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Well that trip was a major event that changed my life.  The next
school year I was accused by a number of the girls of being a
"Sex Fiend".  It was true!  I became one of the schools major
make out artists.  Also I became popular, after being able to
relay some of my exploits to the guys.

By the end of the summer I turned 13.  I was a teen!  That means
allot in JR High.  Also I had become popular and all the horny
little girls who wanted to hang out with the in crowd, which
included me.  Also some of these little girls were horny enough
to do whatever was asked of them to get in real good with the "in
crowd" and I was more than willing to make accommodations to let
them on in.

Me and a few of my friends built a club house in the woods out of
an old shed that someone dumped.  We fixed it up pretty good and
camouflaged it.

As promised Aunt Nelda and Uncle Robert come to visit us along
with grandmom, Jenny, Susan and Darla.  Three of my favorite
cousins and I had them all to myself!

It had been almost a year since I had seen any of them and upon
seeing Jenny I just wanted to fuck her brains out.  I had been
practicing enough and from what I heard on the phone she was not
doing that much.

With all the people showing up we had to move everyone about.  We
had four bedrooms, so Mom and Dad kept theirs, Uncle Robert and
Aunt Nelda took the guest room and I offered up mine to grandmom,
offering to sleep in the den.

The girls were to be set up in the basement.  Our house was big,
and the den was near the back of the house, with good fast access
to the basement.  Also both the den and the basement had outside
entrances.  This way I could travel between the two locations
without going through the house.

That night I got sucked and fucked by all three of them till at
least four in the morning.  I can't believe we did not get caught
given that those girls did make enough noise.

By this time Darla looked like a 16 or 17 year old, with her
above average size tits and hairy pussy.  Susan, as 10 now, and
had light brown hair and was developing pretty good.  She did not
have much tit wise (still doesn't).  Her pussy had some very
light hair on it plus she did and does have a great ass and she
could (any probably still can) deep throat a horse.

But as I have always said Jenny was the one I liked.  Jenny had
just turned 14 only a few weeks ago.  I was turned on by her red
hair and freckles.   They kinda remind me of Jazdia Dax (played
by Terry Farrell) on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who is the
trill.  If you have ever seen the show with her in the swim suit
or have just seen her, you know what I mean.

Also Jenny has small tits that fitted (back then) into my hands,
with quarter sized nipples that were/are tasty indeed.  I love
they way they were (and are) upturned a bit, like a  banana.
Girls with big tits never have this feature.  Her final great
attribute was her cute little ass.  Maybe not as tight as Susans'
but more than enough to make me happy to watch it move about.

That day I showed my cousins the "hideout" and got a little
action in.  A little latter, one of my friends (David) showed up.
I introduced him to my cousins and we made small talk.   After a
little bit of time I hooked him up with Darla.  They were a good
match.  He was a big kid with lots of hormones racing about and
she was more than able to take care of that and they did seem to
hit it off.  I was not going to share Jenny and I had better
plans for Susan.

That afternoon I told Jenny that Mike needed to know about sex
and that I thought that Susan should be the one to get him to go
for it.  So we set up Susan to go after Mike.

That afternoon I took Jenny to another place I would goto when
the "hideout" was in use.  This spot was a small hay shed that
was in plain view, but no one ever entered it.  A small farm was
located adjacent to our neighborhood and along the back fence was
a hay shed.  The farmer used to catch us all the time, but I
found a small gap in the fence that could not be seen from the
farmhouse.  Once through the only problem was getting into the
shed. Well it was almost dark and the farmer was out of sight.
So we made the quick move from behind the shed and inside.    It
was on the dark side and there was no light.  Thankfully there
were no animals inside or the farmer.

I took Jenny to the far side of the shed behind a stack of hay
bales.  It kind of reminded her of home she said.  I could see
why she would say that from just the odor alone.

Great, finally my first chance to be alone with Jenny.  And it
was worth the wait.  Yes I had already fucked her since she
arrived, but not alone.   When you are splitting your fuck time
between three horny women, you have little time for romance or
anything that resembles foreplay.  I like the touch and feel
aspect of sex.  I could not do that the previous night cause all
I could hear was - hurry up - do me next.

This would be different.  Damm Jenny was hot.  I love red heads.
I will do a red head over a blonde anyday (unless she is a real
dog), and Jenny was a natural red head and I mean all natural red
- everywhere!

I love sucking on those tities also.  Jennys' nipples must be
real sensitive as they get real hard and stiff fast and the tips
seem to poke up about 3/4 of an inch.  With they way they turn up
its like a bottle or something.  Its just too hard to describe.

After giving her breasts a good workover I proceeded elsewhere.
Soon she was slowing repeating my name.  Yes she was mine!

I got down to her crotch and played around with her love button
and just by touching it got her to orgasm.  Good thing the shed
was far enough away from the farmers house so that he could not
hear us as Jenny was really getting worked up.

I was pretty worked up myself and I am surprised that I just did
not blow a load while giving her an oral massage with my hands
and my mouth.  I had to relieve myself, so I slid up her body and
pushed my very hard penis into her tight little cunt.

It was great.  I do not even know how long we did it for.  Seems
like a long time, may have been less than 10 minutes.  It really
does not matter.  All I know was that it was great.

After I regained my senses I continued with a little foreplay and
she was asking me to do it again.  I told her I was not ready yet
and she then gave me a nice cock sucking.  Therefore, it was not
that long before I hard enough to go at it once more.

So as soon as she decided that I was ready she stopped sucking me
and asked me to fuck her again.  I did as she wanted, and she got
into it again real fast.  I was holding her ass with one hand and
rubbing a finger near her A-hole when I got the urge to go back
door on her.  Without warning, I pulled out of her, rolled her
over and started to penetrate her anal cavity.

At first she was not aware what was happening, for it would seem
she was in another world or something, but as I made my way into
her ass she perked up and was not prepared for it.

Upon this she protested my efforts.  I  told her that I had to
and soon enough I was in her ass and she had stopped complaining.
Her ass was real tight.  It was squeezing the life out of my
dick.  I asked her about it latter and I found out that no one
had done that to her since I did it to her last summer.

Well, anyway  I kept ramming in and out of her butt till I just
had to blow the load and I did just that.  I came so much that it
was leaking out of her ass while my dick was all the way in her.

After that we relaxed awhile and then snuck out and headed home.
we got back latter and Jenny and I decided to see what progress
Susan had made so far that afternoon with Mike.

Well that night Susan made her move.  While most of the family
watched TV in the living room, while Susan and Mike PLAYED in the
basement.  Jenny and I said that we wanted to watch something
else and went to the den.

I was wondering how Mike was doing so Jenny and I went out the
side entrance and sneaked into the basement via its outside
entrance.  We could hear some giggling.  We could then hear Susan
asking Mike if he liked the taste of her pussy.  Well they were
upto oral sex so far.  A little latter Mike asked her to do what
she had done to him before.  We could not really see anything
but we could hear enough to tell that Mike was on his way.

So we went back to the den and made out for awhile.  We of course
we played it safe so as not to be caught by anyone.  It is not as
much fun, but lying under a blanket with our hands in each others
pants is not that bad.

After everyone had gone to bed that night it was Susan that snuck
up into the den.  She told me that she wanted me to herself and
the others agreed.  I asked why and she said it was time for me
to pay up part of what I owned so far.  So I asked her what she
wanted to do and she just said fuck.  So I popped that little

Well it wasn't long before Jenny showed up.  She told me that I
was hers for the rest of the night.  I asked what about Darla,
since I knew that she was a sexaholic, and she told me that Darla
did not feel upto it.  So that left just the two of us.

We spent most of the time doing foreplay.  We liked to just feel
each other up.  We could always just fuck, but we enjoyed each
other allot as we spent hours exploring each others bodies.

She had always been amused by the fact that I like her freckles
so much and her titties.  Jenny was my first red head and cause
of that everytime I see a petite red head I have to look.

Well we feel asleep and as the sun was rising I heard my dad in
the kitchen.  Shit here I was with Jenny naked next to me.  I
quickly woke her up and got her to slide under the bed.  I then
got my pj's on and went out to see what was up. Upon doing this I
got a drink and said that I was going back to bed and then he
left for work.

After he left I fucked Jenny again and then sent her back down
stairs before anyone else got up.

The next day was their last day with us so I was not going to
waste anytime.

So we (me, Jenny, Darla and Susan) went to the "hideout".   When
we arrived David, George, Cathy  local neighborhood slut, Cathy.
Cathy was almost 14 and had long black hair, (she was Italian).
She was not as good looking as Jenny at all and was a bit on the
dirty side. She liked hanging out and playing with boys and had
learned that sex was a way to do just that.   Also there were two
other kids there. They were a little younger.  David then intro
duced John and his sister Mary.   John was 11 and Mary was almost
10.  Oh, boy - new young talent!   I did not want to see us get
into trouble so I asked them if they had ever done this before.

The told us that they had been fooling around for over six months
but did not know what to do and that David was teaching them a
little.  David teaching someone about sex is like finding an
honest used car salesman.

I told everyone that Darla and I were in charge and that we set
the rules.  If no one liked that they had to leave.  Well no one
left, so I told them all to take off their clothes. Everyone
except me and Jenny got totally naked in less than three to five
minutes.  After the new kids were naked Darla and I checked them
out.  She gave John a good looking over as she jerked his little
penis pretty hard, saying that she had to make sure it worked
right.  You could see the pain in his face as she worked that
thing up and down and all around.

I checked out little Mary.  She was a little cute girl, brown
hair, shy looking, no ass no tits, no hair between her legs.  I
spread her legs open and felt her up and popped a finger in to
see how tight it was.  It was real tight!

So it was school time!  First off we had to show them how it was
done, so I Cathy and George got together and then Susan went down
on David.   Darla was going to take care of John soon enough
(even if he was too young for her).  First we made them watch the
others then, I got Darla to help demonstrate some.

After that was started I got Jenny to make out with me and mean
while Darla became their personal instructor.  She was telling
them all kind of stuff about how good sex was.

After a bit I blew a load into Jennys mouth, but I was still
hard.   So then I said to the kids are you ready to try and if
you want we can teach you.  I then said that Darla would teach
John and the I would teach Mary.  Well those two little kids were
ready to go.  Mary moved right over to me and took hold of my
dick.  Darla then went over and started to work on Johns hard on.

At first Jenny just watched as I did some minor oral foreplay on
this little girl.  After a bit she joined me and Mary in a three
some (a rarity).  While we were doing this the David and George
had swapped partners and were trying to get it up again.

Darla was now sucking John  off trying to get him hard again
cause she got him to blow one load already before they really got
started. I then got ready to go between little Marys legs.  She
was really worked up and before I went any further I wanted to
make sure she was ready.  I had already told her that it might
(would) hurt some the first time, but in her present state of
mind, I really do not thing that she cared.

She was practically dripping fluids from her cunt as I placed a
couple of fingers inside to make sure she was ready.  So I then
pushed my dick into the entrance of her pussy and began to slowly
push my way into her.  Her little cunt was almost as tight as
fucking an ass.  The only difference was that she was real wet
and the way her body contracted.  I could feel the muscles inside
her body vibrate with excitement as I started to move into her.

Finally, I got to the point where I was at her hymen.  Mary was
out of it, but not so out of it that she would not feel it go in.
I did not want to go to slow, cause she might want to change her
mind.  So I got Jenny to lye down next to her and to get ready to
hold her and to cover her mouth or just shove a rag into it,
which is what Jenny ended up doing.

With rag in hand, Jenny was ready and so was I. So I pulled back
a little and gave a good shove.  It did not break it, but it must
have torn it as Mary almost left the floor.  Jenny quickly put
the rag into her mouth and held her down and I quickly pulled
back and rammed it on in.  The little girls body went rigid in a
mixture of shock, pain and pleasure.

After her muffled screams died down Jenny took the rag out of her
mouth and kissed her.  I then did the same and told her that the
bad pain was over.  I then told her that after I finished fucking
her it would not hurt ever again that it would be very good.

She did not offer any resistance as I started to slowly fuck this
little girl until I came inside her.  During this time I know she
had at least two orgasms and one was pretty big.

During that time Darla gave David a quick ride while George was
still spent. Afterwards I gave Jenny one more good fuck after she
got worked up watching me do Mary.

After that we were all worn out (except maybe Susan) and  since
it was getting late (around 3:30 ) we all went home.  Believe it
or not all of that took about one and a half hours and not much
more.   I guess all that stuff happens pretty quick in real life.

Being that it was their last night with us, my parents had some
guests over.  So this would not bode well for any bonding until
everyone left.  Also Aunt Bertha made the girls spend time pack
ing for the trip home.  Based on my experience from the year
before it would be a hollow feeling for them to pack up to leave.

I stayed up a little longer to say my goodbyes to my Grandmother
and my Aunt and Uncle since it was not likely I would be really
awake when they left around 6 or 7 am in the morning.

They even thanked me for entertaining the girls and told me to
thank my friends also.  After I went to the den and once I was
pretty sure it was safe I skipped out the back and went to the
basement.   It had been almost an hour and a half since the girls
were sent to bed, and everyone would believe that they were
asleep.  Well I was having none of that. 

So I just crawled into bed with Jenny and slowly pulled up her
nighty.  Thankful she did not wear anything under it (since she
intended to take it off anyway).  Once that was done I dropped
my drawers and went for it.  I was fucking her for a few minutes
before she woke up.

Soon enough we were making enough noise that it woke Susan up.
Of course she wanted to join in, but I told her to wait her turn.
After I came inside Jenny,  Susan went to work on me and started
to suck my dick.  Once I was really hard, she was begging me to
fuck her.  So I started with her pussy and then I turned her over
and reamed her ass.   After I filled up her A-hole I needed a
break and the three of us just laid there for a bit.

Meanwhile Darla never woke up during any of this.  She was a real
sound sleeper.   Well we fucked about for most of the night until
everyone was worn out.   Even I passed out.

It must have been between 5 or 6 in the morning when some sounds
woke me up.  Oh shit, there up and soon they would walk down
those steps to wake up the girls.  Damm, here I was naked in bed
with Jenny, and for the most part the girls were naked also.

I quickly woke up Jenny and Susan and they quickly put on their
PJs as best as possible.  At that moment the door opened.  I dove
under the bed, giving my prick a rug burn in the process, before
anyone saw me.  However my pants were on the floor next to Jennys
bed, lucky for us she saw them and kicked them under the bed
before she jumped back in, and they pretended to be still asleep.

Aunt Bertha turned on a light and told them to get up and all of
that and they put on a good show for her.  Soon enough she was
gone and once the coast was clear  I was able to get up.

That could have been close, good thing the slightest sound would
wake me up.  As I turned to leave out the side entrance Jenny
gave me a great kiss and said thank you.   Hot Damm!

END PART 2 of 3

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