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  @(C) 1997 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
           Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL).

Disclaimer:  The following material is intended for adults only, that is 
people over the age of consent in whatever country they happen to live.  This 
material consists of the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual 
experiences that are obviously pure fantasy.  In other words: none of the 
characters contract sexually transmitted diseases; nobody has bad breath; 
nobody gets pregnant unless they want to; few of the characters have any 
sexual inhibitions or hangups and if they do, they quickly lose them; everyone 
always has an orgasm and all the people live happily ever after.  Now, if you 
already live this type of life, I kind of wonder what you're doing wasting 
your time browsing through a.s.s ?  I doubt you're going to find much new 
among the contributions.  But on the other hand, if you're still searching for 
this perfect world; you're probably as close to finding it here as anywhere 
else.  Remember though, we are all God's children and should treat each other 
as such.  It should go without saying; any resemblance between the characters 
in this account and real people, either living or deceased, is purely 
coincidental.  And finally, if you would be offended by the fictional sexual 
experiences and fantasies of fictional people then you are free to seek other 
entertainment.  As always e-mail your comments to the usual.

                       An Adventure of Military Madness

                               "Shack, Lead !"

                               by Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                               *** PROLONG ***

    This is a military story.  No, it is not a war story.  It is the story of 
the men and women who fought past battles.  It is also the story of the men 
and women who will be asked to fight future battles and while the shame caused 
by the "Tailhook" scandal still haunts the proud history of this nation's 
warriors, let us not forget where we would be without them.  Most of the 
characters portrayed here are military personnel or their spouses and 
children.  All of them are warriors to some extent and give up a little of 
their everyday freedom in order for you to get your full share.  Violent death 
does not distinguish between the barbarian or the native savage conquering new 
territory, the medieval knight fighting for the word of God, or the 
politically correct warrior among us and for some war never ends. 

                    ***** CHAPTER ELEVEN - PART TWO *****

   The phone woke him.  He had drunk too much ginseng and had a pounding head 
ache.  He fumbled for the phone and was greeted by Tina.

    "You ready for me and Jennifer to bring you breakfast ?  How 'bout 
breakfast in bed, Gary ?" He just groaned.  "Well, uncle Bob fixed a batch of 
bloody mary's.  We'll bring you some with breakfast."  She laughed.  Gary 
looked over at the night stand and found that it was only eight-thirty.  
Jesus, he felt like shit.  Tina was going on about how her and her cousin were 
going to take care of him.  All he could think about was her mother and her 
sister.  They had fucked and sucked until two or three; Gary couldn't 
remember.  He did remember fucking Cindy in the ass as she sat on his lap 
while Jackie licked her cunt and his balls and then pushed them both over on 
to his back and reamed out his asshole with her tongue.  He vaguely remembered 
them both alternating on his cock in the shower with their mouths and him 
blowing a weak load of seamen on Cindy's tits.  Jackie licked her clean.  Tina 
was saying something about nine o'clock and then the phone went dead.

    He showered and shaved and then wandered out to the kitchen.  He couldn't 
wait for the girls and mixed a double bloody mary.  He hoped that the two of 
them weren't going to be too hot to trot because he was afraid that they'd 
kill him.  He wished his son was here.  He wasn't sure he could handle the two 
of them alone.  He hoped uncle Bob gave them a good fucking last night.  He 
heard them coming around the corner of the house and went to open the patio 
door.  They were both dressed in short shorts and "T" shirts.  Jennifer was 
about a head taller than Tina and had the same hair coloring as her mother.  
She had a "T" shirt full of tit, too and made Tina appear flat chested.  She 
was holding a pitcher of bloody mary's and Tina had two plates full of 
scrambled eggs and bacon.

    "Gary, this is Jennifer.  Jennifer - Gary."  Gary mumbled something and 
took the plate of bacon, stuffing a piece into his mouth.  He was famished and 
his head was pounding.  He followed the girls into the kitchen.  They sat 
around the table as Gary filled his face with food.  Tina was talking about 
what a great time their mothers said they had last night.  She asked Gary if 
she could go get some dope.  Gary just nodded and she jumped up from the table 
saying how much better his was than her uncle's.  He noticed that Jennifer was 
just staring at him, smiling.  She looked several years older than Tina but 
then Tina looked young for her age.  She had her arms crossed below her 
breasts and they were definitely big tits.  Already he was thinking about what 
she would look like naked.  His cock lurched in his shorts.  Jesus !  Ten 
minutes ago he didn't think he could get it up and now he's got the beginnings 
of a woody in his jeans.

    Tina arrived with the baggie of weed.  She rolled a crude joint, lit it 
and started it around the table.  The combination of the weed and the bloody 
mary's were clearing the cobwebs out of Gary's head.  He was spending a lot of 
time looking at Jennifer.  Both of the girls were exchanging glances and 
smiling at each other.  You know that little conspiratorial smile girls use 
when they're cooking up something.

    "Our moms said we had to let you rest today so we can all party tonight."  
Tina started.  Gary took another hit off the joint and smiled.  The girls 
smiled back.  "So Jennifer brought a video for us to watch."  She now had a 
big shit eatin' grin on her face.

    Gary was well on his way to being real fucked up and was having a hard 
time following what Tina was saying.  He just nodded his head.  "So hurry up 
and finish your breakfast, Gary."

    Tina was rolling another joint and Jennifer had taken the empty plates to 
the sink.  Gary was finishing a bloody mary and still tokin' on a roach when 
Jennifer put her hands on his shoulders and said, "My mom said she had a 
really great time over here last night with aunt Jackie."  She laughed and 
continued with, "I just know you're going to love the video I brought.  It's 
one of my step dad's home videos....."  She let the sentence dangle in the air 
and that's just about all Gary had between his ears at this point - air.  He 
was in another world but his head ache had disappeared.  Another joint was 
making the rounds until the girls moved out to the front room.  Gary followed 
with his drink in his hand.

    Tina and Jennifer had left a space between them on the couch so Gary sat 
there.  Tina pushed the play on the remote and the TV sprang to life.  A crude 
title appeared on the screen - "Mom & Daughter I."  A bedroom scene appeared 
on the screen.  He recognized Cindy on the bed.  She had a night gown on but 
it was up around her waist and a guy was between her legs eating her.  Gary 
assumed that the guy was her husband, Bob.  The scene switched to another 
bedroom and he recognized Jennifer laying in bed.  The sound track continued 
from the previous scene and Gary could still hear Cindy moaning and groaning 
as Bob ate her.  Jennifer was tossing and turning and finally kicked off the 
covers.  She was wearing a white baby doll.  Gary could plainly see the 
outline of her areola and the "V" of her pubic hair.  Just before the scene 
switched back to Cindy and Bob, she had started rubbing her crotch.

    Cindy was now going down on the guy, swallowing as much of his cock as she 
could and then drawing her lips up to just below the head, then plunging her 
mouth down as far as she could go without choking herself.  No doubt about it 
the guy was hung.  His cock was at least as long as Gary's although not nearly 
as thick.  She finally took her mouth off of him and asked him if it felt 
good.  He said, "Great, baby."  The film was definitely not big on dialogue 
but what impressed Gary the most was the guy's cock head.  Jesus !  It was 
huge, shaped like a large mushroom.  Cindy had her hand wrapped around his 
shaft pumping it - it was like the head of his cock was designed to prevent 
her hand from flying off of his cock.

    Tina had started to trace his cock with her fingers.  He could feel the 
blood rush to his groin.  He looked over at her and found her staring at the 
TV screen.  He leaned over and kissed her.  She kissed back and then laughed.

    "Our mother's told us to come back home as soon as breakfast is over."  
Jennifer laughed.  Gary looked over at her and found that she had shed her 
shorts and was running the fingers of one hand through her very thick bush.  
Gary's cock lurched in his jeans and Tina started stroking it with her hand 
not just tracing it with her fingers.

    The scene on the screen had changed again and now Jennifer had the bottoms 
of her baby doll pulled to her knees and was fingering herself.  Gary looked 
over at her and found her sucking on her fingers.  She pulled her fingers out 
of her mouth and smiled at him and then slid them into her crotch.  Her hand 
started pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt.

    Tina was now working on the fly of his jeans and once it was down, Gary 
raised his hips and allowed her to pull them to his knees.  His cock was half 
hard and still rubbery.  He flexed it and it jumped in his crotch.  Tina 
giggled and went down on him.  He put his arms on the back of the couch and 
was dumb founded.  He didn't know what to do.  Jennifer was still fingering 
herself.  On the TV screen, Bob was fucking the shit out of Cindy.  The view 
was from the end of the bed and Cindy's legs were up over his shoulders.  Gary 
could plainly see her asshole and Bob's cock sliding in and out of her cunt.  
His nuts were bouncing around between the cheeks of her ass.

    Tina came off of his cock and it was now long, hard and thick - slick with 
her saliva.  "Oh !  My God !  That's the biggest cock I've ever seen.  You 
sure weren't lying, cousin.  I don't think I can wait for tonight."  Jennifer 
exclaimed.  Tina just laughed.

    "I told you it was big."  On the TV screen Bob was up on his knees pumping 
a load of seamen all over Cindy's tits and stomach.  He crawled up and pushed 
his softening cock into her mouth and she gobbled it up.  There was some 
dialogue about him leaving because she had to go to work early and he was 
dressing.  The scene switched to Jennifer and now she had the bottoms off and 
was looking at a fuck magazine while she fingered the shit out of herself.  
There were some great close ups of her pink cunt in a forest of brown, curly 
pubic hair - two fingers pumping in and out of her at a great rate of speed.

    The scene on the TV screen changed and now Bob was in the hall outside 
Jennifer's room watching her plunge her fingers in and out of her cunt while 
looking at the fuck magazine.  He entered the room and there was some lame 
conversation about whether he could take care of her itch or some such thing.  
He was soon on his knees eating her snatch - just licking the hell out of it.  
Gary looked over at Jennifer sitting next to him.  Her hand was a blur between 
her legs.  She looked up at him and slowed her thrusting fingers.  She then 
brought her hand up to his mouth.  He could smell cunt on her hand and now he 
was tasting her cunt butter, sucking on her fingers.

    Gary got up off the couch and stripped off his jeans.  Jennifer moved over 
toward the corner of the couch and egged him on.  "Oh !  Yea !  Gary !  Come 
on and fuck me."  Gary was insane with lust.  Jennifer had spread her legs and 
was back to finger fucking herself again.

    "Get on your knees, little girl, I'm going to fuck your brains out, 
honey."  Gary rasped.  No one was watching the TV anymore.  Jennifer slowly 
got to her knees and presented her rump to Gary.  He knelt on the edge of the 
couch and spread the cheeks of her plump, teenage ass.  He could see the thick 
pelt of her pubic hair surrounding her spread, pink labia just below her 
lightly haired anus.  Tina was beside him and took a hold of his throbbing 
cock.  She pumped it a couple of times and then lowered it to her cousin's wet 

    When the head of his cock touched her labia he thrust.  About half of his 
cock sunk into her and she screamed.  Gary pulled out and again Tina lined him 
up.  He thrust again and filled her with his meat.  He was going crazy.  She 
was so hot and wet and snug - almost as tight as her cousin.  His hips were a 
blur as he fucked her.  Her screams subsided and now she was just moaning and 
groaning a lot.  Slap, slap, slap, slap.  Their bodies were colliding with 
each other as she got up on her hands and started to thrust back at him.  The 
alcohol in his system had somewhat desensitized his cock and he felt he could 
fuck her forever.

    Tina had reached under Jennifer and was playing with her "T" shirt covered 
tits.  "Take off her "T" shirt, Tina."  The two of them struggled to get it 
off as Gary kept steadily fucking his cock in and out of her cunt.  When she 
was naked Gary reached under her and grasped her breasts.  He wasn't able to 
thrust in and out of her as hard but he wanted to feel her tits.  They were 
nearly as large as her mother's.  The areola and nipples were hard in his 
hands as he began to massage her breasts.  Tina was kissing her and he could 
hear her moaning and groaning into her cousin's mouth.  He abruptly pulled out 
of her.  His cock was slick with her juices.  She looked back at him.

    "Put it back"  She was insistent.  Gary laughed and laid on his 
back at the other end of the couch.  She got the big picture and scrambled up 
over him.  He held his cock up perpendicular to his stomach and Jennifer 
plunged down upon it.  Her tits were magnificent, every bit as nice as her 
mother's.  They rode higher on her chest but still had a nice sag to them.  
Her areola were very crinkly and a dark brown.  Her nipples were erect and 
about the same size as her mother's.  He pulled her by the shoulders and was 
soon feasting on her breast meat and nipples.

    Tina was fondling his testicles.  When Jennifer squealed a bit, Gary 
figured that Tina had shoved a finger into her cousin's asshole.  He reached 
down and grabbed Jennifer's hips and began fucking her in earnest.  Her tits 
were bouncing around on her chest; he loved watching them.  She was panting, 
her breath coming in short bursts.  He pulled Tina's arm and she crawled along 
the carpet up beside his head.

    "Sit on my face, Tina, and suck on your cousin's tits."  She quickly 
straddled Gary's face and he began to lick and suck on her black haired labia.  
She was very moist and Gary quickly worked his tongue into her lightly haired 
cunt.  Her cousin was bouncing up and down on his dick like her mother had the 
evening before.  He was in heaven having the two teenagers on top of him.  
Jennifer's orgasm was a loud and piercing scream.  She slowly stopped her 
movement on top of him but that didn't stop Tina from wiggling around on 
Gary's face.

    Gary finally rolled Tina and Jennifer off of him and got to his feet.  He 
stepped to the carpet and motioned the girls to sit on the edge of the couch.  
He put one leg between each of their thighs and pulled them by the hair until 
their faces were even with his groin.

    "Finish me off, girls."  He commanded.  Tina got to his cock first and 
swallowed a good portion of his shaft.  He pulled Jennifer's mouth to his 
testicles and told her, "Lick my balls, honey."  She started slathering his 
balls with her saliva.  They changed positions several times before Gary felt 
the beginnings of his orgasm.  He wanted to cum in Jennifer's mouth and pulled 
his cock out of Tina's.  He stepped between Jennifer's legs, grasped her head 
in his hands and began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth - fucking 
her face.  Tina dropped to the carpet behind him and he could feel her tongue 
licking his dangling testicles and worming it's way between the cheeks of his 

    The first spurt was a real blast.  He could hear Jennifer gargling on the 
seamen that he was pumping into her mouth.  He kept fucking her mouth and 
pumped two or three more spurts into her.  She finally pushed him away and he 
watched his sperm drip off of her lips and chin, into her crotch.  He pulled 
her forward again and made her lick his dick clean, rubbing his seamen all 
over her lips and cheeks.

    He woke about six-thirty.  He didn't feel too bad.  In fact he felt better 
than he had this morning.  Nothing like a little nookie to get rid of a 
hangover, he thought.  He just laid in bed and wondered what might be in store 
for him tonight when he went down to Jackie's.  The girls had hung around 
until about noon.  They had all showered together and Gary had fucked Tina 
while she was going 69 with her cousin.  He hadn't cum; just fucked her a 
little.  He had thought about fucking her in the ass at the time but decided 
against it for some unknown reason, probably because he was so stoned.  He 
laughed, got out of bed and took a shot of ginseng.  He rolled a couple of 
joints and got dressed.

    He wandered into the front room and found the TV was still on from this 
morning.  The screen was full of static.  He rewound the tape and pressed 
play.  On the screen he watched Jennifer suck on Bob's long, thin cock.  His 
mushroom shaped cock head never leaving her mouth.  The young thing could suck 
cock as well as her mother, cousin and aunt, that's for sure !  Bob finally 
pushed her back on the bed and hoisted her legs up over his shoulders.  The 
scream she let out when he thrust into her was impressive.  It almost made 
Gary feel that this was the first time Bob had fucked her.  Bob was fucking 
her to beat the band and Gary was sure that he'd lose his load any minute.  As 
the thought passed through Gary's mind, Bob quickly pulled out of her and 
crawled up to her face where he deposited several spurts of white, sticky 
seamen all over her cheeks and nose.  The scene closed as he was rubbing that 
big cock head of his on her lips.

    Gary was getting up to turn off the TV when the screen filled with another 
crude title, "Gail's Boy Friends."  Gary sat back down and watched.  The scene 
was a front room with three teenagers sitting on a couch.  They were passing a 
joint back and forth.  The girl was Jennifer.  The two guys were about the 
same age.  Now one of them was kissing her.  The other started to play with 
her tits.  She struggled a little but not really that much and soon was 
letting one of them take off her blouse and bra.  They both started sucking on 
her tits.  God !  She had nice tits, Gary thought.  He was beginning to get a 
hardon.  The tempo heated up rather quickly and soon one of the guys was 
dropping his jeans while the other struggled to get Jennifer's shorts off.  
Soon they were all naked - one guy between her legs eating her and the other 
getting his cock sucked.  The other one stood and now she was sucking on the 
both of them.  Gary was ready to leave after both of them had filled her hairy 
little twat with what seemed like a gallon of cum.  There was a long close up 
at the end showing her cum slick cunt lips among her cum soaked pubic hair.

    Gary finally lost his hardon as he walked up the street toward Jackie's 
house.  He could hear the music on the stereo while he was waiting on the 
porch for someone to answer the door.  Bob opened the door.
      "You must be Gary.  I'm Bob Jeeter."  They shook hands as Bob opened the 
door wider and allowed Gary to enter.

    "Nice to meet you, Bob."  Gary said and could smell the sweet fragrance of 
marijuana float out to meet him - looks like the party had already started.  
Bob lead him into Jackie's kitchen and he found all of the women putzying 
around fixing dinner.  The smell of food made Gary realize that he hadn't 
eaten since breakfast.  He was famished.  The six of them ate ravenously with 
just small talk being made.  Gary was curious how the pairing would go and was 
imagining which two women he would end up with or would they all just go crazy 
and make an orgy out of it.  Gary opted for the orgy in his mind and laughed a 
little.  All of them were obviously stoned so after finishing eating Gary lit 
up one of his joints and passed it around.

    Tina was saying that she thought it was better than uncle Bob and aunt 
Cindy's stuff but no one was paying attention.  Cindy walked up behind Gary 
and put her hands on his shoulders.  She whispered something in Gary's ear but 
he didn't understand what she was saying.  Bob was laughing as was Jennifer 
and Jackie.  Tina was still talking about the fine merits of Gary's dope.  
They all wandered into the front room as Jackie was saying something about 
leaving the food out in case anyone got the munchies later.  Gary was thinking 
the only munchies he wanted was between the ladies' legs.  He laughed again, 
that loud laugh of his and everyone stared at him.  Before anyone sat down, 
people started striping off their clothes so Gary followed suit.

    Tina was over helping her uncle out of his jeans along with Jackie which 
left him with Jennifer and her mother.  He liked that arrangement because 
after all: "Variety is the spice of life."  His cock was getting firm watching 
all the beautiful female flesh becoming visible around the room.

    "Tina, honey, why don't you give your uncle a little head."  Jackie said.  
Gary looked over and watched as Tina dropped to her knees in front of her 
uncle.  His cock was hanging down between his legs and looked like it was 
seven or eight inches long - soft.  That mushroom head of his, a real eye 
catcher even soft.  Gary was distracted from watching Tina suck on her uncle's 
cock by the two women who were undressing him.  Both Cindy and her daughter 
were naked and Gary forgot all about Tina and her mother with uncle Bob.

    He lowered his head an began to suck and feel the ample tit flesh that was 
available to his mouth and hands while the girls stripped his clothes away.  
His hands found their way to the ladies' pussies and he quickly had fingers in 
each of their twats.  The ladies were taking turns pumping his meat and it was 
gaining strength by the second.

    "Hey !  Gary, why don't we do a little trading ?"  Bob called from across 
the room.  Gary liked the present arrangement but wasn't going to argue.  He 
just nodded his head.  "Jennifer, why don't you trade places with Tina, 
honey."  Jennifer frenched Gary a bit while she squeezed his ass and then 
walked over toward her step dad.  Tina crawled along the floor until she was 
right in front of Gary and then started to lick his cock.  Cindy was rubbing 
herself against Gary's side.  He could feel her pubic hair against his thigh.  
He was very turned on and slid a finger into Cindy's cunt from behind.  
Cindy's hands were moving up and down his stomach and back.  Tina was now 
sucking about half of his dick in and out of her mouth and Gary was almost as 
hard as he got.

    He pulled Tina away from his cock and guided both of the ladies to the 
couch.  Cindy sat and immediately started to suck on his cock.  He told Tina 
to eat her aunt's cunt.  She was eager to bury her face in her aunt's hairy 
snatch.  Gary pushed Cindy away from his cock and stepped back to watch.  
Cindy lifted her legs up on to the edge of the couch and allowed Tina 
unrestricted access to her swollen labia.  Gary glanced over at Bob and found 
him sitting in one of the over stuffed chairs that populated the front room of 
Jackie's place.  His step-daughter was astride him while Jackie was licking 
either his balls or her niece's rump.

    The intensity of his hardon had subsided a bit as he moved back to the 
couch.  He arranged the girls so that Cindy was on her back with Tina between 
her legs on top of her.  Cindy's legs were up around Tina's shoulders and Gary 
arranged Tina's rump so that their pussies were just a few inches apart.  He 
got to his knees on the couch and started to lick and suck on Tina's tight, 
hairless, little asshole.  Every once and a while he would ream his tongue 
into Cindy's cunt or paint her asshole with his tongue.  He soon had a finger 
in each of their holes.  One hand had a finger in Cindy's cunt and asshole and 
the other hand had a finger in Tina's cunt and asshole.  He was briskly 
pumping his fingers in and out of the two of them and they were grinding their 
crotches back against his pumping hands.

    Enough of this; he was ready to fuck.  He managed to get a good portion of 
his cock into Cindy and started to pump it in and out of her.  Tina was some 
what sandwiched between the two of them as Gary fucked her aunt.  He was rock 
hard by now and really pumping it to her.  He abruptly pulled out of Cindy and 
crammed his cock into Tina's tight pussy.  She was like molten lava and gooey 
wet.  He started fucking her immediately and her aunt was still thrusting up 
against the two of them.  He now started giving each of them a few strokes and 
then changing partners.  The three of them were wild with lust, egging each 
other on and making a lot of noise.

    Gary was close to blowing his load and couldn't decide which one to fill.  
The decision was made for him when Cindy's daughter came over and ran her 
tongue up the crack of Gary's ass.  He was in her cousin at the time and 
spazamed a flood of seamen into her belly.  He kept fucking until his soft 
peter slipped out of Tina.  He leaned back on his haunches and watched his cum 
leak out of her vagina and wet her aunt's pubic thatch.

    Uncle Bob appeared out of nowhere and started feeding his limp dick to his 
wife and Jackie started sucking his.  The night had just begun and so had the 
orgy.  Two hours later the guys'd had it and were resting in the kitchen, 
smoking a joint.

    "Gary, I'd really like to get you and your son in some of my home videos."  
Bob started.  Gary was really too stoned to pay much attention but the girls 
all thought it was a great idea.  "Jackie says that you and your son make a 
terrific sandwich.  None of the people we swing with have a cock the size of 
your's and Tina and Jackie say your son is in the same league."

    Tina called out from across the kitchen, "Wait 'till you guys see them in 
action.  I can hardly walk after they both give it to me."

    Cindy was standing next to her husband and started to stroke his cock.  
"Why don't we practice a little tonight, honey ?"

    Bob had a hand hanging over her shoulder, playing with one of her breasts.  
He looked at Gary as said, "You game ?"

    Gary just nodded and took another hit off the joint that Tina had been 
rolling.  He was hoping that they'd sandwich his daughter.  He was hot to hear 
her as he shoved his cock into her ass.  Jackie was idly fondling his pecker 
and it was beginning to get hard.

    "Oh !  I think Gary likes this idea.  Look what I've got in my hand."  The 
rest of the group looked over at Gary's crotch and saw his monster starting to 
rise in Jackie's hand.  Tina dropped to her knees and began blowing him.  Gary 
leaned back against the kitchen counter and let them work on his cock.  Pretty 
soon he was being lead to the master bedroom by his pecker.  Bob and Cindy 
were already on the bed.  Cindy was sucking his cock and it was looking 
formidable.  Gary just stood by the bed and let Tina and Jackie share him.  He 
had no idea where Jennifer was.

    Cindy was just stroking Bob looking over at Gary.  "Bob's ready.  How 
about you, Gary ?"

    "Huh... Oh, yea...."  Gary was in the twilight zone.  He had already cum 
twice and wasn't sure he could keep up this pace for the rest of the evening.  
Bob was getting to his knees when Cindy pushed him back on to his back.

    "Unh...Unh, Bobby Boy.  I want Gary in my ass."  With that she straddled 
her husband and plunged herself down on his cock.  It disappeared in her hairy 
snatch and she immediately started to ride him.  Jackie lead Gary up on to the 
bed as Tina was spreading her aunt's butt cheeks apart.  Jackie lined Gary up 
and gave him a little pat on the ass when the head of his cock was at the 
entrance of her sister's lightly haired anus.  He poke about three inches into 
her and she threw her head back and screamed.  Gary pulled all the way out of 
her but Jackie quickly grabbed his dick and pushed it against Cindy's asshole.

    "Fuck her, stud."  Gary grabbed her by the hips and this time buried about 
six inches into her rump.  Her scream was louder but by this time Gary was 
gone and only thinking about getting his rocks off.  She was much tighter than 
she was last night.  He could feel Bob thrusting up into her pussy and he 
started fucking his cock in and out of her anal passage.  Soon he was burying 
it in her with every thrust.  Cindy was no longer screaming but now egging 
them both on.

    "Come on, studs....Oh !  Yea !!  Fuck my ass...Fuck my cunt...faster you 
animals.  Fuck...fuck...fuck...."  She was on fire.  Cindy had never had this 
much cock in her and loved it.  She was covered in sweat and bucking between 
the largest cocks she had ever fucked.  Both of the men fucking her were 
pumping their hard, long cocks in and out of her as fast as they could.  She 
couldn't get enough.  Jesus, she was going to cum.  "Ahhahaaa....cummmming !  
Yea !  Oh !  Fuck !  Aaaaahhhaaaa !"

    Gary came first when her sphincter tightened around the base of his cock.  
He slowly dragged his cock out of her as his cock spewed it's load of hot 
spunk into her asshole.  Bob wasn't far behind and swore he could feel Gary's 
cock spazaming as it filled his wife's asshole with his load.  The room 
abruptly became silent as Cindy slowly rolled off of her husband.  She had to 
raise a leg over Gary because he hadn't moved.  She saw his cock hanging down 
between his legs, slick with seamen.  Gary viewed her cum soaked crotch and 
saw globs of white cum drip on to Bob's thigh as she rolled off of him.  As 
Gary got off the bed he noticed that Jennifer was standing by the end of the 
bed with a video camera.

    The rest of the weekend was a blur.  Gary vaguely remembered sandwiching 
Jackie the next afternoon but the rest of the time was just a haze of dope 
smoking, pussy munching, cock sucking and fucking - lots and lots of fucking.  
When he arrived home late Sunday night he wasn't sure which one of the boys he 
was.  The alarm on Monday morning sounded like a three alarm fire bell going 
off in his head.  Work was intolerable so he begged off early and hit the 
rack.  He slept until Tuesday morning and decided that he just couldn't work 
and keep up with the Jones'.  He applied for a couple of weeks of leave so 
that he could devote all his time to satisfying the cravings he knew he would 
have to fulfill.  He thought he'd been involved in orgy's before but what 
happened last weekend was well beyond even Gary's wildest fantasies.

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Frederick T.
hangten <>
"You should have been here yesterday....."  Bruce Brown - circa 1958 - 1961
"Slippery When Wet" or "Surfing Hollow Days"  I can't remember..... 

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