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I often read these stories some of which are so contrived, that
it makes me laugh.  Well, this one is real enough, or at least to
the best of my memory.  So don't expect a blow by blow descrip
tion, which to me is a sign of a fake story.

by Chuck Williams

When I was about 12 (this was in the early 1970's) we went to
visit our relatives that lived in a rural area of the deep south.
They lived so deep in the south that all those red neck terms you
so often hear about, applied in this case, since they lived on a
dirt road, they had to walk a mile to catch the school bus, and
the nearest town was almost 30 minutes away.

I was raised in the northeast, in the suburb of a large city.  We
only visited my relatives every 2 or 3 years and it had been
awhile since our last trip.  I never really enjoyed going that
much, since as far as I was concerned we had very few similar
interests, and all they seemed to talk about was the weather.  I
mean they raised cattle, horses and pigs, and I knew nothing
about that nor did I want to.

Worst of all, it was a long two day trip, since we drove cause my
father was too cheap to fly.  Come to think of it, he still is.

So off we went in the middle of the summer (a hot one) for a two
week trip into the deep south.

We stayed with my grandmother, who owned about 200 acres of land,
and her house was on the top of a hill, while one of my Aunts and
her 5 daughters (my cousins) lived about a quarter mile down at
the bottom of the hill, along the main (dirt) road.   My grand
mothers house only had 2 bedrooms and my younger brother (Mike -
age 9) and I had to sleep in the living room.  It was very
crapped since the house only had 2 bedrooms, a living room,
kitchen and a small bathroom.

Before I go on, I should let you know that I have provided pseudo
names, since I do not what to use their real names.  I never know
who might be reading this if you know what I mean.

One of my other cousins (Zeb) and his sister (Darla) lived almost
a mile up the road.   He was only 2 months younger than I was,
while she was about a year older than me.  Their parents were my
Uncle Hugh and Aunt Bertha.

My other relatives, down the hill, included my Uncle Robert and
Aunt Nelda, along with their five daughters; Tammy (17), Janet
(15), Jenny (13), Tina (11) and Susan (9).

During our previous trips we hardly wondered off from our parents
and never spent more than 4 or 5 days visiting our relatives.  So
we really did not spend that much time with them at all.  Other
than the immediate family members I have just mentioned I had
trouble remembering the names of all the others that lived in the
area that we only saw maybe for about 1 hour every 2 or 3 years
as my parents dragged us out to meet our family all over the
place, since these people never left their homes, so we had to
goto them.  As I got older I was of the opinion, hey we drove
1,800 miles, they can at least drive 1 hour to come see us.

Well, this was to be the first trip that we got to spend time
with our relatives and the first trip since I started to show any
interest in girls, and here were 5 living just down the hill.

As for my brother, he was distraught since they had only 2 TV
channels and no UHF, (thats before cable), therefore no Speed
Racer or UltraMan.

I spent most of my time during the first few days with Zeb.  He
was the only boy their and was my age.  But, he was so much more
independent than I was and seemed so much older.   He drove his
dads truck on the farm and knew about guns and stuff like that.
Hey  I had never seen a real gun up close before and if my mother
had known that Zeb had shown me his hunting guns she would have
dragged us back home (up north that is) right then.

I should say that my mother was (is) pretty uptight, and keep us
pretty sheltered.  She would not let me cross the street alone
until I was 8.  So to put it in prospective, I had a very shel
tered life, you know sent to bed by 9 pm, no bad language and no
sex whatsoever.  I really at that time had no idea what sex was
for the most part.  Other than having played doctor once when I
was 8 or 9, I did not know much about the differences between
boys and girls, or what they did together.  All I knew was they
were different and that boys hanged out with boys and girls
hanged out with girls and played with dolls.

Well that would all change on this trip.  If you have every heard
the term kissing cousins, well in the DEEP SOUTH it can go allot
farther than that.

It started on my second day (Tuesday) as I was hanging out with
Zeb.  He had fallen into the mud and we had to go back to his
house so he could change.  After we went into the house we went
to his room, at which point he took off all his clothes in front
of me, while changing.  Well, I being brought up the way I was,
turned around to give him some privacy.  He asked if there was a
problem,  and I just said that we were taught that it was not
right to see naked people.  We had a little discussion about it,
then he asked if I wanted to see something, if I kept it a se
cret.  I of course said yes,  and Zeb dragged out of hiding a box
of Playboy mags and other assorted pictures with naked people.

I had never seen anything like that before and we spent about an
hour looking at them during which time Zeb started to ask me
questions,  I on the other hand did not say much of anything.
Zeb asked me if I had every seen a naked girl, to which I did say
yes (from when I was playing doctor that one time).  He asked if
I knew about having sex, to which I had to say no.  He said, (or
something like) man you yankee boys don't know nothing do ya.  I
guess you have never even fucked a girl then.  I most likely said
no, and at that time I did not even know what he was talking
about.   Fucking what was that?   Hell, after my last trip down
south to visit my relatives when I was 9,  I made a school report
on my trip to visit my relatives (you know - what did you do on
your summer vacation report) to which I talked about my cousin
Zeb and his dog named "MotherFucker".  Shows you how naive I was.

Well, next then I know Zeb asks, have you ever jerked off.  I had
no idea what he was talking about, and probably said NO, or I
don't think so.   Zeb, being the stud, that he was, or thought he
was, went on to describe what jerking off was.  Better, yet Zeb
decided that he would show me.  Since his parents would be away
all day, we would not be bothered and before I knew it Zeb had
his pants off.  He then reached into a drawer and got out some
Vaseline.  Well, after applying some to his had he started to rub
his penis ( thats what I called it back then - since that was
what I was told it was called), while he used his other hand to
hold one of the Playboy mags.  I asked what he was doing and he
said that he was stroking his dick and that looking at the pic
tures of the naked women turned him on.  I noticed that his dick
got real big (well big for a 12 year old) and that Zeb started to
rub it faster. We had a little more talk as I asked if it hurt
and all that  and then in a  few minutes, white goo (you know
what I mean) shot up in the air from Zebs Dick.

I did not know what to think, and then Zeb said that it was my
turn.  I really did not want to do any of what Zeb had done, but
he talked me into it by saying that if I didn't he would tell
everyone that I was a sissy.  After I got my pants off, Zeb gave
me a little of the Vaseline. I did not know what to do with it
and he put some in my hand and then he proceeded to rub some on
my dick.  Zeb said I'll help you get started and he did so, by
stroking me for a few minutes.  I had to admit that it did fell
good.  After a bit I took over as I watched my dick get big.  I
had never done this before and started to feel real excited.
Zeb told to go faster and I did and then I felt very strange and
then I came for my very first time. I was not sure what was
happening at all and was a little scarred. It was a strange feel
ing as the sperm shoot up in the air.  I thought that there was
something wrong with me, but I do have to admit that it was both
a odd and good feeling at the sametime.  After I regained my
composure we cleaned up and talked about it for awhile.

Zeb told me that he had been jerking off for about 2 - 3 years.
He also said that he had sex with several girls.  I was amazed at
all of this.   I was 2 months older than he was and yet I had
done none of these things or even knew much or anything about how
to do anything involving sex.

That night I went into the bathroom and found some Vaseline and
jerked myself off for the first time on my own.  After that it
became a daily ritual for quite awhile.

The next day (Wednesday) our cousin Francis and her mother visit
ed.  Francis was 10 and had no father that I knew of.  After
awhile Francis disappeared.  I also note that Zeb was nowhere to
be found.

A few hours latter, Zeb showed up with Francis.  We talked a bit
as he introduced Francis to me.  We had meet before, but I was
only 7 or 8 then.   Zeb then asked if I wanted to see a pussy.
Well, after yesterday, I said "YES".  I was more than interested.
When I asked, about who's -  he said Francis's.

We then went down the road towards his house, to an old storage
shack.  It had a lock on it, but Zeb had a hidden key to it.
After we got inside Zeb turned on a light and locked the door.
He then told Francis that I had never seen a pussy up close and
that I had never fucked a girl.  Francis said really, and I said
nothing of course, and was kinda upset that Zeb had gone ahead
and told this to Francis.  Zeb, went on to inform me that he
fucked Francis all the time and that Francis was a real good dick
sucker.  I believe that I said, "oh Really".

Francis then said do you want to see my pussy, and of course I
said yes, to which she pulled up her dress and pulled down her
panties.  There it was a little slit with no hair on it and kinda

Then Zeb said do you want to see me fuck her.  Francis said
something to Zeb about having just done it about an hour ago, and
he said that he could go again if she was up to it.  Well, Fran
cis was really one of these girls that you would call a slut, by
todays standards atleast, and was willing to let Zeb to fuck her
right there in front of me.

Zeb wanted to do it right so that I could see, so he had Francis
take off all her clothes.  This would be only the second time
that I had ever seen a naked girl before, and the first time I
had seen one totally naked, and she was about to be fucked (which
at that moment I still did not know what that was) right there in
front of me.   Zeb showed me that he first liked to kiss her
allot and then he would kiss her titties  until her nipples got
hard ( even though she had very small tits they still did get
hard) then he told me that you have to rub her pussy to get it
wet.  It was about this time that Francis started to moan.  I
noticed that Zebs dick was hard like it was when we had jerked
off, and then he took his dick and stuck it into Francis's pussy
hole.   It was weird as I watched him shove his dick into her and
as he did so she just started to moan more and kept saying "fuck

She then started to shake and appeared to have a spasm of some
sort.  I was to find out that she had came.  A few minutes later
Zeb said I'm coming and I could see the sperm ooze out of her

After that they both rested on the cot that Zeb set up in his
private hideout.  I had just stood there the whole time watching
and did get excited by watching the whole thing.

Francis noticed the bulge in my pants and asked to see my dick.
Zeb then seconded that.  Francis said that she had only seen a
few dicks and Zeb was the only one she had ever fucked.  Well,
after some prompting I dropped my pants.  My dick was starting to
get pretty hard.  Francis said it looks different than yours Zeb.
You see Zeb was not fully circumsized, but I was.

Zeb said to her, why don't you suck his dick.   She asked if I
wanted her too and I took her up on her offer.  So I also layed
down next to her and she first started to jerk me off.  I did not
know what to expect at all and then she started to lick my penis
and then she started to suck it like a lollipop or a piece of
candy.   It was a great feeling.  It wasn't long before I came
and shot my sperm into her mouth.

After that we talked and I touched her pussy  some, but we had to
get back to the house.

That afternoon Zeb asked my parents if I could stay the night
with him, and was told yes.  You see, Francis was staying at Zebs
house also.

That evening the folks all were at my grandmothers house as some
old relatives of ours were visiting from someplace  (Hell, I
really do not remember them much other than that they were old,
and that they kept the folks away for the entire evening).

Shortly after Zebs parents left along with Francis's mom, the
three of us went to Zeb's room and he dragged out his box of
porno material.

After some small talk Zeb started things by taking off his pants
and he started  to jerk off.  He was not a shy one.  As I saw
that Francis was going to follow suit I also started to take off
my clothes.  Soon the three of us were naked on Zebs bed looking
a porn and jerking off.  After of some of this Francis said that
she wanted to fuck me.  I did not know what to say.  She said
that she had only fucked Zeb and wanted to do it with someone

Zeb asked if we wanted to be alone.  Well I did not know what to
say really, Francis said he could stay and since I did not really
know what to do, I said he could stay to make sure I did it

So with Zebs help I fucked my first girl.  I did as he said and
experienced foreplay for the first time.  Really, everything I
was about to do was for the first time.  After lots of petting I
started to kiss and suck on her titties.  Zeb took my hand and
placed it on her pussy and showed me how to rub her.  As I did
she got very wet.  At the same time I was getting a hard on.

After some of this Zeb said you better fuck her before you both
come.  So with that I had my first fuck.  I do remember it well.
Francis held me tight and wrapped her legs and arms around me and
pulled me onto her and it was Zeb who grabbed my dick and shoved
it into her pussy.  I started slow, not knowing what to do, and
the feeling of being inside her was both warm and exciting.  For
some odd reason  I did not come real fast.  it may have been that
I was concentrating on other things, but it was at least ten
minutes before I came, during which time she came twice. When I
did come I came inside her and then she gave me a real big kiss.
Afterwards, she said I was better than Zeb, and he got a little
mad.  I just said something about beginners luck.

After sometime, while the three of us were on the bed playing
touchie feelie, under a single sheet, Zeb's sister Darla came in
the room.  Darla, who was almost 14, had been up the road at my
grandmothers, but had for some reason came back here.

Darla said something to Zeb like, "So your fucking Francis
again".  Then she said something to me like, "you too?".  Zeb
then asked Darla if she wanted to jump in.  Darla then closed the
door and started to take off her clothes.   Darla being older
than us was more mature in her ways, and had developed breasts.
She had dark hair and she had a hairy pussy ( for a 13 year old).

Apparently the three of them had done this before.  Darla asked
Francis, "So how was it", to which Francis said "great".  Darla
then asked her about me.  I was acting a bit shy, as Francis told
her that she thought that I was pretty good.  Darla then said
something to the effect that she wanted to see mine, so that she
could compare it to the other boys dicks she had seen.

Well, she pulled down the sheet and took a good look.  She said
it is a little different, but she could not tell how big it was
since it was not fully hard. So next thing I know Darla is giving
me a hand job.  I wasn't long before I was hard and she commented
that it was almost as big as John's (whoever John was).

She then said, (if I recall it right), Sorry little brother, but
I think I want to fuck him first tonight.  Next thing I know
Darla rolls on top of me and starts to work me over.  Darla was a
very aggressive type and was kissing me and stroking my dick at
the same time.  I returned the favor and grabbed at her big (well
big for a 13 year old) tits.  We did not spend allot of time on
foreplay and soon Darla was on her back and had me on top fucking
her.  Unlike Francis, Darla liked to talk allot while fucking and
pulled at my hair and grabbed my ass while we did it.

Meanwhile, Zeb and Francis went at it right next to us.

Since I had recently came, it took me longer to come this time.
This worked great for Darla who must have had two or three or
gasms before I finally let go.   After we got done, all of us
that is, Darla told Zeb that I was better than he was.  Zeb then
said something like, "So what, and that until that day I had
never even fucked a girl before".  For some reason that excited
Darla.  I was surprised that Darla and Zeb had fucked each other
and asked a question about it.  I found out that they had only
done it twice before and that only Francis and I knew about it at

Finally, Darla remembered one of the reasons she had come back to
the house, which was to let Zeb know that the folks would be
coming back soon, and of course she had a good idea what was
going on.  So at that time we put on our bed clothes  ( what a
shame ) and called it a night.  Good thing cause within about 10
minutes or so Uncle Hugh showed up to check on us.

I am a pretty sound sleeper so I can tell you it is hard to wake
me up.  Well, the next part is fussy, but sometime real late at
night, or really early the next morning I awoke to a strange
feeling.  It first was not sure what was going on then, I real
ized that someone was touching me.  Not only touching me, it was
Darla under the covers and she was sucking my dick.  She had got
it hard and then she noticed that I was awake.  She said someth
ing about having to have it again and before long I was on top of
her again.  We kept quiet not to wake the others, and Darla was
biting her lip not to scream.  I do not recall how long we kept
at it, but it seemed like awhile, and we woke up the next morning
in each other arms with our tops on and our bottoms off. 

The next day (Thursday) was fairly boring as we spent the morning
with the folks.  My brother was still mad that he had to be here
since he had nothing to do.  He was hanging out with our cousins
Tina and Susan a little, but he had no interest in girls at all.
He wanted to hang out with me and Zeb, but Zeb wanted nothing to
do with Mike, as he considered him just a little kid. If Mike
only knew what we were  doing.  To this day he knows nothing of

After lunch Francis told me that she would be leaving that after
noon and that she wanted to fuck me again before she had to go.
She knew where the key to Zebs shed was and so off we went.

This was the first time I got to fuck a girl totally alone.  I
never did describe Francis for ya.  She was about 4 foot I guess,
or a little shorter than I was, had curly blonde hair, and her
skin was very pale.  Here skin was so pale white that the nipples
on her small breasts stood out as a rosy pink color as was her
clit.  She had very little hair, if any, on her pussy and it was
an almost invisible blonde color.  She also had (has) a funny
looking pinkish / brown birthmark on the right cheek of her ass,
that she said tickled when I licked it.

We spent allot of time touching each other and for the first time
I licked a pussy.  I also played with it and put a finger in it
as we spent time exploring each other.  I even licked her pussy.
We must have spent 2 hours in that shed before going back to the
house.  The only person who missed us (thankfully) was Zeb, who
had a good idea about what we were  up to.

Well Francis and her mom eventually left much to Zeb and my
disappointment.  I will let you know that I would on a later trip
get to fuck Francis again, and this would be when she was 16 and
get this 'married', as she had gotten pregnant and married at age

That night I did get to fuck Darla again as Zeb and I took turns
with her.  Darla sure liked sex.  In fact today Darla has three
kids from three different husbands.  I have even fucked Darla and
her oldest daughter at the sametime once.

The next day (Friday ) would start out uneventful, however I did
ask Zeb about my cousins (Uncle Roberts and Aunt Neldas kids).  I
asked him if he had ever done anything with them.  Well, to find
out that he had sex with Jenny once, when she was 11, and that he
had sex with Tina twice within the past few months.  He said that
they often did not get along real well, and it was because they
went to school together and were all very competitive.

As for Janet, he had an idea about her, but she was older and did
not talk to him, but Zeb had heard that she had sex before.  As
for Tammy she was the oldest and as far as he was concerned was
an adult and Susan was just a little kid to him.

I did ask if Jenny knew about the shed and he said that he did
not think so, to which I suggested that we spend sometime with
them (since I had not upto that point barely talked to them) and
consider taking them to the shed and seeing what happened.  So I
guess we formulated a plan.

So Zeb and I started to be real nice to Jenny and Tina and played
games with them, even if we did not care for them.  Finally, on
Saturday, Zeb and I told them about this real cool secret place
that Zeb had and offered to take em there, as long as they kept
it a secret.  They agreed, however, they insisted that Susan go
along also.  Susan had been hanging on to the four of us all day
and we even  tried to get her to go into town with my parents and
my brother that day, but she decided to stay put.

Well, Zeb decided that it would be OK to let Susan go along.
Good thing too, as it would turn out Susan would end up being the
biggest slut in the family.  I think that day was the start of it
all ( like her 4 kids and six husbands).

So after we got to the shed, Zeb showed everyone in, after a few
minutes Jenny said something about, so this is were you and
Francis spend all your time.  Tina started to laugh, and Zeb said
something like, don't laugh you have had some fun here too.  I
then asked Jenny something about why she did not hang out with
Zeb, to which she said something to the effect that she can find
better elsewhere (I never really did pursue that mater).

It was Tina that asked Zeb to break out his supply of porno mags.
Jenny did not know anything about them apparently.  While all
this was going on Susan just sat there not saying a word.  A few
moments later there was a knock on the door.  It was Darla.  I
guess Zebs place was not a total secret after all.

After he let her in we spent the next 15 or so minutes looking
that the mags, that included Susan.  I noticed that Darla and
Jenny were off in the corner talking to each other alone, and
that they were looking at me.  Well it was apparent that Darla
was filling in Jenny on what we had done.  It was Darla that
suggested that we play a game.  It was her version of strip
poker.  In fact we used a deck of old maid cards.

I was surprised that everyone was willing to play by her rules,
which were aimed at getting everyone naked fast.

After that the loser, if they were already naked, had to do wha
tever the winner  told them to do.  Depending on who won the
requests were always of a sexual nature, like let Zeb rub your
tities, etc., and as the game went on the requests got more
daring.  Like when Darla won and Tina lost, Darla told Tina to
suck Zeb's dick, and she did.  While all this was going on Susan
just kept watching and doing what she was told (we only had her
do very simple things), and on the next hand she lost to Zeb.  He
first told her to just kiss everyone, but then she said that she
wanted to try what Tina had just done.  So he let her.  Susan was
a fast learner.  On the next hand (if I remember it right), Darla
won and Jenny lost.  Darla being very bold then insisted that
Jenny fuck me.  Jenny protested at first saying but, Susan is
here, however, it was Susan that said I want to see you fuck him
(apparently she knew the term).  So the next thing I know I am on
top of Jenny.  She had been starting at my hard on for the past
half hour and I knew that she was interested.


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