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  @(C) 1997 Frederick T. - Free electronic distribution is enthusiastically
    hoped for.  If for profit, please make a contribution to the National
           Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORMAL).

Disclaimer:  The following material is intended for adults only, that is 
people over the age of consent in whatever country they happen to live.  This 
material consists of the fictional accounts of fictional character's sexual 
experiences that are obviously pure fantasy.  In other words: none of the 
characters contract sexually transmitted diseases; nobody has bad breath; 
nobody gets pregnant unless they want to; few of the characters have any 
sexual inhibitions or hangups and if they do, they quickly lose them; everyone 
always has an orgasm and all the people live happily ever after.  Now, if you 
already live this type of life, I kind of wonder what you're doing wasting 
your time browsing through a.s.s ?  I doubt you're going to find much new 
among the contributions.  But on the other hand, if you're still searching for 
this perfect world; you're probably as close to finding it here as anywhere 
else.  Remember though, we are all God's children and should treat each other 
as such.  It should go without saying; any resemblance between the characters 
in this account and real people, either living or deceased, is purely 
coincidental.  And finally, if you would be offended by the fictional sexual 
experiences and fantasies of fictional people then you are free to seek other 
entertainment.  As always e-mail your comments to the usual.

                       An Adventure of Military Madness

                               "Shack, Lead !"

                               by Frederick T.

        With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

                               *** PROLONG ***

    This is a military story.  No, it is not a war story.  It is the story of 
the men and women who fought past battles.  It is also the story of the men 
and women who will be asked to fight future battles and while the shame caused 
by the "Tailhook" scandal still haunts the proud history of this nation's 
warriors, let us not forget where we would be without them.  Most of the 
characters portrayed here are military personnel or their spouses and 
children.  All of them are warriors to some extent and give up a little of 
their everyday freedom in order for you to get your full share.  Violent death 
does not distinguish between the barbarian or the native savage conquering new 
territory, the medieval knight fighting for the word of God, or the 
politically correct warrior among us and for some war never ends. 

                    ***** CHAPTER ELEVEN - PART ONE *****

    Christmas vacation couldn't arrive too soon.  It was all Al and Gary 
thought about.  Tina kept teasing them with how hot her cousin, Jennifer, was 
and Jackie kept telling Al how she could hardly wait until she introduced him 
to her sister, Cindy.

    The public schools got out on Friday but Bishop Gorman had finals the 
following week so Al had to spend the weekend studying for his tests.  Gary 
was bored to death at work as there was never an exercise this close to 
Christmas.  He arrived home early Friday afternoon and was thinking of 
wandering up to Jackie's as she had told him her sister and her family were 
going to arrived sometime that morning.  When he entered the house he knew he 
was in for a surprise.  The sweet fragrance of marijuana greeted him when he 
opened the door.  His stereo was cranked up with some "Doors" and he could 
hear some voices from the patio.

    Jackie called to him from the patio.  "Gary, we're out here, darling."

    When he walked out on to the patio he was greeted by two very beautiful, 
naked ladies sitting in his hot tub.  Jackie had changed the color of her hair 
and was now a platinum blond and next to her must be her sister.  Cindy looked 
a bit older and was at least six inches taller judging by the way they sat in 
the hot tub.  She had long light brown hair that reached her shoulders.  She 
was every bit as good looking as Jackie and through the water Gary could see 
that she was much better built.  Her breasts were floating and bobbing about 
in the water - about the size of large apples with dark brown areola and 
nipples the size of thumbs.  She had a full growth of pubic hair, the color of 
the hair on her head, at the juncture of her thighs and Gary was getting hard 
just looking her over.

    "Gary, this is my older sister, Cindy.  Why don't you get out of that 
uniform and join us ?"

    "It's nice to meet you, Gary.  You would mention that I'm older, sister.  
Hurry up, Gary....come and join us.  Jackie and Tina have told me so much 
about you."

    "Nice to meet you too, Cindy.  Where's Tina and your husband and 
daughter," Gary said as he started to get out of his uniform.  Jackie was 
holding out a joint for him and he took a big hit off of it.

    "The girls are with Bob up at Jackie's.  He's baby sitting."  Yea, right - 
thought Gary.  The guy was probably fucking the shit out of Tina and his 
daughter at this very moment.

    Gary was thinking that he couldn't possibly fuck his own daughter when 
Jackie continued with, "It's not what you're thinking, Gary.  Jennifer's 
father divorced Cindy years ago.  He couldn't keep up with her.  She needed a 
little more than he had and well, you know....."

    Gary was staring at Cindy.  She didn't refute Jackie's comment.  Instead 
she put her arms up on the back of the hot tub, raising her tremendous looking  
breasts almost out of the water.  The areolae and nipples were above the water 
level and Gary had a hard time keeping his eyes off of them.

    At least twice the size of Jackie's, he thought.  "Well, are you going to 
hide behind the hot tub all night ?"  Cindy asked.  "I've heard you've got a 
dick the size of a horse on you and since I married Bob because of the size of 
his dick; I'd like to do a little comparison shopping."  Gary was taking a hit 
off the joint that Jackie was offering him and lost a lung full of smoke 
laughing that loud laugh of his.

    "Oh !  You'll see plenty of it tonight, sister dear."  Jackie chortled.  
Gary was now nude and hopped up the steps to the hot tub and sat himself on 
the edge.  His cock was about half hard, just able to stand on it's own.  
Cindy's eyes opened wide and she brought her hand to her mouth.

    "Oh !  My God !  I think I've died and gone to heaven."  She laughed.  "I 
thought Bob had a big cock but I don't ever think I've had the pleasure of 
seeing one this big."

    Gary laughed again and said, "Well, I hope you get the chance to see a lot 
of it while you're visiting but your sister always seems to get the lion's 

    Cindy pushed off the other side of the hot tub and floated over toward 
Gary.  "Jackie says my niece doesn't do bad either.  They also tell some very 
interesting stories about your son.  Say he's a real hunk.  When do I get to 
meet him ?"  She had her elbows on his knees with her tits grazing against his 
legs.  His cock was growing in leaps and bounds.

    "Soon enough, sister, soon enough,"  Gary smiled at her.  "Want a taste ?"  
She smiled back and lowered her mouth to his straining cock.  She took about 
half of his dick into her mouth and slowly pulled her lips up to around the 
head of his cock.  He could feel her tongue licking the underside of his cock.  
He leaned back to enjoy the sensations that were rushing through his loins.

    She pulled her lips off of his cock and smiled at him.  "Ummmm...tastes so 
good.  You like it ?"  Gary just nodded his head.  Jackie jumped up on the 
side of the tub with him and they began to kiss.  Gary had the feeling that he 
just may be chewing off a little more than he could swallow tonight but he'd 
go down swinging - that he was sure of.  Cindy went back to sucking his dick 
in earnest.  Her head was bobbing in his lap, her lips sliding up and down his 
cock shaft at an ever increasing tempo.  He stopped kissing her sister and 
pulled Cindy away from his groin.

    "How about wrapping your great looking tits around it, Cindy ?"  She 
smiled up at him and raised her upper body out of the water.  She held her 
tits in her hands and massaged them, pinching and rolling the nipples with her 
fingers.  Her nipples erected quickly; as soon as they did she spread her 
breasts and wrapped them around his pole.

    "I bet you're starved for breast meat fucking my sister and niece all the 
time."  Gary laughed and started thrusting his cock in between her tits.  He 
pushed Jackie's face down to her sister's cleavage.  Jackie began to lick and 
suck on the head of his cock when it appeared at the top of her sister's 
cleavage.  Oh !  Was this going to be a great night or what ??

    Jackie and Tina had starved him for pussy for the last week; saying that 
they wanted him to be well rested when her sister/aunt and niece/cousin 
arrived.  Gary was rested and was already beginning to feel his orgasm 
building.  He pulled Jackie away from the head of his cock and told her to go 
get the ginseng and some glasses.

    "I want to get to know your sister better."  He laughed.  Jackie scampered 
over the side of the hot tub and disappeared into the house.  Cindy was still 
fucking him with her tits.  He pushed her away and slid down into the water 
with her.  They kissed for a long time and when Jackie returned; they all 
shared a couple of shots of ginseng and another joint made the rounds.  Cindy 
had brought some of the stuff that she and her husband smoked all the time at 
home.  Gary didn't think that it was as good as Willy's but it wasn't too bad.

    "Cindy, why don't you jump up on the edge ?  All this dope smoking has 
made me hungry."  He laughed.  He could feel the ginseng doing it's magic and 
he would need every magic property of the potent brew tonight.  Cindy wasn't 
shy and quickly positioned herself on the edge of the hot tub, spreading her 
legs to his gaze.  She had fully haired pussy - a rich brown color, thick and 
curly.  Gary started at her knees and worked his tongue up her thighs towards 
her damp bush.  She reached down and spread the hair away from her vagina lips 
and now Gary had an unrestricted view of her coral colored cunt.  He let his 
tongue tease her cunt lips and then thrust it into her vagina.  A low moan 
escaped her mouth and her hips came up to meet his face which was now 
plastered to her crotch.

    Gary abruptly stopped tongue fucking her and ran his tongue up to her 
clitoris.  Her clit was much larger than her sister's - a good sized knob that 
Gary teased with his tongue and lips.  Her moaning became more insistent and 
when he glanced up at her face; he found her sister sucking on her heaving 
breasts.  He worked his hands under her thighs and pushed her on to her back.  
Her entire crotch was spread before him.  He spread her cunt lips apart and 
sucked as much of her cunt meat into his mouth as he could.  His tongue found 
it way to her lightly haired asshole and he plunged it into her.  Her hips 
were now bucking up into his face.  She tasted great.

    His cock had lost much of it's hardness being submerged in the hot water 
but it was still partially hard, rubbery almost.  He stood, wiped some pubic 
hair out of his mouth while stroking his cock a bit and then started slapping 
Cindy's wet cunt with it.  He wasn't firm enough to fuck her but was getting 
harder with each slap.  Jackie had stopped licking and sucking on her sister's 
tits and was just watching Gary slap his cock against her sister's sensitive 
    "Why don't you lay down on the side of the hot tub, Gary, and let Cindy 
ride you ?"  Gary was all for that and positioned himself on his back.  As 
Cindy was positioning herself; Jackie almost swallowed him whole, working her 
mouth and lips up and down his cock shaft.  "Now you're all wet.  You'll slide 
right in."  Jackie laughed.  Gary had figured he would anyway as her sister 
was not nearly as tight as she was.  Cindy was a big girl and from the way she 
talked about liking big cocks - he figured she'd done plenty "comparison 

    Cindy straddled him and grabbed his cock, placing the head right at her 
vaginal opening.  He thrust up as she plunged herself on to him.  Her head 
went back and she let out a scream as Gary's cock filled her and then he was 
fucking her.  His hands captured her ass as he pistioned himself in and out of 
her very warm and wet cunt.  She was still on her knees, her hands on either 
side of his shoulders.  His mouth captured one of her hanging breasts and he 
started to chew and bite on it's nipple.  The ginseng was rushing through his 
body and he felt strong - his cock, big and hard - fucking in and out of her 
as fast as he could.

    Jackie had dropped down into the water and was between his legs as they 
dangled in the water.  Her mouth was working it's way up his thighs.  She told 
Gary to spread her sister's ass and Cindy started cuming when Jackie started 
reaming out her asshole.  Her screams of pleasure were loud and piercing.  She 
was really bucking on top of him and he thrust harder.  Jackie was now 
standing next to her and although Gary couldn't feel it, was sure she was 
fingering her sister's asshole.  Cindy was wild so Gary stopped his thrusting 
and let her fuck him.  Her hips were a blur, pumping up and down on his cock.  
His hands were on her magnificent tits pinching and rolling her dime size 
nipples with his fingers.  Perspiration was forming on her breasts, shoulders 
and face and soon started to drip off of her.  Gary was far from cuming and 
very content, letting her do the work.  His cock was really getting a work out 
and he loved it.

    Cindy was cuming again, fucking him for all she was worth.  She'd never 
had a cock this thick and was in heaven.  Her sister's finger felt so good in 
her asshole.  She was afraid that she'd never stop cuming.  Her orgasms were 
coming very close together now and her entire body shook with each one.  
Jackie was right this guy was really a stud.  If she fucked her husband like 
this he'd have cum eons ago.  She finally spent herself and rolled off of him.

    Jackie was laughing and said, "Get on top of her, Gary, and fuck her some 
more, lover.  Big sister needs more of your cock."  Gary rolled toward Cindy 
and dropped into the water.  He came up between her legs and hoisted her legs 
up over his shoulders.  He placed the head of his dick at the entrance to her 
vagina and filled her full with one thrust.  He wanted his release and started 
fucking her mercilessly, pounding his meat in and out of her raw cunt.  He was 
lying on top of her frenching with her when Jackie slid her finger into his 
anus.  He started cuming and the force of his orgasm made him see stars.  
Spurt after spurt of hot cum filled Cindy's belly.  Her cunt got squishy and 
gooey and he could feel his pubic hair become damp with his seed.  He fucked 
her until he was soft and slipped out of her.

    He was on his back, gasping for breath when Jackie started to nibble on 
the head of his cock.  He got to his elbows and watched her mouth caress his 
dick.  It always turned him on watching a woman suck on his soft cock and turn 
it into a hard phallus.  Jackie was really working on it and his shaft was 
beginning to lengthen and thicken.  He could feel the blood rushing to his 
cock and did it feel good.  Cindy crawled over to him and he found her breasts 
with his mouth, licking and sucking on her flaccid areola and nipples.  He 
looked down at her bush and found it matted with his seamen.  He started 
pumping his hips to meet Jackie's hungry mouth.  He was good to go again and 
was wondering which one he'd like to fuck more - Jackie or her sister.

    Jackie made the decision for him and got up from between his legs.  "Lets' 
go to your room, Gary."  She was over the side of the tub and almost racing to 
the bedroom.  Gary and Cindy followed.  When they arrived, they found Jackie 
lying spread eagle on one of the futons plunging a couple of fingers in and 
out of her shaved cunt.  Gary just noticed that she was entirely shaved 
tonight and didn't have the usual small triangle of dark, well coiffured pubic 
hair on her mound.  "Suck him, Cindy.  I want to watch a little."  Gary was 
amazed at how alike mother and daughter were.  Tina loved watching another 
woman suck his cock while she fingered herself.  Cindy dropped to her knees 
and was eagerly sucking on his hard cock as he ran his fingers through her 

    Jackie rolled over and got to her knees with her ass facing her sister and 
Gary.  She still had a hand between her legs and Gary could see her fingers 
pumping in and out of her cunt.  He was very excited and hard as stone.  He 
pulled Cindy's mouth off of his cock and got to his knees behind Jackie.  He 
spread the cheeks of her compact ass and rubbed his meat up and down the crack 
of her ass.  "Come on over here, Cindy."  Cindy moved to comply and Gary 
pulled away from Jackie's butt.  "Lick her asshole, sister."  Cindy smiled up 
at him and bent her head to her sister's rump.  Gary had Jackie's butt spread 
and was rubbing his hardon in Cindy's hair.  She alternated between licking 
her sister's anus and sucking on Gary's cock.

    "Hey, sister, how come you don't have as much hair on your asshole as your 
little sister ?"  Gary asked.  She was mouthing his cock at the time and 
didn't answer immediately.

    "Jackie's a hairy girl.  You should see her when she doesn't shave.  She's 
got a real jungle down here."  She was fingering her sisters anus and licking 
his cock while she talked.  "She makes me look like I'm just starting 

    Gary laughed, thinking that Cindy had a pretty abundant bush herself.  
Maybe it was the hair color ?  Cindy a light brown and Jackie a very dark 
brown almost black.  "Ream her out good, Cindy.  I'm going to fuck your little 
sister in the ass and then after a quick shower I'm going to fuck you in the 
ass."  Gary was passing into lust.  The ginseng was pumping through his veins 
and he felt he could fuck all night.  "Guide me, sister."

    Jackie was wiggling her butt back against his cock as Cindy took a hold of 
it and placed the head on her sister's anus.  One thrust and Gary buried about 
three inches into her behind.  She screamed.  Almost a scream of pain but Gary 
knew that Jackie liked to hurt a little.  He thrust more of himself into her 
anal passage.  She wasn't quite wet enough so he pulled out and drooled some 
spit onto her asshole and then big sister lined him up again.  This time she 
took about six inches of his hardon and he immediately began to fuck the rest 
of his cock into her.  He was wild, watching his shaft disappear into her 
nether hole.  When he was buried in her it appeared that all the hair 
surrounding her asshole disappeared.  Then when he pulled out the hair 
appeared again, surrounding her asshole with it's thick growth.

    "Get under her, Cindy.  I want you to eat her and lick my balls."  Cindy 
couldn't move fast enough and was soon lapping on her sister's shaved cunt and 
Gary's dangling testicles.  He was gone; fucking Jackie's asshole as fast and 
hard as he could.  It wouldn't be long now until he filled her bowels with his 
seed.  He was looking forward to it drooling out of her asshole as her sister 
gobbled her snatch.  The first burst was like an explosion.  Jackie was still 
screaming and her anal passage became very gooey.  He kept fucking her - 
faster now that she was so slippery.  The next couple of bursts were so 
intense that he felt he blacked out because when he became aware of his 
surroundings again he was on his haunches just staring at Cindy's brown hair 
as she sucked the cum out of her sister's asshole.

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Frederick T.
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"You should have been here yesterday....."  Bruce Brown - circa 1958 - 1961
"Slippery When Wet" or "Surfing Hollow Days"  I can't remember..... 

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