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		      [ from Kristen's collection ]

		This text file contains sexually explicit
		material. If you do not wish to read this
		type of literature,  or you are under age
		(Under 18 years old)   PLEASE DELETE THIS

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Archive name: (Donna1.txt
Author: Anonymous
Story name: DONNA
this story contains sexual situations between a man
and a woman. If you are offended by this topic, or
are under 18 years old, please delete this file now!
---------------Kristen's collection-----------------

 My step son tied the knot last year to a sharp
looking girl.  Donna has a great personality to go
with her great looks. Even my wife likes her.

 About three months ago, while Bob, the step son,
was out of town on business, Donna called about
9:00 one night. My wife cupped the phone and ask
if I could go over to Bob and Donna's. Their water
heater was on the blink and Donna was in a panic.
I pulled on a jacket and headed to the car.

 Donna let me in and showed me the water heater.
It was gas fired and one look told me that the
pilot light was out. She scrounged up a match and
I lay down on the hall floor and reached back under
the heater to light the pilot. Holding the over-
ride button down I turned to tell Donna what I was

 She had squatted down to watch and I found myself
looking up under her dress at the crotch of her
panties. My finger slipped off the button and I had
to start all over again. I glanced back at her and
she was still in the same position. She finally
followed my eyes and realized what I was staring at.

 "Ooops, sorry," she apologized and dropped forward
to her knees.

 I got the pilot lit and the burner kicked on.
Donna invited me to the kitchen for a drink while
we waited to see if the heater was going to function.

 I sipped my whiskey and we made small talk. I kept
seeing the pink nylon panties and the dark shadow
behind them in my mind.  Her nipples were buttons in
the front of her blouse.

 "Looks like Bob is going to be gone a lot in the
next six or eight months," I commented.

 "Yes and I'm not sure I like it very much. He's
only been gone a week this time and I am having a
tough time adjusting." She gulped the remainder of
her drink.

 "Well, you know if you're lonely, you can come
stay with us for a day or two," I offered.

 "Thanks," she said. "I may do that."

 That didn't seem to do anything to console her.
She rose and poured another drink. I declined a
second on the grounds of having to drive.

 "Be back in a minute. I've got to go to the
bathroom," she explained.

 I walked back to the closet and checked the water
heater. The pilot was out again. I laid down on the
carpet and adjusted the gas flow and relit it. As I
lay there, I could hear soft sounds from the bath-
room on the other side of the wall. I listened and
then shifted. It sounded like moaning.

 I discovered a sliver of light behind the water
heater. Changing positions I could see into the
bathroom via the hole in the wall that the hot
water line passed through. All I could see was
Donna's legs and the commode. Those pink panties
were around one ankle. Her knees were spread wide
apart. Her thighs flexed and her knees swayed in
rhythm with her moans. It finally dawned on me.
She was rubbing herself off. I almost let the by-
pass button slip from under my finger.

 Her legs began to tremble and jerk. I heard a
ragged gasp and then she was very still. My cock
had risen and pressed against the fly of my pants.
I released the button and watched the pilot light
a second time, and crept back to the kitchen.

 A few minutes later, Donna came into the kitchen.
She was flushed and her hair a little mussed. I
excused myself to go to the bathroom.

 Swollen cock in hand I pissed. The soft smell of
hot pussy still permeated the small room. Something
pink caught my eye. I bent down and picked up the
panties from between the commode and the hamper.
Flipping them over, I stared at the damp stain in
the crotch. Before I realized I had done it, I
lifted them to my face and sniffed the damp spot.
The acrid aroma of hot pussy filled my nose. My
dick throbbed in my hand.

 Regaining control, I dropped the soft garment
back to the floor and tucked my cock back in my
pants and returned to the kitchen.  Donna had
almost recovered but I hadn't. I made my excuses
and left.

 The next time Bob was out of town. Donna called
and asked me to come take a look at her TV. I don't
like to work on TV sets, even though electronics is
my profession. I also wasn't comfortable with another
exposure to Donna. My wife talked me into going.

 Donna was wearing a lounging jumpsuit when she let
me in. The living room was dimly lit and I could
smell incense. She apologized for dragging me out
again. I declined the offer of a drink.

 "I can't get any channels to come on the set," she

 I checked the obvious and then looked down at the
VCR on the shelf beneath the set. One of the selector
buttons was in the wrong position. I pushed it and the
27 inch screen lit up. I was inches away from a the
screen and on it a woman was deep throating a large
cock. I rocked back on my heels and stared. The woman
was Donna. The cock she was sucking was Bob's. Sudden-
ly, cock bucked and she stopped sucking. A large glob
of cum oozed from the corner of her mouth and down her

 "Oooooh Nooo!" I heard her cry from behind me.

 I turned to look at her. She sounded and acted embar-
rassed but she didn't look it. I hit the off button on
the VCR and stood up.  I could feel my cock hard against
my pants. I pretended to adjust some controls on the TV
with my back to her.

 "I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't know that tape was
in the VCR."

 My dick wouldn't cooperate. It stayed hard. I turned
and started for the kitchen.

 "I think I'll have that drink now," I mumbled.

 Donna followed me into the kitchen. She mixed the
drink and handed it to me. There was a strange look
in her eyes.

 "But I am glad you fixed the TV. Now, I can watch
that tape."

 "Oh. . . well. Uh, glad to help," I stumbled.

 "Bob's been gone a whole week and I am so horny. I
thought I would watch that tape and jack off." Her
voice was low and husky.  She stared at me through
half open lids.

 I swallowed half my drink in one gulp.

 "Would you like to watch it with me?" The question
was barely a whisper.

 I looked at her for several seconds. Her eyes were
on the bulge in my crotch and she was licking her
lips slowly. She rose and took my hand, leading back
to the living room. She pushed me down on the sofa
and crossed to the TV. Her slender fingers fluttered
from button to button, programing the VCR and TV. In
a few seconds the screen blossomed with her image,
this time in bra, panties and stockings.

 Donna dropped in a chair, halfway between me and
the TV. One leg draped over the arm, she stared at
the TV. Her image on the screen had slumped in that
same chair and her long fingers were rubbing the
translucent crotch of her panties. Her lips parted
and her snake like tongue flicked across her lips.

 I glanced at the real Donna and she was rubbing
the crotch of the jumpsuit in unison with her TV
image. My cock jerked and throbbed, begging for
freedom. I watched.

 "I get so horny!" the real one rasped. "I've
watched this twice today and jacked off both times."

 The screen image had shoved her hand inside the
filmy panties and was stirring her pussy with a
vengeance. Her hips were flexing and pumping in
rhythm with her hand. My balls began to ache.

 "Do you like to suck pussy?" Her question caught
me off guard.

 "Uh, yeah," I mumbled.

 "Good. So do I. I even like to suck it second hand."

 Her fingers pulled the zipper at the front of the
jumpsuit. She stopped at the bottom. No bra and I
could see the waistband of her panties. Her hand
slipped under the elastic and disappeared.  Her
moving fingers bulged the crotch of the jumpsuit. Her
hand reappeared, fingers glistening with pussy juices.
She licked and sucked them noisily. Her image on the
screen was doing the same thing.

 "Mmmmmmm! Delicious! I wish I could suck it first
hand," she rasped.

 I looked at the screen. She had stripped her panties
and bra off and sat with just stockings and garter belt
on. Her legs gaped wide and both her hands plied and
rubbed her drooling cunt.

 A cock entered the screen near her face. She smiled
and turned to kiss it. Her pink tongue reached out
and licked the dark head. Leaning toward it, she
licked all around the head and up and down the
sides. Her lips opened wide and closed around the
plum shaped head. I gasped softly.

 "I want to see your cock," Donna commanded in a
hoarse whisper.

 I looked at her and she was staring at my crotch.
The jumpsuit was pulled open and one hand cupped a
large breast. Her thumb and fore finger rolled the
dark nipple.

 She reached over and opened my pants, as she pulled
my underware down at the front, my swollen dick burst
out into the passion heavy atmosphere of the room.
Donna whimpered.

 Circling the shaft with my fingers, I stroked it
slowly and looked back at her. She was pulling the
last sleeve off and rolled the jumpsuit down and off.
My hand clamped the head of my throbbing cock at the
sight of her naked body. Full breasts crowned with
large brown nipples and a flat tummy under the filmy
panties that dipped between full firm thighs. Her
fingers worked inside the crotch of the panties,
working her dripping cunt into a froth.

 "Look!" she hissed.

 The cock on the screen was thrusting in and out of
her mouth. The camera had zoomed in until the 27 inch
screen was full of her face and the jerking cock. Once
and then twice the eight or nine inch cock had disap-
peared into her mouth, the hairy balls bumping he chin.
I watched in a trance as she jerked the cock out of her
mouth in time to direct gushes of cum onto her face and
into her open mouth. Her expression show that she was

 "I love come!" she narrated. "And I love to come!
Ooooooh! Aaaahhhhhh! I'm cummmmminnnng!"

 She thrashed and bounced in the chair, her fingers
jerking inside her panties. She arched her back and
froze. For several seconds she hung there trembling
and then collapsed.

 My fingers were stroking the length of my aching dick.
Her coming had fired my passion even higher. My balls
throbbed and rolled as I jerked my cock.

 "Yessss! Do it!" she encouraged in a panting whisper.

 It was coming. I could feel my cock swell and the
pressure build.  I clamped my eyes shut and let my hand
race over my cock.

 "Come for me! Come, Daddy Mel!" she cheered. "Come
for me!"

 I arched up and slammed my hand down the shaft the
final two strokes. The dam broke and in the passion fog
I could hear Donna's raspy voice.

 "Shoot off, Daddy. Shoot Donna some come!"

 The gusher exploded and I sank into the bursting
colors of climax. My cock spewed streams of come again
and again until I dropped back onto the sofa and lay
gasping for breath.

 "Mmmmmm! You cum good, Daddy!" Donna cooed.

 I opened my eyes and she was kneeling at my feet.
Her face and breasts were covered with my come. A glob
lay on her tongue as she smiled at me. She rose and
leaned over. Her come smeared face came down to mine
and her lips touched my mouth. Her hot tongue pushed
between my lips and I tasted the sharp flavor of my
own come.

 She pulled away and looked down at me as she wiped
each and every glob of come from her face and breasts
with her fingers and pushed it into her mouth.

 "You better go home before Mama Jean comes looking
for you," she suggested.

 As I left, cleaned up and emptier than when I arrived,
she said, "Next time, maybe Daddy would like to kiss
Donna's pussy."

 I looked back at her as she closed the door. She was
a totally different person than I had known.

                               THE END
WARNING! NEVER, NEVER practice unsafe sex. In this day
and age,  it  is just plain stupid to have unprotected
sex with strangers.  This story  is  for entertainment
not to be imitated. You only have one  body  per  life
time... Take good care of it... Kristen

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