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So with parts one and two, which are abbreviated versions of two
other stories, you should all be caught up.

About a year and a half after my cousins visited us, my father
and I went to visit them on our own.  My mom did not go for some
reason, and my brother was involved in something at school.
Maybe thats why she did not go.  It was spur of the moment trip.

My dad was going for some hunting thing and I went along for the
ride and for a little action.  Also I had just turned 15 the
month before we left.

I was getting enough action as it was back home, but I was more
than glad to go on this trip.  I had been spending allot of time
on the phone talking to my favorite cousin, Jenny (age 15 at this
time) over the past year and a half.   I recall that I used to
wonder why no one every complained that I called down there long
distance every couple weeks.

Since I had last seen my relatives a number of things had taken

Darla had her first kid and had married some jerk.   Also Tammy
was engaged to get married.

What no one really knew was that Susan, at a mere age 13 was
seeing the OLDER brother of the guy Tammy (age 19) was to marry.
Eventually a year latter she would be found out and ended up
married at the prime age of 14 to this jerk who was in his mid to
late 20's at the time.     Now I call him a jerk, but then my own
actions over the years have been less than respectable also.

Well it was September when we got there.

My dad was going to go deer hunting with my Uncles Hugh and Ro
bert.  Also Zeb loved to hunt also.   I was not into it at all.

The only gun I ever shot was a cap or water gun.

As for everyone else; Janet (age 16) was still a loner, Tina (age
15) was into it with some guy and Zeb (age 15) was hunting. Deer
hunting that is.

Also Mindy (age 12) and my Aunt Betty came to visit for a few
days as well.

With Zeb hunting most of the time, I spent nearly all my time
with Jenny and Janet.  Susan was around, but seemed pre-occupied
allot.  I guess that her secret affair, that we did not know
about at that time, was keeping her busy.

Of course I had to play it cool.  I did not want my dad, my
grandmother and mostly Uncle Robert and Aunt Bertha, to find out
that all I wanted to do was sleep with their daughter, my cousin.

That first night we (Janet, Jenny, Zeb, Susan and I) sat around
and made small talk.  No we did not have an orgy as soon as we
got together.   Zeb did not stay up late cause he was getting up
at 5 am to go hunting.  In fact my dad and my uncles all turned
in early as did my aunts.   That left me and the girls alone for
the most part.

As soon as I could arrange it Jenny and I went off someplace.

We ended up in the storm cellar.  I had been waiting nearly a
year and a half for this, and had been restraining myself since
we had arrived.  But now we were finally alone.

All the typical lines, about I missed you and that kind of crap
were exchanged.    I know that eventhough I probably said all
kind of nice sweet things, that in the back of mind, I was only
saying,  get naked  - or I want to fuck you.  Or both.

She was happy to notice that I had grown since we last saw each
other, and I do not mean my height either.

I had exceeded the 5 inches from the first time we had sex.  Best
yet, I had been practicing on a large number of girls back home.
So by this time I was pretty good at getting chicks off while
still getting enough to make me very very happy!

I must have given her two or three nice orgasms before I finally
fucked her.   And how sweet it was too.  The way she went off
made we wonder if she had been getting any lately.   I did not
tell her about my sex life too much, so she did not know that I
was getting laid every few days.   I wonder if she had been
saving herself for me.   So to be smart I chose not to discuss
what I was doing back home.   If she was saving herself for me, I
had to wonder if expected the same of me.

Our conversations were always about how much we loved each other,
and we would at times say stuff like, I only love you.  But I
never said that I did not make out or make love with anyone else.
I guess she must have assumed that I was not jumping on every
thing I could get which would be a wrong assessment.

Well anyway, we fucked for hours.  I did her everyway possible,
or at least that I knew of.   She was great.  I did not know she
had so much energy as she literally drained me.  We ended up
spending most of the night in the cellar, but had to relocate
since the men would all be getting up real early and someone
might notice our absence.

The next day was very quiet.  The men were all gone.  Both of my
aunts had parttime jobs.  Tammy was away (more like she was
shacking up with her future husband) and Tina was off with her
new boyfriend all the time.

This meant that only my grandmother was left to watch Jenny,
Janet, Susan and me.  Well between soap operas and the fact that
she was not overly mobile, we were basically on our own.

So we ended up spending most of the day down at Uncle Robert and
Aunt Bertha's house.  Since no one was home, we had the house to
ourselves, and we made the best of it.

Janet decided to join in with us this time.  I knew she liked me,
so maybe thats why, since she was not known to chase after guys
at all.  In fact her sexuality had been called into question
several times by her own family.

So that afternoon I got to fuck all three of them.  We got start
ed by 9 or 10 that morning and eventually took a break around 2
pm.   During those four hours each of them sucked me off, and in
return I put a load in each of their cunts.

I only did Jenny and Susan in the ass that morning.  Janet was
into the oral allot and helped me do her sisters as well.  Well
if Janet was not gay at least she was bi-sexual.  This did not
bother me at all.

Each of them is a good fuck, but none of them fuck quite the same
way.   Jenny is so emotional and romantic about it, Janet is so
oral and quiet  about it, and Susan is just an animal.

After our little break, during which we put in an appearance at
grandmoms, and grabbed some food (sex makes me hungry), we all
wanted more.  But given the time of the day, we knew that Aunt
Bertha and Aunt Nelda would be home within the hour.   Also the
hunters could return at anytime, depending on how they did that
day.   So I suggested that we goto Zeb's little hideout.

I only hoped that the key was still where it was.

Lucky for us it was right where it was hidden two and a half
years ago.  Not much had changed about it since the last time I
had been in there.   Maybe a new mattress or pillows and new
porno material to keep Zeb occupied when he was alone.

So I fucked them all again.   I have to say that by dinner time
my dick was red.  It actually did hurt.

For the most part that night I was too pooped to pop. But lucky
for me Tammy and her soon to be husband showed up dragging along
his brother, the one who was messing around with Susan.

So with all of that going on it was not easy to get away to do
anything.  This did work to my advantage.  My dick got a break
and that would mean I would be able to get it up once or twice
that night sometime.

Plus, tomorrow it would all start over again, as the same
scenario would play out.

So after Tammy and her group left, the guys all headed to bed,
except Zeb who had to inquire as to what we did today.  I lied
and told him that we did not do that much of anything.

I know that he did not believe me at all.  But I don't think he
really cared that much.  From what I know Zeb was getting enough
pussy around town as it was.

Well I did find a place and the time to do Jenny that night.  It
was a quickie (for us that is) and I did sleep alone that night
up at my grandmothers house.

The next day saw the hunters leave early again.  Also it saw my
aunts go to work, however, this time, Susan went with her mom
into town and was going to visit a friend for the day.  I latter
found out (a number of years latter) that this friend was to be
her future cradle robbing husband.

So that just left me with Janet and Jenny.   A threesome.  I know
that  a threesome sounds like a comedown to my foursomes, but to
me it was a relief.  I did not think that I could handle another
day like the one before.

So that day I experienced the most stimulating sex that I had
ever had upto that point.  Janet was so oral and went both ways,
and Jenny just loved what was going on.   I did not have to spend
the whole time just ramming my dick in and out of them.  We did
allot of foreplay.   Lots of kissing and touching and all of that
kind of stuff.   It was very experimental.  We were really study
ing each others bodies in detail.

I spent the day lying on a bed between these two hot ladies
getting full service attention.  No one could have had it better.

We had a nice time.  The girls got it on also.  Janet started it
and Jenny did not stop anything.  I even got them to eat each
other out.  It was great.

Eventually we had to call it a day and we just went for a walk
through the woods.   After the day we had we did not see a need
to spoil it with overkill.

Jenny even said that they had to be sure not to wear me out.

That evening we all went into the nearby town and went to a movie
and out for dinner so by the time we got back it was not possible
to hook up with the girls that night.

The next day was about the same as the day before.  Susan once
again went to town with her mom.  Tina got a ride to her boy
friends.  The only other slight difference was that Aunt Bertha
did not work that day, but she did take my grandmother into town
to get her hair done and to go shopping.

Well the nearest town where you could shop was a half hour drive.
So based on what we all knew they would be gone for at least 3

As Jenny was standing at the window, slightly bent over watching
our grandmother and aunt drive off I walked up behind her and
grabbed her around the waist.  I then kissed her on the neck, and
then just pulled down her pants in one quick move.  I was able to
pull down both her jeans and her panties in one swift move.

She yelled at me, wanting to know what I was doing.  I told her
to stand still and that she would find out.  Then I dropped my
pants and did her from behind as she was looking out the window
in my grandmothers bedroom.  Right in the room where our parents
were conceived.

I had considered doing her on my grandmothers bed, but did not do
that.  But I did finish her off right there bent over the furni
ture in my grandmothers bedroom.

Just as I finished up Janet came into the house.

Janet said something, like, "oh my god, not in grandmoms room".
I then asked if she wanted me to fuck her on grandmoms bed.  She
said, no way.

I then said, how about on grandmoms kitchen table, as I backed
her into the kitchen.  (grandmoms house was real small - 4 rooms
and a bath)  Once I had her against the table she did not say
anything.  So I just kissed her to see what would happen next.
Well Don't ask me why, but Janet was still in her bed clothes.
She was wearing a pullover nightie, which I easily pulled up over
her head to reveal her nude body.   I still had my pants off and
my dick was hard again.

I did not waste much time.  I put her up on the table knocking a
few things around in the process as I remember.  I remember a
half naked Jenny picking stuff up as it hit the floor.

So with little fanfare I did Janet on the kitchen table.  The
table was rocking back and forth and its motion, along with our
own added to the excitement.  Good thing no one was around as
Janet was screaming as she hit her orgasm.

Jenny was getting a laugh out of it as she watched her sister get
off on this.  I then told her not to laugh, cause I was going to
do her on top of the coffee table or the stove.

Well we did try the stove, but it was too high off the ground, so
we settled on the coffee table.

So as I was now doing Jenny again, on the coffee table, Janet was
lying on the sofa, trying to recover.  The coffee table was kind
of slick.  Like an ice rink.  Jenny kept sliding all about be
neath me.  With her lying on her back she had trouble grabbing
anything to hold on to.  So I then turned her over and had her
face down on the table.  This gave me a great view of her ass.
And as I have said before, elsewhere, a great looking piece of
ass it is.

So, not being one to miss an opportunity, I went for her ass
instead of her pussy.  I did not inform her at all, and it caught
her off guard, very much so, in fact.   I rammed half my dick in
one the first attempt.  Man did she scream.  She wanted me off,
but I would not stop.  I mean how could I do that.

All this got Janet interested as well.  Here I was fucking
Jenny's ass, as she was sliding on the coffee table face down,
trying to grab at something so that she could hold still, while
still fighting me.  Janet was know kneeling in front of Jenny at
the foot of the table.

I got her to take hold of Jenny so that she wouldn't slide all
over.  Well not only did she grab her, she also was playing with
her tits.  All of this got Jenny real hot. She was talking to
herself mostly, saying stuff about how great it feels.  Then
Janet  started to kiss Jenny and talk back to her.  I did not
really hear what she was saying at all.  I do recall her saying,
"Its so big", I guess in reference to my dick and "I want you
too".  That last statement was interesting to say the least.

Since I had already came I was far from ready to come again.
However, I was getting tired.  I was not sure how long physically
I could last.  So once I was even close to cumming, I fucked her
as fast as I could till I did finally cum.  I ended up falling on
top of her, and was so tired that I could not move.

I was so tired that I just left my dick up her ass until such
time that it popped out on its own.

The next thing I know I am on the couch and Janet is giving me a
blow job.  I was still in a daze and Jenny was still lying on the
coffee table.  After that it was blur for awhile.

By the time I pulled myself together it was close to noon.  Here
we were lying about butt assed naked in my grandmothers house and
lucky for us they were not back yet.  So I got the girls up real
fast and by the time we did get dressed Aunt Bertha and grandmom
were coming up the road.  We barely cleaned up the mess before
they got in the house.

We had turned on the television and just sat in a seat real fast.
As grandmom was walking in I then noticed that Jennys bra (as
small as it was) was lying under the coffee table.  So I reached
out with my foot and kicked it under the couch before grandmom
saw that.  When Jenny asked what I was doing I told her that she
forgot about her bra and that I just kicked it under the couch.
Well she just sat there and said nothing much about that, but
that was close.

Grandmom said something to Janet about still having her bed
clothes on and told her to go get something on.

Also thankfully it was a warm day and all of the windows were
open so the place was aired out, otherwise someone would have
noticed the odor of sex very easily.   I remember grandmom saying
something about the smell of the lysol spray and Jenny jumped in
saying that I had farted, to which grandmom said that was a dirty
word and that she not say it.

That afternoon I fucked Jenny alone down at Zebs hideout.  That
evening we just hung out and messed with Zeb for awhile.  No sex
just messed with him.  I was surprised that he did not get bent
about the fact that it was obvious that I was getting some and he
was not.  But, I later found out that Zeb was getting plenty from
these two sisters up the road.

The next morning (it was a Thursday) Aunt Betty and Mindy came to
visit us.  Shame that Uncle Don could not make it, nor that my
dad or my uncles were around.  But I was more than eager to
entertain my cousin Mindy.

That day both Aunt Bertha and Aunt Nelda stayed home.  Therefore,
all of the girls were home that day.  Well Tammy does not count.
Tina was around but wanted no part of her sisters or me at all.

So I was left with Janet, Jenny, Susan and Mindy.  All I can
remember was thinking about how much my dick was going to hurt
that night.    Well Janet declined to participate in this group
endeavor. She told me that I would have to make it up to her

That left me to deal with only three.  The odds of my survival
were now improved.  We ended up down at Zeb's hideout, and it was
Susan that got things going.  She just stood up and shuck off her
clothes and then looked at the rest of us as to say, get with it.

I was down to my shorts and Mindy had only taken off her shoes by
this time.   Susan then said something to her about if she did
not do it, then we would do it for her.   Well Mindy was still
not moving too quick, at least not to Susan's timeframe and then
Susan moved over to her and started to undo her top.

Mindy started to say, no and quit, but Susan would have no part
of that.  Susan then held her down and asked us, well more like
told us, to take her clothes off.    Jenny finished with her top
and I just yanked down her shorts and then her pink panties. Yes
they were pink.

Well I was surprised to note that Mindy had no hair on her pussy.
She was 12 now and should have had some hair down there.  So we
asked about it and her response was that Dave (her brother) made
her shave it.  Now that was some insightful information.

It would seem that Mindy was still doing her brothers. So with
this little bit of information we could easily blackmail Mindy
into doing whatever we asked of her.  And that we did.

First we made her suck me off and swallow my cum, then we had her
eat out Susan.  Then she ate out Jenny while I fucked her and
Susan shoved a garden veggie in and out of her ass, then I
swapped places with the garden veggie.

Her pussy was not as tight as it was the last time, (well it had
been about two years), as it would seem that her big brothers
were giving her a good going over. I would not say that it was
bad however under any circumstances at all.

In the end we used and abused her pretty good.  The threat of us
telling Aunt Betty on her and her brothers was more than enough
to guarantee her obedience to the three of us.

We even played a little bondage game or two with her.  After we
got back to the house, we took her to Janets room and told Janet
that Mindy was our slave and that she would do whatever we asked
or we would tell her mom all about her.  We even told Janet what
we did to her and about her shaved pussy.

I then pulled Janet aside and told her privately, and point blank
that  I knew that she could have some fun with Mindy (I mean I
knew even then that Janet was Bi-sexual or at least liked girls
as much as guys). Well Janet did tell me that I would have to
make it up to her latter, in regards as to not joining us earli
er. I felt this was more than adequate payback.  So we then left
Mindy alone with Janet and went upto grandmoms house.

In a way I wish that I had stayed even just to watch.

Why you may ask.  Well an hour or so latter I went down to see
how things were going.  When I got there Mindy was gaged and tied
to the bed and Janet was tickling her with a feather.

Janet was naked and was also practically sitting on Mindys face.
I just stood and watched.  Janet did not mind at all.  I just
commented that it looked like she was having fun.   Janet said
that she was at that, and asked if I wanted to join in.  Well I
said not yet and that I wanted to watch somemore.

Well eventually I did join in as I fucked Mindy as she was forced
to lick Janets pussy as she squatted over her face.

That night we arranged to go down to see Zeb.  We ended up at his
hideout and he got to fuck Mindy also.  The other girls just
looked on that night for the most part, as Zeb and I took turns
on Mindy.  I would fuck and cum, then he would take my place.  By
the time either one of was done, the other was ready to go again.
Janet and Susan got off the most on our act.  Jenny took it ok, I
guess.   She said something about it going too far.

After awhile we let her up and made her promise never to tell
anyone or else.   With that we told her that she had to make
everyone cum with her mouth and then she could go.  So she ate
all three of the girls first and then blew me and Zeb.

That night I did not sleep down at Uncle Roberts and Aunt Nel
da's, but I was informed that the girls made Mindy service them
all that night.  The next day, Friday, was my last day since we
would be leaving Saturday morning.  So I had to get my action in
that day and not waste anytime in doing so.

My aunts, my grandmother, Tina and Susan were all going into town
for a significant period of time.  I knew that Mindy wanted to
go, but we told her that she was to tell her mother that she did
not want to go.  I knew that she did not want to stay with us,
but the consequences were too much for her, so she stayed behind
with Janet, Jenny and I.  I was surprised that Susan did not
stay, but it was apparent that she had other plans.

So they all loaded into Aunt Bettys stationwagon and off they
went.  They weren't a hundred yards down the road before Janet
ordered Mindy to strip.

Janet liked doing this.  It was a thrill for her.  So Mindy did
as ordered.  We then took Mindy and tied her to the kitchen
table.  She was so vulnerable as she was lying on the table.
Janet and Jenny had tied her arms and legs to the table legs, but
did not gag her.  Why bother, no one could hear her.

At one point I was fucking her face, while the girls were shoving
veggies in and out of her cunt and ass.  This went on for at
least an hour.  Then we untied her and did her and each other on
the bed. By noon I worn out.  Janet just kept at it until we
decided that we better stop.  We washed allot of sheets that day.

Janet really was having fun, so I suggested that she have Mindy
for the rest of the day.  This way I could go off with Jenny.
Well this was more than acceptable to Janet. So she took Mindy to
the storm cellar and Jenny and I went down to the hideout.

I can only imagine what kind of things Janet did to Mindy that
afternoon.  Janet was into having a female sex slave.  Jenny has
told me that Janet kept up her dominance over Mindy for years.
Even after she got her own place she had Mindy come stay with her
at times.  I can only wonder what happened on those occasions.

Well Jenny and I got in our last good fuck that afternoon.  I
knew that it was not likely that we could get together that night
and I was leaving in the morning.  So we made the best of it.

At this time I do not want to go into the details, so sorry.

When we got back our aunts were back.  Janet and Mindy were also
in the house in the living room.  So Jenny and I joined them.
During this I noticed that Mindy was very uncomfortable looking.
So I whispered to Janet, whats with Mindy, shes squirming all
about.  Well Janet then told me that she'd squirm too if she had
a carrot up her ass, and a small cucumber in her pussy.  Damm,
Janet knew how to torture that girl.  I got a laugh out of the
whole thing.  Poor Mindy had to sit there all afternoon like that
till she got home.   Everytime the car would hit a bump on the
road her insides would get jabbed.  I wonder where Janet ever got
the idea to do this to her.

The hunters cameback around 4:30 that day, and we had dinner.
Aunt Betty and a very disturbed  Mindy, left around 8 that night.

Lucky for me the folks had a social at my grandmoms that evening
and we all went down to Uncle Roberts to watch television, or so
that was what we told them we were doing.

So I got in my last bit of action.  Each of the girls gave me a
going away blow job.   The one who did it the best got fucked,
and of course I chose Jenny as the winner.  Actually Susan gave
the best blow job, to be honest, about it.

By 10 pm we had to stop.  My aunt and uncle had come back home
and I had to go up to grandmoms.

Well, that was the end of that trip.  I would never fuck Susan
again.  Within a year her secret affair would be discovered.
Janet is a full fledged bi-sexual, and I have done it with her a
few other times.   Jenny and I still get along great, but the
distance between us was too much.  She did get married and had
one kid, but ended up in a divorce.  Now she lives back with her
parents with her little girl.

We still have thing for each other and when we get together we
still make out like kids.   Sometimes Janet wants to join in.

Poor Mindy, everytime Janet could get to her, she did some terri
ble things to her.  A couple of years latter, when Mindy was 14
and I was 17, and Janet was 18 I visited and boy did we fuck with
Mindy.   I will write about that another time. By the way Mindy
got married in 1995.

Oh, Zeb got married at age 18.  Like he had to cause the girl
would not have an abortion.  Eventually he got a divorce and
married some other girl he got knocked up.

Tina got married at age 19, and Tammy did marry that guy.

As usual keep looking for more TRUE stories from me. I never know
what I will write about or when I will have time to do so.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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