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Subject: Celeste's #12 for June: "My Trusted Friend" (MM/f, a spot of BD) by BronwenSM (RP)
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WARNING: This is adult reading material. If you aren't, don't!
(c) BronwenSM 1997. Not to be used without permission.

                          -- My Trusted Friend --
                          (MM/f, a tiny bit of BD)


Joe was witty, I was beautiful; we were stylish. We did everything
together in our hip little city. All night we shared ideas, all day we
cruised and laughed. He had exquisite hands and a long narrow smile.
He painted my portrait, he painted my face. Lovers came and came, but
Joe and I adored each other. I used to tell him the crazy stuff, how
they’d buggered me in the rain or how I set up some scene with a
girlfriend and he’d get off on that. But Joe was married and I
wouldn’t fuck him, whatever he said. His wife was lovely, but work
took her away a lot.

We drank too much one thundery afternoon and decided to buy some coke.
We wandered through the dust to Biker Dave’s. They would have been
picturesque, those cottages, if they weren’t so dirty. Biker Dave
himself would've liked to be a Hell’s Angel but all he’d achieved
was a filthy bike in bits in the garden, and convictions for assault
and statutory rape. I was a bit old for him at 17.

Inside, the house stank, but sweaty fat Dave was welcome itself.
Customers on a hot day with no effort... He shambled out back to fetch
the gear and we collapsed on the floor, me between Joe’s outstretched
legs, shoulders against his chest. As Dave came back through the door
Joe gently but very obviously took both my wrists and pulled them
behind me.

Dave’s smile was carnivorous. Somewhere out of nowhere sex was
happening. It was hot and still. The carpet was so dirty it looked
like vinyl. Sometimes you notice everything.....

Joe didn’t speak. He didn’t need to. I could have freed my hands
easily but left them nestled in Joe’s grasp. I felt ashamed and loved
and horny as hell.

Dave put out filthy tattooed hands, and unbuttoned my shirt. "She’s
got great tits," he said. He ran his scarred thumbs over my nipples
and leant forward. As he chewed on my breasts, I felt the sudden deep
churn of my response. He ran his hand up my neck then took it away,
needing both hands to struggle with his stupid biker belt as he got to
his knees.

His rigid cock jutted from his jeans - underpants were beneath Dave.
It was brown and gnarled and, as I ducked forward to take it in my
mouth, it wasn’t clean. Who gave a shit?

Running my tongue round under the glans, I stretched my lips wide over
my teeth to get his swollen purple tulip in. I sucked his hard,
textured shaft with all my skill. He grunted his pleasure as he gazed
down. Joe, kissing my naked shoulder, watched every detail. I was
electric with sex - Dave in his bestiality, Joe in his love. Both
wanted me, both had me - in a sense.....

I was in heaven. It was a long, semen-soaked afternoon. Marital
fidelity - even enforced - can be a wonderful thing.....


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