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From: (Marwynne Kuhn)
Subject: My First Time... A true story.. as best as I can remeber

I was 16 and Getting it the first time.

My first time was with a girl friend of my sisters. Toni was 17 about 5'-2"  
tall probably 120 lbs, she was a little heavy (she was real cute). Toni and my 
sister had been friends for a year or so from school.  She came over a lot and 
I had noticed her. In fact in the last four or five weeks before our 
encounter, I was eyeing her a pretty good bit.  She use to come to the house 
in some shorts and blouse that use to drive me crazy.  I didn't think that 
Toni new I was alive, but later on I found that she had been eyeing me too . 
Well one day I  was eyeing her when she came in with my sister and she dropped 
her school books.  My sister went on into her room , but Toni bent over to 
pick up her books  with those tight shorts on an ....her butt looked  so good. 
She turned, looked at me with my mouth open wide and frozen and she smiled at 
me.  She didn't say anything , but just went into the room with Melissa. My 
heart was pounding and I felt kind of mbarrassed that she caught me looking at 
her that way.  Well they went off shopping or something. I don't know but they 
left and that was that.

Two days later Melissa told me that Toni liked me and she would like to go out 
with me. I was proud being close to 16 and a girl 17 wanting to date me. My 
sister and I talked about it a minute tell me not to imbarrase her. My sister 
was really cool.  Toni came over that day I started chatting her up.  My 
sister wanted to go play tennis with Toni and it was my time to use the car. 
They talked me in to going playing tennis with them at the park.  We were 
playing the girls beat the hell out of me (2 on one) .  My sister could beat 
me by her self without Toni.  I got tired of looking bad so I told them I was 
tired and wanted to go home.  They didn't want to yet so we walked a long the 
creek in the woods. We got to grab assign etc. and wrestling around when my 
sister and Toni jumped on me an pinned me down and yelled 123 like they do on 
wrestling. While we were wrestling I got a couple of feels of Toni. Her 
breasts were firm yet soft. It really excited me.I didn't think she noticed. I 
thought I was so cool. Well, I wasnt so cool Toni told me when my sister went 
to take a shower that I shouldn't have done that in front of my sister. That 
kind of ended the conversation and I was embarrassed 16 and real dumb. 

Saturday , my mother and sister went to the mall . They were going to by 
mysister a new dress for a party. I had just come in from jogging and working 
out before they left. I just took a shower and put a fresh pair of jogging 
shorts when the door bell rang.

I went to the door and it was Toni. She told me she and come by to get a book 
or something and to see my sister. I said it was cool and she started to go to 
my sisters room . I stopped her and asked if she wanted a coke.  She said yes 
and came back and we started talking. She was dressed in a short summery 
looking skirt and blouse. She looked real cute and the blouse was oval shaped 
in the front and kind of low cut. I was eyeing her and she asked me why I 
hadn't asked her out for a date. I made up some kind of lie and we continued 
to talk. I kind of started tickling her and stuff.  She said that she need to 
get the book and I took her to my sisters room. When she went in I followed 
her looking for the book when she pushed me on the bed and started tickling 
me. We were kind of wrestling and stuff when I kissed her.  She kissed me back 
and my heart started pounding. I was laying beside her and I was rubbing her 
up and down pulled her skirt up in back until I felt the cheek of her butt. 
When my hand touched her cheek and it was like lighting striking both of us.  
We were French kissing and stuff. I put my hand down the back of her panties 
and she kind of shivered , but we didn't stop. I pulled my hand out of her 
panties and she rolled on her back, she asked me if I had any protection. I 
told her no and told her I wouldn't do it in her. I figured that I had just 
blew my first chance at having sex.  She got up and went to her purse and got 
a condom and gave it to me.  She went to the bath room and came back into the 
room with nothing on and carrying her cloths. She set them on my sisters 
wardrope. She looked so good, I couldn't believe my eyes, her breast standing 
out and her pubic hair covering her mound. I was surprised , I had thoughts of 
 having her.  I never thought I would get it though. Toni had small firm 
breasts. Her nipples were large when she came in the room. She lay down beside 
me and talked for a few minutes and I started rubbing her all over.  I put my 
hand to her soft fuzzy mound and she put my finger on her her clitoris and 
showed me how to rub it. I was trying to kiss her breasts when she reached 
down and felt my tool.  I looked up she just smiled.  She said you better put 
on the condom now.  I was pretty hot and almost shaking outside with 
anticipation. I put it on and I tried to get on her. She told me to slow down 
and rub her some more. I laid back down and she was holding my rod and I was 
rubbing her. I was so hard I couldn't stand it. She was moaning softly and 
moving her pelvis .  She kind of pulled me a little letting me know it was 
time.   She spread her legs and I got on top.  She said. "take your time don't 
get into big a hurry". I remember that as if I as was on her right now. When 
my rod first touched her love canal it was so warm . She was wet from the 
rubbing that I gave her. I started shoving it into her and she kind of 
stiffened for a second and then relaxed.  I didn't know that I was larger than 
she had before. She told me later on that my  seven inches was the biggest one 
she had ever had. I started putting it in out as fast as I could.  She said, 
"slow down and take your time". I hadn't ever done it before and was really 
excited. I slowed down and when I thrust it in to her she pushed her love 
canal towards me and when I started pulling it out she would move her hips 
down causing intense pressure on the top of my tool. It felt so good. I hadn't 
imagined it was going to be like this. I thought it was going to be like me to 
 get on and she would just lay  there and take it.  I was wrong, she did it 
that way about 15 or 20 strokes and I came . Ohhh got it was so good.  I 
stroked her several more times after cumming and she made it feel like she had 
it and wanted every last drop of seamen pulled out of my tool. I rolled over 
and we hugged a while and made out. She told me that I made her happy and was 
a very good lover. I don't know why I did, but I told her she was my first. 
She just smiled and told me that it was good.  She had me go out to her car 
and get her bag with her other cloths.  When I came back she was in the 
shower.  In about 10 minutes my sister and mother came home.  I went into my 
room and tried to act cool. She was still in the shower when they came in. I 
figured we had been caught. 
Toni failed to mention to me that she was going out with my sister that day 
and was going to spend the night.  I went to the living room which was by my 
sisters room. I looked in there the bed was a mess. You know what I mean, not 
just messed up a damp spot on the sheet.  My heart sank I thought we had been 
caught again. I walked on out of the house. I was  nervous as heck, I couldn't 
stand it and went back into the house. Toni was in my sisters room with her. I 
watched as my sister and Toni took the sheet off the bed and put a fresh one 
on and started cleaning my sisters room.  My sister never to this day said 
anything to me about it. She is so cool sometimes.
That evening my sister, Toni and I were talking . Toni told me that she was 
moving in about a week and going to Washington D.C.  I was heart broke, the 
girl that took my virginity was leaving and I would probably never see her 

Candie this may seem mean, but Toni was the meanest girl I had ever met. She 
taught me about sex the first time . She only gave it to me once, and left 
knowing that I was so horny. I have thought about this many times since she 
left.  You are the only person that I ever told this story.

After reading this story, I realized that she was really in total control of 
everything. I believe she planed it and maybe my sister knows more than I 
think about it.  What do you think.

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