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Here is another story about some sexual things that I have done
in the past.   This one involves one of my northern relatives on
my mothers side of the family.  Her name is (for the purposes of
this story) Carol Ann.

As for me, if you want to know a little more about me, check out
the stories, "An Educational Experience in the Deep South", "The
Visit", "Darla and her Daughters", "The Bosses Daughter", "My
Cousins Wife", "Kimmy" and "Toms Gift".   These will give you an
idea and a background about me to a limited degree.

This story takes place shortly after the story "The Visit" takes

This story is a basically a follow up to the stories "A EDUCA
story was about when I was 12 and when my family went to visit
our relatives that lived in a rural area of the deep south and
about my sexual awaking with my southern cousins.

The second is when some of my southern cousins came to visit us
the next summer.  It had been almost a year since I had seen any
of them and I just wanted to fuck their brains out.  I had been
practicing enough with the locals and was ready for them all.  By
this time, as I was 13.

However, none of those family members are in this story, except
my younger brother Mike, who got laid for the first time when our
relatives visited that time.

It is not imperative that you read those stories first, but it
might help somewhat.

As stated in "The visit" and above, I was checking out the local
talent by this time when I was 13.  My brother Mike, got laid by
our cousin Susan at age 10 during that visit.  This all occurred
in the month of June right after Memorial Day.

We (me and a few of my friends) had built a club house in the
nearby woods out of an old shed which we called the "Hideout".
Two of my better friends David and George spent allot of time
hiding from their parents there.  We also had some sexual en
counters there as well and it was there that they both meet my
southern cousins.   While this was happening, my cousin Susan
took Mikes virginity.

Also we (me and my friends) had fun with a the local neighborhood
slut, Cathy, who was almost 14 and had long black hair, (she was
Italian).  I had Cathy do Mike a few weeks after our cousins left
for home - FYI.

David even brought in two other members to our group, John and
his sister Mary.   John was 11 and Mary was almost 10 at that
time.  John was a typical 11 year old boy with brown hair and
Mary was a cute girl, brown hair, shy looking, no ass no tits, no
hair between her legs.

Meanwhile Mike and I had/have a cousin who happens to be the
daughter of one of my mothers cousins, who is the sister of my
cousin Keith  (see the story My Cousins Wife).

Her name is Carol Ann.  Carol Ann was 11, almost 12, at this time
and did not live real close to us.  She also has a brother Jimmy,
who was barely 10 then.

At that time they were among the few relatives that were of
similar age to us.  When we were younger sometimes we would stay
with them or they would stay with us on weekends or holidays.

Of course the year before I went to visit my southern relatives I
did not express any sexual interests in Carol Ann.  But after
wards that was much different.

Carol Ann was attractive, no doubt about that.  She was very
Irish looking, with reddish colored hair and red freckles.  But
she was classified as a good girl.

Her family had some cash as her father had a good job that paid
well so they had everything they wanted, or it seemed so as far
as I was concerned back then.

I did spend that whole fall and winter trying to get her to open
up.  However, it was not until a stay over at our home during
Easter week, when school was closed, that I finally put a move on
her.   I had kissed her a few months ago for the first time, but
this time  I was more serious as I held it for much longer and
held her close to me.   It kind of scarred her a bit.

It was her first real kiss from a boy, but I was her cousin (2nd
cousin actually) and that seemed wrong to her.

I did not touch her after that and she did avoid me when possi
ble.   After Memorial day in June my southern relatives visited
us.  Carol Ann did get to meet them and did spend sometime with
both Jenny and Susan.  Now before she came over I had told Jenny
that I liked her, but that Carol Ann was scarred off and most
likely she would never go for it.

Well I have no idea what they talked about.  I never asked Jenny
about it.  But in late June when she stayed over at our house it
was Carol Ann that kissed me this time.

We were alone at the time so I returned the kiss and ended up
giving her a quick feel.  Well she did not stop me.

I said something like, that was nice, and she said that she liked
it too.  I then (if I recall it right) inquired about why she had
avoided me for the past two months and she admitted that she was
both scarred and nervous.

I then got the nerve to offer to show her the hideout.  So we
ended up there alone as David was away that week and I had no
idea where George was.  At least he was not there then.

I put my best moves on her that afternoon but could not get
further than second base with her.  I never got my hands into her
pants nor was she ready to play show and tell.  The next week at
her house we did about the same thing as we did back at my hide

It would be just after the fourth of July on a weekend that Carol
Ann and her brother stayed with us that I got her to go further.
I was able to get her alone in our basement.  My parents were out
for a bit and Mike and Jimmy went with them.  I knew  that they
would be gone for at least two hours.  So I had that much time to
put the moves on Carol Ann.

I really wanted to turn her on.  But this was before video's so
there were no porno videos, but I did have some Dutch hardcore
magazines that my friend George got from his older brother.

Unlike your typical Playboy these showed full intercourse.  Carol
Ann had never seen this before and was, should I say intrigued!

She looked at one and said something about not knowing that you
could do something like that, in regards to a photo showing
intercourse.  I then told her yeh, and that I had done it several
times.  This was a shock to her and her response was one of
disbelief.  She did not believe that I had done anything like the
photographs she was looking at were showing.

Carol Ann then wanted me to tell her who did I do it with, so I
took a chance and told her Jenny.  Well, Carol Ann had meet Jenny
and after a moment she said, but she's your cousin.  I told her
that it was Ok cause she was a second cousin (actually Jenny was
a first cousin).   I then told her that since she (Carol Ann) was
my third cousin, we could do it also.

Next thing I heard from her was basically, I don't know; will it
hurt; I'm scarred and what if we get caught.

Well I had an answer for each of course such as no it will not
hurt and that it can be lots of fun.  Plus I told her that it
feels real good along with the we won't get caught line.

She still said I don't know.  So I then gave her a nice long
kiss.   I then asked, did that hurt, and she said no, and that it
felt good.   Then I kissed her on the neck and gave her a light
grab, and once again I asked did that hurt, and again she said
no.  I then pointed out that the people in the photos were doing
the same things and more and seemed to like it allot and that I
had done this before and that it both fun and it did feel real
good.   I then suggested a little show and tell.

She did not say a word.   So I forced the issue a bit by starting
to take off some of my clothes.  I ended up taking off everything
except for my briefs.  She just stared at me. I then said that
the rest came off when she started to get her stuff off.

She once again asked are you sure we won't get caught and I told
her that they would be gone for at least 2 hours and that no one
would catch us.

So then she slowly started to take of he clothes, starting with
her shoes and socks.  Then finally she took of her shirt.  She
had on a t-shirt under that and after a pause she finally took of
her pants.

She sat like that for a few minutes and then suggested that I
take my underwear off.  Well I said not until she at least took
of her top.  She did not say anything nor did she take it off.
So I moved over next to her and kissed her again.  I then held
her and kissed her somemore on the neck and shoulders.  As I did
this I ran my hands under her t-shirt along her back.

It was I that took off her top.  She did not even try to stop me.
I then continued to kiss her on the neck and shoulders and then I
went down to kiss her breast.

She was hugging me, not hard, but like just wanting to hold
something.  After a bit I stopped that, kissed her on her lips
and simply asked, "how was that"!    Her response was "nice" and
then she said that she liked doing that.  Well really she did not
do much, I did it all, but I was not going to argue at all.

I then asked her if she wanted to try a little more and she gave
a tentative - but positive response.

So with no fanfare whatsoever, I pulled off my underwear.  My
dick was getting hard by that time, and this was the first time
she had seen one, other than maybe her little brothers when he
was younger and those in pictures.

Carol Ann just looked at it at first not knowing what to do.  I
then took her hand and put in down into my crotch.  She almost
pulled her hand away, but I pulled her back and held her hand
there for awhile.

I remember telling her not to be afraid.  I then had her rubbing
my dick up and down and told her that it felt real good when
someone did that to me.  Soon I was able to let go of her hand
and she did not stop rubbing me.

Next thing I had to do was to get her panties off.  I then told
her that what she was doing to me felt great and that I could do
the same thing for her.  I then suggested that she take off her
panties and let me prove it to her.

I already  had my hand on her panties and started to pull them
down and I was surprised that she helped me finish the job.  The
whole time though she never stopped rubbing my dick.

After she got comfortable with being naked I then moved my left
hand down from her waist onto her hips.  As I did this I was also
rubbing her breasts and kissing her all over.  Slowly I moved
from her hip and rubbed her ass cheeks.

By this time we where lying on this day bed and then I reached
around from her ass and placed my left hand on her  vagina.  I
rubbed her with the open palm of my hand.  She liked how this
felt and even said so.  I remember even telling her, that I told
her that it would feel real good.

I kept this up for awhile and slowly I started to take more
action as I would slid a finger along the crack of her cunt now
and then.  She was really wet by this time and was close to an
orgasm.  She was not aware of what was happening to her at all.
I asked her how did she feel.  Her dazed response was something
like,  real good and strange.  I even asked her if she wanted me
to stop and she said NO.

By this time she was fisting my dick pretty hard.  She had no
idea as to what she was doing.  Then as I was popping a finger in
and out of her, she was starting to hump my hand.  It was then
that she had and orgasm.  I mean her whole body went stiff and I
swear she grabbed my dick so hard that it hurt like hell.  My
finger was in her cunt and I could feel her insides just vibrate.
I had to assume that was her first orgasm, ever!

If she had one before, it was minor.  She almost passed out while
this all happened.  As she did so she lost her grip on my dick
and I took this opportunity to play with her pussy more.

Despite having just had that massive orgasm, she was still worked
up.  She wanted more and I was ready to offer it.

So before she could object I then laid on top of her and then
inserted my dick into her.  At first she was apparently unaware
of what was going on.  But as I went deeper into her she became
aware that I was fucking her.

At first she asked me to stop, then I asked her if it felt good,
and she then said yes it did, so I then asked her then why should
I stop.  After that I heard nothing from her but heavy breathing.

Finally I got to her cherry.  Lucky for me, it was partly torn.
This is cause Carol Ann was a figure skater and that activity
probably torn it at some point.  So it would not hurt much, if at
all, as I penetrated her the rest of the way.

So I pulled back and rammed it on home.  She did let out a quick
yelp and clutched my arms real hard, but that was the extent of
that.  I then whispered to her that she was no longer a virgin.

Still no verbal response from her, so I kissed her and then I
just fucked her till both of us came.  When that happened I did
come inside her simply cause I lost it.  Besides at that time,
wayback when, we did not even consider birth control or any of
that.  No one really did.

Thankfully there was hardly no blood from the taking so I did not
have to answer any questions about that.  So after all of that we
just laid there for awhile and I asked her if she liked all of
that.  I was not sure what kind of response I would get, so when
she kissed me I knew what the answer was.

She then told me that it was great.  Also she said that it was
one of the best feelings that she had ever had.  I told her that
it was the same for me also and that I could teach her more
anytime that she wanted to try it again.  She then said that she
wanted to do it again. In fact she was ready then, but I suggest
ed that we get a quick shower and clean up before my parents got
back and that maybe latter we might do it again.

We ended up getting a shower together and that little shy girl
was not so shy anymore.  Well not at least with me that is.

That evening I wanted to stay up and watch SNL  ( it was new back
then) and Carol Ann wanted to also.  So we were given permission
to stay up and watch it.  So we went to watch it in the basement
- alone.

Soon enough everyone else was in bed and as soon as we felt it
was safe we got naked and I fucked her again.  I started on top
of her but then tried it sideways from behind also.  This time I
pulled out and squirted my cum on her.  She was amazed at it.
She had never seen anything like that before.  I then was able to
get her to taste it.  By this point Carol Ann was really trusting
me allot.  I even told her some bullshit about if she swallowed
my cum it would make her breasts grow.

Next thing I know she is taking her fingers and scooping it up
off her and licking it up.  So I then suggested that I could give
her more of that and told her that there was a special way to
give her cum to swallow.

She then inquired about that so I told her that she had to lick
and suck on my dick and when it shot out she had to swallow it.
She then wanted to why she had to do it like that and I told her
something about that it had to be swallowed right down real fast
or the stuff did not work.

Well she went for it and soon enough I had Carol Ann licking my
dick.  Since I was only 13 at that time, my dick was not huge, so
it was not a major problem for her to get most of, if not all of
it, into her mouth.  Soon enough I had her sucking me off as I
have her instructions on what to do and before I shot my load I
held her head so that she could not pull off.  I then told her
that it was coming and that she had to swallow it all.

She did a pretty good job of it and did not gag on it.  It was
not a huge load anyway, so that helped.   We spent the rest of
the night just touching each other and exploring.  I did give her
some oral sex that night also.

Lucky for us, I did wake up early, since we both fell asleep down
there, butt assed naked.  So I woke her up and we got cleaned up
and dressed and sneaked back upstairs to our own rooms.

The next week we stayed at Carol Ann's and I fucked her there
also in her own bed.  I got off on that.

A month latter I took her virgin ass at my hideout.  That did
hurt her, but it sure did not stop her from wanting to fuck.
Carol Ann was really into sex thanks to me, but so far I was her
only one.  She was afraid to try it with someone else.  Also she
was afraid that she might get caught.

However, as time went by her libido got the best of her.  One
weekend when I (for some reason, which I can not remember now)
could not stay at her house, she took a chance and wanted to play
with my brother Mike.  I had told her that Mike had done it once
or twice.  So she wanted to play show and tell with Mike.

Carol Ann was just so sexed up, or whatever, that she did this
without thinking and while in the midst of "show and tell" with
Mike got caught by her mother.

Well that put a damper on things a bit.  She got grounded, Mike
got yelled at, but no one gave me up, or realized that anything
had happened beyond that point.  They (the adults) just figured
it was a growing up thing or just show me yours and I will show
you mine childs game.   So other than the fact that the sleep
overs got cut back drastically, not much else changed.

But that only lead to Carol Ann going elsewhere for her sexual
release.  The girl was hooked and ended up as sort of a slut, I
am sorry to say.  I think the term nymphomaniac comes into play
here.   Sorry to say that after a year or so, I no longer ended
up having any relationships with Carol Ann.  In fact it has been
about five years since I have even seen her.

Well thats all for now.  I will write more as time permits.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!

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