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Here is another story about some sexual things that I have done
in the past.   This one involves some of the stuff I did when my
band toured around during a summer in the mid 1980's.

As for me, if you want to know a little more about me, check out
the stories, "An Educational Experience in the Deep South", "The
Visit", "Darla and her Daughters", "The Bosses Daughter", "My
Cousins Wife", "Kimmy", "Toms Gift" and "Carol Ann".   These will
give you an idea and a background about me to a limited degree.

At this time the band featured me on guitar, along with my friend
Tom ( as mentioned in the story "Toms Gift") also on guitar; Doug
was our singer and Bob was our Drummer (both of who appear in the
story "My Bosses Daughter") and we had a bass player named Eric.
Mike from the story "My Bosses Daughter was not in the band at
that time cause he was only 18, however, he was part of the road
crew at times and Jay (same story) was not around yet.

At this time I was 22 years old, I think.   I was pretty messed
up allot of the time during this period so things are often a bit
fuzzy.  I had skipped the last quarter of college that year, much
to my families disappointment, to go play with the band.  For a
semi-regional band along the east coast, we were doing pretty
good.  In other words lots of chicks came to our shows and basi
cally threw themselves at us.   That is what it was all about
anyway to be honest.  That is why we really got into playing for.

So basically we got laid allot.  Unless I wanted to I never slept
alone during that time.   Lucky for me I never picked up any
social diseases.

Doug got the most action, but he was the singer.  They always get
laid.  I was the main musician however, and did sing a few songs,
so I got the second pick of the litter and a fine one it was.

We may not have had a record deal, but we did have all of the
other perks of a rock - n - roll band including all of the exces
sive sex and drugs.  Our manager at the time said that we were
out of control and even called us thugs.  It was messed up.

Some places offered these all ages shows.  These drew the largest
crowds all the time.  At these shows we had lots of pussy to
choose from.  Given the situation we never asked for identifica
tion to see how old anyone was.  If it looked good we grabbed it.

That one summer in particular was cool cause our manager got us a
old tour bus.  He claimed that Judas Priest had once used it.

I took many a virgin in the back of that bus that summer.

Well I can recount several experiences for you to hear about.
There was this one weekend in New York State at a festival.  I
was sober most of that weekend so I remember it well.  The event
had several bands, some of which were national acts.  Most of
these acts stayed at a hotel and came in, did the show and left.
We were one of the top regional acts and we did have the bus.

To save costs we decided to stay on the bus  (it did have a
shower) since our manager arranged for us to park it at the
festival.  Therefore we did attract attention from the horde of
young female groupies, and the guys too.

We never left the festival area and mingled with the people
allot.  The festival started on a Friday and was to end on Sun
day.  Since we were so outgoing, we ended up being very popular
by Saturday night.  All those chicks that would throw themselves
at the band found out that we were the only ones available.  So
while the other acts were at the motels we were having a party
right at the festival all the time.

It is amazing to me that so many parents let their children goto
this event unsupervised.  I had never seen so much horny jailbait
in one place in my life.

Well on that Saturday this one group of real good looking young
girls kept following us around all day.  The even pushed and
shoved until they were in front of the stage when we played that
day.   Doug suggested that we compete to see how many of these
girls we could lay in one weekend.

Doug had a head start cause he had two girls on Friday while I
only had one.  So I had to catch up.  Well anyway there were
these two really good looking blondes that were hanging all over
us, and me in particular.   Turns out that they were sisters.

I believe their names were Sherry and Cassidy with Sherry being
the oldest of the two.  Both were real hot and had already a good
buzz on after our show.  So I talked to them for awhile and then
showed them our tour bus.

Once we were in the back of the bus in this little area that
could be closed off, Sherry was all over me.  We were going at it
pretty good when I noticed that Cassidy was just watching.  I
then said something about her joining in, so I then started to
make out with her.  While I was doing that Sherry went right for
my cock and started to give me a blow job.

This got me going and in response I was working over Cassidy
pretty good as I got her clothes off real fast.  Before Sherry
could get me off, I was able to get her to stop long enough to
shove my dick into Cassidys cunt.  Well, to my surprise as I
jammed it in, I popped her hymen.  I do not remember saying much.
I do recall Sherry saying something about that she should have
been first.  After I blew my load into Cassidy I was able to find
out that these two girls were both virgins.  Also Sherry was 16
and Cassidy was only 14.

Hearing that got me hard fast so I went on and fucked Sherry.
After that I got the two of them to entertain me by having them
eat each other out.  They had never done that before, so it was
fun to teach them what to do.  I fucked them a few more times and
we all ended up asleep in the back of the bus that night.

I did spend sometime with them Sunday, but we had to hit the road
and they had to go home to Mommy and Daddy.  I really do not
expect that they were ever the same again.

One time we had a real cool gang band going.  I was there along
with Tom, Doug and Mike.  We had these six girls, with the oldest
being 18 and the youngest 15, I think.   Their names are not
important and I do not remember them anyway.

The best fuck of the lot was the 15 year old who had long red
hair and no tits to speak of.  But her cunt and ass were allot of
fun.  She was no virgin, but real tight and a good lay.  Now her
ass was virgin territory and I did have the honor of getting
that.   I had her bent over a table as I rammed my dick in and
out of her ass while grabbing her hair.  This chick liked it
rough.  Must have ended up as one of those S & M people.

Their was this 16 year old girl with big tits and auburn hair.
that was also a good fuck.  She was a virgin, but Doug got to
take that.  I got her second while she was still recovering from
losing her hymen to Doug.  I am not much for sloppy seconds, but
she was good since she was still real tight and really into it.

The one notable thing about that night was that one of the girls
got scared and did not want to do it.  But her friends held her
down as Tom did the deed.  She was a nice looking blonde that was
around 16 or 17.  She was a flirt and her friends were on her
about not going through with it.  I guess it was partly her idea
that they all make it with the band.  So when she got cold feet
after they all gave it up, they insisted that she keep up her end
as well.  Apparently she had second thoughts, but her friends did
not want to hear that, and with a little help from a couple of
the guys, they held her down and basically raped her.

She was a screamer.  Tommy did her good too and she was a virgin
also.  We got allot of them that year for sure. After that was
done they left her alone and she did not say much, but there was
never any trouble from it latter.

One time we did a show near Philadelphia at a club called Pulsa
tions.  It was a dance club that on certain nights had all ages
rock concerts and we were the opening act.  I think the place is
closed now.

Well Doug, our singer, was a bit destructive back then.  He has
calmed down allot since then, but at that time he would just do
and say things that causes problems.

At this show Doug was really wild.  He even mooned the audience.
So right before our last song, he said something like, this is
our last song of the night, and when were done we are going back
to our bus to get laid - so if you think you can handle it meet
us at the bus.  It was something close to that anyway.

So after we got off stage and had talked to a few people we did
head back to the bus.  When we got there I was shocked to see
about 15 young girls waiting for us.  I do remember that Doug
laughed and said something about party time.

Tom said something about there being so many of them.  Doug then
said that he would handle it.  So Doug got up in front of every
one and was pretty obvious about what he wanted.  He even said it
was put out or get out.  Doug could (and still can) be really to
the point.  It can be gross, but that night only a few of the
chicks present did go away.

We ended up with about 11 or 12 in all.  So there were 7 of us,
Me, Doug, Tom, Bob, and Eric along with Mike and Rob who were our
crew.  With just seven of us there was no waiting.

Three of the girls were sisters.  Tom and I took these three,
along with a friend of theirs, into the back and had a little
party of our own.  Turned out that two of them were virgins, and
that the oldest was only 16 and the youngest was 13.  The young
est girl was an adorable redhead.  She did not look that young
really.  She had never had sex of any kind with a guy, so every
thing was new to her.  She watched at first but when her time
came she did not object.  In fact until I broke her cherry I had
no idea that she was a virgin.

Well I got a virgin and Tom got one.  Did some anal on them also.
I think that was the first time any of them had that done to
them.  The little redhead was a good fuck, but her 16 year old
sister was the best of the lot.  Well to me she was.

I think her name was Lindsey or Linda.  Her hair was dirty blonde
with some reddish tint to it, that was real long and straight.
Her tits were average, but they really stood out.

Also she had the one of the tightest cunts I had ever been in and
man could she fuck.  She did all the work and never ran out of
juice.  That girl could also suck like a vacuum cleaner.

She did become a groupie and we kept seeing her at shows in the
area all the time and of course I fucked her all the time.  have
not seen her in about 6 years though.

Another time, in a similar situation, during a show near Towson,
Maryland, our manager showed up and came onto the bus during one
of these little sessions.  Doug was pumping this chick who was
either 15 or 16 as he entered the bus.  Rob was to keep people
out, but could not stop him, so he stood there with his mouth
open as Doug was doing this chick.  Doug saw him but did not
stop.  Finally the guy said something about being out of our
minds.  He was worried about us knocking up one of these girls.
It was a legitimate concern, but we did not care about it.

He did make us chase out the girls and read us the riot act.
Finally the dude lost it ( along with his hair ) and had to stop
working with us.  The dude who became our next manager was ok,
but never did as good a job getting us great gigs.  If we had
been a little easier on our original manager and not such a
whacked band, he might have gotten us a national deal.  The best
we did was an independent release.

Ok, so this might be a boring story, but its all true.  This was
the period of my life that is the biggest blur.  If it were not
for video that we filmed during that time period, we would have
no way to remember most of it, or to prove it.  Both Bob and I
had cam-corders.  Sometimes we would just use them blatantly or
hide one of them and let it run.  Come to think of it some of
this shit could get us in trouble.

Next time I will write about something with more SEX.  I was just
talking to someone about this stuff last week so it was on my
mind.   But don't expect me to write about fucking my sister
cause I don't have one.

THE END........

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