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Standard Disclaimer: Don't read if under 18 years of age.  Don't read
if sexually explicit material is not your cup of tea.  E-mail or Post
your reaction or critique.  Flames will be ignored.  I have asbestos
in my veins. Enjoy!

Although this is a repost to a.s.s I have  revamped the entire plot,
fixed the grammar mishaps and tinkered with the premise a bit. 

When the Angel Smiles 

By Hawk Richards

His face hung with wrinkles.  His bones creaked and his diaper leaked;
he couldn't remember very much anymore.  Snow-white hair fringed his
shiny skull.  His eyes reflected an ageless blue, as he sat on the
10:00 A.M flight from Pittsburgh to Columbus.  Two fragile hands
carefully folded themselves in his lap where a Wall Street Journal
rested.  Next to him was an empty seat.  Charlie stared out into the
cloudy Monday morning sky in his grandfather getup, brown pants and a
tan cardigan sweater.  They both seemed as old as he felt.  The rest
of the plane filled up quickly with bulky businessmen and annoying
little children.  Smelling stale and lifeless, a jet of cold
circulated air shot down upon his shiny, liverspotted crown; and with
a flustered rustling, he wished he had worn his hat.  
	The stewardess leaned her fragrant body close to his fragile
frame, as her breasts bounced toward him in youthful voluptuousness.
In a perky stewardess voice, she asked if he wanted a pillow.  He
didn't.  An image jolted his sometimes-faulty memory and he checked
his newspaper to stop the torture.
	"Hello there," said a tasty temptation, which sat down next to
him.  He nodded his head as her youthful presence broke into his mind,
unlocking feelings he hadn't felt since his youth.  He felt alive.  
	"What's your name, stranger?" she said as her smile brightened
to an illuminated white row of perfect teeth.  
	"Um, Charlie," he replied trying not to smile too much.  
	"I'm Mandy," she said as she shook his hand.  "Nice to meet
ya."  His smile got even larger.  Her eyes reflected the brilliance of
the florescent light in the winged chariot.
	The cold airplane air stiffened her pert nipples.  Her breasts
swelled as she wraps her arms around herself in order to warm her
body.  Goosebumps ran down her alabaster skin and her hair blew softly
in the circulated cabin air.  He noticed.   
	He wondered quietly to himself if she was picking up the 11:00
flight to Denver.  He wondered what it would it would be like to hold
her, warm her and love her.  She curled up in her chair and drifted
off into blissful slumber.  He noticed her flimsy silk blouse almost
bursting out with two very plump, delicious breasts.  She was not
wearing a bra.  Without effort, he glimpsed her puckered up nipple,
brown and crinkled.  Actually, it was more pink than brown.  It rose
and fell as she breathed deeply.  He got restless as his groin got
uncomfortable.  A throbbing force of nature encouraged his old body to
	She opened her eyes slowly.  He didn't realize.  She saw his
wide-eyed stare.  She smiled.  With deliberate movement, she spread
her legs little by little causing her short skirt to rise up her
smooth thighs.  His heartbeat quickened.  
	She leaned forward to grab his wrinkled old hand.  He got
startled and flustered all at once.  She smiled, then asked a
stewardess for a blanket.  He slowly turned his head towards the
window letting the blood rush back from his flushed face.    
	"Would you like to share it's awfully cold?" She grinned.  He
didn't answer.  She draped the blanket over his decrepit body, while
she slowly caressed his hardened maleness through his faded brown
trousers.  She smiled once more.  
As her hand surrounds his swollen manhood, he asked, "How...How old
are you?"  
	While pumping her fist up and down slowly milking his penis
she replied, "Does it matter?"
	"No." He answered out of breath.  
	He touched her breast.  He groped.  He came.  Brilliant lights
flared his synapses as pleasure raised havoc to his frail, time worn
body.  His teeth grit in the suppression of a groan.  She smiled. 
	Charlie walked down the sloping grate into the bustling
airport terminal.  The strange face of the crowd blurred his vision
with tourists and business suits.  He looked at his ticket for his
connecting flight.  He looked at his worn leather loafers and with a
stifled yawn he picked up his suitcase.  It was light.  He carried
very little on this trip.  
	His britches were still a little damp and sticky thanks to
Mandy.  He ignored the yanking of his pubic hairs, which come matted
down.  He walked over to the gift shop.  Sauntering over to the
magazine rack, he looked for a good magazine.  He doubted his next
flight was going to be as eventful as the last.  
	The airport hissed with angry people, as snowy weather
postponed all flights until tomorrow.  He sat down on an old brown
wooden bench.  The hardness of the wood pressed into his bony body.
The terminal was an obstacle on his mission to get home, his
	She appeared in the crowd.  She still seemed so innocent and
youthful.  He could still feel the warm caress of her youthful hand.
She smiled.  Mandy sauntered over with her carry on bag full to the
brim.  It's weight caused her to slouch, which caused her breasts to
jut forth even more pronounced.  
	She sat down next to him.  She asked whether or not he was
going to stay at a hotel for the night.  He hadn't really had time to
think about it, but it was a good idea.  She asked if it would be all
right if they shared a room because she didn't have enough money for
one of her own.  He couldn't have refused.
	Once in the sterile hotel room, she disrobed and took a long
hot shower.  He wondered if she would....  She came out of the shower
dressed in only a towel.  She was even more beautiful than when he had
first seen her.  His crotch grew uncomfortable.  She noticed.  She
dropped the towel.  Her skin was so pale, breasts so soft and eyes so
warm.  Her smile was so inviting.  She licked her ruby lips as she
leant over to undress him.  He fell back against the bed.  She took
off his pants and shirt.  She kissed his aching flesh.  She caressed
his old body.  
	Then, she sat astride him, straddled his thighs, and slowly
sank down on his long shaft.  Mandy stayed still for only a while.
Then she milked him for all he was worth.  Now, Charlie was always a
virile man throughout his life so he had some experience with stamina.
Even now in his decrepit old age, he was good.  He pumped his hips in
rhythm with her wild bucking.  For an old codger he still had stamina
and she came writhing about in wild, animal abandon.  Amazingly, he
stayed stiff and erect.  She pulled her self off slowly.  A sucking
pop was heard as her womanly treasure released its grip on his
manhood.  He now took over.
	He let her suck off her own juices.  She tantalized his shaft
with feather light licks.  She then took the whole shaft into her
throat, yet he still managed not to come.  He was drenched with sweat
and the desperation was written all over his face.  As a pain tugged
at his heart, he eased his prick out of her mouth and bent her over.
Jabbing with his spear, he pierced her womanly petals.  She moaned
loudly and looked back at him smiling.  He came.
	Her butt cheeks, so round and soft, were covered with a glaze
of glossy semen.  She reached back and rubbed it into her soft fleshy
buttocks.  As a sharp pain shot through his body, he went and got a
washcloth wet with warm soapy water.  He ignored the annoying reminder
and wiped along her beautiful white globes and down into the soft
crack.  This caused him to get aroused again.  He took his long member
and pressed it between her cheeks.  He then used his spit as a
lubricant and rubbed it around her anus.  She laid on her belly
responding to each touch with gentle writhing.  He then slowly inched
his penis into her ass, while pressing her firm mounds.  She moaned at
the intimate intrusion.  She got up on all fours so he could have
better access, then pushed back onto his shaft.  The tight pressure of
her sphincter muscle around his shaft nearly sent him through he roof.
He perspired profusely, as spasms shook her wildly.  He reached around
and fingered her clitoris.  She became ecstatic with pleasure
exclaiming loudly between moans, "Fuck my ass!"  
He pulled out after she had a blissful orgasm.  He was still erect.
She turned over onto her back.  As he straddled her chest, he wondered
if he was dreaming.  He pressed her luscious breasts together and
pumped his prick slowly between the grotto of her soft breasts.  She
licked the head of his shaft every time it peeked out between her
breasts.  He shifted back down to her love nest.  He sucked on her
clitoris like a madman.  When she neared orgasm, he slid in her wet
vagina.  He came with her.  Afterwards, he just lay on top of her,
exhausted.  After a few moments of rest, he pulled out his soft
member.  Cum oozed out of her, pearly white.  With an angelic smile,
she wiped herself; then took a shower. 
	It's strange, he thought, he never felt so alive before.  At
least, not since he was young.  In his youth, he used to walk the line
between life and death with careless regard.  He did things and went
places on impulse.  Later on in life, he had settled down and lost
touch with his reckless former self.  

	That night, he dreamed of an angel in a flowing white gown.
The face was familiar with a compassionate smile.  He felt like he was
floating on a cloud, just like all the myths, legends, and religions
portrayed heaven; yet, something was different.  He realized that he
was just formless energy.  He was missing his flesh.  A voice trickled
into his thought: "Welcome to Purgatory, Charlie."


	"Yes, you are between time and space, Heaven and Hell."

	"What do you mean?"

	"Your time on Earth has ceased.  You are now in Purgatory."


	"You have unfinished business Charlie.  Until that business is
completed, you will not enter what you call Heaven."

	"What I call Heaven?"


	"What...what am I supposed to do now?"

	"You must come to terms with your past choices, their causes,
and their effects in order to understand your own existence."



	He remembered the massive steel structure rising erect above
Paris's skyline.  He couldn't help, but recall the ivory skinned Irish
gal.  Her wavy red hair, her voluptuous breasts, and long legs made
him drop dead in his tracks.  He was a twenty year old virgin abroad.
He was on search for adventure.  She sure fulfilled his thirst for
excitement.  She taught him.  He taught her. 

	He recalled the lithe muscled body of a dancer.  She stood in
the rainy mist alone at dusk.  He was young and virile.  His strong
features jutted out in the pale glow of the street lamp.  Her
silhouette curved in all the right places.  He approached.  
	"Excuse me, but do you speak English"

	"Yes!", she replied in a sultry Irish accent.  

	It didn't take much coaxing to get her out of the chilly night
air and into a cafe for coffee.  They talked of love and life.  Two
things he didn't know much about.  He reached out and touched her
hand.  It was soft.  She gripped it quickly as if she was grabbing
onto a life preserver.  She took him to her small apartment.  They

	Their tongues intertwined in rapture.  His lips tasted the
sweet residue of coffee on hers.  She smelled like roses.  Her eyes
lit up, like an angel.  She took him by the hand and brought him into
the bedroom.  The small apartment seemed bare of anything, but
necessities, yet her bedroom was adorned with silky sheets and lacy
doilies done up so daintily.  He almost did not want to touch anything
in order not to spoil the beauty, yet it was so soft and inviting.  

	He turned towards her as he heard a soft rustling of her dress
slip off her body to the floor.  His gaze traveled up her body.  Her
long legs came to a juncture of the most beautiful red fur.  There he
could see a neatly trimmed crop of soft red that encircled glistening
coral.  They roamed higher; he saw two firm breasts.  They were not
like his mother's, which he had seen when she nursed his younger
siblings.  These were firm and bountiful.  They were topped with
cherry red nipples, that where erect like pencil erasers.  Her face
was angelic.  Her lips turned into a smile.  They embraced.




"Why did you think of that moment, when you have a lifetime to

"I dunno…"

"I see…"

Her lips found his in a desperate kiss, a kiss that lasted an
eternity.  His heart raced.  His blood left his brain and pumped into
his already semi-hard malehood.  He laid her down on the bed fighting
his urge to take her fast and swiftly.  He sank down on top of her and
kissed her breasts in gentle admiration.  He kissed her breasts with
such passion, that only virgin could muster.  He trailed his kisses
down between her breasts.  The shucking of his britches was heard
between ragged gasps as he arranged himself between her buttery soft
thighs and found her tight entrance.  He looked into her green eyes
that were full of passion as he felt the wetness of her hole on the
tip of his pulsing penis.  He gently nudged the head of member into
her.  She gasped at the intrusion.  She welcomed the fulfillment of
his presence in her tight sheath.  With deep penetrating strokes, he
lunged deeper and deeper filling her, stretching her tight walls.  She
responded by wrapping her silky legs around him.  He kissed her mouth
profusely.  He could see her deep breathing start to quicken as her
chest heaved up and down causing her breasts to bounce with the rhythm
of his thrusts.  She exploded into her orgasm at the same time his
seed shot up into her coating her cunt walls with his pearly present.
He collapsed onto her with a loving sigh.  Her breasts pressed into
his chest.  He rolled over, laid his head in an infant like embrace on
her chest, and listened to her heartbeat until he fell asleep.

He was awaked by a need to urinate.  He tried to get up, but her firm
weight of her sleeping body was pressing him down.  He did not want to
disturb her, so he just lay there and watched her angelic face and
those full pouting lips pursed in dreamy sleep.  Her red hair flowed
down onto his chest.  If it were not for his urgent need to urinate,
he would have stayed there with her in his arms.  He gently tried
getting up without waking her, but her dreamy green eyes fluttered
open with a questioning look.  He mumbled that he had to use the water
closet.  She just nodded, but did not allow him up.  She pinned him
down.  He did not understand this at the time, but did once he
realized what she was going to do.  She slithered her soft body down
the length of his body until her lips could engulf his manhood.  She
then nodded to him to let him know that he could relieve himself.
This idea was new to him, but intrigued him very much.  He let it go.
The feeling was exquisite on his shaft as she took the warm fluid in.
She did not let a drop spill out of those luscious lips.  He let his
urine go in spurts.  So she would not be inundated with it.

	After he was done, he was painfully erect.  She then got up
and told him not to worry that she would be right back.  He got a
little worried, but assumed that she was going to the bathroom to wash
out her mouth.  To his surprise, she came back with a friend a lovely
Parisian beauty with the classic black hair, champagne glass breasts
and olive white skin of a gentle tan.  Her dark pubic bush was neatly
trimmed into a triangle as he followed the gentle swell of her lean
stomach to her firm breasts that were topped with two delicious
looking nipples of pink.  She had her hands caressing her soft skin of
her thighs as she looked on in lustful anticipation.

Charlie retreated back to the emptiness called Purgatory.  He felt no
remorse at his actions, in fact he felt very happy and nostalgic.  Was
he supposed to feel guilty for these moments of bliss he shared so
long ago?  Images of Fire and Brimstone, Heaven and Hell filled his
thoughts.  Was it so wrong?  Again, a voice trickled into his thought:

"Then why?  Why am I here?"

"You know the answer."

He thought of Melissa his second love.  It was on a train that he met
her.  The rattle of the tracks had stirred his libido as he sat across
from the pale skinned brunette.  Her deep brown eyes flirted with the
sparkling stars in the sky.  Charlie fell in love at first sight of
her luscious form.  She wore a conservative dress.  It was a high
collared blue dotted schoolteacher's dress, but on her, nothing could
look boorish.  The cloth still clung to her curvaceous body like a
glove.  He wanted to explore those curves and look into those eyes for

	He struck up a one sided conversation with her about his
travels abroad.  She smiled.  He blushed with inexperience at this
bold gesture of approval.  She asked if he would like to return to her
compartment for a nightcap.  There was no way he could refuse.  

	"Would you like me on the rocks or straight up?" she asked
with a wicked grin.
"I would like you in my arms." he replied.

	She shrugged off her dress and it cascaded down her lithe
body.  She knelt before him and licked the crouch of his trousers like
a cat.  Her tongue pointed and tracing around his swollen bulge.  He
gasped.  She grinned.  He flung her onto her back onto the pullout
bed.  She unzipped his fly as he hungrily kissed 

	He immediately tore open her blouse.  A few buttons flew out
into the dark compartment.  He saw the sultry pout at his macho act.
She forgave him with a lick to his chin.  Her feline reaction sent
frenzy to his malfunctioning brain.  He kissed her lips with a hunger.
He explored her breasts.  Their spongy softness intrigued him.  He had
plenty of time.  

	He nibbled down to her nipples.  Her conical breasts were
large for her frame.  Defying gravity, they sat pirched in his hands
like two watermelons.  Her heaves caused them to jiggle with a slow
gentle sway.  His penis stabbed her leg as he explored her stomach.
Unlike the fitness freaks of the 90's, she was healthy without too
much body fat, but just enough to make her soft and firm.  Her scent
was strong.  He had never thought about kissing that area before.  He
had read about it once in some literature he had bought in Paris
though.  His fingers explored under her dress.  The heat from her cunt
made him moan in anticipation.  Softly, his fingers crept over cotton
covered treasures.  There was a gentle wetness seeping from her hole.
He tantalized her lips.  He felt her moan.  He looked up and she
smiled like an angel.

He searched his thoughts for the reason.  He searched his soul for the
answer, when he suddenly was overcome with emotion.  A kaleidoscope of
images brandished forth into his thoughts.

"What is love Charlie?"  She asked innocently fondling his chest.  

Playfully, he pinched her arse and said, "Its when nothing else
matters to you except your feelings for someone that completes ya.
You…complete me."

"You mean its like sex?"

"No, it's more than that I told you."

"I know."

He rubbed his hand over her swollen stomach, while kissing her lips
softly.  He eased his hand down to her tiny juncture.  She was such a
petite woman, yet the protrusion of his unborn child distorted her
perfect body.  She looked more beautiful than ever.

The end?


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