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				 Joseph Greenwald


This is a story for adults only.  Minors and people offended by
erotic, hardcore themes should not read this story.  It deals with
interracial sex, adultery and extra-marital pregnancy.  If you
download it, do not let minors have access to it.


Black Cock for Tina

	My wife Tina and I have been married for three years now and
we have been very happy. She is twenty four years old, but is a very
small woman, only 4' 11" and weighs 90 pounds.  She looks very young,
like a fifteen or sixteen fourteen year old girl.  She loves sex and
is very multi-orgasmic.  I have never met a women who could cum as
easily and often.  Though very small, she is very well proportioned.
She is a natural blonde, has long legs (relatively speaking, you
understand), a tight, but wide ass, a narrow waist and small boobs
with large rosy-brown nipples.  She looks very much like the beautiful
erotic actess, Brandy Alexandre.

	Tina was a virgin when we met.  She lost that status long
before we married eight months later, but she never had sex with
anyone except me.  It wasn't that she put a high value on her
virginity, but she was so small and looked so young, guys thought she
was jail bait and didn't even try to put the make on her.  She would
tell them how old she was, but they thought she was fibbing.  Liquor
stores wouldn't sell her liquor and bar bouncers wouldn't let her in
because they thought her ID was a fake.

	Perhaps because she is small, she is aggressive and has a hot
temper which she loses with little provocation.  That often gets her
in trouble. She thinks that because she looks only fifteen or so that
she can get away with saying anything she pleases to anyone at
anytime.  That is not true, of course.  In fact her hot temper started
a chain of events that changed our lives forever several months ago.
	The great change began on a very special Friday we had been
looking forward to for two weeks.  Tina called me at work when the
incident was over and told me what had happened.  She had gone
shopping.  On the way home, a van pulled out of an alley into her
path.  She just managed to stop in time to avoid running into its
side.  Needless to say, she honked, rolled down her window and began
cursing at the driver.  The van's driver stopped and honked back at
her.  That made Tina even angrier.  She yelled more obscenities at the
van driver, telling him he was was a dumb, inconsiderate  Black
bastard. (He was Black, of course.)

	The driver got really mad and climbed out of the van.  He was
a very tall and massively built Black man, but she was too mad to
care.  She kept on calling him he a stupid Black motherfucker and said
he didn't have the brains God gave a goose.  The Black guy called her
a stupid little cunt and told her that her learner's permit required
her to have an adult in the car when she drove.  He warned not to say
another "fucking" word or he would pull out his dick and shove it up
her ass.  Tina, ever the little smartass, told him that his cock was
probably so tiny even a little woman like her would probably never
even notice it. 

	That did it.  The Black man charged Tina's car and his
passengers, four other Black guys piled out of the van.  When she saw
this Tina slipped the car into reverse, backed up fast, put it in
forward and sped past them.  As she drove away, she saw the guys pile
back into the van and begin to chase her.  She told me she lost them a
few blocks later at a stop light when a cop pulled up at the light
next to her.  She then drove home and called me at work to tell me the
whole story.

	I reminded her I had warned her many times in the past about
her temper and that maybe now she would believe me.  She said it was
no big deal, just kind of exciting because it had seemed so dangerous.
She liked  thinking about what those huge Black guys would have done
to her if they had caught her.  I told her it was not very funny.
They might have raped her little white ass.  I said I loved her and
worried about her getting into trouble and me not being there to help
her.  I said I didn't know what I could have done with that many big
Black guys and suggested we discuss this some more when I got home.

	This incident occurred just after our third anniversary.
About three months earlier we had decided it was time to have our
first child.  My wife, hot-tempered as she is, was very scientific in
her approach to getting pregnant.  She stopped taking the pill,
tracked her cycle and measured her temperature regularly.  This Friday
would, she said, find her at her most fertile.  That was why, as I
mentioned already, it was so special for us.  We intended to spend
Friday evening and the whole weekend fucking so she would get

	Tina said she really looked forward to fucking to get
pregnant.  It made her hornier than she had ever been in her life and
she wanted to do it until she passed out.  That made me horny too.  I
wanted to fuck her as soon as she told me about it two weeks ago, but
she refused me.  She said I needed the full two weeks to build up a
super-high sperm count

	I got home about 6:00 and found Tina lying naked on our
kingsize bed with her legs spread wide apart.  She was masturbating
with a big, black dildo.  She said she was so horny that she just had
to relieve herself or go crazy.  I took off my clothes and said she
didn't need a dildo when the real thing was here.  My 7" cock was hard
and I was ready to go at it, but she said no.  we could not do it
until 10:00 because that was the absolute optimum time.  She didn't
want me wasting my sperm before then.  She said she had to use the
dildo because I couldn't fuck her yet.

	She suggested we watch some porn videos she had rented for for
this weekend to make us really horny.  She ordered me to sit down on
the floor at the foot of the bed and watch her use the dildo on
herself so I would get really hot and my cock would be as big as it
could get.  It would really turn me on so I would be able to shoot a
cup of cum into her.  She insisted I not jack off and said she would
really get mad if I did. She didn't want me waste the sperm.  Besides,
she said it turned her on to have me watch her use the dildo because
it was black.  She said it was like having me watch another guy fuck
her: a Black man.

	I thought that was an odd thing for her to say, but watching
other guys fuck my wife had always been a fantasy of mine that I had
hinted at many times.  I had never come out and said so for fear she
would get angry. Maybe she was reading my mind now and besides, it was
a tremendous turnon watching her fuck herself with that big black

	I was curious to see just what kind of porn vidoes she had
rented.  They were the raunchiest I had ever seen.  For the next two
and a half hours I watched my wife fuck herself with that black dildo,
having orgasm after orgasm, while she watched the fucking on the
television screen.  Men fucked women in their in their cunts, mouths,
and assholes.  Guys were jacking off on the women, shooting sperm in
their mouths and assholes and all over them. One video starred Sean
Michaels, the well-hung Black stud, fucking the lovely Flame as
Flame's video-husband watched the two of them going at it.  Sean
fucked Flame' mouth, cunt and asshole and finished up by jacking off
in her face.  One of them fucked  her cunt, one her ass, and one her
mouth while the fourth Black guy jacked off on the woman's face.  As
my wife watched this movie she started to fuck herself harder and
faster with the black dildo.  She was so turned on. 

	Finally she said, if that black guy in that van today had
caught up to me, I'm certain that's what he would have done to me.  I
told her that she was probably right.  With that she really started
fucking herself with the dildo.  She was building to another orgasm
and I knew she was fantasizing about the Black van driver and his
friends.  Then she started saying things I'd never thought I would her
from my tiny little wife.  She said she bet his black cock would have
been so much bigger and better than the black dildo.  Picking up on
this thought I told her that I was certain that his  cock would have
been considerably larger and that would have felt a hell of a lot
better than the dildo.  She complained that the dildo couldn't cum
like a real Black man could.  She moaned she probably would have
really enjoyed what he would have done to her if he had caught up to
her.  Jokingly, I told her that maybe next time she shouldn't try so
hard to get away.  She said that next time maybe she wouldn't try to
get away at all.  Then she asked me if I would be mad if she ever did
anything like that with a Black guy.

	WELL, THIS WAS IT. What should I say? Should I tell her the
truth.  Should I tell her that I fantasize about her fucking other
guys all the time or should I tell her I would be very angry and
probably divorce her?  I was so horny that I decided WHY NOT TELL HER
THE TRUTH and see what happens. While she kept fucking herself with
the dildo, re-running the video with Sean and Flame, I told her the

	I told her that I knew she had never fucked another another
guy and that it would be very unfair of me if I didn't allow the
freedom to have sex  with another man or men.  I told her that I
really wanted her to fuck other men.  I also told her that she would
make me very happy if she other men fill her cunt with their semen and
that I would never get mad at her for fucking other men.  I didn't
care how many guys she fucked, how often she fucked them or what she
allowed them to do to her. It didn't matter whether they were white or
Black just so long as she wanted them.

	I said it would be good for our relationship later in life, so
she wouldn't feel later that she had missed out on a full and
rewarding sex life.  I told her that I had fantasized thousands of
times about other guys shoving their cocks into her little body and
that she would make me very happy if she fucked other men and
especially if she let them fill her tiny body with their semen.

	With this she started to tell me how much she wanted to fuck
and suck other men, but had always been afraid to tell me.  She also
told me how much she wanted to feel their sperm in her and especially
how much she had fantasized about being raped.  She told me she really
felt she needed to fuck other men and that she particularly needed to
be raped, especially by a  Black man.  Fucking a Black guy was her
biggest fantasy and that she wanted me to watch while they did
everything to her that a man and a woman can do together.  She said
that was why she was using a black dildo.

	I told her how much it would turn me on to watch her give
herself to a Black man.  I encouraged her in her fantasy and told her
what he would do to her.  As I did her orgasm became more and more
intense.  Finally, I told her that if she really loved me that she
fuck a Black man, even if I had to have her raped.  She began moaning
and groaning and grunting and squirming to a very intense orgasm.
While she was cumming she kept screaming how much she needed a big
Black cock and how much she needed to feel a Black man's cum filling
her love holes and how much it would turn her on to make me watch
while he raped and fucked her.

	I was just about to cum, which I knew would make her mad,
since she didn't want me to deplete my sperm count. After all, that
was the reason we were here using the dildo, watching erotic movies
and waiting till 10:00 to fuck.  It was now 9:45.  Anyway, I was just
about to cum and my wife was right in the middle of her most intense
orgasm when I was startled by a voice behind me.  I turned around to
see who was there and a pair of very large Black hands grabbed me by
the wrists twisted them behind me and fastened them together with a
pair of handcuffs.  I looked at Tina who was still lying on the bed,
her legs spread wide apart with that black dildo still pushed all the
way inside her cunt and in the middle of the most intense orgasm of
her life.  As I looked at her, she looked at the Black man and cried,
"OH, MY GOD!  THE GUY IN THE VAN!"  He stood there, holding me and
watching Tina finish the orgasm she could not seem to stop.

	As I looked up from where I was sitting on the floor, the
Black man holding me seemed ten feet tall.  I knew then that my wife
had not lost the  the van today and that he had followed her home to
get even with her for smarting off so much.  There was absolutely
nothing I could do. He was in total command and could do anything he
wanted.  There was virtually nothing that tiny Tina or I could do to
stop them.  I felt totally helpless.  I knew exactly what he planned
to do with my little wife lying there naked on the bed.  She looked
back at me.  Her orgasm was ending, but the black dildo was still deep
inside her cunt.  The look she gave me told me that she also knew what
he was going to do.

	After a minute or so he relaxed his grip on me and said, "I've
got a gun in my pocket.  Move and I will shoot."  He disappeared out
the bedroom door for a few seconds and then reappeared with a kitchen
chair and a coil of nylon rope.  He hoisted me into the chair and
bound me.  I half-heartedly tried to fight him, but it was no use.
The Black man whose name turned out to be Paul said he had been
standing out in hallway for about an hour listening to everything we
had been saying.  He said he had originally planned to break down the
door and shoot both of us, but overheard over conversation and decided
he would give Tina and me what he heard us say we wanted.  "It's
almost ten o'clock and your wife won't have worry about my sperm count
being too low."

My wife was trying to cover herself, but Paul just ripped the sheets
off of her and pushed her knees up and back to get a good look at the
black dildo that was still deep inside her.  He moved his hand down to
the dildo and started to fuck it in and out of my wife's pussy.  As he
fucked the black dildo in and out, he said, "You really love big black
things in your cunt, don't you slut?"  My wife looked me directly in
the eyes, knowing that there was no way to resist and said loud enough
to make certain that I could hear her; "YES, I DO".

	His hand was so large in comparison to my tiny wife that his
hand covered her entire pubic area.  As he moved the dildo in and out
of her.  I watched her as she spread her legs as wide as she could and
twitch as if she was having an orgasm.  Paul had placed the chair I
was tied up in at the end  of the bed where I couldn't miss seeing
everything that he were going to do to my wife.  Paul said he wanted
me to have the best seat in the house.  He tired of this game in a few
minutes and began to get undressed.  When he dropped his shorts his
cock was already hard from the excitement of fucking my wife with

	I could not believe the size of his cock. It was at least 12"
long and at least 2 1/2" thick.  It was not completely erect, but it
was absolutely gigantic.  It turned me on because I knew that Paul
would soon shove that huge Black cock inside Tina.  He pressed his
huge cock down the side of his leg so that it almost reached his knee.
Then he lifted it up I could get a good look at his huge black balls.
"What do you think of my equipment?' he asked me.  I could only think
they looked like two large black billiard balls hanging between his

	I looked at Tina and saw her staring at Paul's huge meat and
balls.  He turned to the side so my wife could get a better view of
his cock and balls and said, "I don't think you have to worry, Tina,
about my sperm count.  I have plenty for you."  With this, Tina
shuddered again and I knew that she was having an orgasm just from
looking at Paul's huge black cock and balls and hearing him talk about
his sperm count.  She was anticipating feeling his gigantic Black cock
fucking and blasting a huge load of his sperm-rich semen into her. I
knew she wanted him, not me, to impregnate her.  She wanted Black
cock, not white.  Strangely, it was a total turn-on for me.  I too
wanted him to fuck her and impregnate her.

	My cock started to get hard.  I was tied and there was no way
to hide my hard cock as it stood straight up in the air.  Paul, seeing
my hard cock, turned to my wife and said "Tina, look at your husband's
cock.  He knows what I am going to do and it turns him on."  Tina
looked at my cock and knew it had turned me on knowing that this Black
man was going fuck her and impregnate her as I watched.  Then Paul
looked at me again and asked me,  "So you do want me to fuck your
little slut wife, don't you?"  There was no possible way to hide what
I was feeling.  All I could do now was look Tina straight in the eyes
and say "Yes, go ahead and fuck her, please.  I want you to use her".

	Paul then asked me if I wanted him to impregnate Tina.  "Yes,"
I said, "shoot your semen into her cunt and give her a Black baby.  I
want to watch you do it, please."  Hearing me say this, Tina looked at
me and mouthed the words, "Thank you.  I love you, but I need this so
much." And then it began.    Paul's cock was now totally hard and it
stood out in front of him like a Black baseball bat.  He was ready to
shove his black cock into Tina's cunt and, judging by the look on her
face, she was ready and eager to have him do it. 

	Paul looked at the clock on the dresser next to the bed and
said, "10:OO PM.  Show time, folks!"  Then he yanked the black dildo
out of Tina's cunt with a  popping sound.  I saw that Tina was wet.
Her juices were running out of her pussy and down her ass crack.  Paul
began rubbing her juices all over her cunt to make sure she was well
lubricated.  Then he spat on his hand and rubbed his cock with it to
lubricate it thoroughly.

	Tina took a hold of his huge cock, looked me in the eye and
began  rubbing the head of it up and down her pussy crack.  I didn't
know how she would be able to fuck him, since her little hand only
went about halfway around his huge cock.  Tina kept looking right at
me as I saw her spread her pussy lip open as he pushed his huge fat
black cock into her pussyhole.  She kept staring at me and smiling.
She was teasing me as her cunt's inner lips kept stretching more and
more until they looked paper thin.  I watched as his fat Black cock
began to disappear inside my wife's tiny body.  Just getting the head
inside triggered an intense orgasm for Tina.  

	As Paul worked to get himself inside her cunt, I heard her
tell him that no matter how much it hurt her, she wanted every inch of
his huge black cock as deep inside her body as he could shove it.
Then, loud enough to make certain I heard her, she told Paul how much
she wanted to have his baby.  Then she looked directly at me and told
me she wanted to make a baby with Paul, not with me.

When Paul heard her say these things, he turned to me and told me to
watch closely as he gave her his cock and his Black man's cum.  With
this, he shoved his gigantic black cock into Tina until she screamed
in pain.  When she screamed he pulled about two inches of cock out of
her, waited a few seconds and then shoved it deeper than before until
she screamed out in pain again.  I watched Paul rape my wife and it
was turning me on more than anything in the world ever had before.

	He kept shoving more and more of his huge Black cock into my
wife's tiny body until his huge balls were slapping against her ass.
The she told me to look at her.  She had taken all 12" of Paul's huge
Black cock into her cunt and wanted to make certain that I had seen
it.  He was fucking it in and out of her and she was fucking right
back with energy and passion.  She told me how great it felt to fuck a
Black man and that I should get used to the idea of her fucking a
Black man because she intended to fuck this one so well he would come
back for seconds and thirds and fourths and. . . .

	Paul was fucking her hard and fast now.  Taking full strokes
in and out of her cunt, his cock coated with her lubricant and
glistening blackly. Pulling his cock all the way out, her pink pussy
lips clinging to it as he withdrew, and then shoving it all the way
back into her child-like body again.  Every time he shoved his huge
black cock all the way inside her small body I saw a bulge in her
belly.  I knew I was seeing his cock make room for itself inside her.
It was easy to tell how far up inside her tiny body he had shoved his
gigantic cock.  As I watched her stomach move up and down to the
rhythm of his balls slapping against her ass, I watched her hug, kiss
and tongue the huge Black man that was fucking her.

	I heard her begging him to cum inside her.  She told him she
needed his sperm for the egg she had waiting specially for his sperm
and she needed it now.  It really turned me on to hear her begging him
to fill her cunt with his cum.  She knew what it would do to her when
he finally pumped his sperm into her body and she and I both wanted it
to happen.  

	Paul was fucking Tina ferociously with his giant black cock
and Tina hoped he would fill her cunt with his cum.  Tina had been in
an almost constant state of orgasm for well over 15 minutes now, ever
since Paul's huge Black cock first entered her tiny cunt.  She asked
Paul what was taking so long.  She needed his cum.  Looking straight
at me, she told Paul that if he did she would do anything he wanted,
anytime, anywhere.  She told him that she would be his whore and would
never say "no" to anything he wanted.

	Despite everything that had happened, I was shocked to hear
her say this, but it turned me on tremendously.  Paul said he would
shove his cock up her ass, that he would fuck her in public place
while other people watched, that he might make her fuck his buddies
and give them blowjobs and let them gangbang her.  He asked her if she
understood what he was saying.  Still looking right at me, she said
she totally understood what he was telling her and that she would
gladly do absolutely everything and anything he wanted, no matter what
it was he wanted her to do, if only he would fill her with his semen
right now.

	He turned to me as fucked my wife and asked me if I had heard
and understood what my wife had agreed to do.  Did I agree that she
could do anything he wanted and would I guarantee to make her live up
to her end of the bargain?  He also said that I had to agree that if
she did not do what she had agreed to, that he had the right to take
her and force to do what he wanted and that I would help him.  At this
point, Tina looked directly at me and told me that if I truly loved
her and wanted her to have a sexually fulfilled life, as I had said
earlier I did, that I would not hesitate to agree to what Jim wanted.
She said that she honestly needed to be allowed to be a Black man's
whore for a period of time in her life and that she had to be
completely certain that if she couldn't do it on her own, that I would
force her to do it.

	As they looked at me, waiting for my answer, I looked at
Paul's huge black cock fucking in and out of Tina's incredibly
stretched cunt.  Even though I knew what it would mean if I had an
orgasm now, I couldn't stop myself.  My mind was filled with the
images of what my beautiful tiny wife might have to do for Paul as his
whore, I had the most intense, most pleasurable, but almost painful
orgasm of my life.  My semen shot at least 6' into the air, hitting
the ceiling and sprayed both Paul's and Tina's legs.  They both
laughed and Paul said, "You got that wrong, buddy.  She wants my cum,
not yours."  Tina smiled at me and said, "But, that answers your
question, Paul.  He knows what will happen if you shoot your cum in my
pussy.  He wants me to have your Black baby in my belly as much as I
want to have it." 

	Paul tensed and shoved every fraction of an inch of his
gigantic black cock into Tina's cunt and started to grunt and groan
over and over again.  Tina stared straight into my eyes and smiled,
teasing me to the point of humiliation, as he started shooting his
huge load of cum into her.  Tina  kept smiling at me, teasing me,
telling me how she could feel it shooting into her cunt, how hot his
semen was and how much there was of it, and how wonderful it felt to
have a Black man shooting his sperm so deep into her body.  She told
me later that her orgasm was intensified a thousand-fold knowing that
this Black man was making her pregnant and that I was watching and
accepting it and wanting it as badly as she did herself.

	Her orgasm was so intense that I thought sure she was going to
pass out as she moaned and moaned over and over how great it felt,
that she never wanted it to end.  She wanted a Black man to fuck her
like this every day and every night.  Tina told me to look closely at
her pussy.  I looked and saw that her and Paul's cum had mingled
together and was leaking out as he continued to fuck it in and out of
her.  Then she smiled at me again, teasing me, humiliating me, saying,
"He's knocking up your pretty and very willing white wife.  When they
see the baby, everyone will know I prefer fucking Black men."

	She kept telling me these things over and over again, teasing
and humiliatung me about how great it feels to fuck a Black man, how
my cock could never make her feel as great as Paul's did, how much
more she liked Black man's sperm than my sperm, how she wanted to fuck
Black men every day.  And asking me, if I wanted it to be like this
everyday as much as she did, and if it turned me on to watch a Black
man fuck me.

	I couldn't stand it any longer and I gave her the answer I
knew she wanted by having another mind-shattering orgasm, shooting my
semen all the way up on her and Paul again.  When my sperm hit her she
told me how much it made her feel loved that I was getting so turned
on by what was happening to her.  She said she wanted to have five or
six children, but didn't think she  would want to make a baby with me
or any other white man and would it bother me if she had five or six
black babies.

	Paul was finished for the time being and began pulling his
cock out of her cunt.  As he tried to pull his cock out, my wife
begged him not to pull his cock out of her and to please keep fucking
her more, but he said he had to take a break.  When he finally got it
out, I expected to see his semen gush out--there was so much of
it--but it didn't happen quite that way.  Tina's cunt was very dilated
and I saw a pool of Paul's cum inside her--but only for a few seconds
until Tina stuffed a kleenex in her hole.         

	Paul moved up to my wife's face and his soft and sloppy wet
cock all over her face over her face, lips, tits and in her hair.
Tina quickly opened her mouth as wide as she could and he pushed his
jet-black cock between her lips.  Tina started licking it up and down
its whole length while jacking him off with both hands, trying to get
him hard again, and telling him how much she loved the taste of his
semen and how good it felt to suck his big black cock, especially
while I was watching her.

	Paul kept turning himself on, and even me, by telling Tina how
he wanted to cum in her mouth and on her face.  He told her that when
he has done with that, he wanted her to suck him hard again so he
could fuck her up the ass.  Tina was an anal virgin, but it was easy
for me to see that she wanted him to take that particular virginity.
That was a real turn on for me.  I felt sure this merely the first
night of many in which a Black man would fuck her in the ass.  I also
knew that her asshole would remain wide open when he was done fucking
her in her ass and that I would see his semen gushing out of it.  I
was so turned on by what was going to happen that I moaned out loud,
unconsciously, "Oh yes, fuck her asshole".

	Paul turned, smiled at me and asked if Tina was really an anal
virgin. I said, "Yes, she is.  But, I want your cock to be the first
to use her asshole.  Shove it in right now!  Fill her asshole with
your cum."  I was so turned on I couldn't believe it. I wanted Tina to
know that I wanted him to fuck her in the asshole.  Paul's cum had
finally soaked throught the kleenex and oozed down into her ass crack.
Her asshole was covered with his cum.

	That would come later for I heard Tina start to moan.  Paul's
cock had stiffened up again and he was beginning to fuck her mouth
with long deep strokes.  Then I found out how Tina had been able to
feel Paul cumming in her cunt so easily.  He gave a loud grunt and
began blasting his semen inside Tina's mouth.  He was shooting so much
cum that it ran out of the corners of her mouth.  Then he pulled his
huge black cock out of my wife's mouth and I saw something I didn't
think was possible, but he was doing it to my wife as I watched.

	Paul didn't cum like most men cum.  As the huge head of his
cock appeared out of Tina's mouth he wasn't spurting cum like other
guys I have seen in erotic films.  He was cumming in a steady stream.
Tina kept her mouth wide open for him and his cum looked like milky
piss.  It looked like he was pissing something milky white into her
mouth.  Paul kept on pissing his semen into my wife's mouth, then all
over her face, down her neck and onto her tits.  I heard Tina say,
"Your cum is so hot. I love your hot cum. I want it like this every
day."  I knew she meant what she was saying and I couldn't hold back
any longer.  As I watched Jim piss his sperm back up her neck and all
over Tina's face again, I started shooting my load into the air again.
She gathered it up in her fingers and licked them clean, moaning, "Oh,
God.  Your cum tastes so good.  I can't get enough of it."

	I was absolutely exhausted, but it wasn't over yet.  As
promised, Paul next fucked her in the ass--after taking a thirty
minute rest break.  When he was ready to go again, he set her on her
hands and knees, spreading her legs wide, grabbed some K-Y jelly from
the nightstand and lubed his fingers.  Then he squirted some K-Y jelly
in her asshole, and then began fingering it. First, one finger, then
he added a second and a third.  Satisfied that she was open enough, he
squirted some K-Y jelly on his cock, moved behind her and
unceremoniously shoved every inch of his gigantic black cock up Tina's
asshole.  She screamed with pain, but didn't tell him to stop.  He did
a minute and then began fucking in and out.  He made a show for me of
his anal fucking ability, straddling Tina's ass with his legs and
showing me that she could take his cock all the way to his balls.
Finally, Paul tensed and grunted loudly.  Obviously he pumped a lot of
cum into her asshole.  I waited for him to pull out so I could see it
come gushing out, but Paul had another idea.

	He pushed Tina's shoulders to the bed and told her to keep her
asshole aimed high.  Then he pulled out, jumped off the bed, grabbed
me (chair and all) and shoved me face up between Tina's legs.  He
positioned me quite carefully I noticed.  "Now, white boy," he said,
"you're gonna get a taste of Black man's cum too.  Tina, you raise up
when I tell you.  White boy, open your mouth and don't you dare spit
it out."  This was utterly humiliating for me.  Forced to drink a
Black man's cum delivered from her asshole to my mouth.  Slowly,
hesitantly I opened my mouth.  "Good white boy! Tina, raise up."  I
couldn't close my eyes and watched as she raised her upper body and
aimed her ass at me.  The hole was wide open and it was full of cum.
It drizzled out and down and into my mouth.  I was not so excited by
this, but it was exciting for Paul and Tina both.  As Pauls' cum
dripped into my mouth, I heard Tina say, "Paul, I love you."

	I was looking forward to nicer thing so I was disappointed
when Paul said it was getting late and he had best be going.  Tina and
I both brightened up when he said that before he left they wanted to
give me one last show that they had practiced so it would be perfectly
timed.  With this he crawled between Tina's legs and shoved his huge
black cock all the way up her cunt one more time.  He said he wanted
to make certain the sperm count in Tina's pussy wasn't too low.  I had
to laugh because as he push his huge black cock into Tina's cunt again
because semen was oozing out around his cock.  I knew he had given her
enough sperm to impregnate a hundred white women.

	He untied me as soon as he finished dressing and told me to
get used to what he had done with Tina tonight.  She was his whore
from now on.  Paul said that since I enjoyed how he had used my wife
tonight that he wouldn't have to tie me up the next time he came to
use my wife.  I told him not to worry.  We had an agreement and that I
would make certain that Tina would do her part anytime he wanted.  I
assured him that if she did not do as she had agreed, I would help him
force her to do whatever he wanted her to do and that I would never
interfer with him in any way.

	I told him that I really enjoyed what he did with my wife
tonight.  I looked over at Tina laying on the bed with her legs spread
wide apart, rubbing his semen sperm all over her clit and said, "I am
sure she really enjoyed it too.  I urged him to come back real soon
and for a night of pleasure with Tina.  He said he was glad there was
no hard feelings about it and then, as he walked out of the bedroom
door, he turned to my wife, winked at her and said, "You were right".

	As soon as he had left the house I crawled in bed with my
wife.  Tina immediately started rubbing her hot sticky sperm-covered
body all over me. Even after being fucked so many times and taking
four really big loads of cum in and on her, she was acting like she
still wanted more.  And, she truly did want more.  It was impossible
for her get enough tonight.  She was absolutely insatiable.  If there
is such a thing as nymphomaniac, my wife was one at least for the
night.  But what she really wanted to do for the moment was to tease
me and try to humiliate me with what she had just done with a Black
man.  Tina took my hand and put it on her pussy and told me to rub and
feel her cunt.  Then she french-kissed me deeply and I could taste the
sperm that still coated the inside of her mouth.  As I rubbed and
fingered her cunt and asshole I could feel the sperm that had been
shot into her body oozing out between my fingers.   

	She teasingly asked me if I liked touching her and feeling a
Black man's semen in her.   She arrogantly asked me if I like kissing
her and tasting a Black man's cum in her mouth.  I didn't have to
answer, she already knew what I was going to say, so she just kept
teasing me about how great it had felt to be fucked by such a
well-hung Black man and that she loved being used by him that way
while I watched, how much more she enjoys sex when it's a really big
cock doing the fucking, how much she preferred Black guys with huge
cocks than white guys, even me.  She said she now knows for certain
that she will never be able to be fully satisfied by my smaller cock;
even though I have a good 7" of average thickness.  She made it
perfectly clear to me that since I will not be able to fully satisfy
her with my cock alone after what had happened tonight and if I really
loved her and wanted her to be fully satisfied sexually, that I would
have to make certain that she always has a Black lover with a really
big cock. 

	She said that nothing else will ever be able to satisfy her.
Nothing could ever feel better to her than to fuck a Black man with a
huge cock and how great it made her feel when he shot so much cum
inside her pussy, mouth and ass and all over her face and tits.  She
knew I had enjoyed what had happened to her as much as she had enjoyed
it.  She was saying anything she could think of that she thought would
humiliate me and make me feel inferior to Paul.  Tina kept trying to
humiliate me further by saying that she loved what he had done.  It
felt so good.  She really did want his baby and not mine.  The only
time I could satisfy her would be when I fuck her after a well-hung
Black stud finishes using her

	It was then that my curiosity got the better of me and I asked
Tina what Paul had meant when he said "you were right" as he left the
bedroom.  Tina was silent for a while, then muttered that she knew
that asshole couldn't keep his big black mouth shut.  I asked her what
in the hell she was talking about.  She was again silent for long
time.  Then she said she might as well tell me the truth since it was
obvious that I was going to find out anyway. She said she would tell
me, but I had to promise her not to be mad since it was something that
wasn't her fault anyway and that she couldn't have controlled it, even
if she had wanted to.

	I told Tina to tell me the truth right now or I was going to
get very pissed off.  Tina told me the whole story and I was
absolutely dumfounded that it had been going on behind my back for the
last four months.  But, as she filled me in, I began to remember
certain things about the last three months of our marriage that had
seemed a little strange.

	She said that what she had told me on the phone today about
the van was true, but that it had happened over three months ago.  The
more she confessed to me, the more turned on she became.  She told me
that the van story had happened, but that she had not gotten away from
it that day.  Paul had trapped her in an alley, pulled her out of her
car and carried her kicking and screaming into the back of the van.
There were no other passengers.  He was alone.  She fully expected him
to rape her, but he didn't.  Instead he talked to her about love and
peace and getting along with people.  She calmed down in ten or
fifteen minutes and he offered to let her go if she would apologize
for saying such nasty things.

	Tina apologized and said he owed her an apology for threating
to shove his dick up her ass.  Paul said he had lost his temper and
said he was really sorry.  She had, he said, thrown gasoline in the
fire by insulting his manhood.  The only half-repentant Tina said she
was really sorry he had a tiny dick.  Paul laughed and said, "So
that's what you think." Then unzipped his pants and hauled out his
trouser snake.  Tina said she had gasped and said, "My God.  I had no
idea. .  . ."  Paul put it back in his trousers before she got a
really good look at it.  "That's when I told him I was sorry I had
insulted his manhood.  I asked him if he would forgive me if I let him
use his manhood on me.  He agreed and we became lovers in the back of
Paul's van that afternoon.  We have been lovers ever since--at least
three or four times a week." 

	I then asked her why the charade tonight.  She hemmed and
hawed around and finally told me.  Long ago, she said, she had
recognized the hints I had been giving her about fucking other guys.
She also knew I was turned on by the idea of Black man/white woman
sex--and by the fantasy of watching them make a baby.  She said she
knew I would really get off watching her fuck a Black man, thinking
that she was getting knocked up.  Then she could relax knowing that it
was alright with me that she had a Black lover.

	Almost from the first she had wanted to make a baby with Paul.
That--not my desire to get her pregnant and start our family--was why
she stopped taking the pill.  The cycle tracking, the temperature and
the abstinance from sex to get a satisfactory sperm count was all a
cover up.  She was already two months pregnant--by Paul.  When she
missed her period and got a pregnancy test kit, she and Paul worked
out the charade.  "Did you like it?"  she wanted to know.  I told her
it was most wonderful experience of my life and that I was just sorry
she was already pregnant.  "Maybe the next time," she said, "you can.
. . watch Paul and me. . . .  Baby, does it hurt you that I don't want
to make a baby with you?  I really meant when I said I don't want to
have any white babies."

	We kissed.  Tina said she was still hot and needed more sex.
I had a aching hard-on so I was interested in connecting my cock with
her pussy.  She said it turned her on fucking me she told me about
Paul fucking her.  "Besides," she said, "I want you to feel all the
semen Paul left in my pussyhole."  I crawled between Tina's legs and
started fucking her.  I had never felt anything as hot and wet as her
cunt felt at that moment.  As I fucked her I told her how great it
felt to fuck her sperm filled cunt and that I wished every time I
fucked her that her cunt would feel this way. I came in her almost
immediately, but my cock stayed hard and I continued to fuck Tina's
cunt as she told me how she loved fucking Paul, how she loved having
his huge Black cock in her asshole and mouth, but especially in her
pussy and how she had thrown away her birth control pills after her
third date with Paul.

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