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The moment of truth had arrived.  What would I do.  Would I
accept her offer, of herself, or refuse her once again.

Whatever I did it would prove to be like a double edged sword.
There was danger either way I went.  If I refused would she re-
double her efforts and do something real foolish to get me to
have sex with her or worse yet she might go elsewhere to obtain
her first sexual experience with a male.  If I said yes I would
be doing something that violated my parents trust, not that I
often cared much about what my parents thought, but at the same
time I had set a few (a few) standards of my own.  Also the
simple fact that I was 20 and she was 15 was a concern since it
would be illegal for me to have sex with a minor now that I was
over 19 in our state.  Yes its legal in some but not here.

If it were not for my parents I would have never even waited this
long to do her, but that is the problem here, is it, or was it.

Well anyway I came up with a mixed answer.  In other words I
offered to take it a step at a time.  A little of this and a
little of that to start with to see how it went.

I would set the pace.  Hopefully we might never have to go all
the way and she might change her mind or by that time I would not
feel guilty.

So I set some ground rules as if you can really do that, but I
tried.   I told her that we would take it real slow and at one
step at a time.  I guess to her that anything was an improvement
to nothing at all as she just said yes.

I think that she expected me to fuck her right there and then,
but that was not likely.  She even asked if I wanted to take of
her clothes or what to do.  Instead I told her that she had to
start at step one, which is just making out.

Safe enough.   So I started with some fondling and some real
heavy kissing.   I never took her really beyond the extreme heavy
petting stage for about two hours.

Eventually we went to her room and striped down to our underwear.
I went as far as removing  her bra and kissing her all over and
she even had an orgasm from all of that, but that was a far as it
went that night.

It did satisfy her pretty good, but for me it was frustrating.  I
had a raging hard on that I could not get rid of nor did I offer
to let Mary have a go at it either.

After she had her orgasm she was spent.  Lucky kid most guys her
age would have skipped all of the foreplay and just gone for the
cherry.  However, over time I had learned a few things such as
that most females do not orgasm while having intercourse.  Since
my objective was to make her feel sexually good that was not
necessary.  Oh it would have made me feel real good but then I
was the one who did not want to really do this in the first place

So after getting her off, I went to my room and had to do myself.
It didn't take much, believe me.

The next day I went out with a girl I had been dating and when
the opportunity come up, I made sure to go for it.  However, the
whole time all I could think about was making out with Mary.

The next couple of days were nice as Mary was being extremely
helpful.  I made sure she understood that she should not hang all
over me, or my parents would ask all kind of unwanted questions
about what was going on and we did not want that at all.

She did keep asking me when we could have sex again and that she
wanted more.   So I offered to stay home on New Years Eve so that
my parents could goto the churches New Years Party.  I was not
much into New Years Parties anyway.  I could have gone to several
and had several girls bugging me to go with them.

Anyway I stayed home.  My mom thanked me several times for doing
so.  Yeah, Mary would be thanking me even more that night.

My folks were not even gone 15 minutes before Mary asked me what
we were going to do.  I did not say anything at first, but I just
told her to come and sit down on my lap and then I gave her a big
French kiss.

I then asked if she was sure about this, of course her response
was positive, at which I put my hand into her jeans and ran my
and down to her pussy and gave it a rub.  I had not done that to
her yet and it did catch her off guard as I ran my finger along
her slit and then took my hand and licked it right in front of
her.  Then if put the same finger in her mouth and then we kissed
once again.

Only three days before I was not willing to go through this, but
over the past several days I just could not get her out of my
head for some reason.

With that I picked her up and took her to my room.

I put her down and took off her shoes, socks and jeans.  I then
kicked my shoes off and dropped my pants as well.  Then I sat
down next to her gave her a kiss and finished to take off most of
my outerwear.  I then sat her up and removed her shirt and then
we cuddled a bit in just our underwear.

Finally I removed her bra, not that it really covered much, and
kissed her small breasts.  Then I reached down and rubbed her
crotch through her panties.  They were a little bit on the wet
side.  After a few minutes I removed them and for the first time
I saw her pussy.  I would continue to rub her for awhile until
she had a minor orgasm.

After she recovered I asked her how that felt and she said that
it felt wonderful.  It was at this point that I told her that it
was her turn to make me feel wonderful.  With that I gave her the
choice of removing my briefs or doing it myself.

Of course I hoped she would chose to do it herself, it would be
so much more exciting, and lucky for me she chose to do so.

I then sat her up and stood up in front of her.  My dick was
trying to bust out as it was and I knew that she had never seen
one before, other than on film.

She had to be nervous, well so was I.  She just sat there so I
took her hands in mine and held them for a moment and then placed
her hands on the waistbands of my briefs and helped her to remove

Shyly she tried to look away from me.  After my shorts were far
enough down I just stepped out of them.  Mary barely would look
at it.  So I stood her up in front of me and gave her a kiss.  I
could feel the tension in her body and her heart racing.  So I
then walked us across the hall and into the shower.

A nice shower is a good way to relax. I have done this before and
it always works well.   After a few minutes in the shower she was
beginning to relax.  I started by standing behind her loosely and
slowly I pulled her closer to me.   I know that she could feel my
boner against her but she did not say anything.

I just kissed her on the neck and shoulder as I held her in my
arms.  Finally I turned her around to face me.  I just pulled her
close to me and held her tight.  After sometime she started to
touch me more openly.

Well we could spend the night in the shower so eventually I
turned the water off and we stepped out.  I lifter her up and
stood her on the toilet seat, wrapped a towel around her and
dried her off while kissing her body as I did so.

I then had her dry me off.  I did not stand on the toilet though.
She had no problem drying my backside, but she still was prepared
to dry my front.

So I just then lead her back to the bedroom and we then laid on
the bed together.  We kissed and I rubbed her up and down. Final
ly I just took her hands and held them against me.  The slowly I
took her right hand and placed it down at my crotch.

She almost pulled away.  So I asked her if she wanted to stop,
but she said no.  I told her not to be afraid and for her to
trust me.  With that I again placed her hand down on my dick and
she did not pull away.

Finally I got her to touch it and to start exploring my body.
Having gotten past that obstacle I explained oral sex to her.  I
told her what I had done to her so far was a form of oral sex.

She understood that pretty easy enough.  Now I wanted her to do
for me what I had done for her.  In other words I wanted her to
jack me off.

So I had to teach her how to jack me off.  I did not have her
suck me off just yet.   But I did her to give me a good hand job.
When I came I had her play with my sperm.  I rubbed it on her and
then I wanted her to taste it.

In order to get her to do this I had to do so myself.  I had
never done this, well not planned at least, but if I expected her
to taste my sperm I would have to show her it was Ok.

So I did.  Then she did so also.  Then I told her that girls did
the same thing as I took her hand and placed it on her pussy to
show her it was wet too.  I then rubbed her hand down there and
then I licked her fingers off.

Then I kissed her and then told her that oral sex was very pleas
urable at which I proceeded to demonstrate this by starting at
her breasts and then slowly moving down to her clit.  I was
rubbing her lightly and was inserting a finger slightly into her.
Then I kissed her down there right on her clit.

It sent shock waves through her entire body.

I kept at it as I licked her and probed her to an incredible
orgasm.   Having no idea what to do Mary just seemed like she was
hyperventilating.  She did not scream thank god, more like she
was gasping for air.

When she came at full tilt I could feel the fluid come out of her
body.  I cupped what I could in my hand and offered it to her
mouth.  She did not know at first what it was.  I had to tell her
what it was.  She did not object, besides she was not exactly in
total control of her faculties at that time.

Taking full advantage of the situation I then had her reach down
and start to jack me off, but then I whispered into her ear that
she needed to do to me like I had just done to her.  So I first
had her start by rubbing my prick on her face and then she kissed
it a few times.  Finally I persuaded her lick it and then to open
her mouth.   She was pretty obedient at this point.

Still she was not that great at this.  Eventually I took her head
in my hands and helped things along.  She did not refuse me
during this.  I was careful not to get rough with her by pulling
her hair or shoving my dick down into her so hard to make her
choke or gag.

When I was ready to cum I did not give her any warning.  I just
held her in place and did it in her mouth.  At first she did not
realize what was happening, but then tired to pull away.  I held
her in place for a few minutes then I let pull her mouth off of
me.   By then she had already had most of my load in her mouth.
I then reached over and kissed her, tasting my own sperm in the
process, thus making her having to swallow it.

I will admit that it did feel real good too.

After a few minutes I told her that was oral sex (speaking about
everything we had done so far) and I wanted to know if she liked
what we had done so far and that left only one real thing to ex
plore if she was up to it.

Basically she was not sure what to say about oral sex, other than
it made her feel real good. As for giving it she was not as
committal  about that, but then said that it was give and take
kind of thing with sex, that in order to get something you had to
give something.

It was apparent that regardless of anything else she sure liked
receiving it though.

After a few minutes she asked if we could do more, so I asked
what did she want to do now, to be blunt I asked if she was ready
for me to take her virginity.  In no other terms thats what we
were about to do.

I mean you only lose your virginity once, unless your a hooker
that fakes it real good.

Anyway I was not ready.  I was a little worn out, so I suggested
that we just lie there and talk and explore each other for
So we talked about all kinds of stuff.  I mean here I was lying
on my bed with this 15 year old, the two of us naked, talking
about school, favorite foods and even what would our parents
think of this.  Now that was an interesting topic.

Shortly after that I noted the time.  It was close to midnight.
So I then being the charming fool that I can be at times, asked
her if she wanted her New Years present yet.  At first she did
not get it, until I added something about not being a virgin next

Of course I said that if she was ready.

So I told her if she was all she had to do was get my dick hard
and then I would take it from there.  So next thing I know she is
jacking me off and then she even gives me a little head.  That
got me going and soon I moved into a 69 type of position and
started to get her off also.

Soon I was hard and she was wet.  I had yet to attempt to break
her hymen at all.  I could have, or should have, done so when I
got her off earlier.  However, I did start on her real good
orally.  She stopped working on me as she was in the process of
having an orgasm.  When it did hit I used a finger to help tear
her hymen.  Oh she felt it but the orgasm was better.

I know that I did pop it slightly but I did not really break it,
however, this way I would not have as much of a problem penetrat
ing her during intercourse.

Regardless of that I still had to take her.  By this time I was
not going to  back out of this.  If she was going to do so, it
would be now.

Before she came down from her orgasmic high, I proceeded to start
to penetrate her.    As I did this I whispered into her ear,
"Happy New Year".

She said nothing, only a moan is what I heard from her.

I took my time.  There was no rush.   Since I had already cum
twice,  I did not have much to unload so I knew that I would stay
hard for awhile longer than usual but not cum in a gusher.

When I got to her hymen I stopped and told her that this was it.
I did give her a final chance to change her mind, but her only
response was a kiss.  So I grabbed her hard and pushed on in as
carefully as I could.

I could feel the hymen give way.  I had broken through.  Mary had
felt it as she winced.   I then told her to hold on as I pulled
back and finished the job.   Once I had fully done her, I left
myself all the way inside her until her body relaxed.

It was not quite midnight, but it was close enough for her to
have her own fireworks.   I then continued to fuck her slowly.  I
eventually rolled over and had her on top, and then when I felt
that I was going to cum I pulled out and squirted on her.

I was surprised that there was little blood and a good thing
since I did not put down an old sheet, but I did have one of the
towels from earlier nearby.

After that we returned to the shower to clean up.

It was a night to remember.  I had this feeling of dread after
wards.  I kept thinking what had I done.   I had thought with my
dick again.  Mary had finally gotten what she wanted from me.  I
could only hope that I would not regret what we had done.

My concerns were warranted.  I could not afford to have my par
ents find out.

What would happen now.   Mary was changed forever now.  The young
girl who came here five months ago, that was overly naive, was
now a woman.

How much farther would this affair go?  How far did I dare go?

As these thoughts ran in my mind I just sat on the side of my bed
and looked at her as she slept there.

To this day I still carry about this emotional baggage.  At that
time I was trying to ignore it all.  Being a carefree sort who
liked to party with the best of them, while going to college and
being in a band, a part of me wanted it.   Still a part of me
feared the potential outcome.

Thankfully as far as I am aware no one other than Mary and I know
what happened between us.    This is the first time that I have
ever really brought all of this up.

In my final segment I will tell you what I did to resolve this
and how it ended up.


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