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Chuck Williams

Here is another story about some nasty sexual thing that I have
done in the past.   This one involves this girl named Kimmy that
I was dating and her sister Terry.

As for me, if you want to know a little more about me, check out
the stories, "An Educational Experience in the Deep South", "The
Visit", "Darla and her Daughters", "The Bosses Daughter", "My
Cousins Wife" and "Toms Gift".   These will give you an idea and
a background about me to a limited degree.

This story takes place a little over a year before I moved out of
my parents house when I was 19.   At this time I was in my first
year of college and had a part time job as an assistant manager
of a small restaurant.

Kimmy was  hired as summer help that year and was 16 when I first
meet her.  Kimmy was not a skinny little thing, but not fat
either.  She was average, but had a pretty face and nice tits.

Being that I was the Asst manager, I did not really hang out with
the employees that much.  Besides I was not really that interest
ed in her cause I had enough going for me already.

It was one of the girls who had been there awhile that bothered
to tell me that Kimmy had a crush on me.   I however, just
brushed it off.   I was nice to Kimmy, but never was overly
interested in her sexually at all.  Besides my boss did not like
employee relationships and like I said I was getting enough.

Well after the summer my Boss let her go.  I did not see her for
several months and never gave it a second thought.

Well I did run into her one night at a club.  At that time I was
of legal age to be there, however, she was not.  I asked her why
she was there and she told me it was her birthday.  Her friends
had came with her, but most of them had already left.

I asked if she had a ride and she said not really, but that a
couple of guys had offered her one.

Yeh, I knew what kind of ride they had in mind, so I told her
that I would take her home.

She had a major buzz on and as we left I had to help her into my
car.  I then thought to myself, shit, her mom would kill her if
she went home like this.

So I took her home with me that night.  Now I did still live with
my parents, however my mom was pretty cool most of the time.  So
I explained that she (Kimmy) worked with me and that she was
drunk at the club, under age, and her mom would kill her if she
went home like that.  So I dumped Kimmy in the den which had a
pull out.

Later that night or early the next morning, I checked on her.  In
the dim light she looked kind of cute.  I went over to see if she
was OK and noted that the covers had partly fell off and that her
boobs had popped out of her bra.  All I had to do was lift her
top slightly to have an unobstructed view.

Well I did not get any action that night before, cause I was Mr.
Nice guy and got her out of that place so I was a little horny,
so I lifted her top.

Nice tit!  That was what was on my mind.  As I did this she
started to stir, so I pulled her top down and she then started to
wake up.  She was confused and did not know where she was.

I explained to her what happened at the club and why I brought
her here.  She then thanked me and gave me a kiss.

Somehow that one kiss lead to another and then another and soon
enough I was massaging that bare breast in my left hand. Just
from playing with her breasts and kissing her got her off.

I asked if she liked that and she did say yes, and I then said
that we could do things that felt allot better than that.

Well it was then that she told me straight up that she was a
virgin.  In fact she had never even seen a naked man other than
in photos and having seen her younger brother a few times.

Kimmy was very shy it would seem.  She also was worried about
being fat.  I told her that she was not fat.   Then she asked me
if I liked her, and I said yes, and then she wanted to know why I
never said so before.  I just told her that when she worked with
me it was not the right thing to do cause the boss did not ap
prove.  Then I noted to her, that she no longer worked with me.

We talked a little more that night, but I did not do anything
else.  My parents might have been halfway cool, but they did not
like the idea of sex in the house, unless they were having it.

So I just ended up taking her home the next morning.  I even told
her mom, who had meet me before at the restaurant, that my par
ents were home and that she slept in the guest room.

Well her mom seemed to trust me, however, Kimmy was in a little
trouble for going out and getting drunk, but not as much as I
would have expected.

So before I left I told her call me.

Well she called me that afternoon wondering if I would take her
to the movies or something.  I had nothing to do so I said yes.

The movie sucked.  Afterwards she said that she wished we could
be alone someplace, so I drove to this secluded road that I knew
of and we parked for awhile.  At first we just talked, then out
of the blue she said that she really would like to see my cock
(in so many words).  So I then said something about what was in
it for me.  She then said she would make it worth my while, so I
then unzipped my pants and let my dick pop out.  At first all she
did was stare at it.  So I said something to her like go on and
touch it if you want.

After some hesitation she did so.  All of this got me hard and
this was the first hard dick she had ever seen (other than pic
tures).  So I got her to give me a hand job first. She liked that
and so did I.  I then asked her to take her top off and she did.

So I asked her what she had in mind, and she said that she was
going to give me a blow-job but had no idea what to do.  I
thought that was funny, still do, and then told her what to do.
At first she was not sure if she was going to do it, but somehow
I convinced her to try it.

At first she just licked around my dick and then finally started
to put it in her mouth.  Since she did not know what to do, I
just gave her instructions, as to what I liked, as I had her deep
throating me pretty good.

Soon I was too blow my load, so I held her head down and before
she knew it I was cuming in her mouth.  She tried to pull off,
but I held her down at first, and then as I let her up my last
few squirts landed on her chest, or tits.

After she recovered she said that she did not know that would
happen, and that it scarred her.  I said that I was sorry (duh)
and asked if she was ok.  After that we made out somemore, but
never took it much further as she was not ready to give up her
virginity yet.

In fact she was looking for a boyfriend really.  I was looking to
take another virgin myself, but was getting tired of playing
games with her.

Over time I got to meet most of her family.  She had two sisters
and a brother.  Also her parents were divorced.  Her mom was OK,
but weird, but then again her whole family was in my opinion.
Her 15 year old sister was real strange.  She looked nothing like
Kimmy, with black curry hair (Kimmy was a dirty blond with hair
like Farrah Fawcet at that time) and she  was skinny with small
breasts.  Also she was a bit loose for a 15 year old.

Her brother was 12 and normal for a 12 year old.  However, her 13
year old sister was hot.  Long straight brown hair, small perky
tits and a cute ass.  Definitely the best of the lot.  Her name
was Terry.   By this time I was starting to get tired of Kimmy.
I did not like going to her house, however I did so, if only to
see Terry, who I think had a crush on me also.

However, she was only 13.  I could never get her alone, Kimmy was
always there, so my only chance of ever getting to her was
through Kimmy.

Well first things first, I had to take Kimmy's virginity.  I had
to loosen her up, so I took her out and got her drunk. I chose a
weekend when my parents went away with a few friends so other
than my brother Mike, no one was around.  By this time Mike was a
horny bastard as well and he was off at a friends for the weekend
getting laid.   So the house was mine.

It was a Friday night and we got back to my house around ten I
guess.    She was buzzed up good and soon enough I had her suck
ing me off.  Before she knew it I had her naked and then with out
too much ceremony I took her virginity.

I fucked her all night long and by the time I was done with her,
she was hooked on sex.  She could not get enough, but I had to
take her home and did so around 1 am.

The next morning Mike called and said that he was staying with
some friends at their beach house, which worked for me.

So what to do.  I had the house to myself again and had to find
some chicks to party with.  Lucky for me no one knew of Kimmy
really, so none would be the wiser.

Well the phone rang, and it was Kimmy, who said that she enjoyed
last night and wanted more.  So I said come on over right now (it
was only about 10:30 am), but then she said that she had to watch
Terry.  So I told her to bring her along.

Well I just went to the den and was watching the televison when
to my surprise about an hour later Kimmy and Terry showed up at
my front door.

Kimmy was not ready to do anything with Terry there, but a few
drinks got her lose.  Poor Kimmy was not one to hold her alcohol
very well.  It did not take much at all.

Soon enough we were all in the den watching the television and
Kimmy was in my lap on the couch while Terry sat in a lounge
chair.  I was feeling her up pretty good right in front of her
little sister who did not say a word at all.  In fact she pre
tended that nothing was going on, but I could tell different.

I knew what I was doing to Kimmy was turning Terry on just by the
fact that she was sweating and moving her legs allot.  Meanwhile
Kimmy was feeling no pain and was enjoying herself.  I had her
really buzzed up by this time.

So to take it to the next level I put a porno tape in the VCR.

Well I had already found out that Kimmy got off on watching this
stuff, as for Terry, I did not know if she had ever seen one or
not.  Between watching me and Kimmy, and the movie, she was
pretty well occupied.

Soon I could tell that both of these young ladies were hot too
trot.  Kimmy was whispering to me to take her.

Well I wanted to, but I wanted Terry also.  So I then said to
Terry who looked really flustered, hey Kimmy and I want to fuck
do you mind.  Well she just sat there really dumbfounded, and
just said no.  I then asked if she wanted to watch.

Kimmy started to object, but then Terry said yes.  So I started
to take off Kimmy's clothes right there in the den.  I then got
Terry to sit on the couch also.

I then asked her if she thought that her older sister had nice
tits.  Terry said nothing at first, then she said yes.  Well then
I started to suck on them and I told Terry that they tasted good
too.  I then asked her to touch em.  She did so, then I got her
to taste em also.

So far so good.  Kimmy did not stop anything and Terry was both
curious and horny enough to do as I asked of her.

Next thing I did was get Kimmy's pants off and then soon Kimmy
was naked.  I then started to finger her and showed Terry her
cunt.  It took a little more effort, but soon I had her touching
Kimmy's cunt as well.

Now it was time to get a bit more bold, so I then took off my
clothes.  All Terry could do then was stare at my dick.  I asked
her if she had ever seen one before, and she said only in a book
once.  So I then told her that she could touch mine if she wanted
as I practically put it in front of her face.

Well she barely touched it at first.  So I then asked her if she
wanted to see me fuck Kimmy.  Oh she wanted to see that bad.  So
I told her that she would have to help me do it.  Well she then
asked what did she have to do.  I told her that she had to spit
in her hands and then rub it on my dick.

At first she was not going to do it, but I told her that she had
to or I could not fuck Kimmy.  So she then licked and spited in
her right hand and kind of rubbed it on my dick.

I then said that she had to do better than that and got her to
take hold of my cock and stroke it.  Meanwhile I was fingering
Kimmy and had Terry do so also with her other hand.

Then I told her that I was almost ready, but she had to do one
more thing first.  She had to lick on my dick.

Terry said that she could not do that, but I told her that Kimmy
did it all the time, and unless she helped I could not fuck
Kimmy.  So a reluctant Terry licked my cock with the tip of her
tongue.  At first she did not do much but soon I was shoving it
in her mouth.

She did not really try to stop me and I took it out before I
came.  Then I just went ahead and fucked Kimmy right in front of
Terry whose face was about 2 feet from the action.

I fucked Kimmy pretty fast, maybe for only 3 or 4 minutes.  After
I came I took a finger and stuck it in her pussy and scooped up
come of my cum and then I took that and made Terry lick my finger
clean.  Well more like I rubbed it on her lips and pushed my
finger into her mouth.

Then I got Terry to finger Kimmy again.

By this time Kimmy was finally aware that it was Terry that was
finger fucking her and not me.   After the initial shock of
seeing her little sister between her legs wore off, soon she was
telling Terry to rub faster.  Kimmy was turned on by all of this.

So I then went upto Kimmy and whispered to, "Do you want Terry".
I then got the answer I was not fully expecting, "Yes".  Then she
said that she wanted me to take her (Terry) too.

So, with that, Kimmy and I sealed our plot with a kiss, and then
I went over to Terry who was still finger fucking Kimmy.

I then took her and moved her up on the bed next to Kimmy.  Then
I laid behind her on the other side of the bed.  Kimmy then
kissed her sister and I did too.   Kimmy said that was great and
she wanted to do more.  Then Kimmy pushed her hand into Terry's
pants.   She did not fight it at all, so with that as an indica
tor I began to work on getting her clothes off.

I was rubbing her belly and back and then as I slid my hands up
higher I pulled her top up also.  Soon I was able to get her bra
undone and was having a field day playing with her small tits.
Her nipples were real hard to the touch and she went off each
time I tweaked one of them.

Kimmy was able to get her pants undone and partly pulled down.
All off this was getting Terry worked up, so I looked at Kimmy
and we both knew that Terry was ready.

So I just reached down and pulled her top off, then as Kimmy kept
her worked up I got up and pulled her pants off.  Kimmy had her
panties down to her hips and I then finished the job.

Great little body.  Hanging out with Kimmy was about to pay off
as soon I was going to fuck this hot young girl.  So I got back
on the bed behind her and massaged her body as Kimmy was finger
fucking her real good.

Terry was about to come so I then got up on the bed and shoved my
dick into her mouth.  Kimmy helped me pop it in and soon I was
fucking her throat as Kimmy got her little sister to cum.

It was a wicked orgasm.  She almost bit my dick as she came.

I then continued to fuck her mouth till I came.  She got most of
it.  So far so good as Terry was so worked up that she was will
ing to do whatever we wanted.   So I got Kimmy to go into a 69
with Terry.  I had Terry lick her sisters pussy as Kimmy licked
and fingered hers.

Terry was like a piece of meat on a bun, being squeezed between
me and Kimmy.  I can not still to this day believe that I was
able to get Kimmy to go along and let me take her little sisters
virginity this way.  It was so cool.

Well as I was up behind her, and after my cock was hard again, I
began to rub it between her legs near her snatch.  Kimmy was
helpful in this as she helped me slid it up along her sisters

The girls were lying on their sides so I got Kimmy to roll Terry
on her back.  I then helped Kimmy lick and probe Terry's cunt.It
was so tight.  I could push my fingers in and feel her hymen.

I remember kissing Kimmy and saying that I had to do it know.
With that we kissed and then Kimmy just practically sat on Ter
ry's face as I began to rub my cock against the entrance to
Terry's hot little box.

Before she could respond I inserted the head of my dick into her
cunt and started real slow.  Nice tight cunt, I remember think
ing.  As I got closer to her hymen and as it got harder to go
into her, she started to fight.  But it was hard for her to yell
as Kimmy had her cunt in Terry's face.  She did try to close her
legs and squirmed, but that did not stop me.

I was ready to fuck her hard now so I kissed Kimmy and smiled.
Then I pulled back and really started to pump away.  After I got
a rhythm going I went ahead and started to ram all the way into
her.  I did not break her hymen on the first try.

As I tried Terry did her best to push me off, but she was not
able.  Then I failed on my second try and Terry was now hitting
me.  Well who was it that said that the third times the charm. So
I pulled back again and fucked her hard and then slam! Her whole
body went rigid and I could feel me all the way in her.

Not wanting to stop there I did not give her a chance to recover.
I just started to fuck her.  It was good.  A nice tight hole to
plug.  Never could ask for anything much better.

Once Terry stopped fighting, Kimmy then got off her face and laid
down next to her.  She then kissed her sister and so did I as I
pumped her to several orgasms.  Finally I unloaded inside her.

It was one of the best fucks that I had ever had upto that time.
When I was done I basically collapsed on top of her.  Terry's 4'
8" frame, 85 pound body under my 6' 1" 185 pound body was

Kimmy helped me off of her sister as I was totally spent.  After
a few minutes I noted that Kimmy was between her sisters legs
licking my cum out Terry's pussy.

We then all laid next to each other and I did end up giving Terry
a nice hickey (which was hard to explain at home) on her should
er.  I also put one on her left breast as well.

One other thing was that we had done most of this on the floor in
the den.  I had an old blanket on the floor, but of course we did
not end up on top of it all the time.

Cleaning up the cum stains was one thing, but when I took Terry's
virginity I did it pretty hard and she did lose some blood and
some of it ended up on the carpet.

Kimmy and I tried to clean it up the best that we could, but all
of it did not come up.  So I ended up blaming the dog.

Well anyway, Kimmy and I got Terry into sex that day.  I could
not believe that Kimmy who was a virgin herself only a day ago,
would go for this.    She got off on me fucking her little
sister, as did I.  In truth Terry was a much better fuck than
Kimmy and as I stated in here before she was one of the few
reasons I even kept going out with Kimmy.

The rest of that afternoon I could not hardly take my hands of
Terry.  Kimmy never got jealous about any of this either, at
least not on that day.

Later that afternoon I fucked Kimmy in the ass.  She had objected
before so I was surprised that she wanted me to do that her.
Hell I did not mind doing her in the butt, I just wanted to shove
my cock someplace and that hole was as good as any.

I did not fuck Terry in the ass that day, but I would ream her
ass till it was red a few weeks later.  I did fuck her on my bed
again that afternoon.

I kept a very high powered sexual association going with Kimmy
and Terry for about 5 months.  However, after some time Kimmy got
to the point that she did not want to share me with some of the
other girls that I ran with.  Also she was by this time jealous
of the fact that I liked to fuck Terry more than her.  I could
not hide this from her.  Soon she found reasons not to bring
Terry along.  Since she was only 13 or 14 Terry just could not go
off that easy with me on her own.  Kimmy was my link to her.

Terry and I talked on the phone, but that is not the same.  We
made plans to  hook up now and then.  Like after school I would
pick her up when she was supposed to be at a friends house, but
you can only do this so often.

We even tried to double date.  However I could never find anyone
acceptable to Kimmy that we could swap with.  I did find this 16
year old dude that did not mind fucking Kimmy as long as he got
to fuck Terry also.  The thing was that Terry really only wanted
me.  But she had to give up a little to get allot of me.  Howev
er, we only did this about 3 times cause eventually Kimmy real
ized that I was still fucking Terry more than her.

After awhile it became hazardous as Kimmy was willing to risk all
and tell her mom what was going on.  So eventually I was not able
to see Terry any longer.  I did not want to see Terry get in
trouble.  It was not fair that Kimmy would ruin things for her
sister, nor did she care that she would be in trouble for start
ing the whole thing by bringing Terry to my house.

I guess Kimmy was jealous enough to take some heat if it meant
that my relationship with Terry was over.

The funny part is that even after all of this,  Kimmy still
wanted me to fuck her.  She came to my house and asked me if we
could try again and that she wanted me, but that Terry could not
ever join us again.  Then she hugged me and said that she really
wanted to fuck me.  Well I then went to the refrigerator and got
out a carrot, I think, handed it to her and said, "fuck this".

Well, she threw the carrot at me and that was that. Other than
running into her at a social event or something I never saw Kimmy
again.   What can I say.  I was a bastard.

As for Terry I told her about this and once she was old enough we
got together now and then.  But by this time she found others to
have sex with so her little crush on me had worn off.  Besides as
she got older her butt started to resemble Kimmy's.

Well that's another true to life story.  Hope you enjoyed it.

THE END **********************************

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