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I had a hard time going to sleep that night, but had assumed that
I had nipped the problem, as it was, in the butt.   Well have you
ever heard the saying never assume anything or that to assume
something makes an ass out of you and me   (ass  u  me).

I was in a deep sleep, as usual with me.  I can typically sleep
through a war or an earthquake.   Well I was sound asleep and
feeling very good and relaxed when I woke up for some reason.

When I did I realized that I was not alone.  Now I like to sleep
in just my underpants, and I was only wearing them that night.
Well when I woke up I found Mary lying next to me.  She was
cuddled up close to my backside.  She was asleep, but was not
grabbing at my penis or anything (  but then I was sound asleep
and would not have known if she had done anything or not).   She
was wearing her PJ's so it was my opinion she did not do some sex
act.   I did not want to wake her up, she did look cute.

But I could not have this.  So I rolled on to my side and reluc
tantly I woke her up.  I just stared into her eyes and asked what
was she up to.   I got no answer.

So I got nasty and kind of yelled at her asking her, in a demand
ing manner, what she was thinking when she decided to just get
into bed with me.

Next thing I know she is crying and saying I am sorry.  That got
me feeling guilty.  I really should not have felt sorry at all,
but hey I am a compassionate person, down deep that is, so I
stopped yelling at her.

So I said that it was ok and tried to be the nice guy and console
her, and in the process I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Her response was to give me a kiss in return, a passionate one at
that. Not once mind you but twice, with her lying practically on
top of me on the second one.

I did not push her away this time.   Why, I don't know.  She off
course said that she loved me and I told her the same, but I did
not mean it the same way she meant it.

We just laid there hugging for awhile.  Sorry we did not have sex
of any kind that morning.  By the end of that weekend Mary was
totally infatuated with me.  I tried to discourage her, but it
was a losing battle.

The next week I confided in my best friend Tom (see story "Toms
Gift") of my situation.   I had told him before that she was my
cousin, but I filed him in on the real deal.  Tom, being the way
he is, which is not much different than my typical attitude, was
wanting me to fix him up with her.   That would not be a good
idea at all.  I knew better than that.   Tom then asked why
didn't I go for it.  Of course he said that he would if it were
him, but that was a lie.

Talking to Tom proved to be of little help.  All he saw was an
easy target for sexual release.  The fact that we both realized
that Mary was a virgin did not help either.

To him she would be just another knotch on the gun, well my gun,
as he was refering to the fact that I should do her.  I can quote
Tom as saying, "you know she wants it".  But then Tom says that
about every female he sees.   Sick bastard.

Tempting as it seemed I could not do that without being disowned
or worse.

So I just tried to advoid her when possible.   However that was
not allways possible.

We, the family, did goto the beach a few more times in September,
during which times I made sure that if Mary was with me, we were
not alone.  She would not dare do anything if others were around.

Well one problem started in October.  My dad had a job where
typically he worked from 6 am till about 3 pm, while my mom did
have a 9 to 5 job and got home around 5:30 to 6.

I was at college and had very flexable hours and of course Mary
went to a nearby school and got home around 3:30 to 4.

Well my dads hours got switched.  He had to work from 3 till 12.
This meant that neither of them would be there when Mary got home
from school.  So they asked that when possible for me to make
sure I was home between 3 and 6.   Well I made no promisses and
made sure that they gave Mary a key to the house.  I told them
that I had a key when I was 12, so why couldn't she have a key.

So things seemed to be working out fine.  I just did not come
home that often.  I figured that mary could be trusted and so did

One day I did come home however.  I did not see Mary when I came
in that day.  Usually she would have been downstairs doing home
work or watching the television.

I then just went on about my business and headed up to my room.
Well I guess I must have not been too noisy.  When I got upstairs
the TV in my room was on and I could hear something but could not
make it out.   I wanted to see what was up so I kept quiet and
was able to see that Mary was in my room.  But it was what she
was watching and doing that got my attention.

She was watching one of my porno tapes.  Now I had thought that I
had the few I had well hidden, but somehow she found them, which
mean't that she had been searching about my room.

Well that was not enough, as I said she was watching the video
tape (I do not recall what it was), but at the same time she was
in her underwear and had her hand in her crotch.  I guess she had
finally figured out about masturbation.  From what I could tell
she was into it.  That was apparent since she never heard me come
in or noticed me as I watched her for several minutes.

Finally watching all of this was having an effect on me, so with
that I decided to scare the crap out of her.

So with little fanfare I entered the room and then I just said
out loud to her, "enjoying yourself"!

I thought that she might have a heart attach the way she jumped
up.  She was really embarrased.  I don't blame her.  I had felt
like that one time when I had a girl over before when my parents
were not home and my brother Mike burst in on us.

Well I kind of laughed and left the room and went downstairs.  A
few minutes latter she, clothed by now, she came down and was
complaining about me scaring her.  I responded by saying someth
ing like, "what was  she going to do, tell my parents that she
was watching a porno tape and masturbating?"

I did not expect an answer to that, nor did I get one.  So I then
asked her if she liked doing that.  After a few moments she did
say yes.   Well at least that proved that she was human and
honest about her feelings.

I just told her that next time to be more careful, cause if my
mom caught her there would be hell to pay.

Well I have to also say that this whole experience even had me
worked up.  I had to really concentrate to not allow myself to
get overwelmed by having watched Mary masturbate.  Like it is not
everyday that a cute 15 year old girl masturbates in my bedroom.

So I then told her that I had to go out and that she had an hour
before my mom would be home and told her that she could go back
to doing what she was before I came in.

With that I left her there speachless.   I do not know what she
did right away, but I would finally ask several months later, if
she did go back to my room, and the answer was yes.   The whole
experience of being caught was an emotional high for her.

I after leaving the house rode to a  deserted dead end road and
basically masturbated myself.   I would never admit to her that
having watched her masturbating got me turned on.  That would
have lead to more problems than I could have handled at that time
in my life.

We did not discuss the incident at all.  The next few weeks were
odd indeed.  I did know that Mary was still at times viewing my
video tape.   I would place it in such a way that when I checked
latter I could tell if it had been moved, but I never said any
thing about it.  Nor did I attempt to sneek up on her.

This kind of game went on for awhile.  Mary at times would try to
catch me on my out of the bath, so I started to take my clothes
with me into the bathroom.  The only way I could fool around at
home was when she was at school and my dad might go do something,
but that was not likely and I did have classes myself.   All of
this was putting a damper on my own sexual activities.

Like I had no place of my own to bring someone to, which mean't
if the girl I picked up or was dating didn't either it was cost
ing me the price of a motel room.  I have to admit that sometimes
I can be a cheap bastard and that also some of the girls I picked
up were not worth the price of a motel room.

For thanksgiving, my parents were going to take mary to visit her
parents for the weekend.  Mary tried to get me to go, but I had a
class that I really could not miss and besides I knew it was not
a good idea at all.  Who knows, Mary could have planned a shotgun
wedding,  wishfull thinking I know, but then again they were
rural southern types. 

Well Mary did wear her old glasses back at home and a mix of her
clothes, I guess from seeing what she packed for the four day

At least with them all gone I could have fun in the house.  In
fact I had a party and had sex with a women in my room for the
first time in nearly three months.  Given that it was only four
days, well really three, I had to make the best of my time.

When they got back my father gave me a report on Marys family.
These people were dirt poor.  They did not have much.  Their
church was not much more than a mission and that there was not
much to do there.

The house was an old farmhouse, with no air-conditioning, and
only space heaters.  They had minimal television reception (I
think he said only 3 or 4 channels), of course they did not have
cable, no VCR  (like where would they find a video store anyway)
and the nearest house to theirs was over a mile away.

He did say that Marys mom did keep the house nice, but it was
like going back in time.  Given where my father grew up, he just
said that he knew "niggers" who lived better than that.  I hope
that line does not piss anyone off, but that is what he said, and
that was kind of tame for my dad whose own brother was in the KKK
and his uncle was grand wizard at one time, or so I have been
told on several occasions.

I know that my mom invited them to visit us, but they could not
afford to do so. If it were not for this program by the church,
Mary would still be stuck there.  They had no means to send her
away to a school.   They were hoping that by going to school here
she might do well enought to get a scholarship to a college
someplace.  Thats the only reason that they were willing to let
their only child live with strangers and goto a school hundreds
of miles away from them.

My mother did not say much about it, but from what she did say to
her friends, as I over heard some of her phone conversations,
that she felt real sorry for them.  It sounded like a pity party
at times.   Typical for my mom, the saint.

All of this lead my mom to be more helpfull to Mary.  I guess she
wanted to help makeup for all that she had missed out on in life
so far.   Also it was a chance to do something right, Mike was a
complete failure who sent her into therapy, and I was not that
much better.

It had been decided that Mary was going to spend the Christmas
holidays with us.  So my mom was going to make it one to remem
ber.   Since my dad was not much into this, nor driving upto the
big city which was about 45 minutes away,  I was asked to take
her and Mary to the city to see the holiday shows and to go
Christmas shopping.

Actually I did not mind,  I always liked the stores huge light
show and had not seen it for a number of years.  So we had a nice
day in the city.

At this time I want to pause and say that after what my parents
told me about where Mary was from got me thinking.  I thought
about how sad it would be for her to have to go back to live in
such an environment.  I know that I could never handle it.

After having been with us for even three months it would seem
that Mary could never be happy back there after seeing what the
world offered.    I mean her horizon had been greatly expanded.

One of my usual holiday rituals is to put lights up on the house
and that year I put over 5,000 up.  I did hear about that when my
dad got the electric bill in January.  Mary loved all the lights.
I took her out each night to see houses with lights on them.

The weekend before Christmas my mom hosted a real big (well big
for us that is) party.  We had not done one of these since I was
about Marys age.   I was in a good mood so I asked Mary what she
wanted for Christmas.  Well she told me that she would tell me
latter.  That seemed OK, and I did not think about it again.

I did not hear back from her prior to Christmas day but I did get
her some nice gifts including some clothes and a watch.

Even Mike was nice enough to join us on Christmas day.  Prior to
that he had been jealious about Mary being their.  I told him
about how poor she was and all of that and then even he started
to be nice to her.  Or at least as possible for Mike, the little
prick that he was.  Good thing that he got his ass straightened
out eventually, but then he did have a good lawyer.

Well that day I did ask Mary what she had wanted cause she had
never told me.  So she asked me to go along with her when she
visited her parents in Februray during the Presidents weekend
holiday.   Since it was a Christmas request I did say yes.  I
also asked her if that was all she wanted and her responce was
"for now", I believe.

The next night my folks were going to a private party so I was
asked to stay home.  Well more like it was an order.

After they had gone I was just watching something on television
when Mary came in and sat next to me.  She just sat there and
looked at me real funny like, so I then said "what" to her.

I barely turned away from the TV during this whole ordeal, as she
basically said the following, "I never did tell you what I really
wanted for Christmas", to which in my daze at watching the TV
just said, "what might that be", at least this is how I remember
it, and her responce was "you"!

Well I did hear that.  I tried to ignore it though.

I then tired to defuse the situation by saying wouldn't you
rather just go shopping.

But this was much more serious than that.  She really did mean
what she was saying.

At the beginning of this story I had said that I was not sure if
I should even meantion or post this story. 

I have this real good memory, which is bacially a photographic
memory.  So I do really recall what happened in detail.  Well for
you sex freaks this is where it gets interesting.

I just remember sitting there looking at her.  She looked real
nervious, no more than I was, then she gave me this little

Bascially she said that she had given it lots of thought and that
she knew what she was doing.  Apparently she had been talking to
some girls at school that she had gotten friendly with.  She also
had gotten friendly with the younger sister of Cathy (see the
story of mine titled "The Visit") who was a girl that I often
screwed when I was in my early teens and this girl had been told
about me by her sister.

She must have really thought out in detail what she wanted to say
to me that night.   She did really express her feelings well and
I was quite impressed to say the least.  She sounded very mature
about the whole thing.

Well anyway,  Mary had came up with all kinds of logical, yeah
right, reasons as to why it would be ok for us to be together.
Oh it made all kinds of scence to a 15 year old and it would have
made scence to me too, if I were a 15 year old.

It came down to her saying that she loved me and wanted me to be
her first.  Now I knew what that reffered to.   I was still ill
prepared for this.   I had by now assumed that she had gotten
over this.  It had been months since I caught her in my room and
even longer since the incident at the beach house.

Well aparently I was wrong cause the next thing I knew she was
kissing me.  It was was much more than what she had ever done
before.  I then asked her where did she learn that, to which she
replied from watching my video tapes.  The she did it again.

It was one of the more honest times in my life.  I had to be both
honest with her and myself that night.

Truely she was not the little homely girl that I had first meet
in August.  The one who I had to take out and have Karen do a
make over on her and even tell her the basics of sex.   She had
begun to mature fast, but then in an awkward way.

She was still not really ready for this, in my opinion at least.
Her entire basis for this was from talking to a few girls at
school and from watching some porno flicks.

However it was apparent that she was determined in this.  I had
been for months acting has her protector, but now I had to con
sider protecting her from myself.


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