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		      [ from Kristen's collection ]

		This text file contains sexually explicit
		material. If you do not wish to read this
		type of literature,  or you are under age
		(Under 18 years old)   PLEASE DELETE THIS

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Archive name: Moving.txt
Author: Kate Jackson
Story Title: "MOVING DAY"
This story contains various sexual acts,  many of which are unwise.
If you think that story's about sex may offend you, or you are under
the age of 18, please delete this file now!
============== a selection from Kristen's collection===============

     I'm 32 and have been married to Greg for 11 years now.  As
far as I know, Greg has always been a faithful husband and I have
no reason to believe that he has ever cheated on me.  I, on the
other hand, cannot say the same about myself.  I've been fucked
by many other men since I've been married and Greg never knew
anything.  That is until he caught me last month.
     My husband has always been a great lover, but I could never
resist the advances of strange men.  I have to tell you that I've
never had a shortage of admirers.  My measurements are 39-26-36
and I'm a 5'4" brunette with blue eyes.  My hair is long and full
and drapes the middle of my back, but I usually wear it in
pigtails.  Greg thinks I look like a teenager that way.
     The first extra-marital sexual encounter I had was with
Greg's dad, Frank.  We hadn't been married long and were living
with Greg's parents until we could find a place of our own.  I
was 21 and Greg was 25.  Greg's father had always been sexually
attracted to me.
     The next man I fucked, after Greg's dad, was one of the men
who delivered our new furniture to the apartment.  Greg was at
work when the two delivery men arrived and I showed them where to
place the couch, chairs, and dining room table.  Both men were
very big, very strong, and very black!  The supervisor was at
least 6'6" tall and had the largest hands that I've ever seen. 
His upper body was developed like that of a body builder and his
waist and ass were comparatively small and firm.  The company
uniform he was wearing seemed like it was a couple of sizes too
small.  The man's flaccid cock was well defined by the way his
pants were stretched over it.  It looked like he had a polish
sausage in his pants!
     I was wearing a pair of old, cut-off jeans and a Tee-shirt
that left my mid section bare.  I didn't wear a bra that day, I
usually don't wear one when I'm at home.  As the men worked at
carrying the furniture in I saw them eyeing me and I knew that
the way my tits bounced under my shirt, was the focus of their
interest.  After all the furniture was moved in, I asked the men
if they cared for a beer or something and both accepted. 
     They sat at my kitchen table and watched me as I reached up
to a high cabinet shelf for some beer glasses.  I knew that my
tits could be seen under my short Tee-shirt, I purposely
positioned myself to allow the big men a good view.  The
supervisor was smiling and the man with him had a look of
disbelief on his face.  I set the glasses in front of the men and
poured their beer.  My shirt had ridden up and it was just
covering the ends of my tits.  I stood over the seated men and
pulled the bottom of the shirt out and then down.  They got a
perfect view of my entire chest.
     I saw the supervisor was having trouble with his cock as he
shifted around in his chair.  He told the man working with him to
head back to the truck and wait for him.  He said that there was
some paperwork to take care of and he'd be out shortly.  After
the man had left, the supervisor stood and placed some delivery
papers on the table.  He told me I'd have to sign if everything
was satisfactory.  I leaned over the table and rested my forearm
on the table top to prepare to sign the papers.  As I did, my
boobs fell out from under my shirt and swayed under me.  I looked
over at the crotch of the man standing beside me and saw his
pants stretch tighter over his lengthening cock.  I wanted to see
that big, black cock more than anything.
     I stood up, with my tits still exposed and said, "I don't
think everything is quite satisfactory.  I haven't seen
everything yet."  I looked down to his bulging pants and then
back up to his eyes.
     He was fixed on my naked tits and said, "What would you like
to see maam?"  He was smiling broadly.  
     I said, "It looks like there is something in your pants that
you forgot to deliver.  Let's see it!" 
     The tall man unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and
pulled the tight fitting pants down, half way to his knees.  He
was wearing boxer shorts and an enormous hard-on was pushing one
leg of the shorts out.  As he pushed the waist of his underwear
down the base of his huge cock became visible.  I couldn't take
my eyes off of it.  He pushed further down and more of the long
black cock meat came into view.  Finally, the shorts were pushed
low enough to allow the hard, black dick to swing free.  With his
pants completely removed, the man began removing his shirt.  His
cock was enormous and his golf ball size testicles swung in their
smooth, black sacks handing about 6" below it!
     I mindlessly unbuttoned the fly of my cut-offs, unzipped
them and pushed them down as I stared at the huge black organ
standing straight out in front of the man.  The man's huge hands
lifted my tits and his fingers kneaded them like they were lumps
of dough.  I kicked the shorts off my feet and put both my hands
around the big, hot dick.  The glans on the thing were as big as a
billiard ball and the smooth black shaft was as long as my
     I looked up into the huge man's eyes and asked, in a
frightened tone, "Are you going to try and fuck me with this?! 
I've never seen anything so big... so black... so... so..." 
     He grinned and let my tits fall.  He put his large hands
under my ass and lifted me up onto the table.  My legs were
pushed apart and a large thumb stroked my clit.  I laid back on
the table top and humped my cunt up against the rotating thumb. 
A mind crippling orgasm had me screaming and gushing hot pussy
     I felt this hung stud opening the lips to my fuck box with
his fingers.  I lifted my head to watch him aim his black spear
at its target.  Precum was dripping out of the end of the
incredible organ like a leaky faucet.  The slick head was laid
against my open vagina and then rubbed up and down and around in
circles.  As my juices and the man's precum mixed, I felt them
trickle down into the crack of my ass.  
     The stud stared at my face and said, "Yeah, Baby! I think
your hot little cunt is ready for old Joe's boner!  Better hold
on, though.  It's going to be a little tight gettin' the end of
my dick in here." 
     I grabbed the edge of the table and moaned out, "Oooo! It's
so big!  Do it easy!  Do it easy, baby!"
     As the black bulb pushed at my cunt, more juices were
squeezed out of my twat, like a sponge.  There wasn't any pain,
though.  Only the sensation of pressure and the stimulation of my
clit riding up over the head of the ensuing cock.  There was an
increase in pressure and then the stretching feeling around the
opening to my love hole.  I was going to say something but the
cock eased its way into me first.  I felt the head of his cock
slide in and the man  grunted.  He pushed more into me
and I knew I was going to be able to accommodate it.  Three or
four more inches crammed into me and I felt as if I were mounted
on a flag pole!
     I leaned forward and wrapped the fingers of both hands
around the section of black cock that was still exposed.  It was
coursing with hot blood and the large veins, twisting along the
length of it, were pulsing in my hands.  I stuck one hand between
my open thighs and the shaft in my cunt to hold this stud's heavy
nuts.  The skin of his scrotum was tightening and relaxing
slowly, causing his balls to rise and lower.  I gently squeezed
the hot testicles with my one hand while I scrapped my
fingernails along his cock meat with the other.  More of the hard
dick was slid in and the balls in my hand contracted up to just
under the base of the shaft and then they slowly rolled back down
to hang freely again.  I ran my fingers over my flat abdomen and
felt where the round cock head was positioned.  It was like
something that had become a part of me.  Then it moved again and
traveled further up toward my navel. 
     I released the man's sperm bag and laid back on the table. 
He ravaged my quivering tits in his palms and leaned over me,
saying, "Never been fucked like this, have ya?!!" 
     I squealed, "No! Eeeeee!!!" and thrashed my head back and
     His facial muscles stiffened and he said, "This cunt is
fuckin' tight!  Unnn!  Fuck!"  He pulled back and extracted about
half the meat that was up my cunt.  Then he slowly, but steadily,
inched back up me.  He held my waist and pulled me onto his rigid
dick.  This time he didn't stop.  He just kept putting more and
more of his black bat into my body.  I was having a long,
electrifying orgasm and was screaming my lungs out.  I heard the
man talking to himself, saying, "Fuck!  This white bitch got my
whole dick in her!
     I'm gonna fuck you now bitch!" (He was still talking to
himself) He said, "Let me pull this ass up a little and... Unh!"
He rammed into me and his ball sack slapped my dripping ass.  He
was fucking me now like a locomotive!  His balls swinging against
my ass with each plunge.  My clit was riding the top of his shaft
and causing my nervous system to overload.  I was crazy with
ecstatic pleasure from one orgasm to the next.
     The man grabbed my wild tits and said, "Oh, baby!  I'm going
to fucking fill your cunt with my spunk!"  He squeezed the base
of my tits in his hands, causing them to point straight up, and
fired his scalding hot semen into my womb.  His cock pumped more
and more cum into me until all of a sudden the strangest thing
happened. I guess because there was so much of him in me, and no
extra room in there, his sperm started to shoot out around his
huge shaft like a fire hose, it ran past his rod and out of my
totally fucked twat.  Sperm was running out of me while the
monster cock continued to spew more into me.  When the black dick
was finally calm it was pulled out and a flood of my cum and his
poured out of my gaping muff.  My legs collapsed to dangle from
the edge of the table while my pussy soaked in a pool of sticky
     After several minutes I was able to sit up.  The man who had
just fucked the living day lights out of me was buttoning up his
shirt. His now half hard ebony cock was angled to the floor and
had our fuck slime dripping off the end of it.  I was purring
with the totally satiated feeling from being screwed like a whore
until I couldn't take anymore.
     I slid my cum slicked ass off the table and said, "Your
black cock is fucking incredible!  I've never been and probably
never will be, fucked like that again!" 
     The man smiled and answered, "Lady. That's the only white
pussy I ever stuck this old dick of mine in (he nodded to my
sticky, cum covered cunt) and it was the best fuck I ever had!"
     I was surprised by a voice behind me saying, "Oh yeah!  Now
let me find out just what kind of fuck that is!"  It was the
supervisor's co-worker and he was pulling his pants off,
revealing a big black hard-on.
WARNING: Unsafe sex in this day and age is just plain stupid.  This
story contains all sorts of unsafe sexual acts. This story is meant
to entertain not to be imitated. Please live in the real world, and
be careful with your body, you are issued only one in a lifetime.

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