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by Chuck Williams

This story is a follow up to "A EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE IN THE
DEEP SOUTH", which was about when I was 12 my family went to
visit our relatives that lived in a rural area of the deep south.

I stated in that story we stayed with my grandmother, who owned
about 200 acres of land, and her house was on the top of a hill,
while one of my Aunts and her 5 daughters, Tammy, Janet, Jenny,
Tina and Susan (my cousins) lived about a quarter mile down at
the bottom of the hill, and two of my other cousins (Zeb and
Darla) also lived real close by long the main (dirt) road.

I also stated that I had a brother (Mike).

As stated before, I was raised in the northeast, in the suburb of
a large city.

As stated in that story I got a very sexual awaking down in the
south on that summer vacation, a trip that I did not want to
make.  During our previous trips we hardly wondered off from our
parents and never spent more than 4 or 5 days visiting our rela
tives and I really had few common interests with them.  So we
really did not spend that much time with them at all.  Also it
had been about 2 years since our last trip to see them.

Before that trip I was real naive about sex, but my cousin Zeb,
who was the only boy their and was my age, introduced me to sex
through my young female cousins.  Prior to that trip I had no
idea about sex cause my mother keep us pretty sheltered.  There
was no bad language and no talk about sex whatsoever.  I really
at that time had no idea what sex was for the most part.  Other
than having played doctor once when I was 8 or 9, I did not know
much about the differences between boys and girls, or what they
did together.  All I knew was they were different and that boys
hanged out with boys and girls hanged out with girls and played
with dolls.

Well that would all changed on that trip.  If you have every
heard the term kissing cousins, well in the DEEP SOUTH it can go
allot farther than that.

For a quick review Zeb taught me about jerking off and then I
meet my cousin Francis when she and her mother visited.  Francis
was 10.  Zeb  introduced Francis to me.  Zeb, went on to inform
me that he fucked Francis all the time and that Francis was a
real good dick sucker.  So soon enough I got sucked and fucked by
my first girl.  Then  Zeb's sister Darla came in the room.
Darla, who was almost 14, then jump in.

Meanwhile my brother was still mad that he had to be here since
he had nothing to do.  He had no interest in girls at all. We
just considered Mike as a little kid.

Then Zeb and I went after my cousins (Uncle Roberts and Aunt
Neldas kids).  So Zeb and I started to be real nice to Jenny (age
13) and Tina (age 11).  Finally, Zeb and I offered to take em to
Zebs secret hide out, however, they insisted that Susan (age 9)
go along also.  Good thing too, as it would turn out Susan would
end up being the biggest slut in the family.  Darla joined us and
suggested that we play a game.  It was her version of strip
poker.  as the game went on depending on who won the requests, of
the losers, were always of a sexual nature, like let Zeb rub your
tities, etc., and as the game went on the requests got more
daring.  At one point Darla being very bold then insisted that
Jenny fuck me.   So the next thing I know I am on top of Jenny.
Jenny was just a year older than me, and was also about 2 inches
shorter with red hair and freckles.  Her tits were small but real
well defined with real pointy upturned nipples and she had a real
nice butt.  I considered her as the best of the five sisters.
Not a raving beauty but real cute.

After doing Jenny Darla suggested that I do Susan who had never
done it before.   Susan was only nine, she had no tits to speak
of and no hair between her legs.  She was a little brown haired
twig, who had just sucked her first dick (and she did a good job
of it) and was about to be fucked for the first time.

Before the end  of the week I was able to have sex with my cousin
Janet (age 15) who told me about having a fling with her girls
softball coach (a woman), in her dads storm cellar.

Then my fathers older brother, Don, and his wife Aunt Betty along
with their three kids Tom (12), Dave (11) and Mindy (9) visited.
It had a long time since I seen them and remembered only a lit
tle.  Zeb filled me in, and according to him, both Tom and Dave
were horny bastards and he then said that Mindy was real cute and
that he really would love to do it with her.  He even went on to
tell me that he knew that both Tom and Dave were doing her all
the time.  Well with all the extra people I have to give up my
sleeping spot and I chose to sleep down at Uncle Roberts.  No one
objected so off I went.

Also since they had Mindy also staying there, the moved everyone
around a bit.  Usually Tammy had a room (a very small one) too
herself , Janet and Jenny shared a room and Tina and Susan shared
a room.  Well, for this night, at least, Janet squeezed in with
Tammy; Tina, Susan and Mindy in the biggest room and I with
Jenny. Well you can guess what Jenny and I did that night.

Mindy was  (is) everything that I was told.  Mindy was the per
fect little southern girl.  Cute as a button and all that.  I
could see why Zeb wanted her, hell I wanted to do her also.  As
of today she is still incredibly beautiful.  That day after diner
Zeb and I showed Tom and Dave Zebs "love Shack".   We told them a
little about what we had done and Zeb showed them a few of his
mags.  We asked them about them bringing Mindy to the shed, and
that we would bring Tina and Susan (we knew that they would do

Finally we all did Mindy and Tom  and Dave got what they wanted.
Mindy was hot.  Once started, we could not turn her off.  We
fucked her for over an hour straight until she was unable to go
any further.  Best off all, was on my third go at her, when Dave
said do her in the butt.   As I have stated before one of the
reasons I remember this all so well is that I have a partial
photographic memory.  I have the ability to recall just about
anything that I see or hear.

That night we had the same sleeping arrangements as the night
before (thank god).  Once again after everyone was asleep I got
to fuck Tina and Jenny.  Then real late both Susan and Mindy came
in the room.   So I had to do them also.  I had already fucked
Tina and Jenny pretty good and it had only been about a half hour
by the time those two came in.  But duty called and I did it all
night long, or so it seemed.  It was too much for a 12 year old.
I did not get much sleep that night, but it was worth it.

Even on my last day there while I packing Janet came in and asked
me to make out with me one more time.  So, we detoured to her
house, and since no one was around, we just went to her room.
However, Tammy (age 17) come into caught us.

She told us that she wanted to watch me fuck Janet and that she
would get us in trouble if we didn't.  Janet then got bold and
told Tammy that she wanted to see her fuck me.  On a dare Tammy
took up to the storm cellar and told me to suck on her tities.  I
did as I was told as Janet looked on.  After a little of this,
she told me that she was ready and I fucked her.  It was exciting
fucking a girl that was five years older than me.  Afterwards she
told me to never tell or she would cut my dick off.  Well at age
12 you take things like that a bit seriously so I never brought
up the subject with her again, and no one ever knew.

On that trip I got my fill of Jenny, Tina and Susan.  I never
could get enough of Jenny, and Susan could not get enough of

Well my trip, the one I did not want to go on, came to an end.
As a final consolation Aunt Nelda told us that she and Uncle
Robert were going to come and visit us next summer.  And they
did, along with grandmon, Jenny, Susan and Darla.

And as I promised in that story I would tell about that adven
ture, so her it is.

Well I stated before that trip was a major event that changed my
life.  The next school year I was accused by a number of the
girls of being a "Sex Fiend".  It was true!  I became one of the
schools major make out artists.  Also I became popular, after
being able to relay some of my exploits to the guys.

Also I did not go without sex, until my southern relatives visit
ed the next summer, but it was harder to obtain. At least for a
12 or 13 year old that is, but you will always find those young
girls that will do whatever it takes to hang with the popular
crowd.  Also I did find one real cute cousin of mine who was more
than curious to try NEW things (and that will be another story in


Well by the end of that summer, after that great trip to visit my
relatives in the Deep South, I turned 13.  I was a teen!  That
means allot in JR High.  Also I had become popular and all the
horny little girls who wanted to hang out with the in crowd,
which included me.  Also some of these little girls were horny
enough to do whatever was asked of them to get in real good with
the "in crowd" and I was more than willing to make accommodations
to let them on in.

I stayed away from the older girls for the most part, eventhough
a few were interested in me, cause some of them were more experi
enced than I was and I wanted to break in the young inexperienced
ones first and to get my own experience of course.  Those young
ones are the ones that once you got em, you practically owned
them, so long as you treated them real nice.

Of course the only problem I continued to run into was, where to
go to make out (its not like I had a car, or could take them home
often).  We (me and a few of my friends) did end up building a
club house in the woods out of an old shed that someone dumped.
We fixed it up pretty good and camouflaged it.  We even put a
lock on it so that no one could get in.  And only four people had
keys including me.

We had some fun in there, even in the winter.  When I have time I
will write about some of those goodtimes as well.  However, I
will skip the school year and goto the following June, when my
relatives visited.  That is what I was planning on writing about
at this time anyway.  The rest is all background info.

As promised Aunt Nelda and Uncle Robert come to visit us along
with grandmom, Jenny, Susan and Darla.  Three of my favorite
cousins and I had them all to myself!

It had been almost a year since I had seen any of them and upon
seeing Jenny I just wanted to fuck her brains out.  I had been
practicing enough and from what I heard on the phone she was not
doing that much. Her options were limited since she really did
not like Zeb.  Poor Zeb, for two weeks I had most of his pussy,
except Tina who stayed behind with Janet and Tammy.  I think she
was just staying behind to be alone with Zeb for two whole weeks.

With all the people showing up we had to move everyone about.  We
had four bedrooms, so Mom and Dad kept theirs, Uncle Robert and
Aunt Nelda took the guest room and I offered up mine to grandmom,
offering to sleep in the den.

The girls were to be set up in the basement.  Our house was big,
and the den was near the back of the house, with good fast access
to the basement.  Also both the den and the basement had outside
entrances.  This way I could travel between the two locations
without going through the house.

This little factor would prove to be a bonus in more ways than
one.  I could have someone in with me, or just goto the basement
or go out side and do it in the shed (if I wanted - and I did).

By this time, as I already noted I was 13, Darla was 14, but her
15th birthday was only 3 weeks away, Jenny had just turned 14,
and little horny Susan was 10.

Eventhough it was Jenny I wanted it was Susan who got in some
action first.  That little bitch caught upto me in the bathroom
while I taking a piss.  She came in and locked the door and gave
me a blow job right on the spot.  Before I blew my load, I pulled
down her jeans and had her bend over the sink and rammed it on
home.  I recalled to myself that Susan was still a great fuck,
but I could tell that her pussy was no where near as tight as it
was only a year ago.  I figured that she was doing it aloe with
Zeb, or whoever.  She was a horny little bitch.

One thing was for sure, she knew how to suck a dick.

Latter on the old folks were doing what they always did when they
got together.  Play cards?  No lie they always play cards for
penny ante money.  Still do to this day.

While this went on I made my plans.  I told the girls that after
everyone turned in I would come on down via the outside entrance.
I could tell that they could not wait.  Well neither could I.

Around 11:30  my dad went upstairs.  I left the door to the den
open and I had a tv on, and he made me turn it off.  So I did and
then I closed the door.  I gave it 15 minutes before making my
move to the side door and on down to the basement.

That night I got sucked and fucked by all three of them till
at least four in the morning.  I can't believe we did not get
caught given that those girls did make enough noise.

By this time Darla looked like a 16 or 17 year old, with her
above average size tits and hairy pussy.  Susan, as 10 now, and
had light brown hair and was developing pretty good.  She did not
have much tit wise (still doesn't).  Her pussy had some very
light hair on it plus she did and does have a great ass and she
could (any probably still can) deep throat a horse.

But as I have always said Jenny was the one I liked.  Jenny had
just turned 14 only a few weeks ago.  I was turned on by her red
hair and freckles.   They kinda remind me of Jazdia Dax (played
by Terry Farrell) on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who is the
trill.  If you have ever seen the show with her in the swim suit
or have just seen her, you know what I mean.

Also Jenny has small tits that fitted (back then) into my hands,
with quarter sized nipples that were/are tasty indeed.  I love
they way they were (and are) upturned a bit, like a  banana.
Girls with big tits never have this feature.  Her final great
attribute was her cute little ass.  Maybe not as tight as Susans'
but more than enough to make me happy to watch it move about.

After I got back to the den I was able to get about 4 - 5 hours
sleep before being told to get up sleepy head.  If my mom only
knew that I was sleepy cause I got too much head!

That day I showed my cousins the "hideout" and got a little
action in.  A little latter, one of my friends showed up.  Lets
just call him David.  I introduced him to my cousins and we made
small talk.   After a little bit of time I hooked him up with
Darla.  They were a good match.  He was a big kid with lots of
hormones racing about and she was more than able to take care of
that and they did seem to hit it off.  I was not going to share
Jenny and I had better plans for Susan.

That afternoon I told Jenny that Mike needed to know about sex
and that I thought that Susan should be the one to get him to go
for it.  I had figured that since they were about the same age,
that she could hang with him, end up alone, and then she could
just be herself, a rural slut.

Of curse I did not use that last term when I talked to Jenny
about it.  Besides I told her this way. Susan could spend time
with Mike, and Darla was easy enough to satisfy (that was proven
by a phone call that I got from David that afternoon) thus leav
ing me with lots of time to spend with Jenny.

Now thats a great plan, and to think I was only 13 when I did it.

So Jenny and I went to Susan.  We told her that Mike has never
had sex with a girl before and that we would give her whatever
she wanted if she did as we asked.  First, we told her that she
could not tell Mike about the rest of us and that she could do
whatever she wanted to him and that we would not rat her out and
if Mike got scarred and tried to tell we would deny everything
and back her up.   So Susan said that she would do it, but when
we asked what she wanted she just said that she would let us know
latter.  That little bitch knew how to play the game pretty good.

After dinner Susan made her first move on Mike by asking him to
show her his toys.  Mike was always glad to show off his stuff,
however, the stuff Susan was after was not in his toy box.

I then took Jenny and Darla to the "Hideout", where David and
another friend of mine George were hiding from their parents.
They did not want to go home and now that I had showed up with
the girls were happy to see me.

Well David must have told George what had happened earlier bet
ween him and Darla as he kept looking at her.  Darla then said
something to David about, bragging about to your friend.  David
got bent and made some lame story up.  Darla then said to David
that if he was such a stud to prove it and whip it out.  Then she
said to George that if whipped his out too and if it was bigger
than Davids, she would blow him.  If not David got the deal.
Jenny was not into this game and did not participate, nor would I
want her to since I was keeping her to myself.

Well those two whipped out their dicks but they were not real
hard yet, so Darla told them to stroke them to get them real hard
and then she would pick the winner.  In seconds those horny
bastards were jacking off right in front of all of us.

Darla then made her inspection and decided that it was a tie.
George then got worried that Darla was not going to blow him and
started a hissy fit.  Darla said OK, but to be fair I will have
to do both of you.  Well that was more than acceptable to those
two.  As Darla began her deed, Jenny and I started to leave.
Darla wanted to know where we were going, and I told her just for
a walk, and besides she did seem to have things well IN HAND and
that now she had more privacy (like she cared about that) to do
whatever she wanted.  Darla smiled and went right down on George.
As we left the "hideout" I could hear George say I'm cumming.
The dude sure did not last too long.

So I took Jenny to another place I would goto when the "hideout"
was in use.  This spot was a small hay shed that was in plain
view, but no one even entered it.  A small farm was located
adjacent to our neighborhood and along the back fence was a hay
shed.  The farmer used to catch us all the time, but that was
till I found a small gap in the fence that could not be seen from
the farmhouse.  Once through the only problem was getting into
the shed. Well it was almost dark and the farmer was out of
sight.   So we made the quick move from behind the shed and
inside.    It was on the dark side and there was no light.
Thankfully there were no animals inside or the farmer.

I took Jenny to the far side of the shed behind a stack of hay
bales.  It kind of reminded her of home she said.  I could see
why she would say that from just the odor alone.

Great, finally my first chance to be alone with Jenny.  And it
was worth the wait.  Yes I had already fucked her since she
arrived, but not alone.   When you are splitting your fuck time
between three horny women, you have little time for romance or
anything that resembles foreplay.  I like the touch and feel
aspect of sex.  I could not do that the previous night cause all
I could hear was - hurry up - do me next.

This would be different.  Damm Jenny was hot.  I love red heads.
I will do a red head over a blonde anyday (unless she is a real
dog), and Jenny was a natural red head and I mean all natural red
- everywhere!

I love sucking on those tities also.  Jennys' nipples must be
real sensitive as they get real hard and stiff fast and the tips
seem to poke up about 3/4 of an inch.  With they way they turn up
its like a bottle or something.  Its just too hard to describe.

After giving her breasts a good workover I proceeded elsewhere.
Soon she was slowing repeating my name.  Yes she was mine!

I got down to her crotch and played around with her love button
and just by touching it got her to orgasm.  Good thing the shed
was far enough away from the farmers house so that he could not
hear us as Jenny was really getting worked up.

I was pretty worked up myself and I am surprised that I just did
not blow a load while giving her an oral massage with my hands
and my mouth.  I had to relieve myself, so I slid up her body and
pushed my very hard penis into her tight little cunt.

It was great.  I do not even know how long we did it for.  Seems
like a long time, may have been less than 10 minutes.  It really
does not matter.  All I know was that it was great.

After I regained my senses I continued with a little foreplay and
she was asking me to do it again.  I told her I was not ready yet
and she then gave me a nice cock sucking.  Therefore, it was not
that long before I hard enough to go at it once more.

So as soon as she decided that I was ready she stopped sucking me
and asked me to fuck her again.  I did as she wanted, and she got
into it again real fast.  I was holding her ass with one hand and
rubbing a finger near her A-hole when I got the urge to go back
door on her.  Without warning, I pulled out of her, rolled her
over and started to penetrate her anal cavity.

At first she was not aware what was happening, for it would seem
she was in another world or something, but as I made my way into
her ass she perked up and was not prepared for it.

Upon this she protested my efforts.  I  told her that I had to
and soon enough I was in her ass and she had stopped complaining.
Her ass was real tight.  It was squeezing the life out of my
dick.  I asked her about it latter and I found out that no one
had done that to her since I did it to her last summer.

Well, anyway  I kept ramming in and out of her butt till I just
had to blow the load and I did just that.  I came so much that it
was leaking out of her ass while my dick was all the way in her.

After that we relaxed awhile and then snuck out and headed home.
On the wayback we checked on Darla and saw that she was now
fucking both David and George.  In fact she had one in her pussy
and one in her mouth as we peeked in.  I decided to have some fun
and yelled, "Oh Darla - hurry up with those guys, its time to go
home".  Well Darla then just worked faster and then George dumped
off in her mouth and on her face, and soon enough David was
spewing in her pussy.  She then just got up put back on her stuff
and left them lying their.   They were wasted!  Darla said
something to them like, thanks for the fun, and we left.

On the wayback I asked her if she had fun and she said yes, and
that she had just added two more to her collection.  I asked,
"collection of what"?    Darla then told me that she was refer
ring to the number of guys she has fucked.  So I inquired as to
how big that collection was and she said seventeen.

Damm, that was 17 different people and I know several got repeat
performances.  That Darla sure was a nympho.  Another thing about
her was that a little over two months after she got home she was
pregnant.  Thank god I was not the father.  The only way I now
this was because when I was 19 I had a blood test to see if I
could have been the father, however, my blood type was wrong.
Too this day Darla had never revealed who the father of her first
child is.  She most likely doesn't know.  Hell it could be David
or George.  I never told them about her and the baby, but I could
see it know after all these years telling the two of them that
one of them is the father of Darlas child.  It would not go over
well with their families.

I will tell you one more thing about Darla, after that she ended
up with three kids by three fathers, in a five year period.
After that she got her tubes tied and that ended that.  Her first
child was a boy, that was raised by Uncle Hugh and Aunt Bertha.
The other two were girls.  I have a real good story about my
visit one year to see Darla and her daughters.  I will have to
write that one up real soon.

So getting back to the story in hand, we got back latter and
Jenny and I decided to see what progress Susan had made so far
that afternoon with Mike.


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