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  @(C) 1997 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
           Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL).

Disclaimer:  The following material is intended for adults only, that is 
people over the age of consent in whatever country they happen to live.  This 
material consists of the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual 
experiences that are obviously pure fantasy.  In other words: none of the 
characters contract sexually transmitted diseases; nobody has bad breath; 
nobody gets pregnant unless they want to; few of the characters have any 
sexual inhibitions or hangups and if they do, they quickly lose them; everyone 
always has an orgasm and all the people live happily ever after.  Now, if you 
already live this type of life, I kind of wonder what you're doing wasting 
your time browsing through a.s.s ?  I doubt you're going to find much new 
among the contributions.  But on the other hand, if you're still searching for 
this perfect world; you're probably as close to finding it here as anywhere 
else.  Remember though, we are all God's children and should treat each other 
as such.  It should go without saying; any resemblance between the characters 
in this account and real people, either living or deceased, is purely 
coincidental.  And finally, if you would be offended by the fictional sexual 
experiences and fantasies of fictional people then you are free to seek other 
entertainment.  As always e-mail your comments to the usual.

                       An Adventure of Military Madness

                               "Shack, Lead !"

                               by Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                               *** PROLONG ***

    This is a military story.  No, it is not a war story.  It is the story of 
the men and women who fought past battles.  It is also the story of the men 
and women who will be asked to fight future battles and while the shame caused 
by the "Tailhook" scandal still haunts the proud history of this nation's 
warriors, let us not forget where we would be without them.  Most of the 
characters portrayed here are military personnel or their spouses and 
children.  All of them are warriors to some extent and give up a little of 
their everyday freedom in order for you to get your full share.  Violent death 
does not distinguish between the barbarian or the native savage conquering new 
territory, the medieval knight fighting for the word of God, or the 
politically correct warrior among us and for some war never ends. 

                           ***** CHAPTER TEN *****

    Al could hardly wait for Thanksgiving - four days with no school.  He was 
going to spend as much time as he could at his dad's.  His mom was totally in 
the dark about the goings on at Gary's.  She just figured that father and son 
were getting to know each other.  She often asked her son what he and his 
father did on the weekends that he spent at Gary's place.  Gary always gave Al 
a good briefing on what he should be telling his mother; a hockey game, a 
movie, a rock concert.  Al always had a good excuse for why he was so beat 
when he got home.

    Tina confessed to her mother that she was sleeping with Al after getting 
tired of hearing her mother's continual questions about what the two of them 
did when Jackie and Gary went out.  When Tina asked her if she was sleeping 
with Gary; Jackie had no choice but to confirm what she thought her daughter 
already suspected.  Many weekends would find Gary going down to pick up Jackie 
after work and bringing her back to her place while the kids were down at 
Gary's fucking their brains out.

    Al, like his dad, enjoyed a little variety and was getting tired of just 
fucking Tina and Diane all the time.  So Julie and Heather had been a real 
nice diversion.  It stands to reason that he was a little pissed Gary didn't 
want them coming back.  They were hot cunts - would fuck and suck all night.  
But Heather and Julie had just come over because Tina promised she'd get them 
some dynamite weed if they'd get naked and party with them.  Gary got really 
pissed and put his foot down when Tina finally told him why the girls kept 
coming over.

    One weekend, while Tina and Al were getting it on, she asked him if he'd 
ever thought about getting it on with her mother.  Al had never been with 
someone older than he was.  Well, Tami was older than he was but only by a 
year.  Tina told him how her mother shaved her pussy and that really got Al 
turned on.  He thought Tina's mom was real hot looking and had had a crush on 
Mrs. Wilson since the first time he met her.  He considered her a real MILF (a 
mother I'd like to fuck).  Tina and Al concocted a plan to get the four of 
them fucking and sucking together.  Thanksgiving was the perfect time.  Gary 
and Al had a date with Wanda for Thanksgiving dinner but that would just fuck 
up Thursday a little.  The rest of the weekend was going to be orgy time and 
Al could hardly wait !

    Jackie didn't have to work Wednesday evening so the plan was for the four 
of them to eat at Big Dog's and then go their separate ways as they usually 
did.  Gary and Jackie were in the bar having a beer after dinner and the kids 
were playing video games.

    "I wish they'd leave."  Al whispered to Tina.

    "Don't worry they will.  My mom's got to be horny as hell 'cause her and 
Gary haven't got it on since last week sometime.  She was on the rag last week 
and had to work all weekend.  I think that's why your dad partied with us last 
weekend.  I still don't know why he won't let me bring those friends of mine 
back over to his place.  I mean, they're cool.  What's the big deal ?  I mean 
that one night; he couldn't keep his hands off of them.  Diane was really 
pissed.  She didn't get laid all night."

    Al laughed.  "The times I saw her she didn't look pissed.  She sucked my 
cock damn near all night and Gary had to pull her off his most of the time.  
And look at the job she did on your friends.  She chowed down on Heather and 
Julie until their cunts were raw.  I think she likes to eat pussy and suck 
cock.  She told me she had a great time."

    "Maybe you're right but I still don't understand why Heather and Julie 
can't party with us anymore ?"

    "I think my dad's afraid that the word will get out and then he'll have 
lots of kids over - smoking all his dope and then some parent will find out 
and the shit will hit the fan.  Hey !  It looks like they're leaving."

    Gary wandered over to the video games.  "We're leaving.  Don't wipe 
yourself out, Al.  We've got to be at your mother's by noon."

    The kids could hardly contain their excitement.  Al told his dad that 
everything would be "cool" and went back to playing video games.  Tina and Al 
talked about how long they should wait.  Al figured at least a half hour.  
Tina said that was bullshit that her mother was probably going down on his dad 
as they drove home.  Al laughed at the thought and Tina wasn't far from wrong.

    Jackie had taken her car and had Gary drive.  As soon as the car left the 
parking lot, Jackie was stripping off her clothes and was nude by the time 
Gary drove into her garage.  Gary had a good size woody in his jeans and 
Jackie wanted him to fuck her in the front seat of the car.  Gary carried her, 
kicking and squealing, to the bedroom where the two of them went at it.

    Al and Tina walked quickly up the street.  They had waited less than five 
minutes and then started walking home.  Tina unlocked the front door and let 
the two of them in.  They crept down the hall and found the door to the master 
bedroom wide open, just like they figured.  Jackie's bedroom was covered in 
mirrors - just about everything but the floor and it was carpeted with a thick 
pile.  The two teenagers hardly had to look around the door jam and they could 
see their parents on the bed.

    Jackie was on her knees between Gary's legs, sucking on his cock.  She had 
been fucked once and wanted it again.  Gary was more than happy to accommodate 
her.  She gives some of the best head that Gary had ever had and he was 
content to watch her mouthing his cock in the mirrors.  He knew that in just a 
few minutes she would be on top of him, fucking his brains out.  He usually 
never got that turned on when the woman was on top but Jackie was different.  
She could move her ass around and fuck him limp when she was on top.  He 
especially loved it when she faced away from him.  He loved to watch his cock 
sliding in and out of her shaved cunt and she'd go crazy when he'd stick a 
finger or two into her hairy asshole.

    Tina backed up into Al and could feel his cock in his pants.  She reached 
back and started stroking it though his jeans.  Her mom was really working on 
Gary's cock.  Jesus, she was practically swallowing the whole thing.  She 
remembered another time when she had spied on her mother having sex -  
Christmas several years ago - she caught her mom with her aunt and uncle.  Her 
Uncle Bob had been fucking the shit out of her while her mom had her head 
buried in Aunt Cindy's bush.  God !  She was hot.  She let go of Al's cock and 
started to remove her clothes.  She looked back at Al and found him staring 
dumbfounded at the blow job her mom was giving his dad.

    Al couldn't get enough watching Jackie suck on his dad's cock.  Her lips 
would slide up and down the shaft and then she'd lick right under the head - 
right where he liked it.  He was torn between watching her mouth work on 
Gary's cock or staring at her shaved cunt lips which were plainly visible 
between the slightly spread cheeks of her ass.  He was sure she had been 
fucked as her cunt was shinny with his dad's seamen.  Oh !  Jesus, what an ass 
she had.  Al though Tina had a great ass but her mother's put her's to shame -  
perfectly shaped and so plump.  He wanted to climb up on the bed now and bury 
his cock in her while she was blowing his dad.

    He finally notice that Tina was nude about the time that Jackie straddled 
Gary and started to fuck him.  He started to strip off his clothes with Tina's 
help.  His cock was as hard as stone and poking out of the fly in his shorts.  
He was soon naked and Tina wasted no time going down on him.  She was sucking 
him like there was no tomorrow and he'd soon blow his load if she didn't slow 
down.  Tina was one hot teenager.  She could hardly ever get enough even when 
he and his dad would fuck her together.  He pushed her head away from his meat 
and pulled her to her feet.  He turned her toward the action in the bedroom 
and bent her over a little.  She wiggled her ass against his boner while he 
reached between her legs and poked a finger into her wet pussy.

    Gary was watching Jackie squirm around on his cock in the mirrors when a 
movement by the door caught his attention.  By looking in the mirrors he could 
see Al and Tina, naked as jay birds, groping each other just outside the 
bedroom.  It appeared that Al was getting ready to stick his dick into her.  
He'd had fantasies about fucking Jackie and Tina together;  having his son 
join them would be just that more of a turn on.  He reached up and pulled 
Jackie down on to his chest and began to thrust up into her.  He reached for 
her ass and spread her cheeks.  He'd give the kids a show.  His finger found 
it's way to Jackie's anus and he poked it into her.  She let out a loud moan 
and it was followed by a louder moan from the hall as Al filled Tina's cunt 
with his cock.  The second moan startled Jackie but she was too far gone to 
turn her head to the source.  Gary was really giving her a ride.  He let her 
up a bit and started to suck on her hard nipples while his finger and cock 
reamed out her holes.  She'd taken him a couple of times in the ass and he was 
positive that Al and he would probably sandwich the both of them tonight if 
they could get it up that many times.

    Jackie was drowning in lust.  She had snorted a couple of lines of cocaine 
before Gary and Al had picked up her and her daughter.  She found coke to be 
the drug of choice when she was going to fuck and she couldn't get enough of 
the fucking that Gary Cahill gave her.  God !  He was fucking her brains out - 
she loved it !  He was usually content to let her fuck him when she was on top 
but tonight was different.  She'd never had a ride like this.  It felt like 
his cock was going to come out her mouth with every thrust.  His mouth felt 
great on her nipples.  They were hard and swollen.  They almost hurt but so 
good.  She looked over into the mirror and.....

    Shit.....There was her daughter and Gary's son.  Tina was bent over with 
her hands on her knees and she could see Al's head thrown back as he was  
thrusting in and out of her.  Her daughter's face was contorted in lust and 
now she could hear her moaning and groaning.  Gary's son was really pounding 
it in and out of her daughter.  Slap, slap, slap, slap.  She could actually 
hear their bodies coming together and then it was on her.  Gary had slid 
another finger into her asshole and she was cuming.  "Aaahhh  !  Ooooh !  
Jesuuuus...Fuuuuck me, Gary !"  She screamed.

    Al was just plain fucking the shit out of Tina.  He'd wished that he had 
poked her in the ass instead of the cunt but it was too late now.  He was too 
close to filling her belly with hot spunk.  When his dad poked another finger 
into Mrs. Wilson's asshole he lost it and started screaming out his orgasm 
while he pumped Tina's cunt full of seamen.  Her cunt got real gooey and 
slippery with his seed and he slipped out of her.  Tina stepped aside and 
grabbed his cock, pumping it.  Her mother was staring at Al's cock in the 
mirror as she pumped it.  She wanted her mother to see the size of the cock 
she'd been fucking because tonight she was going to fuck Gary while her mother 
watched; probably while she fucked Al.

    God !  The kid had a longer cock than most of the men she'd fucked.  
Jackie was amazed at the size of Al's dick.  He was damn near as long as his 
father although not nearly as thick.  Her daughter was stroking it to beat the 
band.  I wonder if the kid has cum yet ?  Jesus !  Does Gary know what's going 
on ?  She looked back toward Gary and found him staring in the mirror also.  
He had come to rest under her and was just watching.  She was sure he hadn't 
cum as he always flooded her with seamen and she wasn't that wet.  Tina was 
leading Al toward the bed by his cock.  Not a word was said.  Al was still 

    Jackie was confused and slowly rolled off Gary.  She wasn't sure what to 
do but it wouldn't have mattered anyhow.  Tina and Al were now up on the bed 
with them.  Al was staring at her shaved crotch and her daughter was staring 
at Gary's monster cock as it lay on his belly.  She saw it jerk a couple of 
times as her daughter moved towards him.  She allowed Gary's son to push her 
on to her back and then he was in her, just fucking the shit out of her.  
Jackie was no stranger to group sex but this was different - this was her 
daughter.  She was going to cum again and filled the room with her orgasmic 
screams.  When she came back to the real world she saw her daughter on her 
knees with Gary behind her, fucking her brains out.  Gary was screaming "fuck" 
over and over again like he almost always did when he came and her daughter 
was chanting with him.  She could feel her cunt get slippery and gooey as Al 
pumped a load of his seed into her belly.  The moaning and groaning sounds of 
sex stopped abruptly and silence was left in it's wake as Gary fell back on 
the mattress.  Her daughter remained on her knees with her ass poking up in 
the air.  Jackie could see Gary's seamen dripping out of her daughter's pussy 
and on to the mattress below.

    The four of them, wordlessly, wandered into the bathroom and Gary got the 
shower going.  It was one of those huge things with a bench up against the 
wall.  It would probably fit eight comfortably.  Tina wasted no time and 
started lathering up Gary's crotch and Jackie felt Al's mouth on her tits and 
nipples.  The soap was making the rounds when Jackie noticed that her daughter 
was on her knees sucking Gary's cock.  She let Al force her to her knees and 
now father and son were being blown by mother and daughter.  Once again she 
was impressed with the size of Al's cock as it quickly gained strength while 
her lips and tongue teased and caressed it.  She was pumping his shaft with 
her hand and sucking and licking his balls when Gary suggested they all go 
back into the bedroom.

    It was like the three of them, Gary, Al and Tina, had rehearsed it.  And 
in a sense they had.  The three of them had been fucking together for almost 
three months now.  They all knew what each other liked and how to go about 
getting the most pleasure out of what the others wanted.  Tonight they were 
going to initiate Jackie Wilson into their passion play and the three of them 
were very excited about it.  Both Al and Gary were semi-hard just having two 
beautiful, naked women in the same bed with them and there was the perverse 
thought that they were mother and daughter.  Gary was wondering if the two of 
them would get it on later as Al and him could never keep up with two or more 
women.  Eventually the girls would drain them of life's juices and they would 
crash and sleep like bears until late tomorrow but until then he could hardly 

    Tina climbed over Gary and into 69.  Jackie Wilson was somewhat shocked 
that her daughter appeared to be the aggressor but then Jackie, herself, was 
pretty aggressive when she was in bed with more than one...but her daughter 
was so young.  She forgot about her daughter when Al stood in front of her and 
guided her mouth to his cock.  His hands were in her hair and he was damn near 
choking her.  Meanwhile Tina rolled off of Gary and went to kneel behind her 
mother.  She wrapped her arms around her stomach and began to massage her 
shaved cunt and hard, swollen nipples.  Jackie kept sucking her daughter's boy 
friend as her daughter rubbed her tits and cunt.  She was on fire and started 
to cum when Gary crawled under the both of them and began to eat her cunt.  
She would have screamed but Al wouldn't let her pull her mouth off of his 

    Gary was in heaven.  Mother and daughter were kneeling with their legs 
spread and he was lying on his back with his face below both of their pussies.  
Jackie's shaved lips, slightly spread, and her daughter's fuzzy lips just 
inches away from his hungry mouth, lips and tongue.  Tina's pussy seemed to 
grow more hair on it each time he fucked or sucked her.  He ate one then the 
other.  Digging his tongue into them, sucking on their vagina lips and biting 
their thighs and the cheeks of their asses.  Tina had left his cock hard and 
wet when she got off of him and he was ready to fuck again.  It had been a 
while since Al and he had sandwiched Tina.  Gary wondered how her mother would 
feel with two hard cocks fucking her senseless.  She was going to find out 

    He got out from under the girls and pulled Tina away from her mother.  He 
told Jackie to turn around and climb aboard, figuring that his son would take 
the hint and bury himself in her asshole once Gary had her riding him.  He 
knew Tina would get off watching the three of them fuck, knowing that she 
would get hers soon enough.  Jackie had straddled him and was fitting his cock 
into her slick, wet cunt.  Gary thrust up and filled her with his pole, 
grabbing her hips to ensure that he had himself buried in her belly.  Al 
wasted no time and moved to Jackie's plump ass cheeks, spreading them with his 
hands.  Tina was hotter than hell and eager to help Al fit his cock into her 
mother's anus.  One thrust and he had buried half of his cock into Jackie's 
asshole.  Jackie screamed at the double invasion.  Tina dropped her hand to 
Al's ass and began to ream her finger into his asshole.  He was fucking her 
mother senseless.  She could hardly wait for her turn and for the look on her 
mother's face when she watched Gary poke that donkey cock of his into her 
asshole while his son fucked her cunt.

    Jackie had only been sandwiched once before - a long time ago.  Her 
husband had done the honors on her asshole while she rode one of his friends.  
That was the only time she had been fucked in the ass before she allowed Gary 
to do her a couple of weeks ago.  She couldn't believe how full of cock she 
was.  Gary's son was just pounding the hell out of her and now she could feel 
Gary's cock thrusting in and out of her cunt....and where was her daughter ?  
She looked behind her and found Tina kneeling next to Al as he fucked her 
asshole.  Her daughter was fingering her hairy, little snatch and her face was 
contorted with lust.  She was staring at where these two large cocks were 
fucking in and out of her mother's body.  She was just about to cum when she 
felt her anal passage become gooey as Al pumped squirt after squirt of his 
teenage spunk into her bowels.  Before she knew it Gary had rolled her off of 
him and was pulling her to her knees.  One thrust and he was buried in her 
asshole and fucking the shit out of her.  She started cuming.

    "Oooh !  Fuuuck..Shiiiit....Fuuuck myass.  Aaaahh !  Yeeeaa !  Fuuuck !"  
Jackie screamed and Gary started screaming as he blew his load into her reamed 
out asshole.  As soon as Gary's dick had slipped from her ass she slumped to 
the mattress.  Her asshole felt like a truck had driven through it.  She 
squeezed it shut and could feel cum ooze out if it, rolling down over her 
shaved cunt lips.

    Gary was still turned on and almost stiff as he knelt behind her.  Fucking 
mother and daughter had been more of a turn on than he had ever imagined and 
sandwiching the mother with his son was wild.  He and Al had done Tina several 
times and she could hardly ever get enough.  One night they had sandwiched her 
twice, taking turns, once in the ass and once in the cunt for both of them.  
But this took the cake and he was dying to see the look on Jackie's face when 
she watched her daughter go wild while they fucked the shit out of her.  Her 
hairy asshole was still leaking cum just like her daughter's hairless one did 
when his son and he would fuck the shit out of her.

    A joint and some ginseng made the rounds and it was a while before the 
boys got cleaned up and ready for the horny teenager who was patiently playing 
with herself on the side of the bed.  When Jackie returned from the bathroom 
she found her daughter sucking on two very stiff cocks.  She just stood by the 
bathroom door and watched.  Her daughter sucked cock like a pro.  Jackie felt 
that she would have a time of it sucking on the amount of meat that father and 
son were feeding her daughter.  Tina knew her mother was watching and was in 
an erotic zone she had never been in before.  She felt so perverted sucking on 
these two giant cocks while her mother watched.  She couldn't wait any longer 
and had to get them into her cunt and ass.

    "Come on you two, I need to get fucked...right now.  Just like you fucked 
my mother."  She was on fire and father and son wasted no time climbing up on 
the bed.  Al rolled to his back and she straddled him, grabbing his cock and 
plunging her cunt on to it.  Gary crawled up behind her and immediately spread 
the cheeks of her ass.  She could feel the knob of his cock head press against 
her anus and then he was in her.  She squealed at the invasion as he poked 
more of his hard cock into her asshole.  Jackie brought her hand to her mouth 
and chewed on her knuckles as she witnessed Gary pressing more and more of his 
monster cock into her daughter's behind.  In moments he was buried in her 
daughter's asshole to the hilt and then the real fucking began.  Father and 
son were pummeling her daughter and her daughter loved it; yelling profanity 
after profanity.  Egging them on.  Begging them to fuck her harder and faster.

    Gary and Al had cum how many times ?  She thought - two at least - Al, 
maybe three.  She couldn't remember.  They would last a good long time.  
Jackie vaguely remembered Gary passing the ginseng around earlier...when he 
drank that potent brew, he seemed to last forever.  They'd kill her - split 
her in two.  But it was obvious that her daughter couldn't get enough.  She 
could see the perspiration shinning on the three of them as they fucked like 
animals.  She wondered if she had looked like that a while ago when she was 
between them ?  Her daughter's face was twisted in lust, her eyes slits, her 
teeth bare as she fucked back at the father and son who were filling her cunt 
and asshole with their large, hard cocks.

    Tina couldn't get enough.  She felt wicked and perverse.  She watched her 
mother as Gary and Al fucked her brains out.  She couldn't keep quiet and was 
filling the room with screams of ecstasy.  God !  She loved it when they 
fucked her together.  She was cuming again, her body out of control with her 
spazaming.  How long had they been fucking her.  She had no clue but they 
seemed to go on and on.  Their hard dicks sliding in and out of her vaginal 
and anal passages.  The three of them had fucked this way many times before 
but tonight was real special with her mother watching.  She wondered how it 
would be with three men taking turns with her. Oh !  God !  She was so hot.  
She started cuming again thinking about having three at a time.

    The men finally spent themselves in the teenager's hot ass and cunt.  They 
were wiped out.  Gary fell away from the young girl and Al rolled Tina off of 
him.  They laid on their backs with their spent, cum soaked cocks lying on 
their stomachs.  Tina wandered back into the bathroom and Gary heard her turn 
on the shower.  Jackie remained by the door afraid to get back on the bed.  
Jesus, they might want to fuck again.  After being sandwiched earlier she felt 
sore and used.  These two big dicks were too much for her.

    Gary slept late.  Tina and Al had finally gone down to her room to sleep 
after the four of them had daisy chained for a while.  Al blew a load into 
Jackie's mouth but Gary was drained and just worked on the ladies raw pussies 
and assholes with his tongue and fingers.  He left Jackie in bed, wandered out 
to the kitchen and fixed himself a bloody mary.  He brought one to bed for 
Jackie and eventually talked her into giving him some head before the two of 
them showered.  Jackie was sore and even Gary wasn't up to his usual morning 
hardon which Jackie knew was always hard as steel.  It was close to noon 
before he and Al left for his place to dress for Wanda's.

    They arrived late but since it was just the three of them it wasn't that 
big a deal.  Wanda made a comment about them both looking like shit and Al 
made some wise ass remark about drinking too much ginseng last night.  Gary 
told him to mind his manners and he soon split for his room and a nap as 
dinner was hours away.  Wanda as usual looked great but Gary was too destroyed 
after last night to even fantasize about getting it on with her.

    As soon as Al left, Wanda started the conversation.  "I certainly hope 
that's not the only reason he's spending so much time with he can 
drink ginseng and chase pussy.  Is it ?"

    Gary answered abruptly, "Of course it isn't, Wanda."  He immediately 
formed a picture of Jackie Wilson sucking his son's cock.  He was feeling 
guilty.  "Where'd you get that idea ?"

    Wanda continued.  "Well, you do have quite a reputation.  I'm sure you're 
not going without just because your son is visiting.  He's at a very 
impressionable age.  He thinks you're a god.  I over heard him on the phone a 
couple of nights ago telling one of his friends what great times you two have.  
He mentioned something about meeting the daughter of a friend of yours.  It 
sounded like they were doing a little more than experimenting."

    Jesus !  Gary thought.  He'd have to tell Al to cool it with the stories 
to his friends.  Wanda was going on about Beth saying that she had caught Al 
and her daughter, last Summer, doing a little necking.  That's not the way Al 
told it, Gary thought.  Wanda would go nuts if she knew their son was fucking 
the shit out of both of Beth's daughters.  Wanda continued insisting that she 
just wanted to make sure that Al was well supervised when he was spending the 
weekend at Gary's place.

    Gary almost laughed, thinking; "Yea, right.  I was right there watching 
him the whole time while he fucked the shit out of his girl friend's mother 
last night and another time I was supervising him as he fucked two of her girl 
friends.  You could say I was doing a little over the shoulder supervision.  I 
could hardly wait to fuck them myself."

    Wanda broke into his thoughts,  "Well, are you listening to me or are you 
hung over, too ?"  Gary assured her that he was keeping a close eye on Al.  He 
opened a bottle of wine he brought and poured both Wanda and him a glass.  
Wanda was going on about how wiped out Al was after every weekend he spent 
with Gary.  Gary countered with - he's just growing again.  The conversation 
petered out and Gary walked into the front room to watch some football.

    Wanda stayed in the kitchen, tending to Thanksgiving dinner.  She thought 
back to how she felt when Beth told her about Al and Tami last Summer.  The 
night before her and Beth had gone out and managed to get picked up by a 
couple of college-aged guys.  At the time she had no idea they were that young 
but as the night wore on it was obvious to her that they could be sitting in 
one of her classes.  She remembered how good looking they were - how full of 
energy - how sexy they were - the way they flirted with her and her friend.  
Jesus !  Beth and her were old enough to be their mothers.  They ended the 
night at their apartment and partied until dawn.

    Beth ended up in the bedroom with one of them while Wanda almost had to 
fight the other one off.  She ended up giving in a little and let him suck on 
her tits and finger bang her a bit because he was so good looking and it had 
been so long - almost a year since she'd had a man satisfy her.  On the way 
home she was disappointed she hadn't let the stud go further.  As it was she 
hornier than when the evening began; now especially, after listening to her 
friend recount how many times the other stud had fucked her.  She couldn't 
wait until she got to her room; quickly shed her clothes and jumped into bed 
where she spent the next thirty minutes or so massaging her inflamed pussy.

    Supervise ?!  Shit, she didn't supervise Al very well that night.  Beth 
told her the next morning that she had caught Tami and Al in her shower when 
they got home.  She hadn't even bothered to check on him, just assumed that he 
was hot to get her clothes off and bring herself off.  She sure 
wasn't going to tell Gary Cahill about that episode or the following night 
when they met the studs again.  She hadn't smoked dope like that since 
college.  She had a hard time remembering which one of the girls she was and 
ended up not only fucking the one she was with but also fucking Beth's stud.  
She lost count of how many times those studs had pumped her and Beth full of 
cum.  It seemed like she was washing it out of her pubic hair for days.

    She remembered how turned on she got watching Beth getting her brains 
fucked out; remembered how her tits bounced around while she was riding one of 
the studs.  She wanted to go over and suck on them.  She drifted back to that 
day on the beach in the P.I.  Beth's tits were larger than hers, huge mounds 
of flesh topped with dark brown areolae that always seemed to be crinkly.  Her 
nipples like large grapes begging to be sucked.  That's why she left that day 
- - she wasn't sure how she would handle the three of them getting it on.  She 
was afraid of how her husband and her friend would handle having her suck on 
Beth's tits and maybe even go down on her and suck and lick on her pussy - 
like that day when she was in college at the rock concert with her roommate 
and her roommate's boyfriend.

    Jesus she was getting hot thinking about all this sex.  Maybe she'd go in 
and flirt with Gary a bit; see if he'd come on to her.  She knew he was still 
hot for her.  She could tell by the way he looked at her.  She was sure she 
could get him to go to bed with her.  But would he fulfill her most secret 
desires ?  Her friend, Beth, always fantasized about that day on the beach and 
how large Gary's cock was.  She was always asking Wanda how it felt fucking in 
and out of her.  She jumped when Gary put his hands on her shoulders and 
asked, "Need any help ?"

    She almost told him, "Yea, I need that large cock of yours fucking my 
brains out - you up to it, stud ?"  Instead she laughed and said that she was 
on her way to the front room to spend some time with him before Al got up.  
They needed to set up some ground rules for Al's visits to Gary's.  The rest 
of the afternoon and dinner dragged by.  Although Gary was glad to have the 

    Al and he had made plans to meet Tina and Jackie at his place when they 
got back from Wanda's.  The rest of the weekend was filled with fucking and 
sucking and all sorts of perversions.  Al went back to his mother's more beat 
than he had ever been and Gary was glad to see Monday arrive as work was 
almost a pleasure after the orgy he'd been through.  His cock was sore for the 
entire week.

    Wanda kept a pretty tight leash on Al after Thanksgiving.  He was only 
able to spend one weekend with his father but that was a memorable one.  
Jackie had to work Friday night so father and son fucked the shit out of Tina 
and Diane plus a couple of their friends.  And then Saturday night found 
father/son/mother/daughter teaming up for a night of perversions that even 
Gary had a hard time keeping up with.  Jackie said the following morning that 
maybe the boys needed to bring some friends the next time.

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"You should have been here yesterday....."  Bruce Brown - circa 1958 - 1961
"Slippery When Wet" or "Surfing Hollow Days"  I can't remember..... 

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