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		      [ from Kristen's collection ]

		This text file contains sexually explicit
		material. If you do not wish to read this
		type of literature,  or you are under age
		(Under 18 years old)   PLEASE DELETE THIS

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Archive name: (Ride.txt
Authors name: Courtney of Florida
Story Title : Courtney's Story - "Car Ride"

----------------Kristen's collection--------------------------
This story  contains  exhibitionism,  with a sexual turn.  Also
some female / female  situations.  If you are offended by these
topics, or are under 18 years old, please delete this file now!

Emma is my best friend. We met when we were 11 years old (we're
attending college together at the moment). I knew right away we
were  going  to  be friends.  We both were smart, attractive, a
little shy, and liked most the same things. But she had an edge
that attracted me to her.
One of the things  she liked  doing was being an exhibitionist.
This was done secretly and normally in  places where the people
didn't know her.  She of course had  to talk me into doing this
with her.   Our friends  didn't  know  about this.  It was only
between her and me.  Most of what we did before high school was
pretty innocent and not bad at all. It was in high school where
it got a little interesting.  She was always the one to come up
with the ideas and she liked watching me squirm with embarrass-

Here's one of our more daring experiences.   It happened on our
way home from a  trip to  the  west  coast of Florida.  We were
about 17 at time...

Emma and I spend most of  the day  on the  beach having a great
time. But it was getting a little late in the day and we wanted
to try to get home before the sun set.  It was a two hour drive
to the east coast of  Florida  where we lived.  So we packed up
our things and  got on  the road.  In our  rush we only  put on
shorts  over our  bikini's.  This probably was  not a good idea
because I was driving my  Celica  convertible and we're  both a
little on the tall side at 5'8" & 5'9".   We got a lot of looks
and honks from guys passing us. We would just smile at them and
they would move on.

I think this was turning Emma on, because the next thing I knew
she was telling me that  she  wanted to take her shorts off for
the next truck that passed us to tease him. When the next truck
was  passing us  on our  left the guy on the passenger side was
looking over at us and Emma  took off her shorts to  reveal her
bikini. The guy could see over and in  the car to catch  all of
Emma and was a pleasantly shocked.  We both smiled as they went
on by.  

Half way home in the middle of the state we made a pit stop for
gas and drinks. Emma was still wearing her  bikini as we pulled
up.  There were a few pickups parked at the gas station/store.

Seeing that it was crowded,  I dared Emma  to go in and pay for
the gas,  in  her  bikini.  She hesitated because  of  all  the
traffic at the store, but then said yes,  but only if she could
make me do something later. I agreed and she went in.

It was a funny site seeing her walking  towards the store bare-
foot and in her  bikini  in an area with no beach.  She got the
attention of all the guys (physically Emma and I look great  in
the  summer  when our  hair is  naturally  sun bleached and our
bodies are tanned). I finished pumping the gas  and  got in the
car.  Emma was still in the store.  I looked through the window
and could see her standing in line at the counter with guys all
around her.  After a couple minutes Emma comes running out with
a big smile on her face and jumps in. I asked her what happened
and she  said nothing  but  said  it  was embarrassing standing
there almost naked with a bunch of guys staring at her. But she
also  said that it was a turn-on too and we  both  laughed  and
drove away. 

But before  we  got  back  on the interstate,   Emma told me to
switch with her because it was my turn to get embarrassed.  She
told me to give her my shorts because I wouldn't need them. She
took my shorts and hers and put them in the trunk and we got on
the  interstate.  We drove  for a while getting the same stares
from cars. It was getting darker and I was wondering if she was
going to make me do anything. 

Then Emma said that the  4Runner in  front of us had a cute guy
in  it and that she wanted me to talk him.  She said  she would
wait  until all the cars behind us passed and then  pull  along
side him.  I didn't want  to  do  it at first but she talked me
into it and told me what she wanted me to do.  

After the last car passes,  she pulls  along  side the 4runner.
The guy (he was in his late 20's) looks over.  Not one to loose
a dare, I unbuckle my seat belt and sit up on my knees (to give
him a better view of my body) and put both elbows on the top of
the passenger side  door and  leaned over   (to give him a nice
view  of  my  breasts)  and  motioned  for him to roll down his
window.  Of course, he happily does this. I smiled and yelled a
hello. He yells back and asks what we're up to.   I told him we
were coming back  from the beach  and  it  was  a little chilly
driving with the top down. He just smiled and stared. We talk a
little more then  I look over at Emma to see  what she wants me
to do next and she tells me to tell him that I will do anything
he asks.  I shook my head no but she insisted that I live up to
the deal.  I was a little turned on by what had happened so far
so I agreed. 

I lean over  and tell him  (that was embarrassing).   He smiles
pauses and then yells "anything?".  Emma yells back "anything".
So he yells for me to take my top off  (my heart starts beating
heard). I look at Emma (she's smiling). She laughs and tells me
to go ahead. I look over at the guy and he's patiently waiting.
I was so  embarrassed  about doing this but I was really turned
on too.  So I sat back in the seat and looked over at him while
I took off my top.  His face went into shock,  I don't think he
really believed  that I'd do it.   Then he smiled and commented
about how nice my  breasts were. I couldn't  believe what I was
doing.   But the hard  cool air hitting my breasts felt so good
and I was getting really wet. At that moment I  might have done

After having a good look at my breasts he dares me to go total-
ly naked.   Of course this wasn't a  problem  with the  current
state I was in,  so I sat up and took off  my bikini bottom.  I
look over at him and he yells for me to get up so he can see me
better.   I made sure no cars were behind or  coming at us from
the other direction and sat up on my knees and faced him,  blew
him a kiss,  and pinched my hard nipples so  he  could  see how
turned on I was  (it was a nice feeling the air blast my body).
He just looked over and stared at  me with  real  lust  in  his
eyes. I was so wet and turned on. then Emma floored the Celica,
and we left the 4Runner behind.

I sat back down and looked over at Emma  glassy-eyed  from  the
experience,  and  she  could tell I was turned on by it all.  I
felt like  masturbating  but I  couldn't in front of her.  Then
the next thing I know Emma pulls up near this big-rig truck 1/4
mile ahead. I asked her what she was doing and she smiles at me
and says that  she wants to show me off to the guy driving  the
big truck.  I felt real vulnerable and looked for  my bikini. I
couldn't find it  (Emma took it  while  I was  occupied).  This
scared me but I  couldn't do anything about  it because we came
up to the truck so fast. As She pulls up beside this tall truck
I look up and  can see the driver looking down at me getting an
eye full. So I sit there being overwhelmed by it all.

As Emma pulls away I feel her hand on my leg. I was shocked and
couldn't believe what she was doing.  I wanted to push her away
but I didn't do anything. I was sitting there so wet and turned
on,  and her fingers just slipped into me slowly and it felt so
good.  She touched me in all the right places  and this made me
moan.  After a while I couldn't handle it anymore.  I closed my
eyes and thought about my situation of being nude on the inter-
state and the  feeling I was  having between my  legs  and what
Emma must be felling right now, and had a incredible orgasm. 

Afterwards  Emma  smiled  at me and asked if that had helped. I
smiled  back at her  and nodded  yes,  and  we  continue on our

Now it was her turn. 

Kathy, I thought  you  would  want  to hear that experience.  I
wanted  to relate  to your  story earlier.  That was  the first
time a woman had anything to do with any of my orgasms.   I was
surprised by it  because we were  both so  into guys (and still
are) and she was my best friend. This story continues with more
fun for Emma. Let me know if you want to hear it.

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