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by Chuck Williams

The phone rang so I left the room to answer it.  When I returned
I told Kerry the good news.  One of the guys in the band had
major problems and could not make it tonight, so it was canceled.
She looked at me and asked, "so what are we going to do?"  I just
said you have two choices, go home or continue to lesson number
three.  She looked me right in the eyes and said, "lesson number

I loved that look.  Pure lust and considering the source it was
getting me turned on.  If I had any reservations about any of
this - they were gone as of now.

I then just reach behind her and un did her bra and slowly re
moved it.  I touched her breasts with my hands softly.  They were
not huge at all.  But they were of adequate size and her nipples
were upturned and I could tell that they would be very tasty.
Hell, they were sticking up like the nipple on a baby bottle just
begging to be sucked.  So after fondling them for a bit I started
to feast on her.  I started on her left breast and as I did she
moaned if so ever so quietly.  Man her nipples were hard.  They
were like nawing on rubber.  I then worked on her other breast as
she was really enjoying this.

While this was going on I was getting really worked up myself.
So I said to myself, that it was time to get some self satisfac
tion, and time to show her the thing that she wanted the most.

So I kissed her and asked if she was ready to for the next step,
but before she could answer I had taken her hand and placed it
into my pants.  At first she did not know what to do.  Atleast
she did not pull away, but she just touched me and slowly rubbed
my dick with her open hand.

So I said, "I guess it would help if I took these off".

But then I got an idea.  I then removed her hand and stood up.  I
told her that she had to sit up (which was a little difficult for
her to do in her present state of sexual excitement).  I then had
her stand up and then had her kneel in front of me on the floor.
She did as I asked and soon was face to face with the bulge in my
very brief, briefs.

I then said to her, "If you want it - you have to take off my
shorts"!  She looked up at me, in a nervous way, and then right
at the bulge before her.  Slowly she reached up and placed her
hands on the waistband of my briefs.  I could hear her heavy
breathing as she after a short delay pulled my pants off me.

She just left them at my knees, and was still holding them in her
hands, as she was just starring at my cock.  I then almost had to
wake her up to get her to remove my briefs the rest of the way
given that she was so mesmerized by it.  However, I did not let
her get up yet.  I told her that she had to please me some before
we could continue.  She asked, "how do I do that".

I told her to take my dick into her hands and instructed her on
how to give me a hand job.  Since I was worked up there was some
pre-cum to lube it up.  She did learn pretty quickly and asked if
she was doing it right.  I told her that she was doing pretty
good and that it was time for the next part.  I was not sure if
she was ready for this, but it was now or never and better to
find out now if she was really ready for this.

I told her that she had to kiss it all over.  She looked up at me
and then without a word did as I asked.  She just did some light
kissing at first nothing to set the world on fire.  So I then
told her to kiss and lick the head.  She did this and slowly
nature took its course.  I then told her to put it in her mouth
and suck on it like a big lollipop.  She did as I asked and
seemed to be very worked up while doing so.

Eventhough she was inexperienced, she learned quick as I told her
what to do.  Best of all since she was new to all of this I could
instruct her to do it how I liked it.  No bad habits to unlearn.

I was ready to blow and did not want to dump my load down her
throat, not at least at this time anyway.  So I pulled out of her
mouth and told her to stroke me hard.  It only took about a
minute as I shot off a big load all over her.  It ended up all
over her face and her cute titties.

When I was done I stood her up and pulled her to me and kissed
her.  I told her that she did good and asked her if she enjoyed
it, and she said that she loved making me feel good.

I then put her back on the bed and rubbed my cum on her body.  I
took some of it onto a finger and placed it into her mouth.  She
did not stop me and sucked on my finger.  I asked her "how does
that taste"?  She said, "like a kinda pudding".

So I scooped up a little more and offered it up to her and she
accepted it.  She looked so adorable licking up my sperm off my
fingers with the rest of it on her body.  I then rubbed the rest
on her body like a lotion and told her that she had done very
well so far and that she was ready for the next lesson.

She must have been hot, cause all she said was, "yes teach me".

With that statement I just took my hand and put it over her panty
covered crotch.  It was soaked.  I looked at her and said, "you
are very wet little girl, we have to do something about this".
She gave me a smile as I said that and I then put my hand into
her wet panties.  As I touched her private parts for the first
time I could hear her gasp and shutter.  I  had found her love
button and soon I was going to push it and own this girl.

By just rubbing her pussy with my open hand she had another
orgasm.  I could even feel squirts of fluid come out of her body
as I continued to rub her ever so slowly.

While she was lost in another time zone I reached down and re
moved the final obstacle between me and total sexual satisfac
tion.  I knew that regardless of anything else this was going to
end up as one of the best fucks I would ever get.  So I decided
to take an extra risk.

I told her that she was wonderful and that I wanted us to be able
to remember this moment forever.  She asked how, and I got up and
got my camcorder out of the closet.

I told her that I was just going to put it on the dresser and no
one other than the two of us would ever see it.  She did not
object and I just aimed it and turned the thing on.

I then before the momentum died got back on the bed with her and
continued with some kiss and fondling.  I also moved her over so
that she would be visible to the camera.  I wanted to be able to
see her and not just my back latter.

We French kissed and groped each other first.  I wanted to work
her up and get some good action first for the camera before doing
the final deed.

I sucked her breasts raw and was rubbing her pussy to another
orgasm.  By this time I was slowly inserting a finger in and out
of her wet - hot pussy.  She was more than ready and so was I.

So I then got her attention and asked her if she was ready for
lesson number 4, called the big score.  She said she was and I
told her that since it was her first time it would hurt some this
time, but that I would do my best not to hurt her.  She was lost
in lustful bliss and really could have cared less at this point.

I started by inserting several fingers into her at once.  What a
tight fit, even with her being so wet.  I only have a 6 to 8 inch
dick, that is average in width, but she knew no difference and I
knew that this pussy would be a good fit.

After a little more foreplay I made my move.  I spread those
lovely legs and placed my pecker at the front door.  I had to
think about other shit just to keep from cumming right their on
the spot.   I did get it in to her, I thought that it was tight
around my fingers, damm I could barely get my dick into her.

I could tell that it was hurting her some so I took it easy.
However, after a bit my need took control and I continued to
shove it home.  Each little move brought moans of both joy and
pain from Kerry.  She was lost in extasy.

Finally I got to her hymen.  It was there alright and I knew it
would hurt her when I broke through.  So I got up close to her
and started to kiss her as I proceeded.  She was real worked up
at this point and when I knew I was going to bust on through I
kissed her hard on the mouth and held her tight to me.

As I went in with a strong shove I muffed her scream with a kiss.
After I was through I did not pull out, but left my dick in her
till the pain went away.  After about a minute or so, I slowly
started to work my dick back and forth inside her.

After the initial shock had passed she was once more moaning and
breathing heavily, but it was all joy and extasy now.  No more
pain, no more fears.

By this time I was pumping in and out of her faster.  She must
have had several orgasms as this was going on.  I lost count
since I was kind of out of it myself.

I did every mind trick I knew to keep me from blowing my load,
but I knew that sooner or latter I would lose control.  I could
feel it building up and wanted to wait till I knew she might be
cumming also.  I then felt her lose it again so I slammed it on
home at that time and dumped the entire load inside her.

It felt so good that I could not stop myself.

After I regained my senses I ran off to the kitchen and got an
empty soda bottle, filled it with warm water.  I then took Kerry
to the bathroom and poured it into her pussy to help wash out
some of the sperm.  I had done this before so I knew it usually
did work and besides it was better than nothing.

Kerry did ask what I was doing and I told her it was a way to
make sure she did not get pregnant.  Then she told me that her
mother put her on the pill prior to going to boarding school
cause she did not trust her.  Wow, what a relief.

I did not ask anything more about it at that time, but her mother
is apparently a mental case by thinking that Kerry would just run
off and get pregnant while off at an all girls boarding school.
it is sick how some parents will play these types of mind games
on their children, but then here I was fucking the little woman
(cause she no longer was a little girl), and teaching her all
kinds of shit.

In a few short hours I taught her to give me a hand job, suck me
off (without coming in her mouth), ate her pussy out and  took
her virginity.  The only things left, of worth, was to cum in her
mouth and to ream her ass.   Both of which I would take care of
soon enough.   You could put money on it.

But first I needed a little rest, but Kerry was still worked up
and ready to go.  So I said that I wanted her to suck my dick
again as I laid down.  This time I was going to make sure she ate
my cum.  She did not even offer any resistance and went to work.
She licked my dick up and down and all around.  It was great.  I
had taught her well and was enjoying this very much.

I just relaxed and enjoyed it.  Before I was ready to cum I
turned her over and pushed my dick into her mouth. She did not
refuse me.  I asked her if she had liked the taste of my sperm
before and with my dick in her mouth she nodded a reply of yes.
So I then told her that this time I was going to put it in her
mouth and that she had to swallow it all.  She nodded again and I
heard a muffled uh um from her that vibrated up my balls.

I took her head in my hands and had her suck harder.  I was at
the verge and then I made sure my dick was jammed in her mouth as
I shot a load on down her sweet little throat.

She gagged a little, but Kerry did a good job and got most of it
down.  As I pulled my dick out of her mouth, with a pop, I saw
the look on her face.  It was the look of sexual satisfaction.  I
loved that look.  I loved seeing my cum run down her face.

After that we took a shower together and got dressed. It was
after 9 and we still had not eaten.  So I said that I would take
her out on the town.

We had a great time as I had her borrow a few clothes that Tina
had left here before.  They made her look older.  I then took her
to a few clubs that I knew I could get her into that Tina did not
even know of, besides Tina did not party that much and never
wanted to goto the bars.  It was not her scene.

Some of the guys I ran into that knew me complimented me on the
chick.  If they only knew!

Sometime around midnight I knew I would have to take her home.
So we had a long talk about us.  I told her that we had to keep
it a secret and that I would still have to see Tina or somebody
now and then so that no one would think that we were an item.

So after setting some guidelines we started on our way.  I did
have to stop at a park and have her change back into her own
stuff along the way. During this I took a few grabs and feels at
her wonderful youthful body. I was able to get her back home
around 1:15 a.m. and a light did come on after she got into the
house as I watched for a little.  After a few minutes the light
went out and I knew it was safe.

The next day (Saturday) I got a call from Kerry.  She was talking
loud and thanked me for taking her to see my band, therefore it
was apparent to me that she was somewhere where someone could
hear her talking.  I asked if that was the case and she said yes.
So I asked, if Dave was there and if so let me talk to him, next
thing I hear is Daddy, XXXXX wants to talk to you.  Dave gets on
the line and I bring up something about a work related project.
It was nothing that was important, I just made it seem like that
and after a few minutes of this and that talk  we talked briefly
about  Kerry and last night.  He did ask if she was a problem,
and I said not really.  I did say that one of the guys had a
problem with it at first, cause I did not want them talking
gutter talk with her there, but that it was cool and she did not
cause a problem and that the guys liked having someone to run
into the kitchen and serve food.  Dave laughed at that and said
that he would remember that when football season came around.

Well, got through that one pretty good.

I did not hear from Kerry again that day as my band did a show
that night, but she did call me on Sunday while her family was
out of the house.  She expressed her undying love for me and told
me that she loved her first sexual experience and wanted more.

I being no total fool promised all kinds of nice things to her,
but at the same time also made sure she knew the consequences
of her actions.

Soon it was Monday morning.  What would happen?  I showed up
early and within 20 minutes Dave and Kerry arrived.  Nothing was
really said and she just went about her work just like always.

I just put it all out of my mind and acted like the past few days
never happened.  Then I had to go and look at something and Kerry
said here, I have the equipment and she picked up my briefcase
and gear and followed me out as she always did.

Soon we were on the road.  She sat close to me, well as close as
one can in a jeep, as I drove to the site.  The site was vacant
and I did my work as Kerry took notes for me.  As always I got
done real fast.  As I was sitting in the back seat of the jeep
putting some of my gear away, Kerry got into the back also.  She
then reached over and kissed me.  I responded and soon we were
making out in the back of my jeep.  Soon enough I had her give me
a blow job and it was a good one as she swallowed it all down.

I then said that I never gave her part three of lesson number two
the other night.  So I then had her pull up her dress and pulled
down her panties.  I then licked at her wet cunt and gave her an
orgasm via oral gratification.  Her pussy tasted sweet to me.
Such a young girl with the only wear and tear being mine.

When we finally got back to the office no one was the wiser.  We
kept this kinda shit up for quite awhile.  Sex in the jeep, or
stopping off at my place, or just about anywhere.

It was during one of the going to see my band Fridays that I took
her virgin ass.  It was awesome!  I know that it had to hurt her
as her face was beet red as I rammed into her tiny anus.  But she
never said stop and I know that she came several times despite it
all.  Her ass was so sore that she had trouble sitting for
several hours that night.  As for me, damm it felt so good!

In late June it was her 16th birthday, so for that I arranged a
special gift.  By now the guys in the band knew what was up and
being the perverts that most guys in rock-n-roll bands are were
only disappointed that I did not share her with them.

The week after her birthday, my band was doing a big show out of
town.  We were one of the opening bands at a show that starred a
well known national act.  It was a rare opportunity for us.

It was an all ages show so anyone could go.  I had been making a
big deal out of it for weeks and Kerry kept begging to go.  She
begged Dave to let her go, day after day after day.

So Dave asked me if he got her a room could she go along.  Well
the three of us were all in his office and I said, if she promis
es to keep out of trouble it was Ok with me, but I would have to
ask the other guys.

So I did ask them and they said it was ok with them. Mike did say
that someday she  would have to pay up though.  I knew what he
wanted and it was not cash.

So I arranged a room for her at the place we were staying, not
that she would be spending the night alone. 

Two of the guys (Bob and Jay) traveled in the truck carrying our
equipment, Doug and his girlfriend of the week took his car,
while I took Kerry with me and unfortunately Mike as well.

During the drive Mike was asking Kerry all kind of probing ques
tions.  I did my best to shut him up.  He just kept teasing.  He
then told her that he could tell that we were doing it wanted her
to tell him what it was like.  Mike could be real crude and rude.
He just flat out said whatever came to his limited mind.  Kerry
was upset that he knew about us.  I told Mike (in front of her)
that he was wrong.  Then during this Kerry just spoke up and
said, "that she liked it".  Mike did one of his I knew it bits
and then told Kerry that he wouldn't tell anybody about it.

She did not say much during all of this.  All I could say was
that I was sorry that Mike found out.  Then Mike seeing the deal
added that having seen her with me figured it out for himself and
that he knew that look.  Then Mike told us a secret of his own.
He said since he knew our secret he would let us in on his, which
was that Mike was doing his sister.

Mike was only 23 and I had know him since he was a kid since he
grew up down the street from my family.  I also knew his sister
Fran.  She was 17.  Mike said that they had been doing it since
he was 17, which means she was 11.  Know I understood why Mike
liked Kerry so much.  But I was not ready to share Kerry with
Mike.  Not unless I got something in return, like Fran!

Well soon enough we arrived at the hotel and stashed our stuff.
It was late and the show was the next evening.  So we turned in
for the night.

Having learned Mikes secret turned me on and I fucked the shit
out of Kerry that night for sure.  We did it all that night as I
filled every hole of her body that evening.  I don't think we
fell asleep until after 2 a.m., well at least I didn't cause I
think the last time I fucked her she was not even conscious.

The next day was a busy one with setting up for the show, and a
quick rehearsal for our brief 25 minute performance  (yes it was
short - but worth the trip).

The show went great and we got to meet some real cool people.  We
still did not make it big (well as of now not yet), but we did
get in with some good promoters and not some radio time in our
area and much better pay for our shows.

I would at this point normally tell you who the national act was,
but that would be telling too much and might reveal something
like who we really are and all of that, so I won't do it.  Howev
er, I will say they have their own dedicated newsgroup and MANY
web sites and were the top grossing act of 1996.   Also I get
free entry to their shows and have been told that next time we
can open for them when then do a return tour of the states.  I
just can't wait to be part of the greatest show on earth.  SO
have you figured it out yet?

Well back to my story, after the show and the ensuing party  I
fucked Kerry again that night and did it in a more loving way,
(one member of the band in question was very interested in Kerry
but I did not share her then - however, I have given her over to
him once since that time).  I could do whatever I wanted to do
with her and she would never object to it.  Kerry was the perfect
woman as far as I was concerned.  Of course the only problem was
that she was 16, at that time.

For the next month all went as it typically did.  Dave either
knew nothing or did not care.  No one knew anything.  They just
said that Kerry liked to please everyone at the office.  I had
her doing whatever anyone else needed done (workwise that is) at
the office when I did not need her help.  So everyone liked that.

At the end of July we got a big job that required that I go out
of town for a few days.  Dave was to go along, however at the
last minute something came up.  Dave did not have to go, but
wanted to make an impression on the client.  The problem for me
was that the work load was too much for me alone.  It was Dave
that suggested that I take Kerry along.  I said are you sure,
shes only 16 Dave.  He just  said that she could help since she
was the one doing some of the research for the project and we had
been provided with two fully paid rooms at a top notch hotel and
airfare to boot.

How could I refuse such an offer, eventhough I made it look like
I had to baby sit or something.  I told Dave that we better check
with Kerry about it.  So I ran her down and quickly told her the
deal.  I told her to say that she would go, but had to cancel a
few minor plans.  This worked as she even told Dave that she did
not mind going cause she was happy to do something for him.

So two days latter we were off on a 3 day business trip.  We got
there and checked into, just say a classy hotel and lucky for us
we had adjoining rooms.

I had Kerry check in with the office for us.  We then had a quick
meeting with the client and I introduced Kerry as my assistant
who was an intern (or a college student).  They bought it.
Besides it was Daves idea that I even use that story.

After the meeting we took in a few sites in the big city and that
evening we had a real nice dinner at the companies expense and
went to a show (so guess what city we were in?).

After that it was off to the hotel and to bed.  So not to make
anyone the wiser I sent her upto her room alone first while I
spent sometime at the lounge and from there called Dave to advise
him of the status of the meeting.  I informed him all went well
and that Kerry had gone to her room and that I hanging out a the
hotels sports bar.

Well almost as soon as I was off the phone and finished my drink,
I was on my way to my room.  After I got there I opened the door
between the rooms and saw Kerry lying on her bed in nothing but a
teddy, a very short teddy.

Trying my best suave move I said to her, get off that bed -
you're sleeping in here tonight.  With that she leapt up and ran
into my arms, gave me a big kiss, thanked me for taking her on
this trip, and then climbed into the bed after slowly removing
the teddy that she had on.  It was the only thing she had on.

After quickly cleaning myself up, I jumped into bed with her.  It
turned into a very romantic evening.  We did not hump each other
like rabbits that night - there was lots of foreplay.

It was amazing that even after two plus months Kerry was still so
in love with me.  By this time Tina and I broke up, but I of
course found another part time woman/girlfriend for appearances
purposes if anything.

I just loved having Kerrys' lovely young body against me. So
young, so sweet, so innocent.  Well, she was innocent until about
two months ago that is.

The next day consisted of a few business meetings and some visits
to some sites.  We did call it a early day, but before the end of
the day we had been told that one of our meetings would have to
be put off one day.  This meant that we had to stay an extra day.
So far we had spent only 2 days and one night here, and were now
it appeared that we were to get a bonus day and night.

I called Dave and told him of the situation.  He then said that
he would have his secretary take care the airline tickets for us
and that someone would get back to me.

Well it was Tuesday, and we were to have left on Wednesday after
noon.  However, we had to stay an extra day and wanted to flyout
on Thursday afternoon, but lucky us, the airlines were booked up
and we could not get a flight back until Friday morning.

That meant three more nights in the big city.  I of course sound
ed depressed about it, but said well at least I would get back by
the weekend.  I could have won an Oscar for my acting.

So I told Kerry the GOOD news.  So that night we just screwed
each other silly since I had no meetings the next morning.  By
the time we got home on Friday, Kerry had a raw pussy and a sore
ass.  Also she must have swallowed a quart of my sperm.

After the summer our activities were cut back since she was not
working at the office.  But we had many secret meetings now that
she had a drivers license.  We would get together in the after
noons, weekends, or just about anywhere.

My life was great.  This is as long as I did not get caught.

So here I was doing it with the bosses 16 year old daughter,
while having a 25 year old girlfriend on the side, and a great
little rock-n-roll band to boot.

I then decided to put her to the test.  I needed to know just how
far I could go with her.  Did I really control her or was it just
an illusion.  I had to find out for sure.

The ultimate test would be a foursome and I had my target in
mind.  I got this nasty idea in my mind during the summer after
hearing Mike tell me about him and his sister Fran.   I knew what
Mike wanted.  He wanted into Kerrys pants and he was offering up
Fran in exchange.  After sometime I got up enough nerve and
talked to Mike about it.  I asked him if he wanted to fuck Kerry
to which he replied, "Hell yeah"!.

I then asked him about Fran. What it came down to was that we
were both in similar situations.  He was also interested in
seeing what he could get his sister to do for him and at the same
time he was horny as hell for Kerry.

So we both agreed that we should find a way to get together and
see if we get them to swing, but at the sametime neither of us
wanted to lose control of our present situation.  So basically we
could not just get in a room and tell Kerry to fuck Mike and
order Fran to fuck me.  That would just not work.

So I had a party of sorts at my place.  I made it look like I was
inviting a small group of people, but in reality I was only
expecting Kerry, Mike and Fran.

Me and Mike put on the why did no one show up routine.  We even
made a few phone calls (to my car phone or to a pay phone) asking
whoever why they did not show up.

So it was just the four of us with some food and lots of booze.
Mike and I figured that we might need that to loosen up the
girls.  We were both mostly worried about Fran since she did not
know that the rest of knew about her and Mike.

After awhile and after Mike and I were sure that the girls had
more than enough alcohol we sat down and Mike tells Fran, in
front of all of us, that Kerry and I knew about them.  Fran,
looked at Mike and said, "Mike why did you do that", then she
looked like she was mad at him.

So I added, Fran its OK,  Kerry and I have been secretly doing it
for almost a year now.  Kerry added nothing  but Fran looked at
both of us.   So then I told Kerry that Mike liked her and wanted
to be with her at least once if I would allow it.  Kerry said
that she was not sure, but would do it if I wanted to.  Then Mike
told Fran that he really wanted to see her have sex with me.  I
looked over at Fran and could tell that she was interested in
this.  I had already guessed that she had always liked me for
sometime anyway and now she would have her chance.

I knew then that Fran would be no problem, however, it was Kerry
I was not sure of since she had never before expressed a interest
in Mike.  This was probably cause she was so infatuated we me.

So I talked to her some telling her that she might like being
with someone else, but that it was her choice.  After a little
mulling it over, during which time she kept looking at Mike (who
is not a bad looking dude) she agreed as long as I was there.

So I told Mike that we would try it, however, Kerry would prefer

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