 
me causing her cheeks to pull inward.  Finally she dropped her hand away 
from my cock and let me move her head at will.  Taking care not to pull 
hard on her hair I would use her "handle" to shake her pretty head from 
side to side furthering the wonderful sensations roaring through my 
cock.  She brought both her hands up behind my ass and tried to push my 
cock deeper into her tight young throat.  "That feels so great, Jenn," I 
moaned.  Does it feel good to you too?"  "Mmmm..Hmmm," she said through 
her nose nodding her head.  She was pumping me pretty hard now.  Her hot 
mouth and tight throat making sucking noises as she worked on me.  I 
thought my ears were going to pop.  She popped my stiff prick out of her 
sucking little mouth and licked me the full length of my throbbing 
shaft.  Up and down went her warm wet tongue.  Then raising my cock up 
out of the way like I had taught her she began to lick my swollen balls, 
gently at first and then she began to mash her face into them as she 
pulled first one nut and then the other into her warm wet little mouth. 
 All of a sudden I felt myself beginning to cum.  "Too soon," my mind 
screamed!  As my sister's mouth went back down over me.  It took every 
ounce of my self-control to withdraw my swelling cock from Jenny's hot 
mouth.  I pulled it out with a smacking sound.  "You were going to cum 
weren't you?" she beamed up at me devilishly.  "I was getting close but 
I want to try another way to deep throat you first, you game," I asked? 
 "What ever you say, teacher," she teased, smiling.  Reaching down I 
took her little hands and led her back over to the picnic table.  "Hop 
up and lie on your back, Jenn," I told her.  She did as I asked.  "Now I 
want you to move toward me so that your head is over the edge of the 
table," I said as I stepped around the end.  When she was in position I 
had my beautiful little 12 year old sister on her back, little pink 
tittie cones pointing up due to her arching back,  looking at me upside 
down under my erect penis as she let her head fall back.  Her gorgeous 
blond hair almost touched my feet.  "I want you to open real wide now 
and I am going to put my dick back into your throat.  I am going to pump 
your sweet mouth and throat very deep this time, Jenn.  I want you to 
take all of me into you.  Take hold of my hand and if you have trouble 
breathing give it a hard squeeze and I'll pull back a little so you can 
get a breath."  "Understand?"  "I think so she said," looking a little 
worried.  "Don't worry, I wouldn't hurt you for the world.  Open up now 
baby."  As she opened her mouth I guided my swollen cock head into it.  
I pushed past her white teeth.  I could feel them travel over the shaft 
as I made my way deeper and deeper into her mouth.  I felt her warm soft 
tongue move down to allow my gorged head to pass.  I felt resistance as 
I reached the back of her pallet.  I still had about four inches of cock 
to go.  Jenny was breathing a little harder through her nose now so I 
asked if she was OK.  I felt her nod on my cock and made a little 
"Gmmmph" noise.  "OK, Jenn, here we go," I said as I pushed on into her 
throat.  She was so incredibly tight I didn't think I'd fit but I 
remembered that she had taken all of me just yesterday.  I pulled back 
so she could get a breath and said to her, "Remember, Jenn, relax your 
throat muscles like you did yesterday."  She nodded again lightly 
squeezing my hand.  I was looking down past about five inches of cock 
shaft at her eyes.  She looked a little frightened but OK.  I felt her 
relax a little so in one smooth motion I brought my hips forward and 
buried my fuck wand to the hilt in her mouth and throat.  Jenny's back 
and ass arched off the table as she squeezed my hand hard.  I looked 
down to see my balls against her forehead and nose.  Her eyes were shut 
tightly and she was shaking her head from side to side feebly.  I 
immediately pulled back.  I could feel her tight young throat close 
behind me.  When my cock head was back in her mouth she gasped air in 
and out through her nose.  A little snot came out too.  I grabbed the 
toilet paper roll sitting near by and without removing my cock from her 
mouth, I wiped her face.  "Just hold your breath when I go in and 
breathe when I come out," I said.  "I promise to go slowly so you will 
have time."  I pulled my dick out of Jenny's mouth for a second.  "You 
OK," I asked again?  "I think so," she said gasping a bit.   I just 
don't like it when I can't breathe."  "I know," I said, "but you will 
get the timing down quickly.  Just trust me and hold your breath and 
breathe like I say OK?"  "OK, let's try again," she said gamely.  She 
dropped her head back and opened wide for me again.  Jesus, what a 
sight.  I put my cock back in her mouth and pushed forward.  I watched 
as my shaft buried itself again to the hilt.   I could see the bulge in 
her throat as it traced the passage of my thick member.  As it went into 
Jenny I watched her eyes for signs of panic.  None came this time and 
she just barely squeezed my hand.  When I felt my balls hit her nose, I 
slowly extracted my pole from her back out to the head and then started 
back in again.  As I got into a rhythm, Jenny's breathing began to keep 
time.  Her throat was extremely tight and warm and my pre cum was lubing 
her OK.  As I felt her relax I began to fuck her sweet mouth in earnest. 
 As I pushed into her she made noises through her nose and her little 
ass bounced up and down on the table.  I fucked harder but still kept a 
rhythm so she could adjust her breathing.  As I watched her little hips 
move up and down I reached out with my other hand and after licking it, 
ran my finger around in her moist slit for a minute.  I entered her 
pussy slowly.  Jenny groaned around my mouth fucking cock.  I began to 
finger fuck her tight hairless pussy timing my finger fucking to the 
rhythm of my stroking in her mouth as she began to go 
Ummph..Ummph..Ummph..Ummph through her nose with each stroke of my cock. 
 Her little narrow hips began to move against my hand as I brought my 
finger out of her pussy occasionally to rub her moist slit and juvenile 
clit button.  Then back in I would go until I met with resistance from 
her spongy hymen.  I continued to fuck her mouth rhythmically.  Jenny 
was sucking in her cheeks to hold me in as I stroked out and opening her 
mouth as wide as she could and sticking her tongue out beneath my cock 
as I went back in.  I began to wiggle my finger quickly from side to 
side in her tight little 12 year old pussy.  It made little sticky 
snapping noises when I did this and caused Jenn to squeal around the 
cock in her mouth.  At once my balls groaned and I felt my cock head 
begin to swell.  Jenny must have felt it to and remembered what that 
meant.  Her eyes went wide as she stared up at me from beneath my 
stroking cock.  "Ummm..Ummm," she said as my knees began to shake 
uncontrollably.  "Uh..huh," I nodded to her.  She squeezed my hand tight 
when with a loud grunt I rammed into her throat hard and stopped, my 
throbbing cock head almost in her stomach.  Out of my balls and down my 
nine inch shaft roared my cum like a bullet down a rifle barrel.  
Jenny's hips heaved and I saw her flat little tummy bulge as my load 
flowed into her.  My ass cheeks clenched over and over as I continued to 
pump hot cum into my sister.  Unconsciously I had kept up my finger 
fucking when all of a sudden I felt Jenn begin to quiver all over.  I 
started stroking my still jerking cock in and out of her mouth again and 
at the same time pushed my finger deep into her now spasming little 
cunt.  I then alternated a few pumps going in with my cock and out with 
my finger and then in with finger and out with cock.  Jenny's pussy 
began to "milk" my finger when it was deep inside her and through an 
orgasmic haze I thought about how good her little pussy would feel 
wrapped around my love muscle.  "Later," I said to myself.  In the mean 
time Jenny reached her climax.  Her hips flew up in the air as she 
arched her small back.  She squealed loudly around the cock in her 
mouth.  Cum squirted out from between her lips and the shaft of my cock. 
 Again some cum squirted out of her nose too.  Her eyes fluttered open 
and closed as she rolled her head from side to side.  My cock was still 
in her so you can imagine how great that felt.  I just held still and 
let her spend herself on my finger and cock.  Finally her narrow hips 
slumped back onto the table and I withdrew my softening dick from her 
sweet young mouth.  She sat up with a glazed look in her blue eyes 
licking cum from around her lips.  "Wow," she said.  I love to cum.  I 
want to do that over and over!"  "We can do that," I said with a sly 
smile.  I unrolled some toilet paper onto my hand and handed it to her. 
 "Here," I said, "wipe your face and nose, then we are going inside.  I 
want to fuck you now, Jenny."  "For real," she said with a pensive 
little sidelong glance?"  "For real," I said smiling as I leaned over 
and kissed her on her sweet young lips.  "But first there are a couple 
of other things you must learn."


Subject: Love Lessons (Chap 3/3)
From: el mano <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 20:53:40 -0500

WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual 
encounters of an adult nature between a young man and his sister.  If 
you are under 18, or if descriptions of acts of incest offend you, then 
READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of fiction.  Any relation to real or 
imagined incidents or to people still alive or now dead is purely 

Love Lessons

Chapter 3 - Part 3

Jenny followed me into the cabin.  I picked up my big Samsonite suitcase 
on the way in.  "Are you going to show me what's in your "kit' now," my 
young sister asked?  "You bet," I said.  "I have lots of fun toys and 
stuff in here."  "Did you bring the thermometers so we can play doctor 
and the Vaseline to make us all slippery," she giggled?  "I brought 
plenty of oil and although I forgot to bring thermometers, I think you 
will like the other things I brought when I put them up inside you."  
"Neato," she squealed with excitement!

The scout cabin consisted of one large room downstairs with a big rock 
fireplace at the "living room" end and kitchen/dining area with an old 
bottled gas stove at the other end.  The whole room was open with a 
central stair going up to the bunk room above.

Jenny sat naked on one of the big couches near the fireplace looking so 
sweet and innocent  while I went to the stove to see if it still worked. 
 Sure enough, when I turned on the gas, I heard the tell tail hiss.  I 
shut off the valve and went upstairs.  "What are you doing up there," I 
heard Jenn call from below?  "I'm getting us a couple of mattresses to 
play on for our "mazola party'.  It's kinda dirty up here so I'm going 
to bring them down," I said as I dragged first one and then another twin 
bed size mattress down the stairs and onto the living room floor.  With 
this accomplished, I hefted my suitcase up onto the sturdy wooden table 
against one wall.  Jenny got up and walked over to peek as I popped the 
catches and opened my kit.  "Wow," she exclaimed as she looked at the 
assortment of oils and goodies inside!  "Is that all for me, " she 
asked?  I told her that most of it was.  "I brought a lot of oil so when 
we try to fit my cock into you we can make you nice and slippery," I 
told her.  "Even though I noticed that you are just beginning to get wet 
when aroused, you are still only 12 and I don't want to hurt you."  "I 
know," she said, "besides, I like getting all slippery."  "Great," I 
gulped, my heart beginning to race with anticipation.  First thing out 
of the kit was a big folded sheet of clear plastic which the two of us 
spread over the two mattresses that I had placed side by side to form 
one square padded area.  As we worked I could not help but gaze at my 
beautiful 12 year old sister's firm little body.  My loins ached with 
anticipation.  Hell, I think my mouth even began to water.  She was so 
sweet and wanted so much for me to teach her.  Next I removed a 1 lb.jar 
of Vaseline and two 1 qt. bottles of heavy mineral oil from my kit and 
carried them into the kitchen.  This was going to be a slippery 
afternoon.  I found a large stew pot on a shelf and took it outside to 
fill it from the hand operated well pump.  When I returned, Jenn was 
looking through the rest of my gear.  "I'll be right there to show you 
that junk," I said.  "OK," she said smiling, "this stuff looks neat!"  I 
put the pot of water on the stove, lit the gas flame and dropped the jar 
of Vaseline and two jugs of oil into the pot to warm.  When I walked 
back into the living room end Jenny had one of many of my assorted butt 
plugs looking at it curiously.  "What's this for," she asked innocently 
as I put an arm around her little shoulders?  "That goes in your sweet 
little ass hole," I said.  As I did I slipped a hand down to her tight 
little butt and goosed her.  "Oooo...," she squeaked as she jumped away 
laughing!  The other items I showed her were a small douche bag with two 
different sized tips, some small diameter clear plastic fish aquarium 
type tubing, and what looked like a giant clear plastic hypodermic 
syringe.  Actually it was called a "hypo-squirt", sold in the 
mid-sixties as a child's squirt gun.  It was about 2 ? inches in 
diameter and 12 inches long.  I had modified the end to fit the douche 
tips.  Jenny looked at it with somewhat of an alarmed look on her face. 
 "Don't worry, I'm just going to use this to push a little Vaseline up 
into you so when we begin to make love, my dick won't hurt you."  "Oh, 
OK," she said still a little worried.  The only other items in the case 
were some thick towels.

"OK, Jenn, honey, I want you to come over to the couch with me and just 
lie down and relax for a minute."  As she did, I took the douche bag and 
went into the kitchen.  Checking the water in the pot to be sure it 
wasn't too hot, I carefully ladled enough water into the bag to almost 
fill it.  Walking back into the living room to where my lovely sister 
waited for me I asked her if she had ever had a douche.  "What's that," 
she asked, eyeing the bag?  As I attached the smallest tip to the rubber 
tubing I told her that I was going to run warm water into her little 
pussy.  "It will feel really good, I told her and it will clean you all 
out inside."  "Alright, if you say so," she replied.  "OK, spin around 
on the couch and lie back with your butt up on the arm."  The couch had 
wide padded arms and as she swung her slim little hips around and 
wiggled up onto it I stepped around the end.  Placing the bag on the 
table for a minute, I took her ankles and kneeling down put them on 
either side of my head so that her calves were resting on my shoulders. 
 I gazed down her milky smooth thighs at her little slightly opened 
pussy.  I could just barely make out the edges of her pink inner pussy 
lips.  "OK," I said, "I want you to just lie back and relax.  Let me do 
all the work.  This is going to feel warm and wonderful.  OK?"  "OK", 
she said, giggling a little at her position.  I knew she was loosing her 
fear and beginning to relax.  I brought my hands up over her firm thighs 
and gently spread her outer pussy lips revealing her moist inner area.  
I leaned my head down and began to gently lick her all around her 
vaginal opening, spitting a little saliva to moisten her.  She still had 
that wonderful tangy little girl smell down there.  I will always 
remember the smell of her sweet pussy.  As I licked her Jenny began to 
sigh quietly.  From time to time her little tummy and hips would jump 
and quiver with excitement when I hit the right spot.  After a minute 
more of preparing her, I pulled my mouth away and picked up the 
applicator end of the douche.  I spit on the tip and brought it down to 
touch her inner lips.  With the thumb and finger of one hand I slowly 
spread her lips enough to nuzzle the tip of the applicator just inside 
her tight vagina.  This applicator tip was only about ? inch in 
diameter.  Jenny's little hips moved a little as she felt the foreign 
object against her flesh.  I had put instruments into her before when 
she was very young so I knew she trusted me.  I had and never would hurt 
her intentionally.  Slowly I began to push the tip into her.  Feeling 
the resistance of her tight little muscles, I wondered if indeed I would 
every be able to get my cock in her.  I massaged her budding clitoris a 
little in hopes of relaxing her as I continued to push more of the 8 
inch long douche into her pussy canal.  Jenny began to make little 
gasping noises as I went into her.  I asked her if it hurt.  "No, just 
feels kinda funny, but good...I think," she said slightly breathlessly. 
 Gradually I began to feel some resistance when I had about 6 or 7 
inches in her.  Jenn gave a grunt and her butt jumped.  She brought her 
thighs together against my ears.  I stopped pushing.  "OK, that's as far 
as we'll go for now.  You can relax your muscles," I told her.  She 
spread her legs again and took a shuddering breath.  "Kinda hurt at the 
end," she told me.  "That's because I probably hit your hymen," I said. 
 "Hymen," she said?  "Your "cherry'," I told her.  "All young girls have 
a cherry until someone or something goes up into her and breaks it.  
That's when you become a woman," I said.  "Will you make me a woman 
today," she said smiling at me from between her legs?  "I will try if 
you want me to, but if it hurts too much we'll stop.  You will be the 
one to decide that.  I promise."  "Ready for a nice warm feeling 
inside?"  "Sure," Jenny said.  I raised the water bottle above the 
height of her waist and opened the retaining clip.  I watched as warm 
water ran down the tube and into my kid sister.  "Mmmmmm, that feels 
nice," she said as she moved her narrow hips from side to side slowly.  
I looked down and as I suspected, her little pussy was gripping the wand 
of the douche so tightly that no water was leaking out at all.  More 
water ran into Jenny.  I took the wand in my hand and as I continued to 
hold the bottle up I started moving the wand in and out of her very 
slowly and gently.  The wand had a tapered tip and I marveled at the 
sight of her little pussy opening as it hugged to the plastic, changing 
diameter as it moved in and out of her.  I knew how good she felt in 
there since I had had my finger in her many times before.  Her little 
muscles were so strong and fit that she could practically shut the 
circulation off when I finger fucked her.  I continued to move the wand 
in and out, in and out slowly and purposefully.  At times I would push 
it in just a little farther.  This would cause Jenny to writhe her 
little ass around.  I laid the bottle on the back of the couch so I 
could use my other hand to work on her pussy too.  I slipped my thumb 
into her pussy slit just above the fucking wand and rubbed and rubbed.  
Jenn began to get off.  She started panting and grunting and her ass was 
hopping up and down off the sofa arm trying to fuck back at the douche 
wand in her tight virgin pussy.  I increased the tempo of my rubbing and 
concentrated on her little clit which I could just feel getting firm 
against my slick thumb.  She started to take those short gasping little 
breaths, out then in real quick.  "Ahh-huh..ahh-huh..ahh-huh.  I knew 
what that meant.  I worked the douche tip around in tight circles and 
continued to rub her clit and pussy lips.  I then bent down and with my 
tongue, I took over for my thumb.  I started sucking her little clit as 
hard as I could.  Her little ass began to buck and with two hard pumps 
and two deep grunts and a cry, she came hard. I pushed the tip of the 
douche further into her as she came being careful not to de-flower her 
yet.  A small amount of water squirted out from around the plastic shaft 
in her pussy and ran down her ass crack but most stayed in.  Again I 
marveled at the tightness of that little pussy.  Her hips still humped 
the wand for a minute or two but eventually her body went slack and she 
purred on the couch before me.  "Feel good," I asked?  I leaned down and 
licked her pussy just above where the plastic protruded from her.  "Oh 
yes," she moaned. "OK let's move on.  There's more.  When I pull the tip 
out of you , Jenn, I want you to hold in with your muscles down there.  
Kinda like you have to do when you have to pee real bad and there isn't 
a bathroom close."  "OK," she said.  "Mmmm, I feel so warm and nice down 
in my tummy."  "I am going to keep you feeling just that way all day," I 
smiled.  "I love you," she said.  Slowly I pulled the wand from her 
little hairless pussy.  As I did I could feel her little muscles in 
there trying to keep it in her.  As the tip came out of her a tiny bit 
of milky water ran down her butt.  The rest stayed in her womb.  I 
leaned down and licked her from her ass hole to the top of her pubic 
mound tasting her sweet taste and smelling her wet scent.  I got up 
letting her legs hang over the edge of the sofa for a minute while I 
retrieved the short piece of clear plastic tubing from the kit.  I 
returned to the end of the couch.  Jenny was purring in the afterglow of 
her climax and hardly flinched as I inserted the thin tube into her damp 
pussy opening.  As I did, milky white water immediately began to run up 
the tube.  I stuck my thumb over the end and slipped the tubing farther 
into Jenny's pussy.  She just lay there letting me do whatever I wanted 
to her.  When six inches of the tubing had disappeared into her, I 
stopped.  "I want to see how you taste inside, Jenn.  I want to taste 
your cum."  Jenny just said, "Mmmmmm," as I rubbed her little clitty 
some more.  I took my thumb from the end of the tube and placed it 
between my lips.  Without my sucking at all the sweet white juice from 
her young pussy began to flow into my mouth.  You have never tasted 
anything so wonderful.  It's like all the pussys you have ever eaten all 
at once.  I swallowed the first mouth full savoring the sweet slightly 
musky taste and when my mouth had filled the second time, I flexed my 
cheeks and pushed the fluid back into her.  I did this several times.  I 
wanted to be sure that the water picked up every bit of her sweet young 
pussy secretions.  When I was satisfied that it was right, I began to 
drink from my 12 year old sister's virgin pussy.  Tasting her orgasmic 
fluids, slightly thicker now and reveling as her juices slid down my 
throat.  I must have drank close to a pint before I noticed no more 
juice was coming out of her and up the clear tubing.  To be absolutely 
sure, I blew a little air back into her pussy.  I was rewarded with a 
little bubbling spitting noise from her cunt hole.  It sounded like 
blowing through a straw into a tiny milkshake.  All the while Jenny 
cooed and purred as she watched her big brother enjoying himself so much 
drinking from inside her.  Years later she would tell me that this 
episode turned her on more than anything else we did that long warm 
summer day.


Subject: Love Lessons (Chap 4/1)
From: la mano <>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 11:43:24 -0500

WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual 
encounters of an adult nature between a young man and his sister.  If 
you are under 18, or if descriptions of acts of incest offend you, then 
READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of fiction.  Any relation to real or 
imagined incidents or to people still alive or now dead is purely 

Love Lessons

Chapter 4 - Part 1

Jenny crouched over me until the tip of my throbbing cock just made 
contact with her pussy lips.  "Oooohh, I don't know," she whimpered.  
"I'm afraid."  She moved forward onto her knees and then laid her oily 
smooth little body out on top of me.  Bringing her knees together she 
clasped my dick between her thighs so I was pressed against her tender 
pussy.  "Can't we just do it this way like we used to, "she asked 
plaintively?  I hugged her to me and rubbed my hands up and down her 
little back and bottom.  I kissed her warmly on the mouth and said, "we 
don't have to do anything you don't want to do.  Just take your time.  
I'll be very happy just to rub against you for awhile.  You feel really 
good lying on top of me right now so just relax.  If you want, later 
we'll move on, OK," I said.  "Alright...," she said as she nuzzled 
against me.  She smiled at me with those shining blue eyes of hers and I 
could smell her sweet young breath on my face as she bent to kiss me.  
Our mouths met and we kissed slowly for a few minutes.  I continued to 
play my hands over her little body.  She was so light on top of me.  I 
gently massaged her back from her shoulders down to her tight little 
butt.  As my hands reached her ass, I could feel the head of my cock 
sticking up from between her legs.  I put my hand against my cock head 
and pressed myself harder up against her. A little of the hot Vaseline I 
had injected into her began to run out of her vagina and onto the shaft 
of my cock.  God it felt great.  Jenny began to move her hips up and 
down rubbing her tender pussy along my shaft.  I could feel the end of 
the rubber butt plug I had placed in her rub against me.  I was 
extremely aroused but at the same time so relaxed and happy as my sweet 
12 year old sister and I rubbed our oily bodies together there on floor 
of the cabin in the mountains. 

Jenny began to kiss me harder.  Her little tongue darting in and out of 
my mouth.  She pumped her little hips up and down slowly, rubbing her 
virgin pussy against my shaft like she did when we started our sexual 
encounters many years earlier.  She would press herself hard against me 
on the downstrokes causing her immature clit to run against my pubic 
hair.  She would rock her tight little ass side to side and moan softly. 
 I continued to gently massage her back and bottom, not wanting to rush 
her, but at the same time getting very excited.  Suddenly she said, "I 
think I'd like to maybe try it again now."  "You sure," I said, trying 
to contain my excitement.  "I think so," she replied.  "OK," I said but 
you let me know if you want to stop again.  Just get back up and crouch 
over me again.  This will spread you way open down there.  I will guide 
you onto me. Understand?"  "Uh huh," she said.  Slowly she got up and 
squatted over me with her hands on my hips for balance.  I reached down 
and brought the tip of my prick up against her tiny little opened.  I 
sure hoped I would fit in her.  She was awfully small down there, even 
for a hot little 12 year old.  I really didn't want to hurt her too 
much.  "Remember," I said, "It will hurt a little at first so just go 
slowly."  As she gently lowered herself onto my waiting cock, I could 
feel the broad head of my dick press against her little inner lips and 
spread them tight.  She squirmed around for a minute getting herself 
lined up and then began to apply more weight onto me.  She had her blue 
eyes scrunched closed tightly.  "Relax," I told her.  "OK," she puffed, 
"but it's so tight down there."  "I know," I smiled up at her, "I like 
that very much."   Her little pussy lips finally spread after several 
minutes of pushing and my swollen cock head popped into her.  She was 
incredibly tight and warm.  I could see her pussy lips close around the 
head of my cock, gripping the shaft tightly all the way around.  No more 
oil leaked from her now.  "It did fit," she said excitedly!  "Yeah," I 
groaned with pleasure, "but we still have a long way to go.  You OK?"  
"Yeah," she said, "but I feel a little stretched down there."  "I'm 
sure, this is your first time.  Your pussy will adjust and stretch.  
Just go down a little at a time and then back up some. Next time go a 
little further.  Remember to relax your muscles," I told her.  She began 
to press down again.  It was putting an enormous amount of strain on my 
stiff cock as almost her entire weight bore down on me.  I thought my 
dick was going to bend in half.  I tried to keep a straight face so as 
not to alarm my sister more as she tried her best to push her tight 
little pussy down onto my nine inch cock.  What a sight it was to see 
more and more cock disappearing into her as she gasped slightly.  I 
could feel her pussy muscles flex and relax.  I could also feel the hot 
Vaseline that I had filled her with earlier causing some back pressure 
up inside her.  When about two inches of cock had moved up into my 
little sister, the damn broke.  With the sound of a very wet fart, hot 
oil shot around the wide head of my cock, down the shaft and sprayed out 
from around her tightly gripping pussy lips onto my pubic hair and 
balls.  What a rush.  I thought I was going to cum.  With this 
unexpected sudden release of pressure, Jenny dropped down a few more 
inches rather quickly.  She was so HOT!!!  Startled, she gave a sharp 
cry.  "You alright ?" I asked.  Looking down, I saw no blood mixed with 
the oils running out of her so I hoped I had not burst her hymen yet.  
"I think so," she panted.  "How about you," she asked with a hesitant 
little smile on her lovely young face?  "I'm just fine, Jenn," I told 
her, "and you are doing really well.  About half of my cock is inside 
you now." she looked down to see.  "Oh wow," she said!  "This is neat!" 
 Without prompting she dropped down to her knees, leaned forward and 
placed her small hands on my chest.  A little more of me moved into her, 
spreading her pussy walls out as I slid deeper into her belly.  She had 
the tightest little pussy imaginable.  Her firm inner muscles were 
rippling with ardor.  She began to shiver slightly as he raised up.  I 
could feel her gripping me as my shaft withdrew from her tight hold, her 
pussy walls closing behind my retreat.  She came down on me next time 
with a smooth motion, driving my cock up into her again.  She gasped 
with pleasure and excitement.  More of the hot oil was pumped out of 
her.  As six inches of cock disappeared into her little pussy I began to 
feel a slight resistance.  The head of my cock had definitely met with a 
soft barrier.  I was watching her face for signs of pain, but saw none 
yet.  "You feel anything different," I asked?  "Feels a little funny 
when I come all the way down like that," she said breathlessly.  "That's 
your cherry up in there," I told her.  "Mmmm...," she replied apparently 
unconcerned.  Up came her lovely young ass and again her tight pussy 
hugged and milked my cock as it pulled from within her.  Down onto me 
again only to stop just as she had before.  Her breathing was getting 
more rhymical and her hips were starting their natural fucking motion as 
her young body responded to natural urges.  Her eyes started to flutter 
as she rolled her hips around, working my huge cock around inside her.  
She slowly began to fuck me, stopping when six inches were in her.  
"Ugh..ugh..ugh..ugh..," she grunted as she fucked.  Wanting to hold back 
for awhile and let Jenny fuck me, I tried to take my mind off the fact 
that I was being fucked my lovely 12 year old sister.  She bent down and 
put her mouth against mine.  Passionately she kissed me.  Our tongues 
began their duel.  I tried to hold perfectly still and let Jenny do the 
fucking.  Her little ass was pumping up and down a lot faster now.  She 
began to quiver all over.  I could feel her rising state of arousal 
telegraphed through her pussy.  She sat back up on me and raised her 
hips and tight pussy up almost off my cock.  Her eyes were closed.  Her 
head was rolling around.  She was getting ready to cum.  The time was 
ripe.  As she brought her hot little pussy back down this time, pushing 
my cock back into her, I brought my hips up off the mattress quickly to 
meet her decent.  Her blue eyes flew wide open and her head rocked back. 
 She gave a shuttering cry as my cock threw her hymen aside and passed 
into her inner birth canal butting hard into her cervix.  Her sweet 
little ass came down against my thighs.  I was all the way in her to the 
hilt.  She came with a vengeance.  Her young pussy muscles contracted 
such that I felt I was caught in a hot wet vice.  Her little ass bucked 
on my cock, her inner muscles quivering and spasming in the throws of 
her orgasm.  With out warning, my cum rose up out of my swollen balls 
and shot into her like a cannon blast.  Again her head rocked back as 
she received my hot spume.  Again and again my balls contracted as waves 
of hot semen flowed into my sisters milking cunt.  I cried out as well 
and grabbed her to pull her down to me.  As she bent down I could see a 
muzzy look of ecstasy and love in her blue eyes.  Her little hips 
continued their fucking action unconsciously as a mixture of my cum, her 
cum and blood and the remainder of the hot oil ran down my balls.  
Finally she collapsed limply on top of me, her knees went back along my 
legs and once again I had my sweet little sister spread out on top of my 
body.    I could feel her firm little titties against my chest.  My now 
softening cock was still buried deep inside her.  She squirmed limply, 
making sweet low sighing sounds of pleasure,  our oil covered bodies 
sliding smoothly against each other in after glow.  Jenny was no longer 
a virgin.


Subject: Love Lessons (Chap 4/2)
From: la mano <>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 11:45:02 -0500

WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual 
encounters of an adult nature between a young man and his sister.  If 
you are under 18, or if descriptions of acts of incest offend you, then 
READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of fiction.  Any relation to real or 
imagined incidents or to people still alive or now dead is purely 

Love Lessons

Chapter 4 - Part 2

I'm not sure how long we slept.  I awoke to find my sweet young sister, 
Jenny sleeping peacefully on top of me.  My now flaccid member was still 
inside her.  I tried not to disturb her and just lay there feeling her 
warmth, smelling her young scent mixed with the smells of sex and oil 
and listening to her soft breathing.  Soon she stirred, opened her 
lovely blue eyes and purred, "I love you."  "Mmmmm...I love you to," I 
said as I hugged her close.  We were both covered with oil and lying on 
two mattresses covered with plastic on the floor.  I began to rub 
Jenny's back and bottom as she brought her little thighs tight together 
squeezing me inside her.  "You feel so good down there inside me," she 
said.  "Can you stay in there forever?"  "For awhile I will," I told 
her.  I felt her little pussy muscles begin to kneed my cock inside her. 
 Slowly I felt my cock begin to harden in her.  "Mmmmm...I can feel it 
growing," she purred.  Her firm young pussy muscles continued to 
contract and relax.  She felt so incredibly good.  " We still have 
several hours before we have to start back down the mountain," I told 
her as she continued to massage my cock with her tight pussy.  "Oh, 
goodie," she beamed!  Is there anything else you want to teach me?"  She 
gave me a lusty little look and giggled.  My cock was growing beginning 
to fill her.  Gently pushing her tight 12 year old pussy muscles apart. 
 I wiggled my hips a little and made her squirm on top of me.  "Let's 
try some other positions," I prompted.

With one smooth motion, I rolled her over so I was now on top.  Raising 
myself up on my hands, my knees between her parted legs,  I gave her 
three long slow pumps, pushing my now hard cock as deep into her as I 
could.  I could feel my cock move her around inside to facilitate it's 
passage into her young tummy.  "Uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhh," she groaned as my 
cock invaded her deepest areas once more.  Her head went back against 
the mattress and her big sparkling blues eyes opened wide to stare at me 
lustily.  Gently, I pulled out of her.  I got to my feet and stood 
looking down at my lovely little sister as she brought her long legs 
together and squirmed sexily on the oily mattress.  I leaned down and 
took her small hands in mine and pulled her up.  After hugging her 
briefly I led her to the stairs.  "I want to enter you from behind," I 
told her.  I had her step up on the first step which brought her round 
little butt up to the exact height of my erect penis.  "Spread your feet 
apart a little and bed over some.  You can put your hands on the 
banisters for support if you want."  She complied and then looked back 
over her shoulder at me.  I almost melted as I gazed into her lovely 
sexy eyes.  I placed one hand on one of her small hips and guided my 
stiff dick in between her slightly parted cheeks.  She gasped and gave 
me a lusty smile as my cock made contact with her pussy lips.  Although 
we were both very oily and wet I still reveled in the feel of her as I 
began to rub the head of my prick up and down the length of her warm 
slit.  She moved her narrow hips and pressed herself against me as I 
brought my cock up between her cheeks just touching the butt plug I had 
installed in her earlier and then back down to her clit.  Up and down I 
rubbed, covering myself with the steamy juices that trickled from within 
her.  When I felt we were both ready, I looked her in the eyes and 
slowly pushed my hard cock into her tight young pussy.  Her eyes 
flickered and closed as she moaned, "uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh..."  She began to 
help by pressing back against me.  I brought my other hand to her hips 
and gently guided my sister's tight pussy back onto my nine inch long 
cock.  Again I could feel her small muscles jump and quiver as the head 
of my cock pushed them aside and continued it's relentless passage deep 
into her soft warm interior.  As I entered my sister, Jenny dropped her 
head down between her shoulders, her long blond pony tail lying down her 
narrow back and waist.  Her arms flexed as she continued to push herself 
further and further onto my dick.  She rocked her ass slowly from side 
to side to help work me up inside.  Soon I felt the head of my cock push 
against the end of her vaginal canal.  I still had about two inches to 
go but didn't want to force things just yet.  I started moving in and 
out of her with long slow strokes, pulling my cock almost all the way 
out and then pushing back into the farthest reaches of her young love 
channel.  Jenny began to breathe in long deep breaths as her young body 
instinctively  began to respond to my fucking.  I picked up the pace a 
little, holding her hips tightly, my fingers reaching almost all the way 
around her narrow little waist.  She began to groan and gasp harder as 
my hard cock passed in and and and and out.  I 
reached forward and took her pony tail in my left hand.  As I pulled 
back, her head came up causing her back to arch erotically.  Her narrow 
shoulders shot forward, further accentuating her arching young body.  
This caused her already tight young pussy to bear down all the harder on 
my pumping cock.  As I pulled her hair she cried out in pleasure, her 
little ass rolling from side to side, grinding me into her.  I felt like 
I was riding a wild young filly.  "Yeah..Yeah..Yeah..Yeah," she gasped 
as I began to fuck her harder, my cock now fully into her.  Once again 
the mountain air was filled with the smells and sounds of passion 
between brother and young sister.  I heard and felt my hips slapping 
into her firm little ass as I hammered away at her pussy.  Suddenly I 
thrust forward hard, deep deep into her belly and stopped for a second. 
 I pulled back a little harder on her blond pony tail and then began to 
quick fuck her with short hard little jabs.  
Jenny panted as I felt her pussy begin to tighten and get hotter.  "I'm 
cuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiinnngggg," she panted in time to the hammering of my 
cock.  Her pussy began to spasm and tighten more.  I kept up with my 
rapid jabs, hammering the head of my fully engulfed cock into her 
cervix.  I could feel the muscles of her young vagina ripple and squeeze 
the entire length of my shaft.  Then I remembered the butt plug.  
Christ, I had been staring at it for awhile now.  I reached down with my 
free hand while I kept a tight rein on her hair with the other.  As I 
continued to quick fuck my writhing young sister's tight pussy, I 
pressed the butt plug hard against her little asshole rolling my thumb 
around on it.  I knew this would put a good bit of pressure on her bowel 
which was still filled with warm oil.  I got the desired results.  With 
a deep long guttural grunt, my 12 year old sister came for the third or 
fourth time that day.  It seemed each of her orgasms was stronger than 
the one that preceded it.  Her whole body shook as arched her back 
impossibly far.  Her young vaginal muscles clamped down on me with such 
a force that I couldn't move my cock in or out of her.  Until Jenny was 
good and ready, I wasn't going anywhere.  I was damn close but didn't 
want to cum again just yet, so I just gritted my teeth and reveled in 
the feeling of her muscles as they tried instinctively to milk the cum 
out of me.


Subject: Love Lessons (Chap 4/3 END) mf inc
From: (El Mano)
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 1996 13:22:15 GMT

WARNING !!!  The following story contains descriptions of sexual
encounters of an adult nature between a young man and his sister.  If
you are under 18, or if descriptions of acts of incest offend you,
then READ NO FURTHER!  This is a work of fiction.  Any relation to
real or imagined incidents or to people still alive or now dead is
purely coincidental.

Love Lessons

Chapter 4 - Part 3

Several minutes and wave after wave of her orgasm passed and soon
after I felt her inner muscles begin to relax their tight grip on me.
Her knees began to shake a little so I released her hair and without
removing my cock from inside of her.  I wrapped an arm gently around
her waist and tummy and lifted her off her feet.  Quickly I waddled
over to our "play pen" and knelt down with my little sister on her
hands and knees in front of me.  I once again grasped her narrow hips
with my hands.  She moaned and looked back at me with a muzzy tired
look on her face.  "We're not through yet, little girl," I told her
smiling.  She smiled back and then lowered her head between her
shoulders and prepared for more fucking.  I think I startled her,
because her head snapped back as I immediately began to short fuck her
hard like I had just finished doing.
"Ohh..ohh..ohh..Goddd..ddd..ddd..ddd!!!" she wailed as I increased the
tempo of my fucking even more.  She dropped down onto her elbows
shoving her shapely little ass up in the air.  After a minute I gave
her one good hard thrust, shoving my hard member deep into her again
and held it there.  She gave a gasp and began to shiver.  We were both
by this time covered with sweat and breathless.  To give us both a
break, I began a slow rhythmic fucking motion using long strokes.  At
times I would actually draw my cock completely out of her and then
like a homing missile my cock would seek out her opening and penetrate
into the depths of my young sister once more.  She began to respond to
the slow fucking by rolling her little hips in time to my humping
motion.  She got back up on her hands and knees and I began to massage
her back and narrow shoulders as I fucked her.  Leaning over a bit I
ran my hands up under her chest and felt her firm young titties bounce
between my fingers.  I would stop to pinch and fondle each little pink
nipple.  Then leaning over further, I supported myself with one hand
on the mattress while I ran my other hand back over her belly.
Pausing there I kneaded her tummy and lower abdomen. I could feel her
abdominal muscles contract with each thrust of my cock.  I could hear
her soft rhythmical moaning and the sounds of my cock moving in and
out of her tight pussy.  I could smell the scent of the lovely 12 year
old beneath me.  I was in heaven.  I moved my hand further back until
I felt her pubic mound.  Gently I moved one finger into the top of her
warm slit.  I sought and found her little immature love button and
began to rub it with slow circular strokes timed to my fucking.  At
times I would move down to wet my finger in the love juices flowing
from her pussy.  I could then feel my cock moving in and out of my
young sister.  I began to rub her clit faster as I increased my tempo.
Jenny's body responded as she began to shiver all over.  She was
groaning and gasping to the rhythm of my fucking.  I could tell she
was headed for another eruption as her ass began to hammer back into
my thighs.  Briefly I held my hips still and let Jenny fuck herself on
my hard cock.  I grabbed her hips and said, "sit back on me now,
Jenn."  I didn't think she had heard me at first because she struggled
against my hold on her hips, attempting to continue her fucking
motion, but then she looked over her shoulder at me.  "Huh," she said
breathlessly?  "Sit back on me as I go back, I want you to sit all the
way down on my cock."  Pulling her with me I brought my legs out and
around and sat back quickly on the mattress.  Jenny's weight came down
in my lap, driving my nine inch member fully into her.  She inhaled a
rattling gasp.  As I rubbed her tummy I could again feel her muscles
spasming in her tender belly.  "I want you to get up on your feet now
and squat on me again only this time you will be facing away so I can
watch your pretty ass while you fuck me, OK?"  "OK," she replied as
she struggled to get her legs beneath her without having to pull my
cock from inside her.  Soon she was squatting over my cock with her
knees spread wide open and her hands on my knees.  Slowly she began to
move her hips up and down causing my erect shaft to move up into her
and then back out.  As she got into a motion she began to lower
herself further with each down stroke.  Soon her little ass was
regularly coming to rest against the tops of my thighs, my cock all
the way up in her belly.  Her pussy lips were stretched tightly around
my cock and the back pressure of her pumping was causing little
farting sounds to come from her hot cunt as she came down each time.
She giggled at the first one but then her body just seemed to take
over as she began to hump with a passion.  What a thrilling sight it
was to see my younger sister's narrow waist and hips and beautifully
shaped little ass rising up and down on me, my cock shaft glistening
with her juices as it pistoned in and out between her round butt
cheeks.  "Ohhh..Ohhh..Ohhh..Ohhh..Ohhh..Ohhh...Mmm..Mmm..Mmm..Mmm..,"
she moaned as she fucked.  Suddenly she launched into her short gasps
which I knew meant her climax was eminent.  As she began to shake and
shiver, I felt her little pussy muscles begin to clamp down on me.  I
started pumping my hips up rapidly as her ass stopped moving.  I must
have delivered twenty short hard thrusts up into her when the dam
broke.  I was at about mid-stroke and had about five inches of cock in
her when she clamped my cock hard with her strong young cunt muscles,
holding me fast within her.  Her young body shook hard.  I was looking
at her sweet ass suspended over my hips when I noticed the butt plug
begin to move.  "Oh shit," I thought when in an instant the rubber
plug shot from my young sister's ass struck he in the chest like a
rubber bullet and I was sprayed with hot oil from her tight little
anus.  I was so fascinated with this event that I didn't even notice
the swelling in my balls and groin.  With a start I grabbed Jenny's
hips and forced her clenching little cunt all the way down to my
thighs driving myself all the way into her young pussy canal.  Oil was
still pumping from her ass and she was rocking from side to side in
the throws of her orgasm as I came hard into her.  I didn't think that
with all the fucking we had been doing that day that I would have any
cum left in me but I was wrong.  I could feel wave after wave of hot
jizz pump up my shaft and into the very depths of my young sister.  I
pulled her back so she was now lying on her back on top of me as our
combined cries of passion and fulfillment drifted away in the warm
mountain air.

I don't know how long we lay like that.  I know we both drifted off.
When we awoke we were still coupled.  I ran my hands over Jenny's
smooth chest and belly as she sighed and purred.  This was not to be
the last of our love making, but there would never be another day like
the one we had just experienced.  As we drove back down the mountain,
we were both strangely silent, each wrapped up in blissful memories of
the day.  Memories that are as clear to me today as they were back

As we were pulling into the back driveway, Jenny surprised me by
saying, "I have a friend named Lynn who was asking a lot of questions
in school too.  Would you like to give her love lessons?"  "Sure," I
said my mind racing ahead.  "Do you think she would want to learn," I
asked?  "Well, maybe not at first, but I have an idea," Jenny replied.
"Can I borrow your "Deep Throat' movie," she asked?  I told her she
could but not to let Mom find it.  She said that Lynn was coming over
in a couple of days.  Jenny would let me know when she was ready.


-- CJ
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