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About a week after school started I told her I was sorry if I
hurt her feelings.   Mostly cause she was mopping all about the
house when I was their.

Soon things were fine.  To make up for my rudeness I offered to
let her spend the weekend at the beach with me.  It was mid
September, and the weather was still real warm and hot.  Most of
the tourists were gone, but there was still allot to do at the
beach.   My parents had a social engagement that weekend so they
could not go.  They had wanted me to stay home to kind of watch
Mary, but I really wanted to goto the beach, so I said that Mary
could go with me.  I was surprised that they accepted this.

So after school on that Friday, I packed up the Mustang and Mary
and I headed for the beach.  We talked very little at first then
she told me that she understood more about why I did not like
her.   I told her that I liked her fine, but more like a family
member, which is what she was, kind of.

She then told me that she had meet some girls at school who told
her all about boys and what they liked to do.   Now that had me
going, I just had to find out what these 14 - 16 year old girls
thought that boys wanted.  This was of unique interest to me and
I just had to find out what little girls would say about guys
like me.  So I asked her to tell me what they had told her.

Well it was the typical stuff about boys just wanting sex.  Then
she said that they talked about masturbation.  Then she had to
ask, "what is masturbation"?

I nearly wrecked the car.   After I regained my composure, I had
to ask her, "you do not know what masturbation is?".

The answer was no!

Yes, people this is real, no fiction here.  Here I was with a 15
year old female who had no idea what masturbation was.  hell she
did not have any real ideas about what sex really involved.

I could have been a real sick bastard like the jerk who is read
ing this right now, that is saying to himself, 'oh yes, I would
love to teach her all about that'.

Yes I mean you!

In real life you do not go from hello my name is XXXX to lets go
fuck in one hour.  Well not unless you are at a bar where you can
find real easy women.  I do know those places, but they do not
suit me that often.

Well anyway,  I was still shocked about this thing.  She then
asked me about it.  I then tried to explain that it was not easy
for me to talk about with her.  She then asked if Karen might be
able to tell her, but I did not want to invoke Karen again.  I
would have to think of something else.

So I told her that I would think about it.  That I did.  What to
do,  get a book.  That was an idea that I did consider.  But
would technical terms help in anyway.

Then I did come up with an idea.  The only problem was that it
was not typical, or not to me at least.

On Saturday we did goto the beach.  It was hot and not crowded at
all.   As I was pondering what to tell her I could not help but
to stare at her as she kept going back and forth from the water.

A friend of mine sat next to me for awhile and told me, " that
your cousin  is pretty cute, and that he would go after her if
she was not my cousin".

I had to agree with that statement.  But still given the situa
tion it was not a good idea for us to get involved at all.  I was
almost five years older than her and it would be extremely wrong
to even think about her in any other manner than as a friend.

At the same time I was stuck as the responsible person who had to
end up telling her about sex.  Not a job that I could not typi
cally handle, but then the situation was not a typical one either
if you can understand what I mean.

I had already formulated my plan in my mind and had contract a
friend of mine to borrow something, which I picked up on the way

I got us a pizza for dinner that night and after dinner I told
Mary that we needed to talk.  I then said that I had thought
about what she had asked, about masturbation and sex.

She looked nervous, no more than I was, as I continued to say
that she could ask me what she wanted.

Well the first question was the same as the day before, "what is

So I gave her a basic answer telling her that masturbation was a
form of self sex or a way that both men and women could make
themselves feel good.  Of course she wanted me to explain how.
Now this is where my stopping off at my friends comes into the
picture.    I told her that it was not easy to explain, nor could
I really show her either, but their was an option. However, she
could never tell anyone about it.

So I had to make her agree to that first and she did.

Well what I had done was borrow a video tape (Debbie Does
Dallas).  It had all kinds of stuff on it and my buddy had cued
it upto a female masturbation scene for me in advance.

So I told her what the tape was an put it into the VCR.  I told
her to watch the tape and that it would show her about masturba
tion.    I then went for a walk.   I must have been gone for
at least a half hour or more before I started back.

I did not want to bolt in on her yet, so I peeked in a window.
The window I peeked through was slightly behind her and the TV
was in the foreground.  So when I looked I could see what she was
watching, plus I could see what she was doing to a degree.

Well the tape was still running and had gone beyond the masturba
tion part (it was at that gang band part - if you have ever seen
the film).  Mary was looking uncomfortable and was squirming in
her seat.  But she was not masturbating, but she was sweating.

So I decided to go on in.  I went up on the porch, so that she
could hear me approaching and as I did she stopped the VCR.

I played it cool and asked her if the tape helped any.  Her
answer was one of yes and no.   She was very nervous about all of
it.  She went on to tell me that she had no idea that sex was
like she had seen in the film.   I did tell her that it was just
a film, but that was basically what "having" sex was.   Also she
was more curious about the male body.  She had only seen a nude
male in a few pictures before.

Then she asked about love.  She asked if you had to love someone
to have sex.  I told her no, that sometimes,  well most of the
time, that people had sex for the pleasure alone and that you did
not have to be in love to have sex, but that it does help.

Then she asked if I loved that girl from the other week, to which
I said not really.  Then she asked if I had sex with her,  being
bold I told her that I had.  However, I tell her that I liked the
girl.  I went on to add that I did not have sex with just anyone.

Then she wanted to know who did I have sex with.  I did not have
a good answer for that, nor do I still.  As I recall I told her
that when I was younger I did it for the sake of doing it, but
that now (then) I did it only when it seemed right (whatever that
means).   I asked her if that made any sense to which she said
no.   I tried to define it better, but I think I failed.

She then asked how old was I when I first had sex.  So I told her
the truth, and said that I was 12.  I did not tell her with whom
eventhough she did ask.

This conversation just went around and around as she kept asking
allot of personal questions.  Eventually as she wanted to know
more I did warn her that just because it seemed that everyone
else was having sex she did not have to do that.  I then even
told her that despite the fact that I started at age 12, that I
was not a typical example, so she should not use me as an example
of what most people do.

I told her that some people wait till they are really in love or
when they get married to have sex.   I only personally know of a
few people that ever did that (probably my mom is one).

Eventually the conversation died down and we just watched some
regular television.  After that we went to a movie.  Unfortunate
ly it was a romantic comedy film.

When we got back  I turned on the TV.  I then asked her if she
wanted to watch anything particular.  To my surprise she said the
sex video.  I really did  not expect that at all.  Even more
surprising was the fact that I put it in the VCR, rewound the
tape, and hit the play button.

Now I had seen this film many a time so it had minimal effect on
me whatsoever.  As for Mary that was another story.  She looked
like she had ants in her pants.

Finally the questions came.  She sounded very nervous as she
asked me anything.  First was the shower scene in the school
lockeroom, which had not scene before.  The question then was
about the girl giving the one guy a blowjob.  Well Mary then said
that it looked nasty and wanted to know if guys really liked that
and I told her yes.

Then I even added that guy do the same for girls also.

Now that statement brought more questions than I was really ready
to answer.   I think I responded by saying that a guy kind of
masturbates the girl for her and that I think that it might be in
the film someplace.

Well soon enough we had that scene as one of the studs in the
film did pleasure a girl orally.  I then told her that was what a
guy can do to a girl.  She asked what it was like, to which I
basically told her that for me it was Ok, as for the girl, I had
to assume from my own experience that women liked it.

If you have ever scene "Debbie Does Dallas", a well done film
indeed, it has a little of everything.  Not too gross and just
enough of every sexual variation to provide an example.

When the tape was over she asked if I had another tape, which I
did.  It just happened to be the movie "Taboo", the original one
that is.    I must have not been thinking as I said yes to her
question, as she asked if she could see it.

As most of you know in this film, it features a major brother and
sister scene along with mother son and father daughter, amongst
other aspects.     When Mary realized that the two people in the
film were brother and sister (I did not tell her that they were
not really brother and sister) she was shocked.    She said that
she did not know that brothers and sisters could have sex togeth
er.  I kind of joked about her not even knowing anything about
sex and then tried to point out that it was just a film. 

As the film got to the part where the brother made it with both
his girlfriend and his sister Mary started to ask more questions.
She then noted that the guy in the film was the girls older
brother and that the girl was in high school.  To this I just
said yes, then she asked me about the girlfriend in the film.
She wanted to know if that the brother was having sex with her
why did he want to have sex with his sister.  I did not have an
answer to this question at all, nor did I give one.

Finally she asked the following question.  I will try to quote it
correctly, "If you had a sister would you want to have sex with
her"?    That was a loaded question.   I said nothing at all for
a few minutes, then said that I did not know.   Then she kept at
it, noting that the guy in the film had a girlfriend just like I
did, but still had sex with his sister.  It was at this point
that I stopped the VCR.  This had gone far enough!

She asked me why I stopped the film and I told her that she had
scene enough.   Well actually more than enough really.  After
that she wanted to know if I loved her.  Another loaded question,
to which I said, that I guess I loved her like a sister.

Oops!  That brought up that the fact that the film had a brother
and sister having sex, to which I responded again that it was
just a film and that it was not real.

Then she asked me if there was anyone that I loved like that to
which I did admit yes.   Then she wanted to know if it was one of
my girlfriends to which I had to say it was not.

Well I had opened myself to more questions.  Finally she asked
who then.   Well I did not know what to say to that at all.   I
told her that she did not live around here and that she lived far
away.  That was an honest answer.

She wanted to know her name.  Well I thought that I was safe so I
gave her a name, Jenny.   Then she asked what did I like I about
her so I described her somewhat.

Then I got the bad news as she asked, "don't you have a cousin
named Jenny"?   I was surprised by this and had to ask what do
you mean, to which she informed me that my dad had told her about
our relatives, his family down south, and had mentioned that I
had a cousin named Jenny and had show a picture of my cousins to
her.  Also the girl named Jenny in the photo that my dad showed
her looked allot like the girl I had just described.

I was in a spot to say the least.   I just replied, that I was
younger then and that we should not have done anything, to which
she replied how young was I, "my age"?, referring to herself.

I then told her that no one hardly knows about this and that it
was a secret.  But she wanted to know more as she promised not to
tell, so I gave her some information, just enough to satisfy her
curiosity about Jenny and me.

In all I told her that Jenny and I had sex a number of times and
that we loved each other, but since we were cousins we could be
together.   After that Mary said that she loved me.

By this time I was not surprised by this at all.  I could tell it
was coming.  What I did not expect her to do was to kiss me.

It was (as I found out latter ) her first ever kiss with a boy,
excluding her dad or grandfather.   It was not a bad kiss mind
you given the fact that she had never done this before.  I did
not offer any real response to her action.

I then tried to explain that even if I loved her it wouldn't be
right for us to do anything.  I did the best I could at that time
and eventually we went to our respective bedrooms that night.


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